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December 10, 2010 -

John Heald

As you will discover later on in today’s blog I am going to be asking you for favour ……a big one actually……but more about that later. But because of what is happening next week I was charged this morning in taking Kye out of the house to keep her occupied and then do some shopping because Heidi had “things” she needed to do. Simple, right? Take Kye somewhere fun for an hour and then go to a supermarket. No worries there then……………my arse.

So there I was at the foot of a giant, plastic slide, waiting for Kye to descend when I heard someone shout. “No photographs! No photographs allowed!” I looked up to see a security person wearing a facial expression that could have curdled milk.

“But this is my own child and there’s no one else around,” I stammered. It was no use. “Please turn off your camera phone — now,” she replied in the tone a SWAT team might use to talk down a hijacker. “And tell your kid that running up slides isn’t permitted either.”

Ah, yes — another magical day in a children’s “fun” centre. Where every child is a possible liability case, every adult a potential pedophile. Can you imagine if we ran Camp Carnival this way? So without any photos of our father/daughter special time I said goodbye to the security woman at Kids Kingdom who looked like she could eat a whole kid as a snack……and headed to the supermarket. What could go wrong there?

I heard that Carnival was looking into more self service booths for things like embarkation, Sail & Sign registration, and the like. Well……..I hope they design better ones than Tesco (my local Publix-type supermarket) has.

Self checkouts are a bastard and having used one today I can honestly say that it took an act of sheer will not to steal everything in my trolley to punish supermarkets for making you do their work while they sit on their arse round doing bugger all. Thieving the odd tin of soup or packet of diapers in a deft “scam scan” movement in which you pretend to scan but don’t make the machine beep would have been easy and payback for the outrageous prices they charge.

I really wanted to steal the 1 litre bottle of Diet Coke as payback for all those vending machines that take your last $1, then fails to surrender the bottle over as happened to me ion the Peabody Hotel last week in Memphis.

But I was a good citizen and thus paid for everything. Kye had been a good girl but now was getting a bit bored so I drove her over to the big Toys R Us store and bought her some more Play Doo and a stuffed caterpillar (she loves the Hungry Caterpillar book) and took them up to the desk to pay. Toys R Us didn’t have self service but something much worse. Standing behind the registers were the grinning teens who had only a few months ago had stopped playing with the toys I was about to buy Kye.

And it looked like Disney had trained them because with a dazzling smile as fake as Pamela Anderson’s breasts. The 17 year old said, “Would you like me to pop this in a gift box for only £2 today/ buy a re-useable carrier bag for only £2 today/ purchase this pointless cuddly toy at the special discounted price of only £15 today?”

Still, being a check out person must be difficult and I remember the joke that apparently checkout staff love to tell about the very rude customer who walks into a supermarket and throws one bar of soap, one toothbrush, a pint of milk and a TV dinner for one on the conveyor belt. “Single, are you?” asks the cashier. “How did you guess?” snaps the customer, the cashier smiles and replies: “Because you’re one ugly bastard.”

Time for today’s Q and A…………….let’s get on with it.

Rob Birniel Asked:
Dear John- Please reply

We are trying to book a room on the Glory for February. I was looking at the available rooms and there are some strange shaped ones available on Deck 2 Aft. I believe they are 2475, 2477, 2472. Are there problems with these three rooms? With only two months out, I would guess that if they are as large as they seem and no one has booked them yet, there may be a problem. Can anyone tell me about them?


John Says:
Hello Rob Birniel,

These rooms are as you said on the aft part of deck 2. They are all category 6B ocean view cabins and being on the aft they have great views and are indeed a slightly different shape to other cabins. They are very roomy and will make a great home for your cruise and there certainly is no problem with them. Let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes

Patrick Armstrong Asked:
Hello John *reply if you would like*

Just to answer your question about where in Essex I am from… now I must admit I am a little bit of a fraud… although I am currently sat at work in sunny Colchester, I actually am now resident across the boarder in Suffolk Also, on the subject of tea (the proper stuff consumed with milk obviously). Be honest is it up to scratch on the Paradise or are we going to have to bring our own ala family holiday to Benidorm. Petty I know but we must get the essentials sorted! Dare I ask about HP sauce for my Bacon?

John Says:

Hello Patrick Armstrong.

Funny you should mention Colchester because I was talking to Heidi about taking Kye to her first ever zoo and the nearest is in Colchester. You know, when we have a ship in Europe we often carry lots of British guests. When we realised that this was the case we added a full English Breakfast to the menu and on the Carnival Liberty, Carnival Freedom and on the Carnival Splendor we would serve English bacon, baked beans, British sausages and grilled tomatoes and fried bread ……..we even had black pudding as well. It was very popular and not just with the British guests. We will no doubt have this on your Carnival Magic as well. Now you will though need to bring your own bottle of HP sauce when you sail on the Carnival Paradise and yes ………. bring some PG Tips as well.

I hope you have a great time.

Best wishes

Sandy Pickett Asked:
Hello John Please reply

I hope you are feeling better. I had asked you a question about two months ago and you said you didn’t know but would get the answer. The question was if you are on a back to back cruise and you buy some wine at a port during the first week I understand the cruise line holds the wine till the end of the cruise and I wanted to know would they give it to us at the end of the first week or would we have to wait till both cruises were finished? If you answered this I missed it and am sorry to bother you with it again but would like to know. Thanks so much.


John Says:

Hello Sandy,

I am pretty certain I answered this but in case you didn’t see it or indeed that I am talking bollocks and didn’t reply please let me apologise and confirm that yes you will have the wine returned to you at the end of cruise number one of your back to back. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Best wishes

Brad F Asked:
John (please would you reply)

The Liberty cruise I just returned from was excellent apart from the line for the Mongolian meant there was a 30 minute wait to get served. Every passenger I spoke to was complaining and everyone agreed with me to get rid of it. I will be putting a poll on Cruise Critic to see if others agree which I know they will. There must be a better way to serve your passengers than this.

John Says:
Hello Brad F,

First of all I am glad you had a great time on the Carnival Liberty. Secondly I must say that I am aware that there at times long lines from the Mongolian Wok and that the reason I think for this is because it is so popular and so delicious. Obviously each item is cooked from fresh and the ingredients are chosen by the guest which takes some time as well. Now I did not see any poll results on this but I would be surprised if many others asked to remove it from the ships. Thanks for your understanding and I wonder if anyone else feels that the Mongolian should be replaced ………let me know your thoughts

Best wishes Brad

Deborah Rosato Asked:
John, (please reply)

Happy Halloween. I have been on two Halloween cruises, once on the Destiny and the best on the Dream TA – it was fabulous. Todd did a grate job. I have a question about Alaska and I’m hoping you can provide some guidance. I have booked the Carnival Spirit for 8/30/2011 for my Mom, Dad and myself. My Mom has a balance issue and has trouble walking on her own, she either needs to hold someone’s hand or as we did on our last cruise, got her a wheelchair for long distance walking. So with that in mind, what shore excursions would be best to accommodate her? I was looking at the First Class train ride to White Pass, which I don’t think will be a problem, but what else can I select in the other ports. I also need to know if there are any excursions that just her and my Dad can do, so I might do something more challenging, like mushing with the dogs.

Thanks so much for any suggestions!!

(((Hugs))) to you, Heidi and Kye

John Says:
Hello Deborah,

As you can see by you wishing me Happy Halloween that I am way behind in my answering questions. Anyway, please don’t worry about Mum as I am sure we can find the right excursions for her to go and ones she will be comfortable taking. Now, as we are somewhat far from your cruise date and because the shore excursion department will be putting a new excursion package together for 2011 I will ask that in April 2011 you send me this question again and I will have one of the Alaska experts reply in person to you. I hope you are OK with this and I look forward to hearing from you next year.

Best wishes

George Richards Asked:
John, Please reply/pass on to the beards

Just returned from a cruise on the Carnival Paradise. As always, the cruise begins with Jacque Spier – Carnival’s best Vacation Planner! We’ve booked through TA’s and other vacation planners, but no one is more knowledgeable nor better at customer service than Jacque! To date, we’ve booked 20+ cruises through her.

Embarkation – as smooth as glass!
The Ship – Immaculate! Its decor was quiet and relaxing.
The Crew – Very friendly, helpful, and well spoken. Mark, our room steward, was superb!
The Food – no matter what area we ate in, it was outstanding!
The Chef’s Table – Best Carnival meal to date. As good, if not better, than the Steak House.
The Entertainment – Very Good.
The Ports of Call – Good.
The Weather – mostly wet and chilly, sometimes dry & sunny.
Debarkation – left a lot to be desired. Communication from the ship personnel during this 2 hour “self debarkation” was non existent. Around 8:30 (been in the library since 7) we were informed that the delay was due to a problem with the US Customs computers.

Again, please pass on our thanks for a wonderful cruise!

John Says:
Hello George Richards,

This is an excellent review and one that I will be proud to pass onto the ship and their supervisors. It’s always brilliant to read that the crew were once again so great and that The Chef’s Table continues to get rave reviews. I will also make sure Jackie sees this as well and thanks for mentioning her

I will speak to Jeff the CD and advise him of the improvements that obviously need to be made regarding the communication and announcements during the debarkation process. It is always United States Customs and Border Protection who decide what time we start the process yet it is our job onboard to keep the guests informed at all times as to what is happening and why there are delays. Thanks again for taking the time to write and I hope we see you soon on another fun for all cruise.

Best wishes

Katiel53 Asked:

John (Please reply)

In my post to you yesterday, I neglected to ask you if you would be able to get the recipe from the Miracle chef for Macaroni & Cheese and post it on here. It was served I think, the first night and it was soooo good that I ordered it as a side dish one night. I think this is the best Mac & Cheese I have ever had. I have it on every cruise. I have a Carnival cookbook, but it’s not in there. Thanks so much for checking for me. I am looking forward to making it.

John Says:
Hello Katiel53

I have never had this but it has always gotten great reviews and I know it is one of Heidi’s favourites. Here is the recipe which I asked the chef to put as a serving for 4 rather than a serving for 3,000!

Prep: 30min
Cook: 30min
Serves 4
400g macaroni
50g butter
50g plain flour
650ml milk, heated
½tsp sea salt
½tsp ground black pepper
75g freshly grated parmesan
75g grated American cheese or cheddar
2tsp Dijon mustard
¼tsp paprika
1tbsp extra grated parmesan

Cook the pasta in plenty of simmering, salted water until tender. Drain well. To make the sauce, melt the butter in a heavy saucepan, sprinkle with the flour and cook over a low heat for three minutes, stirring well with a wooden spoon. Gradually add half the heated milk, stirring well, until the sauce thickens. Add the remaining milk gradually, stirring constantly, until the sauce is thick, but runny.

Thanks Chef and I hope you all enjoy this.

Best wishes

Lauren Satchell Crews Asked:
Dear John, Please Please Please Reply

I am sailing on the sensation Jan 16th, 2011 and I am so excited. It will be my second cruise, the first one being on the legend for my honeymoon in 08. This cruise will be a surprise for my husband’s 30th birthday. I have two questions. What day is the chef’s table? I am asking because I ordered a cake to be delivered at dinner on the last day (Thursday) as a surprise for the hubby but I also put in a request for the chef’s table and I don’t want the two to conflict. Second question, Do you have a suggestion on anything else I could do to surprise my husband on the ship? Thanks so much. I am in love with carnival and am already planning my next cruise on the miracle from NY in 2012.

John Says:
Hello Lauren Satchell Crews,

I am so glad you booked The Chef’s Table and it will be a terrific surprise for your husband as will the cake be. It will be held on the third night of the cruise at will start with a reception in the galley and then a private 7 course dinner that I promise you will never forget. I will also send your husband a little birthday surprise as well. Have a wonderful time

Best wishes to you both

Kim OBar Asked:

John Please reply,

My husband and I have cruised with Carnival twice and have now planned to take a cruise every yr on Carnival. Cruising by far is the best vacation to take and we love Carnival! The 2 cruises we have taken were both on the Ecstasy out of Galveston and we are soooo looking forward to the Carnival Magic coming to town. My question for you is when will you be CD on any ship in the Galveston port again? We are wanting to cruise with you as we are huge fans of yours. Please when you have the time let me know as we will make a point to book our cruise around your schedule! I am a huge fan of your blog thingy and your Facebook fan page and I live vicariously through you until we are able to cruise again. Thank you for any response and look forward to meeting you soon!

Kim O’Bar

John Says:
Hello Kim O’Bar,

Thanks so much for those wonderful words about the blog and for your love of Carnival, both are truly brilliant to read about. I will be back in Galveston on your Carnival Magic and will be excited to back there as I had a wonderful and fun time when I was there on the Carnival Conquest. I truly hope that you will join me so I can show what will be a superb ship. Thanks again and I hope you continue to read our humble blog thingy

Best wishes

Matt Asked:

Hello John! (Please Reply)

My wife and I just returned from a fabulous October 24th cruise onboard the Carnival Valor.

First off, THANK YOU, for arranging the table for 2 with the Maitre D for us in the dining room. Not that we are anti-social, but we scheduled the cruise to celebrate our wedding anniversary…Our entire week was certainly memorable.

The crew of the Valor was top-notch. We didn’t get a comment card and I’d like to point out a few of the crew members that seemed to give my wife and I personalized attention:

Meserame (Sales) – She did a fantastic job arranging our Vow Renewal ceremony. That ceremony was just as memorable as our wedding.

Frederick (Waiter in Washington Dining Room) – Very courteous and friendly. I appreciated his smile, and professionalism. When we would see him out on the Lido, he would say hello and knew our names.

Jasper, (Asst. Waiter) Also very courteous and friendly. Jasper and Frederick make a great team. Our food was always delivered the way we wanted, and our drinks never went dry. We got great personalized attention.

Sarita, (Asst. Maitre D) Very outgoing and friendly. She also got to know us personally, and we enjoyed her visits to our table for some conversation.

Iryna, (Bar Waitress in Dining Room) Such a warm smile, great service, and super-friendly. She learned what we liked to drink after one night in the dining room.

Vito (Photographer)- He truly loves what he does, and does it well. We had the pleasure of being photographed for our vow renewal by Vito. He was so friendly, and could really work some magic with that camera. The pictures that he snapped were stunning. I’m afraid my wife and I couldn’t afford all of the pictures, but he is more than welcome to include those in his portfolio.

I am always amazed at how hard the crew works. So many people are quick to complain about the things that go wrong, but very slow to praise what went right. If you could, please make sure that the crew members that I mentioned above realize that because of them, we had one of the best weeks of our lives….

Here’s my only complaint: The week went by way too fast.

Thank you, again, for helping us get a table for two, and thank you to the crew of the Carnival Valor for your great hospitality!

Matt and Sheri
Guests in Cabin 9207 (Oct. 24 Sailing)

John Says:
Hello Matt and Sheri,

The perfect way to finish today’s blog. Thanks for the brilliant review and once again the iconic crew that Carnival has did all they could to make this the most memorable cruise vacation ever. I am very proud of them and will make sure they all get to see your testament of praise. Thanks again for taking the time to post and if there is anything you need before you sail again please let me know.

Best wishes to you both

That’s all for today.

Time for a break and today we go to the Carnival Legend and see the beautiful Christmas gingerbread houses that the chefs have made there. Have a look at these:

Fantastic ………..bravo chefs. And here’s one of the entertainment staff members John to describe what’s happening onboard the Carnival Legend

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…especially on the Carnival Legend during the Holiday Season!

The decorations have just gone up, Christmas carols are sprinkled amongst the background music and the air in the lobby smells of gingerbread. Yes it is holiday time and the Carnival Legend is ready to rock around the Christmas tree!

December started with an eight night celebration of Chanukah’s lighting of the Menorah Candelabra. The Menorah was lit inside the Carnival Legend main atrium with Cruise Director and Assistant Cruise Director, Wee Jimmy and Sam, leading the way singing a different Chanukah song each night.

All of the departments have started their own ‘Secret Santa’. Each office has been decorated with tinsel. The singers and dancers have practiced the Christmas Show and are eagerly anticipating its debut next week. And the main lobby has become the new showcase for our ‘Legendary Gingerbread Town’. It will be up until the New Year…as long as Wee Jimmy doesn’t visit it for his midnight snack!

It is time for the Holidays (without the snow), for both guests and crew aboard our home away from home, the Carnival Legend! Best Wishes with Mistletoe Kisses! Carnival Legend Entertainment Staff

A huge thanks to John, Wee Jimmy and his staff for sharing this with us.

OK, it’s time now to introduce you to our first ever official Carnival Awards which will be hosted on the blog and my Facebook.

Here are the categories:

  1. Favourite ship
  2. Most fun port of call
  3. Favourite Lido Deck lunch item
  4. Favourite Dining room appetiser
  5. Favourite Main Course
  6. Favourite Dessert
  7. Favourite Main Show
  8. Favourite Piano Bar entertainer
  9. Favourite Cruise Director (excluding John)
  10. Crew member that made a difference
  11. Best Punchliner Comedy Club Comedian
  12. Favourite stateroom type.
  13. Favourite Towel Animal
  14. Favourite Onboard Activity
  15. Best Excursion
  16. Favourite Carnival Cocktail
  17. Lifetime Achievement Award

Here is how nominations will work:

  • Nominations will begin 12/10/10 and end on 12/16/10 at 11:59pm ET.
  • You may only include one nomination per category.
  • Nominations must include a current person/thing. (ex. Past cruise directors or food dishes will not be accepted)
  • Any comments that contain anything but nominations will not be accepted. (Ex. GOOD – Favourite Dessert: Chocolate Melting Cake; BAD – Favourite Dessert: Chocolate Melting Cake. John I love you.)
  • Any nominations for people or things that do not exist will not be accepted. (Ex. Favourite CD: A French one with good hygiene)
  • The Top 5 nominees will be based on total nominations.

Once nominations are over here is how the voting will work:

  • Once all votes are calculated, the top 5 nominees in each category will move forward to the voting round.
  • Voting will be open from 12/20/10 – 12/26/10 11:59pm ET.
  • Readers may submit top 3 nominations per category in order of preference.
  • Winners will be announced on 12/27/10.

Now the Lifetime Achievement award is for a crew member of shore side person who you feel has made a difference to the industry over a number of years. I know who gets my vote on this one but it will be interesting to see who you vote for. I would ask that you don’t vote for me…….. not that I am suggesting you would but it’s my blog and that would be a bit mmmmm……strange.

Each of the winners will be presented with a special certificate and an ummm……14kt gold plastic trophy. Seriously though, these awards are very important and I hope that you all vote. We will also place them on Carnival’s Facebook page and mine as well.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do so……….oh and as you can see from the way “favourite” is spelt………I didn’t write this. Seriously though…………….please vote.

You can do so by clicking on the “2010 Carnival Awards” tab at the top of the blog and once you are there enter your votes in the comment thingy at the bottom of the page.

You know, life was much easier when man lived in caves. We spent the day pulling women around by the hair, hunting, drawing on the walls and crapping in the corner. There were no forced trips to IKEA, no bollockings for leaving underwear on the bathroom floor or being asked “Do you still love me?” once a month……….if you know what I mean.

I am sure that cavemen did not have to endure the annoying sales calls (I had two yesterday) unless they were cave-to-cave salesmen selling new clubs with better grip with which to smack your lady over the head with should she refuse you rumpy pumpy. Well, us men still need “our cave” even today. But modern society and the female species will do their best to take this away from us ……… and that’s why we must have “man space.”

I came back from the supermarket and kids sodding no photographs allowed Kids Kingdom today and I was horrified to find that Heidi had moved my “man space”………the only bit I have in the whole house…… chair………to accommodate the Christmas tree.

My chair is the most important thing in the house as far as I am concerned. It was placed in the perfect position to give me the best view of the television, nothing was blocking the view and if anything ever did I would kick it out of the way. That’s the law. If something is blocking your view of the TV you must kick it out of the way. Wives, pets, grandmothers and little girls …….. none shall escape the boot………this is not that feng shui bollocks…………..this is man shui.

Anyway, Heidi had moved my chair because she wanted the tree to be in a more prominent position. Having rumpy pumpy with another man’s wife is unacceptable but moving his chair is a far worse crime.

Then there was another horror waiting for me because on the little table that sits next to my chair on which I place my Diet Coke , mugs of tea and assorted bits of food……..stood a scented sodding candle.

They smell of vanilla and are, according to Heidi, “romantic” and “set a relaxed mood” … well, we shall see how the scent survives after I have eaten a curry this evening. In tandem with a man’s chair is the other most important piece of Man Shui…….and that, of course, is the remote control. I never have time to watch TV onboard but here at home… my chair…….the remote is mine. It is my third arm.

In cave-dwelling, days a man would never be seen without a spear in his hand. The spear has been replaced by the remote control. If I lose the remote control, I spend hours rummaging and turning over everything in the house like something from CSI……I could of course change the channel by walking over to the TV and doing it manually …… but that is illegal…..the remote must be found.

Forget Lorena Bobbitt…….the best way to castrate a man is to take away the remote. It really is the worst sort of thing you can do to a man which… why women love it. There are so many things I love to watch at the same time and for Heidi to deny me the opportunity of this should be illegal as it is immoral. They don’t understand why you have to have it……. why?

Well…………let me explain. You need the remote so you can flick through all 150 channels pausing for no longer than 1.5 seconds on each…..unless you see a nice bottom….or basketball ……..Women …………you just don’t understand.

Well the weather has been crap here in the UK and more bad weather is expected next week with more snow forecast. This means the country will come to a standstill. The British people can survive being bombed by the Germans, the IRA, and Al Qaeda. We can survive foot and mouth and mad cow disease……we can even survive Simon Cowell every Saturday night……but put a light sprinkling of white powder on the ground and its total anarchy. The trains can’t run, power cuts happen nation-wide resulting in little old ladies having to eat their pets and keep warm by burning their grandchildren.

On Tuesday night we watched the Lovely Lisa Sky News’s beautiful Irish weather girl tell us winter was 24 hours away that Heidi nearly had me choking on my porridge……she said “let’s go on holiday………..please.” I was about to tell her to bugger off but then I realised something. I was tired. I think I have been tired for a few weeks now since the Carnival Splendor incident and what with that and travelling and going to Miami and Memphis and the emotions that that brought……..well I thought…….I could use a break.

Heidi also reminded me that we have not had a vacation…… where neither of us is working ………for 4 years. And so putting all the facts together I realised that I really should take some time off. And so I booked a holiday. I thought about taking a cruise from Southampton on Cunard but as brilliant as that would be it would still be work……..sort of. And so I booked a villa in the Canary Islands at a place called Tenerife. It has a pool so Kye can splash around and where I can put my Speedos on knowing that nobody else will have to endure the sight of me trying to smuggle two prunes and a baby carrot into the country. Most of all it will be good for me and the girls to spend some time together relaxing and having fun.

And so I come to you with open arms and ask your forgiveness in taking some time off. I am going to be back on the 23rd of December with a special Christmas blog and a special Christmas video.

Now while I am away Eric the Beard and Everett the Bear and the 344 Stephanies are going to re design this blog thingy of ours and to find out what’s going to happen…….here is Eric and his beard.

Hey Bloggers! So as John mentioned above, over the last few weeks we’ve been putting our beards together over here in the corporate office trying to figure out the best way to improve the current process for submitting questions/requests to John through this here blog thingy. You see, nothing upsets John and us tofu loving folks more than getting to a special request from a reader, only to find out that their trip has long passed.

While some of this has to do with the large amount of requests that come in on a daily basis (which we are taking care of another way), the biggest issue lies with the overall submission process (which is currently via comments) and the disorganization it brings in trying to gather, organize, and answer them all in a timely manner.

So we’ve decided to take advantage of a bearded technology you may have heard of called a “Contact Form” which will allow us to make submitting questions, requests, reviews and other stuff you bloggers like to talk about, much easier, which will in turn enable John to read and answer them, much quicker. The best part about this “Contact Form” is that it will have a drop down menu where you will be able to select the type of request you have (ex. Dining request, Dining Request Time Sensitive, Chef’s Table, Special Occasion etc..) or if it’s just a cruising review, general question, personal story and so forth.

Not only will this help John help all of you more efficiently it will also free up the comments area as well for conversations regarding the blog post, instead of filling it up with requests and questions that may not get answered in a timely manner.

This is just one of the many new features we will be adding to John’s blog thingy in the new year, and the rest for now, is still TOP SECRET. 🙂 As I mentioned in my interview though, if there any other areas of the blog you would like to see improved, please send me an email at as I would love to hear them!

Thanks, Eric. I think the drop box for dining requests and “something special” requests is going to be excellent. This will allow me to look in the box everyday and find which ones are time sensitive and organise them accordingly. The general comments, reviews and other questions will appear as normal at the end of each blog.

Now I am way behind on the questions and because of this Eric and the team will be going through these next week and will answer those that need immediate action for me. I have 300 pending!

I will as normal send in all Chef’s Table reservations and you will get confirmation on those from the ships as per usual.

Now while I am away I will post every day on Facebook. I have three reasons to do this.

I don’t have to write a long blog so around 5 pm (noon EST) I can post a few words about what I am up to and answer any urgent questions that have been posted on my wall. In the next few days I will need to post some exciting news on my FB page about the how ……….. just maybe………….I will be spending New Years Eve with some of you.

So, if you and I are not mates on Facebook…….I suggest that while I am away from the blog we should become friends.

I hope you are not mad at me for taking a holiday but honestly I really need one.

So, I will see you back here on the 23rd and if there is anything urgent you need me for please let me know. Thanks so much for all your friendship and support.

Goodnight…………..and thanks again.
Your friend

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108 Responses to And the Award Goes To….

  1. Ashley says:

    Have a great vacation John!

  2. Peter Ward says:

    Have a great holiday!

  3. Joseph says:

    Enjoy your holiday with the girls and you’re right, it’s way overdue and much deserved! Have fun in the sun and don’t forget your sun cream.

  4. parmagal says:

    Bravo, John! I am so glad that you are taking some time for yourself. Enjoy your much-deserved holiday with your girls. Please don’t even think about work while you are away. Rest, relax, enjoy your vacation!

  5. Michelle Fournier says:

    No one can fault you for taking a holiday, John. You make our vacations so nice, I hope someone does the same for you!

    Rest, relax and let your brain curdle into mush for a few weeks, it will be good for you. We will still be here when you get back. Okay, I will but I think most everybody else will be too!

  6. Floatie says:

    A break for you with Heidi and Kye FINALLY!!! Where’s the LIKE button???
    Have the most wonderful time John, love you all!!

  7. The Cruzin2some says:

    Favorite Ship………………….Carnival Spirit
    Most Fun Port of Call……..Half Moon Cay
    Fav Lido Deck Lunch Item..Burgers & Onion Rings
    Fav Dining Room Appetiser …. Shimp Coctail
    Fav Main Coarse ………….. Steak & Lobster
    Fav Dessert ………………….. Baked Alaska
    Fav Main Show …………….. Ticket to Ride

    Fav Stateroom type ………. Suite on CCL Freedom
    Fav Towel Animal …………. Elephant
    Fav onboard activity ………. Twister Waterslide
    Fav Excursion . Stingray Safari & Coral Reef Snorkel
    Fav Cocktail ………………. Bahama Mama (Sorry John)

    The other categories are ones that I am not qualified for.

    The Cruzin2some

    • Big Ed says:


      Your list doesn’t go here. Look way up on top of blog. You will see 4 green tabs click on the one that says “2010 CARNIVAL AWARDS”. Then enter your nominations there. You can copy and paste what you have here.

  8. Robin Lint says:

    You have earned a wonderful restful vacation. Long over due. Enjoy and relax. I am happy for you, Heidi and Kye.

    • Glenn Hughes says:

      PLEASE take time for yourself – spend time with your lovely ladies…. you work so hard to make sure each of us have a memorable Carnival experience – now enjoy this time for you and yours.

  9. Candace Zander says:

    John, Heidi and Kye, Wishing you a fabulous time!! Candy and Dennis

  10. geepygirl says:


    Enjoy your vacation with Heidi and Kye. Sit back and relax.

  11. Keighty says:

    Dear John,
    Have a lovely holiday, and take lots of pictures, since nobody in the Canary Islands should tell you that you’re a pedophile for wanting to take a picture of your own daughter! I look forward to hearing about your trip!
    -PS – Kye is the cutest little girl ever!

  12. Marsha says:

    Enjoy your well deserved vacation with your girls!

  13. Rita Presnell says:

    John, I would be angry with you if you DID NOT take a well deserved vacation. I wish you and the girls the best of times. Enjoy each other and get plenty of rest and relaxation. In your case, I am glad you did something other than cruise. Reading your blog has become a very special part of my evening and I look forward to hearing from you when you return.

  14. Carolyn Perkins says:

    John. EVERYONE needs/deserves a vacation….. even you. No need to apologize for taking off to spend time with your family.

  15. Nancy McQuarrie says:

    Hi John,

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! You work much too hard, and are most deserving of a true holiday. Hope you, Heidi, and Kye have a fantastic time and enjoy relaxing and playing together!! Early Merry Christmas wishes to you all….

  16. jackie says:

    Have a wonderful vacation with your family. I have heard the Tenerife is beautiful from several family members. Enjoy the time with your two best girls!

  17. Ernie/cruizer4662 says:

    John, please you and your family enjoy your holiday and TRY to relax.

  18. Judy says:

    Have a great holiday

  19. Big Ed says:

    John the Carnival LEGEND did it right. This was the first set of pictures of ship Christmas decorations that looked truely professional. Was this something only done by the LEGEND Chef’s or was it done on all ships?

    BIG Ed

  20. Sharon says:

    Have a great vacation and enjoy your girls. You deserve it and we look forward to your return!

  21. Martha says:

    Have a great vacation John, you certainly deserve. I look forward to see the new updated blog thingy.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  22. cruise lover says:

    Have a wonderful vacation. You deserve it.

  23. Marie Wolff says:

    How wonderful, a family vacation in some nice warm weather. Tenerife is beautiful, and, you are so deserving of a good time with your lovely ladies.
    I hope you will get a good rest too.
    Enjoy! You will be missed though.

  24. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    John :

    Enjoy a vacation with the family.

    David just took 12 days off and it was wonderful on the Liberty and Destiny.

    You and your family deserve no less.

    We ran into Jr Powell on the Liberty (who we have not seen in 3 years and he has really slimmed down)….he is looking good!!! It was so wonderful to cruise with him again and catch up.

    Tim McCormick was on the Liberty as well. He was setting up the Superstar…but it was not operational on our cruise.

    Tim has been so wonderful to make sure that every ship I am headed to has key control working….(very important to me).

    Just a note…the key on Superstar will not be able to be changed….so while 100 songs are a lot…only one is in my key. But at least I will have one!!

    I look forward to giving it a try.

    We stayed on the Liberty until 10AM. because we were rolling our luggage directly over to the Destiny to get on.

    Once we got on the Destiny and got settled in….we had a blast.

    On the Destiny, Robin (social host on the Splendor with you last month) was handling karaoke and he ROCKED. He is adorable.

    We nicknamed Pete L. (ACD) the energizer bunny….I don’t know how he is in so many places at the same time.

    Sarah (social host) is adorable.

    And of course, Brent, (CD) make DJ feel so special. He gave him a ship on a stick at the Repeater’s Party to commemorate DJ’s completing the fleet.

    Brent was so very considerate. He made sure that DJ would be comfortable, before any recognition and DJ just ate it up. DJ really comes out of his shell on a cruise ship.

    It is like he gets to be a normal kid for a week!!!

    Kevin T. (hotel director) is incredible. He is so much fun and his attention to detail is remarkable.

    And of course, I came off the ship needing a neck brace.

    Now don’t panic…it wasn’t from any injury.
    It was from my very large swelled head because of all the wonderfully kind comments from the passengers about my singing. I could really get use to those kinds of compliments all the time….

    Brent, Pete and Sarah ran a FLAWLESS debarkation. DJ was literally the first person off the Destiny and there was not one single straggler in the lobby.

    Sadly, the only downside was the HUGE number of individuals who removed their tips. (not because of bad service and not because they wanted to tip in person…but because they wanted to spend the money on themselves!!)

    I would not be surprised to see the percentage to be 1/3rd (OR MORE) of the ship.

    In the USA, restaurants require automatic tips for any groups over the size of 10. It seems that Carnival is going to have to make the tips prepaid for any groups over the size of 25, to protect their hardworking crew.

    On both the Liberty and Destiny:

    Food – excellent
    Service – excellent
    Entertainment – Liberty excellent and on the Destiny was good…a little weak in the piano bar.
    Entertainment staff and shows – excellent

    We had a blast.

    When we got on the Liberty, (due to some personal problems) I was in a funk….so I did not even try out for the Legend’s Show….but by the end of the week…the Liberty staff (Kevin, Mattie and Todd etc) had me back to my jolly self.

    And the kind words from the passengers on both cruises really boosted my spirits.

    DJ’s Zinger for these cruises was in Grand Turk. The waves were really pounding (which he loves) and left the water covered in sand.

    DJ said “I have so much sand up my butt, I am going to poop a pearl !”

    And on the Destiny, David and DJ did a ship excursion. They drove the dune buggies up the side of a mountain and came back covered in mud. DJ had a great time.

    As for the smoking issue, NJ510 (digital cigarettes) has that problem SOLVED !!

    There were several folks using it on the Liberty and they could smoke where ever they wanted to without disrupting the cruise for nonsmokers. What a wonderful solution !!!

    We head out on the Elation January 1st and 6th for a back to back and we can’t wait !!!

    Have a wonderful vacation and treasure the time with Kye.

    Linda (Mom of your friend – exhausted but thrilled to have had such a good time- DJ)

    • Big Ed says:


      “poop a pearl” now that’s a winner.

      BIG Ed

    • cruisin'lovebirds says:

      Linda, love to read your comments and your recap of DJ’s adventures. You and David are giving him the time of his life on cruises and excursions and his quips tickle me.

  25. MissKitty says:

    Have a wonderful time with your girls. Enjoy playing in the pool. Get plenty of s……….., sleep….

    We will be waiting here for you!

  26. Lynn and Mike Sagara says:

    John, Heidi and Kye
    Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!! The Sagara’s

  27. Jenny (Can'twaittocruiseagain) says:

    Enjoy that vacation, John. There’s nothing like a good get away to rejuvinate the soul. See you back here on the 23rd!

  28. Maryann says:

    Have a wonderful vacation! The best to you & your lovely family.

  29. Denise Sowders says:

    John, you should NEVER apologize for time spent with your lovely family. You deserve it and they deserve you. Have a wonderful time.

  30. retirementman says:

    Wow! It’a about time that you take your family and yourself for a serious restful vacation, maybe even start a brother of sister for Kye. You and your family deserve a rest together. Have a great time John.

    Favorite Ship………………….Carnival Freedom( Carnival Dream )
    Most Fun Port of Call……..St. Thomas
    Fav Lido Deck Lunch Item.. Pizza
    Fav Dining Room Appetiser …. escargot
    Fav Main Coarse ………….. Duck
    Fav Dessert ………………….. apple pie & ice cream
    Fav Main Show …………….. Ticket to Ride

    Fav Stateroom type ………. balcony on the Freedom
    Fav Towel Animal …………. monkey
    Fav onboard activity ………. golf on the Dream
    Fav Excursion . Travelling to the top of the mountain at St. Thomas
    Fav Cocktail ………………. Coke ( I don’t drink alcohol, sorry )

    That’s about it and John please rest and enjoy your vacation. See you when you get back.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  31. Stephanie says:

    1.Favourite ship- Carnival Miracle
    2.Most fun port of call- Half Moon Cay
    3.Favourite Lido Deck lunch item- Chicken Fingers
    4.Favourite Dining room appetiser- Soups
    5.Favourite Main Course- Turkey Dinner… yum!
    6.Favourite Dessert- Baked Alaska
    7.Favourite Main Show- Ticket To Ride
    8.Favourite Piano Bar entertainer- N/A
    9.Favourite Cruise Director (excluding John)- Malcolm
    10.Crew member that made a difference- Too many to list… they’re all great!
    11.Best Punchliner Comedy Club Comedian- N/A
    12.Favourite stateroom type.- Balcony
    13.Favourite Towel Animal- Monkey
    14.Favourite Onboard Activity- Ship tours
    15.Best Excursion- Costa Rica Rainforest tour
    16.Favourite Carnival Cocktail- Kiss on the lips
    17.Lifetime Achievement Award- Jeff Bronson (my first ever cruise director who is still on the same ship 6+ years later!!!)

  32. tenerife? good for you! lovely spot!

    smiles, bee

  33. Ronda Hensley says:

    Dear John, How like you to be worried about us! Of course you should go on vacation with your lovely family and have a WONDERFUL time!! I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the fact that you plan on writing on your FB thingy everyday… Do you ever take REAL time off?? As much as I love to hear from you everyday, I think we can live for a short while without your witticisms and updates. I know that the 344 Stephanies and E-beards do their best to keep things going… Please, please, please – RELAX, ENJOY yourself! You SO deserve it!! We’ll be here when you get back! (We’re not THAT easy to get rid of…lol!!) Peace and Blessings to you and your lovely ladies!! (((HUGS))) to you all!

  34. Jan "Peaches" Silvius says:

    Have a wonderful well earned rest, John and enjoy your time with your family..Hugs to all of you!

  35. Stefani says:

    Have a great vacation… I think we can survive without you for awhile. Enjoy and do lots of relaxing.


  36. Tracy says:

    Please don’t apologize for taking a vacation (holiday)! From what I have heard, you help other people enjoy their vacations – I think its only right that you and your family have a well deserved holiday! We will miss your blog, but we will be here when you get back.
    Have a wonderful time!

  37. Sandra Clark says:

    Have a good one John!!!

  38. Jackie says:

    Hi John
    Enjoy your well derserved vacation.with your girls.
    Stu and I travel Carnival for 2 reasons . You are number 1 and second is Mongolian Wok. People do enjoy it, thats why the lines are long. I have waited 30 minutes but all good things are worth waiting for.
    Counting the days till we see you again on bloggers cruise.
    Enjoy your holidays. See you soon……………..
    Jackie from New York

  39. Amanda V. says:

    Have a wonderful vacation, John…it is well deserved! Have fun!

  40. danyaroshsr says:

    John, a little observation from the 11/6/10 Dream sailing. After dinner wife and I took a strole on the deck space above the lido port side as we walked a young couple with thier 4 or 5 year old son were walking aft. the child was asking where we going dad, repeatedly. dad finally answered you’re going to camp… I never saw a kid so excited to go to camp. he was cheering and dancing down the deck,. made me all warm and fuzzy wish i had a video to share with you all. please pass this along to the camp carnival staff. they’re doing something right to get that kind of reaction from a 4 year old.

  41. Cheryl Killian says:

    Have a great holiday with Heidi and Kye. Watch out for the camels in Tenerife.

  42. Dwayne says:

    John, Best wishes to you, Heidi, and Kye for a wonderful Holiday! Get some well deserved rest!

  43. Waiting4acruise says:

    Have a great vacation.

  44. Fern says:

    Please, go on vacation and enjoy Heidi and Kye! We’ll all still be here when you return 🙂 . The only thing I need to know is that you’re taking a real holiday!

  45. Caroldlr says:

    YEA John, have a great Holiday!

  46. crazy cajun says:

    Have a great vacation w/ the family and then get your arse back here ready to go to work.
    Just a wake up John. Have a great holiday w/ the ladies and clear the mind of everything except kye and figuring out a way to get more rumpy pumpy from hedi.

  47. Steve O says:

    Have a wonderful Canary Islands holiday with the girls. Are you flying your favorite, Ryan Air? I hope it’s nice and warm considering the possible “shrinkage factor” for the 2 prunes and the baby carrot if the pool is COLD. Have lots of fun. It will be good to see your posts on FB. We all need our “John fix” at least once a day.

  48. Marqueta says:

    Happy vacation John, Heidi and Kye! I am off to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee myself for a week. Enjoy yourselves.

  49. Deborah Rosato says:

    Merry Christmas John, Heidi and Kye,

    You deserve a wonderful vacation – don’t worry about us, we will be busy making cookies and wrapping presents!!

    Have a great Holiday!!

    (((hugs))) Deborah

  50. Jeanette says:

    I’ll miss your bog, but time with Heidi and Kye is a little more important….Enjoy your time and make sure Heidi gets LOTS of time in the spa while you and Kye romp on the beach

  51. Jennifer Pazmino says:

    Enjoy your vacation…you make ours so great you deserve a greater one!!

  52. Clair says:

    Hi John,

    Have a wonderful holiday!

    Thank you for posting the holiday pictures from the various ships.


  53. Jen says:

    Enjoy your holiday, John! Also, while I was frustrated with the wait for the Mongolian Wok on my Oct. 17th cruise on the Carnival Valor, it was well worth it when I had a steaming hot bowl of delicious freshness to enjoy in my lido lounge. Perhaps more stations could be added to alleviate the congestion… similar to the omelet stations? Just a thought.

  54. Carla says:

    John I hope you and your girls have a wonderful Holiday you and the family deserve it and as stated before don’t forget the sunblock 🙂

  55. mehyder says:

    Bon Voyage. Enjoy your time off. All the best to you and the girls. Mary Hyder

  56. Susie Trimble says:

    Enjoy your vacation. You and your family totally deserve it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  57. Optiron says:

    Glad to hear your taking some time for
    You & the Girls- ENJOY !

  58. Will Johnson says:

    Enjoy Tenerife and have a great break

  59. Canuck Cruiser says:

    Well done Heidi! Getting John to take time off must be a daunting challenge. Hope you two and Kye have a wonderful time and recharge your batteries.

    Merry Xmas and all the best for the Holiday season ahead.

    B&D from Canada

  60. Sandy B says:

    Ha–you want to be somewhere that you can have control of the remote again:)

    Have fun. Y’all deserve a holiday together.

    Love the idea of the redesign of the blog. Make technology work FOR you and help in any way it can.

    Duchess Sandy in cold Nawth Georgia

  61. Ted says:

    Have a great vacation and enjoy your time off!!

  62. Tina G says:

    So glad to hear you are getting a break. Enjoy your time with the girls and have a wonderful Christmas!!

  63. Elsine says:

    Thank Goodness and it’s about time!!! You absolutely positively without a doubt need this vacation. I am so happy for you. Yes we will miss you but so glad John and family are taking a real vacation. Have a great time and take lots if pictures!!!! (if they let you!!!). Totally looking forward to the new format coming.

  64. Barb says:

    Have a great trip with Heidi and Kye. You definitely need a little break……we’ll all be here when you get back eager to hear of your adventures. Merry Christmas Heald family!!

  65. joyce g. says:

    Have a great vacation. Don’t worry about us. I’ll just be here shoveling snow!
    How old is Kye now? It might be just the opportunity to make her a brother or sister! Do they have a Camp Carnival where you’re going?

  66. Gina W says:


    Have a wonderfully fantastic, well deserved holiday with the girls!! We will miss the blog thingy, but will catch you on the FB thingy for sure!!

    Thanks for ALL you do for us Carnival guest peeps!! Cheers mate and Happy Christmas!

  67. Sarah says:

    Have a WONDERFUL vacation, and a very, very Merry Christmas John, Heidi, and Kye!!!

  68. Richard G says:


    Please repost your facebook comments here on your blog on those days when you aren’t posting anything new here.(sorry for the run-on sentence).

    I don’t always view facebook and reposting here will tide me over until you have new stuff for this blog.

  69. L.S. says:

    Take some pictures to post!

  70. Dominic Ricketts says:

    Great blog and wiity commentary!! Take a well deserved family break and return re-juvenated!

  71. NYSchauer says:

    Enjoy your well deserved holiday!

  72. Eric T. says:

    To improve the blog:
    -Perhaps have a queue to let people know when they might get a response. I’ve asked John to reply three times since by September cruise and I haven’t gotten a reply yet.

  73. Valerie says:

    You all deserve this break. Good for you.We spent our 47th WA in Palma,Canaria last year when on the Carnival Dream and will be there again on the Carnival Magic. the ships excursion we took that day was one of the very best. Love Gran Canarie. Have a great vacation.

  74. Peg Dunbar says:

    You always ask our permission John and you really do not need to, you can take off as much time as you need. Have a wonderful Holiday.

    Keep smiling John; you truly are one of the good guys.

    My best to Heidi and Kye.

  75. Cheryl H. says:

    Enjoy your vacation!

  76. Laura Gallagher says:

    Hello John, And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    I just returned home from a fantastic cruise on the Ecstasy, and wanted to drop a “thank-you” for your assistance with reservations on the Chef’s Table.

    The ship was great, but my dining (YTD) was awesome, as was everyone else I had the opportunity to encounter. The CD, Steve Cassel definitely has his hands full, both with trying to find activities to suit a wide & varied demographic group of cruisers from Galveston, TX. definitely NOT an easy task!

    I definitely was amazed by the “Chef’s Table”> The prep & time that goes into planning. not only our meal, but every else’s stunned me. Again, Thank You.

    Once again, my sincerest of compliments to the staff on the Ecstasy for all they do – (and all they have to put up with).

  77. Marty Paul says:

    John- I apologize , I’m a little late in posting, but Jeanne & I wanted to wish you a fabulous and well-deserved vaca..errrr…

    Also, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and an early wish for a Happy & Prosperous New Year for you & your family (including the Carnival family)!


    Marty & Jeanne Paul

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  79. Karen Rasnake says:

    Have a wonderful vacation with your girls! Everyone deserves to take some time off from work. Enjoy it and don’t feel guilty!


  80. Andrew Bruemmer says:

    Have a great vacation! Everyone needs time off from work. We were just on the Imagination and Miracle last month and we are looking forward to our back to back cruises on the Splendor starting the end of February!

  81. Princess Susan says:

    Have a wonderful holiday! You need to take some time off and enjoy your girls. Especially Kye, she will go up to fast for your liking!
    And if anybody complains about your holiday, just band them from your blog!
    Can’t wait to hear the great stories here on the blog about your holiday when you get back!

  82. wil-da-beast says:

    Hi John…please reply…..It is very hard to give answers for the awards, so let me think about it for a while….Now my question…we always give extra money to our room stewards because we know how hard they work and we really appreciate all that they do, but in addition to money can you think of a gift they would appreciate. Something they don’t have time to buy for themselves that they are missing other then family. If this is not appropriate you can let me know. In the mean time..enjoy your time with the girls. You will probably read this after the holiday, but I hope it was special for you and your family..Good thoughts always….A&W

  83. Brian says:

    Please Reply: I feel kinda dumb for asking this, but I see a lot of people talking about it. What exactly is a back to back cruise? And how does one go about booking it?

  84. capt. len says:

    Hi John

    My roommates convinced me to take a short cruise for my 70th birthday which is Jan 8th. So taking the 3 day on Imagination on the 7th Cabin U68.

    Took anytime Dining but they say waiting list. what is it and can uyou get me off it ?

    Done NCL a few times and on my own boat thru there when younger so looking forward to just relaxing

  85. Courtney says:

    Enjoy your holiday, John! You most definitely deserve it!

  86. Jean Paul says:

    Hello John

    My roommate and I are taking the Jan 7th 2011 sailing on the Imagination. on Jan 8th it is his 70th Birthday. Hope you can do something special for him, to make it memorable.

    Also we are wait listed for anytime dinning. He would really really like this dinning time. Hope you can help.


  87. Jean Paul says:

    Oops John I forgot to leave My room U68 the birthday boy is Len Susman and our book # is 27XOF2

    Thanks Jean

  88. Joseph Quinn says:

    Have a great vacation as we will on the Elation Jan 15/11 . All I ask you for is warmer weather than we had last year on the Fantasy same cruise’


  89. Jean Paul says:

    Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

  90. Gregg says:

    The more I read your blog…the more I cruise with your competition!

  91. Caryn Hayes says:

    Favourite ship: Carnival Miracle
    Most fun port of call: St. Thomas
    Favourite Lido Deck lunch item: Burger and Fries
    Favourite Dining room appetiser: Shrimp Cocktail
    Favourite Main Course: Chateaubriand
    Favourite Dessert: Chocolate Melting Cake
    Favourite Main Show: Ticket To Ride
    Favourite Cruise Director (excluding John): Josh “Big Sexy”
    Crew member that made a difference: They’re akk great!
    Favourite stateroom type: Any Balcony
    Favourite Towel Animal: Monkey
    Favourite Onboard Activity: Relaxing by the adults only pool.
    Best Excursion: Snuba in Grand Turk

  92. Great blog John
    love the pictures fromthe Legend
    Have a wonderful Vacation with the Girls!
    Take Care
    The Tuckers
    Arnold & Elizabeth

  93. lauren satchell-crews says:

    No need to reply,
    I just wanted to thank you and your team again for all you do. And I also wanted to say that I posted a comment a few weeks ago and it was my second post on the subject of the chef table and my hubbys bday. I just wanted to ask that you please ignore that second post because you reply to the first one today. Thanks and I hope you have to have a wonderful holiday with your family

    Lauren crews

  94. Sherryl R says:


    Thanks for all you do for others – and enjoy your holiday with the family!

  95. Missy Daigle says:

    Hi John,

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation. We sail on 1/16/11 on the Valor. We are celebrating our honeymoon/anniversary. We were married on july 26th 2009 and our honeymoon was cancelled due to some unfortunate events. I want to do something special for my husband. Any suggestions?

  96. Scott Nickle says:

    Hey John,
    I’d like to nominate the entire Miami office staff for that one!

  97. cruisin'lovebirds says:

    John, we just returned from the 12/4 Carnival Dream. Butch and Baby Butch created a kaleidoscope of activities, music, and shows – what a great week we had. The production shows were the best we have seen on any Carnival ship. Loved the Fun Force – what talent!

    Enjoy your vacation with the girls and happy holidays from sunny but chilly Orlando. Janet

  98. Barb S says:

    I wish you had the Mongolian Wok on more ships! I would love to have that as a choice even if I had to wait in line. Surely there is enough of the standard food choices for those who don’t want to wait so that those of us who relish such foods can enjoy ourselves, too.

    It also would be nice to find a list of things like that available on the Carnival site so we could see what kinds of options we will have. That could help us choose which ship we’d like to be on if the itinerary is basically the same. Right now, we just choose the smaller ship if there is a choice.

  99. Jennifer Roy says:

    Favourite ship – Carnival Liberty
    Most fun port of call – Cozumel
    Favourite Lido Deck lunch item – burrito bar
    Favourite Dining room appetiser – pumpkin bisque
    Favourite Main Course – braised short ribs
    Favourite Dessert – bitter and blanc
    Favourite Cruise Director (excluding John) – Karl with a “K”
    Crew member that made a difference – our waiter I-Putu from the Liberty sailing Oct 2 (headwaiter with teammates Enrique and Endi if that helps)
    Favourite stateroom type. – aft balcony
    Favourite Towel Animal – elephant
    Favourite Onboard Activity – people watching
    Best Excursion – stingray city on Grand Cayman
    Favourite Carnival Cocktail – Kiss on the Lips

  100. Amber Whitt says:

    Hi John –

    I am cruising with my husband for our anniversary on Feb 6, 2011 on the Sensation. Our cabin is U15. How do you book the chef’s table? I understand there is a small amount of space available for this experience and I would hate to miss out.



  101. Luann Potts says:

    John, we just returned from the 12/4 Carnival Dream. Butch and Baby Butch created a kaleidoscope of activities, music, and shows – what a great week we had. The production shows were the best we have seen on any Carnival ship. Loved the Fun Force – what talent! Enjoy your vacation with the girls and happy holidays from sunny but chilly Orlando. Janet

  102. Killian says:

    Hi John, please reply when you can.

    Hi from Ireland.. six of us are booked for our second Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Valor March 27th.. The trip is to celebrate 3 of our groups 30th birthdays over the year. I believe Josh Waitzman is our CD. If at all possible could you ask for a table for six on the late sitting.

    Thanks for all your hard work on the blog and hope to meet you on a Carnival Cruise sometime soon,


  103. maggie says:

    I thought this was VERY interesting. I can learn from this website. (Wish I had thought of it! ) My husband is in retail & I will recommend this site to him.China 19

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