February 29, 2012 -

John Heald

There’s been talk about whether we need to start making announcements asking people to turn their cell phones off before shows. Personally, I don’t think we’ve reached that point just yet as most people are quite courteous when it comes to using their phones which would make it seem like overkill.

In reality, it’s pretty difficult to hear the phones ring anyway in our theaters. You see, 27 cats could be having cattle prods shoved up their arses and none of our guests would hear anything. The sound in our theatres is full and meaty and creates a great atmosphere for our guests and gives energy to the cast. Someone’s Eyephone spouting off the James Bond theme has as much effect as a hamster farting in a hurricane.

Many people find ring tones the world’s most annoying sound but on ships, certainly it is not. I’d rather be subject to a guests cell phone playing Moves Like Jagger than as I did yesterday at my Travel Talk where some chap had brought his breakfast from Lido and I was subjected to him munch and slurp his way through a bowl of cereal while I am trying to talk about where the sodding gangway is in Montego Bay.

By the way, what kind of person would sit in the second row of my travel talk on the Carnival Magic wearing an RCCL T-shirt and baseball cap? I was going to have fun with him but realised that this is maybe what he wanted, so I ignored him in the same way Calvyn ignores the Die Hard trilogy in favor of Steel Magnolias and his Will and Grace box set.

Time for today’s Q and A…….away we go.

Lil Warwas asked:
Dear John,

If at all possible, could you get me the recipe for the lasagne in the Cucina del Capitano? We had the pleasure of it on the Carnival Magic Nov 14 and I am still thinking of it! My mom used to make a roast in her pasta sauce sometimes when I was a child and it reminded me so of her! She passed away a few years ago and this brought back so many nice memories of her. Please, if you can send me the recipe so I can make it for my family for the holidays. By the way, our trip was awesome! We loved the new Carnival Magic and everyone was so great as usual. I don’t understand people that complain about the little stuff. I always come away from our trips on Carnival with a huge satisfaction but maybe just a bit of sadness that I couldn’t stay longer.

Thank you.

Lil Warwas

John says:
Hello Lil Warwas,

Thanks so much for the kind words about the wonderful Cucina del Capitano. It really has become a huge hit here and tonight as I write to you there are 110 people booked to enjoy their meal there. The bad news is that the chef while allowing me to share recipes from the main menu he won’t share ones from Cucina as he has some trade secrets I am afraid. So I hope you get to cruise again soon and try your favourite dish once again.

Best wishes.


Lenny Karl asked:

I was curious why Carnival never has adult-only cruises. I am a single man in my 50’s and would cruise Carnival if they had single cruises and adults-only cruises. I do not want to spend my vacation with horrible rug rats and I bet ya many of my age would agree. Singles only adult cruises would sell and I am surprised that Carnival has not seen the light.

John says:
Hello Lenny Karl,

Carnival is proud to be a family cruise line and although we do occasionally have large singles groups sail with us you won’t see us turning a ship over as a singles/adult cruise and I doubt any other cruise line would do this either. I hope you can find a time when the child count is low so you can come sail with us and meet some new friends.

Best wishes.


Thomas Romuald asked:

You always talk about Platinum passengers and yet ignore Milestoners. I am a Milestone member and we are treated the same as Platinum passengers even though we have taken more cruises and spent more money than the now thousands of platinum passengers. I hope Carnival will start to take care of people like me and reward them and not drop us in the same barrel as platinum passengers as we deserve better.

John says:
Hello Thomas Romuald,

Thanks for writing and of course we truly appreciate your incredible loyalty to Carnival and I hope that under the existing loyalty program you will already see how much we value you and the time you spend on our ships. Soon the new loyalty program will arrive and there will be four levels of which you will be at the highest and I am positive you will appreciate what we will be doing for you. So long may your loyalty continue and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Best wishes.


Jorge SALTARIN and Jenny ROJAS asked:
Dear John,

We have had a very good experience with Carnival in the past especially in 2008 during our Miami cruise to Bahamas, but nowadays we didn’t receive any response to our letter from Nov. 19. We had to cancel our cruise from Galveston because our flight was delayed from Bogota to Houston because of weather. We spoke with Ms. Ana Myers and sent the letter to customer service but NEVER received a response for our petition to change the date of the cruise or return the money. We told Carnival about this problem with international service because the weather conditions at the airport in Bogota but never received any response. Please could you help us?

All our best regards,

Jorge and Jenny

John says:
Hello Jorge and Jenny,

I am sorry to read about your travel woes and I will make sure I pass this onto one of my colleagues so that they can look into your situation. I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply but I will investigate this for you both. Thanks for writing to me and someone will be in touch.

Best wishes.


Gregg Metody asked:

When will you be on the Carnival Magic? I want to make sure I don’t cruise with you. Yes you read that right as I don’t want to cruise with a director who has such a disgusting toilet based sense of humor. We are looking at June 12 so please tell me that you won’t be there.

Thank you,

Gregg Metody

John says:
Hello Gregg Metody,

I am very glad that you wrote to me because the last thing I would ever want is to stop you from cruising on this magnificent ship Carnival Magic. I realise that my humour is not for everyone and you will be glad to know that in June I won’t be here and the CD will be Butch Begovich who is a brilliant CD and guaranteed never to offend anyone. So please go ahead and book and I wish you and your family a wonderful cruise.

Best wishes.


Becky Noll asked:
Dear John,

My husband and I just got off the Carnival Liberty yesterday and I just wanted to say it was our third cruise and by far the best yet! The Carnival Liberty is an amazingly beautiful ship, we were lucky to have Butch and Amy 6’3″ as CD and assistant. The only things we weren’t crazy about were the ThirstyFrog Red beer (too sour for our taste, we prefer a nice Blue Moon – no wisecracks, please), and Guy’s Burgers could have done without the added butter. This did not, however, prevent my husband from eating there twice! And once we figured out that from certain parts of deck 2, we had to go up to deck 4 then back down to 3 to get to our dining room, it was all good. Best of all, I finally won a coveted Ship on a Stick! We’re already planning next year’s cruise. It annoys me to see so many people complaining about every little thing. I just wanted to send along a big THANKS to all the Carnival folks for doing all they can to give cruisers a truly fun time. My motto is, “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.” Keeps you happy!

Thanks to everyone again!

Becky Noll

John says:
Hello Becky Knoll,

Thank you for the great review and I am so glad that your husband tried a Guy’s burger twice before he realised it may have too much butter in it for his tastes, I love the way you told that story. I will be passing your words onto the ship and they will be thrilled, of course, and I hope we will see you both soon. Finally, your words at the end of your post are so important and I thank you for this positive outlook on life.

Best wishes.


David G asked:

My wife and I were on a cruise on the Carnival Liberty over the holiday season and found that there was a lack of respect from the crew to those non Christian passengers. We could handle the decorations but the religious singing in the main lobby by the staff and the bible readings at the show were obnoxious and showed total disrespect to those of other religions or who may not have any religious affiliation at all. Had we known this we would not have cruised. I would suggest that you advertise the fact that it is a cruise where Christmas will be “in your face” so that others are not upset as much as we were.

John says:
Hello David G,

While I do understand your concerns, our ships are not unlike other places such as shopping malls with decorations and such and we do try our best to celebrate Hannukah on board as well. I was surprised by your “bible reading” reference as I am not aware of any shows in which we do this. I do hope that you had fun and enjoyed the service of our friendly crew.

Best wishes to you both.


Tina Salvatore asked:

I too have just found your blog and wanted to say that I was an avid fan of the Nation of Bugger Off but that was until I had my first cruise on the Carnival Conquest in Feb 2011. Yes, I was on the ship that was fogged in the first day and hit in the port by another ship and have its itinerary changed because of all the issues but it was still a most wonderful and fun time we’ve ever had cruising!!! I have become a loyal fan of Carnival and have even convinced my other family members who were sworn to the Nation line to try your ships. We will be a family of 11 now sailing on Carnival Dream on February 18 (school vacation again) and can’t wait to show them how much fun your line is and how wonderful your chocolate melting cake at dinner can be! We look forward to more and more trips with Carnival and are planning Europe as soon as our 13 year old is out of the house but for now, we’ll see you in the Caribbean every year! Thanks for such a wonderful vacation!

John says:
Hello Tina Salvatore,

I am smiling from ear to ear. Thanks for this great review and it’s a joy to know that the chocolate melting cake and the crew of the Carnival Conquest have made a Carnival fan out of you. This is truly brilliant news and I hope the cruise on the Carnival Dream was just as good. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to keep you as a Carnival fan and thanks again for this wonderful post.

Best wishes.


The Pratt Family asked:

I hate to say this but as someone who has cruised Carnival four times since 2009 that the breakfast meals are now so boring and bland that on our last cruise we missed them because there was nothing to eat at all. We are from the south and could not believe our eyes when this past week on Carnival Fantasy we saw no grits, biscuits and gravy, buttermilk biscuits, etc I spoke to so many of my fellow passengers all of who said that breakfast was a letdown. We literally had nothing to eat until lunch was served so I think Carnival needs to realise that us Southeners need more choices and better choices at that.

John says:
Hello Pratt family,

Thank you for your advice and I shall be passing this to the chef. I understood we did serve grits on the ships but I may be wrong. I always thought that we had a good choice of breakfast items but it looks like we need to provide more on the ships that sail out of the south. Thanks again and I will make sure the right people see this.

Best wishes and hope you had a great cruise.


Janet Learn asked:
Hi John,

Just wanted to let you know we just got off the Carnival Triumph on Saturday and had a really great time. It was our first time on this ship and as usual she was all we expected and more. The staff went out of their way to take care of us and make sure we had a wonderful time. By the way, Felipe says “Hola” to his papa. You sure know how to pick them. He is a great cruise director, taking time out to speak to all and make sure their cruise is special. We also want to acknowledge our maitre d in the London dining room. “007” is the best maitre d we have ever had. He always stopped at every table with a kind word. He is the only one we have ever seen help the staff set up tables when things got hectic and he always joined the fun in the entertainment portion. Ardani and Jose were our team head waiters and did an excellent job. Kudos to the seating staff also who always greeted us by name and gave us wonderful seats. “Classy Cassie” – one of the entertainment staff is also from England and is hoping she can be with you next year on the Carnival Breeze. She always said hello to me and we had a great time at the deck party and playing trivia. I came home with one medal and two gold ships on a stick! I don’t want to forget Phurita our room steward on Empress Deck. She was great. Our room was always cleaned in a timely manner and she was always available to meet our needs, even getting us an extra blanket on a cool night. We enjoyed the debut of the Burlesque show which was done in very good taste – a beautiful show! My husband was taken up on stage by one of the girls, his eyes wide and with a big smile on his face — he’s 67, by the way. He gladly went to the guillotine and got his head cut off by Kevin the Magician. What fun!!

The embarkation at Galveston is greatly improved since the arrival of the Carnival Magic. The lines are much shorter, faster, and the layout much roomier. I can’t comment too much on the debarkation since we are VIP Platinum and we were off the ship and in the parking lot by 8:04 am – record time! The only shortfall of the whole cruise had nothing to do with Carnival or her fine staff. I was very disappointed in some of my fellow passengers. What has happened to decorum like say “please” and “thank you” instead of demanding? I saw pushing, shoving, yelling at staff and other guests. Also guzzling as many free drinks as possible at the “return guest” and farewell parties until one fellow had to go to the men’s room to vomit so he could come back and drink more. There’s always a few bad eggs in the basket and I want to commend the staff for having the grace to put up with some of the shenanigans that go on. With that said, we are definitely looking forward to being on the Carnival Spirit this coming May to Alaska and then the Carnival Magic in 2013. Have a great day John and a Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Heidi and of course Kye. Please forward these remarks to whoever needs to know.

Thank you.

Henry and Janet Learn

John says:
Hello Henry and Janet Learn,

Thanks so much for this magnificent review and apart from the behavior of some of the guests it seems you had the most wonderful time. Seeing how the crew made such a difference to your vacation is so brilliant to see and they will love seeing their names here. I hope your husband’s head is OK after Kevin’s magic feats and it sounds like you had loads of fun. Thanks for the kind words for my family and we wish you both all the best and hope that we get to sail together very soon. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Best wishes.


That’s all for today…. But it’s not

Now I must be mad. I must be as bonkers as a bag full of rabid hamsters because I am going to talk about dress code again. Hold on, before some of you head for www.ihatefatcruisedirectors.com please bear with me because it involves a question from a blogger, a brief answer from me and a longer answer from someone on the frontline.

So, here we go with the question.

Carla Sanchez asked:

On elegant night during our Thanksgiving cruise I watched a man walk straight past the dining room manager in a pair of old jeans and a T-shirt that looked like it had never been washed. This repulsed me and why I ask do you bother having a dress code if nobody is prepared to refuse entrance to them. This NEVER happens on Royal and never happens on Celebrity so why does it at Carnival?

John says:
Hello Carla,

I just wanted to take the time to write and say thanks for your post. I will be answering this question shortly and before I do go into this further, I just wanted to say that I hope you had a great cruise despite your misgivings.

Best wishes.


So, the dress code thing ……again. And I will say now that I will not be dumping a huge dollop of my opinion on you today as we all know what my opinion is……it’s all about choices. So what’s it like to be at the sharp end of the dress code scenario?

To find out I asked our senior maitre d, the man with the Sinatraesque voice and the man who didn’t just touch the Blarney Stone, he ate it and washed it down with a pint of Guinness……we are talking, of course, about Mr. Ken Byrne.

Hello John and Bloggers,

Since the introduction of the relaxed dress code, while some of our guests do not read this, the vast majority follows and respects the policy for elegant evenings and other more casual evenings. We always have a maitre d and/or hostess at the doors welcoming guests. We always approach those guests who are not dressed correctly in the most gracious way and explain the dress code for that evening. We inform them that this evening is Elegant Night, and that they need to be wearing long pants/shirt/jacket and shoes. We ask them to change and that they are welcome to return to the dining room and continue to enjoy their evening.

As you can imagine there are some guests who are not happy at what they have just been told and will scream and shout and swear saying, “It’s my vacation and I paid for the cruise” and “What are you going to do to stop me?” There are times when you may miss a guest enter the D/R because you are busy talking or helping someone else which makes it more difficult to ask them to leave and change clothing once they are seated at the table.

It is also important to remember in some cases guests may have lost their luggage and, of course, we make exceptions here. However, by not enforcing the dress code, dress shorts become beach shorts, collared sports shirts become beach shirts, and sandals become flip flops topped with a baseball cap!

So there you go John, we do enforce it, and I totally agree that people should respect the dress code and comply with our policy, without the maitre d’s having to tell guest they must dress up.



So there you go. It must be very difficult for Ken and his colleagues to catch everyone and to confront them. One would hope that the guests see the rules and comply with them but obviously while the vast majority do, some do not and again, it’s their vacation so you can understand why some don’t want to be told what to wear. This subject will continue to be open for debate and meanwhile let me thank Ken and his colleagues across the fleet who all do a brilliant job and who many of you have written and told me how the maitre d has made a difference to your cruise.

It’ s a busy time here and along with running the ship and hosting shows, blogging and Facebooking, I am also putting the last few things together for the bloggers cruise. One of the things I was so looking forward to was having the girls here with me but unfortunately that won’t be happening.

Here is Heidi to tell you why:

Hello everyone,

I wanted to take a moment of your time to say a quick hello from Kye and I. First of all, thank you for all the nice comments on Facebook after John said we could not join you all for BC5.

Luckily, Kye doesn’t understand yet that we were supposed to see you all on the ship and that it’s not happening now. Unfortunately, I DID know I was going to have someone cook for me and tidy up after me and oh, of course seeing my husband (did you notice the order of importance) …….

It’s just not to be. Eleven hours on a plane, my doctor said, is not what you need right now young lady. So, Kye and I will stay put. I am working to get back in shape and hopefully we’ll meet lots of you on the Carnival Breeze this summer.

Kye is doing really well. She is a little chatterbox and loves doing “a show.” Instead of “Ladies and Gentlemen,” she says “Lady and Gogomo.” She has her own microphone and sings and dances to her heart’s content. Wonder where she got it from????? She is always happy and very social and caring, other qualities she’s got from her Dada.

Right now, Peppa Pig and Curious George are the most important people in her life, apart from John and I, which is so cute. She loves helping me cook and we make cupcakes just about every week just so she can decorate them.

As she is getting a little older now, realization has set in that John is not here with us all the time which sometime causes some sad scenarios but then again, when her Dada is home, he spends more time with her than most Dads do and she makes up for it. Not long and John will be home again but before that he is going to spend some time with everyone joining the Bloggers Cruise and I wish you all great weather, smooth sailing and lots and lots of fun. Please don’t wear him out too much!!!

Until next time,

Kye and Heidi xx

It was when Kye was a year old or so that I posted a photo here that someone lifted and used to enter Kye in a baby model contest online. We found this out some months later and obviously since then we have been cautious to put photos on the blog of our little one. But I want to show you what I helped make one night on the Carnival Splendor.

And if I do say so myself, that’s not bad for three minutes’ work.


Your friend,


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  1. Julie says:

    Kye is so cute! Have the beards watermark your pics in someway and no one will be able to steal them.

  2. Julie says:

    Key is so cute! Have the beards watermark your pics in someway and no one will be able to steal them

  3. Debbie Moore says:

    I have to laugh at some of the comments I read here. Some people are just plain nuts. I did have to write today following my experience with being ‘inappropriately attire,’ which is just laughable if you know me 🙂 It was Night 1 and we reserved a table in David’s on the Pride. I dressed for dinner in what I thought was very stylish/sharp city shorts and a nice top and dressy shoes. Make up and jewelry were on, too. I would have been accepted in any restaurant in my East Coast city… but not in David’s. I was told shorts were not allowed! I was sent back to my room to change. I personally would not have bothered returning, but my husband was counting on this so I did. So… if I see someone not dressed to written standards, I now tell the Maitre D.

  4. LAURIE Hopper says:

    What a beautiful baby you have there Heidi, and John Thanks so much for letting us see her!! Take care and hopefully I’ll get to met ya’ll someday!!!

  5. lorrie says:

    She is adorable!

  6. Elliesue says:

    Oh, John, could she be any cuter! I don’t have to tell you how blessed you and Heidi are. My best to all of you.

  7. Carolyn Perkins says:

    Kye is so precious!! Sorry she and Heidi won’t be able to sail with you on the Bloggers Cruise.

  8. Kaitlyn Olson says:

    Kye is so cute and I love her smile 🙂 She will make the best CD with Carnival oneday.

  9. Nanette Hurst says:

    She is beautiful john!! God bless. 🙂

  10. Josea says:

    Sorry but you do not enforce the dress code. I have been on enough cruises to know it is not enforced. True you may not catch them at the door but no one follows up with the ignorant cruiser that can’t follow the guidelines. I have seen the same trashy family night after night break the dress code 7 days in a row. This is one of my irritations. All you have to do is enforce it 100% and the message will get out. If you are not going to enforce it, then abolish it.

    • DannyK says:

      I have to agree. Carnival should not pick and choose which rules to enforce. Either it is a rule or it isn’t. I’m still waiting to see John report that he has asked the beards to change the dress code language from “Not permitted in the dining room during the Cruise Elegant dinner…” to “Not recommended in the dining room during the Cruise Elegant dinner…” They certainly don’t make exceptions for people wanting to bring liquor on board. No matter how much they yell and scream about it being their paid for vacation, they are simply told it is a rule. It is in the cruise contract: “Guest agrees during the course of the voyage to follow the directions of the ship’s Master, or his authorized officer.”

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am a new cruiser going with my son on the Elation from Nola 6/2/12 and if the person above is the “typical” Cruiser!!, I don’t want any part of it. I have saved for 3 years in order to take my 14 year old son on our first vacation ever and I resent that someone who may not be able to afford the “evening attire” or for any other possible reason is called “TRASHY” and “IGNORANT”!!!! You show yourself to be of distastefull personality and of a snobby upbringing with your better than though attitude. As an individual that grew up harder than some, we don’t place happiness on the frills and twills of live but the experience and enjoy what you have not in debt yourself or try to standup to some need to be seen expectation. I find you repugnant. PLEASE by all means inform us trashy people if you will be on this cruise because if so, I would glady give my cruise up for a vacation that was around people that don’t judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bonnie says:

    Hi John,
    Just returned back from a magnificent cruise on the Miracle. After 11 cruises with Carnival I’m still as impressed as I was on the first – even though we never left Boston after embarkation at 2am. Your crew and everyone I came in contact with was pleasant and helpful when asked for assistance.

    I just wish your on land staff was as attentive. I was supposed to get a OBC for using my MC and it never came through. Unfortunately I forgot to print out the paperwork and bring it with me and am now waiting for the Loyalty Desk to get back to me.

    Not a big enough issue to ruin my cruise but sometimes it feels like two different companies at land and at sea.

  12. Josea says:

    David G.,

    What do you expect during Christmas Season. It is Christmas for a reason. It is not a “holiday season”. It is Christmas. I hate to break it to you but it is a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ. If you don’t like it, stay at home and worship your idol. Get over it and don’t expect the world to bow down to you simply because you are an atheist. I will pray for you. It will be warm where you are headed.

    • Rita PResnell says:

      Amen! I am so tired of having to be “politically correct” to these idiots.

    • Minsk says:

      Oh dear… that is a totally un-Christian and unnecessarily nasty comment.

      Yes, anyone should expect Christmas celebrations and decorations when sailing out of the USA at Christmastime. After all, if I were sailing on a ship out of Israel at Hanukkah, I would expect, and not be offended at, Hanukkah celebrations.

      I don’t understand how people would take offense, unless they were forced to participate against their will, but to attack them back and make wild suppositions about their possible beliefs/disbeliefs is uncalled for. “Judge not…”, remember?

  13. Catherine Thomas says:

    Oh my goodness she is so cute. It looks like she has a nice sparkle in her eyes. I can see her saying…I am so cute Dad can I have/do……..and Dad saying of course..LOL

  14. Judy says:

    She is adorable. God bless you and her and of course dada lol.

  15. Laura Capano says:

    This is the first photo I have seen of Kye. She is just adorable!!! Heidi & John…good work!!! She will break hearts when she is older. Enjoy her

  16. kathy says:

    John Kye is absolutely beautiful

  17. Linda krause says:

    My word!! Kye is as adorable as her dada is funny!!! You did good!! haha

  18. debi says:

    i ust want to thank you again for all you do for us fans and to thank your wife and daughter for sharing you you have a wonderful family and i am blessed to get to know yous. thank you for all the storys and all the info about the ships love debi and family

  19. kiciaski says:

    Kye is so cute and I’m glad you’ve gotten your priorities straight with her Minnie hat. It looks like it would have been a perfect match for the outfit that is flying around the world somewhere. Heidi – I hope you’re feeling better and sorry you won’t be on the Bloggers’ cruise (neither will we)but know that John will be home with you and Kye soon. Hope you’ll be on the Carnival Legend for the end of her northern European cruises – we will be.

  20. Alice Harlow says:

    Hi John & Heidi,
    Kye is absolutely adorable. She has gotten so big. I hope you all will be sailing on the Carnival Legend in 2013 in July to the Baltic. I am booked on the 27th and would love to meet you all.
    I loved meeting You John on the Magic last year and appreciated all your help with our Meet & Greet. ( I was the one who met you on the promonade on elegant night & told you about my upper respiratory infection I had.
    Stay well and Heidi feel better soon.
    Your friend,
    Alice Harlow

  21. Cheri & Michael says:

    your little girl is an angel

    Heidi- hope to fnally meet you & Kye on Carnival Breeze Inaugural in June

  22. Sandy Jarem says:

    Dear John,
    A few weeks ago you helped our group of 11 secure seats at the Chef’s Table on Carnival Glory for Thursday, Feb 23. Our “foodie” group spent the rest of the cruise talking about this incredible and unforgettable event. Chef Biju was gracious, professional, informative and a wonderful host…along with the talented sous chefs who assisted with the dinner. The dinner was not only delicious, but the presentations were artistic masterpieces. We honestly feel that this was one of the most memorable evenings we have ever experienced, and we were honored to share their creations. Thank you so much for your help with our initial request and thanks to Carnival for offering this experience to guests. Very special. Do you know if there are any plans to offer a Carnival recipe book for purchase? I know we would have been interested!

    The cruise was wonderful, we all enjoyed every minute, but the Chef’s Table was more than we ever expected!

  23. Cheria says:

    She is simply beautiful :). John you both did wonderful !

  24. george says:

    John just a quick reminder that we are sailing with you next week and celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, I had asked your support in surprising my wife and I would gladly reimburse the cost. Cabin 10256, looking forward to meeting you. Though this is our 19th cruise, this will be our first blogger cruise. See you Sunday, march 4th.

  25. Marylou Hansen says:

    to Carla Sanchez:: the lack of enforcing the dress code has gone on for YEARS on RCCL.. I remember being in the FDR on FORMAL NIGHT on Navigator of the Seas (2006) and at the table of 12 next to ours EVERY single person sitting there had cut-offs, sweats and flip flops on.. I’ve seen worse on ALL cruise lines.. it is unfortunate because CCL used to enforce the dress code in the FDR (I actually witnessed them politely telling a passenger their clothing was NOT appropriate for that evening) but obviously gave up trying. I think it is an insult to the folks that took the time and effort to dress aocording to the evening dress code AND if NONE of the cruise lines are going to enforce the dress code they should STOP posting it in the nightly newsletter!! Then maybe all the whining and complaining would CEASE!!!

  26. Lisa in Kansas says:

    Love the pics, John!! Heidi, I hope you feel better. Again I’m sorry that John won’t be the CD for my upcoming cruise but I am really happy that maybe he gets home to his girls a little sooner than expected. I was hoping to add to Kye’s Wizard of Oz collection but I’ll save it for next time.

    Best wishes to you all,

  27. elaine says:

    she’s a cutie pie for sure. it was a great job for 2 hmm I mean 3 minutes work… good job old man (no reflection on age meant)

  28. Nadine says:

    John, On the Dream and the Magic (and I assume many other ships) they serve oatmeal and also grits but they are not usually on the buffet table. You need to ask for them. I found that out by asking why they didn’t have them once and they happily provided them. Many passengers may not know that. I really would like biscuits and gravy, too.

    Look forward to seeing you again on the Breeze Inaugural and look forward to maybe meeting Heidi and Kye.

    • Janet says:

      On the Miracle, they had both grits and oatmeal on the breakfast buffet every morning! 2/14/12 sailing.

  29. Dennis P says:

    The dress code issue has all boiled down to the “ME” generation…It’s “my” vacation and I’ll wear whatevery I want reguardless of the “guidelines”..But you have to realize their are other people on board that know and follow the guidelines..I seldom even wear a suit any more as I know most everyone else is gonna dres down..but I do wear dress slacks and a long sleeve dress shirt but as John said last week I miss the times when everyone wore a suit or tuxedo

  30. John, I totally agree with you on the Elegant Night. It’s wonderful seeing people dressed up for the evening. Usually my wife and I use it as the chance of getting a beautiful photo to bring home from our cruise. Maybe Carnival should send a notice to ever cabin informing the people that it is a dress up evening and the dinner room will only be allowed if the person is dressed up. If not go to the Lido deck for dinner.
    The photos of Kye are beautiful.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  31. Cheryl K says:

    Awwww..so sweet. I think you should join us on the Splendor South America cruises and bring the family…or spend another 3 minutes and make another one!

  32. norman warren says:

    @Lenny Karl The Oct 24 sailing of the Splendor LA to Mexico 7 day will be adults only Private charter Google Atlantis Events for more info. Will be a TOTAL party cruise Not for the faint of heart or Republicans either!!!

    • Richard Taylor says:

      There are Adults only cruise lines in the UK. Cruise & Maritime Voyages and Saga to mention the two main ones. So if you fly over to here you can enjoy these!

      BUT!! (having sailed on both) you’ll be the youngest by far! The average age on them seems to be about 70.

  33. Beverly Bennett says:

    Hi John:

    I read on facebook that your schedule has changed once again. So you are getting off the Magic after the bloggers cruise. Does this mean that you wonèt be back on the Magic. My husband & I sail on April 1 & April 8, and I was really hoping that you were extending you stay because you arrived late. Is there any chance you will be back. I realize that you are you gread demand. It is so painful to be so popular hey. I guess if I donèt get to meet you this cruise we will hope for the best next year on the Breeze. Have a great cruise next week with the bloggers.

  34. Mike Arbolino says:

    I take exception to Mr Byrnes comments I have been on over 28 cruises and never have I seen or been approached by a Matre D regarding dress codes. I never dress for elegant night I wear slacks, collered shirt and shoes.I find you to be a truthful individual but Mr Byrne needs to get some credibility.

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

      You have never been approached because you are in compliance with the dress code…

      even for elegant night.

  35. Eileen says:

    Your Kye is absolutely precious!!!

    I just want to comment on the dress code and really believe it needs to be enforced. I know as a restaurant owner it is not always easy but I also know, too, that we (as business owners) can’t allow people to get their own way just because they want to. Lido is for those that do not want to dress up on Elegant Night or dress appropriately on the other nights. That’s their CHOICE how they dress and it’s Carnival’s CHOICE not to allow them into the MDR! It isn’t an easy position to put the Maitre’d in so that’s where you, JH, need to continue to enforce the dress code by verbage on your blogs!!! Don’t encourage it….discourage it and make it easier for the Maitre’d’s!!!

  36. Chris with a C says:

    Two things John…

    1) The way Ken wrote his response about the dress code, it sounds like he is saying that you need to wear a jacket on elegant night.

    2) You posted on Facebook that there are free Buffalo Wings in the EA Sports Bar on the Liberty. Current passengers are reporting this to be false. Please address this as I am on the ship on 3/24/12.

  37. John, It took 3 minutes of work and a lot of prayers and this beautiful little Angel was conceived. You and Heidi are very blessed and Kye is very fortunate to have such wonderful parents.

  38. Martha says:

    To the Pratt Family: There is grits in the main dining room for breakfast and they are quite good.I too wish they had biscuits and gravy and real hash browns. I also would like a mexican breakfast dish in the MDR.

    John – please tell Ken thank you for his input. It explains another side of it and is appreciated.

    And thank you for posting pics of Kye. She is adorable. Hope Heidi is feeling better and that her back gets better soon!!

  39. Your Daughter is adorable and looks alot like you John…and of course Your wife is is Beauty…so excited having our first bloggers for us…of course we think all the carnival cruise have been wonderful

  40. Jeanette says:

    You created an adorable masterpiece in that short three minutes + nine months…..

    Don’t beat yourself up for not being there to see her grow up. My niece is going to be 16 and I can safely say my brother is more concerned with working six or seven days a week fixing cars or watching car racing on TV. I doubt he really knows his own child even though he is present, he would rather fix the cars or watch races.

  41. Stevie says:

    ……”so I ignored him in the same way Calvyn ignores the Die Hard trilogy in favor of Steel Magnolias and his Will and Grace box set……”

    John – There are 4 Die Hard movies! Have you not seen “Live Free, Die Harder”????

    Best Die Hard EVER!!!

  42. Barb says:

    Darling pics of Kye, thanks for sharing them. Love the Peppa Pig shirt! Only 3 more days til BC5…………see you and the Magic soon!

  43. Bonida Kimbrough says:

    She just gets more precious! Thanks for the treat Heidi!

  44. Henrietta Lala (Granny Lala) says:

    I had a bad day until I read your blog. Thanks for the laughs. All you really need to read from me is that you have a beautiful daughter-a great 3 minute egg.

  45. oh heidi so sorry you won’t be there, this time i won’t either but next time for sure. kye is adorable as always. feel better honey.

    and john? hi!

    smiles, bee

    • Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

      Hi Empress Bee:

      Just wanted to say hello and that we are thinking of you!!

      Linda (Mom of DJ)

  46. Tim B says:

    Hey John, whatever Carnival is paying you, you should ask for a raise to put up with all these people who think the world revolve around them. You guys do a great job. Have enjoyed all 7 of my CC line trips. Keep up the good work.

  47. Karen Hoppe says:

    Hi John –

    I was glad to read Ken’s remarks about the dress code!

    I, too, have experienced some rude guests trying to dine in their “beach” clothes and flip-flops on Elegant Night while on my last trip on the Carnival Dream. While I understand that some folks do not want to dress for dinner, there are other options available for their dining pleasure and I think that the dress code should be more strictly enforced for the enjoyment of the rest of us. Personally, I enjoy dressing for dinner and like to relish in the atmosphere in the dining room on those nights. Of course, if luggage is lost, those poor folks should not be able to enjoy the dining room experience but in the case that I was witness to, the family was just plain rude and boisterous disturbing the entire front of the dining room and only backed down once a nice young man – one of the dining room staff – came to the rescue of the hostess that was being pushed around. I would suggest a person of more “firmness” be available at the check in on those nights in hopes that more would respect the dress code. Perhaps someone outside of the dining room to take guests aside and offer alternate dining options or the option to return to dine once changed.

    All of that being said, there seems to be one on every ship doesn’t there? You must know that the experience did not hamper our overall Carnival experience it just gave us some interesting dinner conversation with the folks at our dining table as well as the tables around us! We are ready to cruise the Fun Ships again soon!

    Thanks for all of the information and fun stories! You keep me laughing and dreaming of my next Carnival Cruise!


  48. Marlene says:

    You did good!!! So very cute.
    Will Miss Kye and Heidi on the BC5. Looking forward to see you.

    • David Hill says:

      David G, you are everything that is wrong with religion and the ability to accept that there are different beliefs for different people and different celebrations at different times.
      I live in Bradford England, and believe me, you would have to go a long way to find somewhere more multi-cultural.
      Every year there are big flashy lights saying happy delawari or something, happy ramadam, and of course happy christmas.
      Now I am not going to tell you which one I celebrate but I am going to tell you that I accept each and everyone, I accept ones right to have their celebrations when and where without people complaining.
      Had it been your religion or celebration they were ‘ramming down peoples throats’ no doubt you wouldnt have had a problem with it.
      If you dont like it, Im sure you could have gone somewhere else, it sure wouldnt be displayed evrywhere.
      People like you are pathetic and make me sick, try living life and letting others live theirs !

    • Rita PResnell says:

      No, Marlene, they will not. Heidi has back issues that prevent her from flying 11 hours.

    • Greg says:

      To all who complain about the dress code. I am SURE that in your home towns NO ONE drives over the speed limit, NO ONE goes thru a stop sign or Red Light. NO ONE steals merchandise from the local department store. There are laws in place but can they be enforced 100 percent of the time? No. If you fish, do you catch ALL of the fish in the river? Some get away. The Maitre d and his or her staff do what they can. If you cared about your own vacation more than the person sitting at the table next to you maybe your vacation would be more enjoyable. I enjoy dressing up on elegant night but I won’t let someone who CHOOSES not to, ruin my vacation. It’s not worth it.

  49. Deborah Dunn says:

    John, Again, I find it hard (although I shouldn’t) to believe that people say the things to you that they do. Please forward the next one to me. I am retired and can say what I want. My new phase of choice is of course……………Get the hell off my whale tale. I will be happy to tell them which part of the ocean to jump off in. However, there will be no slowing down, no turn and no lowering of the life boats; since it seems that would be the service he expects. God only knows how you put up with these fools. I can’t think of a better why to spend my money, Magic in Aug and Spirt in Sept.

    Please just tell them that once……I’ll take care of the Beards.

    Deborah Dunn

  50. Frances Vickerstaffe says:

    What an adorable little girl. Enjoy her as time races by and she will be so grown up.
    Seems like she has Johns entertainment personality already. Bet she has her moms cooking skill though.

  51. Carolyn Dickerson says:

    I just want to make a comment about the breakfast food…We live in TN….I was born in New Orleans, and Jim is from MS…I had grits every morning at breakfast….they were hot and very good….and believe me, not everybody knows how to cook grits…and every thing else for breakfast was good also…..I just can imagine anybody going hungry on a Carnival Ship…WE just got off of the Conquest a couple of weeks ago and have already book one for next Feb on the Magic…I did filled out my survey that I received by email just a few days after I returned home…We had an awesome time…great food…great entertainment..and super crew members at our disposal…especially in the Dining room…Mr. B our Marti d was great and he could really dance, we had such a good time…….This was our 5th cruise and hope to have many more….our PVP is the best..Luis Rodriguez…and I just don’t understand the complainers….I guess some folks just aren’t happy unless they can find fault with something….Keep up the great work you do and your blog and FB comments keeps a smile on my face every day….one day I hope we get to cruise with you….
    Thanks again….Carolyn & Jim Dickerson

  52. Mary Kent Johnson says:

    John, thanks for sharing your pictures of Kye, she looks so sweet and that twinkle in her eyes is adorable. Thanks again for all you do and hope we can sail with you some day. Ps. My husband and I both have to wear dress clothes to work so we like to wear casual clothes when we cruise. We do respect the dress codes but what I don’t get is why some people care so much what others wear. What someone else is wearing has no impact on my vacation what so ever.

  53. Carolyn Bickel says:

    Kye is such a cutie pie! You are so Blessed. I have this feeling she has her daddie wrapped around her little finger… am I right, John? 🙂 Heidi, you must be so disappointed not to be able to go on the bloggers cruise. It’s best to listen to the doctors. Take care and get better. God Bless and watch over all of you.

  54. Luis R says:

    What a beautiful lady!! 🙂

    I must comment on the dress code enforcing thing. I have been on two cruises (2006 on Destiny and 2011 on Magic) and on both I saw people on jeans and t-shirt on elegant nights. While it didn’t take anything away from my cruising experience, it tells me that the dress code is not really being enforced at all. My Carnival Magic cruise was in July 2011 and I was on Southern Lights with Ken Byrne as Maitre’d. While his staff and entertainment were just wonderful and were a big part of the experience, I know for a fact that I did see people wearing jeans on elegant nights in Southern Lights.

    To Jorge and Jenny, perhaps you have read this a lot of times since your missed voyage but I still have to say it. That’s why travel insurance is needed and that’t why it is not wise to fly on the day of embarkation/debarkation. Better spend one or two extra days before and after in case things like this happen.

  55. Stacy B. says:

    Quite the opposite of Gregg M. I want to book the next cruise knowing you WOULD BE the CD! You were my first Carnival CD on the Destiny way back when and by far the most memorable. Enjoy the blog and update in between my cruises! Keep up the good work!

  56. David Moore says:

    Next to you, could you recommend a CD with the most refined toilet-based sense of humor. And if so which ships will they be sailing on in the next few months?

  57. J.R. says:

    thanks for the laugh’s John and all you do. Also you have a wonderfull little girl enjoy all the time you can with her. I missed alot of my son Growing up due to my work and now hes graduating from college. they grow up way too fast. take care and hope to meet you some day maybe on our cruise to South Amercia on the Splendor next year..

  58. Steve Makris says:

    John, I need help. Our family is sailing on March 10, on Carnival Freedom. It’s and engagement cruise for my grandson, his future bride, plus our families. Everyone says wait until the ship, but I feel that will be too late for a group of our size. Our booking numbers are: Thanks Steve

  59. Princess Susan says:

    Wow, Kye is absolutely beautiful! Her little smile lights up the picture!
    Hope you have a speedy recovery Heidi!
    God bless!

  60. Mary Fortinh says:

    What a beautiful little girl! Nice work John!
    Just a brief comment about the wonderful cruise my husband & i had on the Legend Feb. 12. Love the ship (our second sailing) and the staff was brilliant, ESP head waiter William and his crew, and Silvyah who served me martinis at the bar outside Truffles. Bought my FCC on lard, then came home & booked the Breeze for next Feb. Can’t wait! Thanks for the blog thingy and all the time you spend pooping around Facebook. Happy Travels!

  61. John Pulaski says:

    Thank goodness that Greg Melody person is not cruising on Dream In March on 24th..what a creepy thing to write to you.human behavior really shocks me at times.I really enjoy your blog and I have cruised Carnival many times.Also thanks for the cute kid picture..your daughter is adorable!!Put a smile on my face early in the AM.Off to work.Thanks,John Pulaski.23 days till I cruise and I cannot wait!!Someone actually made a facebook group for our cruise..Too Neat:)

  62. kandy says:

    OMGoodness!!! Kye is a Doll!!!! Good job Heidi & John!

  63. BigDogCruiser says:


    My observation relative to dress code is that Carnival may have brought on some of the controversy itself. Carnival has toned down the elegance of the main dining rooms on many of its ships. The newer ships have tended toward modern lighting and casual seating. The use of booth seating in the dining rooms makes me rethink my attire at meal times. Do I or any cruiser really want to put on a tux or suit and be seated at a booth? I realize many will disagree with me, especially the long-term cruiser. Don’t get me wrong, I do not excuse those that wear jeans and t-shirts, but with the emphasis on a more casual main dining room environment I’ll stick to my dress slacks and polo shirts.

  64. Larry Meador says:

    John, you are a lucky man! Great family.

    Love the blog as always, but I really, really, really, really, want to see the new loyalty program come out soon. This is just taking too long…

    Your friend from Texas,

    Larry Meador

  65. Debra says:

    John first I want to tell Heidi and You that Kye is adorable and precious. Next, David G: Christianity is still the number one religion in the world(33%, followed by Islam 21%). I am sure Carnival respects all religions, due to the fact many of CCL top people are of Jewish descent. Traveling during a major Christian holiday one with any common sense would expect such festivity aboard any ship and many vacation destinations. (Never heard any crew reciting bible verses – PLEASE!) Last about elegant dining dress code…I have cruised enough to say that the majority of people will dress appropriately for elegant night and there are only some incidents where someone might not dress up for a reason as Ken Byrne has stated…but how did it stop you Carla Sanchez from having a fun evening? Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was a big thing where the guys wore their tuxedo’s and women wore their evening gowns/dresses. Dressing up was every night for many back then including the 5 I traveled with. Our luggages had to weigh over 100 lbs each and yes we each had 2 a piece. We could have cared less what other’s wore. If someone didnt bathe and you could smell there BO, well now that would be more bothersome to me than what other people wore. John is so politically correct…it’s about choice!

  66. texaskit says:

    1) To Greg Medtody: I’m glad that you’re on the June cruise and not the July one with me, since I too, have a sick sense of humor and just wish I could be sailing with John.
    2) To David G.: If you don’t like the entertainment, walk away. No one is forcing you to listen and/or watch.
    3) To the Pratt family: You need to take the time to try new things. You can always eat your “southern food” at home. By the way I’m a southerner too.
    4) To John and Heidi: Kye is a super cutie. (Not as cute as my granddaughter, but then again I may be a tad bit prejudiced)
    5) To John: If you need another “bedtime story” that’s not as tough on you, let me know. I have an original audience participation story that I wrote for a Boy Scout camp out that you may be interested in. No charge.

  67. Rick says:

    Very nice read, great photo’s also

  68. David Van Cleve says:

    John, first off, your daughter Kye is adorable and sure resembles her “daddy”. The pic reminds me of when my little princess looked just like me, sure glad as she grew she started to look more like her mother, lol. As for the FDR, I am happy to say that my wife, daughter and myself have always drawn comments by the host staff every time we enter the MDR, formal nights or not. It never gets old to hear that you look very nice or elegant. I have seen others reminded about the dress code, and the poor buggers are obviously deaf or speak some unknown language. I believe some come poorly dressed just to create a scene so that they then can have something to complain about hoping to get some kind of compensation. What makes me sad is the people who claim to enjoy dressing for dinner turn around and say they don’t bother any more to do so. That just leeds to more people not bothering to dress as well, and that is what leads to more of the problem. Personally, I get a real kick out of visiting my day bartenders on lido deck after the formal dinners just to see the dissbelief that this obvious biker/cruiser whom they usually see in cargo shorts and Harley tees wearing the monkey suit. I always seem to get the best service during the remainder of the days at sea. I also have noticed that the slot machines seem to pay out better when I’m in the Tuxedo, lol, or maybe I just have a better frame of mind, I do know for sure I am made to feel very appreciated by all of the crew that I interact with for being part of the guests that want to keep cruising a memorable way to vacation.

  69. Bobbi says:

    Kye is so adorable!

  70. Theresa says:

    thank you for sharing those pictures of Kye. What a little cutie she is and her smile just radiates sunshine!!

  71. jgeraci says:

    I still don’t understand why what someone else wears on Elegant night could affect my enjoyment of dinner! Now if they could find a different place to take the pictures, that would be welcome! I find those picture lines right along the walkway difficult to maneuver around. I do like to admire the outfits,though!
    Thanks for the updated pictures of our Miss Kye. She’s adorable!

  72. janet says:

    Kye is soooo cute and hard to believe she is this grown up already. We remember the stories from you shopping with Heidi when she was pregnant.
    Heidi is just as funny as you. Love to hear from her. You could be a husband and wife CD team!

    Regarding the dress code. Have you all thought of putting a sign about the dress code for the evening outside the dining room entrance for people to read Before they go in? Those that want to be thoughtful will notice and go change without being told. Those that have to be told deserve it. Maybe it could start with “to prevent any embarassment”….

  73. Steve Makris says:

    John, Reference my 3/1/12 2AM message. I was refering to early-seated dining. Would you please forward this request to the Maitre d’? Thank you, Steve

  74. Chris says:

    Kye is beautiful John! You should have the beards put a “watermark” on any personal pictures you post that way they can’t be lifted as easily! We love seeing your family!

  75. Steve S. Chicago says:

    “We just got back from our cruise and you would not believe…”
    “A cruise ? I bet it was nice. Was it sunny and warm ?”
    “Yes, it was sunny and warm every day but…”
    “Did you go somewhere exotic like Mexico or Jamaica. I would love to go there and swim and relax on the beach.”
    “Yes, we went to Jamaica and Mexico but you see…”
    “I bet it was great. No worries, all the food to eat, beautiful weather, friendly people all around. Sounds perfect. Did you go to the ancient ruins ? Go to the rain forest ? That would be so great.”
    “But, if you let me finish. It was ruined because one night we went to dinner and would you believe it, a man was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt to dinner. Ruined the whole cruise and every cruise I ever plan to go on in the future.”
    “Really ? Blue jeans and a T-shirt ? sounds like a relaxed person to me.’
    “Oh no. People like that should be banned from breathing and then never allowed on a vacation again. I wrote a personal note to the company to complain.I expect them to change the rules just for me or I shall never , ever go on another cruise.”

  76. Douglas Moore says:

    Hi John,

    Any chance you could poke the Carnival’s IT crowd to update the steak house reservation page to include the 2013 year. And while they are at it, drop 2011 year unless you are taking reservations from Doctor Who.


  77. grizel robertson says:

    Hi John, my bags are packed & ready to go…. I’m leaving on a jet plane from Glasgow to Houston on Sat.am & I look forward to meeting the many folks with whom I have exchanged messages on the BC5 We Believe in Magic site. You have really thick skin to abide some of the outrageous comments made on this bloggers’ site, it is unbelievable. If people don’t like your sense of humour, particularly “Bog” type, they shouldn’t follow the “BLOG” – just ignore it & move on (pardon the pun)! See you soon.

  78. Liz says:

    Your daughter’s a cutie, all right, but what’s that nonsense on her hat?

  79. Laurie says:

    Good morning John! Hope all is well with you on the ship. I have asked this question before and had some feedback on it from other guests. What is going on with our West Coast Cruises? Splendor is leaving to New York, Spirit to Australia. We have the Inspiration. Why are we suffering like this? What happened to all of our SHIPS? We love Carnival. Maybe other itinaries are in order. Tell us what is going on….PLEASE…..

  80. Debby and Bill says:

    Heidi and John, Kye is just beautiful we will be going on our 17th cruise this May and I hope someday we are on the same ship when you are all there. Both are daughters and their husband are going with us this year and we are leaving out of Miami on May 18. When you are home please enjoy Heidi and Kye.

  81. The Cruzin2some says:

    Dear John,
    First of all thanks for sharing the cute pictures of Kye. What a sweetie!

    Here is an idea for Carnival to think about. On elegant nights instead of the usual seating have the staff seat the passengers in areas according to how they are dressed. If a passenger has a Tuxedo and his wife has a lovely evening gown then put them in the center of the activity. If they have casual elegant attire then close to the activity but not quite the center. If they are wearing casual clothing then they are seated next to the kitchen and away from the main dining room floor. This would encourage passengers to wear the appropriate attire with out making it mandatory. This way everyone is included and the wait staff don’t get yelled at by the sandal wearing crowd.
    What say you Bloggers? Good idea or C_ _p?

    The Cruzin2some

  82. Lonie Graham says:

    She is beautiful! So sorry the girls can’t be with you on the bloggers cruise!

  83. Bill Gross says:

    John, my wife and I just returned from a wonderful cruise on the Paradise. Only 1 area of concern I would love to see addressed, the public restrooms Deck 8 in the atrium area. The doors to both the mens and womens restrooms were ALWAYS stuck wide open! Several times I walked by and you could see men at the urinals doing their business.

  84. Janet says:

    Cell phones. Mine gets turned off, or in airplane mode, and stored in the safe as soon as we leave port. I rather save the money from the roaming and global charges.

  85. Joanna Walling says:

    I am on the Carnival miracle right now we just received the stuff you sent. My husband and I were shocked that you made it happen. I am forever greatful to you, we have tried so hard for a ship on a stick. We are having a great time and I just wanted to get on to personally thank you. I can’t wait to cruise with you one day soon! You made this the best cruise for us.

  86. LadyJag (Laura) says:

    Kye is just precious! Thank you for sharing the photos. I love that sweet smile of hers!


  87. David Stern says:


    Just a quick suggestion for CCL. On the live web cams for your ships, would it be possible to say where they are anchored or in what port?

  88. Julie Mendenhall says:

    OMG …KYE is soo cute! I hope to meet you and KYE in person one day, Heidi. ( Oh, of course I want to meet John too!!)
    John….as far as the dress code…it does not matter to me what people are wearing…but I do people watch when I am in the dining room, on the lido, ect…

    I am on the ship just to have fun, not worry about folks clothes.

  89. Mary Lou says:

    John: Kye is so cute. We all know you enjoy every minute with she and Heidi. I’m commenting on breakfast food. Everything is alway good (especially since I don’t have to cook it)but…I’m not from the south but like the others, really enjoy biscuits and sauage gravy and grits (reg. & cheesy). I love breakfast, my favorite meal, and for the 5 or 7 days on board, I really miss these items. Please, please have them put it in the Buffet and on the menue. Take a poll…I’m sure the beards will be surprised on how many want these items. I am VIP with Carnival and enjoy my cruises.

  90. Jodi says:

    Dear John,

    What a beautiful little doll! And so very charming. No wonder she has Dad wrapped around her finger!

    And Heidi I hope you are back to your old self soon, I am indeed sorry you will not be able to join John on BC5 and be pampered as a guest. Do take care of yourself and that lovely little one.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Always your friend,

  91. Anna says:

    Dear John,

    I love the Funship webcams! It’s nice to view the ships we’ve been on or will sail on soon. One question though. Why is the Valor webcam so terrible? It looks like someone needs to clean the lens. You can hardly see anything. Can you send someone up there to wipe it off?


  92. Scott A says:

    We are sailing the Carnivla Elation this Dec 2013. My wife wants to wear a thong on the pool deck only. Is this acceptable?

  93. sonny says:

    I am a platinum cruiser and have come to enjoy certain cruise directors and maitre’ds. I have found a list of cruise directors that are scheduled for the different ships. Is there a published schedule of maitre’ds? I am a part of a large group sailing on the Legend over Halloween. I have been on a Carnival cruise during Halloween when some guests dressed in costume and some did not. Are costumes acceptable on Halloween night?

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