BC6 – DAY 5

January 23, 2013 -

John Heald

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6 Responses to BC6 – DAY 5

  1. Anne Seitz says:

    I knew you were going to cut Calvyn off! Even though it made me laugh I would still like to hear from him next time.

  2. Nancy De Brock says:

    Just returned from a six day cruise on the Breeze. Its a beautiful ship and we had a wonderful time. Butch the CD is the best. he was always upbeat and making sure we all enjoyed the trip. Our waiter in the Sapphire Dr and his team (Kristian or Shorty as every one calls him He is 6’5″) took such good care of us. Our room steward Amnart was one of the best we have had in the six cruises we have been on. My husband had knee replacement surgery three months ago and I told the room steward we would need plenty of ice each day. He made sure we had plenty and our room was always very clean. Can’t wait for our next Carnivsl cruise.

  3. Paul M says:

    Hey John

    I sailed the BREEZE on her transatlantic, and listened to Ron/The Piano Man many nights
    Talented, not to mention nice to look at !!
    Great cruise and beautiful ship.
    Good luck with the BREEZE !


  4. Sallie Spotanski says:

    Hello John,

    Thank you very much for the wonderful video featuring Ron Pass. You and upper management must realize how fortunate Carnival is to have him. Prior to meeting and hearing Ron play on the Magic TA in 2011; I never went into Piano Bar and now when he is playing, I never leave.

    Carnival is also very fortunate to have you and Calvyn and I sure hope the three of you are on the Sunshine TA in November.

    Best wishes and take care.

  5. Diane Hodges says:

    We missed your blog while we are on a cruise. Is it possible to have your blog on the Carnival site that is available without purchasing an Internet package – maybe the Fun Hub connection? It would have been interesting reading your comments about the Driscolls on the Carnival Breeze Transatlantic cruise . . .

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