Changes to VIFP loyalty program

May 8, 2015 -

John Heald

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(May 6, 2015 12:30AM) So here I am in Hawaii, it’s 6:30pm or 12:30am Miami time. I will try and stay up for a while but feel totally drained after two very very long flights. I will be back tomorrow with news and conversation but I wanted to share the news now of a change to our VIFP party.

As a part of our new VIFP loyalty program we have decided to make some changes to the party which let’s face it has become very challenging to service properly.

Now these challenges have come about for great reasons and that is the rapid increase of the number of Gold Card holders. Many of you have seen and indeed many of you have commented on how busy the party has been and in many cases we have had to hold two parties to accommodate the large numbers of invited guests. These numbers can, on some ships pass the 1500 mark which again makes the high standards of service you expect and the standard of service that we strive to provide quite challenging.

The party also loses that intimate feel that a party that is designed to celebrate your loyalty should have and so with these reasons in mind we will 5/15 departures change to inviting only Diamond and Platinum guests to the VIFP party.

Hold on…………..before Gold card holders start to burn effigies of me in my underpants let me tell you this.

To say thank you for your loyalty we will provide each Gold card holder with a drink coupon to the value of $9 which will be usable on the last sea day of the cruise from any bar on the ship on voyages of 5 days or more. This is along with the complimentary bottle of water we already provide. Hopefully you will appreciate and enjoy this amenity and meanwhile let me thank you for your loyalty and I hope soon you will be holding your bright and shiny platinum card and be on your way to diamond.

Now for my platinum and diamond friends, the VIFP party is being revamped ready for this change. Most of the time the count will allow us to hold the party in smaller lounges to the main theater and you can look forward to a more intimate party, details coming soon. The diamond guests will continue to receive their special event with the Captain and there are no other current changes to the VIFP program.

Thank you all for your time and your loyalty, long may that continue



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704 Responses to Changes to VIFP loyalty program

  1. Bruce says:

    I am so happy the VIFP party will be restricted to Plat and Diamond members. Good move. Please have a scotch ready when I come in Preferably Dewars . I would like to point out something else. The coupon that is for a free drink at breakfast or lunch should include any time or place on ship. I do not drink until later in the evening, maybe because of my old age. I hope you can pass my suggestion to your bosses. Thank you

    • Joanne says:

      That brunch coupon was taken away also.

    • Johnson Fisher says:

      I wonder if you will be just as happy when something, even a little something, is taken away from you. There is a principle here, about meeting commitments made. If you only think that Carnival breaking commitments to someone else is OK you are really missing what is important. We should all let Carnival know that we regard broken commitments to be unacceptable regardless of what level we are in.

      • Wanda says:

        I agree as gold members since things are taken from us let’s not spend so much money on them my one or two thousand can stay in my bank I can drink when I’m on the island an drink my wine that I bring in sea days.Not just take things from us take from them as well I feel my 9 cruises 5 or more days were just as important as the 10 or 11 or so that some had took to get to that statue sailing 3 days but I guess not .I don’t hate the cruise line just their choice.Stop having all the parties stop giving away free items so one person was feel they are better than the other .When I see someone with a red card I don’t think oh I have sailed more than them how dare they get on the ship first how dare they do this or that I ask first cruise your going to have a ball .So stop with the freebie an those that sail for fun will continue an the rich that call us the Wal- mart people we will wave when when see you sail by in your own ship because you are so rich in sure you don’t sail on a cruise line

        • nikita brown thompson says:

          Wanda I agree with you all the way, I feel that this is truly unfair to the Gold members we should be treated the same as the platinum members we spend just as much money or not even more on this trip so don’t take our pleasure away I can spend my money on non tax and take it back home to the states and drink responsibly.

          • Platinum going diamond says:

            Really u think gold is platinum really…our family really has enjoyed every cruise with carnival lines.
            And we thank carnival for the changes to the vifp program. Even though my wife is gold she can’t wait to sail away once again . We both have seen the mass
            Of people /and thank carnival for recognizing their
            Platinum and diamond members

      • Noelle says:

        Johnson, you are correct. This is about Carnival breaking commitments. This will be the 2nd time that Carnival has taken perks away from us. We had our Gold status taken from us due to changes in the program. Now we get the privilege of a restricted drink coupon and a bottle of water for the amount of money we’ve spent on Carnival? How exactly is this a perk to the folks who use the Cheers program?

        Carnival is showing us that loyalty doesn’t really matter; commitments don’t matter. They’ve lessened the amenities in the rooms. They’re taking away a social event because now it’s costing them too much. Is all the money we’ve spent on these cruises so little that they feel the need to take away the few perks we might have gotten for remaining loyal? What is the incentive to remain loyal to Carnival now? You can have just as much fun on other cruise lines.

        This new program change combined with the lack of a future cruise desk and subsequent higher cost of our next cruise is why we are looking to change to a new cruise line. Way to show your customers that we matter!

        • D alcaD says:

          I totally agree, we looked forward to reaching Gold. Now why would I want to reach the next level only to find out they have more cut backs when I reach it. So disappointed. As a Blue card I got a free drink at brunch now with Gold I get a drink on the last day.

    • Catherine Nilsen says:

      What a foolish and ill conceived public relations move. You’ve too many of us gold members, so instead of increasing the benefits you’re downgrading them.
      Why not have a party for the gold members and a more elaborate separate party for the diamond and platinum members? I’ll sail with different cruise line in the future unless you change this insulting policy.

      • Ron Mangum says:

        I 100% agree with you Catherine. When I made Gold on my cruise on 5/19/15 aboard the Breeze I was so excited to gain a benefit by being able to go to this party only to find out that on my next cruise on 8/23/15 aboard the Conquest I will lose that privilege. I think they should hold a separate party for us gold members or grandfather the current gold members in.

        • Robert says:

          I completely agree with those lamenting the loss of the party for gold members. It was always a highlight of my cruises, a time to celebrate my loyalty to the Carnival brand with like-minded cruisers. Bye-bye loyalty. This move tells me that I’m just a number to Carnival (one of a very large number – too large to accommodate, apparently.) Since Carnival views me as more of a nuisance than a loyal customer, might as well check out RCCL or Holland for my next sail.

          • Duchess says:

            Carnival owns Holland America so you won’t win anything by booking a cruise with HAL except it will be a quieter cruise with not as many party-hardy folks. And RCCL – well, be prepared to pay a good bit more for same itineraries as CCL and much smaller staterooms – MUCH smaller. CCL is still the better value for your bucks no matter how much you resent what seems like a small demotion in recognition.

        • Lisa says:

          Ron, you could have been grandfathered in when they changed the VIFP loyalty program they gave everyone over a year to take another cruise or two to make it to the next level. We were very close to platinum so I booked another cruise so we would make it. We’ve been on 14 so far and the last VIFP party before the change WAS crazy the huge theater was almost full! I know it sucks that they took things away from people, but I think it had to be done. The last cruise we took was much more intimate and was held in the comedy club. You can go on other cruise lines I just got off Norwegian but they nickel and dime you to death and I still like carnival better in the end, whether I get a free koozie and a couple of drinks or not.

          • Charles Ruppert says:

            Lisa, Why can’t Carnival hold two welcome back parties – one for gold members and one for platinum and diamond members? Are two welcome back parties too much for “The Fun Ships?”

          • Platinum going diamond says:

            Perfect. Lisa
            Your so right. See y’all at the party
            We deserve it… Once again good call to the beards…

      • Angela says:

        I absolutely agree. We are leaving Carnival after all of this. We have cruised with only them for 12 years. We had a nightmare cruise in November that they have yet to fix even after my months of arguing with them. They don’t back what they advertise or say. We are done. I won’t spend my money somewhere that doesn’t even appreciate it.

    • tony says:

      This Really Stinks!
      My Girlfriend was so looking forward to the gold party. she finally reached gold and was excited and looking forward to the party!
      Should I tell her it has been canceled?

    • John says:

      Obviously Bruce, your nose must be stuck up so far in the clouds that your brain is in a constant fog, remember way back you were once a Gold member too!

  2. Peggy Howell says:

    I am pleased about the change for VIFP platinum and diamond members party. The last three parties I attended were not enjoyable at all. Too crowded and slow service due to the number of passengers crowded into the lounge. Great substitute for the gold members!

  3. Scott Anderson says:

    We were really excited last Summer when we got our gold card. It made feel special. Now the social is being taken away. Substituting a drink that we used to get anyway on brunch days and it can only be used the last night after 5.00. What an insult. Why can it not be used anytime? Anyway we are not happy. You can keep the 10 cent bottle of water.

    • Susan Larsen Hheise says:

      I agree, we have been gold members for a bit of time now. And this is like a slap in our faces. To take away our brunch drink that could be used at anytime. And give us one stinky coupon for one drink on the last night is a horrible exchange. It might really be time to take my neighbor up on his offer to sail with them on a competitors cruise line. Better incentives.

    • Wendy Beckham says:

      This is truly an insult. I think they should go back to the drawing board on this one and rethink it through. I don’t think they really thought this through and also I never received the bottle of water anyway.

  4. Michael Emmett says:

    The beards really didn’t think this through other than to fill their pockets with extra cash saved by cutting out the one thing we got for being loyal to Carnival. What they should have done was to make it a little harder to reach gold , instead for of punishing those that came through the last program to get pushed back and now this,I sure hope the little bit of money saved makes them all happy.

    • Autumn Voigt says:

      Agreed! I will no longer be loyal to Carnival. I am just going to have to give Royal Carribean a go.

    • Mark Dibelka says:

      I agree completely. I was gold, then not gold, then worked my way to gold again, then had my gold benefits removed. Up and down and up and down – why bother? Two things that CCL can take away from this: you’ve lost my loyalty by continually taking away benefits I’ve earned (by your standards) several times over the last 4 years, and it would have been better to just get rid of the gold level instead of make it an .html accomplishment.

    • Leslie davis says:

      I totally agree with this comment. You should have grandfathered the gold members. Now we’re being demoted, if you will. But thank you….now I don’t feel like I HAVE to book with Carnival since your loyalty program sucks! You have now opened the doors for me to cruise other companies, thank you.

    • Jeanice says:

      Agreed ….. Dedicated to carnival and cruise at least twice a year…. Not happy and it is an insult

    • Kat says:

      I completely agree. The ships in California are so outdated like no money is going into their upkeep and now this. Seems like carnival just wants to hoard money and give passengers as little as possible. We’ve sailed with them for years and enjoyed that feeling of appreciation. Might have to switch to a different cruise line. What’s next? Limits on food and beverage? Smh.. not cool.

  5. Darlene says:

    I don’t like the changes at all. I had to go back on my card because of the last time you changed the card levels and now you are changing the party not to include gold members! and there was never a free bottle of water in the past for gold members and the free drink coupon already exists therefore gold members get nothing new. Time to start cruising with other cruse lines.

    • Brigid says:

      This is awful the service that you get. The more you cruise with carnival the worse it is getting. They rake the party away they already took the chocolates away. My wedding is to be in nov on the splendour and I can promise you that after that wedding it will be my last time as carnival customer service us awful they took my wedding money then changed my dates They changed my wedding date three times from nov 18 to nov11 to now nov 13 I just got back from a cruise in April on the valor and either they have all new people or just don’t care the service was nothing to ever talk I was to get an on board credit and I still haven’t got it

    • Susan Larsen Hheise says:

      I am in total agreement. Already looking at another line for our next trip.

    • Mary says:

      Bye, hope your enjoy you new journey

    • Clair says:

      Hi Darlene, the drink coupon is great it’s not limited to Seaday Brunch which means on the last seaday I can enjoy a nice drink with dinner or after which is more appropriate. The water bottle did no not exist till recently. Is it 1 bottle per passengers Gold and up tho is what I wonder.

    • tony says:

      wow my girlfriend was so excited that she was going to be able to attend the gold party for the first time….
      she will be so happy when I tell her it has been canceled
      I have been gold for a while and might make it to the next level next year if we cruise with carnival
      I really enjoyed the gold member party !!
      now its gone
      THIS STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BIG ED says:

    OMG! A Blog post. First one in 4 months. There is hope yet, LOL.

  7. jgeraci says:

    Hi there,
    Didn’t expect to finally get a blog to read again. Sadly, it has to be brought about by another controversial Carnival program revamp. Personally , I look forward to attending a VIFP party that seems more like a party than a mob fight for drinks & snacks. I do believe though that those with only gold status should get more than a restrictive drink coupon.
    Thanks for coming back here to tell us the news. How about not being such a stranger from now on?

    • Debbie says:

      Joyce, very nicely said. Thanks!
      I am a gold member and agree totally. Changes to a membership are usually to enhance programs not to reduce or remove benefits. I have only ever cruised with Carnival. Maybe it’s time to experience what another cruise line offers for a little while.

  8. Tired of Carnival says:

    We are so fortunate to be VIFP members. No, wait a minute. We actually aren’t. Carnival has gotten so cheap over the past two years that it’s pathetic. I can tell everyone that Platinum and Diamond WILL NOT happen with members of my family. The last three cruises my family has been on with Carnival, two of which were on the Breeze, has proved that Carnival is CONSUMED with the bottom line only. Now this? Oh well, I will be cruising with non-Carnival held cruise lines from now on. I hope everyone enjoys their water (give me a break) and one drink that they can use on the last day. I will also go ahead and assume the free drink is still for breakfast or lunch use only. Bye-bye Carnival. I hope you choke on your bottom line! Take that to the Beards John.

  9. Bill says:

    Thank you John,
    This is absolutely great news! As a long time platinum cruiser I have felt that the VIP program has been watered down considerably allowing just about everyone to be a part of it. You are finally giving platinum and diamond cruisers their due!
    Thank you again, well done!!!!

    • Hal Hoffman says:

      Yes, and please make sure that Platinum cruisers get first priority in boarding, last time someone tried to take about 15 people (and a hoard of kids) in front of us, who were not even Gold, but paid for the prevelige, but were SUPPOSED TO GO ONLY AFTER ALL PLATINUM GUESTS HAD GONE! And since I use a mobility scooter and must use the elevator, and all of them were pulling steamer trunks on wheels, we would have had to wait 20 minutes to get in the elevator. Luckily, an alert agent saw what was going on, and pulled us to the front of the line. I wish I had gotten her name.

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Hal… I don’t know if I can totally agree with you. If they purchased, what was a very limited number, of express check ins, they deserve to get on. HOWEVER… If you required assistance (due to scooter, handicap, etc.) then I do agree that someone needed to recognise that and help you ahead of them. Actually maybe Carnival should have helped the family to expedite their boarding too.

    • says:

      “just about everyone”? what type of people do you want excluded? I’ve earned GOLD and feel as though I am as important as you. Just haven’t cruised the number of times that you have.

      • says:

        this comment was for all of those “special” people who think they are better than Gold members. we’ve earned our status just as you have. Just haven’t cruised as many times. enjoy your VIFP parties.

  10. Darlene Jordan says:

    Dear John (oh dear) First I want to tell you that I really wanted to join the Carnival Team, as I am a true Carnival player. Now I am really, I don’t even know the right word to use about this VIFP change. My husband and I love sailing with the best people from Carnival and we have worked hard to be able to afford these cruises (9) that we have taken, we have seen a few changes, but I am really feeling awkward about this one, the gold already had free drink coupons that were done away with and replaced with the bottle of water, and now the Gold party has been yanked from us and replaced WOW with a free drink coupon again. Personally I don’t care as I don’t drink so in the VIFP party room or a free coupon, it makes no difference to me, I don’t go on a cruise for the freebies, we go for the cruise itself just happens we get the extras that we love, but I truly feel now that Carnival tried very hard to establish a good repetoire with their customers but now that they are well established, they are slowly taken things or should I say perks away from their customers, and the way it was taken away sounds like there are too many golds, so now your done! where is the incentive this is not the chocolates on the bed this is people who feel that we are not good enough anymore, because there are too many. well if Carnival wasn’t as good as they are you wouldn’t have this many Golds. We were really striving to get to platinum, but gold has to come before platinum and we have just been cut down, so it makes us feel like “sure we will get there and then they will pull that from us also”. Anyway this my sounding off for today. Cheers.

    • Bettye Marks says:

      Well said Darlene!! I totally agree!

    • Karron says:

      Well said, Darlene. I wanted to reply to the post, but you said it better than I could have.

      • Robert says:

        Hi I no longer am trying to get to platinum because I feel when I get there,( buy the way only 3 more cruises,) the unreal people at Carnival will change the program and remove something else. People of Carnival you just don’t get it. Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty it goes both ways. don’t call it a loyalty Card. ( Fools Paradise Card ) that’s a good new name for it. Buy the way I hope they see they have made a lot of people unhappy.

    • Sarah says:

      Love that you kept your criticism more positive. I just hope Carnival sees that and takes note of it to make a BETTER change.

      I would like to add to your post, about them removing perks, to say that I have been very loyal too. I would pay a little extra to do a Carnival Cruise for the loyalty. It wasn’t really the party but more the recognition in general as you boarded or purchased a drink and you were thanked for the loyalty. The special lines for Platinum and Diamond levels are nice too. However, as things seem to be changing to make this program cheaper, and the expense of taking Carnival is growing, I find it is no longer competitive enough and I just may need to look into other lines.

    • Jeanice says:

      Well said!

    • Jeff says:

      Spot on Darlene

      Carnival LISTEN to this smart woman.


    • 100% in agreement with your comments Darlene. Well said

    • Tony says:

      You are spot on. We enjoyed achieving our Gold status and the VIFP onboard party was always looked forward to. As recent retirees, we had always thought that we would be loyal to Carnival and eventually get to Platinum level. Clearly though, the rules are constantly changing and there is no guarantee that being loyal and gaining Platinum status will provide the existing benefits. Another approach that Carnival could have thought about was ‘grandfathering’ existing Gold member entitlements for those already at Gold status.
      Carnival, loyalty works both ways …. looks like we’ll be canvassing other cruise lines for our next sea adventure

    • joebob says:

      It is sad to hear how Carnival is treating it loyal customers. just on my last cruise on the fantasy, it was sorry. the room had dingy sheets and towels no chocolates and the room was only done once per day. the iced tea and lemonade was watered down, so the only exciting part of the cruise was the VIP party! I, like many of the other members will began to look at other lines. the one good thing I would tell friends and family about was how easy you could purchase a ticket and relax as soon as you get on the ship. Carnival is clearly looking at their pockets and we should do the same. they just let you see you are really not a VIFP unless you can cruise several times a year to get to the platinum level.

    • Pat Hobbs says:

      Carnival is going backward instead of forward! We just came off a cruise on the Magic and I must say after 9 cruises, this was the worst. Not only are you taking things away from Gold members but it takes forever to get faster to the fun. I must also say that it’s soooo sad how hard Carnival works the cabin and dining employees! When I first started cruising, there was a variety of foods to choose from and now that is gone. The dining menu has been the same on all of my 9 cruises. I also would like to see the Guest Services Staff be more polite and not so rude!

    • Wendy Beckham says:

      Well Spoken Darlene. I Totally Agree With You.

    • Judy says:

      I will be cruising on non-Carnival ships from now on.

    • Willie Bailey says:

      Well said. Rather than dissing your customers try serving and appreciating them. The last change came as I was one cruise away from Platinum and now this. I felt dissed and I will begin to look at the competition.

    • TRACIE NEWHAM says:


      • TRACIE NEWHAM says:


    • Kimberly says:

      Chocolates on the pillow gone, brunch drink gone now the VIFP party too… platinum status also left when the triumph had issues (which shorted me a cruise) then just when I make my 10 cruises the perks changed and my excitement of becoming platinum ends with that change. Now you tell me I can’t party with my platinum friends I cruise with and my free drink only comes on the last day at a certain time. Carnival as the party cruise doesn’t seem much like a party for me anymore.

  11. Debbie says:

    I agree, the VIFP party has gotten out of hand with too many people. I’ve noticed this for at least 5 years probably even more. Putting restrictions on the drink coupon is not a good policy when you’re taking something away from a group of people. Hopefully Carnival will realize this and let the Gold member use it whenever they want during their cruise.

    • Less now says:

      People get upset when you take things away. If you really felt the party was to big, why not have a separate Platinum and Diamond party in a small venue and keep the Gold party in a large Venue. This would accomplish your goal and not take away from the Gold Members.

      Not all of us Gold members are drinking before lunch time or on the last night when we have to pack and be up early to exit the ship the next morning.

      Giving me something that is restricted and I can not use is not giving me anything. A free drink should be free anytime. It does not cost you anymore to pour a drink on the 3rd night then it does on sea day mornings or the last night.

      Your VIFP program already is not as good as other lines and now taking away the gold party. I was looking forward to that since I just made gold with Carnival. I’m Diamond and Elite with other cruise lines.

      Cruising is sure not what it used to be 🙁

      • Charles Minton says:

        Well said, it makes you wonder what they will take away next.

      • Debbie says:


      • K. Collins says:

        You are so right. They are not as good as when we first started cruising 15 years ago. We didn’t even get ice in our room on our last cruise. Had to ask for it and then they didn’t put ice in the bucket until we asked. No chocolate on the pillows, no midnight buffet. I always looked forward to the dessert night to see all the creations and they took that away too.

      • Ida Wolfson says:

        Carnival never ceases to find ways to make their customers especially repeat customers feel less special. They have cut back on activities, the quality of their shows, and now this. Honestly, I don’t mind- I am practically Platinum anyway. Instead of compensating for the changes, Carnival just renamed the brunch drink to an anytime drink that can only be had the last day. WoW! Very festive! Maybe a reserved lounge for one day would be in order so that people don’t have to set up at midnight to make sure they have a seat by the pool! I agree!

  12. Hal Hoffman says:

    John, first let me say that I think the phrase “Between a rock and a hard place” was invented for you right now! When we first learned of the Platinum level from our Pastors who were there already, I made it a priority to get our 10 sailings in as quickly as possible, because my gut told me it would not last. We even did a couple of back to backs to get it, because we knew, once we got it, it was unlikely Carnival would try to take it back. We were right at 60 sea days! There was a lot of confusion too, when the first VIFP program was introduced, mainly because of bad information that was out there. We had been mistakenly informed that Diamond was 25 sailings, so at the time it was introduced, we were around 22, so naturally, we were up in arms! And I think this is a major part of the problem, people just did not understand, because reliable information was not easy to obtain. I personally think that at the change, anyone with either 7 sailings, or 50 sea days, should have been granfathered into Platinum. Gold should have probably been done away with all together, because it spanned from our second sailing in 2005 all the way to present, so you had people with as few as 2 sailings, and as many as 9 to deal with, quite a wide gap. Since so many people are familiar with the Olympic’s, why wouldn’t Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and diamond work? You would not have to change anything with Diamond or Platinum! Bronze could be 0-30…..Silver could be 30-75…..Platinum could be 75-200….and Diamond 200-500. Now I realize that Silver and Platinum might be a problem as far as the color of the cards are concerned, but this system has been in use on HAL for a long time, and works well, except they use 1, 2, 3, 4, or five stars. And if it were up to me, anyone that fell into that 50 to 75 sea day range, (they would be there anyway if no change occurred!) I would move them all into Platinum, at least it would make more people happy than angry!

  13. Bettye Marks says:

    I am very disappointed in the change for the Gold VIFP appreciation party. Because of this change I will be exploring other cruise lines. Why would you not have two parties? Maybe a “Gold Party” by itself. The one reason I stayed with Carnival was due to the appreciation I felt and received. Really, a $9.00 drink after all the money we have spent on carnival is like a slap in the face. I am writing this while on a Carnival cruise. Maybe my last one.

  14. John says:

    You have just upset a very large part of your repeat cruising customers. You’d better go back to the drawing board and do something positive for us gold members because right now we’re not feeling very positive about our loyalty to Carnival.

  15. Mark English says:

    Hi John, “This is along with the complimentary bottle of water we already provide.” Did you wince with embarrassment when you typed this?
    So, a restrictive drink coupon was replaced by a bottle of water because “people didn’t like the restriction” and now the party has been replaced by a restrictive drink coupon. So Carnival did something that they knew their customers would not like, deliberately. And you say it is not cost cutting but to improve the customer experience? I am not an idiot, so please stop treating me like one.

    • Bill says:

      Well said, Mark. My sentiments exactly!

    • Kristie says:

      Love it! Free water!! Let’s all give a big Gold Member collective WOW! at that big freebie.

      • Ron says:

        The bottle of water is also given to red card holders so it’s not a perk for the gold card members. I booked 4 cruises this year & just made gold status so i could receive the VIFP party perk & was like if i do 4 more next year i will be platinum & get more perks. After seeing Carnivals loyalty history i’m not so sure about trying to obtain platinum status anymore as the rules will probably be rewritten by then & more cost cutting measures will be taken. Think i better start looking into another cruise line with a real loyalty program.

  16. Heath Brendlinger says:

    Wow, way to go!! upset 60% of the people that are on the boat!! I agree that the parties are too big but to exclude so many people is ridiculous. We reached Gold status on the last cruise and chose to cruise carnival again due to the perks that we received. Since I now get a 10 cent bottle of water and a drink coupon that has more restrictions than I care to discuss, I guess that I have no incentive to spend my hard earned money and cruise with carnival.

    • Sarah says:

      Haha… Now he mentioned how he was in Hawaii. I hope that isn’t on one of those boats. He may want to steer clear of public balconies if he is. Some of these other comments are super hostile. I don’t think people are very happy.

  17. Jacaquie says:

    John, this is great news. The party has gotten really out of control and what people don’t realize is Carnival does not have to do anything and this is a privilege. My experience has observed even those with blue and red cards attend. Hopefully now, the foods and drinks will be balanced and people will really have fun. Fighting to get in to get a sit and rushing for food and drinks lowered the standards and it really was not fun.

    Carnival asked customers, we provided input, and they listened. I am sure the gold members are upset but once they get to plat, they’ll realize that it is a fantastic decision.

    Thanks again John.

    • David Wilson says:

      Im sure you feel that way that you are a Plat! For those of us that have had the program changed so many times it is getting frustrating! I was at 9 cruises with only one to go when they changed to the day program now i have to give up the only good perk about being gold for another 8 cruises is for the birds.

    • Sarah says:

      Um… Maybe you didn’t mean it as it sounded, but “those Red and blue card people?” How about this… You request not be put on the same boat as what you feel is a lower class traveler! Wait… Maybe I can request a different boat from you Platinum and Diamond people! And to think I actually semi-agreed with John about the party, it was just the substitution I wasn’t behind.

    • Johnson Fisher says:

      If Carnival is unilaterally taking from one group, just how long do you think it will be before they take from your group. Focus on Carnival’s behavior and abandonment of commitments before you think it is OK because you are unaffected. We should all band together and tell Carnival NO retroactive changes in the program. The more we excuse the mistreatment of any group, the more we encourage Carnival and any other cruise line to follow this behavior.

    • You sound like it is ok that gold members are below you. what a pedestal you put yourself on

    • David Hanna says:

      This was really a bad decision. Lose 1/2 of your cusromers to please the upper crust.
      This a sure way to lose the vast majority of the customers. I aggree grandfather the current members and make it harder for new members to get in but don’t cut benefits.

    • Ron says:

      I attended my 1st VIFP party as a gold member on my last cruise & was surrounded by red & blue card holders & not 1 crew member was checking cards or for invitations. So because of this us gold members are excluded instead of better policing who comes to the party & giving us gold members a separate party as another option. I don’t think a gold pin & a restricted $9 drink coupon will be enough incentive for future cruisers to achieve gold status.

  18. Lyn Torrie says:

    I totally agree with Michael and Darlene. This was not something that was thought through and it is just another cutback. We had our 9th and 10th cruise booked when they changed the program in 2013. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. We could not do the 2 cruises during the allotted time to make us platinum. All of our cruises had been at least six days. So, we had 62 days at sea. Imagine the slap in the face we feel when we see meet platinum card holders who have less than 50 days at sea! We just completed our ninth cruise in Feb. It was the week the drink coupon was taken. We got the bottles of water, which are in our pantry. We did not use them. Now, this. There has been so many subtle cutbacks that the newer cruiser do not see and the quality of service and food has decreased. The new coupon is restricted to only be used after 5 on the last sea day. Imagine the lines at the bar! I think that is intentional so people will not use the coupon. I feel Carnival should offer something besides the coupon….maybe a coupon to be used at the photo gallery. Those toss the pictures anyway. We don’t cruise for the freebies. But, going to the party did make us feel our business was appreciated. The “I” has been taken our of VIFP!

    • Terry says:

      Lyn Torrie,

      You are incorrect, the “I” is still there. It now stands for INSIGNIFICANT!

  19. Colin thomson says:

    I am booked on the Vista May 24/16.I was wondering how many formal nights there will be on a 10 day cruise.thanks&cheers!

  20. Renee says:

    Oh, those elitist Plat and Diamond folks again… Spoken like someone who hasn’t had anything taken away from them…

  21. lee fine says:

    Look I understand the need for the change. But I have stayed with Carnival because I can now get perks. Well now they are taking that away. What is the benefit now of being a gold member. The party was the only benefit we got. I don’t drink a lot so a free drink is worthless to me.

    • John says:

      I second this ^^^^. One perk for the gold members, the one single thing that kept us exclusively with Carnival – is toast. Bye bye, fun ship. it was… fun while it lasted.

  22. Well what do you know, John, you finally wrote a little blog to us, your first readers who stuck with you and who aren’t Facebook. Remember those days when you began your blog? I know things have changed but…………..


  23. William Brown says:

    Why is your new loyalty program just based on number of days sailed. Really like Holland America policy of not only days but $ spent while on board. Under this new system even after four cruises I’ll just be at Gold level.

    • Don says:

      somebody has to pay for all the up-grades, broken down ships and yes the Costa Concordia, so there goes the water, parties, and the free drinks, and have a free drink on the last day before noon ! you would and have pissed off a lot of people who helped pay your bills, and now say they are going to other cruise lines — I was on my first cruise in 1985 on the Holiday now that was cruising with all the glamour, what is left Carnival ????

  24. Rick Williamson says:

    John, thanks for remembering us other here on the other side of your web page. Why don’t we get the five questions on here each week like those on f b do? We would like to be heard also! My question is what is Carnival going to do when all these gold people get to Platinum? You will be right back with the large number of people again. Thank you

    • Tom says:

      Don’t think that many Golds will be making Platinum, myself included. I appreciate the novelty of a $10 perk for a moment. Then I see that my tips went up a matching $10 as well on a cruise last week. It’s a very minor piece of the puzzle. Loyalty is dead my friends. Look at the devaluation of Airline programs for guidance.

      • Rick Williamson says:

        Tom not everyone go on a cruise just be at some party. And some how I think half or more of the Gold members don’t care one way or the other about the party. I’m a platinum member that hasn’t be to the party for 3 or 4 cruises. We don’t drink the only part that was kind of fun was when they show all the ships. But to us it just became the same old thing over and over. The fact that when we came on board and the Carnival people see our cards, they give a big smile and say “welcome back” means more to me then a party.

    • Tom says:

      Wow, your categorical rejection of my comment pretty much sums it up. I wish you well in your future endeavors, though I don’t think I’ll be seeing you on them. Sad…And Cheers to you all.

      • Tina Leger says:

        We have always enjoyed our cruising with Carnival, but it looks like we will never reach Platinum. We do appreciate any freebies that we get. We did enjoy going to the appreciation parties, and I feel like several others, that gold members should also be appreciated with their own party, especially since, it seems GOLD makes up a very large number of your patrons. If all of the GOLD members that have expressed their disdain at your new policy, go to other cruise lines, you will surely have lots of space for the platinum and diamond members on your ship for those appreciation parties.
        We might try cruising with some other cruise lines to see how they compare. We have been on 6 cruises with Carnival and I am always bragging them up, but with changes for loyalty being changed so often, I’m
        feeling that we are not appreciated for our loyalty to your cruise line.
        Also, I did notice the lack of chocolates at night and the bathroom amenities, which I had told the four other new cruisers they would get. A little embarrassing .
        Also, the free drink does not mean anything to us, as we usually purchase a Cheers drink program, which is fairly costly and a free drink does not mean anything to those who purchase the CHEERS.

    • Vinny says:

      Wow really is that the only reason you cruise for this 1 hour party pretty sad. You must line up to complain everyday as well when your on a cruise. If you don’t like the value your getting stop cruising and stop complaning just move on Ricky

  25. Joanne says:

    We are sailing a week from today, on what will be our final cruise as a gold member and we are looking forward to being platinum on our next cruise. I have only one question regarding the drink coupon you will be offering gold members. How does this benefit anyone who purchases the cheers program? On our last cruise, which was in March, we noticed several changes since September of last year. No more mints but a free bottle of water for each of us. Hmmm. Sadly, the one consistent fail is our room stewards. We are hoping to have a decent one this time around. We either get the invisible steward, or one who is present but more concerned about complaining about low pay and carnival cuts. Regardless, we love Carnival and are looking forward to our platinum status because we really do enjoy the past guest parties. Thank you for all you do.

  26. Donald Capozza says:

    Outstanding — this is great news and one we mentioned in our last cruise survey. The past guest parties were becoming to big to manage (that’s good for Carnival). I think this is a great way to acknowledge all the levels of past guests while improving the rewards for longer cruising past guests. Great improvement !!

    • Peggy ludwig says:

      If you were the one loosing out, you would not feel that way. Do you honestly believe that a free drink coupon should satisfy us lowly gold.

  27. Carter Northcutt says:

    John, if the people doing the complaining would just look at their cruise the right way and put a little effort into it they would see they are part of one of the best floating parties around. They will get what they make of it. As for me, I love sailing on Carnival. The guest parties were nice and I will miss not being a part of it for a while but I will not let it get me down. Carnival is fun and so are the people on her ships.

    • Donna Shea says:

      Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Carnival and sail on it exclusively, but being penalized for return business is disheartening. Lately every time I cruise they take something else away from us.

  28. Judy says:

    First they changed to days at sea, now this! I am three days from Diamond so I won’t make it on this cruise. I thought loyalty was great, but since so many are loyal they are now being punished, it seems.
    What’s next?

    • Donna Shea says:

      It seems repeat customers are more loyal to Carnival than Carnival is to repeat customers. I won’t even take my husband anymore. With the lack of day-at-sea activities he gets bored.

  29. Kristine Slough says:

    I’m glad that’s changed. The party was getting too big!

  30. Phil J says:

    Firstly, we don’t sail Carnival for the VIFP benefits, but in saying that, I’ll be extremely pleased & proud to wear the gold badge for the 1st time on our next cruise on the Spirit.
    Probably in Australia, there would not be a big proportion of the cruisers on board either the Legend or the Spirit, that would’ve reached status greater than gold & we have been fortunate as past cruisers to have been invited to the party on our last 2 sailings.
    It’s nice to be recognised for our loyalty, but we didn’t even make it to the last party as we were having too good a time somewhere else.
    We enjoy ourselves on Carnival all the time regardless of what’s offered, freebies or other.
    I do support the calls though to ease any restrictions on the $9 drink voucher. It should be available any day, any time, any where.

  31. Steve says:

    Great Job, I did not go to the parties on the last cruise due to so many people there and the service was substandard for that reason. splitting the Platinum and Diamond from the gold is a good idea. I will make it a point to go the party on our next cruise.

  32. Michael Khandelwal says:

    I was advised to write this here. We are going on the Cruise to Nowhere, leaving Norfolk on Saturday, May 16. We really, really love the Behind the Scenes tour and have several people who want to do it. We’ve noticed over the years (this is our 7th Cruise to Nowhere) that sometimes they offer it, and sometimes not. Could someone please let the Splendor’s cruise director know that we definitely want to do it? Thank you!

  33. Alexander Ching says:

    Appreciate the free drink, but on the last sea day? Obviously if there are so many Gold members in the VIFP then Carnival is doing very well with return customers. Just booked a 14 day on Glory Oct 31st. We are always excited to cruise on Carnival and if they are doing so well that they can rebuff the Gold members then why not the Diamond when we reach that status and there are too many Diamonds will we be snubbed and given a free drink coupon as well? Come on Carnival! Why not have several parties inviting different cabins on different nights.

    • Josephine brimberry says:

      That makes more sense . Do several parties different days.

    • Gigi says:

      Great idea having a Gold party own its own.You can even make it a theme party. Carnival be creative and make it fun. That’s why we come back to you for the fun and the perks.

  34. Richard Oswald Sr. says:

    As a Diamond Member it is great news that VIFP
    parties will be under tighter control…we lost interest in the parties because it was like a cattle call….for a drink & you didn’t have time to even drink it.
    Thank-you Carnival!

    • If I go on another cruise, it will not be carnival When my wife was alive, we loved carnival. Now is is deceased. She would not be happy the way things have changed on carnival. She would urge me to go to a different cruise line.

  35. Nadia says:

    We too were really excited last fall when we got our gold card. It made us feel special. Now the social is being taken away. Substituting a drink that we used to get anyway on brunch days. The social was the most fun we had on the ship on our last cruise cause the CD sucked and there was way too little to do on the ship for our 2 days at sea…I was literally on the phone with my carnival cruise rep yesterday trying to plan our next trip. Needless to say we are not happy either!! I can’t see myself booking another cruise with Carnival since they are always changing the loyalty programs. I want a loyalty program that is loyal to me too!!

  36. Shawn says:

    As a gold member, I hope I am still entitled to a seat in a lifeboat should the need ever arise. And since this is carnival it probably will. Look at their history.

    • Wanda says:

      Very disappointed at not being able to go to the return party but as I read in an article the cruise line do not pay us so why show loyalty to a cruise line that do not show it to you.Why not have a Dimond an Platinum party since they don’t want gold there an have one for the people that are gold or just do away with the party an donate funds to StJude since the other group feel we should nit be upset we are left out then I know for sure they want be upset by not having one because as they say who cruise for perks

  37. Tom says:

    Since I don’t put all my cruising days into one basket (I spread my time between CCL and its competitors being gold on CCL and with equivalent status on five other lines) not going to an overcrowded party is no heartbreak for me. More troubling in my mind would be the apparent pull back on service levels and yes, the totally unimaginable elimination of the nighttime chocolate. Interesting that it all seems to coincide with the newly appointed CEO whom John introduced so glowingly. What next? No towel figures? Seriously folks, this is Carnival the budget friendly (trying to be nice) cruise option. At some of the prices they post it’s a wonder they can afford to offer anything for loyalty .

  38. Christy Buie Nunley says:

    I think it’s horrible that carnival changes this program more than they change passengers! Gold members need as much recognition as any other card holder. I’ve been on 6 cruises and each time it’s something different. I am extremely dissapointed and can certainly buy my own water. Bye bye carnival! I’m done and now I will start using Royal Carribean!

  39. Rusti says:

    Hi John, we are on the Carnival Magic right now and loving it! Just had lunch at the Italian restaurant and it was amazing. This is our 3rd cruise on the Magic and we are sorry it is leaving Galveston but excited to see what is coming in its place. Thanks for everything! Rusti Clemens

  40. Sandy Peterson says:

    I am so disappointed with Carnival. So much is changing. They stopped the night time chocolates, they stopped the bathroom amenities, unless you gamble (bingo & casino), play trivia or drink like a sailor, there is little activities to do on at sea days. They took away the drink voucher for past guests and gave you a bottle of water. Now there stopping past guest party unless you are platinum or diamond card holders, and giving you a drink voucher instead. Didn’t they just take that away from us. They used to do crafty activities, now, they do activities in the hot sun. Hairy man, ice sculptures or men against women in swimming. Why with all the money Carnival makes, are so many things going away. Why should I cont. to cruise on Carnival. Other ships do activities for guests over 50. Why can’t Carnival? And isn’t it time to change the shows. Again I say, I’m very disappointed with Carnival. How does every one else feel? Serenity is also s joke. Make it for 35 yr olds or older. I have been on 12 cruises & never stepped foot in any pool or hot tub. Never any room. Always filled up. Any Comments????

    • Debbie says:

      Sandy, I do believe Carnival offer crafts on the cruises 8 days or longer. On our Hawaiian cruise Jan 2015 we had craft class every sea day. On the way to Hawaii we had 2 Hawaiian instructors, we even made fresh flowered leis, shell and kukui nut bracelets to use in Hawaii. On the way back to Long Beach we had Carnival instructors and made many nice things. We came home with lots of handmade stuff we’ll actually use. In the past on 8 day cruise we had crafts also. I don’t know if they still do on 8 days as I haven’t been on one in awhile. The Trans-Atlantic cruises always have craft sea days. I realize not everyone has the time to go on a longer cruise so I can see why craft classes would be nice on a 7 day cruise too. As far as the chocolates on the bed @ night and freebies in the bathroom on arrival I also miss those things. Even though I feel the VIFP party has gotten too busy over the years and was not as enjoyable as it was in the past, I don’t think Carnival handled the situation as well as they could have by putting a restriction on a drink coupon for Gold members. As far as the shows go, I’ve seen many repeats over the years but I figured that was due to the amount of time and energy that goes into these productions. I agree the serenity deck could use a change but for me it would be keeping it quiet to only a whisper. My last few cruises young and old alike were so loud in their talking it was very distracting to relax! I’ve personally gotten to use the hot tub and pool every cruise. I’m a 55 year old gal who is a loyal Carnival cruiser since 1996 and I love Carnival and it’s value. I know many people threaten to leave Carnival over these issues, usually but not always the cruise cost more and their loyalty programs go by what you spend so a suite will get you more perks. Carnival treats everyone the same with sea days in their VIFP program so whether you have an inside cabin or suite you get the same sea days.

    • Vinny says:

      Yes it’s what you make of it. did you book your cruise looking for freebies in your bathroom. Open up and enjoy the fun and maybe you will have fun. Been on 12 cruises love mixing with the young and old and been in the pool every cruise. A vacation is what you make of it nothing is owed to you on a cruise as others are on vacation as well

    • Stephanie says:

      I husband and I are both over 50 and have yet to enjoy the serenity deck. We are planning a cruise for our anniversary, I think we will be looking into another cruise line.

    • Dennis says:

      I agree, and turn the volume down on the deck music, my hearing is fine. I know carnival is now trying to cater to the young drunk, but give me a break.

    • Chris says:

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Henrietta Dellner says:

      I agree with a lot of your comments. Norwegian is also taking away things and adding charges like their $7.95 room service “convenience” charge. Because of the popularity of cruising, they are taking advantage of all of us to make the maximum profit. Their accountants must sit around all day figuring out ways to make more bottom line for their cruise lines. Perhaps it is time for cruisers to put the brakes on and start a cruise boycott for a couple of years to make them realize that people are not stupid and have other options.

      • Brenda says:

        I would imagine that many other cruise lines will be cutting benefits to their loyalty programs also. It’s not just Carnival. But you would think that many of these people only go on a cruise just to go to the party. It would be my guess that MANY of these didn’t even go to the party at all to begin with! Yes, I am Platinum, but I don’t cruise because I get to go to this party! I cruise because I like cruising. And to those going to other cruise lines, I wonder how long they will keep their loyalty programs the same? Every business is trying to save money any way they can right now & that is what Carnival is doing!

    • Sarah says:

      Serenity??? You mean that adult only area that seems to always sport a bunch of kids and no one on staff ever asks them to leave?

      Yeah… Celebrity is looking better and better.

    • Doug Davidson says:

      My comment is that you’re spot on! But, maybe you were looking for a comment from someone who works for CCL (like that’s ever going to happen)

    • Robert Gosvener says:

      Sandy I agree with you 100%. I’m very disappointed in Carnival. Their attention to detail will hurt them in the long run.

    • Robert Isoldi says:

      I feel the same. I worked for a large corporation for many years and this seems very much like corporate crap. It is just cutbacks. Happens everytime you get a new Boss

    • Donna Shea says:

      You forgot that the equivalent to platinum was sailing 10 cruises, now when I was just a couple cruise away they changed it to the number of nights which makes it almost impossible unless you cruise constantly. One a year is all I can afford and I was almost there when they changed it.

    • Josephine brimberry says:

      Yes I agree with you. There is nothing to do on board but gamble, now they are taking away so much. Time to change ships.

    • David Horwitz says:

      You make a lot of good points. I’ll consider this when I’m booking my next cruise.

    • Gigi says:

      Totally agree about the serenity and the pool being used by small children they need to be in their own area which is lovely. But that’s never enforce either. Now this really….

    • Cherri Swails says:

      Sandy, I agree. As a frequent cruiser on Carnival, I have noticed the lack of appreciation for repeat customer…loyalty my foot!! Children occupy the hot tub more than adults, serenity area is a joke. Now they are taking way the appreciation celebration from Gold members and giving us the voucher and a bottle of water…seriously!! I’ve already booked my next cruise, and sad to say, it’s back on Royal Caribbean who treats their loyal cruisers a little better.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree. It’s changed so much in the last twenty years, but our Gold status kept us coming back. Not anymore.

    • Too much money spent on payouts for the Costa Concordia? Pass the fees on to the patrons? Pay the same or more and receive less to cut corners and maintain your profits? Interesting.

    • Debbie Rutherford says:

      Sandy I agree with you. Will all the 18 to 21 year olds in both the pool and hot tubs you are over crowded so can’t get in. Also, all the little things that set this cruise line part from others and they are taking them away. To give us a one free drink and then to tell us we cannot use it until the last sea day is ridiculous.

  41. Robert Hartley says:

    Nice. The last few VIFP parties have been a mini disaster.

  42. Jackie says:

    I have noticed too many changes on my cruise due to various reasons. The newest Gold members no longer invited to past guest reception 🙁 (BTW I am Platinum)I think this is a very bad decision! Also found on last cruise no more chocolates on bed at night and have to request ice buckets, also no free samples in bathroom. Budget cuts? Carnival needs to remember the loyal customers are the ones who continue to sail with them and deserve to keep the nice little amenities we have come to expect.

  43. Jason morris says:

    I have noticed a lot of changes with this ship. I’m on the carnival glory in cabin #1017 right now. the food has been great. I am a platinum carnival cruiser. I have really enjoyed the food except the chefs table. I feel it was misrepresented as to what it actually was. Then after notifying 4 different People about an allergy I have to shell fish, I was served food that I believe was prepared with shell fish. I left dinner early because of an allergic reaction. I have called guest services, where I left 3 messages, plus i wrote a note on my bill about it that was delivered to my room today to sign.Then at dinner tonight I had 4 separate People, including the chef come to my table that I have had to repeat this story too. I was told that they are working on it, but I’m clearly getting the run around. all and all I do love carnival cruises, but this has by far been my worst experience.

  44. joanne Brown says:

    It’s all about Carnival making money…plain and simple. Just returned from my sixth and last Carnival cruise. From the expensive pictures to the expensive drinks to the increased price for the steakhouse, it is all about making money! I am a gold member, and I was extremely disappointed with guest services. They did not help me at all when I missed luggage express because the notice was not delivered. After all the money I spent, they did nothing to help me. Done!

  45. michael says:

    This is terrible. As always carnival finds a way to poop on loyal customers. I should not be surprised.

  46. Vinny says:

    Really everyone it’s that big of a deal you will not cruise with Carnival again. Please my next cruise in July on Breeze I turn Platinum and doubt I will go again this year. Timing never works out with dinner ect bet I have been once. Whoo Hoo you might get 2 drinks you can have my tickets go to enjoy your cruise and holiday and it won’t make or break the time you have grow up.

  47. Nao says:

    What do you really expect from the Wal-Mart of the cruise industry.

  48. Chris says:

    I am an avid Carnival supporter and I have a cruise scheduled in September which will get me within 2 days of being Platinum. I also have loyalty cards with other cruise lines. Needless to say, I am not happy at all with the indifference that Carnival displays with their largest and loyal fan group being the Gold Members. I will make my September sailing my last and begin building points with other cruise lines.

  49. David Wilson says:

    So what i get from this is I spent years cruising on carnival trying to get to where i am only for you to change it once again and take stuff away from us cruisers that cant afford to go on 3 or 4 cruises a year. As a Gold card holder we used to get a free drink at brunch which was taken away but now that we are being kicked out of the vifp party your going to give it back to us. I personally think this is not fair to the ones that are already gold members to have this privilege taken away.

  50. Gold Member says:

    You keep addressing the VIFP change with your PR spin…. we get it the parties have become huge. So now Gold members get a coupon, yada…yada…blah…blah… WE GET IT

    Now give us the coupon WITHOUT THE LIMITS

    Give it to us Day 1 and let us use it anytime during the cruise, anywhere we want.

    I’m not a fortune teller but I can see what’s coming…. people are going to start complaining about the coupon limitations and your resolution will be to take it away like you already did the one everyone already had.

    You continue to refuse to address the truth of why you put the DUMB limits on the coupon.

  51. Doc says:

    Thanks for taking action on feedback from your guests. I’m one of those who suggested a more intimate celebration for P&D cruisers — the parties had grown to big for Carnival to provide a high level of service. I also suggested that more be done separately to recognize the Gold Club members. If anyone decides to stop cruising with Carnival because of this change, sorry to see you go, but we won’t miss you all that much. 15 Carnival cruises down, Alaska is next!

  52. Wan says:

    So people complained about and overly restrictive drink coupon.
    You replaced that with a bottle of water
    Now you take away the party
    And replace that with a wayyyyy more restrictive drink coupon?!?!?

    And nothing in you felt uncaring, like a cheat, or a little bit foul when you typed this or came to that decision?!?

  53. Bill says:

    I’m glad to hear that the drink voucher was still provided but we didn’t receive any on our Hawaii cruise.

    A questions I wanted to ask at the Q&A was around the alcohol pricing. The rates for ordering a bottle, via Carnival, have increased since last year.

    My first question is: Can you provide any insight as to why a bottle of Rum should cost $80 when ordering via Carnival?

    My second question is: Is it possible to have a loyalty/reward system in place that would reduce the cost of alcohol on the ship? i.e.: the different membership levels being used now would get a certain percentage off of ordering a bottle or drinks.


  54. Robin Swanson says:

    Good Morning John, Just a note…. You DO have MT represented on the cruise from Hawaii to Vancouver. With all the little mistakes along the way please be sure of facts that are easy trackable through the Carnival computer system. Happy Voyages.
    Check us out on your system, would be happy to visit 🙂

  55. ayden says:

    i love carnival BEST & DAYS OF MY LIFE

    • Barry S. says:

      Good Evening,
      I understand that the Platinum and Diamond guests who have spent more money and a greater time being a loyal customer do warrant some special attention. I am about to go on my 4th cruise and was excited about becoming a Gold VIFP member. After reading these changes to where I will now be given a drink voucher to be used on the last sea day, in conjunction with the limited use drink coupon I receive to be used at brunch, seems inconsiderate. Please take the following suggestions into consideration.
      -Keep the Platinum and Diamond VIFP Party, their elite status deserves recognition and
      a nice function on their behalf, make it an
      event for them as it was intended.
      -Eliminate the drink coupons for VIFP members to be used for main dining room brunches (low redemption rate)
      -Create a Gold VIFP Party in a relaxed atmosphere (i.e. Serenity)(fun celebration)
      -Offer 2 free drinks to each VIFP Gold Member that attends the party (the idea is that it can be 2 for them or 1 for them and 1 for their guest)
      -Still offer 1 free drink coupon to all Red VIFP members and higher levels and lift the main dining room restriction.

    • Patricia Cummings says:

      I am Gold card member sailing since 1990. 27 sail days before being a platinum member LOOKING FOR TO IT…My husband and I are sailing on 7 days on Dec 12, 2015.John can the gold care member please use $9.00 drink at anytime. I will miss the party!!! That was one of the best part of the cruise for me.thank you

    • Alex says:

      what a bummer and only a 10cent water well keep it and give it to your other guess. I will be traveling other cruise lines now.

    • Brenda Chavis says:

      I have a cruise booked for the end of June. Rather wishing I had waited now. If you purchase one of the drink packages with alcohol included then your aren’t really getting anything free are you?

    • Anthony says:

      Carnival started going down years ago. I was a loyal cruiser until I found out that carnival gives free cruises to gamblers and nothing (a drink and bottle water… WOW) for loyal cruisers. Maybe a few more ships will get stranded and they lose more business. They are showing us just how much they need us… Please spread the word..

    • msg says:

      Hi John,
      I know you are just the messenger and please to not take this personally. As a gold club member I have to say it was nice to be recognized (other than a bottle of water and a drink)the Captain’s cocktail party or whatever it is called, was a nice little touch. We have not cruised on Carnival in years (have switched over to HAL) but going on a Carnival cruise with some first time cruisers….I have to say that the Platinum and Diamond people really need to get off their high horses and quit being so snobbish. It really is not becoming…I thought a cruise was for everyone to enjoy, not sure who some of these people think they are, but maybe they need to have their own special area, so as not to be with the other’s that they think are lower than them. Shame on them….we look forward to our cruise in the next few months and hope that everyone that is booked on a cruise has a wonderful vacation…..

    • Henry says:

      So let me see- if you spend somewhere around $60000 with Carnival, you can now go to a party? Changes are never good, maybe now I should change cruise lines????

    • Preston Jones says:

      It’s best if you re- think your program. Can’t believe this is your only solution. What kind of people are you hiring if this is the best you could come up with. I am sure there are some smarter people out there to help you. We will be platinum in one more cruise, not sure it’s something to brag about.

    • E Austin says:

      Sad that Gold members are punished, because they are too many, too many of what? or is there another reason? I enjoy every aspect of my cruise but apparently Carnival does not appreciate loyalty, so after my cruise that I book next year that may be it. Thanks for the drink which will probably be the worst served that day.

    • Soo says:

      Time for me to try another cruise line, I guess! Seems like our loyalty is not appreciated. I got a free drink coupon as a red card…..

      The gold card party was actually kind of pathetic and the water is irrelevant.

      Now, I go back to a coupon for a drink…

      Why does my gold card matter?

      Next cruise….. I will not limit my looking and booking to Carnival…..

    • Ross says:

      With any change comes a feeling of loss that requires proper management.
      The VIFP Party was always fun and something to look forward to -it brought us together, made us feel special and showed how Carnival really appreciated our loyalty.
      Replacing this popular venue with a restricted coupon that most of us won’t be able to use shows us…?

  56. Lynda Deisher says:

    I can understand where you’re coming from since the ships have gotten so much larger…however why do we have to wait until the last sea day for a drink being gold…l went on a 5 day and we adults in the room had a coupon in our rooms for a drink. … When we board why can’t we have a coupon then for a get this party started..OR for elegant night or a free casino drink

  57. Bill says:

    Wow..$9 AND a free bottle of water. Well that sure makes me want to go for the gold. SMH

  58. Margaret Robbins says:


  59. elaine says:

    I thank you for the update on the VIFP program but my heart is so saddened to see that I have been shifted out of the spotlight feel like you’ve moved the VI from VIFP. I so look forward to the party every time I cruise. Not because of drinking because I don’t drink so that is not the issue. I just enjoy meeting seasoned and veteran cruisers that are on the VIFP was also a good way to find out who’s, who and collect information for future sailings and how to work the VIFP program.

  60. Cheri says:

    Maybe a good solution would be to give the party to gold members if they booked their cruise before the change was made. Anyone who booked after knows about the change and can decide if this is a deal breaker.

  61. Deborah says:

    I love Carnival and looked forward to the party.Yes Im a Gold memebre almost a Plat but come on.You need to give us something more if u gonna take away our party.And i never got a free bottle of water.Please rethink this and if gonna stick to it do something better for us Gold holders give us a free bag of Carnival washing our clothes!!!!! Thanks and still looking forward to my Cruise

  62. Bill Bailey says:

    I was one cruise away from obtaining Platinum and you changed the rules in the middle of the game. Now once again you are changing the rules. You see dollars and cents. We see being appreciated as loyal customers. That small sign of appreciation made me only search for Carnival Cruises but that will change. I no longer feel appreciated.

  63. Amanda says:

    I must say that I am quite disappointed by this change to the VIP Party. My family and I are very loyal carnival cruisers and when the drink coupons were replaced with water bottles we were very disappointed. we looked forward to the VIFP Party and although it was a little crowded, we still enjoyed attending as gold members. These continued changes put a real damper on how we feel in terms of the value and appreciation that Carnival has for us. We strive to be Platinum or Diamond one day but by then I presume there will be even fewer perks for anyone. VERY DISAPPOINTED

  64. marie robson says:

    I am saddened at this change. I look forward to this party. I think that there should not be a limit on the day that it is available.

  65. pam c. says:

    I love this idea. We were on the Conquest in February and received no service at the VIFP party. Not one drink or appetizer was offered to us. We did mention this to the cruise director and she said she would mention it to the staff. We were not happy with that reply. It did not make or break our cruise, but we look forward to that event, it makes us feel special. We will turn platinum on our next cruise, and we can’t wait!

  66. Erin says:

    This is a disappointment. My husband and I still have about 30-35 days until we reach platinum. On all of our previous cruises, we looked forward to the party which celebrated the Carnival brand and the guest loyalty involved. In addition to the party we also already received the drink voucher. We really appreciated the customer service, and that’s what has kept us cruising with Carnival.

  67. Fred Patterson says:

    I am a loyal VIFP, but you keep making changes that penalize the Gold Members. First you took away the number of trips that it took to reach the platinum level. Then you took our free drink coupon and gave us water. Now you want to take the party away from the Gold members. You also took away the coupons that we could purchase on a cruise to book our next cruise and get a room credit. If you LOOK my next cruises have already been book. Now you are going to make changes to the program. I think you should honor your policy if the cruises were made before you made these changes.

    Thank you,

    Fred Patterson

  68. Tracy says:

    We use to get a free drink coupons, which was a pain to try and use that got taken away and replaced with water, that was already cheap now a coupon to use on LAST day I dint drink on last day I am yo busy packing and saying my good byes I am also sure that will be hard to use because to already to many hold you say you have will be trying to use them. Maybe like Royal we should atleast be able to get our free drink anytime we want. Thanks

  69. joyce says:

    I know how everyone is cutting back but loyalty is what you should be honoring rather than diminishing. Your business is built on returning guests and I am disappointed that you do not think of me as important. You are offering me NOTHING that I have not had already minus 90 minutes of dinky finger food and usually semi-ok drinks. A case of water is $3.45 for 24 where I live. And you are calling that a gift? Hope you’re enjoying Hawaii.

  70. Vanessa Shaffers says:

    In most situations gold is highly valued, apparently not by Carnival. We plan scarfice and work hard to achieve the various Carnival levels knowing Carnival will have something special to denote our accomplishments. Now in so many unsaid words you are telling us that we (gold) are not important unless you have achieved platinum or diamond. Do you really think a $9 drink coupon with stipulations and a free bottle of water is a incentive for our sacrifices not to mention our loyalty to achieve the various level progressions. Thank you for showing the non platinum and diamond members that our loyalty is not valued and forcing us to explore non Carnival options.

  71. Linda Lee Granger says:

    We just returned from our 8th Carnival cruise on the Glory (2nd time) 5/9 to 5/16… Never got the drink coupon (one of our group of 9 got it)..but not the rest of us.. mostly gold… we go every year as the Cruisin Diva’s.. but certainly were disappointed about the party (where you paid for your drink) and not getting the coupon… just saying…….
    you can really see the cut backs on Carnival… and what is it with NO TABLE CLOTHS….????!!! only at High Tea……

    • Brenda says:

      I agree about the tablecloths. Everything on our table was jostling about & we had to keep moving stuff back so it didn’t fall off! Not good!

  72. Peggy Knowles says:

    I don’t approve. Why not have a separate party for the gold people. The water and drink after 5 don’t do anything for me. I will probably look into going with some other cruise lines. There are plenty of other choices out there. I just liked the little party. It made me happy.

  73. Jamie says:

    I can appreciate carnival trying to make it more intamint since let’s face it can take forever to get a drink during the party. I personally look forward to this party and not for the free stuff but for the show, and now your taking it away from the Gold members. Honestly I’m not sure if I will ever make it to platinum and diamond and let’s face it don’t they get enough of special treatment including to get on the ship before everyone? It’s like we’re being punished because we can’t spend lots of money to go on cruises. So why can’t the gold members have their own party then if it’s just to big?

  74. Sandy says:

    This is so unfair; but I love Carnival even though apparently you don’t love our loyalty to you. A bottle of water and no party, if you really appreciated us you would hold additional parties just for the gold member! Humbug:(

  75. ArleneClark says:

    So because a lot of us are Gold we get kicked out of something that we enjoyed and made it so we wanted to take and try and reach plat and diamond.
    And all we get is a drink, seriously people. This is just not right! Things are changing and I’m not happy about this at all! I think you owe us Gold members something better than a Drink!

  76. Stephanie says:

    Im very disappointed..why should gold members be punished? I enjoyed the socials and never thought there was a problem. Thanks Carnival for making me not feel like a VIFP..I think its time to start choosing other cruise lines that keep their word and make their VIFPs really feel special.

  77. Ron g says:

    My wife and I have taken a lot of cruises with carnival and we would have been platinum until carnival changed the standards a few years back and now we are being downgraded once again. We may have to find another cruise line .

  78. Geraldine strietelmeier says:

    I will be cruising this October will this be available to me

  79. Ron says:

    It really is sad to see the VVIP party go away for us Gold members. I remember our first “Past Guest” party which was on our second cruise. A 5- day cruise. I’ll never forget at the end when the cruise director takes the stage and welcomed us to the Carnival Family, and played the video of all of the ships, with people applauding when they see ones they have sailed on. It actually brought tears to my eyes, and made me feel part of something very special. It was at that moment that I knew I was a Carnival cruiser for life! Too bad that no one else will now be able to have that experience at an early point in their cruising life. I wonder how many other lifetime converts to Carnival were achieved the same way as mine?

  80. Andrea Tondre says:

    Maybe you should consider moving some of the Gold members to platinum that have been with you for more than 20 years and have say eight cruises. We have been customers since 1992 but unfortunately did not have the required number of cruises so we just barely missed it. Now regarding the party. Maybe you should separate the platinum and diamond and put them in a smaller atmosphere and keep the gold the same.

  81. D R Roberson says:

    My wife and I are Gold members. This calendar year alone, we’ve taken 2, 7 day sailings with Carnival.
    Having traveled on business for many years, I participated in frequent traveler programs for two select airlines, and 3 hotels. Before I had to retire (due to an illness) we mostly used the perks from the frequent traveler programs for my wife to go with me at times. After I retired, we’ve used the remaining perks for specific vacations.
    What I’d like to point out is that none of these frequent traveler programs changed their programs in “mid-flight”. If they made changes it was to new perks, not ones already earned.
    We haven’t traveled on Carnival for the VFIP program, it just seemed like a corporation run travel vehicle that was big enough such that if major issues occurred could have the resources to correct, quickly.
    I’ll point out that on our last cruise, a couple at our dinner table pointed out that they had recently taken a cruise on a competing cruise line, and although they were Carnival platinum or diamond cruiser’s on carnival, that they intended to go to the competing cruise line, because it was “so much more pleasurable and overall so much better”. the reasons they had are too many to list, but all they listed interested us to the point of planning our next cruise for this current year on that competing cruise line, and from the info we’ve seen so far, they were right.
    So, my point, you are right, these parties are far too large, service is sub-standard at best, and I heard so many complaints from, the “lowly” gold’s, platinum’s, and diamonds.
    The cruise industry from what I’ve seen is a very competitive business. You have a lot of ships that you need to keep to a certain point of paying customer capacity to make money, and let’s face it, you don’t offer these cruises because you are nice, you are in it to make money. PERIOD.
    I think the approach you’ve taken to rectify the problem that is clearly obvious to most everyone is extremely short sighted and not clearly thought out.
    Maybe instead of staying up nights, doing whatever, you should have been sleeping so the actions you need to take are more clearly thought out.
    But, you made a decision, hopefully your company can live with your decision and continue to make money, I know that if you’ve made the wrong one and it affects the Carnival bottom line, maybe your option for a job at Carnival will be to become the “best drink server” on board.

    Happy sailings, and our next cruise for this year is already planned non-Carnival, per the couple we met on our last Carnival cruise. Maybe based on one of your platinum or diamond customer’s reco we’ll have found a cruise line non-Carnival that we will sail on for our future cruises.

  82. Karron says:

    My husband and I have been cruising with Carnival since 2008. We were lucky to have been able to attend 3 past guest parties (1 before only gold or above could attend and 2 after the VIFP re-vamp). While the parties could be a bit crowded, I did not find that it took too long to get drinks or appetizers. Now that we cannot go to a past guest party for at least 4 years (we can only cruise once per year), I feel Carnival does not appreciate my business. Why can’t Carnival do a separate party for Gold and one for Platinum and Diamond guests? A free drink coupon does nothing for us since we were already getting those to be used at sea day brunch. It also does not make any sense to limit the time you can use it—after all, drinks are the same price no matter what day you buy them! The last day at sea, we are trying to get ready for embarkation early the next morning, not partying.

  83. Sarah says:

    I’m a gold member and never went to the party (because of the size). I’m about 1 short cruise away platinum and like this idea. Since I never went before, due to size, it will make my new level feel more special.

    However, I thought I always got a $5 drink coupon before (from specific bars and at lunch time). So now it’s $9? I really think you should increase that a little more. Why not two drinks or a choice of a bottle (with restrictions) and 2 large chocolate strawberries served in the stateroom? Make it like a little private party…

    Just some thoughts as I am not sure increasing a $5 coupon to $9 will seem like much. After all I don’t go to other cruise lines just for this loyalty program.

  84. Shayna says:

    As a Gold member I can’t day that I am happy with these changes. Part of being a return passenger is the feeling that your business is appreciated. Yes, the party has gotten very large, but perhaps instead of taking it away from your largest group of cruisers, you should consider separate functions. Also, if Gold is the largest group, how are the bars going to service all these people on the last cruise day in the limited hours? The free drink should be available any time and anywhere on the ship!

  85. Mike G says:

    While I may be a member of VIFP I find it hard to feel “important” as one benefit after another is taken away. To add injury to insult the latest message is how this is somehow a good thing for gold card members. Other lines have dealt with this issue by having separate parties and/or rooms for different levels of loyalty achievement. I have to say that I am not impressed and this will certainly not encourage me to sail with Carnival more often.

  86. Ted says:

    Not happy at all, I no longer feel special. I was so close the last time they changed the program and now this. It needs to be something better than just one free drink.

  87. Kenneth Zielinski says:

    it would only be fair to take away something from the platinum and diamond members also. Judging by the comments I have read the platinum and diamond members for the most part are CCS (Carnival Cruise Snobs).

  88. Renee says:

    John, I think this change stinks. A $9.00 drink coupon is not equal and does not say “We appreciate your Loyality “

  89. Phil bradshaw says:

    Sounds like its time to find another cruise line. I guess you could dump the whole program for the amount you are giving gold card members.

  90. Samatha Davis says:

    Well I am a gold member and have been for a while now. But its fine with the change the one thing I don’t agree with is that we will only receive one coupon drink and it has to be use at the end of the cruise on 5 days +. Now I feel that is so wrong of y’all because if your so loyal then why only one.? Why can’t it be two? One on the first day when you check in and the second one on the last day of the cruise? See I notice is that Carnival is not trying to make there guest completely happy like they use too. We don’t see the captain at neither dinner. And the pictures I feel all returning guest should be in title to at least one fun pose free with a purchase of any 8*10 pose.. See the pictures goes to waste when its no deals involved. And you should think about the staff because they take a lot of time to do our pictures and if deals would be offer better than what y’all give more pictures would be sold. Trust me on this one. But y’all can do as y’all please I’m just saying!! So I know I will start cruising with someone else if I continue to be unhappy… FYI the free bottle of water just took place. Which isn’t needed because yoincan bring case if u want too.. Come on now get it together y’all!!

  91. Elizabeth says:

    I personally love Carnival, and I can keep going on so many cruises (10 Carnival cruises after our upcoming Fall one) because of the affordability. Sure, it’s disappointing to have something taken away, but I would much rather them cut costs if needed so I can still enjoy an awesome vacation at a great price & value! Losing that party certainly isn’t going to make me go to another cruise line.

  92. Chris Queen says:


    Thanks for taking away yet another little perk for your cruisers. I did like the plug for the gold and platinum membership, though. “Spend more money so you can change the color of your card.” I think our next family cruise in November, might be the last on Carnival.


    Chris Queen

  93. Dolly says:

    How disappointing!!!! The average person takes a cruise a year and to reach the higher levels of Plat & Diam take many years!!!! To take away the one thing Gold cruisers look forward to as they reach that level is truly sad…and then to add salt to the wound by giving a $9 drink coupon, WOW… truly insulting… you can’t even get one of the specialty drinks with $9….. Bad form Carnival!!

  94. Dennis says:

    So let me understand, your going to piss off the largest loyal group you have. If you keep chipping away at the rock it will fall sooner or later.

  95. Richard says:

    First it was the chocolate on the pillows, now the party, what’s next? Will we be sharing bathrooms?

  96. Arica Matyjaszek says:

    What a rude offer!!! I can’t believe you are taking away a party from the gold members! and there was never a free bottle of water in the past for gold members and the free drink coupon already exists therefore gold members get nothing new. There should be some type of compensation that includes something. All you are doing is taking away. What is the actual cost that you were spending per person? There should be some sort of on board credit for everyone that is currently gold every time they cruise. $25 pp extra would be fair. I can understand doing this on future guests but this is rude!!! I worked very hard at scheduling all of my vacations last year to achieve gold status!!! Time to start cruising with other cruise lines of you are going to remove the benefits to staying loyal to you! Carnival needs to stay loyal to its patrons!!!!

  97. Rob Wilson says:

    Party fo farty! One less excuse for my wife to keep dragging me outta my beloved casino and player’s club benefits. Five days till platinum and probably still won’t go. I do understand for those that feel the loss though. Instead of the same ole party and themes maybe a discount on drinks and items through out the cruise could be offered to frequent cruisers….Just sayin

  98. gladys Luzadder says:

    We never use the coupon we don’t drink alcohol so its a waste, never had received complementary water have always bought it. maybe a nice memento for being on the cruise other than drinks.. it takes a lot of money to go on a cruise. we have one more cruise it still does not bring us to platinum..

  99. Betty Silvers says:

    WHAT’S NEXT, so you are a gold member what in the world what are you going to stop next have to eat in the galley??? This is an insult. I am beginning to believe that CARNIVAL REALLY does not want people to travel with them they cut the points system and now this. Just not fair at all. Oh “ONE Drink coupon big deal that is a slap in the face for people who have been traveling as long as we have I have been traveling with carnival since 2006. This is so unfair it is ridiculous.
    Betty Silvers

  100. georgia s. says:

    revamp….should give more time to loyal gold voyagers…we take a lot of 4-5 day cruises….now, we leave june 6th for 8 day & looking forward to the party/gold & up…very disappointed…& one drink coupon..very disappointed! you may loose loyal gold on this one, when a longer cruise involved, they may just jump over to another ship…not being carnival…bottle water! come on..ya, im disappointed in your pattern of thought….see next years totals of gold passengers…it will be down…just saying…

  101. Joni says:

    The drink coupon is a plus for sure. I think you should look into giving a match play or slot free play for the casino. Believe me this will get more people into the casino. Also, have one night as non smoking in the casino

  102. Connie says:

    I am so disappointed with Carnival. They stopped the night time chocolates. They took away the drink voucher for past guests and give you a bottle of water. Now they have stop the past guest party for gold members. They give you a drink voucher restricted to use on the last night, instead of anytime. That is ridiculous. Maybe an afternoon get together or staggered the parties like other lines do would have been a better solution. I’m very close to platinum but probably will not reach it because I will be sailing other lines that give past guests more consideration.

  103. kim hearn says:

    I want to know why it takes so long to move up from hold card we have been hold card to for almost 2 years now and we take at least 2 to 3 cruises a year.

  104. Nadine Yturraspe says:

    No more sea day brunch drinks
    No more chocolates
    No more bathroom amenities
    No more VIFP party

    Really!!! We have spent thousands of dollars cruising and carnival is worried about giving these small gestures of appreciation back to its loyal cruisers …you’ve got to be kidding me!!!

    Carnival’s VIFP program is starting to be a laughing joke to discuss with members of other cruise lines!!!!

  105. Mary says:

    I have to say I’m very upset our last family cruise which includes about 15 people they wanted to try a different cruise line to see what other ships offer I convinced them not to mostly because of my selfish reasons to go to the party! Now that is taken away I won’t say I won’t cruise with carnival again because I love carnival but I will now switch it up with different cruise to see what else is out there.

  106. Glenda says:

    The drink coupon should be good for any time on the cruise. The reception wasn’t all that good anyway, just a bunch of people bragging about how many cruises they have taken. The water is cheap but still nice. It should be harder to get to gold. Eventually all those gold people will be platinum. Then what?

  107. Ron A says:

    Your markington person needs to replaced for not thinking this thru. The Plat and Diam are locked in they have to much time with CCL to change however the Gold members are not as invested and can change to another cruise line with little loss of investment. Rethink this and show the new cruiser that you really want them back by giving them a reason to stay with you maybe a carnival logo item, ship picture, coming on board picture [good advertising] ect. Hope this is considered as corrective criticism.

  108. Jeffrey Glassey says:

    I think that is totally unfair. I’m now not invited to a party. You should just have two different ones then. One for gold and the other for the platinum and diamond. Sounds as though carnival is trying to screw us out of aparth the we were invited to in the past but not in the future. Your company in worth billions and you can’t splurge for two parties to show your appreciation to Gold members hoping to eventually get to platinum one day. Need to re think this one sir!

  109. Susane Medina says:

    Please keep your $9.00 drink coupon and your free bottle of water as it is an insult. This cruise line is starting to be all about the money and not about the cruisers. My main goal for taking cruises is to spend quality time with my family from different states. However my last cruise which I took in April was horrible. We had three grown ladies in a room accommodated for two. They gave us fold out bed that restricted the movement in the room. We had to start getting ready for dinner two hours early so that we could make it on time. Not to mention that the bathroom was so small. You could sit on the toilet and wash your feet in the shower if you needed to. While on deck it was taking the servers too long to return with the drinks which is an indication of being unstaffed. The sports bar and casino allowed under age children. Having to stand in line with no AC circulation for over an hour to watch the comedian in one of the smallest room. The Comedy club was always over packed with people standing over your shoulder. I tolerated it because I was there to be with my family. We are a large group of which gets larger every year 30+. We are considering changes cruise lines. We know we might pay more for the cruise but the service will be worth the change.

  110. Ben says:

    Wrong again Carnival. You shouldn’t take away from any VIFP cruiser. Give Diamond and Platinum a more “intimate” party and let Gold have a fun party!! You should be enhancing the program, not cutting it and making Carnival look cheap.

  111. Rich says:

    Dear John….this is not a well thought out decision. I would agree that the party has become overwhelming but your solution to the problem stinks. It is insulting to all of your loyal Gold card members and seems like nothing more then a cheap knee jerk reaction. I guess carnival has decided to throw Gold card folks overboard, that’s the thanks we get for loyalty. There are many alternatives to Carnival so consider this a true ‘Dear John’ message.

  112. Brenda Chavis says:

    I just booked a cruise for the end of June. The question I have is if you buy the drink package for “X” amount of dollars including alcohol, then you are already paying for your drinks. Nothing is free is it?

  113. Tammy says:

    I think this sucks! Terrible, Terrible! My husband just got gold and we were looking forward to this event on our next cruise which has already been booked…..thanks for a free drink…whoopdeedoo….

  114. Kim Graziano says:

    The party was not that good so I did not mind. We gold members do deserve more then what we get.

  115. Phyllis Wasylychyn says:

    My husband and I sailed on the Breeze in March and we are gold members as we have been loyal to Carnival. We felt very honored to be recognized for that commitment but now you are taking that away from us. It is an insult as we enjoyed the party and we did not feel it was too crowded. Our drinks were served in a very timely manner. We truly believe we should still be included. As far as the $9.00 drink coupon and its stipulations are concerned you are being very stingy. We may have to consider competing cruise lines for our next cruise as you have basically downgraded our loyalty. I sincerely hope this does not affect the cruise I have booked with you in October as this was part of the experience we enjoyed and what we paid for. If we are not included in the party I hope some compensation will be provided as we are not happy about this decision. You are making us feel like we are not very important fun people.

  116. Aurelio Gonzales says:

    thanks for the info but instead of the complementary bottle of water it will be nicer a complementary drink on the first night as well. Thanks for your support . I am not too happy about being excluded from my own hard cash earn gold party. Very disappointed

  117. T D says:

    Not at all happy, a drink coupon and a bottle of water which you already provide, why mention it. WOW! what a thank you for loyalty. First you change the way you achieve the Gold Status and it means a drink coupon on the last night.

  118. Alan Nelson says:

    After being at the VIFP party this past week on the Conquest, I would suggest that you give a separate party for Gold Card holders. There was only one Platinum/Diamond member in attendance at the party. I could really see on this trip that Carnival is cutting back to save on costs. My wife and I are now considering whether we want to travel in the future.

  119. Randy Lawson says:

    My wife and I will be leaving August 2 2015 for our tenth cruise with Carnival this will be our third cruise in eight months, so we apparently enjoy Carnival. But I must say that I am disappointed that Carnival took away the party that we enjoyed for being gold members, this is how you show your appreciation for all the loyal cruisers that are only gold members. Why not have two party,s one for gold and one for platinum and diamond. Oh by the way what an insult, offer one drink coupon and the last day of the cruise why not two drink coupons one for myself and one for my wife. Better yet why not several coupons to use when you choose to use them for anything you choose.

  120. Stephanie says:

    I don’t know how to feel about this. We have been on 5 cruises and are scheduled for another one in September. We have had the coupons for the free drinks at brunch or lunch for the past two years and those I think should not have been restricted to a time. We have never received FREE water. We loved going to the party in the past. If there are so many Golds now that only means you have more loyal customers. Now you are going to take things away and make us feel second class. What is going to happen when we do reach Dimond and Platinum and there are too many. What will you take away then?? If it is getting to large and you want to keep it smaller split the party into two. One for Gold and one for Diamond/Platinum. Why do Golds have to suffer because you want to save money. We earned the spots where we are now. I agree with Hal. Create a new level to split the Golds.

  121. Natalie Breeden says:

    Well no shock here. Noticing price going up, quality & appreciation for the customers going down.

  122. D. King says:

    I agree with many of the comments below that Carnival has taken away many benefits over the last two years and this is plain and simple a VERY BAD idea. The positive comments below are from the few people at the top two levels. For those who have been gold for several years, this is a real slap in the face. One restricted drink ticket does not come close to the party with music that I have come to really enjoy. Was the service bad at the party? Not at all for me and my friends. Did I hear anyone complain that the party was too big? Not one. I really think you should rethink some of these really bad decisions where more and more benefits are taken away from the typical cruiser (often a gold card member). I hope management reads these comments as many say that Carnival has lost them as a customer. This is truly a sad situation. Carnival, you can think about more than the bottom line. You can strive to give everyone (not just the two top levels) an enjoyable cruise where they want to come back NOT jump to a different cruise line. Hope you rethink these changes and really make people feel that they are a VIFP.

  123. tom says:

    John Heald if it’s 6:30 PM in Hawaii it’s 12:30 PM in Miami. 6 hours time difference!

  124. Joseph P Smith says:

    As I have written before, I believe that your policies on restrictions on the Gold status should not have been changed so abruptly.The rules should have been implemented at with a cut off date that exempted a Cruise that all ready been paid for.Keep your Party!!!!, it was supposed to be a appreciation gift.I was hurt by this action and feel that my loyalty has been a mistake on my part.Like I said I have all ready paid for my Cruise on the 21st of June, but the illusion of being appreciated has diminished.

  125. Kristen D says:

    This news sadness me. My husband and I began cruising 2009 and fell in love. We typically take 2-3 a year and have introduced friends and families to it as well. We just missed platinum the last revamp. We always look forward to the parties and enjoy meeting other members, seeing cruisers recognized and have not noticed any crowding issues. I agree with another commentator that perhaps a picture voucher would be a great idea! Breaks my heart that they are all printed and thrown out. The last two cruises we were disappointed to not have any toiletries. We didn’t even get a bar of hand soap and luckily had some with us. In Sept we will be on Breeze and it maybe our last.

  126. Kym says:

    I was very disappointed when you took away the free drink this year. I had been receiving it gratefully even prior to gold. Carnival is showing less gratitude to their faithful cruisers so I will now be less faithful to Carnival.

  127. Oleta says:

    It was crowded but I’m disappointed Gold members won’t be included and a $9 drink doesn’t compensate. I have stayed with Carnival because of the loyalty rewards. I will be looking at other cruise line specials now because being Gold doesn’t mean squat to Carnival.

  128. Ready2SailAway says:

    With any change comes a feeling of loss that requires proper management.
    The VIFP Party was always fun and something to look forward to -it brought us together, made us feel special and showed how Carnival really appreciated our loyalty.
    Replacing this popular venue with a restricted coupon that most of us won’t be able to use shows us..?

  129. denise says:

    I think in august it will be my last cruise ob carnival. I’m 28 and been about 5 to 6 cruises, I’m still a gold member. I’m being punished due to my age in not being able to stock up enough points to be platinum or diamond. I never seen the free water bottles and we already get a free drink voucher (hopefully we still do). It seems no compromise was done. I was fine with having a gold member only party or for it be two sessions. Guess time for a new cruise ship. Hate to start over

  130. Kevin says:

    I truly understand the move but I think Carnival didn’t put much thought into this, first of all remember Gold card holder are return guest and they save their hard earn money to cruise with Carnival to make it to Platinum & Diamond to give gold card holder a coupon for $9.00 is a joke but when they only can use it on the last day of the cruise is a insult cause at the party you can drink as much a want and have snacks you are giving them a coupon for $9.00 buck you call appreciation for a return guest I am a businessman that been in business for 22 years I wish I could get away with that on our customer appreciation day thanks

  131. Kimberly says:

    I just returned from an 8 day cruise on the Breeze. I’m incredibly disappointed by the changes that are being made. I have a gold card and find that there is literally no incentive to be loyal to a cruise line. Giving a free bottle of water and one free drink (which others have mentioned, we used to get on sea day brunches anyways) is not enough to convince me to cruise Carnival exclusively. Furthermore, placing restrictions on these “perks” is just ridiculous. The goal should be to entice blue cards and on to maintain loyalty because it’s worth it. Carnival has not done that.

  132. Gerald Fobbs says:

    My wife will become platinum before I will.. Can I attended the ViFP party with her?

  133. Morgan D. Godfrey says:

    As an addicted cruiser of about 25 under my belt and many more to follow; my suggestion [from an alcohol free cruiser] is that you consider a free laundry coupon or a free coupon for a specialty restaurant as an option if we do not want the free drink. That would be much more beneficial to us !
    Morgan and Nancy Godfrey

  134. Denise Crumpton says:

    We have sailed with Carnival 6 times and have a 7th trip planned for February. Every time we get close to a new level the program changes. Can you say not happy! Afrwe our next cruise we will be in sight of Platinum but I am sure before we reach it, there will be more changes which will affect the benefits. Again, not happy!

  135. Teresa Meeks says:

    I can not believe that carnival would switch things up like that where gold members can’t attend the party but then to think that we’re going to be satisfied with a free bottle of water and a 9 dollar coupon for the last day I will be looking for a new cruise line after November Cruise

  136. John says:

    Good Morning….I Knew This Was Coming And Can Not Understand That Others Did Not. At Our Last Party…We Were Able To Get Two Drinks A Piece And A Couple Of Snacks…The Wait Staff Were Swamped…It Was Sad To See Way The Folks Were Crowding And Chugging Free Drinks…I Do Hope Carnival Reconsiders And Give The Coupon To Gold Members On All Cruises…Not Just 5 Days As We Take Several Short Ones Yearly Living Here In Florida, But If Not We Will Still Go. AND IT IS STILL MORE AFFORDABLE TO CRUISE CARNIVAL AND BUY THE ADULT BEVERAGE CARD, THAN OTHER LINES. Keep The Fares Low And The Food Coming….I Can Buy Drinks On My Own!!! Thank you

  137. Ronnie Stephens says:

    This is not right we are not appreciated as gold members. We have been very loyal to Carnival
    11 cruises and another one booked for later this year. Very disappointed.

  138. Carl says:

    It’s sad that the Gold won’t have access to the VFIP parties any more. I’m gold and I’m very close to platinum and will hit itvery soon if I continue to cruise with Carnival. This year will by my 3rd year in a row to cruise to Hawaii on the Miracle, if I still choose to go. However after cruising on HAL I’m becoming more and more drawn to them for a number of reasons. I think that Carnival needs to look seriously in making the days you receive toward VFIP to be adjusted for singles sailing & paying a single suplement. If they are paying a full double charge to sail as if someone is sharing the cabin then they should get the full double points added to their account. Other lines are already doing that and I understand that HAL is considering making such a change to include that. I think that is something the “Beards” should consider because that single customer is paying the rate for double occupancy they should receive the benefit of those additional days they are paying for that if someone else was in the cabin they would get.

  139. Alexandra says:

    Wow! Unbelievable!!! We just took a 7 day cruise a on April 26, we are gold members, we received the free water, a VIFP pin, free chocolate covered strawberries and we also attended the VIFP party. Now the “freebies or perks” have changed, because of too many gold members, really?? I have another cruise coming up in September and I am thinking about cancelling this one since there are so many gold members and apparently we are not so valuable to you. Maybe I will research other cruises and forget about Carnival. Keep in mind, that us, the tourist, is what keeps Carnival afloat, how about showing a bit more appreciation, more than just a free drink on the last night of cruising? Highly disappointed!

  140. Cindy Self says:

    I agree that the last couple of parties have been very crowded but I think that is in part due to it being held the last sea day. In the past it was mid week and I assume other people were still off the ship or just didn’t want to come. I actually become platinum on my next cruise which is May 30 on the Valor so I will be able to attend and am very excited.

  141. Ready2SailAway says:

    …Sorry John -this post regarding Changes to VIFP Loyalty Program says it all:
    Diamond & Platinum members are Guests, Friends
    Gold members are just “Card Holders”

    • Ross says:

      …Sorry John, this post regarding Changes to VIFP Loyalty Program says it all:
      – Diamond & Platinum are “Guests”, “Friends”
      – Gold are just “Card Holders”

  142. connie kenig says:

    Carnival should make everyone feel special I have only wanted to cruise with carnival but maybe I need to tar checking into other cruise lines. I have heard that other one gives good offers to there loyal cruiser.So sad I never wanted to go else where.

  143. Judith Weber says:

    I am Gold and was excited to go to the party, now it is being taken away. Saddens me. Also, I never received a complimentary bottle of water, and as I am a non-alcohol drinker, the free drink availed me of nothing.

  144. Robert Racine says:

    As a loyal person to certain brands, of which Carnival had been before this, I am less likely to be loyal to your brand. If the social was too unmanageable, would two not have made it easier. When the Gold members now reach Platinum will you then only allow Diamonds to partake in the social because it as become too unmanageable? Because John and all the Platinums and Diamonds who are snubbing the Golds, it really has nothing to do with the social or the drinks or the hors d’oeuvres, BUT everything to do with being recognized as being part of something much larger than oneself.

  145. Susan H says:

    I’m very disappointed in the change. Basically everyone gets a free cheap bottle of water (2 cruise and up). So you have taken away the nice party with unlimited drinks and appetizers and we only get 1 drink coupon $9.00 limit on the last day after 5 pm of the cruise. Not anytime we want it. And you think the Gold members will be OK with that! Basically the only perk until you have sailed over 75 days. That’s a lot for most families! I don’t think I would call that a VIFP program! Gives me a bad feeling about the cruise I have already booked for this year. Hearing no chocolates makes me sad too.

  146. Brittany says:

    It may be time to switch to Royal Carribean! I’m very disappointed with this change. I don’t feel it’s right to take away a privilege to people who have been loyal to your company.

  147. Cheryl says:

    I don’t think it is right for you all to change , when I made the Gold card last year I did enjoy the Entertainment and the snacks I not a drinker , so why will I want to get a $9.00 dollar drink because I have sail and pay for trips for almost 5 years is that nice are not thanks for nouthing

  148. David Pelizzari says:

    Well these changes don’t make a whole lot of difference to me. When you made the change to 75 days instead of 10 cruises I don’t understand why you didn’t take into account the members already on the program. What i would like to see put in place is the last cruise to qualify should be counted when you board for that cruise. No one could cancel and it would be a great incentive to cruise more. Think about it, it wouldn’t cost you anything and would probably make you money!

  149. MARY says:

    My husband and I have been sailing since 2010 and now we only cruise on Carnival…I think this change is unfair! we look forward to the party. You took our free drink away the first change and now you are taking the party and replacing it with one drink. My husband will not be happy and we may have to re-think cruise lines. Platinum and diamond have a party with the captain and now gold have nothing. Our friends have been trying to get us on Royal Caribbean perhaps now is the time. A very disappointed loyal friend
    Mary Yates…

  150. D Bradford says:

    I really don’t think the levels mean anything at all. I don’t drink, and even though we are at Gold level, we didn’t attend the party on our cruise in March. We don’t use the free drink coupons. We don’t get to go to the front of the line since you changed the requirement for Platinum level. We don’t get chocolates on the bed, which we got on our very first cruise seven years ago. Thanks for the water, though.

  151. Jim says:

    John After reading some of the comments and going through some of the changes you made in the past that cost me my platinum card. You better go back to the drawing boards and come up, with two party’s.

  152. Nancy Tucker says:

    Shame on you! So now I get a bottle of water and a free drink on the last night of the cruise! REALLY that’s the best you can offer me! I have a cruise booked and it might be my last! It is no longer the fun ship!

  153. tony skovira says:

    John, it is my understanding that the above members were told that they could invite guest that do not belong to the gold.diamond or platinum club.Would this not involve the extra people u are talking about. If it were for just the members and not their friends this may help reduce the number of attendees. Just my thoughts

  154. E Max says:

    Seems lately all we get from the beards is NO!, Not any more!, What you were left on shore by the vendor here is a 10$ credit!, Sorry your eating time has been changed and by the way it at the other end of the ship too!, Your price for your 10 pictures is $249.00 but here is a complimentary 8×10 glossy picture of the ship!, it’s not our problem your food order is wrong or cold!, yea you can get a room for that price but that sale ended yesterday and it was for the over under room!

    Tell the beards to cut off another finger of the hands that feeds them.

    I here there is a group on the internet called “cruise carnival no more” interesting to see how this all plays out

  155. Chris says:

    That’s crap, I will be exploring new cruise lines.

  156. Samuel Green says:

    This is complete foolishness. Carnival, y’all are getting wayyy to tight and cheap! First it was captain’s night, then the chocolates on the pillow, then the drink voucher for red and Gold card members, now this!!?? You bring back the vouchers only to cut a celebration for your “regulars”. Not to mention you changed the qualifications for each category not that long ago so it now harder to become a platinum/diamond member. I JUST became gold and enjoyed the party the last cruise I took, now I am “uninvited” due to this ridiculous change. Its sad to witness something you enjoy so much become stingy and inconsiderate. I will not be taking nearly as many cruises with you all as I planned. And to think, I got married on one of your boats. Wow

  157. Chris says:

    That isn’t really fair to the ones like me who look forward to that Party, its starting to look like this company is cutting as many corners as possible to save money. It has nothing to do with service. Just like the fact that you no longer provide a few pieces of chocolate in the state room that my kids looked forward to getting not for the fact that is was chocolate but that our stuartist would do something interesting with them. On out last cruise we really debated on ever going on Carnival again due to how much yall have cut back and that it seems like yall over work your employees with too long of a rotation and they show it. Its little things like this that are making us really want to venture out to other cruise ships. Not to mention that nothing is offered for kids 2 and under but yet we pay full price for them. This party is serving on avaerage what anout $100 worth of drinks per person and now its $9, come on. It’s really time to start looking at diffrent options to cut back and still make the profit margin you require as a company, I have a cruise set for next month this will be the your companies last chance to change my families mind on your overall service. We are a group of 10 that will add up over time.

  158. George says:

    took long enough to earn a Gold Card, this is a great way to send me to another cruise line, nice job, loyalty means nothing to Carnival apparently

  159. Edward Ballo says:

    Sounds like the rich taking care of the rich, take your free drink, and shove it!!

  160. chelsea says:

    for all of the money that we spent to get to be a gold member especially now that you have changed the restrictions to being a gold member this is crazy. to give us loyal customers a drink pass which we already got is cruel, I have spent so much money to get to my gold status and I would appreciate if you gave us something in return. I am starting to lose faith in you Carnival!

  161. Longinos Reyes says:

    Thanks! But you should make it at least two (2) complimentary drinks for Gold Card members…OR give us two (2) straws to drink ANYTIME during the cruise!!

  162. Mary says:

    You know that if we were able to cruise more we could but some people still have JOBS , so when you make all the changes it is not fair to all .but the diamond and platinum people think they are better then anyone else guess what they are just like everyone else they put there pants on one leg at a time

  163. Mike says:

    So I guess when too many gold members finally reach platinum it will be revamped AGAIN. Whatever. The good pat on butt is that we can still keep our bottle of water. Whoop-de-freaking doooo!!

    Glad to hear that when you get things get too big with too many returning guests you change things.

    Terrible terrible decision, John!!

  164. Leon Denton says:

    Bad ideal! Gold members have spent many dollars on your ships only to be treated like second class passengers! Keep the water and the cheap drink!,
    Other cruise lines are available

  165. Donna Gregory says:

    Glad to know my six Carnival cruises – seven in October – just isn’t enough of a demonstration of loyalty to warrant any personal appreciation. It’s always fun to be told you’re only worth $9…but only on ONE day. Insult to injury. Very bad form, Carnival. Divide the Gold tier into two levels and give a party for those more than halfway to Platinum status.

  166. Henrietta Dellner says:

    I think that gold members are being bilked out of yet another perk they earned. I don’t drink alcohol as a general rule and the value of your coupon is not worth it. Free bottle of water? Come on….we usually book a suite, which comes with no perks so why not give the bottle of water to us for free anyway? You can do better than this Carnival.

  167. Alicia says:

    What an insult. Making up a fictitious problem to exclude loyal customers….a 45 minute “party” that costs your company a couple hundred bucks at best is too exclusive for gold members? Really? If you’re concerned about “crowding” which has NEVER been an issue according to my diamond and platinum parents & grandparents then have three separate parties for each level. Or be petty.

    • Debbie says:

      Alicia I don’t know what cruises your parents and Grandparents have been on but every VIFP party I’ve attended for @ least the last 5 years has ALWAYS been Very CROWED!! I go on 1-2 cruises a year. All my friends and family who cruise have had the same experience as me with the Carnival VIFP party.

  168. Robert Bruce says:

    I am very disappointed. We have worked hard to get our 11 Cruises with Carnival. You may notice we now take at least 2 or three cruises a year. We dress nice at the party, we are not greedy, we have one drink, and listen to what carnival has to say. The last three cruises which have been since Oct. 2014………..and all had lowered expectations of what we have come to expect from a Carnival Cruise. I see people, going into the Formal Dining in flip flops, shorts, t-shirts, ETC….but we always dress nice……I am so ready to switch to Holland America…..we have one more Booking with Carnival #5L5WZ1……..I will give this one more chance !!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listening, Robert

  169. Erik says:

    Quite disappointed with news, Why not just change Gold stage at 35 halfway to Silver ? Or why not allow just the first time Gold qualifiers to one customer appreciation party? Just to congratulate them for their loyalty ?

  170. Why don’t you provide some sort of discount for gold members, for instance a special wine package, a discount on wine or drinks. You make plenty on these items, a discount that encourages purchases of items should only be a positive cash flow to Carnival since you already have a hefty markup on these items.

    Why don’t you look at past guests purchases on their cruises and customize something that appeals to them.

  171. Dale Goff says:

    I’m looking forward to the cruise. Thanks for the drink.

  172. Michael Corradino says:

    This is a stupid and elitist move. It is wrong to cut the heart of your business out. What will happen when there are too many platinum members. I would suggest you give the gold members an additional perk such as priority boarding or an on board credit.

  173. Tony Lishman says:

    Just got back from a 7 day cruise to Montego Bay Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Cozumel. I am 20 days from being a platinum member and I did not receive the VIFP party invite, nor the 9 dollar drink coupon. My wife which is a platinum member did receive both of these. I did get the water, LOL thanks for the extra benefit of being a Gold member. All I need is a bottle of water. LOL Just like the government, tell you all the benefits you are going to receive for fighting for your country and once you do it, they want to take it all away. Nice go. Next they will be taking away the free bottle of water. Do give benefits and then take them away

  174. Dan says:

    Wow , just like the other cruise line the people that work hard every day and can only cruise once a year get 3rd class treatment . What is next the rooms on the bottom deck only. The Cruise business with all the changes for the worse are going to get people to back to all inclusive islands.

  175. Linda says:

    John/Carnival this is a bunch of crap and frankly a slap in the face to the gold guest who have spent their hard earned money to get to gold. As loyal Carnival guest you offer a non name brand bottle of water that I didn’t even drink and left in the cabin for the next guest. A drink coupon on the last day of sailing is ridiculous and not to mention insulting. The only people who think this is a good idea is the diamonds and platinums, why cause they are still being treated special. I agree with other customers, it’s definitely time to explore other Cruise lines since our continued loyalty means nothing to Carnival. As said before two parties would have solved the problem, oh and putting someone on the door to check id’s. The party is out of control because Red/blue cards just walk in to the party because there is no check at the door. At the party you are offered drinks and food. Now you want to just give one drink coupon? When at the party tops you can have at least 5 drinks. I don’t even drink but I know a deal when I see one and also when someone is getting over on me. As one guest wrote you’re hoping most gold guest won’t even use the drink coupon that’s why it’s restricted to the last day. Keep your drink coupon and your cheap bottle of water neither one excites me or make me feel the need to be loyal to Carnival any more!!!!!! So sad for the gold guests. You should have at least offered two drink coupons to gold guest to be used at their discretion and again I don’t drink, so that means no loyalty to non drinking gold guests. Great way to reward our loyalty

  176. Rafael Brito says:

    Very disappointed !! Its time to get past guest upgrade with another cruise line.

  177. Jon Hawkins says:

    Welcome to Carnival, your Wal-mart of the high seas! We don’t care about you, it’s all about the bottom line!
    I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears, because if you cared about your loyal clients, you wouldn’t have come up with a stupid idea.
    Great plan, for your elite clients, keeping us, the unwashed trash away from them.
    Guess I’ll never know about that platinum status, but, unfortunately, I already have two more cruises booked with you, but I’m not liking you much right now. Keep that bottle of water, although it is an unbelievably generous offer, hopefully that will improve your bottom line.
    By the way, your parties have really gone downhill over the years and it isn’t because of any crowds, it’s because you cheapened them up so.
    Good luck! I really wouldn’t want your job.

  178. Bruce A. Utegg says:

    I would just like to Thank You for all you do for us. I will be retireing soon and look forward to becoming a Platinum Card member. Again thanks for all you do, keep up the good work.


  179. Tim Pohto says:

    Thanks a lot for another Carnival ripoff. with 60 cruise days you just took the wind out of our sails, keep taking from the gold and give to the rich! The party was a great way to meet people, but I guess we don’t count. As for your overpriced $9.00 drink you might as well give it to the platinum and use your nickel bottle of water to bless them. Looks like time to start looking for another cruise line.

  180. Tony Lishman says:

    Carnival is really getting to be something. The larger the ships are the more crowded everything and everybody is. The swimming pools are nearly impossible to use as are the whirlpools. THen you have the crew pushing contestents to do vulgar grinding acts during the hairy man contest and contestants putting balloons under shirts which sometimes compromise their covering of their body and all this in front of kids of all ages. Way to go, in helping teach kids that if you get drunk then its okay to do vulgar acts to complete strangers in public. Now if you are not first to a comedy show you are out of luck cause its full. As is the showtime programs or you have to sit where you cannot even see whats going on. And if you are lucky enough to get in the showtime shows, more than likely its the same show you’ve seen 4 times already on other ships. Now that you’re destroying the opportunity to have enough space for people to enjoy places like the pool, gym, shows, lido deck, now youre taking away some of the amenities that you’ve already given. Wow. What else can yall do to make the cruise even more of a disappointment??

  181. Shannon McArthur says:

    I am very disappointed in this change. I loved the party, and I just became Gold on my last cruise. We turned down a free Norwegian Cruise this July in favor of the two Carnival cruises we still have planned this year. All our friends that we travel with are Gold! We can go be appreciated on another cruise line. We never tried them before, out of loyalty.

  182. Peter Carer says:

    way too many people attending party.this I agree,, but I don’t with the drink coupon.Should be able to use it anytime,and drinks with the brunch should be able to use anytime..Other lines are offering better deals now .Ncl is setting the standard.

  183. Gina Pellettera says:

    I will be sailing the end of November. With the completion of this cruise I will be Platinum. Since this cruise will make me platinum, will I receive the invite and special privileges as a platinum for this cruise?

    VIFP. 158609115

    Love carnival and can’t wait to continue with my loyalty

  184. GEORGE says:

    Over the last two years, my wife and I have been continually surprised at how a company like Carnival, that seemed to get everything right in the customer relations department, has for those two years, moved from blunder to blunder.

    This latest shrinkage of benefits is but one more mistake made by the corporate ‘bean counters’, who are now, obviously in charge. Instead of cutting all of the ‘gold card’ members out of the VIP party and making them angry about, yet another cut, they should have been given a different, lower cost ‘party’ that included one free drink, coupled with a change in the requirements to qualify for a ‘gold card’. Had that been done, there would have been no hard feelings and no lost customers.

    It is apparent that the corporation is now run by the accounting department. It is a good thing to maximize efficiencies. But when the ‘bean counters’ rule, and the corporation loses sight of it’s original purpose, serving it’s customers, the end result is a corporation that has no customers. Ask Apple, or GM, or Blackberry or a thousand other corporations what happens when they ignore their customers in deference to their accounting department.

    There is an old saying in every school of economics; “No company can cut it’s way to profitability”. Hasn’t happened yet and it appears with Carnival, it isn’t going to happen here. How very sad for a once flourishing cruise line. ” If they could see me now . . …. . .. “

  185. Pam says:

    I agree that the parties were getting crowed, and certainly not accommodating as people would take/order 2 or more drinks and the appetizers were things we wouldn’t even eat. I do think the people that are platinum or diamond should be able to maybe have the party separate and with the captain or something but to take away the party entirely for the others that have already earned it?! And yeah to give us a drink to use on the last day/ and at breakfast or brunch most people don’t or won’t use it because they will forget about it, or because they don’t drink until later in the day and then on the last day some people may not feel like having a drink knowing they need to be up so early to the dinging of the speakers and announcements.
    I think the party should be in the earlier part of the week, because it is a nice opportunity to meet new people, especially if it’s in one of the lounges and not the big place. *Idea- Have a couple smaller parties (pull names if you have to, to see who goes what day or what time/due to their dinner)
    And for the bottled water?! Who and when did this ever come about? I haven’t ever received one, or heard of this?! We have paid plenty for bottled water and if we didn’t have to I wouldn’t have.
    I was so disappointed on our last cruise because, I finally was able to be apart of the casino “promo deal” and then they didn’t even do any of the fun stuff that they did 6 mths. prior on another Carnival boat.
    I tried signing up for the mixology contest and they didn’t pick me (yes I get that there are a lot of people that sign up) but then someone didn’t show up the day of and they just picked some random “joe blow” and guess what the “show” wasn’t fun to watch the director kept telling them to do something, make it fun, blah blah, now the hairy chest contest is almost always fun! But come on, I have a lot to say but not going to say everything on here; Carnival isn’t getting any cheaper in charging most of us but is getting cheaper in a lot of other ways and a lot of people aren’t going to like it.
    I just wish Carnival was a little more customer service friendly from our last 2 trips, we are trying it one more time but I am going to sadly have to say that if this one isn’t any better that we will just have to stick to our others that we go on as well. In the end, we do and have enjoyed Carnival.

  186. Shirley A. Green says:

    This is a slap in the face!!!! Carnival waited until everyone booked and then we get a email. Very unprofessional. Carnival you got to do better!!!!!!!!

  187. Peggy ludwig says:

    Sounds Like you don’t want gold members to become platinum. You took away the right for a drink at brunch or breakfast, and gave us what??? Water!!!! Now we loose the rights to the appreciation event. Royal Caribbean is starting to look much better. We have 3cruises book and carnival is only getting one. Might be our last since you don’t appreciate us as customers. This will come back to hurt you in the long run. So long.

  188. Chris Stamm says:

    I have been cruising 4 times with Carnival since 2003. I loved it at first – quality fun. I should have already done my 5th cruise with my fiancee and then planned a wedding cruise on the Carnival line. I had a concern on customer service during an emergency pre-cruise so currently am planning the 5th now. Year after year, Carnival becomes more and more away from the “Fun Ships” and instead the “Bargain Bottom Dollar” Line. After 4 visits and 25+ days on your Line, I receive a bottle of water and 1 complimentary drink ticket? Blow me over – and maybe it’ll be onto the next cruise line. Not a fan of this change.

  189. Natasha Brooks says:

    I just received my Gold card 🙂 🙂 and scheduled my next cruise for this Nov. I was so excited to attend the social as a Gold card member and to find out it has been taken away is just heart breaking.
    My fellow traveler is not yet a Gold member and now there is no difference between me and her. I don’t drink so the $9 drink voucher will do me no good 🙁 Carnival I can cruise with any line but I choose you, please make me feel like a valued customer.

  190. Wanda Sisemore says:

    Not very happy with Carnival. Since there are to many of us, we must be a big part of you business—-now you want to take away a “perk” because there is to many of us? Don’t understand that! Oh that free bottle of water is a real big reason to cruise with Carnival. Other cruise line out there that would really like to have us!

  191. Dear John: I have been loyal to Carnival just to get the privilege of being very important within your company, if cutting a simple party is going to make the company rich go ahead and cut one more thing to make us feel that we are not worth it for your company. On the contrary, you should give us more important levels than diamond and platinum we are trying to get there. You are the expert..think about it.

  192. Phil S says:

    Seriously – who is going to be bought by a free drink and a bottle of water (??) (I agree with a previous poster – as a Senior Cruise Director, surely you did wince as you wrote that). In any case, when a company embarks on a loyalty program, it needs to be very very careful with changes. You’ve effectively cut back service when you could simply have offered a ‘more’ exclusive party on a different night for your diamond and platinum customers – without ticking off and alienating the gold members by effectively saying – “we do love you.. just not as much as those guys and not quite as much as before.. But, if you’re good and spend more with us, we’ll surely love you more, again, unless our requirements for love change again, between now and then.”

  193. Enes Cunningham says:

    Although we are gold members, we sailed on the first carnival ship 33 years ago. I would like to find out if our cruise count is correct. Is there any way to go back and see how many cruise we took with carnival. We will be sailing with you in 3 weeks after a long break with carnival. Hopefully it will bring us back. Thank you.

  194. Brad says:

    We also changed from Red to Gold on our last cruise. We had an awesome time in the Main Theater having a couple of Tropical Drinks with hors d-oeuvres. We also had a great time on stage dancing a couple of line-dance style songs. Its sad that we won’t be able to take part in that for about 50 more sailing days until we get to Platinum. I hope that there aren’t too many of us Platinum members that they cut that out too. Platinum members… You’re next. When they get too many of you.. Guess what?

  195. Laurie says:

    Well once again we take a step backwards… Carnival is cutting back on everything. MUSIC..From no longer playing the awesome calypso music on the Lido deck at lunch time and through out the day to the SAME OLD BEETLE SHOWS AND GAMES HELD ON EVERY FRIGGIN SHIP!! …. We were also part of the bunch of cruisers that were punished and pushed back with the first cutback for the gold card members the first time around. (Not sure how long ago) We have seen the gradual decline of CCL but we STILL HAVE STAYED LOYAL & Faithful to you. I have so wanted to wander to Royal “C” but NO we haven’t!! Now you are giving me even more reason to. Perhaps giving a party to the Diamond and Platinum members in a smaller area could help relieve some of the congestion and give them a more private and relaxed area they seem to want if they do not want to be a part of us pee ons . You made promises to us and have pulled out the carpet AGAIN to the above average cruiser. My husband has finally retired We ARE going to cruise even more than previously(used to be once a year). We have cruised exclusively only with CCL WITH our 3 children… NEVER once was compensated for those sea days I paid for which could have been added to my cruise days to increase my gold level to platinum (I PAID FOR THE CRUISES kinda makes sense I get some kind of compensation) Unfortunately I just booked last week for a June Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan . Could have booked with RCCL with a $200 shipboard credit… Just saying..Very disappointed with you all. Shoulda …Coulda… Woulda… Next time! I will be the one waving when we pull out in front of the Carnival Ships!

  196. Beatrice williams says:

    It’s not fair that you are taking the vifp party away from the gold members and to top it off one drink on the last day why is that I hope you don’t think no one gon show up its a real slap in the face I think it’s time to start cruising with another cruise line maybe we will be appreciated more

  197. Peggy ludwig says:

    Your are so wrong, You are going to cost carnival a lot of customers. I have always incoraged people to book with carnival. I have been on the phone calling all. I have told them all to go royal Caribbean, carnival doesn’t care about all there people anymore. They are only looking out for the elite. But the elite will run out eventually. I hope the replace you, you don’t know your job. I have 35 year experience taking care of customers. And let me tell you you stink at it.

  198. Peggy ludwig says:

    Long may our loyalty continue, fat chance of that. What a load of crap.

  199. Jan Mills says:

    I am pretty upset about this considering my last cruise with you was my 5th carnival cruise and I in turn receive the free coupon for a drink good for any day of the cruise and also the party. Also once again to express my dissatisfaction for the fact you got rid of the buy $100 towards your next cruise and get $200. Little things like the above mentioned is why people come back to carnival. I however will have second thoughts before booking again.

  200. Jean says:

    Having a cruise booked for June and inviting friends now is a real blow for this Gold Member.
    I am deeply disappointed to read the negative reviews from the Platium and Diamond Members, it seems they feel they are better than the rest of the Carnival Cruisers.
    Well, my money spends anywhere! I will go back to the other lines that still appreciate their business and want returned customers and guests!

  201. Nadine Couture says:

    First you do away with the nice Captain party where we use to get free drinks and hors-d’oeuvre’s to a Captain walk down the hall (and we get dressed up for this???) to discounted Martinis. Now you take away the GOLD party. WHAT NEXT?

  202. Jackie says:

    I do not see this coupon for Gold Members . Where is it posted to have and submit for the free drink and water bottle?

  203. Lisa porter says:

    So disappointed. You want us and then when you get us you say there are too many of us…???
    I don’t cruise for the party, but seriously a $9 drink coupon? I for one will not be standing in the huge lines on the last night for a free drink, esp when I have already paid for my drinks with the Cheers card, which I can get any day, anytime. So really what does the coupon do for me??????
    Other cruise lines give real perks, so you really do feel appreciated.

    • Mark says:

      I feel they should credit your account 9 dollars per person if you have the cheers package

  204. Joan says:

    We are Gold Members and are cruising next month. Talk about kicking loyal “VIFP” members in the face. We all feel Very Important now, I am sure. I think you all are forgetting the Fun part, there at Carnival. Seriously, a bottle of water? Pathetic.

  205. Patricia McKeegan says:

    OK but for most of us who buy the liquor pkg…..freee drink????????? Gols does not mean much?????

  206. karl brown says:

    What complimentary bottle of water? Also why does tbe free drink voucher have retrictions about when it can be used if you value our business.

  207. Sheryl says:

    I will be cruising on cruise lines other than Carnival from now on. The VIFP loyalty program is a joke for gold card holders. My issue is not with not being invited to the party. My issue is with how little Carnival thinks of its gold card cruisers. Loyalty goes two ways. If Carnival is not loyal to me as a gold card member, I feel no loyalty to Carnival.

  208. Donna Luciw says:

    Well there you go instead of trying to give your members more and better loyalty benefits like NORWEIGIAN, Carnival is taking them away. I guess you are happy with turning people away from your cruise line to another that treats their members better. BIG MISTAKE

  209. Hollis says:

    We loved our last cruise but the Gold party was a disaster. The room was so packed several people were standing. There was absolutely no checking invitations at the door. It was a free for all.

    We noticed a number of very large groups come in together where only one person was a gold or higher. Some we could not tell who had status based on the cards in their lanyards.

    I can understand enjoying the party with someone that is traveling in your cabin that is not VIFP but 15 people without any VIFP loyalty status in one group? How about limit it to a plus one or someone the VIFP cruiser booked and paid for? And for goodness sake, check for invitations at the door.

    • Mark says:

      Exactly what we have been saying, you are right on the money. why not just scan your sea card to gain access.

  210. Katherine Andrews says:

    I liked my free drink at the seaday brunch,so I don’t think the bottle of water is such a great thing. The timing of this single drink instead of a party is too restrictive or is that intentional so less people will use it?

  211. Renee says:

    Free drink coupon won’t do much good if you are doing the cheers program.

  212. Barbara Walker Towery says:

    I suppose y’all got to do what ya got to do. All these changes is taking the F out of the fun. By our next cruise I’m sure y’all will change something else and be just like every other cruise line. “restrictive”.
    Insult to injury. I’m just saying!

  213. Theresa Dunham says:

    Dislike this change for us gold club members very much. I know from my experiences that I would have 2-3 drinks at the party plus appetizers.

    The change is a “demotion” in my opinion.

    What they should have done was to make it a little harder to reach gold , instead for of punishing those that came through the last program to get pushed back and now this!

  214. Rick says:

    I understand the need for the change to the VIFP party. The conciliation prize to Gold members is a BIG INSULT. On a positive note, we cruise 3-4 times a year. Lately always on Carnival. We just booked our next cruise on the Star Princess. I know Carnival Corp. still reaps the money…but at least we aren’t giving it directly to Carnival Cruise.

  215. Steve says:

    A real set back for Carnival. Margin unfortunately rules as king and passenger loyalty takes yet another step back. If truly a more intimate atmosphere is the goal have the party split in 2. It’s a shame to mask this cost cutting as a benefit. At minimum have free drink available without restrictions.

  216. Frederick Karch says:

    Well as I can understand your problem the solution could be better. Maybe having a party for gold members who have sailed with you as many times as I have and then one for the others. As I have many choices in cruise lines Carnival will probably be my last choice in the future. Not that the party means that much to me, it’s the principal. Prices keep going up and benefits decline. Not good customer service when there are many other choices to look at.

  217. Nadine Devincenzi says:

    Good Morning John
    As a Gold Card holder, I do appreciate a few of the “PERKS” given to us for our loyalty to Carnival and realize that changes are necessary in any business. However,eliminating the party and replacing it with a drink ticket is fine if you feel that will work better, but with restrictions
    is not a GOOD IDEA. These are INCENTIVES that cause passengers to create a LOYALTY to Carnival for appreciating them. REMOVE the incentives from those who have sailed with you repeatedly, and YES, remove the loyalty. On our last 4 day cruise recently, I commented that the chocolates were not in our room in the evening…a little “perk” that was gone but NOTICED, that’s the KEY FACTOR!
    Thank you

  218. Wayne Savoy says:

    You can keep your $9 drink coupon on the last day. I used to really really really enjoy our past guest gold member party. This really burns me up ! ! ! I think i’ll see what NCL and Royal Carribean has to offer me instead ! I’M very very upset with CCL right now…..BUMMER !

  219. Sarah Oneson says:

    Just another reason to find another Cruise Line. When I can afford to go, we look forward to the parties. But believe when I say the last was a dud.

  220. Margaret Shelton says:

    Sounds like a smart and efficient plan. Instructed my financial advisor to add Carnival stock to my portfolio only yesterday so greatly all your efforts to update and improve on what I feel is impeccable service already.

  221. Ellen Klapper says:

    Sorry to hear this I looked forward to the party , Felt special . Your $9. Drink means nothing to me . I’m already buying the drink package . Cruising Nov.8, 7 days , April 17,2016, 7 days and ready to book a 7 day Oct.,2016. Good news for me . I don’t need to be only looking at your cruise line anymore
    No need for me to strive to new levels when I get there and you take them away . I was upset when I wasn’t invited to the party on my last cruise . Blow it off as over sight . Guess it wasn’t an over sight . Have fun on your line but will be trying others . Have two groups of different people wanting to go to Alaska and Hawiia . You have freed me up to shop around .

  222. Mary says:

    It just takes too long to reach your levels. I have been sailing since the 70’s but do to not have receipts 15 years later I was cheated out of 3 cruises. Therefore I am working double hard on getting to the platinum level I am currently gold I think loyal customers deserve more than we get.

  223. Kathleen says:

    Well thanks for showing your true colors. Hope you are getting caught up on your rest John.
    Taking away something that someone has already earned is never the way to go under any circumstance. We all in our group will be switching to another cruise line that is not associated with Carnival so you won’t have to worry about us being part of the ” mob”. We have been loyal to Carnival for years but obviously we have overstayed our welcome.

  224. Austin Smith says:

    Geez,, maybe time to look at OTHER CRUISE LINES.. don’t like the change,,, i’ve never got free Water…. and i already get a free drink coupon.. Carnival,, you are going downhill fast… wake up or be last in line.. too bad i ‘m booked for the Oct 31st cruise,, shoulda looked elsewhere – not happy :((

  225. Nelson Medina says:

    I’m about to become A platinum member and I don’t think this is right!!!
    My wife and I were so happy to go to the VIFP & it’s a shame that the new Gold members are going to miss wonderful experience!!!

  226. Helen Calliway says:

    My husband and I are Gold Card holders. We have been sailing with Carnival since 2010 on a yearly basis. This is a family event that we do in the summer. I really enjoy cruising with Carnival and I have enjoyed the VIFP parties on the ship. Yes it may be a lot of people, but it was fun. I was disappointed when they took away the free drink coupon and replacing with a bottle of water. And, now to learn that the VIFP Party is going to be restricted to only Platinum and Diamond Card holders is like a slap in the face especially when you had already been doing it for Gold Card holders. And the solution to having too many people that qualify for the party and no enough room is an excuse. Just Like you said, have two parties . A suggestion would be gave a party for Gold Card holders and one for Platinum and Diamond Card holders. I simply think this is not a good move. Honestly I don’t like the idea. What else will Carnival take away next?

  227. stephen j micheau says:

    your news is shocking and disheartening. we have enjoyed being gold members and trying our hardest to reach platinum to enjoy even more perks, but now to get knocked backwards is inexcusable.I suppose that if and when I do manage to make it to platinum you will remove perks from that as well. even though my g/f don’t drink, we do enjoy the party for other reasons, so this token compensation is a joke. being disabled and on a fixed income, I have struggled to save enough as it is to go on a carnival cruise. I have praised and recommended carnival to anybody and everybody in the past,however with the problems I had on our last carnival cruise with no satisfaction because carnival refused to accept responsibility for and now taking away from us gold members, you just lost my loyalty.

  228. Nelson Deus says:

    Viajero frecuente en Carnival, otras lineas asociadas y otras no asociadas pero con programas adecuados en prestaciones y costos.
    Edad, 81, viajo con mi esposa de 79 y con alguno de mis cinco nietos en alguna oportunidad. Disfrutamos del turismo de crucero, nos complica que viviendo en Uruguay tenemos un alto costo de aereos para movernos a los puntos de partida. Noa veremos en breve.

  229. Sandy Cecil Head says:

    I have heard that some members complained and received bottles of champagne and a 50 OBC. I book a back to back as I became a gold member looking forward to attending parties as well.

    sorry to say your timing is very off this year.

    Sincerely Disappointed


  230. jacqueline freeman says:

    some gold members should move up try adding age and number of cruise ..lets say total of 25 move up to the next tier
    as added bonus ..

  231. calvin jones says:

    Its a shame that after all these years of cruising and bringing other couples along that you find it neccesary to forget about the gold members and limit us to one drink on the last day of sailing shame on you!

  232. Bailey says:

    I suspect Royal Caribbean will be writing a “thank you” card to Carnival for sending all their gold member guests to look at other cruise lines. Naïve move, beards.

  233. Walter Wegener says:

    I am thinking of canceling our cruise on Carnival we have booked for May 2016. I am in agreement with many who think that having a Gold card is about as good as not having a card at all. We have been faithful Carnival cruisers for four cruises. I don’t know if there will be a fifth.

  234. John says:

    Went on the Sunshine over Thanksgiving 2014, and that slam full VIFP party with all the gold, plat, & diamond people was truly the best part of the cruise. We partied with everyone. Take away the gold people from the VIFP parties and the fun shall disappear.

    And that is the ONLY crowded VIFP party we have ever been to after 7 yrs cruising with CCL. Went on the Paradise over Spring Break 2015, and the VIFP party was DEAD with maybe 50 people. Before that, it was the Fantasy over Spring Break 2014 and it was DEAD with maybe ~30 people. CCL is changing their VIFP gold perk over a problem that MIGHT exist on certain holiday cruises on specific boats. And those crowded parties, with all the members, absolutely ROCK.

    This is a totally half baked idea, and this “crowded party” excuse is just that – a convenient excuse. It will definitely be intimate when all 3 of the plat & diamond members show up.

  235. Donna Luciw says:

    WOW why did you remove my comment? If you didn’t like what I had to say then why ask?

    • Donna Luciw says:

      Wow ok now it’s there again, I did a page refresh and it was gone, left the follow up on why was it deleted and then voila it’s there again. Sorry thought you deleted my 1st comment

  236. Jeffrey Hall says:

    Wow! A $9 drink with restrictions to boot! What an insult! The party was nice because I felt Carnival really did appreciate our repeat business and for being loyal Carnival patrons. My family and I spend a lot of money while we’re sailing. Sometimes you have to look at more than the bottom line. If you really appreciate your clients, then show it. I was planning another cruise for our 30th wedding anniversary. A group of 11 of us, but now I am having second thoughts and will check out other “non Carnival” cruise lines. I will take my business where it is truly appreciated! You may have lost a group of very loyal customers.

  237. Joan says:

    Way to make Gold Members feel unimportant. I feel just as special as a first time cruiser. Thumbs up, Carnival.

  238. sam says:

    I just cruised the Valor and it stank of raw sewage constantly!! The service sucked!!
    My cabin was dirty when we entered with dirty wet towels in the closet,holes in the lamp shades,side tables damaged,both blankets with blood stains!! I complained and was promised it would be promptly cleaned but never was!!
    One night they closed of access to the back of the ship to guests to include the only late night food(pizza) so the crew could have a party in off duty clothes and bathing suits carrying their towels while guests looked on very confused about what the hell we had just witnessed WTF? Has happened to Carnival??

    • sam says:

      John your even dumber than you look!!
      I hope Carnival loses thousands of customers due to your horrible service and cheap unappreciative attitude towards guests especially Gold members.

  239. Bill Francusco says:

    Bad move on your part just lost a lot of loyal customers. We always looked to book carnival first now we have lost incentive for you to be our first choice

  240. mike hutt says:

    Been on four 4 days one 5 day and three 7 days in three years but no more, looking like we are going to take my vacations to NCL. They don’t do the take aways. You and keep your one drink bone!

  241. Anthony gervasi says:

    I’ve been on 10 carnival cruises, and now I’m not important enough for the very important fun person party -_- are you kidding! Give a party for gold and another party for diamond!
    Thanks for letting me know I am not a important fun person. I appreciate the acknowledgement for being a loyal carnival cruiser -_-

  242. Andrew says:

    I’m almost Platinum, but I’ll have to make due for the next 2 cruises with this new policy … but why are you making the drink coupon so restrictive? First you take away the drink coupon in lieu of a bottle of water, then replace an awesome party with a restrictive coupon. For all the money we spend on board you really could just make it usable anytime & anywhere on board. Don’t let the corporate bean-counting trolls win on this one, John!

  243. Eileen Borne says:


    Cruising is a bargain in itself, where can one go on a vacation and be so pampered for the cost of a cruise. One can hardly stay home and spend as little as the cost of a cruise.

    When I learned that I had reached the “Gold” VIFP level I was surprised because I didn’t know one was recognized for having a good time and it did make me feel a little special. The cut back on the party for Gold level and replacing it with a Free drink is really kind of an insult. Why would you even have a “Gold” level if you didn’t intend on honoring the loyalty of your clients for the long term. As one other person said, You (Carnival) shouldn’t give something and then take it away again. It’s just bad PR. Shame on you! You should be embarrassed to make such a decision and then try to sell it to the public like it’s a really good thing. (Although, it may be for the stock holders.) The Party wasn’t that great to begin with, so why do away with it?

    Bad decision!

  244. lisa says:

    the last couple of times that I went on carnival, I was very disappointed, they have turned into the KMart of cruise lines

  245. Dee says:

    I am not a drinker nor do I like crowds,therefore I have never attended a VIFP party. However I do think with the money I spend and since I can easily go to another cruise line it would seem if Carnival wanted to recognize me they can either offer a shipboard credit or at least give me an option of some sort rather than stipulating such a meager offer just because they had no forethought that this would blossom to something than could no longer control in a graceful manner.

  246. Brett says:

    More money saving cuts from Carnival. After my cruise out of San Juan on 6/1 I will be only 3 points from diamond so it’s not the end of the world but just one more step backwards from making repeat guests feel “extra special” in the last 5 years the food has steadily declined along with other services. Went from having our socks knocked off to feeling more like herded cattle.
    Brett D Martin

  247. Katherine says:

    I am a Gold member and booked two cruises back to back three months ago, I am leaving on Sunday. When I booked the cruises I was looking forward to the party. I guess now I am uninvited. Tell me something, when I am a Platinum (very soon) will I get cut from all of the benefits too? Perhaps you need to evaluate your program…let the gold members have their party (after all there really isn’t any benefits) and have the Plat and Diamond have their own party.

  248. Carmen says:

    This is really good, but I think that should give more free, discount, upgrade to people that been cruising for more that 8 years. I’m happy anyway. I love Carnival.

    PS: The one bottle of water its that complimentary (free)?

  249. Sophia C. Barsimantov says:

    What happens when one is Gold and her sister,
    who is traveling with her, is either Platinum or Diamond? Gold looks thru the glass while her sister is enjoying herself?
    I don’t think this is fair at all

  250. Les Wolff says:

    I have been stuck in the Gold level but I believe you have not counted and considered all the Carnival cruises my wife and I have taken. We may have two VIFP no.s. Please consider this.

  251. Michael Hunt says:

    I’m sorry to read that an overabundance of people who’ve been loyal to carnival and given you repeat business for more than 25 sailing days is now considered a burden to carnival. To help relieve this issue for you I’ll be calling to cancel my 7 day sailing for 3 people in a balcony room in December and giving that business to one of the other lines sailing out of San Juan.

  252. russell says:

    I just read the new changes in the vifp appreciation party. I feel it was not the reward of receiving a drink for free, but rather, the fact that the company recognized that the loyal cruisers should be given recognition for choosing carnival over all the other cruise lines to spend their hard earned money on. I am not a person that cruises for the drinking but at the party my husband and I enjoyed meeting other cruisers that talk about how much we enjoy carnival and how they make us feel a little special for being loyal. On my upcoming cruise in June I will not have a feeling of appreciated until we pay more money. I am feeling left out……..

  253. Annie says:

    WOW, I worked hard to get to Gold, now I’m not sure what to think about this change! Now, you’re offering me a coupon that’s only good for the last day of the cruise(?) this is something I got every year since I was Gold. I look forward to the VIP party this gives me the opportunity to speak with fellow cruisers about where they’ve been and what ship they love, as a recommendation from fellow cruiser I have scheduled my vacation by their word of mouth. I’m feeling a little left out here. Maybe a online suggestion or survey could have helped Carnival to come to a better decision cause it would be coming from the people who actually spend the money. (WOW what a concept). Any who, I really do enjoy my Carnival cruises and look forward to the next one which is already scheduled, just wanted to comment on the change. My vote if it helps not a good decision.

  254. James Adams says:

    Okay! Let me understand this. You are giving us as Gold members a free drink (which you recently took away) and placing restrictions on when we can have it. You are taking away a party where there are essentially many free drinks,(for those who want them) snacks, a chance to socialize with fellow cruisers, and
    to feel really appreciated by your company. Yeah! That’s a smart move. But not near as smart as my move to another cruise line.
    I am currently booked on a 7 day cruise with Carnival in November and was about to book for a cruise back to Aruba. For the November cruise I have 4 family members who I also talked into going and I booked them as well.
    That will be, however , be my last Carnival cruise.
    I can see me acquiring 74 points and Carnival changing their requirements again. I am retired and do not need the uncertainty. Bad move Carnival!!!

  255. Terry says:

    Shocking to say the least, oh wait, no it isn’t. Carnival has learned well to employ the same thing that the airlines are already implementing. We have the customer base now, so why do we have to reward them with anything. John is just the messenger and doesn’t need to be shot, unless he was in on the planned change. The brass at CCL, doesn’t care about the broadest customer range they have. Well done. Keep your $9.33 (drink and water). If I can afford to take a cruise, I can afford that on another line and pay for my own drink instead not feeling any value as a loyal customer.

  256. Annie Evans says:

    I didn’t get any treats at the vifp party on the sunshine on 4-25-15 until 5-2-15 .the waiters didn’t come upstairs like they did on the lower floor I also had trouble with my breakfast two days in a row I am pleased with the changes because the gold cards members like to get something like the diamond& platinum members.

  257. Theodore R Hart says:

    Bad idea, looks like I will be sailing RCL from now on.

  258. Thomas Daly says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I recently made the gold level and I’m very upset that Carnival has reduced the gold level perks to what seems like a small token gesture. I have no problem with having a more intimate Platinum, Diamond gathering as they deserve what they have attained. I think that Carnival should give a party to the gold level patrons too. You need to re-think the gold level status and see that it is really not much more than a complimentary bottle of water. It is not much of an incentive at this point. I’ve made two cruises already this year and have another planned in December. I may need to check out another cruise line for future cruises.

  259. jenny garcia says:

    Well I read the change for gold vifp , I’m not agree with those changes , you should leaving the way what they are. Some people we make the effort and sacrifice go on cruise and try to make a gold vifp . I know we don’t get a some privileged like to be a diamond or platinum , but I’m feel happy to be a gold vifp . thanks
    Why taking away the only thing we get for be a gold .

  260. Robert Gosvener says:

    It may be time to switch back to royal Caribbean! The amenities are better for loyal customers.

  261. steve says:

    this is my second writing and now that I have had time to think about things, I have additional comments. having not sailed since last November, and reading others comments it looks like they have taken much more than just the gold members attending the party. once again it seems the people with the money gets all the perks while us little guys who struggle to afford these trips to get some perks get stabbed in the reach platinum or diamond you either have plenty of money to cruise often or lots of time and money. having been to the captains party,”being a gold member”, it seems the least john could have done was to grandfather us I have stated in my first comments, my loyalty to carnival is over. if carnival can’t be loyal to us, why should we bother to be loyal to them! that would only be stupid.

  262. Unwelcomed guest says:

    Totally disappointed. One thing about Carnival that kept us coming back was the hospitality. The welcome back party was part of it….now my shipmates and all have been UNWELOCOMED!!!! It was a fun party, people cheered for the ships they sailed on, the band played on…, we got a few drinks…or maybe only one. Johnny boy, when you unwelcome people, its a kick in the pants. Time to shop around. The cutbacks now are pathetic….really. Captain’s welcome party, nope. Midnite fancy buffet….gone. Brunch drink taken away. Chocolates gone. Welcome party gonzo. I’m actually embarrassed for you. Carnival has too many loyal customers??? So, your solution is to dump them… Others suggested, make two parties—-duh??? One for Platinum and Diamond, then one for the Goldies. Carnival needs to change its name from the “Fun ships” to “the profit squeezer ships”. 10 cruises with Carnival Corp, I’ve had enough. RCL, NCL, DCL here I come. A bientot….uh not really, so long pal.

  263. Chuck says:

    A change was necessary. I am a Gold member and during my latest cruise on the BREEZE the gathering was truely a mob scene. The bartenders, wait staff and support personel were overwelmed by the crowd. It was not a party atmosphere!! I agree with the diamond and platinum changes. However, my suggestion is to provide the GOLD rated passengers with a drink voucher that may be used at any time during their cruise. I believe Princess RUBY cruisers have that option. This would satisfy me and it would reduce bartender, wait staff, dishwashing and overall waste of liquor and food.
    “I wont miss snacks.”

  264. peter says:

    You need to be careful. As a gold member, I too do not feel the love. Wall street is hurting you as you keep trying to squeeze profit. We see how your shows onboard have really fallen off since we started cruising. Get back to your core competency of providing a truly valuable customer intimate experience on the high seas. I don’t see the incentive anymore of tipping. It is now expected as you take it directly from my bill each day instead of having your crew earn it through the week. What is the incentive for good service now? Thank you for your consideration.

  265. Jennie McConathy says:

    My husband, Warren, & I are platinum members. Please correct this error because all communication says gold status.
    Thank you,

  266. Johnson Fisher says:

    Making the change impact current members at any level is a really bad idea. If you want to do something more intimate and special for Platinum and Diamond, that becomes an increased motivation for loyalty. When you TAKE back an EARNED reward, the name for that is stealing and leaves anyone with a brain, Gold Diamond or Platinum, wondering what you will unilaterally TAKE back next. Please re-think this idea and remove the retroactive impact. Make Gold harder to get in the future, give more rewarding things to Platinum and Diamond, but don’t steal anything from those who have been Loyal to you, instead be Loyal to them and keep the cost of this from tarnishing the Carnival brand.

  267. Amy says:

    We were trying to decide if we want to go on Carnival again or try something else. Thanks for making that decision easy. And please, do not insult our intelligence and say this is about the customer experience. People were drinking several drinks at the party. You are replacing it with one restricted drink the last day. This was all about the bottom line for Carnival. Way to tick off your loyal guests!! Now there is NO incentive–oh, wait, we still get a pin, right??

  268. Toy Duncan says:

    I am a gold card holder and have no issue with the VIFP program changes. Just one more reason for us to work harder to get to platinum status!!!

  269. Peggy Kight says:

    I don’t know why you think that the party is so important. I would much prefer a choice, between priority boarding, maybe a complimentary soda package, priority disembarking. You’ve already changed the gap between the gold and platinum so much that it means nothing to be gold. Now you come up with a plan to further diminish the gold status. I’ve already said I won’t sail out of Tampa again, and I’m making list of old ships that I won’t sail on anymore, maybe I’ll have to rethink Carnival altogether.

  270. Berny says:

    Guess this will be our last cruise on Carnival, I am sorry I talked all the kids to go on Carnival when they wanted to switch to NCL…

  271. Leslie Mulet says:

    Nice try mate, gold members already receive a free drink coupon which can be used in the dining room at lunch. How is this loyalty to customers? First Carnival makes it harder to reach Platinum status and then you start to take away rewards from Gold members?

  272. Betty Ann Raymond says:

    My husband and myself were cruising exclusively on Carnival looking forward to reaching platinum soon but since you have cut back on our Gold benefits we are booking our next cruise (15 day Hawaii) with Princess. We are also planning an Alaskan cruise in 2016 and will probably go with Norwegian. Our loality isn’t as important to you as it was. The two up coming Cruises we already booked may be our last.

  273. Maria says:

    Freebies? I am gold and I did not know about the benefits. I had cruise 18 times with differents lines. Please, give me a break, I go to a cruise to enjoy and to visit new ports. I really don’t care about any changes in the status or color in the cards. Anyway, Carnival is fun, a lot of food, activities, my cabin is clean everyday, I do not have to cook and clean for couple of days, price $$$ is good. What else can I ask. Just aboard the vessel and have fun. Thanks Carnival for make my vacations unique. I see you in Splendor from NY now in June.

  274. Georgeann Gioe says:

    i am extremely disappointed to learn of the changes for Gold card members. We have been loyal Carnival cruisers since 1998. We have been on 7 cruises or 49 days including a European Cruise. We have booked the maiden voyage of the Vista which is another European cruise. We have been Gold FOREVER! Now you take away our party and replace it with a last night drink. This must be a joke but I am not laughing. I will be looking to book on your competitors ships from now on. Where is your loyalty for someone who has been sailing with you for 17 years?

  275. Reuben Pena says:

    This will be my last cruise with Carnival. What a bunch of cheap skates. I’m sure other cruise company’s will appreciate my gold status. As for your $9.00. Keep it. I’m calling Carnival this week to cancel my next cruise. Thanks for nothing.

  276. Robert says:

    Where to begin, now, I don’t mind the party becoming more exclusive. However, I feel that Gold members got a terrible “deal”. Not only was the free drink taken away early this year, only to be brought back, but now with limitations. So, no member party and a really short time to enjoy the “courtesy” drink. In the end Gold members are just demoted to Red membership. Forget the Free bottle of water… water is already free at the Lido and Restaurants. Not much of a benefit for sailing frequently to brag about free water. I’m not asking for inclusions like platinum and diamond members, but something to make Gold members “feel” like their status is just more than a color change from Red to Gold.

  277. Nicky says:

    What a slap in the face for peop,e who have been cruising with you for years ! All of the money my family and I have given to Carnival and now I get a bottle of water and a coupon for a drink in the last night of the cruise? Oh wait, I get another restricted coupon to use to go along with it too….I think it’s time to become loyal to another cruise line. I

  278. Shirley Anderson says:

    We always enjoyed the party and a drink coupon only good for a certain day of our trip isn’t good. Why not have a Gold only party?
    The drink coupons have such stipulations they are hard to use and for non drinkers they have NO use!
    For those of us who are loyal cruisers more and more keep gets taken away. John talk to the beards and see what can be done for the gold members besides a coupon.

  279. Reuben Pena says:

    My group of 22 gold members are on the Magic leaving June 21. We are calling Royal Carribean today to see if they will treat us better than the company we’ve used for years. I use to tell people that Carnival were the fun ships, even with all that occurred this past few years when Carnival was being called the shit bowls of the sea, I defended Carnival. Instead of shit bowls of the sea, I’ll simply tell friends to try another company.

  280. DOLORES LIGON says:

    What are the criterion for each levels? I am gold but don’t know how far off I am from Platinum m

  281. Dan Carter says:

    The right thing to do is grandfather those of us Gold members who have already booked a cruise. Not sure why carnival didnt see this coming and grandfather those who are already gold instead of taking away what we were promised. Shame on you Carnival

  282. Richard Payne says:

    WOW….wait until we book another cruise to drop this bomb on us! Another gift snatched away from those who deliver you your paychecks. I agree with some of the others who have left comments…there are nonCarnival Cruise Lines to CRUISE on! Shall we make a list and share it twice….sorry this could be my last mistake with Carnival.

  283. Pam says:

    I’m gold and slogging the long way to Platinum, but eventually I’ll get there.
    Regarding the party – last cruise we didn’t even go. The time before, when we got there, (1/2 way through), the staff were already spending their time cleaning up where people had left and no one at all was distributing new drinks. Since I don’t drink, and they don’t offer non-alcoholic stuff, this wasn’t too annoying, but what caused us to quit going was honestly that people didn’t socialize much – just chat among their own group. In the past, I remember more formal gatherings where people actually walked around and met new people at the party! So basically, the party wasn’t much of a reward for us anyhow. I do enjoy the bottles of water better than having a a party. It seems that allowing us to get the free drink anywhere on the ship on the last sea day is much nicer than the old one where you could only get it during the daylight in the dining room. I don’t see the need for complaint here – it seems to me that Carnival has removed the part I didn’t like about the free drink coupon – Often I’d not make it to the dining room during the allotted time and missed out on my drink!

  284. Werner says:

    Seems every change is a take-away. If you have too many loyal Gold members, keep the VIFP party as is for Gold members only, give the higher level members another new party with perhaps more goodies. But taking things away from loyal members because there are too many – well, I will react to that by looking harder elsewhere to be loyal, to help you reduce your list.

  285. Paul Bjorlin says:

    Let me ask you this, what good is a drink coupon for someone that does not drink or already has purchased one of the drink packages? I never attend past passenger parties so getting rid of them from me being a gold member means nothing to me but doing that and giving a coupon for something that many do not need just shows me you really do not care about past passengers. Also I do not think your comments about sitting around in your underwear are funny in any way shape or form.

  286. Wanda says:

    Me an my hubby made the mistake of taking 9 cruises 5 or more days instead of 15 two an three day cruise.We would have spent less money but had more perks .Just cancel the return party an donate the funds to StJude I’m sure the platinum an Dimond cruisers would agree because not one person cruise for perks an just like they feel we should understand I’m sure they will.Keep the water an drink coupons an everyone should wash their own stuff as well as load the ship first come first to board take away all the perks they work so hard for just as us goal perks has been taken away from us All funds spent on any perk should be donated to StJude I’m sure no one would be selfish an not want that

  287. Chris R says:

    Like many others, I am once again upset at the decrease in benefits from the VIFP program. The very top of the VIFP page (, reads:
    “It’s simple. The more you cruise, the more little check marks you get.”
    Well, this now seems like false advertising since the more I cruise, the fewer checks I seem to have. Now, Gold members are not welcome at the “Gold/Platinum/Diamond” party on board. The reason given by Carnival is that they “felt the parties were just getting too large to show our appreciation”. So to show your appreciation, you just take it away? Does anybody who is currently Gold mind that this party is large? All the ones I have gone to still have plenty of seating, so it has never bothered me. I loved screaming and cheering for any ship I had been on before. Carnival Cruise Lines​, do you not realize that giving loyalty benefits like this is a huge reason why there are so many Gold members in the first place?? Now, you continue to take benefits away. First, my free drink on board was downgraded to a water earlier this year (I can get free water from room service and the Lido deck 24 hours a day, so this has no value to me). So now my party has turned to a free drink that I have to use on the very last night of the cruise (I’m sure this is strategic). To top that off, I received notice of this most recent loss of benefit TODAY, 4 days before my next cruise where I had already planned to attend this event, as I do on EVERY cruise. I have never missed one since I have been Gold since this is by far my favorite benefit of being a loyal Carnival customer.

    I suggest you start showing your “appreciation” by at least keep the loyalty benefits the same instead of chipping away at them until you no longer have loyal cruisers like me.

  288. Leonard Jehu Jr says:

    My past guest # is 6048553660. We are booked and paid to sail on the Carnival Magic from Galveston, Texas on Aug. 30, 2015. This will be our 7th straight cruise on Carnival. We have not cruised with any other Cruise Lines. You can be sure, with the announcement made above in the VIFP program, that I will now be looking at other Cruise Lines in the future. I now feel very much like a 2ND CLASS VIFP CARNIVAL CRUISER. Thank you very much.

  289. Jean says:

    This Gold cruiser doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. I don’t know of any cruise line that gives you the deals that Carnival does. I’ve always had a great time on Carnival and plan many more, I certainly won’t switch over a few drinks and snacks.

  290. Terry says:

    Well I didn’t go to the last Party anyway!
    But my wife enjoyed going to it. But it sounds like you have got to busy to take care of your Passengers! I will still cruise Carnival, cause I think it is the best deal on the market for a cruise. But if the cutbacks continue, I would think about a change. I have a cruise booked for October and I have paid to Embark early, so I hope you don’t disappoint me on that subject because of what the Elderly Gentleman said in a earlier post. I mean by all means let the people who need to board early do it first. But don’t let the same people cause you to stop allowing others to pay for the same. Thanks

  291. donna suriano says:


    Very disappointed with this change. Carnival is eliminating more and more each cruise I take. I took 4 carnival cruises between Jan 2014 and Feb 2015 and noticed disappointing changes each cruise. Little things mean alot and alot of little touches have changed to make alot of difference. Already have plans to try another cruise line. Sorry, but your not the same Carnival!!!!!!!!!

  292. Bob says:

    the carnival god giveth and the carnival god take it away, Makes us want to look at another cruise line ,,Norwegian.. greed cheep liquor free cost too much.. Carnaval means party .. Liquor free for breakfast and no free water.. whats new ..

  293. Manuel Garcia says:

    Mr John Heald,
    I just wanted to start off with a debt of gratitude for all the fun times i have had sailing with Carnival.
    Unfortunately with the changes that yall are making (without any thought obviously) I dont know how long i can continue to sail with you.
    Please look at just splitting up the snooty upper echelon who feel entitled and have more of a PARTY feel for the up and coming GOLD members. They obviously are just as willing to continue to spend their hard earned dollars trying to get to the other levels but in most cases cant always afford to travel as much as the snooty upper echelon.
    I for instance have children and sometimes other friends children that i willingly take on trips with us because not just everyone can afford it. We travel all around and still cruise. BUT by no means would I EVER feel entitled by any means!!
    I truly appreciate all that yall have done for me and my guest (which has been as many as 28) but maybe its time to look at someone who thinks beyond the Dollar or at least outside the box.
    Life is what you make of it. AND you may start to sink… I wish you the best

    By the way who’s in charge over there?

    Please feel free to share my post for others to see. I also want to give props to my Vaca planner Rene Sanon!!!! He’s the best!!

    Thanks for your time!!

  294. Charles Ruppert says:

    What was wrong with having two welcome back parties – one for the gold members and one for platinum and diamond members? Hey, I thought Carnival was supposed to be “The Fun Ships.” Having two parties for VIFP club members is somehow one too many parties for “The Fun Ships.” Really? This past February (just three short months ago), Carnival replaced the free drink coupon for use during sea day brunch with a bottle of water. Now this. What’s next – no more chocolates on pillows at night?

  295. Bob says:

    Just another reason to quit cruising on Carnival. I have felt like a 2nd class citizen the last few cruises and this is just one more confirmation of my feelings.

    Good luck Carnival. You ARE NOT the elite cruise line you would like to believe you are. Just like Wal Mart, your ego is bigger than your abilities!

  296. Norm gagnon says:

    we are very sad and disappointed in this new way, we felt part of the family at those party’s, but we have been replaced by a bottle of water and one drink that we will drink when you tell us to 🙁

  297. Sir Jeffrey says:

    We are Gold Members and are also unhappy. After reading all the negative replies I would surely think Carnival will go back and come up with a better way to show their appreciation for us Goldies. A change to the tier system is a much better approach.

  298. Bonnie Gitto says:

    I’m beginning to feel like a kid back in school getting their hand slapped for being a loyal Carnival Cruiser but not taking enough cruises to be worthy of any reward. The parties had gotten to the point that you had to chase a waiter down for a drink or any of the food anyway. My quip is that you are taking away little things like the chocolates at night … next you’ll stop doing the towel animals that I look forward to seeing on my bed. I am a senior that has to save all year to afford a cruise … most times it is 4 or 5 days and every few years we can afford a 7 day cruise. It take forever to accumulate the number of days required now to attain platinum and I probably won’t live long enough to do it. I agree that the coupons should not have restrictions as to when they can be used … who has time on the last night anyway. I would much prefer a coupon giving me that amount of money off in the gift shops with the option of using it for a 5×7 picture of my choice. We like Carnival and will continue to cruise with you but would like to be appreciated along with the platinum and diamond members … they were gold once too and without all of the gold members your cruise numbers would be much lower. Remember that loyalty deserves to be appreciated no matter what the repeat level … everyone needs to feel appreciated. We always book early and also purchase faster to the fun so that it is easier for us since we both have the normal problems for our age. Any more it seems like money talks more than loyalty.

  299. Nancy Upchurch says:

    I understand the need for a change, I do not drink alcohol but getting a drink is difficult at that function. Why is the drink coupon only good on the last day of the voyage? Make it good anytime on the voyage.

  300. I have been a Carnival customer for quite a few years now. Becoming a Gold card holder was a big deal the Carnival changed the program where getting to Platinum was twice as hard and I only missed it by one cruise. Ok I get it, save a few bucks keep more people at the lower levels with fewer rewards. Now the ONLY benefit for being “GOLD” your buy off with a cheap drink. Really makes wonder why I even want to use Carnival in the first place. Maybe you should take few hints from Zig Ziggler. “Take care of those who take care of you and you will go far in this world” Or maybe not, doesn’t seem to make much difference to the big money people anyway.

  301. Robert Isoldi says:

    What a shame had planed 3 more carnival cruises for 2015. Not now???? First no more samples, then no more chocolates in the evening. Then no more drink voucher,just a bottle of water. Now you say your are doing me a favor so as not to make us uncomfortableby attending your party. We are not stupid just say you do not want to spend the money. By By!!!!!!!!

  302. Ralph Heady says:

    Let me start out by saying that my wife and I love cruising on Carnival. We have cruised 7 times with Carnival, (never cruised with any other cruise line), have 52 VIFP points. I feel this is a slap in the face to Gold Club members. We have given carnival between 10 and 14 thousand dollars over the years. Now you are taking away the only really perk for being a loyal customer.
    Now you are going to give us one free drink and can only use it on the last sea day?!!!??
    I am sure the Platinum and Diamond club members love this, but for us Gold club members this is not good.
    Going forward, carnival can save face with all the Gold club members by doing one of two things:
    1) Restore all privileges, to Gold club members, or
    2)For all existing Gold club members keep the perks and for any new Gold club members make the changes.
    I really hope that Carnival will reconsider making changes to the program.
    Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.


  303. Donna Olson says:

    I do understand your need to make changes. However, the restriction on when the drink ticket can be used should be taken away. Why do they care when we redeem it? No reason to restrict that.

  304. Andrew Normandeau says:

    I’m a gold card holder & not a marketing genius but it seems to me that give-aways should be directed more to the newer passengers and then keep upgraded perks for those who have been loyal for many cruises. I’m also curious as to why the drink needs to be used on the last sea day. Does it really matter?

  305. Audrey McCormick says:

    I concur that the last VIFP party we attended people who arrived before us (in the same row) already had drinks and we probably sat for 5 minutes or more before being served. Interesting enough for us, we are GOLD and will actually become Platium during our next cruise on the Glory in Feb 2016. Guess we will still be GOLD????? Love cruising and Carnival.

  306. Jeff says:

    Really we do not care either way. We are gold status and think it was to much and too many folks there. We love Carnival and very pleased with our service from them and looking forward to our cruise on the dream in July. Thanks for the service that we have been given the last 8 years ..

  307. Michael says:

    I’m sure this makes the diamond and platinum members very happy but let’s not forget they were once gold as well and looked forward to the party….. As I have noticed it has become much more crowded at the party there must be a better alternative than to take something more away from your dedicated members!!! As I’m only about 2 cruises from platinum and had to become gold twice because of a good change I think we will now explore the royal Caribbean as they might appreciate their dedicated cruisers……

  308. Janice Biehler says:

    I think it is deplorable that Carnival decided to discriminate such as they have to divide between the gold, diamond, and platinum groups. The normal WORKING CLASS that may not be able to cruise as often or as long as the RETIRED CLASS does not have the opportunity to reach Diamond and Platinum as rapidly as they do. The parties were always a highlight as the cruise was winding down. It seems Carnival is making cuts but to the people that try hard to reach these these levels but you just keep taking the insensitive up higher and out of reach. Shame on Carnival.

  309. david says:

    Wow I really liked Carnival for the nice thank you party and the night time chocolates I think it is time to take my loyalty and money to another cruise line!!!! I was going to cruise with my son & his wife the next cruise will be with Norwegian, I guess I will never get past gold, we have sailed quit a bite since our first in 2011 my wife an I have a lot of years to sail that is a lot of lost revenue and with word of mouth I will not be giving a good review of carnival any more I have told a lot of my coworkers to use carnival that will not happened again. all of my colleagues salaries are over 100,000 yr again a lot of lost revenue. sorry about the rant

  310. Anthony Martin says:

    Well John. To reduce the value of my gold card is really shocking. It took me so long to attain that status. Now that it’s only equivalent to a $9.00 drink that I can use only when you want me to. Well I really used to look flowers to the VIFP party while traveling with Carnival, did you even consider to grandfather your new changes to include only the future gold card holders. Because I feel like all the time and money I put into being a gold card holder has degraded. Please explain to me why I feel that I got screwed.

  311. Donna Burtnett says:

    How many cruises to reach Platinum status?
    Thank you!
    Donna Burtnett

  312. Cynthia Lampert says:

    Seriously? A drink coupon to be used on the last day of sea. Wow!! That’s pretty special. Not. 🙁

    Keep it.

  313. Mark says:

    Thanks for letting me know how much my loyalty means. After finally achieving “GOLD” status, it means nothing, except ” GOLD IS THE NEW RED!
    I’m sure if I work to get to the next level, the rules will be changed again. These new changes should not affect existing members who have shown loyalty to Carnival. I will be sure and book my next cruise with a different company.

  314. Harry G Moore Jr says:

    This Stinks !!!

  315. Janice Biehler says:

    I think it is deplorable that Carnival decided to discriminate such as they have to divide between the gold, diamond, and platinum groups. The normal WORKING CLASS that may not be able to cruise as often or as long as the RETIRED CLASS does not have the opportunity to reach Diamond and Platinum as rapidly as they do. The parties were always a highlight as the cruise was winding down. It seems Carnival is making cuts but to the people that try hard to reach these levels but you just keep taking the incentives up higher and out of reach for the average cruiser. Shame on Carnival.

  316. Josephine Migiore says:

    Your taking things awsy now giving them back to me thst doesnt do it.i probaly everyone with gold feels that way .so i dont think its fair the people higher should knock us down.they have the money to get there everyone it takes drink jow we get it bsvk should be to get anywhere threw the ship places no chocolate.whats going to be next.higher prices so what happening.i am we all are the same maybe somethings they have more benifits i agree.water bottle c8st pesnuts so try to work on all ways around.

  317. Cindy Sells says:

    Party or no party, Carnival is and always will be #1. Thanks for all you do to make our vacations perfect year after year!

  318. LORI DAVIS says:

    This is just “NOT” right as we enjoyed the parties and we already received a complimentary drink. Why don’t they just hold two parties 1-for plat/diamond, 2-for the gold members. This way your not upsetting anyone. Again this is “NOT” right and I think many more people are going to complain.

  319. Donna Shea says:

    The drink and water is fine, but what exactly are the changes. Also, how do I get the water?

    Thanks, see you in December.

  320. Rodney says:

    I do believe that carnival has the worst loyality program ever. I like going on cruises close to home so I use Carnival but now that I am Diamond on another cruise line I think I will stick with them, I like their concierge service they provide in their diamond lounge. I realize that carnival is the cheaper alternative I have realized you get what you pay for.

  321. Gloria says:

    Not happy with change in VIFP. It seems that Carnival is not interested in accommodating all their passengers; only Diamond and Platinum. Not good for business.

  322. Glenn Fiedler says:

    Why not have separate parties for Gold and for those of Platinum and Silver?

    Why can’t we use the $9 drink coupon anytime during the cruise?

    Many of us look forward to these special events as part of us cruise with Carnival.

    Carnival should remember that many of us who have taken many cruises with Carnival are repeat customers and today so many other cruise lines who are not owned by Carnival are actively seeking our business.

    Carnival you should rethink who keeps you afloat.

  323. Lisa Thompson says:

    I am a Platinum card holder, I can’t believe all the fuss coming from GOLD cards, the only really good perk is the VIP check in ( for Platinum and Diamond), the drinks and food at the party are not all that great! I cruise on Carnival for the good for and service. I have cruised 14 times with 3 booked this summer and fall.

  324. Glenn Fiedler says:

    Carnival you should rethink your approach on the parties. Have different parties for the Gold members and another for those at the platinum/silver level. The parties are a special event that is part of the cruise and that is look forward to by your loyal members.
    Why can’t we use the drink coupon anytime during the cruise? Forget the free bottle of water.
    Carnival ought to remember who is keeping it afloat! It’s long time repeat customers who also refer Carnival to our friends. What is that worth?

  325. Laura says:

    I am disappointed but not surprised, It seems if you get close to a level some other change comes along. I am gold and I am fine with the coupon but on the last day why? the party made me feel special like carnival cared that I chose them. I have been on the other cruise lines (4 others)and they do have better loyalty programs.This makes me feel like trying to get to platinum wont happen as I get closer there will be other this a breakfast drink coupon also? hope what you are saving does not loose you your loyal guests as I don’t drink at breakfast even if I am on vacation.

  326. Dan says:

    Short sighted for sure. I have sailed with Carnival for 8-years and perks have only been taken away; none added. Perks have never been my primary reason for sailing with Carnival, but a small motivator none the less. That said, as another commenter eluded, Carnival has now compromised any confidence I had that they won’t diminish the platinum perks if/when I get there. It’s really not that big of a deal, but enough that I started shopping around more. Case in point, I started looking around and booked my next cruise with NCL. I will cruise with Carnival again, but not exclusively any longer. Not sure if that was the end game Carnival had in mind.

  327. Angela says:

    Let me get this straight….you replace a party with a bottle of water and a restricted drink coupon. Carnival get real! You have loyal customers that look forward to being treated special. There’s a lot of competition out there. I have a fall cruise booked…… I will search elsewhere for next year unless carnival wakes up and does right by their customers . Step up to the plate.. You can show your appreciation in better ways.

  328. Allen says:

    Really Carnival! First you take away the free drink and replace it with a bottled water! Now your taking away the party for gold members and replacing it with the drink you took away previously!! And on top of that, you can only use it on the last sea day!!! Get real Carnival! Your lucky I already booked and paid for my back to back cruise this September or I would of booked another Cruise line! I will be taking my loyalty to another cruise line that treats its repeat cruisers a lot better!

  329. Josephine brimberry says:

    Now the gold card guest have nothing to look forward. To if they can’t see what the diamond and platinum member are enjoying. Not far

  330. Richard Revo says:

    I only went to one VIFP party and saw that a lot of people had fun. But it wasn’t for me and my wife, so we won’t miss it. But we always looked forward to the free drink (virgin for us) at brunch and now that is more restricted, too. I am disappointed, but it won’t ruin my day. I cruise Carnival partly because it is a good value and partly because the other guests on board, those people responding here, your clientele, are fun to be around and are having more fun on Carnival than on any of the other cruise lines I have been on. So I hope that whatever money you save on cutting out the party for the gold members goes to something else to improve the quality of the cruise and keep them, and me, happy.

  331. Dixie Norman says:

    Well I will keep my loyalty to RCCL. They have a lovely loyalty program and even though I may gold on Carnival it obviously means nothing. At the very least you should have a get together with Gold and then another get together with the Diamond and Platinum. But people count for nothing. As others have said. Good bye. Back to RCCL exclusively.

  332. Brent Constransitch says:

    Well, you have taken away our incentive to cruise exclusively with Carnival. My wife and I are both Gold Members, and one of the deciding factors of cruising exclusively with Carnival was the recognition of being a Gold Member and the on board party we looked forward to. Now, after 5 cruises with Carnival, we are just another number. Then to add insult, you think you can make things all better with a 9 dollar coupon. Shame on you people.

  333. Michael sandefur says:

    Second time to leave a comment I’m guessing the first one was deleted because I mentioned a competitors name….. Anyway long story short to take away something from dedicated customers is in bad taste and as all the diamond and platinum members are supporting this I do understand but let’s not forget you also was gold at one time and looked forward to the party as well. Certainly there is a better alternative perhaps have two parties, what I do know is now that they have taken almost everything from gold just wait platinum your next!!!!!

  334. David Horwitz says:

    I would rather have the drink available anytime during the cruise. Only on the last sea day makes no sense.

  335. Alice Readye says:

    I really this is unfair. First you change from having 10 cruise to reach another level and VIP status to point causes several people to not reach their VIP. Now you changing the VIP party starting at the gold level. I think it is time for us to start cruising with another cruise line. You only offering the gold level a $9 drink coupon, which is only enough for one drink. That’s a slip in the face.

  336. LORI says:

    I will be a platinum member the second cruise I have planned this year (3 in all) and the people that I go with will not be able to go to the party with me and that is a shame as the one girl I go with all the time will still be gold and can’t go with me this makes it impossible for me to go any more. The drink coupon should not have any restrictions as it will not cost carnival anymore $$$ as it is only good for a certain amount anyways. They should just let the gold members get a free drink anytime they want to.

  337. Angelica Hood says:

    This notice is making it a lot easier to switch over to Norwegian cruise line. I am a single parent, I work extremely hard to take a cruise with my son’s. I look forward to the vip party, when I am on board. A bottle of water and a coupon , what an insult!

  338. Anthony Saladino says:

    I know you have received numerous email about the treatment of Gold members. I propose a win-win situation. Why not make an Emerald Level (50-73 days). With that you give FTF boarding (leave priority as it is now), 2 drinks per person to be used anywhere/anytime on the cruise, and a discount on laundry. This way loyalty is rewarded you give a little and the bad taste for some cruisers would go away. Just saying…

  339. Lydia Bryan Valdez says:

    My husband and I have been loyal to Carnival Cruise Co as we have never tried another cruise line. I have sailing with you simce 2001 and have treated just about everyone in my family to a cruise. In 2012, we treated 16 of our family members on a trip to Cozumel. Taking benefits from repeat, loyal customers is not a good business practice. Carnival keeps raising rates while deducting any form of a splurge. Carnival, you are indeed the Wal Mart of the Sea-cheap and disloyal to your customers!
    Competition is the best practice. You just drove us to seek business from your competitors. Loyalty rewards are to encourage continued loyalty-take the rewards and you can forget the loyalty.

  340. Frank says:

    Hogwash!!! Who do you think is going to believe your convoluted explanation of cost cutting at the expense of your best clientele. You are intent on chipping away at any and all the perks of traditional cruising… we will be paying for breakfast and lunch….a premium dinner is already extra.

  341. Novita says:

    I am very disappointed. Carnival is a large company that should be able to organize this event in a manner that works for them and their guest. I have never been on a ship where this even is crowded and not organized, we are always seated and until it is time for the little dance on stage, we remain seated. And the event only last about an hour.

    Celebrity has several of these gatherings and it is always very nice.

    Thank goodness I am 14 days away from being platium. But in the meantime I feel slighted and I am not convinced that is is about the size of the crowd and not just a cost cutting measure to save the company money and force guest to complete enough days to become platium and diamond.

    Take care,

  342. Gigi says:

    What!!!!!Are you telling me my Gold status equals to a free $9.00 drink.Really Carnival… Its like we are not good enough any longer.Not only did we work hard to get to Gold, we have to live with all the smoke in the casinos, unlimited kids in all pools and not having the adult only in all the ships by now your taking away our Gold party? Keep your $9.00 coupon and bring back the Party.

  343. Jedidiah says:

    People. Really? Carnival is one of the cheapest cruise lines around. Things change because they have to, this is business. A vacation is business: you save, you plan, you research, you execute. Please do not act like John sent a direct email to only you. I am a gold member. I was 2 sails away when they changed the “number of sails to the number of days” on member ship- they gave notice and options for me to take advantage. I believe this change is for the good. When they took something away they did replace it- they did not have to.

    My last word: I went on a trip to San Juan which had the most diamond/platinum members ever on a carnival boat- most of which (1500) were doing a back-to-back, and even some soung t THREE times in a row. Those people deserve the privilege of what the VIFP party celebrates: above and beyond. Hey one day you may get there, and the prices where they are you can get there quicker and cheaper.

  344. John paternostro says:

    Just made gold went to first party had fun now you have taken this perk away. What do we do with one drink coupon? We are from New Orleans one drink horrible.
    NCL cruise line has free drinks on their ships good move

  345. Sylvia says:

    I am so sorry for the inconvenience your loyal cruiser is causing you,maybe you will rethink your these changes, when these very loyal cruiser start cruising elsewhere.

  346. Tommie Henton says:

    I Hate the new changes.This is going to not help with the VIFP.This is the second time the changes have hurt me I am suppose to be Platinum now. I don’ like the water so I leave it.the coupon is know big deal.I missed the midnight dinners.

  347. Marty says:

    This isn’t right There was never a free bottle of water on any cruse that I have ever been on. The free drink coupon already exists for brunch! Are did you take that too? Time to start looking for some other vacation ideas since you guys stop carrying for your loyalty program. No Fare

  348. Kathleen Fate says:

    Forget the one drink at last day sailing and give non drinkers 6 pack of soda in room with the bottle of water. LET THE DRINK OR SODA BE OUR CHOICE.

  349. Donald frye says:

    Bid deal your drink cupon! No body like to have something then take it away! The party was something to look forward too. You are diong this just to save money! We have already tried another cruise line and will do so in the near future.

  350. Matthew says:

    Real smart marketing department, dump the largest group of people/gold card people making their way up the VIFP ladder from a party. Gold card holders should have there own party-wake up. Wow free drink last day? How about first day and get the party started on you. Guess you need drink on the last day to forget about your cheap cruise line. Keep it!

  351. Barbara Pena says:

    Cheap,Cheap,Cheap. I’m taking my gold membership, throwing it down the toilet and changing cruise lines. As for your 5 cent bottle of water and your $9 coupon, that to will go down with your cheap cruise line. I’d be afraid that because I’m only a gold member, my life raft might be made of card board. Good bye Carnival.

  352. Ernest Bueker says:

    My wife and I have been loyal Carnival cruisers, and have brought a number of new cruisers to Carnival. We were looking forward to reaching Diamond status, but we now feel betrayed and unappreciated. It isn’t about the free drinks it is about being recognized for loyalty to Carnival. Maybe it is time to look at other cruise lines.

  353. KIMBERLY STERNS says:

    I am very disappointed with Carnivals choice to uninvite the Gold Members to the VIFP party. So, since there are too many of us we are not important anymore? LOL…. though I am disappointed and a $9 limited use drink voucher and a bottle of water[I can bring my own]is not a fair trade, I still LOVE Carnival!

  354. Francis Sauciunas says:

    Carnival has come to the realization that it has too many Gold members and it costs too much to have a VIFP party that includes Gold members. Remember that Gold members have spent 25 to 74 days sailing on carnival ships while spending plenty of money. Carnivals answer is to give Gold Members a free bottle of cheap water for their loyalty. Let’s not forget that Carnival has to pay for the Carnival Vista when it sets sail next year. I have about 22 cruise days to go before becoming a Platinum member. It’s time for me and my family to start a loyalty program with another cruise line.

  355. Carole Cypress says:

    WOW! LOYALTY is the key word….a month ago, I introducted a friend to cruising. She was so impressed with the “perks” I received from being a Gold member, including the special party. She couldn’t wait to get to this level and beyond…..just wait till I tell her…not so fast. Really Carnival? A bottle of water and a drink? Gee…thanks. Yep, like so many others have already said…time to really compare what other lines offer their LOYAL customers.

  356. Steve says:

    Disappointed with these changes. We really enjoyed these parties. They were fun. We felt welcome and part of a loyalty program. Now we don’t feel so welcome ….

  357. Mattie says:

    I was not happy when they changed from the number of cruises to the number of cruise days to become diamond. My husband and I was 2 cruises away from platinum 2013 right before they changed. I think we should have been Grandfather in. As far as the party, it had been getting bigger and bigger. It would have been good to have two VIFP parties. Have one for Platinum and Diamonds together and the rest together. I am 19 days away from Platinum and I am trying to be loyal to Carnival and do not jump cruise lines, but I am seriously thinking now.

  358. Beverly Craig says:

    I’m like so many of the comments below. Really!! You take away our drink voucher and replace it with a bottle of water which really isn’t free since they increased the gratuity. What happened to making those loyal cruisers feel special. It’s like you’re saying that the Gold members aren’t important. Look around, yes there are alot of us so that should tell you something itself. Why can’t there be 2 parties? One for the loyal Gold members and one for the Platinum & Diamond card holders. Then to take away the VIFP party & replace it with a restrictive drink voucher is another slap in the face. Not much of a VIFP. We’ve been cruising since 2008 and were really enjoying the perks but I have always thought there are too many sea days between Gold & Platinum and too many sea days between Platinum & Diamond. Maybe since the Gold card members are not important I think the cruise we are going on in June may be our last with Carnival. Certainly not our last cruise because we enjoy cruising. Will start looking for deals with other cruise lines. I think you should go back to the drawing board and include those Gold members that are probably making you more money than those Platinum & Diamond do.

  359. says:

    you’re taking away one of the things I look forward to. I can bring my own water on the ship. that bottle is nothing special. I personally believe its the older, ‘CERTAIN TYPES” OF PEOPLE complaining about the Gold members. we have been dedicated and there should be something special for us other than a bottle of water. I don’t drink alcohol. had planned to cruise again next year. Maybe i’ll rethink this.

  360. Pete Spizzirri says:

    I am very sorry to hear that Carnival has decided to abandon their Gold Members. This event was “an outing” that my wife looked forward to. I understand your issue with the party becoming too big but feel there are several better ways to solve the problem, since the problem is really an opportunity for Carnival to say thank you to their customer base that continues to support Carnival. By the way, the “free drink” is somewhat insulting and a very poor gesture, on Carnival’s part. Wouldn’t multiple parties be a better answer? The parties are such a small price to be for customer loyalty. Surely, Carnival’s marketing department can do better than this. I have written to carnival before and requested a reply to my concerns. I have never received any reply but I HOPE that I receive one from you! thank you!

  361. Virginia Kat Whitcomb says:

    What a wise decision. We are gold members and have only gone to one of the VIP parties. We sat patiently waiting on hors duerves and drinks, which were unavailable due to the large crowd. I agree that it’s better to have a smaller group and meet the needs than a large group and not meet the needs. There may come a time that even that is not manageable. I suggest separate VIP events, particularly on longer cruises, for the various levels. Perhaps even ask a speaker from the Diamond to give a small speech to Platinum and the Platinum to give a small speech to the Gold, to encourage guests to reach that level.

  362. gertrude stafford says:

    I am spending hundreds of dollars and I have being sailing with carnival since 2002 and all you can give me is a dam drink that cost nine dollars well you can keep that I don’t need it

  363. John Williamson says:

    Wife and I just got off a B2B out of Norfolk on Splendor. What a disaster that cruise was….

    As far as the VIFP party, we went to look, saw the crowd, threw the invitation in the garbage and went back to our cabin.

    Canceling our October cruise (not because of the party) and looking for other options for vacations instead of

  364. Andrew says:

    The fact that I was a gold member was a big factor and booking our last Carnival cruise. Now that being a gold member is worth $15 (water and drink) I’ll be taking my money to RCI. I’ve always wanted to try them, and now that Carnival clearly doesn’t want to see me again, cruising RCI is an easy decision. This is truly the straw that broke the camels back. Good luck Carnival, I won’t be sailing with you again.

  365. Gary L Smith says:

    I will dearly miss those brief but very enjoyable parties. One of few things that I like to do on the cruises. Sad to see them go. As usual corporations always cater to the rich. Because my wife and I enjoy cruising so much we struggle every year to save for a cruise.
    Thanks for listening.
    Gary L Smith

  366. Harold Pape Sr. says:

    I am very disappointed in your new changes. We have sailed 70 days on carnival and now you say we have 12 more days before we become platimun. We have been set back 2 times already. This is getting very old.Too many changes. Food not as good . It IS GETTING VERY TRYING. I HOPE THINGS GET BETTER

  367. Simone Kearney says:

    I am a Gold card holder and I have to say that although I love cruising with Carnival, I have noticed that every cruise I do something gets taken away. We used to have bathroom amenities, now just a coupon. We used to have a drink coupon for brunch, then a bottle of water instead? Now oh lucky us we get a drink voucher AND a bottle of water…please…you just gave back what was taken away and made it restrictive. No party because there are too many of us. So have separate parties. You decided on having Gold be reachable so quickly. I still, after 5 cruises, and heading for 6 and 7, have yet to receive a pin. I appreciate that higher level card holders should receive more perks. And they should have a separate party. But could you please stop taking our perks away before we get to that level too?

  368. Debbie Bell says:

    Really….$9 drink coupon and a bottle of water for our loyalty!! Shows how much you really value that loyalty wouldn’t you say. This treatment is added to the list of reasons why I just booked with another cruise line for my August trip to Alaska.

  369. jan palero says:

    I have been a diamond member for many years and I never knew we get free bottles of water. when did this start as its not listed on our benefits

  370. Jack says:

    We didn’t spend our time and money for a few free drinks, though they are nice. We cruse Carnival for the safety, security, comfort, food, gym, activities, truly friendly service, diversity and the FUN. Keep up the great work and we will keep coming back…Diamond in 2021.

  371. Andrea Rusconi says:

    Complimenti! Viaggio con carnival dal 1997…..ho appena prenotato una crociera per agosto e voi mi date un buono da 9 $? Non ho parole….forse meglio provare royal

  372. Bob says:

    A better deal would be to have the Gold group have their own meeting, as we are also loyal customers. A drink at the end of the cruise only is ridicules.

  373. Charles Wawrzyniak says:

    Is this coupon good for non-alcoholic beverages.?Neither my wife or I drink alcohol.

  374. Paul Smith says:

    No worries. I am a gold card member, but I have not gone to any of the receptions.

    I like the free water bottle in my stateroom, and the drink coupon to be used the last day of the cruise will float my boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am looking forward to platinum status, which I should have at the end of this year or early next year. It will able me to get through the lines at the boarding station in Galveston without so much hassle, which is the one thing that I don’t like about cruising.


    Paul Smith
    Georgetown, TX

  375. Jack says:

    WOW Thanks alot. I sure will not feel guilty shopping around for prices on other lines.You must have given this idea a lot of thought.Lets give the little guy a bottle of water.We just made gold on the last cruise. I know we will not see the next upgrade. I know that you will not miss us two, but I will feel much better going somewhere else.

  376. Sophia says:

    What a BIG slap in the face Carnival! Although I just reached Platinum status on my last cruise in February,having sailed with Carnival since 1991, I considered it a Blessing to have gotten thus far. After just getting points for my daughter that were NEVER given her due to some number mix up, it got her to Gold status. NOW she won’t be allowed to participate in the VIFP party!! She’s getting a 10 cent bottle of water?? A drink coupon to use last day?? HELLOOOOO. We are booked for a cruise later this year and would forfeit our monies if we cancelled. Since I have reached Platinum, I know I will NEVER get to the next status (Diamond), and not even going to try it. Like most have posted, time to research other cruise lines. My daughter surely will!

  377. Mendy Nichols says:

    Wow! Some people are hard to please. My husband & I recently sailed & APPRECIATED the bottle of water in our room. We took it on the excursions which saved from paying $4.50 or more for a bottle as we left the ship. We are also Gold members. The party was nice, but way to crowded. The servers trying their best only made it around to about 1/3 of the crowd. We enjoyed every minute of our cruise & recommend Carnival to our family/friends. In fact, already have our next cruise booked along with 15 family members. It’s nice getting perks for returning but we a stayed with Carnival because the service is OUTSTANDING! Our waiters, cabin stewards, bar staff, cruise hosts, etc. remembered our names quickly & appeared to enjoy their jobs. We will be staying with Carnival & hope to reach Platinum soon. Save us a spot at the VIFP party

  378. Nancy says:

    The slippery slope…Couldn’t you just make the coupon good anytime during the cruise? We really didn’t like the sea day coupon, since we are not drinkers at lunch or breakfast. The bottle of water, is appreciated, but if our repeat business for the last 10 years – which includes exclusively sailing on Carnival – is being diluted like this, price will have to trump “loyalty” in the future. As the cruising demographic gets older, the platinum/diamond group will only grow. Then what? This feels like ‘bait and switch’!

  379. Debra Bagley says:

    Last cruise WAS NOT CROWDED…don’t agree with you…just say THIS IS YOUR WAY TO REMIND US IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY.

  380. Joni Martin says:

    If my husband is Platinum and I am Gold, will I be able to assist him or just he will be able to attend. Thanks for everything you do. We enjoy cruising every year and will be cruising to Aruba next Friday.

  381. GAIL WILLIAMS says:

    Oh,boo hoo hoo, I went to the party on last cruise. I don’t drink but for people that do, I guess it matters. When I first read the change, I felt slighted. Now it really do not make a difference. I know who I am and going to a “party” do not. Why don’t Carnival take the $9.00 of the price. Now that would really make me feel like a diamond.

  382. Linda Price says:

    As a Gold card holder, of course, I don’t like this change. But I’m sure you and your advisors expected that response when you made this decision. Hope you accomplish whatever your goal is with this change but I’m not happy, as well as several others who travel with me and my husband.

  383. diane kramer says:

    Ok, so I understand things need to be changed for many reasons, but seriously people who can afford 100s of cruises, do they really need a few free drinks? Most gold holders are strugling to get cruising and then you make them feel like second class citizens, I have 6 cruises on 3 different lines and I know where I am NOT going to rush to build my total cruises on.

  384. Brent and Heather Menard says:

    Although it is one of things we look forward to when we board the ship for our cruise we certainly understand the logistics it takes to host such a party with as many people that were present at the last VIFP party on our Carnival Valor cruise in April 2015. Although we will miss the invite we are only 2 cruises away from getting Platinum level and can wait until we achieve that status to attend our next party. We absolutely appreciate the opportunities we have had to attend the ones we have and are very great fun to Carnival for providing us with unforgettable memories over our last 10 cruise. See y’all at a VISA party sometime in 2016. Ben Voyage!!

  385. Michael Rohan Jr says:

    Wow a whole 9$ drink voucher and a 1$ bottle of water…..hum thanks Carnival for being loyal to me,sailing Sept 2016 on the Dream I am a gold member and stock holder, looked forward to the VIFP party will be the last time I cruise on Carnival,I guess loyalty is just a Dream!!!!t

  386. Leonard says:

    My first, and I guess continuing, comment is Bah Humbug. Come on now – a free bottle of water replaces a drink coupon. A drink coupon replaces a party, and the coupon can only be used the last day. This isn’t a reward for loyally, it is just another cost cutback for the line.
    Carnival could quite readily schedule two parties, perhaps one for platinum and above and one for gold members.
    This change falls in line with what more than a few have noticed – a cheapening in main dining room entree options.
    With 75 points needed the expectation of my getting to the next level is slim. It just became much slimmer.
    As one who sails often, but not always on the same line, this is a factor to drive me toward Royal Caribbean and Celebrity where cost cutting is not yet as visible and treatment of those who have cruised often is much better.
    Sorry, but Carnival really blew it on this one.

  387. chrissi crawford says:

    Some of us save and look forward to gaining status, now that I have reached Gold the party goes away. We have a cruise booked in October and if this give and then take back attitude persist we may forgo cruising each year with Carnival. We would hate to leave you but a gift is a gift, status earned should not be revoked.

  388. Mary says:

    I am a gold card member and will go platinum on my next scheduled cruise. The VIFP party has gotten too big to call a party. I have enjoyed cruising with Carnival over the years but what is the incentive to rack up cruise points now besides a drink coupon & a free bottle of water (I never got free water). Do we continue to get speedy check in? What do we get for loyalty? I wish I knew about all this before I booked the upcoming cruise. If service and quality have declined I will have to jump ship to another unrelated cruise line for my annual vacations. Be nice to us Carnival. We helped you build your brand.

  389. Chris says:

    I’m very disappointed. The Diamond and Platinum members already have their own social. Just have the party for Gold members or at least do something to show appreciation for our loyalty. We have 47 days with Carnival and have enjoyed the party on the longer cruises. It was really the only perk we get. Why have a gold level then, it no longer really means anything. Really disappointed Carnival.

  390. melanie wiesepape says:

    as a gold member the last two cruises and have another booked, i’m disappointed to not be able to go to the parties but I understand why. as far as the bottles of water are concerned, I’m okay with that since I drink water more than anything else anyways. the coupon for the free drink however is a bit of a cheap shot,i think. make it to where it can be used for anytime. still enjoy carnival and will continue to cruise with you.

  391. Sophia Russell says:

    My first time become a gold card member was in april l felt privileged like I had accomplished something. But now it’s like we are not appreciated I use to get free cocktail with red and that should stands bc of the changes to move to next level ..come on carnival I know you can do better than this .Captain night was changed to elegant night and that stop the drinks and show I just know its a better way to treat you guest iafter all we spend enough money .

  392. towond jones says:

    That a crock of shit that real petty so now you have to have 75 cruise to go next level your cruise ships are old and out dated your employees sucks my next cruise is with norwegian gataway 6/13/15

  393. susan says:

    I find Carnival has become very money oriented and not people orientated and could care a less what feedback you give . I tried once and got a form letter that it had been looked after. There was some serious incidents that had occurred- no one cared Never use Carnival again, a coupon for a drink is not fair or a free bottle of water. A token of a gift would have been better than that. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!

  394. Ruby Winkles says:

    I was excited when I got my gold level but not now. I think ONE BOTTLE OF WATER N ONE DRINK COUPON SUCKS..I just got back from a 5 day cruise and this was the first time ever that I got a free bottle of water. I have attended only two parties and enjoyed them. There was plenty of servers and food and drinks. I have been thinking about trying other cruise lines so now it is time. I have another cruise coming up in September on the Dream which haven’t been on yet.I just might take the lost and go with another cruise line. I have been a faithful cruiser with Carnival and try to get friends n family to book with Carnival needless to say not any more.

  395. Claude Mercer says:

    Hi John:
    Not happy with Carnivals handling of the “to many at the party” problem. Gold members should not have been removed from the party. Brunch coupon taken away also. Replaced with a restrictive last sea day option. Have two parties, one for gold and one for Diamond and Platinum. Why upset all the gold members when it would be so easy to just have an extra party. Can’t believe the solution arrived upon. Bottom line while important must be balanced with a positive approach to your customers. Not a drinker but like most appreciate the perk if you will of something over and above. Result for me on principle alone is to contact my travel agent and cancel persuit of Carnival cruise in November 2015. Wait and see for planned May 2016. Loved the Carnival experience, and never had a reason to look at other non Carnival related cruise lines until now.

  396. Melody Martin says:

    What a load of crap and a slap in the face to the gold card holders!!! Considering carnival charges for everything under the sun and now no vip party for gold card holders !!! Wow I see how really appreciated loyal customers of carnival are treated!!! Apparently not very well!!! Thanks for the slap in the face!!!

  397. Bill Donahue says:

    We are doing our 12th Carnival cruise this summer. Two have been with you John as the Cruise Director (Barcelona 2012 and Alaska 2014). As silly as it sounds, we always looked forward to this event. I think this will be our last Carnival booking-time to explore other cruise lines. You can save your bottle of water for your more elite platinum and diamond cruisers.

  398. Greg says:

    Wow. I have been loyal to Carnival because I have felt Carnival has been loyal to me…until now. I have nearly 50 days cruising Carnival and have helped several friends and relatives book Carnival Cruises in the past. I have been researching cruises for my upcoming honeymoon and was prepared to pull the trigger tonight to book. I HATE that I found out about all of these “bottom line” changes. It feels like a joke. Nice spin making it something positive for Diamond and Platinum members while screwing over Gold members. I don’t know that another company exists in any industry where achieving Gold status is a slap in the face instead of a perk. My honeymoon is the most important Cruise next to the cruise I took her on to propose last year. IF I still book Carnival, I trust you will do something extra special to make our Honeymoon feel special, since you are screwing us over on lack of Gold Card perks. But good for you, you are going to save millions with this move, as I am sure was rolled out to you. Unfortunately, you may have underestimated how many customers you just lost. For the record, I am about to blast Carnival on Facebook. Instead of a promoter, I am now a detractor. Nice work! (Not your fault, John.) I know you are just the messenger.

  399. Tom Fisher says:

    Since we were already getting a free drink, does this mean i’ll get an additional free drink? Also, no one has ever told me that I have a free bottle of water! ?????

  400. Teresa says:

    Last couple of cruises were Gold status. Getting disappointed with Carnival & this makes it worse. Don’t feel like a valued customer. Have cruised 3 other cruise lines. May need to give them a call for future reservations. Evidently Carnival does not appreciate their Gold members.

  401. Darlene Burns says:

    I must say I am very disappointed in the Changes that have been made to the VIFP Loyalty Program !The Gold status that my husband and I hold mean absolutely nothing !You have taken everything away right down to the nightime chocolates.I certainly do not understand the purpose of the last day drink limitation?? (Only to be used after 5 pm )Oh so I see the motive here ( Everyone is to busy packing or the lines are so long at the bars that it’s not even worth that drink !! Way to go Carnival!!Why can’t it be used any time on the cruise at our convenience?Thanks for the bottle of free water Thats a real perk that you are giving us !!Shame on you Carnival !!No VIFP Party No DRINK at your Conveinence .. No Bathroom Amenities !! No Chocolates Whats Next ???Towel Animal reduced to a few nights verses every night !!Way to Keep Us Gold Members Happy !!!Thats A Real Loyal way to treat your Gold Cruisers .. (Look up the definition of Loyal !! Go Sail Away !!!

  402. Will miss the Welcome aboard party. I should have been Platinum years ago, but Carnival made changes. Again Carnival is taking away the welcome aboard for Gold card members. Everyone looks forward to the meet and greet and funtimes with free drinks.

  403. Gigi says:

    Dear John
    I gave it some time and I’m still upset that the changes only benefit one group of cruisers. Still no reply from Carnival about 2 parties one for Gold members and one for Diamond. Why oh why do we all have to be punished. And since Carnival is saving so much maybe the money can go to enforced adult only pools and actually have someone in the lido deck implementing the rules and keeping the kids out of the adult pools. That would be a welcome CHANGE.

  404. Debbie says:

    My family has spent around $100,000 in the last twenty years on your cruise line, and you want to show your appreciation with a $9 drink ticket. No, thank you! The only positive comments you are getting are from your Platinum and Diamond members so don’ be fooled by the positive comments. My family will not be cruising Carnival in the future. You’ve already made so many cuts in the last few years with entertainment and special buffets, but our Gold status kept us coming back. Not anymore.

  405. Renitha Burrell Broomfield says:

    This sucks !!!! I am lesser than 3 cruises from being a platinum and I have looked forward to going to the party, but you know carnival isn’t the only cruise line to cruise on. This year along I will have cruised with Carnival three times… March 7, April 25 and scheduled for Aug 29th. My family members have been telling me to try Princess or Norwegian but I have been loyal to Carnival and this is thanks for cruising with us I have been given. … And then you insult your guest by saying you will share a complimentary drink on the last day at sea really. I spend so much money aboard your cruise ships in the casino we get drinks after the third day and there is a trick to that … U can only get certain drinks and don’t ask for a shot … That’s not available. Anyway after being on cruise for five days , seven days or longer who wants a complimentary drink … U have had enough. I do hope that other Gold members share their feeling on your news flash . What a way to run good cruiser away from carnival

  406. arhalcik says:

    This sucks as I have been working up to gaining gold status. Will be looking at other cruse lines. Also as a stock holder the cutback in perks in this area is also disappointing. Thank goodness the stock is performing a bit better.

  407. jerry says:

    I didn’t care much for some of the perks for gold except it did make me feel a little like a valued customer. Now it appears like a only Platinum and diamond cruse line. I’m Already making plans for 2 cruises on another cruise line. $10 in perks vs two $2000 balcony Cruise. I guess you really ran the numbers.

  408. Andrew says:

    Most people have several drinks at party and offer only one to replace party seems cheap. We will be platinum on our next cruise and look forward to smaller setting for party. We hope the appetizer are better then they have been in past,last three or four parties we have not enjoyed appetizers served

  409. c. kane says:

    If you take away, people will go away. Not a good way to do business.

  410. Phyllis says:

    Where are the last 7 comments regarding the vifp party? I sent two emails to Carnival and there has been no response to this issue.

  411. Mark says:

    I am sorry to hear about gold members being shut out. Carnival starts these programs to get loyalty with it’s customers and when it works you want to change. There are a lot of cruise lines to choose from. My next cruise i will try another.

  412. Lisa penn says:

    We are very disappointed to see these changes being made to your program. We have sailed with carnival many times over the last several years and have continually seen cutbacks made on your ships across the board. We have sailed with other cruise lines as well and with these changes we will be less inclined to book with Carnival over other lines.

  413. Teela Callahan says:

    I think this is really some bull. It’s good to know that being gold means your really don’t mean anything until you reach the platinum level! Giving gold members a free drink coupon is something we were already getting.

  414. carol willix says:

    This change if a slap in a face to us Gold Members. I did love Carnival from my very first cruise, but these restrictions are so sad for people who can only cruise once in a while. I believe some other rewards could have been thought about for people who can only because of finances cruise once in a while. I would love to be a higher Gem card holder, but now I will look at other cruise lines when I can relax again.

  415. MT says:

    I’m the spouse and also a Gold Club member. So Gold Club members should appreciate being offered a $9.00 drink for the last sea day and a bottle of $3.00 or $3.25 priced water for a total of $12.00. Obviously our loyalty is really NOT appreciated because that isn’t much incentive to keep coming back. We just returned two wks ago from a cruise. No brunch ticket anymore, no chocolates on the pillows, no samples in the bathroom. I do enjoy cruising and Carnival but this is a slap in the face. I have 6 more cruises to make Platinum and our friends have 3 more. But wow, this is an insult.

  416. Suzanne Desparois says:

    Seriously?… the problem is that there are too many loyal returning Gold members to be able to invite us all to a party? So, to thank us for being such loyal returning guests, to thank us for choosing your cruise line over and over, you decide to exclude us from the VIFP party to save money… because there are too many of us? How far will you go to save a buck? The VIFP party used to include anyone who had cruised with Carnival, even if it was only ONE previous cuise. Then you upped it to Gold members, which meant you had to have gone on approximately 3-4 cruises before you could be invited to THE PARTY. Now you’re upping it to Platinum. We used to tell all our friends about how we felt special with Carnival and how we would never cruise with another line. Well, not anymore. We’re going to explore other cruise lines from now on. I hope this is courteous enough…even though I am French!

  417. Way to go John. Just shaft the gold club members for a nine dollar drink? Good way to lose business because there are too many members to accommodate!!!

  418. James J/ Ruth A Regensberger says:

    I began sailing with carnival 1996 . we average at least once a year or more since 1996. you started this program 2006 . and what do we get a $9.00 drink & a bottle of water. were sailing 5/23/2015. we may need to think about our next trip

  419. Stan says:

    Vote with your dollars. Try a different cruise line. Although I am platinum on Carnival, I have only been back once since that award. In the meantime, I have been on three other cruises with other providers. I find each cruise line has advantages and disadvantages.

  420. Tina says:

    So what happens if the Gold members choose to continue cruising with Carnival? By the time I reach Platinum status I expect Carnival to let me know that there are now too many Platinum members so they will have to take the perks I’ve worked towards away from me again. I’m sure those perks can be replaced with another bottle of water. Surely that will make me happy, and glad that I’ve chosen to spend my cruising dollars with Carnival?? As a Gold member I definitely see it the same as the other Gold members have pointed out. The only thing Gold members have gained is a bottle of water. We lost the party and our drink coupon used to be good for any sea day at brunch and it is now only good for the last sea day after 5pm. There have been some good ideas posted here by others. I can only hope that you can share all this discontent with those at Carnival that are making these decisions as I will definitely have to review my loyalty to Carnival Cruise Lines.

  421. Don says:

    I was so surprised to go to the loyalty party on my last cruise. #5 with Carnival. It was a great way to show returning cruisers to come back. I understand the program all cruise lines offer and any cruisers that go that often should get some perks. For years my kids have been telling me to not go on Carnival but we have never had a bad cruise and have loved every ship and their staff. We do plan on a few cruises in the future and are looking towards Carnival. Keep the show for “Diamond” and a free drink or two. Give the “upper crust” their private time and early boarding. I liked the little “tid bit” we got on our last cruise. It will take us years and years to reach the next level. A little thank you is great, you don’t have to kiss me.

  422. Roy says:

    For my opinion I think we should extend the goal to become a gold member 50 or 45 days its not fair for people who is close to become a diamond and platinum,in addition you have very loyal gold customers who look forward to the party.

  423. Adam Wilner says:

    I might just be heading back to Royal Caribbean.

  424. Carol says:

    Well well you have just made my decision to start exploring other cruise lines. No incentive for me to stay with Carnival. Your line has cut cut and cut. Royal Caribbean here I come.

  425. Laura Webber says:

    I think not including the Gold members is not very fair. Offering a 9 dollar drink coupon is kind of insulting. Usually at the party there is time to drink two drinks and enjoy the appetizers. $9.00 doesn’t even purchase two beers much less two mixed drinks. Thanks for nothing!

  426. Laura says:

    Thrilled about the changes to the VIFP loyalty program. Enjoyed the free bottle of water on my cruise last month and will enjoy the free drink coupon on my cruise next month. Wish it wasn’t on the last day though, but so be it. It would be much easier if it was “programmed in” to the Sail & Sign card and could be used any time during the cruise. I do however, MISS THE CHOCOLATES at night. Please bring those back!!!!! That was a real disappointment on my cruise last month….

  427. Jimmy Wright says:

    It seems like every cruise there is a change. I am 14 days from platinum and I’m afraid they are going to change that. I didn’t really care about the last few parties I went to. The drinks were bad and I didn’t care about waiting in a long line to get in. I had rather you give me a couple of free drink vouchers that I can use anytime I want and keep your water. The VIFP loyalty program is ok , but I cruise on Carnival because of the price and the convenience of the Port.

  428. Kathy Hampton says:

    I am really not agreeing to these changes, and I think its very unfair do to previous changes that were made. meaning a lot of people who would have platinum or diamond due to their number of cruises then u changed to the number of cruise days. a lot of us look forward to be treated different than first time cruisers ijs.

  429. Today you are revamping the party, in 2 years you could revamp the number of cruise days required to reach platinum or diamond status. How can I be sure you won’t decide to decrease the benefits of both once I have paid my money and wasted my 15+ years and vacation time investing in your cruise line company? Too many Gold Members? Really? You contemplated this while relaxing in Hawaii?

  430. Doug says:

    Carnival is making a big mistake with these changes and they want to offer a free drink on last day of cruise after 5pm. What a JOKE! Most member on the last day of cruise are getting free drinks in the casino for all the money they spent in casino or they are ready for a break from drinking to much anyway. Either way you look at it, looks like Carnival is heading the way most airlines are treating their customers today. May be time to look at other cruise lines!

  431. Janet Muse says:

    I’ve cruised 21 times. 11 on Carnival and I’m still not Platinum (72 days). When I started it took 10 cruises to Platinum. CCL changed the rules…not fair. I’ve been 28 days on CCL just this year and it’s not even June yet. I don’t need a 30 cent bottle of water but I did enjoy the Welcome Back Party. I had noticed the last couple of years that other Gold members would bring guests into the Party. THAT could be stopped and not excluded Gold members.
    I’ve got 3 cruises booked & deposited. 2 with CCL and 1 with Celebrity. I’m over being loyal to CCL. I want a loyalty program that is loyal to me too!!

  432. JANICE CAFFARY says:


  433. Penny Lewis-Smith says:

    This is an insult to Gold VIFP Members. Did anybody consider holding more than one Party? Receiving a drink which is only good for the day of the cruise after 5:00pm, is not acceptable and a bottle of water…..This was a poor judgement call, my and I travel every year with Carnival to host our annual family reunion booking a minimum of 30 cabins or more since 2008. As the Event Planner/Coordinator for our family I think I will be looking into another cruise line that truly appreciates their guest. Really Carnival I just returned from my cruise and their were only 8 Diamond members present on the Dream and less than a 150 Platinum members and I must point out they all appeared to be in the 60 plus age group. John if this what you consider LOYALTY, you need to think again. Most definitely not the way to build stronger customer relationships.

  434. Thomas Daly says:

    John, I am very upset that Carnival has reduced the Gold level status to what amounts to a token water bottle. I completely agree with the Platinum and Diamond patrons having a separate VIFP party as they are well deserving. Give the Gold level people their own party or some other tangible perk with more than a $9.00 drink coupon. They are loyal to Carnival and should be rewarded for their patronage as well.

  435. Norma Nelson says:

    Your records say that I have been a VIFP member since 2004. However, I have been a VIFP member since 1994 and should at the next level by now.

    It is disappointing that your do not count all of the cruises and therefore more people are classified as Gold members.

  436. Ajay says:

    Sounds like a good idea to update VIFP party but putting restrictions on the drink coupon is not a good. I also appreciate the bottle of water. Now you need to help the dinning room with their menu and quality of food. I have noticed that over the past 3 years the fine dining option has turned into a fast food quality. But you have had a great improvement on the lido deck…love Tandoori, Guy Burgers and Pizza!

  437. Thomas says:

    I totally agree that the VIFP parties are getting too large. Is it possible to have 2 or more parties so return guests(below platinum & diamond) are not being left out.
    The free drink coupon should be for anytime
    during the cruise.

  438. Bev says:

    I sent this email and got a canned response which offended me even more.
    I am writing because I am very disappointed in Carnival for recent decisions made concerning the VIFP perks. I just found out you have taken some of the perks from the Gold Members and I am disgusted. I work two jobs to be able to cruise once a year. I am loyal and only cruise Carnival. Each year we book our cruise for the following year while on board. First you made it harder for us to reach platinum, we accepted that and just moved on. Then you took our drink away and gave us a bottle of water instead. Now you don’t feel we rate the private party. What are we? Second class? I am seriously upset with this decision. If you continue to remove perks I will have no reason to sail solely with Carnival. Please reconsider this decision and think about how it reflects on you opinion of your loyal guests. Thank you, Bev

  439. William Harris says:

    This sucks gold means nothing

  440. Dionne L. Wiggins says:

    Ill take whatever you all offer!, as long as Im aboard!!!!!

  441. Randy Ault says:

    My girlfriend and I enjoyed the gold card party. We would get together with others have a few drinks and have a good time.

    Now you want to give us just 1 rink coupon for the end of the cruise. Don’t break the bank, with the biggest money maker you have. We have spent a lot of money with your company over the last three years, I guess maybe some of the other cruise company will enjoy our money. Because it sounds like you no longer care for the hard working people that go out of there way to enjoy themselves after spending many of thousands of dollars to enter the gold club. 25 days is a lot of time. So now I have to spend 75 days at sea with your company before you’ll notice me.

    That’s pretty sad, but I am sure that the other cruise lines we be more then happy to take my money. I am glad you told me this now, because my daughter is getting married and we was paying for a group of 8 or 4 rooms on a 7 day cruise.

  442. daniel cote says:

    This is very disappointing given the fact that these parties we look forward to each cruise . One of our highlights. The wife and I have worked our year long to afford the cruises we go on. And enjoy seeing past cruisers and staff we recognize. Now u make it even tuffer for us to get to the next level. Makes us feel like we are going back to first cruiser status. Very disappointing!!!!!!

  443. Unhappy2015 says:

    The party was a joke and when they asked how many platinum and Diamond members were there no one raised their hand. On another note the drink coupon should be allowed to use anytime. One less thing that Gold members can look forward too.

  444. Barbara says:

    I think the new policy is really a bad one if you are looking for repeat passengers. Taking away benefits is not the way to go. If your parties are getting too big then you should have 2 levels of parties. Let the gold have a party and the other thresholds have one too. This is not the way to entice people to come back to you. Taking away a drink that was given before and replacing it with ONE drink just doesn’t cut it

  445. Debbie Rutherford says:

    I am disgusted by this change. Going from being able to have a few drinks to one which you cannot use until the last sea day is like a slap in the face. I have been telling people to sail on Carnival because it is great. WELL I can tell you that will stop. I am considering sailing on another line because I feel as the rug has been pulled out from under me. Maybe you should rethink this change. Or at least give gold members a free drink for each day at sea. You have been taking away the little things that make it a pleasure to sail on your line (chocolates on bed at night, now VIFP party) but you want us to stay loyal to Carnival. YEA RIGHT. On our last cruise, May 10th, Conquest, the Diamond members did not even attend. If it were not for gold members there would not have been any attendees. It seems to me as if you are caring less about the people that sail on your ships as you making a larger profit. I was already looking into my next 2 cruises with your line but I will be rethinking that now. I would seriously reconsider this change or at least give GOLD members something a little more than ONE bottle of water and One drink for their loyalty.

  446. Diamond Dave Metzger says:

    With the new VIFP Party scheduled for the last day. I can see people packing so attendance will be down then Cutback Cruise Lines will drop the party


  447. Claudia says:

    I don’t even drink. Why must you take the only pleasure afforded to us. I paid dearly to become a gold member and enjoy the party that makes me feel special. It’s heart breaking. Why can’t you give a separate gathering for the gold members since you have so many traveling. It seems that catogory helps keep you afloat. Give us some special recognition.

  448. Victoria says:

    I have been a loyal Carnival cruiser but I agree with other gold members. Maybe it’s time to check other options. Some of my cruises were not counted in my total anyway. Imagine that! And carnival is really not big on conversation phone help. They want contact made by Internet. I’m sure I will suck it up and cruise with carnival again but I’m not sure carnival cares one way or the other.

  449. Eugene Murray says:

    Gee Thanks for the water ( already provided to Gold Memebers)
    NOT HAPPY Used to make us feel special.

  450. Deb Oldengarm says:

    We just went on our 6th Carnival cruise. We were gold card holders before,and then demoted. We are gold again! I like being rewarded for spending thousands of dollars with Carnival. Carnival has a lot of gold card holders and above. We are Carnivals biggest advertisers. We fill your ships up to 30-35% as repeat customers. We are the ones bringing our families and friends. Increasing Carnivals bottom line. Freebees are appreciated. I really have no complaints except that Carnival has allowed folks to bring their own water and other beverages onboard to the point of using a dolly or hand truck. For every beverage brought onboard is a lost sale. All the cruise ships have plenty cold free drinks on the Lido deck. Plus the risk of spilled drinks in the cabins. Please keep cruising an upper class vacation. and reward your biggest advertisers, with reward dollars we can spend we on the trip, whether it is a drink,tee shirt photo or something else. I thought the fun shop was kind of slim. That is were i hope the VIFP program goes I want to go Diamond for more perks you can’t buy.

  451. Charlene Alday says:

    Did enjoy the party but the last one the service was poor. However I do hope if we continue with Carnival to next level that you will not take the privilege away again due to high amount of loyal customers. I am glad to hear there is some compensation losing the one of the small amount of perks gold gets. You have very few rewards for us gold cards now so may consider we have spent a LOT of money on Carnival the next level is several cruises away.

  452. Ed Phillips says:

    I agree with Scott Anderson, You are offering me a drink, which prob cost you 2 cents, Y can’t We (Gold Card Members) enjoy this drink at anytime during our cruise. :((

  453. Bill O'Steen says:

    I do prefer the bottle of water over the sea day brunch drink, but the drink voucher only good on the last night is bogus. Let it be used any time, or at least the same night as the party. There have been some cost cutting measures taken, but Carnival is still the best value out there for cruises.

  454. Josh says:

    Very disappointed that the VIFP party is being taken away from gold members. I have now been on 8 cruises with Carnival (6 in the last 5 years) and the only loyalty that I am entitled to is a bottle of water and a $9 drink. Maybe consider basing an invitation to the VIFP solely on number of days and not color. Now there is nothing separating people with 25 days which can fairly easily be done in 3 cruises and people that have been cruising with Carnival for years but have not yet reached platinum status like myself. Now that the VIFP party has been taken away from Gold members, I will definitely consider other cruise lines. It also doesn’t help that Carnival has been doing the same onboard activities for what seems like a decade now.

  455. I agree the party was too big, and out of control, however the drink coupon to be used on the last day of the cruise is not fair, if you give us something, let us use it when we want to, and not be restricted to the use of.

  456. E. F. Avinaz says:

    Another little cruise and I will be into the Platinum elite, Gosh! I would be attending a VIFP party, but, Will I become a Platinum level guest? Probably not. The way Carnival is handling business in the later years brought to my attention that actually are many other cruise lines very competitive in the market these days offering a great sort of bargains and great services. With the bad service the company is providing lately, instead of count nickels and dimes Carnival should be grateful of every person who sails with them mostly when we talk about a returning guess.

  457. Sylvia Linn says:

    Carnival needs to think about continuing to not recognize loyalty. We always purchase a suite, but I get the same points as if I booked the lowest price cabin on the ship. Royal gives double points. Like everyone else, I’m concerned what Carnival is doing to reward loyalty. I’m booked on another Carnival cruise, but I have also booked a Royal Caribbean Cruise. Both are suites, and with fewer sailings, I’m moving up the ranks quicker at Royal, and they don’t take away what they once gave.

  458. Brian Grabhorn says:

    I kind of feel like yesterdays trash put on the curb to be disposed of with the change made to the VIFP party. We always had fun at them with all the other cruisers. I didn’t really even care about the drinks. They were a nice perk but I felt like Carnival care about us for choosing to cruise with them. We have been on six cruises with Carnival. We were planning on going another cruise this year with Carnival but now I just don’t know. We are going to have talk it over. More than likely we will go with another cruise line. Thanks for good times.

  459. Carla says:

    What a slap in the face. Give a “drink” that can be used only the last day of the cruise after 5p. Are you serious? What a joke. Why couldnt we be given at least 3 drinks that could be used anytime on the cruisrse. I guess that would be too much like right.

  460. Julie MCBRIDE says:

    I think the gold should get more than a bottle of water and a drink. How about if you are close to Platinum,then Carnival could upgrade you to Platinum if you book another cruise or 2 before the end of 2015 to move you in the Platinum spot. I know they have done this before when carnival cruisers were a cruise or two away from Platinum.

  461. Julie MCBRIDE says:

    I’ve never gotten a free bottle of water as a gold member and I’m close to platinum. I know that this has been done in the past, how about moving gold members up to platinum level if they do 2 more cruises before the end of 2015. That is if they are close to Platinum already lacking 3 or 4 cruises to be Platinum. I agree with the one cruiser that said why give us a free drink in the morning when most of us drink in the afternoon. I want to be Platinum.

  462. Brad says:

    I’m a new cruiser with 5 cruises in the past 3 years… I’m going to start looking for another cruise line. Carnival saying if you get to here, you will get “This” no, no, no, Now if you get to this level, You will get “This”… No wait… If you get to here… Blah Blah Blah.. Sounds like used car salesman.

  463. Brad says:

    Great News New Cruisers! After you sail 25 days on Carnival, We’ll give you a bottle of WATER! and we’ll give you a free drink… (that you can use after 5pm on the last day) Now doesn’t that make you want to BOOK NOW?

  464. Joseph P Smith says:

    I am still dismayed at your abrupt change to the VIFP rules earlier this month. Instead of taking away perks, I believe that you should be trying to give more for the money.Lets face it that is why the Gold status has been devalued. That is because it was costing to much for giving the perks to these lowly people.I think the damage to your program may not be able to be repaired with embellishment.

  465. Dannie Decker says:

    Too funny! So let me get this straight…you are giving back the drink you took away recently?!! …and that is a reward for taking away a party now?! Hahaha! You can’t make this stuff up. Just shows what living inside the walls of the corporate world will do to the mind. John, you really need to make some sales calls…mingle with your customers. Happens to the best of us, if we don’t get into the field enough.

  466. Sarah says:

    I know this isn’t popular, but I LOVE this idea. I just went on the Sunshine and I have been Gold for quite a while and was surprised when I didn’t get my party invitation. Now I know why and I completely agree with it. The parties were AWFUL. Horrible people were chasing down the poor servers and basically attacking them to take the drinks then proceeded to continue to do the same thing for an hour. I would maybe receive one… I’m excited to reach Platinum and have a better experience.

  467. Brad says:

    I say that they stop the entire program and just have normal room cards. Why should Platinum and Diamond have any perks? It just causes Carnival to lose money. I say that they should get rid of all of them so they’ll charge less for the cruise… DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY’LL DO THAT??? If you believe that, I’ve got some prime realty in the Everglades right around the corner from Miami and Ft Lauderdale I’ll sell you cheap.

  468. Lynn says:

    We’ve never received a complimentary bottle of water by being GOLD members. Never. So, when was this supposedly to have taken place? Been on 5 cruises w/Carnival, so who were were supposed to see? Please advise because we each are owed bottles of water.

    • Debbie says:

      Lynn, I believe the free water started after Feb. 2015. We were on a Hawaiian cruise that ended 2/01/15 and the people traveling with us who were Gold got the free drink coupon to use @ brunch with no free water. This free water is now on the VIFP website and it wasn’t prior to our Jan – Feb. 2015 trip. I hope this answers your ?

      • Lynn says:

        Thanks Debbie. That explains it. I’m thinking Carnival went way over their heads when they were offering those $50pp/$50 on board credit offers earlier this year. That was around the same time they started offering those specials this year. Guess more people booked than they anticipated.

  469. Mary says:

    What a disappointment. I just finally earned my Gold card this year, and was able to attend my first VIFP party.My husband cannot usually get off work for week plus cruises, but we were looking forward to attending this event in the Fall together . I agree with the comment, that maybe you should have a special party for the diamond & platinum members, but don’t deny the Gold members their party, that took a lot to earn, for the hard working middle class.Please reconsider this small benefit we just earned for being loyal to Carnival.

  470. Charles Ruppert says:

    Since when is a party is too big on the “Fun Ships?” Why can’t the “Fun Ships” just have an additional party for gold members? Loyalty is a two way street. As Response #557, I hope Carnival Cruise Lines will reconsider this bad policy change.

  471. Mike Murphy says:

    John, big whoop!

    But, I believe you just offended a large group of customers (who now are probably two groups consisting of a smaller group of “customers” and a group of “former customer). What a poorly thought out public relations disaster!

    Never create promises or expectations that you don’t keep. Separate parties or gathering for the growing classes might have been a bit more well received than just telling us by your actions we are not valued. Sad…

    Good bye.

  472. Kym says:

    After reading all the comments, this is my offering. Some are blaming John and some are blaming platinum/diamond members. I’m sure they had nothing to do with the change of loyalty from the company to the customers. I am gold but see the positive. Firstly, I am sure Norwegian and Royal Caribbean are loving it. Secondly, Carnival will now have a hard time filling ships so prices will come down. Yay. I have sold my shares though.

  473. Eric says:

    I think this new policy is a slap in the face too. I no longer even wish to get the insult of a free drink on the last day. I am in Florida and just discovered Carnival May 2013. I have already racked almost 40 nights, and have a 8 day booked June 6th 2015 and a 6 day booked in 2016, with over 20 people booked on it. Perhaps Carnival should increase the ways in which to become Platinum. Give points for booking large parties ? I also suggest that the revamp the loyalty program to have time limits too. For example if you rack up 50 days in less than three years then you can perhaps move up the ranks a little faster. So what Carnival is saying that the only differance between one night and 75 nights is a 9.00 drink with limitations. Carnival used to make you Platinum after 10 cruises. So some people are now Platinum only 40 nights or less if they took some 3 night cruises. Also in the same note the Barlcay Carnival credit card Loyalty program is weak too. only 1% cash back, and 2% on Carnival. All my other credit card are 2-4 % to start with. so I am better off using them. Lets face it the only reason people cruise Carnival is because its CHEAP. I guess we get what we pay for.

  474. Diana says:

    I really don’t think that is a good comparison. Some of us don’t drink. What about those of us that may only be able to take a 3 or 4 day cruise now.. It’s not fair but then again Mom always said the world isn’t fair. Just my thoughts.

  475. Cecy says:

    I just would like to say that What A Cheap Way to Fix this so call problem. Instead of accommodating all your Loyal Gold members and think of doing something special for us too. You state that there are to many of us, well them make a special party just for the Gold members. This way we feel appreciate and be Thankful that we choose to cruise with Carnival lines instead of other Cruise lines, Instead you choose the easy and cheap way out by reducing a privilege that we have already earn. I believe that the person that came out with this Great and Bright idea did not had to fry their brains very much to come up this correct? Way to Go! CARNIVAL

  476. Nicole says:

    I am a gold member that is very disappointed in this change. My husband and I are celebrating a 20 year anniversary so we picked a suite on the Sunshine(July)and were looking forward to our VIFP party. This will be our 8th cruise and we have been loyal to Carnival. This party was a lot of fun and made us feel appreciated. The bottled water and free drink on the last day isn’t the same thing.

  477. Denise Skovira says:

    on the last two cruises VIFP members were allowed to bring a “guest” to the party. These were not necessarily VIFP members. If you eliminated the guests you’d have plenty of room for the rest of us…….starting to lose faith in this line….

  478. Mike Murphy says:

    So if there are 569 posts about the “change the party criteria” aka “tick off the Gold card status customers”, why can I only see about the first 425 or so? Where do I see the other 100+ remaining comments?

    2nd question: I looked at the Cruise Director schedule and did not see “Wee Willy” anywhere. What happened to him ?

    Thanks, Mike

  479. Daryl Johnson says:

    Have a short party for red/gold members and longer party for plat/diamond

    • Dee says:

      Not happy at all. I too looked forward to the gold members party and it did make me feel special. For all the cruise lines out there, we (gold members) chose Carnival. Already have something planned for October 2015 on carnival but after that I have 2 more cruises and decided to go with NCL and Royal Caribbean. Not only do both cruise lines offer a photo packages (which saves hundreds of dollars), they also offer extra perks (free beverage package, free gratuities, etc). I hope Carnival enjoy the decline in gold member returns.

  480. David Hanna says:

    This seems a little unfair to those who just made gold or who are just about to make it. If the parties were h\getting large, why not have a separate party (smaller) for gold memebers, Seems like this is yet another way Carnaval is decreasing the perks and increasing prices.

  481. Karen Simmons says:

    Really Carnival¿¿
    I have been cruising 2 – 4 times a year since I retired in 2009. I guess I’m not loyal enough for you. Thanks for letting me know Gold holds no value. Royal Caribbean here I come. Bye CCL!

    • Harry says:

      You can’t beat the value of Carnival, why are you leaving? Is not like they haven’t been giving you a good run for your money!

      • Brad says:

        Harry, Anything that they take away from you is an increase in your bill. You were paying for that and now its not available. Every Cruise that you have taken has a small portion of that party built into it. So when they take away the party, they are increasing your rate. While you’re not at an all inclusive party, you are probably spending your money somewhere else on the ship. When enough people start making it to Platinum, the parties will become too large and they’ll cancel those too. I had just made it to Gold status and as long as I’m making the vacation plans for our family, We’ll never go any higher. It was a bad decision by Carnival and I won’t waste another dollar on a LOYALTY program that I don’t know if I’ll ever use again. And its not like we’re cheap.. Each cruise costs our family of 4 between $5k and $10k with Hotels and airfares. I try to teach our kids about the PRINCIPAL of things and this is a good place to start.

  482. Dave Horwitz says:

    My sister in law says the hallway already smells like we are. We’re on the Breeze now.

  483. Joan says:

    I missed becoming Platinum, when the change occurred, by one cruise. I was even willing to book a cruise in order to not lose my chance of Platinum status and was told no! Should have been grandfathered in. I have taken 8 Carnival cruises and still have to take another 4 cruises to reach Platinum. The Gold benefits are being taken away one-by-one. Not good for us loyal cruisers. Now I’m being given a free drink on last day of cruise….does me no good since we get the Cheers package. Which basically means “we get nothing”

  484. Charles Ruppert says:

    John, I hope Carnival corporate headquarters is reading this blog. How many HUNDREDS more replies will it take before they rethink this disastrous change in policy towards gold VIFP members?

  485. Harry says:

    I’m currently in the Magic, and I got my Gold pin, a big bottle of water, which I already drank, and a drink ticket, which I will be using tomorrow afternoon. This is my fourth cruise and my wife, my daughters and I are having a super great time.

  486. Mike Murphy says:

    I notice that neither John nor anyone else at Carnival seems to care enough to respond to the hundreds of responses from sad, disappointed, and/or angry Gold Card members (aka in many instances from the responses made “former customers “). I take it that indicates how valued we are… Too bad. I have generally had good experiences with our Carnival cruises and have defended it in conversations with friends who were spreading bad-mouthed 3rd hand stories about it. Maybe they were partially correct… Sad.

  487. Peter Holdin says:

    A bottle of water that cost them under .30 Excellent!

  488. Linda says:

    Wow ! Not a very good public relations move !
    Looking forward to now sailing with other cruise lines !

  489. Sherita Cassity says:

    This is just another “down grade” from Carnival. It does feel like a slap in the face. The drink coupon that can only be used on the last day of the cruise after 5pm is not a comparable perk and we no longer get the sea day brunch drink. I have only sailed with Carnival for the last 9 years. I have considered booking with other lines but I chose to be loyal because I enjoyed the little perks like the past guest party and wanted to reach that Platinum level. Now that I see how easily and frequently Carnival down grades their loyalty program I don’t really feel like chasing that carrot any longer. I am not a happy cruiser right now.

  490. Kathy Morroni says:

    Your “new” program for the Gold Card members truly misses the mark, it is insulting that we are given a “bottle” of water” as a perk…..really, WOW! I can understand the problem of over crowing in the cocktail party, but you should have honored your policy to everyone on this cruise, and made the necessary changes going forward, IE starting in January of 2016 for example , not changing program’s once a passenger has committed to a cruise. You might have had a cocktail party every night breaking the passengers up into groups of a more manageable size, there by honoring your commitment to your passengers. I feel as if I bought a ticket for first class passage and am now being told I am on the steerage deck. I now know that loyalty to the Carnival Cruise line, is not appreciated. Good to know for future cruise booking, there is no advantage to going with Carnival”.

  491. Julie O says:

    I must agree with many of the others here…while I totally understand that Diamond and Platinum deserve something truly special, I think Carnival should have simply split out the parties…a fancier one for them, and SOMETHING for the Golds. What I’ve seen is a constant erosion of benefits in the program, even as I move up through it. Honestly, if we were not treated so well by the casino, we would likely not even be sailing Carnival anymore. And while we’re talking about “perks”, let me tell you what I DON’T need. I don’t need a gold pin with every sailing. What the heck is my family of 5 supposed to do with 10 pins a year??? Ditch the pins. Bring back the party.

  492. Jeffrey Rotz says:

    John, During my upcoming cruise I will hi the 200 day, diamond level. I understand there will be changes in calculating points vs. days. How will that work?

  493. Phil J says:

    Carnival Australia has just announced that gold VIFP members, for sailings out of Oz, will receive:
    1. Gold pin each cruise
    2. The (infamous)1 litre bottle of water
    3. The VIFP party, alongside diamond & platinum cruisers
    There will be no drink voucher.
    I’d suggest that, given, the very low number of Aussies that would qualify for diamond & platinum, we “golds” have been left in to make up the numbers & assist generating more atmosphere.
    However, as I’ve said before in this discussion, we choose to cruise Carnival for the great time we have sailing with them, whether that be out of the USA or from Sydney. VIFP perks are incidental for us.

  494. Anna Dahl says:

    I totally understand that cruising is getting more and ore popular so benefits change no problems for me…..But, I never knew, in the first place,that we get a free bottle of water. When did that begin?? how do we get it?? And Also, will the coupons for the free drink be in on onboard mail box. if not, how will we get it?
    Thank you

  495. Frances Kirby says:

    Indeed this is a disappointment for me and my husband as we have been enjoying the parties since becoming gold. Unfortunately there is a big gap between gold and the next level. We have been traveling for almost three years with Carnival and have accrued 46 days. We are already signed up for 18 more days in the future. That still will not put us at the next level. We will miss attending the party because it truly makes you feel like you are important to Carnival. One drink coupon certainly doesn’t make up for the party.

  496. Lisette says:

    Insulting. Too many customers return time and time again. *Idea – Let’s take things away!*
    Who needs repeat cruisers? Evidently NOT Carnival!
    I wonder who was paid to come up with this bright idea and which top executive should lose their job over it?

  497. Tywana Starr says:

    Thank you to Carnival Cruise line for continuing to acknowledging the gold card members. I am looking forward to participating in the changes. I’m also looking forward to becoming a diamond and platinum as I love cruising. After my first cruise I swore that I never wanted to do it again but after talking with a friend who is a pharmacist and she recommended an over the counter medication. I thought that I should at least give it a try and it was a huge success. I’m now hooked on cruising. I really don’t care about any other type of vacations where I have to do all the planning.
    I hope to one day be on one of the ships you’re on and meet you in person.

    Tywana Starr
    VIFP# 9000541481

  498. Bob says:

    Just a random Dear John letter posting on a FB site…this place as good as any to post.

    Dear John
    Have you noticed this year that many cruise lines have been raising fees and revising policies, giving priority to suite class passengers and changing loyalty programs? We have. (Follow our Cruise News for more details.) In fact, we’ve noticed dissatisfaction on the Cruise Critic boards – and occasionally here in our own office. Sometimes there’s nothing left to do… but break up.
    I’m breaking up with you. It’s not you. It’s me.
    Well, actually, it is you. You’ve changed. You’re not the same cruise line I fell in love with.
    The day we met was love at first sight. I’d been with enough other cruise lines to know I had met my match. You weren’t like the other lines. You didn’t require the same things of me as they did. I could be myself with you. No fancy dress required and it didn’t matter to you if I stayed in an inside cabin or a top suite, you treated all your passengers the same. We were perfect together.
    But lately you’ve been distant. You’re pulling back, taking things away you once offered freely.
    I actually laughed when “they” told me you were making changes. “Pish posh,” I said. My cruise line would never do that. It’s impossible. Other cruise lines may be reducing their included services and amenities, but mine? No way.
    And then I read what changes you were making. And I was sure there must be a mistake.
    Oh, how smart I thought I was, how well I thought I knew the cruise industry and you. Hard to believe any cruise line, let alone you would pull an airline-and-checked-bags-level stunt.
    But it turns out I didn’t know you as well as I thought.
    And now I’m angry. You’ve gone too far. Nickeled-and-dimed me to a point I can no longer stomach. I have one more date with you this fall, and after that we’re done. It’s over. I will find another cruise line to give my valuable vacation time to.
    Thanks for all the good memories, but it’s over. Goodbye.

    • Pam says:

      Love it.
      Also just wondering if anyone from Carnival is going to respond to any of these comments / statements from all of their loyal customers. I know they certainly didn’t care much when I told them about the issues we experienced on our last cruise (8th by the way-spending the extra $ on a balcony) our air not working in the room, no cold water in the room; just hot, room service forgot about us 2 times earlier in the week; but room service didn’t forget about us the last night they just brought us raw bacon on our BLT’s! One day we stopped at a port the crew cleaned the outside of the boat and had our door open and sprayed my husbands blk shoes with some bleach stuff. This is on top of Carnival not backing up one of their “protected shopping places” DI if anything goes wrong with an item…blah blah blah, their cruises being booked for places in Oct. that get changed every time do to weather; well hello stop planning on go there and building people’s hopes up for being able to go to these places when you know 90% of the time you can’t port there! We had the same activities over and over on this last trip as well. Things were listed 2-4 times each, I saved all of the sheets and highlighted them when we got home. Ok I think I’m done complaining now, wow that was a lot off my chest. Carnival It’s up to you to keep your loyal customers or start docking some boats, and after putting so much money in some of them it would be sad to see the wrong choice be made.

  499. Linda says:

    Je suis totalement en désaccord avec cette pratique, elle nous fait sentir inférieur a ceux qui on le niveau platine. En seulement 3 ans j’en suis a 6 croisières avec Carnival, cette marque de loyauté mérite plus qu’une bouteille d’eau et une boisson. Enfin vous devriez retenir la suggestion de faire un party différent pour les golds, et un autre pour les platines.

  500. Reuben says:

    You know what you and Carnival can do with your bottle of water and your drink ticket. Cheap skates. Bye bye carnival. Hello Royal Carribean.

  501. M Morse says:

    I am disappointed that gold members are not invited to the VIFP party, it was nice to personally receive a thank you for repeat sailings…guess i will look else where for my next cruise..Good Luck Carnival

  502. Mark says:

    I see the eliminating of the welcome back party for gold card holders a negative move for Carnival. The diamond and platinum members enjoyed their parties and now do not want future members to be included. I feel this move takes away incentives to come back. Currently other cruise lines offer some really good deals with many options. Carnival should encourage previous cruisers to come back. The free beverage misses the point, when you consider how much money is spent on the cruise, beverage package, excursions, gifts and other on board sales, the free drink seems like an insult. The diamond and platinum members cruised so many times bought all their gifts, photos excursions etc. The blue, red and gold members are spending money discovering everything.

  503. John Williamson says:

    I can see how the gold members would be pissed. They waited for something and then it got taken away. My wife and I were platinum members and we haven’t gone the party in at least 5 cruises because, well, they suck. Crowded, noisy and everybody shoving and pushing for a drink or some unidentifiable snack that tastes like its been sitting out a couple of days. You’re welcome to mine and my wife’s spot – we don’t want it. After our last cruise out of Norfolk sucked so bad, we’re booking our next cruise on RCL this October. Goodbye CCL.

  504. Todd says:

    This is completely unacceptable. First as others have said, schedule two events…you have more gold because the loyalty program was working, had you not changed it, you would continue to grow more platinums eventually but not any longer….maybe that’s your goal. A free bottle of water? Wow…well remember not too long ago that changed and replaced the free drink on sea day…now we get a free drink after 5pm on last day….really? Between the DOU card and the liquor bracelet that we get….what’s this do for us? It does make me want to spend all my money on shore ($5-$8K) in their casinos and none ion the ship. I sail in 6 days, what a kill joy this is….use to be fun to go, yes it was busy but that was fun….horrible business move!

  505. Brandon Avery says:

    As a gold member I think this move is just fine. I don’t cruise just so I can get rewards, although I am looking forward to free laundry. I think its a smart move on Carnival’s part and appreciate the free drink.

  506. Jason says:

    I just returned from an 8-day cruise on the Breeze (aft cabin). I am now three days from Platinum (72 nights), and got to experience first hand this “appreciation drink” for Gold members (no party). Not only was it good for just the last night, but not until after 5pm and only up to $9 ( the cheapest alcoholic drink at dinner was $9.25).

    Really?! Common guys. Just give us a free drink (or not at all). “A” drink… Is that soooo bad? When you put all the restrictions on when it can be redeemed, you cheapen it to the point of insult. It’s like you went out of your way to make it as difficult to redeem as possible (last few hours of the cruise when everyone is packing). Make no mistake. Everyone sees that and knows exactly what you’re doing. We’re less likely to actually redeem the appreciation drink with those restrictions, so you save money. Poor form folks…

  507. KW says:


  508. Yolanda says:

    I’m very disappointed!
    1st we gold members have to VIFP system revamped on us with minimal warning!

    Now we’re not good enough to be included in a party with the platinum or diamonds?!

    Really Carnival do we not spend the same amount of money! And many of us are just points away from being considered worthy!

    A bunch of bull!!!

  509. Anthony Saladino says:


    With all the negative comments from members, has anyone from the corporate headquarters replied or commented on any of them. Would sure appreciated some type of feedback or do they really not care?

  510. MamaG says:

    I would rather have a drink coupon as I never attend the party and don’t usually like the drinks being served anyways. Thanks Carnival for even providing anything at all for free, as you certainly don’t have to do that. I become platinum on my next cruise and am just excited to not have to wait in log check in lines.

  511. Bob Vick says:

    As a fairly new Gold member, I am of course sad to see this change. However, I do understand the reasoning behind this move. I enjoyed the one party I was able to attend and will look forward to reaching Diamond perhaps next year.

    I do invite you to consider an additional bonus in exchange for this takeaway – a bottle of wine in the cabin for a Gold member’s first cruise after this change – which could be given only on 5 day (or maybe even 7 day or longer) cruises.

  512. Anne Eighinger says:

    How disappointing to hear no loyalty program for gold members. I’d better hurry up and get to platinum before they take more perks away from them too. They did away with the midnight buffet which highlights the creativity of the on board chefs. I’m a little disappointed.

    • Anne Eighinger says:

      Oops, I guess even if I hurry to get to platinum status then they will take it from them as well, because all of us gold members will eventually be platinum – and that’s too many or they’ll raise the platinum limit from 75 days to 100 or 150 and then raise diamond to 300. That is probably next on their horizon. I think that at the very least the could grandfather the current gold members. I booked another cruise before I saw this, and now I feel the exchange is unfair. The cocktail party comes with food as well as an appreciation drink which does not equal being dropped from the VFIP, which I no longer feel that I am.

    • Anne Eighinger says:

      Wow – my comment yesterday was removed. That’s ok I put it out on facebook. The platinum members are going to get the shaft when us gold members get there too.

    • Anne Eighinger says:

      Well I’ve sent blog to our local media and live in a major cruise port, Tampa Bay. I know a couple of local individuals at the major networks to discuss issues at hand.

  513. Angela says:

    I am so tired of Carnival making its customers feel unwelcome. I cancelled my 4 cruises that were booked because I refuse to give this company any more money to slap me in the face and tell me I’m worth $9. I hope you have enough Platinum and Diamond guests to keep your company running, because I assure you it won’t be from my family or friends.

  514. Earl And Jen Sears says:

    We are Gold Members and you made these new changes. after we booked our cruise for July 20th. We understand that crowds can be large but last Sept. on our 5 days cruise their were only about 20 people in the room. We feel since changes were made after our booking that we should still get the invite. We look forward to this part of the cruise and this should not be taken away after we have already made this booking. Treat your Gold members right please and this is not right. Thank You for you time. The Sears

    • Earl And Jen Sears says:

      By the way Carnival we started cruising in 2004, I think its time to back to the old way, LET GOLD CARD MEMBERS BACK IN THE PARTY. This was wrong for you to make this change. If your gonna take it away take away from all members.

  515. Michael Cahill says:

    I waited a long while to type this response because I was truly angry when I first heard of the new policy. I needed time to digest and calm myself.I understand the need for change. And I am sure that the pure numbers (of past gold guests) do create quite a problem. I do wish I could find it in my heart to believe this is more than just a pure cost savings measure. I’m sorry, I still don’t see that. On the surface, this comes off as purely a new president making her/his stamp on the company known.Is loyalty really the issue here? Or is company dollar what we are truly talking about. With all the loyalty programs in our lives today, can we honestly believe that a company is saying “Wait, we now have too much loyalty. Let’s back off our promises. We might offend a few, but our brand is so popular now, we can survive this and still make more dollars.” I think not. I believe Carnival just lost sight (for a brief moment) of what has made them so successful in their market share. Isn’t this the true essence of why John Heald has his position? To promote, thank, encourage, and support all past guests? LET US RETHINK LOLAYTY

  516. Jenny Long says:

    Very disappointed in Carnival changing the VIFP Loyalty program. My favorite part of cruising was the VIP party we always went to on the cruise. Very unfair that Carnival did this to people who are Frequent cruisers. I also hate that you took the priority boarding away as well. Shame on Carnival.

  517. Gene says:

    So much for being a GOLD MEMEBER.
    We have sailed Carnival Loyally.
    Not sure if we will continue to do so.
    Always recommended Carnival above all, not sure if I will continue do so.

  518. Gina says:

    Change is often hard to handle for a lot of people, and myself at times as well. But when we think about the party that were invited to, how many people really go and do you really enjoy the watered down drinks or drinks you wouldn’t have typically ordered anyway? Do we book a cruise with carnival just for the free party or is it for the overall cruise experience. I personally would prefer a drink coupon. At least the coupon can be redeemed at any bar, even if on the last day. We have sailed on many cruise lines and we LOVE you carnival and plan to use our cruise dollars on Carnival going forward. A cocktail party or free drink is a plus, but not a deal breaker for us. Thanks John Heald for keeping us all updated on the latest and can’t wait for our next adventure in November.

  519. Charles Ruppert says:

    WOW! I am number 519 and the 656th response to this train wreck of a policy change. If you wanted our attention Carnival Cruise Lines, you got it. What remains to be seen is whether or not Carnival corporate headquarters will admit they made a mistake and rescind this “slap in the face” to all Gold members.

  520. Jen says:

    So I’m platinum and hubby just reached Gold status and we were looking forward to the party in September on the Sunshine. Does that mean he isn’t allowed to go now and I would have to go alone???

  521. Tony says:

    I literally just returned from an 8-day cruise (my 9th with Carnival) and I must agree that I too was so shocked and disturbed by this change. The gradual peeling away of the perks over the past couple of years that used to make cruising feel special: first the Gala Buffet disappears, then the midnight party buffet goes away, then the chocolates and now the party and brunch drink… something about Carnival now reminds me of a used-car dealership…cheap and underhanded.

    It is very apparent that Carnival is cutting costs – probably to help pay for the whole Costa Concordia mess… but the reality of the situation is that this is not a wise business decision. Cruising is an industry in which a customer loyal is paramount to long-term sustainability. Your repeat customers are your lifeblood – and frequent cruisers tend to stick with the same line so long as they are satisfied. More importantly – your repeat customers are surely the single-largest source of advertisement to new cruisers. I think it’s safe to say that a huge proportion of your loyal customer base is no longer satisfied with the direction your company is going and will no longer be giving recommendations to sail Carnival. It might seem fiscally smart right now to cut expenditures… but in a couple of years, I fear you will experience the repercussions as your customers increasingly turn to other cruise lines. What will Carnival do then — after all of their once-customers become loyal members of the competition??

    Truthfully, like so many who just get back from fun at sea, I am planning my next cruise as I type… and I promise you that my money will not be going to Carnival this time (for the first time in 9 years).

    My last piece of advice would be to compare the loyalty programs that are equivalent of ‘Gold Level Status’ on Royal Caribbean to those offered by Carnival. The differences are incredible and immediately obvious. Royal does it better!

    Royal Caribbean is investing in their customers… Carnival is investing in its own pocketbook.

  522. MamaG says:

    I am shocked at the number of guests upset about this. Do you book your cruise simply to get the free booze party? Look at the overall cruise value with Carnival. We just sailed on Royal as our kids wanted to do the big ship. We spent double or more for that cruise, and although it was a beautiful ship, it wasn’t worth it in our opinion. We missed the carnival food and comfort. Let’s accept the change and move forward. It may be a business decision of costs cuts and a matter of having this take away Vs. a price increase. Which would you prefer?

    • Brad says:

      Its a loyalty reward. When I started cruising Carnival, they said what we would get when we got to certain levels. I didn’t invent the system. I’ve only been to 1 party as a Gold Member with my family and we had a GREAT time. There are so many options for vacations out there and maybe we’ll just fly to the destination for the same cost.

    • Tony says:

      MamaG, I respect your opinion but think so many people are upset about it because we feel betrayed. Loyalty programs are a lifetime investment by the customer. We have given our time and money to one line, year after year, only to feel like that loyalty is not being reciprocated by the cruise line. This is the second major change in a few years which has negatively impacted this same group of loyal and frequent customers. It makes Golds feel like we are giving more to the relationship than we are getting… Like a bad marriage. Carnival made a commitment of benefits to us years ago when we started working for them… And now, they are being cheapened/erased because the corporate bean counter thinks it’s a good move. I am glad that customers are speaking up and saying, “No, this is not okay…”

      • Brad says:

        Tony… Thank you for putting it that way. Everytime I post here, I end up getting so upset that I feel that I’m not making my point. Don’t get me wrong, I love CCL… So does my family… It just makes me so mad everytime that I start reading these and I say “We’re never cruising Carnival again” and my wife doesn’t feel the same way… I can certainly thank CCL for the marital problems.

      • Bill Bailey says:

        You are so right. I was 1 day from Platinum when the rules changed in the middle of the game. Now this is the camel that broke the straw. The party is not the issue. It is the disrespect after years and lots of money dedicating our time, talent and treasures to Carnival only to be jilted. Bring back Mickey. He understood people. For the first time, I am exploring other cruises and have found an excellent 10 day cruise on NCL cheaper than carnival.

  523. Michael Taylor says:

    Hmm, I am at the point where I need to commit to one cruise line as I am splitting my cruising days between two lines; wife is leaning Royal Caribbean and I was towards Carnival. Royal definitely treats their loyal customers well and after reading the comments here it looks more boogey boarding for me on the Liberty of the seas!

  524. Mark Myskowski says:

    Thank you for the complimentary drinks on the conquest week of june.

  525. Brad says:

    So there has been about 525 comments to this and I’d really like to hear what John has to say about this. Is Carnival ready to lose customers over this? Come on John… This is what they pay you the big bucks for…. Are you ready to go to bat for us???

    • Ken Bowen says:

      Does purchasing 4 cabins count as 1 or 4 for purposes of VIP status? We are going on the Triumph on August 10,2015 and I think I am a gold member now.If I move up what are the advantages?

  526. Mike Murphy says:

    I wish Carnival would stop sending me emails touting my “VIFP” membership. Each time I see that term it just gets me angry again. I don’t want to be reminded over and over about the FACT that I am no longer valued or appreciated. Just let me forget about the VIFP program and maybe I can again return to the point where I can think about the good times we had on all our Carnival cruises. Each time you try to tout my “valued” (right!!!) VIFP status it just renews my frustration all over. Right now the last thing I want to think about is Carnival; especially Carnival’s VIFP public relations fiasco.

  527. Patbbb says:

    Since January 2014 I’ve sailed four times on 7 & 8 days Carnival cruises. Never received any free water. The only drink coupons my wife and I got were restricted to the sea day brunches. These coupons were worthless since I prefer to have a cocktail in the evening at a show or in the casino, not in the morning. I’m quite surprised at John’s comments above in this regard.
    I’m a Gold member with 68 credits. I’m 2 points short of platinum only because I cannot prove my sailings prior to 1995 to Carnival’s satisfaction. Maybe it’s time to go back to the more accommodating lines?

  528. Reuben says:

    Just got off the Magic and received my gold member drink coupon. Worked great as toilet paper. Last time I’m cruising with Carnival. Royal Carribean here we come.

  529. Donna says:

    I believe if you are going to change it than those of us that already have a gold membership trying like heck to get to platinum should be grandfathered in. If you make the change than you should state that it changes for anyone who joins the VIFP club after a certain date.

  530. Sidney John Saunders says:

    Dam, I was looking forward to my Gold Membership next trip, but I now wonder if its worth it, I dont drink alchohol so maybe 2 bottles of water, thats a great way of saying thanks for being loyal, heres $5 worth of water. Maybe im new to cruising but I was going to be loyal, time to look at other companies all owned by Carnival anyway, why not make them all combined and share points throughout the group

  531. Cindy says:

    Ok CCL. I can take a hint. I will stop asking all of our friends and families to join us on carnival cruises going forward. I wouldn’t want to add to your burden of having TOO many loyal cruisers since the gold members are now obviously a nuisance. Look at the bright side though…CCL won’t have to worry about eventually having too many platinum and diamond card holders since so many golds are going to jump ship.We have regretfully pursuaded 4 other couples to join us and give Carnival a try for our next 2 cruises this fall and next spring. We’ve all already paid so we can’t really do anything about those 2 trips now. We’ve always LOVED CCL because the service and crews have always been wonderful and the cruisers that go Carnival are SO much more fun compared to the people on the competitors we’ve tried. It sounds like the CCL crowds we love so much will be going elsewhere now though, so we’ll probably have the fun crowd we love on other cruise lines in the future.CCL has made so many cut backs now that we have lost that special pampered feeling we once received. We loose a little something with each cruise we take on CCL. Another loss has put the nail in the coffin for us. We don’t mind paying a few dollars more for a cruise line that will appreciate our loyalty and provide that pampered experience that makes us prefer cruises over other vacations.Sadly we will have to say Bon Voyage CLL. We’ll be making a switch to another line in a few months once we get thru the 2 CCL cruises we’ve already paid for..Maybe the beards will eventually pull their heads out and once again provide the things that kept bring so many of us back. If that day ever comes we will be CCL loyal again.

  532. Chet Dalski says:

    I would ask that Carnival allow for points to be accumulated across all sister lines that it owns to allow us to accumulate points towards Diamond quicker. We have three different memberships to essentially the same “Carnival” corporation but none count towards the other. VIFP, Costaclub, and Mariner (Holland America). What’s the chance of that happening?

  533. Mike says:

    When I was a red I got a free drink. Was very excited to make gold last year only to find out this year I am essentially a red again, with an extra bottle of water. At least they didn’t take my gold card away from again. I will definitely be looking at other cruise lines now. Carnival can have the same loyalty they have shown me.

  534. Katherine says:

    I am a Gold Member with 60 points…however I have been going solo and still have to pay double occupancy…should I not get double points? You need to listen to the Gold members and take our concerns to Corporate. I am also a member with NCL…our concerns not heard may make me sway to the other cruise line.

    • MamaGina says:

      If I were you, I would contact customer service and request additional points for each cruise that you paid double occupancy and sailed alone. I feel this would be a valid request that they should honor.

    • grizel robertson says:

      Kathy, I have 277 days at sea with Carnival and have travelled solo and paid double for 179 of them. I agree that we solos should receive double points and that issue was discussed on BC8 (Bloggers’ Cruise 8) and considered to be a possibility. I live in the UK and take long expensive flights before I embark on a ship. It would be much appreciated by all solos if we received some form of recognition for our loyalty.

  535. Nicole Chakmakian says:

    I am a bit upset about this! I have been loyal to carnival for 10 years now and have cruised probably more days than a lot of your platinum members! My cruises are always 7 or 8 days and you take away the one decent thing you offer us! I don’t want your drink coupon I do not drink alcohol I enjoy the party and the info we get from it and I always wind up meeting a few nice people! This does not make me happy at all! Going on the splendor in August! I hope they figure this out by than! John I have read people’s comments here I don’t think this was a good move I really hope the beards are reading this!

    • Sarah says:

      Just piggy backing off Nicole’s. I too am gold and scheduled to sale in Oct. I am NOT in support of this change, but I still booked.

      I really have just one question… Is it really that hard to use your database and make this a grandfathered policy for those not in Gold Status yet? As pointed out, however, this party is a networking opportunity for many of us. We talk to the next level and how they did it and strive for it! It really seems to be more in your (carnivals) interest to have us go! We will book more as we network more.

  536. Pamela Hungerford says:

    My,husband and I are Diamond, we enjoy the meeting with the Captain, it will be nice to have a smaller gathering for,the past passenger gatherings. They were getting really huge.

    • Robert Racine says:

      Pamela, so glad you enjoy your intimate meetings with the Captain, but put yourself in the shoes of the Golds who have had this opportunity in the past because like you we were building up our loyalty points towards Diamond, how would you have reacted if this had happened to you while you were still Gold. Please don’t pretend that you would react any differently than the rest of us lowly Golds. If the groups were getting too large then make two separate gatherings, my goodness loyalty is not that complicated!

      • Charles Ruppert says:

        Well said, Robert, buy apparently holding two separate parties (One for the Gold members and one for Diamond and Platinum members) is simply one too many parties for a cruise line who calls itself “The Fun Ships.”

  537. Brad says:

    Well, I’ve given you a few months to look at all the negative comments here and I thought you might have had 2nd thoughts by now. I’m still not happy about this and I (The vacation planner for our family) have decided to see the internal views of our country rather than seeing the Caribbean. We’ve booked a nice week in the heart of Philadelphia to experience some of the start of our Country. Rethink the whole tiered VIFP thing and Maybe we’ll see you next year.

  538. Mary says:

    Boy, All these people leaving Carnival, there is more room and it will be quieter for us platinum card holders. WhooHooo!

    • Charles Ruppert says:

      Mary, your schadenfreude is neither constructive nor complimentary of your VIFP status.

  539. Sarah says:

    I’ve been reading and rereading the comments here. I have been following this for a while now!

    I’m not happy with it, but tolerating it. We are humans and we evolve, in other words we are supposed to change. I once heard, when you are done changing, you are done… Like done how? Yeah, that can be a dark statement, but it’s true.

    However, some changes are bad ones and some good. This was not the best of changes Carnival… Really it wasn’t and I somehow believe you figured that out by your lack of response.

    On to my bigger mission… Take a good look at the HORRIBLE comments some of us left. You created a class system with your VIFP… Blue, Red, Gold, Diamond, Platinum… I did say we evolve right? We learn from history and past mistakes? Can I suggest you convert your class members to a number of points earned… Let them turn it in like coupon system for drinks, excursions, fast to fun, sailings. Let them donate to others or charity. Hold auctions with the points earned. Kind of like SkyMiles, but don’t earn a class based reward. Label me a color, stone, gem, whatever. Labels and classes are WRONG. I am not gold person, I am not a diamond person… I sail carnival and meet AWESOME HUMANS from all around this world.

    Just fix it for one and all, please.

  540. Greg says:

    I’m a couple of trips away from platinum and I don’t like this at all. It seems that the last few cruises we have been on Carnival is taking more stuff away. In my opinion it’s loosing the value of why I cruise with Carnival. I’ve invested a lot of my time and money with Carnival and here I go again loosing another reason why I cruise with Carnival. In March out of Glavestion they didn’t even put chocolates out any longer. What’s next? I guess it’s time to look for another cruise line!!!!

  541. Waylon Barkley says:

    Seriously John let’s be frank with one another. The reason for the change has to do with the almighty dollar and the bottom line. Greed is a terrible thing especially when it means customer service is sacrificed. The reasons for the previous Past Passenger Program changes that took place in 2012 are exactly the same as those described as the reasons for the current VIFP changes, to many parties. Really!!! Just how much of a dent does the one or two parties which are only available on a 5 day or longer cruise cause in the company’s bottom line. As of June of this year Carnival reported a net income of $271,000,000.00 and yet you complain that delivering something a minuscule as a member’s party is a burden. Remember that these are the profits before the gold member benefits were reduced.
    Why would a company have a Loyalty Program if the company itself can’t be loyal to the program? Revamping the program every few years and reducing benefits will only serve to diminish the Carnival brand. Who recommends to their friends companies where loyal members are forsaken every few years to increase company profits? We, the consumer bought into the program and continued to loyally cruise with your company because of the products and promotions promised. For the Platinum and Diamond members commenting how glad they are for the change I can only say google the poem, “And then they came for me”. It is only a matter of time before your program is negatively affected for more profits.

    Also the one complimentary drink coupon is not a new contribution of the gold member’s benefits package. It has been offered since the VIFP program was established. Doing away with a members party and offering one bottle of water hardly seem like a fair trade especially since guests are no longer allowed to bring water on-board.

    One last item, restricting the one complimentary drink coupon to only be used on the last day of the cruise is totally ludicrous and can only be viewed as another ploy to increase company profits by hoping the voucher will either be lost or be forgotten and go unused. It was bad enough that the voucher offered before could only be used in certain areas of the ship when there a numerous bars throughout the vessel.

    • Tony Walker says:

      Well said. Now – someone needs to print this giant stack of negative feedback and send it, certified mail, to the CEO, executive team, and each member of the Board. Maybe then they will actually read and respond?? It is very disappointing that we are being ignored in hopes that the “disgruntled voices” will die down in time.

  542. Chris R says:

    I will probably get lots of backlash for suggesting this, but since Carnival is just completely ignoring us over concerns about all the policy changes lately, I thought of a way to get their attention. If everybody who is angry about these changes (that have a cruise booked already, or book anyway) go to the Guest Services desk and reduce their automatic gratuity to $0 with the reason being all these policy changes, this would cause their own employees to be directly affected by these changes. I know, it is not their fault, but if Carnival’s own employees start getting upset about it, they may actually listen. On the flip side, it’s not our fault that more and more people are achieving Gold status and thus, taking our benefits away. I know this is a far-fetched idea, but we could use that extra money to replace the things Carnival is taking from us to get our cruise back to the value it used to be. Happy Cruising!

    • Sarah says:

      Actually… As sad as it would be for their wonderful and exceptional staff, it’s a good idea. I remember taking my first Marketing class and discussing the idea that everyone who drives a car to refuse to buy gas on Sundays. Sales dropped so bad for that day of the week shortly after many companies started having gas sales. It’s not as far fetched as you might think.

      I have a cruise in October, I’m game if others are. It would send a message.

  543. Brad Watson says:

    Just wanted to let you know that due to your “Changes” and “Demoting my Gold Status” I am continuing to boycott CCL and Next years Spring Break will be held in a Condo in Panama City Beach. Although I’m still wondering why there is a Gold Level Membership as there are really no perks to be in it, I’m starting to enjoy not cruising as I’m getting to see much more of the US.

    This falls cruise was replaced with a trip to Philadelphia to see some of the Landmarks of the Birth of this Country.

    Just wanted to let the “Beards” know that there is much more to do than cruising. And Other venues give out real rewards!

  544. Lola says:

    Some of you are just being dramatic. Yes, losing the party sucks- but face it: they were always trying to schedule it at a bad time anyhow. Not only that, but how many mini cocktails can you drink at this half hour party? One or two( only if you stand right next to the bar and the server is your room steward ) so this can’t be about free booze. Must be about that finger turkey panini … It’s not like Diamond/Plat members haven’t suffered a loyalty dilute as well. Thanks to “Faster to the Fun” you can BUY your way into the priority boarding lounge, early room entry and the designated GS line. So- admitting that the restriction on the drink coupon until after 5 on the last day is EXTREME (because everyone has received their liquor purchases from the gift shop in their rooms by then :/ ) The best thing to do is STICK it to Carnival by not spending $ on the ship! Clearly this isn’t about mini panini’s after all. To heck with that stupid bottle of water! If you want mints or a robe just ask! Pay a little extra $ for faster to the fun and Google free cruise liquor. Mini panini party aside- your card color comes with respect. Try not to gripe at Plats just because you’re gold, when you know on the inside you love the fact that your card isn’t red or blue.

  545. Chip says:

    So, I just got back from a cruise to Cozumel…that will make my 16th. I am platinum and have been for a few years. I understand why everone is bitching but really the only “perk” to platinum or diamond (as far as I’m concerned) is the ability to bypass the lines on check in and EASY off when the cruise is over. I could care less about a free drink or meeting the captain. I would still cruise even without a loyalty program…because crusing is just damn FUN!!

  546. wayne says:

    I will no longer be loyal to Carnival. I am just going to have to give Royal Caribbean a go. I am insulted and feel like I will spend my money somewhere else where I am appreciated as a customer.

  547. ang says:

    I have sailed nine times. I am almost to the next lev but you better believe that now, if I found a cruise with a different company i’ll take it. A bottle of water and a free drink on the last night after 5pm (after they took away the most looked forward to event on the ship) is not going to keep my loyalty. They need to change the program from days sailed to money spent. You can have a couple sail 5 times in an inside room and not drink much, spend the same as another couple who cruises once in a suite and spends a fortune drinking and in the casino. Hardly fair.

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