Weather challenge

June 9, 2016 -

John Heald -


Hello everyone, I am glad to see some of you enjoyed the “Live from My Garden” video on my Facebook page yesterday and, with so many views, I guess I will do another one soon, so tune for something called “Live from My Shower” or, to give it a bit of a Disney feel, “Join John Live From His Shower As He Proves That It Is Indeed….A Small World.” Seriously though, I will do another one soon so join me then and I will have live news and take some questions too. (more…)

Hurricane season

June 8, 2016 -

John Heald -


A very good morning to you all, as it’s June, it’s time to talk about the weather. Yep, hurricane season. It’s hard to think about hurricane season when you are sitting in your underpants writing from the UK where hurricanes are as rare as finding an Apple store in an Amish community. (more…)

Blog from Marseilles

June 6, 2016 -

John Heald -


Good morning from Marseilles, which is in France which is a country that has lots of general strikes, like today. This means there are no trains and public buses because across the country the French are protesting about ummm……….ummmm……..something.   (more…)

Blog from Livorno

June 4, 2016 -

John Heald -


Good morning from Livorno where guests are exploring the tower that leans and the beauty that is Tuscany and Florence. I only have two days left on the Carnival Vista and will reminisce more tomorrow on why this ship is the ship that every cruiser should be booking.  (more…)


May 31, 2016 -

John Heald -


Good morning from Civitavecchia and our call to Rome which, thanks to busy port traffic this morning, was delayed by 30 minutes. That meant that instead of docking at 7am, it was 7:30am before the ship was alongside and another 15 minutes before the gangways were out. And because of the delay, Captain Lubrano gave permission to extend the call by 30 minutes, meaning guests have to be back on board at 8pm rather than 7:30pm as advertised. (more…)


May 30, 2016 -

John Heald -


Good morning everyone from the Sicilian town of Messina, your Carnival Vista’s first call here. Today many of the guests are walking to the Piazza for a coffee and a cannoli – “leave the gun bring the cannoli” – and our bestselling excursion is of course a trip to Taormina and its winding street, shops, Greek theatre and views of the typical Sicilian houses cascading down the hillside into the Mediterranean Sea…….it really is a place not to be missed. (more…)

Museum Piece

May 28, 2016 -

John Heald -


Thank goodness, a sea day. I am sure those are the sentiments of many of our guests this morning because after two days in Athens and then Rhodes and with six consecutive port days still to come, including Rome and Naples, the chance to put their feet up or, in many cases, put the “snoozing” sign out, has been gratefully welcomed. (more…)

Steak stories

May 27, 2016 -

John Heald -


Good morning from Rhodes, Greece, where Carnival Vista sits in glorious sunshine and at 11am only 303 of our 4,000-plus guests remain on board. The old walled town is just a 15-minute walk away and the traditional must-see village of Lindos is the top-selling excursion. (more…)


May 26, 2016 -

John Heald -


Good morning from a glorious day here in Kusadasi, Turkey, where the sun is shining and 1,500 guests are walking through one of the wonders of the world that is Ephesus. This is our second cruise to this exciting port of call and we did notice that on our first call we always had around 1,000 guests on board which is very high for a European port. (more…)

Good morning from Athens and the start of a new cruise. Guests started to leave this morning at 5:00am and by 9:10am all guests were ashore and it was  a very smooth operation in deed. Embarkation today will need a dollop more patience from the guests as we have to do so from deck 0 as there is no pier from the terminal to the ship’s deck 3 as we have in Barcelona. (more…)

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