Water in a Bottle, Hilary on a T-shirt

June 11, 2015 -

John Heald

I bet right now most of you reading this are wearing a T-shirt. Yep, T-shirts, we all have them, we all wear them and we all wear them on our cruises. Most are plain or have a fun pattern or logo on them. The T-shirt is the most popular daytime thing to wear and I, of course, love it when I see people wearing Carnival logo wear. It does make me smile when people wear T-shirts with a place they have visited on it, particularly if it’s the exotic-sounding name of somewhere far, far away from where you are at the time. There are some people who do think it’s alright to wear another cruise line’s T-shirt on a Carnival ship and this always makes me giggle.

Some T-shirts, as indicated in the letter below, are to some guests………..very offensive.

Josie Kane

I will preface my comments by saying that I usually cruise on NCL. I have heard positive comments about Carnival so opted to try them this time and cruise on Carnival Liberty. On the positive side the ship’s staff is definitely superior, courteous, friendly and efficient. The veranda stateroom was clean, the bed comfortable and the food of good quality. The experience in the steakhouse was very good, first class, actually. My number one, chief complaint was a situation on which following on from my numerous complaints nothing was done about. Each morning we would play the trivia competitions. This is something mom and I always do together. Each morning the same group of 50 or so would play. Among the passengers was an elderly man who each time would be wearing the most offensive, sickening T-shirts I have ever seen. I took photos of him and sent them to my travel agent. I cannot seem to be able to send photos on this page. Is there a place I can do this? You must see what the passengers are wearing. His shirts said things like:

“Stay away from me people! I am running out of places to hide the bodies”

“Anyone but Hillary 2016”

“Come for my gun and you had better bring yours as*****.”

This shirt he was wearing at 10 in the morning in public had a very offensive photo of our awesome president on it.

How could Carnival allow this????? I complained to the staff people running the trivia and the front desk and wrote a letter to the captain but still this man was seen all over the ship wearing these sickening messages on his shirts. My travel agent ______ ______ from _______ suggested I bring this to you. Are there rules against this because it is disgusting and terribly wrong that Carnival did nothing to stop it? Is this acceptable and legal to Carnival??

I will be replying to Josie personally but I also wanted to address this here as I think it is a very interesting subject.

I can understand why this has upset Josie and her mother. But, obviously, there is no way that the staff on board can control what other guests on the ship wear. If this guest had been staying at a hotel in Las Vegas and seen this chap sitting at a poker table at Caesar’s Palace would she have gone to the front desk and complained or told the dealer not to let him play. I think the answer is probably no. It’s a cruise industry type of complaint – something our industry has opened the door to many years ago

However, Josie has asked an interesting question. Should we have allowed these guests to wear those T-shirts on board? I guess the answer is yes. I mean, in all the years I have been at sea I do not remember asking a guest to remove a T-shirt because it offended some of our guests.

Is it appropriate? Well, I guess it all depends on what offends you. I mean if there is obscene language or nudity, I think you and I both agree that’s a no-no but someone’s opinion of a presidential candidate or a somewhat off-color attempt at humour, I don’t think there’s much we can do. I think it also depends on the setting. If someone who wears an offensive T-shirt to tour the Vatican or to a wedding or funeral he should be asked to leave. But on a cruise ship trivia quiz or on Lido deck, then who are we to stop him?

It will be interesting to read your thoughts. By the way, I am wearing a T-shirt that says:

“Oh FFS – It’s Cabin Steward – Not Stewart “

And next week maybe I will go on NCROYALEBRITY Cruise Lines wearing a T-shirt in Carnival colours that says

“Go Fun Yourself”

Time for today’s Q and A, here we go.

Frank asks:
So gold members will now only get a free drink, on the last sea day? That’s the thanks we get for being loyal with over 25 days? I have 35 days at sea with y’all. Five seven-day cruises. All that’s worth is a free drink and it’s only on the last sea day? Sorry John, we’ve been loyal since 2006, when we stopped cruising on Royal Caribbean. Even thought about going back a few times. However, Carnival always was loyal to us and loved the parties and the new FTTF. Now Carnival says, “Gold means nothing to us, but a free $9 drink, which cost us way less than that.” So, now since y’all are no longer loyal to guests that have between 25-75 cruise days, there’s no reason to be loyal to Carnival. Sad day when you’re told that your 35 paid sea days mean nothing to the cruise line. There’s a reason y’all have so many good members. Y’all were loyal to them. Now you’re not. Bye

John says:
Hello Frank.

Thank you so much for writing and I am disappointed to see how upset you are by the change to the party. The complimentary drink and the complimentary bottle of water is our way of saying thank you for sailing with us. I know that not allowing Gold card holders to the VIFP party is something that some have disliked but, honestly, service was a massive challenge with so many, over 1,000 often, eligible to attend. I hope that the reasons you cruised so often — great service, brilliant fun and all at affordable price will be the reasons you come back and not the fact that you get one, maybe two more free drinks you would have at the party. I am here to help in any way I can and I hope to see you soon. Best wishes.


Tom Anthony asks:
John. I am so sick of hearing about your diet and how much weight you have lost. Stop ramming this down our throats because it is VERY CRUEL!!!!!! I am 370 pounds. Yeah I am big but comfortable in who I am. Your health is becoming your new religion to bash us over the head and make us larger people feel guilty. I cruised with you on Carnival Liberty in 2006 when you were very big. I was on a diet at the time but never tried to force it on you! You may have changed every single aspect of your life all at once: when, what and how you eat, drink, exercise. That is a lot to ask of anybody who is already seriously unfit, overweight. Think about what you say before you say it!!!

John says:
Hello Tom

I am so very sorry to have upset you and I totally understand where you are coming from. In my defence, I have always said that this is my diet, not anyone else’s and I have never purposely meant to force it on anyone. I wish you all the very best and I wish you health and happiness. Apologies once again. Best wishes.


Mandi asks:
John, I saw a YouTube video of a cruise ship playing “Seven Nation Army” with its horn ……. consequently, I watched more videos of cruise ships having horn battles. Are you familiar with this? Does Carnival ever battle?

John says:
Hello Mandi

I have seen this video, too, and it is quite spectacular. Yes, Carnival ships will do this when other Carnival ships or ships from the Carnival Corporation family are in port together. There are some ports of call where this is not allowed though but when it does happen, it is simply brilliant.

Best wishes.


Gregory McCallum asks:
Just got off an amazing cruise on Carnival Sunshine (4/25 sailing). We have to thank Ana (guest services) and Jaime Dee for helping us with a difficult situation finding a way for our 17 and 18 year old to have fun when not being allowed in the same club. I have written a glowing letter about all they did for us and would like to know who I send it to get them recognized and is it possible to get a copy to Ana or Jamie since my wife and I put personal messages to them in it?

John says:
Hello Gregory McCallum

Thanks so very much for taking the time to write this to me. I will ask that you send the letter to: John Heald, Brand Ambassador, Carnival Cruise Lines, 3655 NW 87th Ave, Miami, Florida, 33178. Someone opens my mail there and will scan it immediately to the ship. Alternatively, you can attach it to an e-mail and send to cclsupport@carnival.com. Thanks again, I hope you did have fun and that we see you soon. Best wishes.


Caitlin Weber asks:
Hi John! Your posts on Facebook make my day! I am a frequent Carnival cruiser and love that you care about our opinions and make sure that we are involved! I have a question for you regarding an experience on my last cruise… What is the protocol with children being in the piano bar? Although our singer Natalie was BEYOND amazing, and one of the best piano bar singers I have ever encountered in all of my time cruising, I felt as though I couldn’t fully enjoy the experience because every night there was a little girl sitting up at the bar into the wee hours of the night. Some nights she didn’t leave until almost 1 am……. I’m wondering what the protocol is, as the Piano Bar is an actual bar where children shouldn’t be – in my opinion.

John says:
Hello Caitlin Weber

Thanks for the kind words and I am so glad you had fun. Some years ago, we had a rule that after 10 pm children under 18 were not allowed there but over the years, I guess this has slipped away. Let me address this with the beards and see what they want to do moving forward, so please leave this with me. Thanks so much, sending you my best wishes and hope we see you soon. Best wishes.


Yadira asks:
I have sailed four times with Carnival and each time there seems to be less and less entertainment for black Americans!! Our cruise we are just back from was on Carnival Freedom. There were four comedians and not one of them was black. There were many black passengers but they were not catered for. Have you seen BET??

John says:
Hello Yadira

I want to thank you for cruising with us once again and I do hope you had another brilliant time. Please, may I point out that our comedians are hired based on talent, nothing else, just their ability to make guests laugh. As for their scheduling, again, these ladies and gentlemen move from ship to ship and so on their ability, again, nothing else. We have many very funny African American comedians who work on our ships each week making hundreds of our guests laugh. Once again, I hope you had a brilliant cruise and that we see you soon. Best wishes.


Carrie Farrar asks:
In May we went to on Carnival Conquest. My daughter and I were in the pool. A guest took a photo of his children also in the pool. I could tell that, as my child was right next to his, she would be in the photo too. I asked the man who took the photo to show me but he refused. I was furious. I went to the bartender and told him what had happened but he laughed it off! The front desk did the same. I spoke with _________ there to speak to the man and to make him delete it. There is a law about this in America. I am a child-minder, so it’s drummed into to me all the time about not ever posting pictures of other people’s child!!! Why was nothing done? It has totally freaked me out!

John says:
Hello Carrie Farrar

Let me start by saying I hope you had a wonderful cruise despite this situation. I am sure that the chap who took the photo meant no harm and was, as you mentioned, taking photos of his children in what I am sure was a busy time in the swimming pool. I know that some of the pools I have taken my daughter to have a no photo rule but, really, I don’t think we need to adopt this rule. I really don’t. I will, though, send this to the beards for their thoughts and, meanwhile, I thank you for taking the time to write. Best wishes.


Steve Janzen asks:
Good evening John. I feel I know you, as do so many others, as I have had the honour of sailing with you a few times, and, more importantly, I get to experience my wife giving me a daily update of your life. Yes, I have the daily pleasure of my wife updating me most evenings as to your whereabouts, your lovely British way of speaking, and, of course, the rumblings of Cruise Nation. I needed to say something today as I feel saddened that there are some many ungrateful individuals out there that have made it their duty to take their anger out on you. There seems to be the thought out there that every time Carnival decides to change their policies or directives, that you somehow were personally and solely the person that brought about that change. I am grateful for what I am given, and I am also very grateful when I am able to enjoy my vacation time with my wife. Having said that, we should all be thankful for what we have today. Stand tall, be thankful, and never take any of the attacks personally, as those who complain are not worth the energy. We look forward to sailing with Carnival again in November, January and November 2016 again. We will connect soon. Proud to be Platinum on Carnival, proud to be Canadian, and loving life.



John says:
Hello Steve Janzen

Thank you for this rejuvenating post, I truly appreciate it. I have realised never to take what is written personally. Most of the time I succeed but occasionally, I don’t and I have to try harder there. I love Carnival, this company has stood by me for almost 30 years and I have done my very best to help the company succeed and I hope that we have a continuing relationship for many more years to come. Please make sure you send me your cabin number before the cruise via my facebook.com/johnheald page and I wish you another glorious cruise. Best wishes


Riclop asks:
More John Heald BS. You say your page has the “latest news” and, today, the latest news was Obama drinking a beer before noon. Waste of time and space is what you are

Cruise Critic 5000 + club

John says:
Hello Riclop

I am sorry that you don’t enjoy my page. I will continue to work hard to improve and please let me know if I can help you at any time. Best wishes.


Mike asks:
Just wanted to drop you a line regarding the reception for Gold members. We rarely ever went to that and it really is not a deciding factor in choosing a cruise. What I would like is an answer to when we will get a seven day option out of Tampa again? We are lucky we still have Carnival Paradise here but we really miss the seven-day option on a larger ship. Enjoy your time on Carnival Legend. I just missed you when you left her in New York. She was a lot of fun to cruise on and someday I hope she returns home here again in Tampa. Mike

John says:
Hello Mike

Thanks so much for being so positive. The dancing of the ships is far from over and I hope to share news that will make you smile very soon. Thanks for your patience and I hope we see you on another cruise in the weeks ahead. Best wishes.


Conor Hanlon asks:
Hey – when will you tell us the movies for the giant screen for our cruise on Carnival Breeze for July 4th? Why have you not told us yet so we can plan what we are doing? If you are supposed to be the voice of Carnival, then you are a big disappointment. What is going on here!!!!!!!!!

John says:
Hello Conor Hanlon

I will release the movie titles on my Facebook/johnheald page around June 25, which is when I receive them from our Miami office. I hope you enjoy the movies and have a brilliant cruise. Best wishes.


Peter Kenwood asks:
G’day from Australia John. Quick question about Carnival Spirit. Is she having her dry dock in Sydney or Melbourne? I want to come down and take photos of the ship for my collection. Is this possible? We love Carnival.

John says:
Hello Peter Kenwood

And a very G’day to you mate. The ship will have her August dry dock in Singapore so I am guessing that is a little too far for you to go and take photos, no? I do hope you get to see her though after dry dock. She is going to look simply brilliant. Best wishes.


That’s all for today and as always a big thank you to you all for your comments and questions.

Just a quick addition to my July sailings because on July 11, the day I disembark Carnival Glory I will jump on a plane and fly to Tampa to get on Carnival Paradise. A certain Calvyn Martens is the cruise director there and I am going to help him as much as I can and write about a Fantasy- class ship here and on Facebook. Here, then, are the two cruises I will be doing:

Carnival Glory

July 4 – Miami

July 5 – At sea

July 6 – Cozumel

July 7 – Belize

July 8 – Isla Roatan

July 9 – Grand Cayman

July 10 – at Sea

July 11 – Miami


Carnival Paradise

July 11 – Tampa

July 12 – at sea

July 13 – Grand Cayman

July 14 – Cozumel

July 15 – at sea

July 16 – Tampa

I will be hosting some shows and, as always, writing about the experience. I hope some of you reading this will let me know you are coming too and maybe some of you reading this will decide to join me – that would be brilliant.

So let’s talk water and, for those who may have missed the announcement, here it is — the letter that was distributed to our guests and travel agent partners:

While your bags may not be packed just yet, we wanted to let you know about some changes to our Liquor & Beverage policy which is being modified effective with sailings departing July 9, 2015.

Often times, we find guests transporting alcohol onboard through unauthorized means resulting in unmonitored consumption of alcohol. Unfortunately, this has led to behavioral and safety related concerns. We have also found that bottled beverages are frequently used to transport alcohol and the screening measures needed to validate the contents delay the embarkation process for all guests. For these reasons, we find it necessary to modify our Liquor and Beverage policy, including restricting guests from bringing bottled beverages aboard our ships.

To avoid any potential disappointment at the start of your cruise, please familiarize yourselves with our new Liquor and Beverage Policy below, which will be strictly enforced.


  • Guests are prohibited from bringing water, sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages onboard that are packaged in bottles.
  • A small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages (i.e., sparkling water, sodas, juice, and milk) packaged in cans or cartons may be brought onboard on embarkation day only in guests’ carry-on luggage.  A small quantity is considered a maximum of 12 sealed, unopened cans/cartons of 12 ounces each or less per person.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing alcoholic beverages on board with the following exception:


o    At the beginning of the cruise during embarkation day only, guests (21 years of age and older) may bring one 750 ml bottle of sealed/unopened wine or champagne per person in their carry-on luggage.


o    A $15 corkage fee (a charge exacted at a restaurant for every bottle of wine served that was not bought on the premises), per 750 ml bottle, will be charged should guests wish to consume their wine or champagne in the main dining room, steakhouse or bar. 


  • All liquor, beer, other forms of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages outside of the exceptions referenced above are strictly prohibited in both carry-on and checked luggage and such items will be confiscated and discarded and no compensation will be provided.


  • All alcohol purchased in ports of call or in the Fun Shops will be returned on the morning of debarkation.


  • Guests are prohibited from bringing large coolers onboard since screening and movement of large coolers through embarkation is an impediment to the boarding and security process. However small, personal-sized coolers, no larger than 12”H x 12”L x 12”W for the purpose of housing small quantities of non-alcoholic beverages and/or medications are permitted as carry-on luggage.


We know some of our guests are accustomed to bringing on their own supply of bottled water so as part of this new policy we have significantly reduced the pricing for spring bottled water which will be conveniently delivered directly to your stateroom. Pricing is as follows:  


  • $2.99 (plus tax) for a 12-pack of 500 ML of bottled water for pre-cruise purchase. Please visit carnival.com/funshops to place your order before your cruise to ensure we have an ample supply onboard.  


  • $4.99 (plus gratuities) for a 12-pack of 500 ML of bottled water for purchase onboard.

We sincerely apologize for any disappointment these changes may cause however, we firmly believe this will result in a safer environment while also improving the embarkation process and the overall guest experience. 

This has been coming for some time and while Riclop on the Cruise Critic boards spend their time jumping up and down in their mother’s attic saying Carnival is doing this to make money let me say here and now, we are not, it’s that simple but let me say that again, this is not based on revenue at all. In fact, we do not anticipate any increase in revenue as a result of this policy change, particularly given the big reduction in price we have instituted for 12 packs of bottled water. This is all about safety and, although I cannot mention any specifics, it does not take Sherlock Holmes to realise that in life on land and sea, serious incidents can occur as the result of unmonitored alcohol consumption. So while Riclop looks for the voodoo doll that looks like a cross between me and Gomer Pyle so they can insert pins in my buttocks…….. let’s talk some more about water and soda, shall we?

Everyone has a bottle of water or a soda at their desk or at home or where they work or in the gym or in the car or by the side of the bed. Why and when did this happen? I am very much aware that people with perfect teeth who work for marketing companies have convinced us all into believing that we must drink water from exotic places like, Switzerland, Iceland, Fiji or Cleveland.

Yes, we must all have bottled water in our lives and when we don’t……we get moody. I am sure not everyone will read the various forms of communication Carnival has used to get this message out. That means if you are in embarkation at any home port in the coming weeks as you approach the port security you will see the forlorn look of those guests who have their bottles taken away from them. Some will be upset because they have to dispose of their water. Others will be upset because their bottle cost $10 to fill up because it is full of Grey sodding Goose.

Ten years ago, less even, the only people who carried a water bottle hooked to their belt were explorers or someone who was heading to a forward operating base in Iraq. Now…….we all do it, including myself. Water is made even more enticing if it’s not been filtered by volcanic rock or from a hidden spring high in the Alps next to a Toblerone factory or bottled at source from an ancient and natural spring.

People want a quick easy fix to whatever they believe is ailing them. What could be quicker and easier than drinking water? People come in to work carrying a two-liter bottle of water. “I really overdid it at the weekend. I went to the gym for three hours, had a marathon rumpy pumpy session with the wife, in a hammock and then ran a marathon before bedtime……….. I’m going to drink this whole bottle today!”

Sometimes you just have to congratulate bottled water companies, they extract water which originally fell over five thousand years ago and that during the thousands of years under the soil has gone through some of the greatest filtering processes known to man, passing between limestone and rocks full of minerals and goodness. And even though the water is from a 5,000-year-old spring, there’s an expiration date on it! But for those who do not want to drink our water provided at every meal, we are now selling water on board for close to the same price you pay at Walkaygreenmart and not have to carry a case of it off the plane, onto the bus or taxi, through the lines at embarkation and onto the ship to your cabin sweating like a yak in a microwave. So we have your bottled water waiting for you or you can order online. We will now be very strict in homeports and all ports of call in stopping anyone with plastic bottles, regardless of what is in them.

Next up, we will be coming down hard on herbal tea drinkers for the damage they do to the ship’s plumbing system.


Your friend,


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76 Responses to Water in a Bottle, Hilary on a T-shirt

  1. Janice Owenby says:

    John, about the lady mad about the picture taken by another passenger that included her child at the pool….I was at my grandson’s birthday party, held at the pool of a club they belong to. I wanted to take pictures of the event and was stopped from doing so by the club. I guess the concern was that pedophiles like to see pictures of little kids. Sign of the times. Too sad.

  2. gene walleyn says:

    John i love reading your posts and your Blog…..i am wondering why these Cruise Critic people are so bitter towards you????they always seem to have a bee up their butt….too bad…..i would just like to say….i believe that Carnival has made some very positive changes….i agree totally with the Platinum and Diamond party….i have been to the praties when i was Gold and unfortunately…..was almost impossible to get a drink….there were juust way too many people…..very hard for your diligent staff to please every one…..also i am very greatful for any gifts that come my way…..i cruise with Carnival for the atmosphere and FUN people….not the gifts…altho i thank you because they are nice…..we have been 0n 12 now….i have been on a couple more….but unfortunately circumstances will keep us from travelling with you until we do the last Med and T/A on the Vista…which we are looking forward to….keep up the great work….a happy Canadian cruiser….

  3. Big Ed Konefe says:

    Josie Kane,

    Where can I get this one “Anyone but Hillary 2016″.
    “awesome president” You got to be kidding.

    • K says:

      Yep Ed, was certain you’d reply to this. Like the sun rising in the East. God bless you for being so consistent!

  4. Sue Marzonie says:

    Since Carnival will no longer allow beverages in plastic bottles, please consider adding vending machines with Gatorade, Pepsi products etc in resealable plastic bottles at reasonable prices. I have seen this on other cruise lines. I don’t drink 12 oz. of Pepsi at a time. You can not reseal a can and keep the soda from going flat. This would make those of us that have been carrying it onboard happy again.

    • Debbie says:

      Sue, I also can’t drink 12 oz @ a time but I’ll just use an empty water bottle and put the soda in there from the can on my next cruise in Nov. This serves the same purpose as buying it in a bottle. Many people are concerned about their soda going flat, this is a simple task we all can do. Pre cruise we can order bottled water, 12 pack 500 ml (which is about 16.7 oz per bottle)for $2.99 + tax delivered to our stateroom. Each passenger is allowed 12 sealed cans/cartons 12 oz or less on embarkation of soda and other non-alcoholic beverages. I see this as a great solution to a problem for many passengers.

      • Rita says:

        We bring along our refillable water bottles, or previously purchased Carnival drink bottles and use the free water and ice provided. Tastes the same!! and no charge!

  5. nitin says:

    So Frank has been loyal since 2006, cruising 5 times in 9 years. Really? That’s it? Sorry, but his loyalty doesn’t seem that deep. Just sayin’.

  6. Deb says:

    Someone is bound to say those “offensive” t shirts are considered free speech. If it offends you and you know that same person is at trivia every morning then sit where you can’t see the offending person!

  7. James says:

    a) if you pay for the cruise, I would definitely provide and wear several “Go fun yourself” shirts.

    B) the Carnival Paradise is an excellent ship with an awesome crew. we really feel like we’ve enjoyed the best service on our Paradise cruises. I hope you enjoy your cruise. Will Calvyn play the fiddle and juggle like Steve?

  8. Susan March says:

    Brilliant – once again!
    We have 69 days at sea with Carnival and a 7 day booked on the Freedom on August 1 – making us Platinum on that cruise and we are excited.
    We sat with a couple in May on the Sunshine who were turning Diamond on Carnival with their next cruise and mentioned “Next we’ll be working on our status on RCCL and Celebrity”
    We hope our health and $$$ last long enough to set these lofty goals!
    I think it would be nice if there was a “Platinum ship on a stick” presented when a guest turns platinum while on a cruise. We have yet to add even a gold one to our souvenirs!

  9. Deborah Small says:

    Just wanted to give you a laugh this morning. I took my mom on RCI out of Galveston for Mother’s Day (her choice, not mine) and almost the entire cruise she wore a Carnival t-shirt. The cruise director saw her as we were disembarking at the end of the cruise and he told her that if he had seen her earlier with her t-shirt on, he would have bought her a RCI t-shirt. My 85 year old mother replied that it was not to late so get me one. I laughed all of the way off the ship.

  10. Lance Ellis says:

    I guess it is to be expected that Josie and her mother would be flabbergasted at anyone having the freedom to express themselves the way free Americans used to be able to before HER awsome president started taking our rights away.

  11. Jeffrey Just says:

    Another great Blog John. And God bless you for the manner in which you handle some truly disturbing complaints. I was so happy to see the Beards are allowing those utilizing LE to pack their liquor purchases the night before debarkation. Hopefully they will allow this to anyone flying out but I certainly can see fake flight information being given to avoid the last morning liquor dance and there is no way Carnival can verify every Cabin’s flight itinerary.

    Your the best and Carnival remains our favorite cruise line to vacation with.

  12. Bruce Metallo says:

    I read Frank’s letter about Gold members and not going to the party. My question is what’s going to happen when all of us Gold members move up to the next level? The room will be over crowded again and is Carnival say we don’t qualify anymore or change the number of sea days needed for each level. To me the better option would have been to have a party for Gold and a combined one for Diamond and Platinum.

  13. NIGEL says:

    I once got stopped by the police in Vienna, Austria for wearing a shirt with Snow White and the 7 dwarfs on it… They smirked but made me turn it inside out… Yup… Snowie and the naughty, naughty dwarfs… What one buys in Greenwich Village doesn’t necessarily go down well overseas, or on the seas for that matter! 🙂

  14. Cindy @MomMaven says:

    I have asked this question on Facebook and not received an answer. Yes, it is about water. What kind is it? I only drink Natural Spring Water. I don’t drink soda, coffee, alcohol etc. I always travel with my water. I have 8 cabins on an upcoming cruise on the Valor and I cannot go 7 days without a beverage. The Funships store website just says “bottled water”. I cannot stomach, filtered water, tap water, Dasani, aquafina and the like. I am looking for an answer so that we can decide what to do about our upcoming vacation.

  15. Catherine says:

    I would love to send a hello to Calvyn a fellow Canadian who I met and talked to on the Legend during our Norway trip. I wonder if he still has the Canadian button I gave.

  16. Marla says:

    I am a Gold Member and was one of the many people upset that they took away our access to the party. Without starting a war again I just would like to know if the beards did take into consideration how many people were upset about this and if there is anything in the works for us Gold members in the future other than what you have set aside right now? My husband and I did look forward to this party every cruise and to hear about new and upcoming things coming to Carnival. We have a surprise cruise planned for my husband’s birtgday in September so this will be a little bit disappointing to him but we will still make the best of it and have a great time I’m sure. I know at one time you had said you were going to pass along everyone’s frustration to the beards but I never did hear back if there was any response back from them. Thanks for your time and I enjoy your blog & Facebook page greatly!

  17. samantha brower` says:

    to josie…..
    tell me when and where you cruise again so I can wear my shirt that says…”we dont need ak47’s, well we dont need whiney ass bitches either but here you are”

  18. Linda Farrell says:

    Good dat John,
    I posted to you on FB about the bottled water but have not gotten a reply. Simple question and no complaints..is the bottled water just Purified water or is it bottled spring water? I want to place an order and nobody can answer this. I asked my Carnival Cruise Planner, he put a call into Bon Voyage and they do not know the answer! Hope you can find out for me.
    Thank you and have a great day!

  19. samantha brower` says:

    for franks comment john,
    just off a cruise and I went to the new platinum party with my cabin mate, I watched the people get 4-6 drinks a piece and around 2 dozen amazing appetizers each..so not one to two drinks as you say

    • Lisa says:

      I am looking forward to the platinum/ diamond get together. It has been way too big for too long. We have been platinum for a few years but stopped going to the captains party because of extreme crowds and exactly what you stated you would see so many drinks given out or taken off trays by same folks over and over when others have not even had one at all. We don’t even drink the alcoholic versions! We went for the ambiance and meeting the captain. We also love the loyal cruisers clapping allowed as each of their previous cruise ships was called off. It gives all of us a chance to reminisce previous fun vacations. Sadly I guess you are always going have those folks who will take advantage of freebies. Looking forward to Glory 10/15 and Pride 1/16

  20. Marsha Breen says:

    Wow John. You took a beating today from the village idiots didn’t you? I’ve followed your blog from the beginning and I’ve missed them lately and am glad you are back to writing them. My only suggestion would be to quit wasting your time pandering to guests like Frank with 5 cruises who thinks that equals entitlement; Josie who is unrealistically offended by t-shirts; Jealous Tom Anthony who obviously isn’t having as much success with his diet as you; Yadira who wants special entertainment scheduled according to their skin color; Carrie who puts her child in a public pool then complains that a man wants a vacation memory photo of his own child; and Riclop who needs to crawl back into the hole where he lives. Oh, and let’s not forget Conor who evidently goes on cruises in order to watch the movies. Does that about cover the whiners? Geez….. Steve Janzen – well said. I’m sure many of John’s loyal readers feel the same way you do.

  21. Jean Winstead says:

    I can’t help but laugh at some of the snide comments people posted. Cruising aboard Carnival is one of the most pleasurable experiences in my life. Tee shirts, come on. If these are the most important things people need to complain about their lives (outside of cruising) must really be spectacular. Keep up the good work John.

  22. Renee says:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOGS!!! I wish I would have the pleasure of sailing with you on a future cruise! I look forward to your Facebook posts and your blogs as you make a sometimes boring day fun. Thanks for the laughs!

  23. Robert Cuddy says:

    T Shirts? Really? I’m with you on that one, John. I can see saying or doing something about profanity or nudity on a shirt, but anything else? I wear funny T shirts all the time, not as a personal philosophy or statement, but because they are colorful and humorous. Its another of the “FFS” kind of complaint as far as I’m concerned. On your other topics, keep doing what you do, John. I love your posts and blogs and admire and respect you. If you ever feel the need to step down or take some extra time off, I would be happy to make the sacrifice and take over for you. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Michael says:

    It’s funny how liberals are all for free choice and freedom of expression until it goes against their beliefs, political candidates, etc. Don’t let a t-shirt ruin your cruise!

  25. Matt DelRaso says:


    Long time reader but my first time sending you a comment or question. My wife and I are taking our 4th Carnival Cruise on August 1 aboard the Carnival Breeze. Since Honeymooning on the Pride in 2011 its been our tradition to spend our anniversary cruising.

    We’re very much looking forward to experiencing the Breeze as well as the Southern Caribbean itinerary, including bringing home a few bottles of Blue Curacao.

    I must apologize in advance but my question is regarding the change in policy on picking up the Liquor purchases the morning of. (Oh FFS right?)

    I’ve only picked up bits an pieces on the reasoning for the change in policy. Is it to stop people from drinking it the night before or to make it easier on staff to deliver. For me the information has been jumbled together with the water bottle change so I’m just curious on why the change.

    We’ll be purchasing Cheers! the moment we step onboard so I can gurantee you we won’t be drinking in our room by ourselves the last night of the cruise. Is it possible for people who bought Cheers to pick it up the night before? I would think this would make for shorter lines in the morning, while also saving the staff from needing to deliver it.

    Lastly, we have a Carnival excursion that morning and I don’t want to be late!

    Anyways just my 2 cents on the subject and I hope you pass it along to the beards. Keep up the good work!

  26. Loretta Wampler says:

    John, if the water ban was actually about people getting into trouble with smuggled booze then you would not allow people to order 1 liter bottles of booze from the Fun Shops. This will make the water drinkers angry and push booze smugglers to other ways of smuggling and drinking more in port.
    Thank you.

  27. Dennis Perkins says:

    You might as well close your liquor dept in the Fun Shops as most people will not want to pack their liquor after getting off the ship. As for those Gold members about missing out on one or two $9 drinks, try to book a cruise on NCL or RCCL and see how much more your cruise is going to cost.

  28. Richard Taylor says:

    In hot countries we are told to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Whilst we can obviously take that water off the ship, carnival will confiscate any left in the bottle, or additional supplies we buy ashore, on return? Hardly conducive to health!

  29. Diego Luquis says:

    Josie: Obviously you are not American, otherwise you would be familiar with the First Amendment Rights we all are guaranteed which include Freedom of Speech (Expression) which makes me wonder why you are so protective of Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party?

  30. Allan Stern says:

    I do not have nor need bottle water in my life, whatever comes out of a Carnival faucet is fine with me John. Best marketing ploy on earth as bottled water costs more than gasoline or milk.

  31. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:

    Apparently Yadira has never heard of Mutzie….a white Carnival comedian who has won the BET Award multiple times for his comedy.

    If Yadira spent less time being a racist and more time enjoying the cruise…..a better life would be the reward.

  32. Paula Graves says:

    Concerning the guest with a t-shirt issue — the most ironic thing about it, IMO, is that she is advocating her admiration for our President, who is a staunch believer of Free Speech, using this blog to blast someone for utilizing their rights to Free Speech, while she herself is only able to say what she wants because she has the right to Free Speech.

    Yes, isn’t it ironic?

    Cheers 🙂

  33. Diane says:

    Tom Anthony…Don’t kid yourself into thinking you are comfortable with your own weight. If you were, John’s comments about weight loss wouldn’t bother you.

  34. terri austin says:

    Is it not true that you can order unlimited alcohol to be delivered to your stateroom on the first day of the cruise from the Fun Shop for a price? If so, how is this controlling consumption? How do you monitor this along with what they purchase from the bars? We have always liked buying Mexican cokes when we cruise, they have the best flavor. Does this mean we can’t bring the bottles on board anymore when the ship stops in Mexico? Sounds like your punishing people that Don’t Drink Alcohol!!!!!! And not letting us purchase bottled sodas in the ports we stop in!!!! We have been on 20+ Carnival and this beverage policy is crazy. If people are going to sneak liquor on board they will find a way regardless. We will be checking with other cruise lines to see if their policies have changed. IT’S ALL ABOUT BEING ABLE TO CHARGE HIGH PRICES FOR ALCOHOL FOR A PROFIT!!! If people are bringing their own they aren’t buying!!! They need to quite being lawman and go back to being a Cruise Line. We don’t buy your liquor and we are being punished!!!!

  35. Joe Alexander says:

    Just a quick note to say thank you for all you do and the sacrifices you make to be so much more than a brand ambassador. You may not think so but you are truly brilliant and a blessing to so many. Plus a huge thanks to your team that takes care of everything behind the scenes with all your social media…they are wonderful!

    Thanks Again,


  36. Jeanne says:

    Can’t make the Paradise cruise in July, but still hoping you will be on at least one leg of the Journey cruise we are doing on the Sunshine Nov/Dec 2015 from Port Canaveral. Quick question….my husband and my mother-in-law will both reach Gold level a few days into the first leg of the Journey cruise, will they have that status for both legs or not till the second leg in December. Thank you

  37. Jenn says:

    Hey John – huge fan, I hope you know that. But the water issue is so much more than just being reliant upon consumerism. Now, I am inconvenienced and can’t get my liquor back until the morning of the cruise so I have to lug it with me off the ship, then repack my suitcase full of dirty laundry at the airport because some guy can’t use common sense and not drink his three bottles of Big Black Dick in one sitting?

    And Carnival WILL get revenue – think about it…thousands of people who would normally bring bottles on now can’t. Those are thousands of Carnival customers who will now pay $2.99+ that weren’t before. And/or more people who will pay to use Luggage Express for the privileged of being able to pack the night before.

    So you can see why some of us are skeptical. A lot of changes on top of one another and no real “good” news.

    Thanks for all you do for us and for Carnival…not shooting the messenger here, just a little honesty! Sailing in August 2015, November 2015, April 2016 and September 2016!

  38. Peggy Branscum says:

    I just want to say “Well Said” Steve Janzen. I totally agree with his every word. I also wanted to note that I for one am very happy and pleased with the lower cost of the bottled water and will definitely be taking advantage of the $2.99 pre-order price. Good job Carnival!

  39. Kat says:

    Oh my gosh! About five years ago there was an old man, very seasoned solo cruiser, zipping around on his electric scooter who wore offensive tshirts every day. They got progressively worse as the week wore on. On the last day, the shirt was so bad that he wore a jacket zipped up and you had to ask him to see the shirt. (And he would only comply if you wete older than 18). Needless to say, he was the hit of the boat and everyone loved him. Everyone except Josie apparently LOL. Wonder if it’s the same guy…

  40. Karen says:

    Sorry John. Dont believe you. Carnival wants every last penny they can get out of the passengers. One of the reasons I do not travel Carnival. They act to cheap. If you had well priced drink packages like some of your competition you would not have these problems.

    • Mark says:

      On RCC you have a large choice on drink packages to suit your wants so the price is very affordable and more people purchase it.

    • Dan says:

      Sitting here shaking my head at all the comments about the alcohol policy. If drinking is that important to you or the only way you can have fun is to drink then its past time to schedule a seat at the next AA meeting.

  41. Kim Heyder says:

    Quick – I hope question on the bottled water. I normally take one ashore in each port. Will that bottle be allowed back on the ship? Thanks
    PS – I have enjoyed over 60 days of cruise and let me tell you cruising from the state of South Dakota is a big deal…Keep up the good work!

  42. Cassandra Washington says:

    John, I am ok purchasing water onboard. We usually purchase distiller water for our CPAPs. My question concerns plastic bottles. I have a couple of health issues and drink G2 daily as it contains the electrolytes I need because of IBS and helps manage my SVT which results when electrolytes are low. Under the new policy I will not be able to bring G2 aboard. What do you suggest I do? We currently have 6 cruises booked two this year and four next year and I am really concerned about how I will handle a situation if and when my electrolytes get too low. G2 does not come in cans nor in powder form. Being diabetic I cannot drink regular Gatorade. Please push this up to the beards or will they allow exceptions for G2?

  43. danna stein says:

    John,I am crying Could you please come back to the Glory for July 18th cruise. I was so hoping to see you again. We worked together on the Holiday back in the early years( I was the Youth Coordinator) and would love to share great memories with you. I then moved to the Fantasy for six months when it took its maiden voyagesPlease respond…

  44. sandra miller says:

    John, I am tickled pink that Carnival will now be selling bottled spring water for such a reasonable price. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the taste of the ship’s water, but nobody seems to be able to tell me how much salt is in it. I was disappointed in April to see they were selling cases of Nestle water on our Pride cruise, but luckily we were able to buy the large bottles of spring water. I have congestive heart failure and have to really monitor my salt intake. Anyway, just wanted to thank Carnival for offering the water at such a reasonable price. I think people sometimes forget Carnival isn’t obligated to do things like this. They could have banned bottled water being carried on and left the water prices high.

  45. Karen Stewart says:

    OMG Josie Kane needs to get a grip I think those t-shirts were funny. I am not a fan of Hilary Clinton or our current president and I like you am entitled to my own opinion. The hiding the bodies t-shirt was a joke ha ha If these t-shirts offended you do not walk the Boardwalk on any of the east coast beaches because you just may have the big one.

  46. Mark Williams says:

    Hi – thanks again for all you do – love your sense of humour as well.
    I was just wondering with the new limitations on bottles – will the line be offering more diet options on board ? Diet Cranberry – Diet Tonic – etc, We would typically bring these diet options with us – but as they only come in bottles we are no longer allowed to carry on board. Thanks again.
    Proud Platinum VIFP

  47. Devon says:

    Personally, I am very happy about the new water prices and appreciate not having to carry it on! On an unhappier note… How can you even justify a response to someone like Yadira? She basically called Carnival racist! That is absurd! As if trivia and karaoke is exclusively for white people! Acknowledging comments like hers and rewarding it with a response will do nothing but strike a fire with your CC “fans”. Fingers crossed, butvim sure there will be some chatter about that one. I value freedom of speech too, but some comments should be ignored. Just my opinion. Thanks for all that you do!

  48. Kay Lynn says:

    John, I usually think your answers are reasonable and logical. This time I think you are wrong about how other travel companies handle offensive t-shirts. They certainly will and do ask customers to cover up offensive sayings.

    It is a mistake for Carnival to pretend the matter is beyond their control.

  49. Danita says:

    I guess she wants Carnival to control the rights of their guest? I do not see how it is at all popssible to tell someone what they can and can’t wear when it comes to a T-shirt. I mean the problem is far greater than Carnival’s issue as her complaints to Carnival is in vain. They could not tell this man to remove his T-shirt just as they could not tell her to not be a prudish bit*%. I would be frustrated greatly with the complaining of something so simple. The solution is DO NOT READ THE DANG ON SHIRT! Ignore it. You will never see this guy again and his opinions should not effect your life. He has the right to wear and feel what he wants as do you. Such is life lady get over yourself please. Your thoughts and feelings are not the only ones that count

  50. david schneck says:

    we are platinum members but we sail on several other cruise lines with similar status.
    I love t shirts with logos but I would never wear one with a logo from another cruise line.

  51. Colleen Davis says:

    Hi John, you had such a wide ranging group of questions, it’s hard to comment on just one. Your comments of course have set up another controversial topic – that being alcohol. First I want to congratulate your weight loss, and I for one, never get tired of hearing about it. This just inspires those of us in great need to at least try to lose weight, unlike Tom who wants to bring you down (or up) to his level. Shame on him. And then you have good old Riclop (what kind of a name is that?) and his nasty comments. When someone has to hide behind a fake name, I would not even give his comments any consideration. Finally there is Frank crying the same old same old loyalty cry – boohoo. I am so grateful for any little thing that comes my way – but then again – I don’t rely on perks to get me to be loyal. It’s all in how I’m treated, and I get treated very well on board Carnival, so thank you Carnival for making me feel special every time I sail with you.

  52. Debby says:

    I just want to say thank you for all you do. It’s hard to please all people all the time. I love carnival. I’m a platinum member and working towards diamond. I tell all my friends to try carnival just once. Most do and love it. We will be cruising on the valor for the first time on July 4. We cruised on the freedom last year on the 4th and had an amazing time. The 4th party was so much fun. They did a great job. We are taking three new cruise couples with us. Hopefully carnival lovers forever like us. I have one question, is the wifi package available on the Valor? Thanks again. Love your blog

  53. Pat Davidson says:

    John, good to see that you are still going to be on some of the Ships – we were with you in Alaska and it was great – question I think I read someplace that we will be able to purchase the Cheers program before we leave instead of waiting until we get on Ship? also don’t care about free drink – would always use for it Seaday Brunch Bloody Mary but actually it was the macaroni & cheese that was better – and by the way, already bought my water through Carnival – thanks I now don’t have to carry to ship. Again, thanks for everything – any chance you are going to be on the Sunshine leaving 9/11???? Again, thanks for everything – Charlie and Pat Davidson

  54. Bryan K Martin says:

    I am still waiting to hear what Carnival is going to do for us bottled soda drinkers.

    • Debbie says:

      Bryan, just pack an empty bottle and fill it with your 12 oz can soda on board or buy bottled water pre-cruise delivered to your stateroom and save a bottle to put your soda in, it’s that simple/easy.

    • Dan says:

      Quit killing yourself drinking sodas.

  55. Sherry Hayton says:

    More rules! Again I must go out because of a few losers, that will just find another way to get booze on board. Do you think we are that stupid! Last few trips everyone I saw hammered were carrying purchased drinks from the boat. Some were drunk an hour or two after boarding. My husband and I take medication and I love to have my Dasani brand with me. After all we are here to spoil ourselves!

    • Sherry Hayton says:

      Here we go again, next trip we are finally gold members. I was excited to see what goodies may come our way. Now I get my few free drinks taken away before I get there. Now I must wait till the next card color shows up and I’m sure by then take the specials will be taken away there too. Always the brides maid never the bride! I haven’t booked yet may have to rethink. First no more Dasani water in my bags, now no extra drinks. Carnival stop the madness!

  56. Hal Hoffman says:

    John, if and when they do assign a larger ship to Tampa, Pretty, Pretty please ask them to offer an Itinerary other than: Cozumel (ok) Belize (a Tender ride from hell) Grand Cayman (another tender) Mohogany bay (ok) Costa Maya (Ehh!) How about throwing Key West in there, other none tender ports? Or even do an eastern one week and a western the other!

  57. Lorena says:

    The t shirts she described made me laugh! I don’t see why she was offended. What a perfect place to wear a shirt that is jovial and can bring a smile to someone’s face. It is a free country and would hope you could wear a favorite shirt on vacation

  58. Angie says:

    We always order a bottle of vodka for our room and bring our own Bloody Mary mix with us. We enjoy our bloody Mary’s on the balcony each morning. So you are telling us that with the new NO beverage rule we will not be able to bring our own mix with us. Is there any way around it, shipping it to the ship before hand or any thing that would work. It comes in a quart size bottle and contains no alcohol. Help!!!!!!! I need my bloody Mary’s and the ships are awful!

  59. Leonard Vavra says:

    Hello John. Just a comment on the singing and dancing that the terrific waiters do in the main dinning room. We have done nineteen Carnival cruises and are booked on number twenty on Feb 27 Carnival Freedom. As much as we enjoy the show that the wait staff put on each night in the dinning room after seeing it so many times it gets just a little tedious. I would venture a guess that well over half of the passengers on a cruise of seven days or longer are past passengers. Perhaps doing the dancing and singing every other night would be enough. Or stagger the show by seating times early late. This is certainly not a major deal breaker for us as we shall continue to sail with Carnival as long as we can.

    • jgeraci says:

      Hi there! Just back from 2weeks in the Caribbean on Carnival. Fabulous time once again. I have two comments. First of all the new American table on Glory was great. hurry up & get it on the other ships. The contrast to the old menu on Conquest was quite stark!
      Second comment about offensive T-shirts. I purchased one in St. Maarten that says “I love cats, its the humans that annoy me”. I think that sums it up very nicely!

  60. Jennifer T says:

    My husband uses a CPAP machine and needs distilled water for it. We usually carry on an unopened gallon of distilled water. Will this be allowed? If not, is distilled water available on board?

  61. Dorie Skloss says:

    “Awesome president”…Likely no problem if the t-shirt featured his predecessor. I’ll be traveling on the Magic on Sept. 27, 2015. Our group will likely be wearing these types of t-shirts. Would love to find an Anyone But Hillary.

  62. Jeff Strege says:

    Hi John, I just ran across your blog today. What a great job you have!

    I was struck by Josie Kane’s t-shirt complaint, and I agree 100% with your take on it. When we become so sensitive that we are offended at somebody’s t-shirt just because it makes a political statement with which we disagree, that is a sign that we are taking ourselves way too seriously. It’s a Fun Ship, right? So let’s focus on the Fun and leave the political sensitivities at home. Sail on!

  63. dexter says:

    So usually we purchase a bottle of water on the ship with a carrier to use during excursions. Will that bottle be allowed back on the ship?

  64. GLenn Irwin says:

    We would like to see the GO FUN YOURSELF T Shirts for sale. !!!

  65. Dan Knopf says:

    John, I read your blog above before my cruise and ordered water for my cabin. However, since bottled water takes up quite a bit of space and I didn’t know how large our cabin would be or how much water our family would consume, I planned to buy more water onboard.

    I am currently sailing on the Carnival Miracle, which is docked in Puerto Vallarta. When I asked Guest Services for more water, the said that I had to order it online. When I went online, they said that I couldn’t buy since our ship has already sailed.

    I have asked everyone in guest services, in the shops, our cabin steward, even our waiter, and no one here has any clue about the new policy or where to buy small bottles of water. They are more than happy to try to sell the $4 one-liter bottles of water. Do you know why know one is aware of this policy? In addition, is there anyway you can direct me to whom I should speak with regarding buying the small, affordable bottles of water? I feel like I am getting the run-around.

    Thank you!

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