I have never been able to understand anyone of the male species who purchases something for practical reasons. I imagine him to have far too much time on his hands and most likely he is wearing a pair of sandals. How can they spend an entire morning reading online reviews of washing machines? But even worse, who the sodding heck can be bothered to write an online review of a washing machine? They’re all the same. They’re white and boxy and after they’ve finished making your underpants clean, they beep, telling your wife it’s time to empty it and put it in the other white boxy thing next to it that dries the underpants so they are ready to wear for another week or two.

How did our parents ever decide what to buy with no Internet? Yep, times have changed because so many people are so very quick to write a review on everything and anything. I keep being told there are now better phones on the market than my Blackberry (Raspberry), and really couldn’t careless less. Yes, they may have better cameras and battery life and apps and I may be a dinosaur but I don’t care how many reviews there are and I don’t care that I am not a member of the Apple cult and don’t know the secret handshake. I love my Blackberry.

But online reviews are very much part of today and, of course, I include the world of cruising in that. People write reviews here and many on my Facebook page as well as on Carnival’s social media page and on places like Cruise Mates, Cruise Critic and other sites. And these reviews are important, I totally understand this. But what I hate……yes, I used the word “hate” there, not a word I often use but I really do despise reading that the occasional post I receive where someone says that they will “not ever cruise on that ship because of a review I read by someone with the screen name SeeBurp.”

Cruise reviews are so important, they provide praise and they provide a way for us to see what you think is brilliant and what you don’t and the “don’t” is as important as anything. But I ask you to always remember that reviews are personal comments, they are a personal view of the cruise and, of course, for every one negative review, there are so many, many more who had the best of times and yet do not write about it. There is concern about the legitimacy of some reviews on some sites, which I often suspect may have been written by people who didn’t actually cruise on that ship or it has been written by a supporter of a rival cruise line.

So I hope that if you do have time, you can post your review on one of Carnival’s social media sites. Good or bad, they are important to us and using your real name gives that review a huge dollop of credibility and, when deciding on what ship to sail on, I would never suggest you base that decision on just one review.

Most reviews are relevant and useful. Some are not and are as pointless as putting turning signals on cars sold to drivers from Miami.

OK, time for today’s Q and A……………….here we go.

Barbara Gray asks:
Good morning. I am a Gold cardholder and I have a couple of questions. Please forgive me if they have been answered previously. I just found your blog after someone recently told me about it while on Carnival Sunshine (which I loved). 1: Can you try an adults-only cruise. I love children and cruising but the wild kids running around are obnoxious. They take over the pool,

They push all the elevator buttons and misbehave at dinner! I would like an over 18 cruise.

2: Smoking on balconies. Can you try to designate some balconies that allow smoking? You want our money in the casino?????

John says:
Hello Barbara Grey

I guess I should start out by saying that Carnival is proud to be the world’s favourite cruise line for families and I honestly doubt that we will ever go to an adults-only ship. In fact, the only mainstream cruise line I am aware of that does have an adults only vessel is our sister company P&O. While I definitely cannot say we will never have an adults-only ship I can definitely say that the days of smoking on balconies have gone, never to return. It is the way of the world and it is the safe thing and the right thing to do and I say that as a lover of fine cigars. I know that this is not the answer you wanted but I hope we will continue to see you sail with us and one day you will hold Platinum and even a Diamond card. Best wishes.


David Newman asks:
Your Wikipedia page should read: John Heald, someone who knows nothing about cruising. Someone who panders to the cheerleaders to promote his over inflated ego John Heald, someone who, if there was a remake of Bonanza, would be a shoe-in to play “Hoss.”

John says:
Hello David Newman

I loved Bonanza; I have wonderful memories of watching that with my father whom I miss very much. Thank you, then, for reminding me of those special times. That was very kind. Best wishes.


Craig Tompkins asks:
I apologize if this is a repeat, I tried to send a message from my phone in San Juan and I have a feeling it didn’t go thru. We were on Carnival Breeze last week and had a great time on our eight-day cruise. I love the ship and Dr. E was a great cruise director. I’ve sailed with you once and I have to say the two of you are the best two CD’s I’ve had. Anyway, I do have a complaint that I feel Carnival needs to look into. My wife and I had late dinning in the MDR and were sat with three other couples. One couple showed up for only one night and one couple showed up for four of the eight nights. It’s the last couple at the table however that I want to mention. While dinner started at 8:15 p.m. they would enter the dining room between 8:45 p.m. (one night) and 9:15 p.m. (two nights) usually right at 9 p.m. I understand that Carnival wants to be as friendly and cooperative to all guests as possible, but their extremely late arrival interrupts the flow of the meal for the wait staff, guests at their table (us) and guests at other tables having the same wait staff. Their delay caused dinner to run late every night. We even missed the ability to get to the 10:15 p.m. shows on time on two nights. 10 p.m. comedy show? We only made it one time and since we could not get in line early we had to stand at the back. The other times our only option was to enter after the show started or skip it. I really wish that after a certain point (maybe 8:30 p.m. – 15 minutes after scheduled dinning) the hostess would not allow guests in. Give them the option to go to anytime dinning or to eat at any of the other locations on board. There are plenty of them for sure. Or maybe let them in the first time and let them know what time dinner starts and the second time move them to anytime dinning. I understand there are a lot of logistics with just moving guests to different dinning times (or anytime) but there has to be a better way than to allow them to disrupt the wait staff and all of those staffs tables.

Craig Tompkins

13 Carnival Cruises

John says:
Hello Craig Tompkins

Thanks so much for the kind words on Dr. E — or Everson as he is sometimes called. I will pass this on to him and he will be thrilled indeed. I have to agree with you. Unless there are circumstances that are unavoidable, being that late for dinner and thus affecting service is something that should not happen. I will apologise to you for that, I can understand your frustration and it will be addressed I am sure by the hotel director to whom I am sending your post. Thank you for letting me know and I hope you did, this problem aside, have a brilliant cruise. Best wishes.


Lynn Corbyn asks:
I need to get the mini bar emptied for our Carnival Magic cruise on the linked booking number ******. DH is a recovering alcoholic. He cannot and must not have any alcoholic beverages that easy to hand. We have 4 cabins booked on this cruise and I am PLATINUM and so are the Colespears in ****.!!!!.

John says:
Hello Lynn Corbyn

Yes, of course, please do not worry, I am happy to help and understand the importance of this. I see you are not sailing with us until September, so can I ask that so I do not forget to send me this request again to my Facebook.com/johnheald page or here on the blog again two days before the cruise and I will ask the ship to make it so. If there is anything else I can do please let me know. Best wishes.


Marsha Kirby asks:
Can you help me…just wanting to know who the CD is for November 21 Carnival Glory cruise out of Miami….read it thru the grapevine it could be you? I best get my John Heald fan fans made with the spam can. Hahahaha! Thanks for the gifts for the Facebook group cruise a few weeks ago…..everyone appreciated getting them! You rock!

John says:
Hello Marsha Kirby

You are most welcome and I hope you and your Facebook friends all had a brilliant time together and that there will be a reunion cruise soon. I am afraid the grapevine was wrong. It will not be me who has the honour of being your cruise director. I actually cannot say who it will be just yet because of the changes that are ongoing. However, a new schedule is just around the corner and, the moment, I have it I will post it here. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you and hope to see you soon. Best wishes.


Mayte Cardenas asks:
Hi: We have cruised with Carnival and I don’t think we will ever change. I lost a baby seven years ago. He was born four months too early and passed away. I have my baby’s ashes with me and, since we started cruising in 2013, I have wanted to let my babies ashes go into the sea. My question is does Carnival do a small ceremony before we let go of the ashes into sea? And if it’s permitted? And, if so, what are the requiredments? Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. We plan to book for next year in April 2016.

John says:
Hello Mayte Cardenas

I write this with a heavy heart full of condolences for the tragic loss of your little one. My thoughts are with you. Please know that I am ready here to make all the arrangements should you wish to scatter your son’s ashes. You do not have to worry about anything, just let me know closer to the time and I will make sure all is ready for you. If there is anything at all I can do please let me know and I will be here for you. Once again, my deepest condolences.


Todd Lehman asks:
This will be our seventh cruise with Carnival coming up in October on Carnival Miracle. This, however, will be the first cruise where Seuss at Sea will be offered. By reading comments on Facebook, the breakfast with Seuss is very popular and don’t want my kids to miss it. What I can’t seem to find is how you sign up for it. Can it be made prior to boarding or is it available from guest services upon boarding? Please let me know so I can make reservations for this as soon as possible.

John says:
Hello Todd Lehman

I actually spoke about this with the beards today and during the summer months with high counts of families and children we will, when needed, repeat the breakfast to make sure everyone who wants to attend can do so. I hope you all enjoy the Green Eggs and Ham and all the fun.

Best wishes.


Kathy Mara asks:
My husband and I both use a mobility scooter. Is the 24-hour pizza station accessible to get to on Carnival Sunshine because we have heard it is not .Do you deliver pizza to the cabins. Is there a charge? Our cruise on Carnival Sunshine is July 10. We would need a table, not a booth, and chairs with no arms, please. It will be my husband’s 40th birthday cruise and we are so excited.

John says:
Hello Kathy Mara

Please do not worry all of our restaurants and food areas are accessible to you. Plus I have asked the maître d for a table, not a booth as you requested. We do not though deliver pizza to the room on this ship, although we are testing it on others. I wish you both a great time together and loads of fun. Best wishes.


Tim Hennessey asks:
Hello John. My wife and three children have one of the new family rooms booked on the Carnival Vista from Athens. Today I read a post on Cruise Critic. The author, SeeBurd, says the Carnival Vista has been seized by the Italian government and no work is being done on her and the ship will not be ready in time. Does this mean our cruise may change? This is making us nervous. We have saved hard for this cruise. Can you let us know what is happening, please, John.

John says:
Hello Tim Hennessey

Please don’t worry. I posted on my Facebook.com/johnheald page just yesterday photos of your Carnival Vista leaving her dry dock and sailing to her wet dock where the work is continuing. The cruises are as scheduled and I am sure you will enjoy this ship, she is going to be totally brilliant. Best wishes.


That’s all we have time for today and my thanks to everyone who has commented and posted questions here. The blog now has 20 million page views since its inception…more than most washing machines review sites, I think.

I would like to say a big hello to a young lady called Adison. She is just six years old and recently sailed on the Carnival Paradise. Her Mother wrote to me here on the blog and told me that she was sailing to celebrate her birthday. Adison is has a rare condition that means she has to inject medicine four times every day and have a blood transfusion twice a month. She never complains, never cries and is very brave. Her Mum’s post really touched me. Her Mum did not ask me for anything except a private table because of the difficulties Adison has eating, however I spoke to my colleagues on the ship who made the cruise so very special for her and I thank them so very much for all they did. This kind of thing is one of the reasons I am so lucky to have this blog. It is a way for people like Adison’s Mum to let us know about a special person who is sailing and allows me to set the wheels in motion to make their Carnival cruise vacation even more fun and even more memorable. Please do let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you or your family.

In a recent blog, I wrote about our commitment to improving our selection of live music and I wanted to give you a quick update on what has happened in the last three weeks. Unfortunately the beards did not like my idea of putting Peruvian Pipe Bands on Lido and instead we have started to add Caribbean duos. We have them on five ships already and more are coming soon. I know many of you will applaud the return of the sounds of the Caribbean, the sound of the places you are going to as you sit in the sun and listen to Yellow Bird, I Shot The Sheriff, Red Red Wine and I Like Big Bottoms, or is it I Like Big Arses, or I Like Big Buttocks or I Like Kim Kardashian?

Anyway, Caribbean music is definitely coming home to Carnival. There are more party bands than before and, by the way, if you are heading to the Carnival Ecstasy you will see Mambo Magic……..a seven-piece…..yes, seven-piece Latin Band with brass, drums and a female singer who is definitely going to provide some Latin heat. So here I am back on the Carnival Glory, a ship I delivered back in 2000 and something and where the assistant cruise director was a young lady called Heidi Heald.

It is always superb to be back on a ship after a few weeks at home and, again, I am, so lucky to be able to have the best of both worlds spending time at home and time on board. The ship looks great and just two weeks ago Carnival’s President Christine Duffy presented the captain and crew with an award for being rated as the “happiest crew” in the fleet, the second year in a row that Carnival Glory has won this. This tells you the caliber of the crew here and it is evident to me just why they have won that award again.

I will be hosting my Marriage Show tomorrow and then a Morning Show and a Q&A at the end of the cruise. I cherish the times I can get the microphone in my hand and entertain again, I do miss that very much.

Regardless of what menu our ships have, one thing that remains constant is that you, our guests, love the brilliant service and fun provided by the waiters in the dining room. And you know, I noticed something last night that I haven’t noticed before, when you order from one of our waiters, they write what you ordered down on a piece of paper. I say that because I have seen a trend recently in restaurants on land where this does not happen and it drives me stark raving bonkers.

Instead they just stand there, going: “Yes. Yes. Yes. Do you want fries with that?” I always say to myself, “Are you going to remember all this?” Then I worry about what they’re going to tell the chef. If they had written it down, they could give the chef the piece of sodding paper, which he or she could refer to thus making sure that I get my steak well done and not waved under a candle for a few moments so when I cut into it me, table mates and I feel like we are in the middle of a Walking Dead episode.

Waiters should have pads or, if they want to be modern, I guess they can have eye pads but Oh FFS, please Mr. and Mrs. Waiter……… write my order down like they do on the ships.

My diet continues here on the Carnival Glory and I am ignoring the delicious Guy’s burgers and saying “bugger off” to the honey glazed rack of pork and “hello” to the salmon and chicken.

I don’t want to look like an underpant models or Matt Mitcham. I know that my bulbous thighs will never look like theirs again. I just don’t want to carry this overhang of fat, this awning of flesh that my wife grabs with both hands and say “so cute” in her baby voice. I yearn for an end to buying pants and having to make the calculations about under or over my stomach. And so every day I am here on the ship, I will go to the gym and face the horror of a room full of mirrors.

There is an unforgettable moment when every man realises he hates mirrors and never looks at one while breathing out. If I ever get surprised by a sudden appearance of a mirror and I am not prepared with my stomach in……I suddenly see a grey blotchy, lumpy, hunched stranger, who seems to be collapsing forward like a hunchbacked yak. When I was home, my wife suggested that this weight loss and gym obsession was worrying her. She said I was having a mid-life crisis………………I was so shocked by that statement, I almost fell off my skateboard.

Your friend,

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34 Responses to Reviews, Waiters, Music……….bugger that – let’s just say it’s a blog with loads of stuff in it!

  1. Dan K says:

    If I can’t have my Peruvian Pipe Band music, I will look to Royal Peruvian for my next cruse. FFS

  2. Linda (Mom of DJ) says:


    How wonderful that Carnival was able to make
    Adison’s cruise so very special.

    Today DJ is 24 years old. And Carnival has been exceeding our expectations since he was 6.

    Thanks for all Carnival does to help us make their lives the best they can be.

    Linda (Mom of your friend DJ)

  3. Terry Tamborello says:

    Oh, John! Thank you for the smiles! I so enjoy your FB post and your blog! The visual pictures you paint always make me happy, for the most part. Cannot wait to meet you in Galveston next February!

  4. Mary Klamer says:

    We will be sailing on Conquest on September 13th it will be our 36 th wedding anniversary and was wondering if you could leave something in our room like a ship on a stick wine strawberries thank you and I’m going to have our room decorated I will remind you again before we sail

  5. William Heck says:

    Hello John

    Thanks for the blog. I hope you continue helping people enjoy their cruises by providing the requirements to the appropriate personnel. Also, you are a wonderful entertainer with great comedic timing. (Is that a word, comedic?)

    My best to you and yours.

    Your friend.

  6. Allan Stern says:

    Not taking a cruise because one or two guests did not like some aspect of the vacation is like not seeing a movie because a film critic panned the movie. Same with a product review. They help but you have to make your own decision and see or do yourself. We are becoming a world of sheep going with the flock and it is good we dinosaurs do not embrace all this new technology.

  7. Brett Smith says:

    I am booked on the Dream leaving December 13 out of New Orleans. I was hoping you could fill me in on Glen Templeton and his schedule for this trip as his performances are one of the main reasons for booking this particular cruise.

    Thank you,
    Brett Smith

  8. Lynette Garner says:

    The post above about late diners hit a spot. On our Alaska cruise one couple with a 2 year old came in 45 min late every night. No apologies or anything to wait staff. The staff went overboard taking care of them. Carnival staff is amazing. They did seem to make it every night to karaoke on time after getting son to sitter. Go figure

  9. Ken McDaniel says:

    Seeburd is your pal Zydeco.

  10. Kathy G says:

    What is the purpose of David Newman’s post? It had no value at all. No reasons given why he needs to be so negative and insulting.

    I’ve never understood why some people have to be so nasty..I just don’t read blogs that I don’t like..

    Kathy G

  11. Pete Turner says:

    John do a double guys burger with bacon just wrap it in lots of lettuce instead of the bun! That’s what I do on my go cart cruises!

  12. Nancy t says:

    Great blog as usual. I am very happy to hear about the return of Caribbean and Latin music. I hope this happens on the Breeze before my December cruise.

  13. Karen Leibach says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Craig Tompkins about the late arrivals in the dining room. It is so disrespectful and inconsiderate. When I first started cruising back in 1987 – and for many years afterwards – the dining room was indeed closed about 15 minutes after the assigned time. And people were out of luck, because the Lido deck wasn’t open for dinner back then and there were no alternative restaurants. Now at least people could – and should – go eat on Lido if they miss their assigned time. I wish Carnival would go back to closing the dining room after a certain point and not allowing latecomers in.

    • Engineer Rick says:

      I agree that the MDR doors should be locked and chained and guarded by a dragon after 15 minutes or when the line ends, whichever comes last. This will be a big help to the staff and more enjoyable for the diners.

  14. Sharon Sasser says:

    Hello John!
    I am a loyal Carnival cruiser since 1984.
    I have learned so much more though since following you on Facebook and reading your blog, keep up the great work! And don’t let the haters get you down! Be proud of what you are accomplishing personally and keep on w/ all the cruising questions and comments, it brightens up the time I can’t be on board!

  15. Stuart Zaikov says:

    Please do not respond publicly.
    First hope you are seeing what an outstanding CD Mike Pack is. Sailed with him twice last year on Conquest and got real lucky when he moved to Glory where we will be in October.
    Just so you know seeburd on cc (latest in long list of names there) is also John Huey these days on your fb page.

  16. Robert Huckleberry says:

    Hello John (skinny) Just read that Caribbean bands are coming back. Thanks so much from one cruiser who hails from the north. After a lousy winter, we NEED the Caribbean music.
    Note here that I am not asking if my grandson can conduct the Carnival orchestra or that I need one of those ship on a stick thingies….
    8 cruises/all with Carnival.
    Bob Huckleberry
    Ashland Ohio

  17. ST says:

    Do you have any suggestions what a family of 5 can do in Montego Bay that is right off the ship…beaches etc,,, We don’t like what they are offering from Carnival for families.

  18. Jill says:

    I will be taking my first cruise in September. We are thinking of getting the alcohol package, but I am curious about the beer options available. Can you assist?

  19. david schneck says:

    i agree with craig tompkins dinner complaint. this has happened to us on more than one occasion. what we have done had asked the MD to take our order regardless because the late persons were not part of our party. or else give us table for 2 0r 4

  20. Doc Holaday says:

    John — have to agree 100% with Craig Tompkins that something rigorous needs to be done about guests showing up late for dinner. It’s not only a rude inconvenience to the other passengers, but more importantly, it reeks havoc with the already overworked wait staff, making it almost impossible for them to deliver a great dining experience. Looking forward to meeting you on the Legend next month — our 16th Carnival cruise!

  21. Susan Lynford says:

    Hi John, My family and I had originally booked our Thanksgiving Family cruise on the Breeze 11/19/16. When the Breeze was scheduled to move to Galveston earlier than originally planned, we were all moved to the Splendor. I have read that the Splendor is scheduled for Dry Dock in March of 2016. Would you be able to share with us what 2.0 upgrades will be included in the dry dock refurbishment? A large part of our original decision to sail on the Breeze was to enjoy all of the 2.0 amenities that are on her. Now that we are on the Splendor, it would be nice to know what will be added. I thank you very much for any information you may be able to share.

  22. Kathy hedrick says:

    Hello John!! I am writing to tell you about my recent experience on the Breeze… I was on the 20-29j June 8 day and was very disappointed in the ship. I have been on it now five times and will be on her again August 23rd.. What really surprised me was how dirty everthing was.. The windows were filthy the deck 5 tables in smoking section were hardly ever washed and my cabin was also filthy.. Normally I have a balcony but got a great deal on cabin 2300 which had coffe splashed on wall by mirror and I feel nothing was cleaned except the beds were redone.. This has really saddened me because she is such a beautiful ship. Thank you for letting me spout and I am also very excited to be on Vistas inaugural cruise out of Trieste Yay!! Ps I have sailed on carnival 17 times now and absolutely love it

  23. Brian P says:

    Live bands, with more than 2 people?! That’s fantastic. I’ve been sad to see live music dying out on many cruises. Bring it on!!!!

  24. Cynthia says:

    Hello John, I tried to send you a review yesterday and the first draft was way too long and I somehow deleted the 2nd.

    Let’s try this again. My life of Carnival Cruising……

    1st Cruise May 2012 – 30th wedding anniversary celebration with friends that were also celebrating same and are avid cruisers. They finally wore us down and we often wonder why did we not do this sooner.

    From here on our I will try bullet points:

    Cruise 1:
    1. 1st time cruising – wanting to take tour, missed taking off because they left early. Eager to help team member found us in line at guest services. Took us to tour. Great time/service.

    2. Fell flat on my face tripping on a lounge chair, busted lip and broke camera. Again, team went out of their way to help when I made my way down to the lido deck to get ice. The hostess even stopped me later that evening as we went to the MDR to say she had been worried about me all day and was glad I was ok.

    3. Had the most amazing time, bought art, got to go to the spa (because I was sore from falling) and fell in love with cruising. Already looking for the next one the night we got home.

    Cruise 2. January 2013 – just because.

    1. I messed up and booked a glass bottom boat ride in Freeport but thought I did it for Nassau so I never really looked at the tickets. I wanted to do it in Nassau again since I could not get pictures since I broke the camera right before we docked in Nassau. Great Excursion Team Member changed our excursion to Atlantis Tour. It was gorgeous, fun and very informative. Loved it.

    2. Bought more art and again talking about when we could go again.

    Cruise 3 – November 2013 – took daughter, her boyfriend, father in law (was supposed to go with the same couple from cruise # 1 but they had a family wedding that came up).

    1. Seas a little rougher and my daughter got a little sea sick so we BOUGHT drops to put behind her ears. (all caps because we did not expect Carnival to give them to us. LOL).

    2. Seas were rough and winds high so our glass bottom board ride in Nassau cancelled again so we all took the city bus tour. Great tour and driver actually threw in a couple of extra stops.

    3. Daughter and boyfriend loved the 4 wheeling tour in Freeport. They want to do that again.

    4. Bought more art. Daughter started her art collection too. On the way home discussed when to go again.

    Cruise 4 – March 2015 – A gift from our daughter for Christmas/Hubby’s 60th birthday (4 days after Christmas) and we left on our 33 anniversary.

    1. 1st time we used Carnival Gift Cards (bought at a Kroger) from our kids. Went to guest services. They were quick and we had no problems activating the cards on our sail and sign account.

    2. Strolled through the art gallery (on the same deck as the guest services desk and our cabin that cruise) and knew we were in trouble. So many to pick this time. Called daughter before we left port to see how many she wanted. Bought way too much art…. but some was for our daugther and some we gave as gifts.

    3. Only big disappointment on any cruise so far – mold in the bathroom. Went to guest services. Cabin Steward came that night but nothing was ever done about it the whole cruise. Complained again the last night of the cruise but the hotel manager did not come until we were trying to get ready to leave on debarkation day. I wrote to customer service after the cruise and they responded promptly and favorably.

    On the way home we talked again about when to go next. Within a week booked the next one this fall.

    I am basically using all of my vacation days this year for cruises. Can’t wait til the day we no longer have to worry about vacation days and can just pick up and go when we want. Retirement can’t get here fast enough.

    We have always had a great time. The crew and the Park West Teams have always been great, friendly and very attentive.

    We are forever Carnival cruisers and some day we will contact you to help us scatter ashes as both hubby and I want to be scattered off the end of a Carnival ship when that time comes. Hopefully not for a very long time…. We have to get to diamond status first so we can show some of these snobs that it is not about the freebies but the fun that got you to that point.

    Have a great day. Maybe we’ll see you on a ship someday.

    • Bill says:

      It is so nice to see someone else who can have a great time even with hiccups in a cruise. Weather and seas are a potential problem with any cruise, and occasionally other things may go wrong, sometimes our fault, sometimes not. I have always found Carnival staff willing to go above and beyond to help you make the best of the situation. Continue having fun on your cruises.

  25. Debbie says:

    Hi John! I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I went on our first cruise out of Charleston, South Carolina in 2010 on the Fanasty. You were the cruise director, we have never laughed so much! You were great ! Thank you ! We have been cruising every year since ! Hope we have the pleasure to sail with you again !

  26. Sue Weiss says:

    John I have two questions.

    One is can my oldest granddaughter use the gym, she is 13,
    The second one is my family and I would like to eat at the Chefs Table. My youngest granddaughter is ten, will she be allowed to eat with us?

    I follow you on facebook. keep up the good work. You look great since you have lost the weight.

  27. Bill says:

    We will be on the Miracle for the Nov 28 Hawaii 15-Day cruise. Who will the CD be? Also, will the menus feature Hawaiian dishes and will there be a Luau on board? We did the same cruise in 2011 on the Spirit, and it was by far our favorite cruise.

  28. Leslie Zubilewich says:

    Your blog is entertaining and informative and after reading a few, I feel compelled to contribute. Family members and friends have been asking us to join their cruise vacations for years and we’ve always declined because we’ve always enjoyed staying in resorts. However, we finally agreed to go and arranged a family cruise consisting of 11 people – youngest was 19 and oldest was 90. We were on the Liberty from May 3-10, 2015. We had such a fantastic time that we booked another after being back a week. We are booked on the Glory May 14-21, 2016. There will only be 8 of us this time. My brother and his family won’t be able to join us this time as they have already been to the islands we will be going to. They have already taught us the ropes and feel we can go on our own. We were spoiled the first time by Carnival’s excellent service, a really fun and funny CD, the beautiful islands, awesome excursion and “smooth sailing” so we hope for more of that. It truly was a FUNSHIP. I regret not starting sooner (we could’ve been platinum members by now) but as they say, “better late than never”.

  29. jgeraci says:

    Hi there. I’m sorry but I don’t do Facebook. I do want to comment about your baseball cap controversy, though. Some people need to consider who is wearing those caps before complaining. What about the chemo patients with no hair? What about the bald self-conscious men? What about the brave military, who put their lives on the line for us? What about the kids who just like baseball caps? What about the women who are experiencing a bad hair day? See how silly that all is? Those complainers need to get a life and go buy a cool baseball cap! I’m 75 years old and don’t have time for such nonsense!

  30. Hi John, returned from a great 8 day on the Carnival Sunshine this morning. This completes 25 or 26 Carnival cruises. I must mention that Jaime Dee was the most delightful, fun, energetic CD we have ever had. Enjoyed every minute of sailing with her. Keep up the great work with these young, energetic CDs. It truly makes a difference in the tenor of the cruise.
    Best, Jeremy and Kari Chucko

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