Just Do It

December 3, 2015 -

John Heald

Hello everyone. My name is John Heald . I am ugly, and have thighs that could hold up an oil rig. I also have the best job in the world, I am the Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line

Over the past 29 years I have worked on our ships and watched the company grow and continued to watch the guests have extraordinary off the charts fun.

Cruising with Carnival allows something that the world we live in tries to suffocate more and more every day and that is worrying about what others may think of us, what we do, what we say and how we live our lives.

Carnival Cruise Line is an absolute escape from that. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing stories of things I have seen that prove that statement from the WOW moment when every first time cruiser walks into one of our atriums and opens their mouth like a basking shark to doing things they have never thought they could or indeed should be doing.

Yep, on our ships people live their lives and seem to simply not care what others may be thinking.

Last month I was on the Carnival Breeze and went to our brilliant steakhouse. At the table across from where my colleague and I were sitting I watched a guy, probably about 60 years old struggling to read the menu in the subtle mood lights that we provide. Then without making a big fuss, he reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and took out one of those mini-flashlights, switches it on and twirling it into position with a deft one-handed Ninja-like movement.

While I watched fascinated a table of four thirty something’s looked at him as if he’d made them watch some truly embarrassing act. They seemed a tab judgmental, and what he had done made them feel uncomfortable and caused nervous laughter. He was simply doing what was practical not worrying about what others might think.

The waitress came over………he made his suggestions and ordered for his wife as well…… clicked off the torch and, this time, placed it, on the table. I was almost disappointed when he didn’t use the flashlight to check the food when it came.

Yep, he was comfortable in his own skin and that was a joy to see.

On our ships our guests dance like demented windmills in the nightclub. They sing at Karaoke and make dogs howl across the Caribbean. They walk along the Promenade and stop, kiss and remember how much they love each other. They drink cocktails with names like ” A Kiss On The Lips ” and they laugh out loud at the Punchliner comedy club.

Yep, our ships allow you to remove the stress of the world, to truly dance like no sod is watching and to do things that you have never done before.

If you want to eat an ice cream for breakfast………………do it.

If you want to eat a pizza 20 minutes after dinner …………..do it.

If you want to have rumpy pumpy at 3:00 in the afternoon, put the snoozin sign out…..and do it.

If you want to take Grandma to an Adults Only comedy show…………..do it

If you want to wear a Hawaiian shirt on elegant night……..do it

If you want to stay up and watch the sunrise over the Caribbean sea……do it

If you have only one hair on your chest and you want to enter the Men’s hairy Chest Contest…..do it

If your name is Dave, you are 50 and you want to sing a boy band song at Karaoke……..get therapy.

Carnival Cruise Line……….it really is your kind of fun.


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84 Responses to Just Do It

  1. David Joy says:

    My wife & I have cruise about 10 times with Carnival and enjoyed each one. Can hardly wait for our Jan. 17th cruise out of San Juan. Will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary and no doubt it will be a blast.

  2. dennis sullivan says:

    john if a lot of these so-called experienced cruisers are worth their weight in realism their comments should not be aimed at you or the carnival brand.my wife and i are platinum cruisers and feel that if these other people are so down on carnival they should admit to themselves they are not fun loving cruisers.they should understand that you are here to do a job they cannot do and should appreciate all the information you put out,bad or good,that is to help them enjoy themselves on a cruise.all the petty criticisms they put out only makes them seem to be really fun challenged.relaxation and fun is what most people want.those of us that do would like to thank you for all you do and for all the effort of carnival to follow through with all the new programs they have instituted in the last twenty years the wife and i have cruising.

  3. Tamara says:

    Now this is the kind of post I like to read. Being the free spirit that I am, I look forward to our cruise on the Dream for New Year’s. I don’t care that the boat is sold out. I don’t care that there’ll be lines for everything. I don’t even care if we bump into each other on the dance floor. My husband and I take care of his mother and it’s been over six years. This trip is long in coming. We’re going to celebrate our 36th anniversary like no other and intend to have a blast doing whatever we want. Thanks for getting me extra exited on this boring Thursday John!!

  4. Catherine Jarr says:

    John , I love it. You said it all. That’s exactly what I want out of my cruise experience,and why I sail with Carnival.Counting down to Cruise number 24 this January.

  5. Alex Erika says:

    I love your humor John, this was a great post and another reason why we love to travel on Carnival and we also enjoy making videos of our cruise experiences. Keep posting!

  6. Lilli says:

    This is sad. If those 30-somethings knew what it was like to have low vision/be blind they wouldn’t act so ignorant. I turned 30 in October, I’ve had poor vision all my life. Just in September I’ve developed further vision difficulties that required hospitalization. While the risk of going immediately blind is now decreased, the risk of being blind in the future is high. My mom is 60 and only recently started having lower vision, we’ve used the flashlight on my cell phone in restaurants to see menus even during midday. Thanks for the idea, we may end up sticking a small light in our purse for these instances, and also thanks for the idea of watching the sunrise over the Caribbean, that’s being added to the cruise bucket list…we just paid off our March 2016 cruise–we’re excited!

  7. Shirlynn says:

    John, I enjoy you and all that you are! So great! I hope to someday cruise with you onboard. My sister and I are cruising on the Freedom from Galveston on December 12. This is my 11th cruise with Carnival and I plan on many more! We will be celebrating my 47 th birthday. We are also cruising with a friend and her daughter we met on a cruise in 2013. Our group is a group with tender hearts. Our friend lost her husband last year and she has two very young children 🙁 I lost my mother last year and my sister just lost her fur baby on Monday which she has had for many years. We are hoping to do some healing and much needed destressing while aboard a ship that is new to us. You are so correct about letting go and being able to not worry while cruising! We are thankful to everyone who makes this possible. Carnival does a great job!

  8. Dana says:

    Love this. Wish more people would stop judging others and learn to enjoy themselves more.

  9. Dave says:

    YES YES YES this sums up how and why we cruise exactly! Several cruises chalked up and we still enjoy each one like it’s our first.

    • Luz Castellano-Dela Cruz says:

      Hi John,

      I am taking a big group (possibly 37) on Vista Sept 3-13/16. I hope my group will enjoy and have fun with Vista. I just finished cruising Dec 9-19/15 @ Sunshine. I like Jamie Dee’s energy and interaction with the guests.

      Please “shout out” for my group.


  10. jgeraci says:

    Hi there, John
    Soon enough those young ones will be laughing at themselves. We all get old if we’re lucky, and we learn to accommodate to our circumstances. I myself find lots of their actions amusing! And don’t even get me started on their attire! So kids enjoy each day, laugh if you must & keep amusing us old folks too!

  11. You are totally correct John. It’s a rest out of reality and I can’t wait for our next cruise, Jan.30th, 2016 on the Breeze. To bad I won’t be able to see you on the Breeze. You’ll probably be on board a different ship at that time. Oh well, I still will be enjoying myself. See ya my friend.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  12. Debra Brown says:

    Hello John, I have a question. What is the difference between a gold card member and platinum ?

  13. Will Collyer says:

    If you want to eat an ice cream for breakfast………………do it. — Will Do! Promise!

    If you want to eat a pizza 20 minutes after dinner …………..do it. — Not likely – unless you want a Pythonesque Mr Cresote’ on your hands.

    If you want to have rumpy pumpy at 3:00 in the afternoon, put the snoozin sign out…..and do it. —- Unlikely, us same sex couples are just like the rest of you – he’ll slap my palm and say ‘NO!’ (sound familiar?)

    If you want to take Grandma to an Adults Only comedy show…………..do it. If grandma was alive, she’d kick me if I didn’t.

    If you want to wear a Hawaiian shirt on elegant night……..do it — Not a chance! As a blue collar guy, I enjoy dressing up.

    If you want to stay up and watch the sunrise over the Caribbean sea……do it – ‘Shit, that’d be fun! The ship would need to be rather off course though. We’re in Australia!

    If you have only one hair on your chest and you want to enter the Men’s hairy Chest Contest…..do it — “winner, no contest!”

    If your name is Dave, you are 50 and you want to sing a boy band song at Karaoke……..get therapy.”My name is Will, I’m 32 – but advice taken on notice”

    Carnival Cruise Line……….it really is your kind of fun.

    Thats why were spending Xmas with your entertaining loonies. Merry Xmas to you and yours John x

  14. Norine Ludlow says:

    I just returned from a carnival cruise aboard the Conquest. (Nov. 28 -Dec.6). The cruise was great but, when I booked I was told I had a $50. onboard credit and “probably” a $25 casino credit. Because I took advantage of the “price guarantee” twice, my onboard credit Was TAKEN AWAY. WHY? Also, there was no casino credit at all. I feel that this was totally unfair. I have been on about 6 carnival cruises and DID receive the casino credit before !!

  15. Lorraine says:

    About 10 years ago we took our 1st cruise on Carnival Triumph. John was our cruise director. We never laughed so hard in all ourlife. He did a skit with some fellow cruisers where someone had to save a woman from an evil felon. He picked an older Korean fellow to save the damsel in distress. After much practice it was show time. All went well until the Korean gentleman forgot his lines and confronted the felon with “whose your momma!? I think I peed my pants laughing so hard. Since that cruise we have cruised many more times,but,never have we had as good of a director as John. On Jan 31 we cruise again out of Ft. Lauderdale and heres hoping we get John again.

  16. Robert Russell says:

    Beth and I (Robert) have done 60 Carnival Cruises and have enjoyed all of them. Our last was on the Breeze with Wee Jimmy. We had the opportunity to meet his wife, Jennifer and really had a great time having conversations with her. We cruise because it gives us time to be together and we meet some great people. Our next cruise is Jan 24th on the Valor and we are excited about that cruise.I do not know where the cruise is going – I just go to have fun. Thank you Carnival for allowing us to have fun in our “twilight” years.

  17. Sara S says:

    Just do it? Oh, we will alright! We are booked for our first Cruise on the Fantasy in October and are so excited! We chose carnival mainly for 2 reasons; 1. The website/booking process was super easy to navigate and understand and 2. A coworker told my hubby that he didn’t like his trip with carnival because “It’s too much of a party atmosphere. People were up drinking and partying till 2 or 3am.” That’s all we needed to hear to know that Carnival was the place for us! That said; reading your blog and the cheeky Facebook posts from the company make me fall more in love with Carnival every time I read one and we haven’t even stepped aboard our first ship! The irreverence, oddball thoughts and the occasional playful splash of sarcasm let us know that Carnival is ‘our kind of people!’ Thanks John 🙂

  18. Steve Dalgleish says:

    On another point re LNG terrorist risk – How does Carnival propose to assuage inevitable passenger concerns re this matter? – Was this aspect not considered by persons making LNG decisions? – What kind of future economic damage are Carnival exposing themselves to here? – What could cruise rivals/sensationalist papers do with this story?

    A lack of common sense shown here methinks – I`ve done you a favour – A free cruise for me & the wife would be greatfully accepted as reward! – Non LNG variety only thanks……

  19. Jo Ann Thomas says:

    Hi John, We are sailing on January 17, 2016 out of Galveston on Carnival Magic. There is a group of 10 of us (5 bookings). My booking number is 5T2SP0 and there are four other bookings linked. We have early dining and would LOVE to be seated at a round table for 10 in the middle of the dining room. We requested this on our last cruise, but the maite’d never got the request. Can you make this happen for us? We sually get stuck in a corner behind the coffee server or something. This will be our 12th or 13th cruise on Carnival. Thanks so much for helping!

  20. Tammy Bolin says:

    Celebrating our 25th anniversary on the Sunshine in January, our first cruise in more than 14 years. We will be that happy dancing, kissing, hugging couple. You only get one time around in this world, gotta make it count!

  21. Leone DeMartino says:

    I want to say, anyone who does not like cruising with Carnival should have their heads examined. My wife asked me where I wanted to go to celebrate my 50th. Without even thinking about it I said ,Carnival/ this is our 5th cruise. The staff is great, the food is unbelievable and the shows, what can I say are GREAT !!!!!!
    We are cruising out of Baltimore on Feb 20th and I have one question. We have never been on the Pride, we have been on 4 different ships and each was different and fantastic, can you give me a heads up about the Pride ? Anything special about it or something different then the other ships ? We don’t want to miss anything and we are looking forward to my specialty steak dinner. Thanks Leo

  22. Cynthia Williams says:

    Hi John! … You may not remember me but you gave a gold medallion to me and my husband on the cruise to Puerto Rico on the Dream when the power failure occurred … We were Soooo disappointed when we discovered that we couldn’t dock at In Puerto Rico because the ship was Too Big for the port … But … We never will forget your kindness … We could see that you were genuinely disappointed too, so I want to take the time out to say Thank You For Your Kindness … You were really FUN to cruise with! … Now … That being said … I Wonder if I might impose upon you for a moment … I am a Platinum VIFP & I have had the privilege of sailing on Carnival Cruise Lines Numerous Times … I am also an AVID Souvenir Ship Spoon Collector, If you were too, then you could feel me when I say I missed my opportunity to acquire the Carnival Holiday’s ship spoon while I was on board … The gift shop was out of them and this ship is no longer in the Carnival fleet … Help me … Somebody Help Me! … Throw me a life preserver! … I NEEEED a Carnival Holiday Souvenir Ship Spoon! … If you know of someone who has one that they wouldn’t mind parting with by sale or by trade … Please contact me! … I collect ship spoons and this is the ONLY one in my collection that I don’t have and it’s causing me to do the Batty Bat! … (Just a figure of speech) … (Smile!) … But Seriously though … I would be EXTREMELY Grateful for your help and any assistance you could offer … I’ve tried E-Bay and numerous other web search pages … I’ve found most every kind of spoon you can imagine … Everyone except the Carnival Holiday Ship Spoon … It Is A Puzzlement! … (Smile!) … It’s a long shot I know, but you could be my only hope! … Maybe, just maybe, there’s some NOS (New Old Stock) laying about somewhere … I would be Soooo Very Grateful if you could at least point me in the right direction to the person or department that could … All I Want for Christmas is a Carnival Holiday Ship Spoon … (Smile!) … Thank You! … Cindy

  23. Kristina says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!! The hubs and I will be on the Conquest for our first cruise in Feb and I have been reading several reviews on different sites. One, that was recommended was the ship mate app and I have to say- there is SO MUCH NEGATIVITY going on there!! I was a bit worried when I read a couple of posts and then kept reading and more came across as POSITIVE and we are very much looking forward to February!! Now, reading your post and the “care free” outlook that I am looking forward to experiencing, is a welcomed sign. Thanks again!!

  24. Brad Gittings says:

    Question for you John. I am 56. Should I “just do it” if I want to sing a ABBA song in the ship’s karaoke or Guest Talent Show?

    Or should I get thearpy?

  25. Tammy says:

    Sounds fun, but we are planning to sail on Inspiration in 4 days, and our 4 day birthday cruise looks like rain, rain, rain. Boo… Any suggestions other than bring Dramamine?

  26. chris smith says:

    just trying to confirm our get together for our group on the Glory. I was told to reply tuesday before we said. It’s this saturday 9th on the glory.

  27. Sheila says:

    What ship are you on now John? Just was wondering. I will be cruising soon.

  28. Jeanne Potter says:

    I have a question; I am sealing in 7 days on the conquest and would like to know if there will be popcorn in the EA Sports bar during the football and/or basketball games during my cruise.

  29. Jim Kaltinger says:

    I read some of the reviews people write and I shake my head. I cannot for the life of me understand how someone can not have a good time on a Carnival Cruise. My wife and I need only a couple more to reach platinum status and we have enjoyed every day we have spent on Carnival ships. I am so looking forward to our 13 day Carnival Journey cruise aboard the Sunshine in February. Only 41 more days to wait.

  30. Sue Tarkin says:

    18 women from Rocky Bayou Country club in Niceville, FL will be sailing on the 7th of Feb. On the Carnival Dream.
    You better warn the crew that we can get really crazy. “Girls just want to have fun.”
    In our case, seniors just want to have fun.S

  31. Nikki says:

    I have been on TWO Carnival cruises, I am now addicted.

    Its Funny that you made this post,because I am trying to get my husband to go on another one, he had fun but does not like how a lot of the activities on board are the same on each ship. ex. Hairy chest contest

    I told him if you dont like those activies.. DONT GO

    If you wanna drink and hang out by the pool .. THATS FINE

    I told him that I dont expect him to like the same things as me, If I want to go to the shopping seminars or whatever I can go by myself.. Ill survive.

    I said its you rvacation .. do what makes you happy!

    I might have also promised him some rumpy pumpy and that he can Scuba dive at each port.

  32. Linda Horneman says:

    Hi John! We were fortunate enough to have you as a cruise director on our very first cruise in 2000. We are getting ready to set sail on 2-6-16 on the Ecstasy. I’m excited about the new port, Amber Cove. I didn’t notice until another pointed it out that we basically lose a day with the late departure time. This kinda makes this a 6 day cruise. It would be really awesome if you could come up with some type of compensation for our lost day. Perhaps a party for everyone, not just those above Gold status, or perhaps a small onboard credit. Like my hubby always says, the answer is always no unless you ask. I’m sure we will enjoy another fun ship cruise!

  33. cherry Gibson says:

    i am sailing on breeze April 2016… cant wait.I would be celebrating my BIG 50th Birthday… so excited. i am thinking about trying the steakhouse. what do you think

    • Larry Dean says:

      Do either the Steakhouse or the Chef’s Table. DW and I have done both and the experience was EXCELLENT!!!

  34. susi koller says:

    If anyone you are sailing with or knows of any of the following it is important please that you let me know
    A) anyone celebrating a birthday of 80 years or over carnival breeze 85 erika koller
    B) anyone who has been married for 50 years or over
    C) any WW2 veterans

  35. Pat Davidson says:

    John, my husband and I are taking a short cruise on the Sensation this week, Jan. 28th – it is an important birthday for us – however, who is the cruise director? Just wanted to check.

    • Claudia Brown says:

      My husband an I are looking forward to celebrating our 52nd wedding anniversary on the Carnival Liberty on March 7th.

  36. Sally Motley says:

    Just sailed on The Breeze last week and we dined in the steakhouse you mentioned. It was one of the best meals that we have experienced on a cruise.

    • Michele says:

      We just are off the Breeze (have sailed Carnival 5 times) and for the first time we tried specialty dining. We had dinner at Cucina del Capitano. It was awful. Will never pay extra for dining again.

  37. Jackie Gonzalez says:

    I just celebrated my 50th birthday on board Carnival Victory on January 14th with my brothers and sisters! We had the best time! I am already booked on my 2nd cruise for July 2016! One more item off my bucket list! Nearing the end of my military career and I already know how I will be spending my retirement… Absolutely fabulous!!!

  38. Trisha Phillips says:

    I owe you some pictures that i said i would send you. You said you had no pictures of yourself in the British suit. I will find them and get to you. Wish you were on every cruise i take, freaking hysterical loved every minute of it.

  39. John, I am a big fan of Carnival and I cruise a lot. My cruises are planned well in advance (a year or more) so I can take advantage of Early Saver Fares and get the location and staterooms I desire. I have submitted a number of Price Protection Forms, successfully (and not.) The form has changed and now states that “you will forfeit the stateroom number you have selected on your booking” and be assigned a stateroom at time of check-in. How is that fair that Carnival provides a program that if used you may get a cheaper rate but lose your chosen stateroom? We always travel with others and I try to keep us together but in my effort to get a better rate using Carnival’s price protection guarantee I may have scrambled us all over the ship. I am very frustrated.

    • Michele Kreidler says:

      Barbara, I have successfully received price drops with price protection 6 times. I do not pay the cruise off 100% until the very last week possible. Each time I have noticed a drop I simply called Carnival. Most of their friendly agents are happy to make an immediate adjustment. Try calling before submitting forms. I am booked on the Breeze this month and have received 2 price adjustments and on board credit (twice)! Never filled out a form.

  40. Hi John, I don’t normally ask for favors but decided I would in the instance. So I posted to your FB page because the ship is leaving on the 13th and I was told it’s the fastest way to send a request. I was given a very cordial and polite answer from Elaine Uberman Marks which was immediately followed by a very rude comment from someone named Charles Hall. As a result I will not be asking for any favors or placing any future request for my guests or myself on FB. What a shame that you allow someone so crass and rude to field your requests on FB.

  41. John Negron says:

    Hi John! This is my first time reading your blog. My wife and I just returned from celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the Carnival Sensation a couple of weeks ago. It was a short 3-day cruise to close off a week of celebrating where we went skiing the weekend before. It was our 3rd Carnival cruise in the last 2-1/2 years since our first on the Carnival Paradise and 2nd on the Carnival Breeze. When we returned home, we booked our 4th cruise on the Carnival Glory which embarks from Miami in May for 7 days. We love Carnival Cruise Lines! Anyway, this last cruise was really a relaxing getaway for us and as I sat in a daze on the Lido deck, my wife looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told her I was and asked why she asked. She said that I looked like I had nothing on my mind. I acknowledged that I truly had NOTHING on my mind. I was in total relax mode with NOTHING on my mind 🙂 I can’t wait for May now to set sail on the Carnival Glory!

  42. Sandy says:

    We are getting ready to go on our 4th cruise this year and I have enjoyed everyone of them. I like sitting at a big table at dinner and meeting different people every cruise. I enjoy all the Islands and what they offer. There is something to do all the time on the ship, we always have fun, maybe tooo much in the casino, but we love it. If you don’t have a good time, that is on you, you choose not to. Lots of things to do and people to meet.All employees are super nice and have great stories too.So enjoy !!

  43. Denise Murphy says:

    I totally agree with all the “do it ” things mentioned above and whilst I didn’t do all suggested I certainly threw myself into dance mode in the nightclub and thoroughly enjoyed the comedy club pus the marvellous variety of onboard entertainment.I also confess to ice cream for breakfast.
    An absolutely brilliant cruise on Carnival Glory…..Just one negative.
    Why the bloody great banner in the atrium which ruined the WOW moment,it was ugly and in the way hanging like a threat above the performing acts on stage and preventing any viewing from above.

  44. Larry Howell says:

    When is the CCL blog cruise? My wife will finally make diamond next cruise in May . 😀

  45. Mary Dagostino says:

    Thank you for the special gifts in our cabin for our Carnival Journey on 1-23-16 on the Glory. Can’t wait for BC10 info. Thanks for making us all laugh and smile so much.

  46. Ona Presto says:

    Would love to receive all the free Carnival items I can!!! How do I sign up as a blogger? I will be on The Magic March 27th for a week!

  47. Lori Ruda says:

    We are the rocking Ruda’s and love sailing with carnival. My husband and children’s first cruise was in 2010 on the Miracle . As we ask the children where would you like to go … They automatically say a cruise. Hmm well this August we are having a sweet 16 cruise and can’t wait to get on the Sunshine for 2nd time. Please put coffee machines back in the rooms as they are dearly missed.

  48. Sonya says:

    John, I am going on the Liberty, Journey, March 6th. I always take a fan. I have read recently that fans are being confiscated. I went back to try and find the post, but could not find what you said about them. I take a small portable fan. Can we take them? Do we have to carry them on. We are flying into P.R before getting on ship.

  49. Elaine Waff says:

    John, l really enjoy all of your info on FB, regarding questions etc from people. We are gold guest with carnival and love sailing. We are booked on the Conquest for April, do you have any helpful about this ship and or would you happen to be sailing at that time.

  50. michelle Gilbert says:

    hello John. I’ve been following you on my face book page. you always have something nice to say .Or, you say things to get people thinking and get involved with your blog. I just took a cruise on the Sunshine in Novemeber 2015. I just booked my 6th cruise for December 30,2017. My fiance , myself and our 2 children will be on this ship. It is still aways away, but I am so excited about spending the holiday seasons aboard the ship with the crew.

  51. Donna Holmes says:

    Dear John,
    I have cruised on three separate cruise lines, I have to say, Carnival is by far the best of everything.. Can’t wait to take my next cruise w/y’all next month! I just have one question, would you please institute a rude people policy that would allow us to have security throw them overboard? I already have some family members in mind for the tossing.. (And u thought this was a break up letter…)
    See ya next month!

  52. Susan Wheatley says:

    Hello John,
    Just wanted you to give a HUGE shout out to “Z” Dreams casino host, me and my mom are currently on the Dream and with her being handicapped and not able to sit on the hard chairs we requested the Maitre D to assign us to a booth so we could enjoy the MDR. He did accommodate us, however that evening we received a card saying he could not accommodate the changes, needless to say we have not been able to eat in the MDR for dinner one night.
    Since we are on the Premier Casino cruise “Z” and her manager were very upset and she sent us to the steak house two nights in a row.
    My mom is very appreciated for her going above and beyond for her. “Z” is a very good host, we love her for everything she has done.
    After 10 cruises with Carnival we have never not been able to eat in the MDR.
    Thank you for all your hilarious post and keeping all your Carnival fans informed.

  53. Barbara Kimball says:

    Can you board the boat early?

  54. Barbara Kimball says:

    This is my very first cruise and it is also my 64th, birthday. I am so excited.

  55. John Level says:

    I’ve been on 5 Carnival cruises and have loved every one of them. I’m always amazed at how friendly all the crew and other passengers are to one another. I’ve never witnessed anyone being rude or mean. Everyone just enjoys themselves without a care in the world.

  56. Joy Tidball says:

    I want to receive your question and answer s and comments but don’t know how. Thanks Joy

  57. Janice Harris says:

    John is your schedule of ships published somewhere? We have 4 more planned this year and were wondering if you would be on any of them.

  58. Cassandra says:

    I get so embarrassed when my DH jumps up and joins the waiters and other cruisers dancing around the MDR. He has no rhythm but does not seem to know it or care. He would pull out a candle if he could if it would help him with the menu. What others think means very little to him (or me at times). I just wished he could dance a little. Think of Elaine on Seinfeld.

  59. Sue says:

    Exactly the kind of vacation we are hoping for. Can’t wait to enjoy a week of freedom

  60. Daphne Holloman says:

    I have been on a total of 18 cruises with 16 of them on Carnival. I have enjoyed all 16 of them. Can’t wait to cruise again June 25th 2016.

  61. Margaret Harkreader says:

    Just returned from our first back-to-back and want to commend Carnival for a great voyage. Leaving in April for our first theme cruise, looking forward to it. This will be cruise number twelve, looking forward to many many more.

  62. Cruzin2some says:

    You forgot to mention that on Carnival you can just do it for a lot less Money$$$
    The Cruzin2some
    James & Nancy E

  63. Valorie Reed says:

    We will be sailing on Carnival Breeze in December this year. This will be our first on Carnival and I think what I am most excited about (which others have criticized) is the casualness of it. We have been on other cruises lines that truly make you feel like everyone needs to act hoity toity and that is not us! We know how to act appropriately and we ‘clean up’ well. We just prefer a much more laid back atmosphere when we travel. We travel for the experience, the adventure and the memories we can only make while traveling. We don’t travel in order to dress up in fancy clothes or to empress anyone. Traveling should only be about enjoying who you travel with and finding satisfaction in any situation. After all you’re on vacation! Enjoy, live and let others do the same. You can be uptight and angry in your everyday life if you chose to, but don’t bring that on vacation with you. You’ll never enjoy anything. We go without setting too high expectations and ALWAYS enjoy everything, never to be disappointed.

  64. Sherry Griffin says:

    Hi John. What exactly is a Bloggers cruise and how does one blog? The bloggers cruises sound like so much fun. I’m a follower of your Facebook page but thats about all I know how to do lol. My husband and I just got off our 13th cruise in the Dream and can’t wait to go again. Almost to platinum!

    PS. I meet you on an Alaskan cruise with my mom a couple years back. We loved your shows on stage and couldn’t wait to see you and Calvyn on the TV morning show. If it rings a bell it’s when you had “Dick & Juanita Little” on your couples show. Me and my mom still laugh about it. In fact we bought the video! Also the lesbian couple and the older couple where the man couldn’t hear! You are outrageous!!!!! Keep the laughs coming. I love reading your Facebook post.

  65. Peggy Sparks says:

    Just got off of Carnival Dream. We had a wonderful time. We watched a group call the fun force. They said Carnival was taking off the program. I don’t understand why they would do that. They are such a fun group to watch and the children just loved them. Very entertaining

    I do have one complaint. We dad about 30 members of our family with us. Out table waiter was a #20 on the scale of 1-10. He and his team was excellent. But at 2 of our tables the waiter did not know what he was doing. We would finish our meal before they would they anything. That was what happened the whole trip. It was not a good dinning experience for them. Maybe Canival needs to train better before letting them do it by themselves

  66. John says:

    Exactly, just do what you want.

    People nowadays are too conscious of how they are perceived by others.

    Thanks for sharing!

  67. Melinda Newcomb says:

    Will you be sailing on the Vista on November 5th? I love to see what you post on your Facebook page.

  68. Frances says:

    John, I have a cruise book in November 2016 on the new ship Vista and I get more excited everyday, but after reading you just build the anticipation even more. I’ve been reading every ones comments that has been posting learning what to expect and make sure I am not going to forget to do something. I love the excitement that I read in all the posts. I’m looking forward to seeing the stars in the sky while listening to the waves. November can’t get here fast enough… 233 days…

  69. John you are not ugly at all, and your thighs are just fine! I would like to take the time to say thank you for all your efforts along with your crew for making my cruise vacation a success👏🏽 This is probably my ninth or tenth cruise with carnival and I appreciate the experience! Keep up the good work and I will see you in October 2016 as well as December 2016😀🤗

  70. Eddie and Bliss Morris says:

    Planning A family Christmas cruise Dec 18th on the Sunshine, what can we expect for that cruise as far as decorations, special programs, etc. we are on the Dream April 17, again in November 27, and Ecstasy May 12th. Did the Breeze this past January. Anything you can answer would be appreciated. Love Carnival, trying to make up for all the missed vacations over the last 10 years.

    • Esme says:

      Carnival Cruise is one of the best (if not the best) cruise liner. Thank you for making our trip such a memorable one.

  71. Francis Burwell says:

    Good read John, hope to meet you face to face on one of our cruises in the future. For now we only have Vista booked for 12/17
    Ciao, Basil and Patty Burwell/Tampa, Fl

  72. Linda Kincade says:

    I’m not sure if you can help me. Friends who will be first time cruisers are taking an Alaska cruise this summer. He suffers from a degenerative muscular disease, uses a walker and tires easily. They are debating renting a wheelchair or electric scooter for their cruise. They have reserved a handicap suite. Any suggestions, advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. They will be cruising on the Holland line. Thank you.

  73. Tinessa Ware says:

    I have a serious complaint on the cruise I was just on. PLEASE contact me as soon as possible. The complaint I have could pose a serious health risk.

  74. Greys Chinique says:

    Love it!!!!!
    That is why I walked the planks in the Carnival Breeze even if I am afraid if heights. That is why I am riding Skyride on the Vista in July. 🙂

  75. Carolyn Sheets says:

    John I have a personal question for you. .where should I address the Weirton in private?

  76. rolito says:

    Last year, my wife and I experienced cruising for the very first time and went with Carnival. it was seamless! We’re booking another cruise for next year! =)

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