Con Crete

May 21, 2016 -

John Heald

Good morning from Crete and a glorious day for the guests to tour this beautiful Greek island. How are you?  Right, let me crack on with the news starting with last night.  So there I was, about to watch the show FLICK (have to be careful how I write that) when I saw a guest charging towards me  like a Yak in heat , holding her eye phone in her hand. I prepared myself for the photo that I was sure she was about to ask for as it happens to me in abundance. But this time there was no greeting, no arm around the shoulder but instead she thrust the phone in my face and shouted “have you seen this”? Now at first I was very worried that someone had gotten hold of the photo of me wearing a Cruise Critic T-shirt riding on the back of Hog Rider’s moped with my arms around his waist. But luckily, it wasn’t that. It was a post from another non Carnival Facebook page that said this:

“ Reports from on board are that Carnival Vista is currently being escorted by fighter jets. No Internet or Satellite. This is believed to be the result of the earlier Egypt Air plane crash. Debris/wreckage found near Crete. Please keep the victims , their families and the Carnival Vista passengers and crew in your thoughts and prayers”

Now at the time that this was shown to me I had not heard anything and so I asked the guest to wait there and I went to see our head of Public Relations who is sailing here on your Carnival Vista supporting the large press group we have. She had just seen the post as well so I called the Captain. I asked him if he had seen or heard anything about being escorted by a fighter jet or that we were being escorted. He told me in no uncertain terms that we had not nor had there been any navigational warnings given by the Greek authorities whose waters the ship was in.

To put it another way……………this was a load of bollocks!

And it was beginning to spread a bit on Facebook. People read it at home and contacted me here on Facebook to inquire about it. And so we put out our own immediate statement which I posted here and which read:

“Your Carnival Vista is in the midst of a 10-day Mediterranean cruise and presently en route to Crete. There are no air force escorts, no flares and no contact with the ship by governmental agencies and no navigational warnings have been issued to the ship’s command. All is quiet and all is well.”

So there you go, the person who wrote the hoax post is probably sitting at home in his mother’s basement high fiving his imaginary friends so proud of their achievements. But should we be more annoyed with him or with the people who shared it without a moment’s pause for thought or clarification?

I wonder if he or she is part of an I Hate Carnival Club. Perhaps we should put this person in a room and allow everyone who was concerned by what was posted to come and  flick the person’s nipples……..really, really hard.
Cheers and wish you were here

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One Response to Con Crete

  1. Cheryl Bacon says:

    It is hard to say if evil was intended or if it just someone who comes to conspiracy theories easily and came to this on their own. Some of the stuff people believe can boggle your mind. In any case I’m glad it wasn’t true and all are safe and sound on the Vista!

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