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1,095 Responses to Ask John

  1. Rhonda says:

    We just got back form the Carnival Valor, and always had a wonderful time (as always love our room stewart, dinner staff, and entertainment staff).
    Thank you for getting a window seat for us at Dinner.
    We were disappointed on the last day that the schedule for what was being shown on the big screen TV was changed and not announced. Guests had wanted Carnival to show a basketball game, which they did..but then this changed the scheduled for the family movie that was to be be shown at 6pm. We had scheduled our day around this (packing, etc) so we could enjoy family time. I dont understand why this was changed and not announced when I questioned at the Pursers desk…I was told that the cruise director (Josh) didnt know of the change and had to check into it. Then I was told that because it was requested they changed it…I understand that– but it would have been nice to announce it. I also think that since the game was being aired on TV in the sports bar that maybe carnival could have aired the family movie somewhere different at the advertised time (or left the movie on the big screen)…so it wouldnt have impacted those of us that wanted to watch the movie (There were alot of people on deck with kids at 6pm to watch the movie). I know you cant please everyone but I feel this was very unprofessionally handled (which is not like Carnival–which is why we always cruise carnival). The man that was sent to answer my questions at the pursers desk seemed to imply that that those guests requesting the game were more important than those of us wanting to watch the movie listed in the ‘Fun Times’. Not once did any of the people I talked to over an hours time appologize…unbelievable!!!
    They did play the movie —an hour late —-but we could not watch due to needing to pack/ dinner, etc. Again I just think someone could have announced the change and maybe showed it at another location on the ship or maybe announced that the game would be shown in the sports bar.

    Thanks for listening, I was just dissappointed in the way this was handled and upset my party of 6 on the last day of our long awaited vacation–we always book a year in advance and its our only vacation of the year).

    • Kim says:

      Rhonda, while I certainly understand your disappointment regarding the movie time being changed (without an announcement) please consider what you said yourself…
      In all your years of cruising with Carnival, a one hour mishap, in all those hundreds of hours of Carnival cruising, seems to me a record that cannot be beat, and hardly worth mentioning in that light, don’t you think?

      • cclmary says:

        Hi Raymond,

        Please send all request for Chefs table to “ASK JOHN’S” page.

        Thank you,

        • Raymond says:

          Thank you Mary, I realized I did it wrong after I saw it here. My apologies. I did go right back in to “Ask John” and did it. How long will it take to hear a reply for Chefs table?

          • Tricia says:

            Isn’t this the ASK JOHN page. How do I see if my post went through. When I click on ASK JOHN this is the page I’m getting. Thanks. I’m also trying to reserve seats at the Chefs Table.

        • Linda says:

          What is the ‘Chef’s table?”

          • Patricia Earling says:

            The “Chef’s Table” is the best thing you can do for your taste buds…EVER! We just got back from a short 5 day out of Charleston on the FANTASY. When we boarded we were asked to sign up for the “CF”. The cost was $75 a head. My husband always like to try new things so we signed up.
            The Chef came to our table one night at dinner and asked about alergies/ dislikes etc. We received a formal invitation in our room. When the night came we met in the library that was transformed to a 5 star restaurant! We were taken to the kitchen to see how things are done and sipped champagne and were fed the most wonderful tidbits. We then returned to the library and the true culinary magic began. I won’t tell what we ate. All I can say is that I’ve eaten in 5 star restaurants and NEVER had such a wonderful meal.

          • Mark Levine says:

            Linda, Chef’s Table was the highlight of our cruise, and a great value! I loved it, and we have it booked for our next cruise.

          • Kurt says:

            The Chef’s table is worth it if you are a “foodie”–and who isn’t?–on a cruise. They would present the wines to us and for my underage son, they would present the bottle of CocaCola for his inspection. He drank so many Cokes that evening, it is a wonder he did not float away. If you go , I hope your experience is as good as ours was.

          • Ken Rubin says:

            Linda…oh my god. think of it as the steak house 2 fold. It’s a very small group, very quaint, very upscale and you do have a one on one with the SU chef. He explains everything and he loves to answer questions. The experience is a delight.

          • Caroline Seibert says:

            I personally would never go to the “Chefs Table”, I don’t eat seafood, all the meals I’ve seen include that in one form or another. For me, it would be a waste of money and time cause I’d have to do eat at the “steak house” when we’re done there.

          • Hoffhack says:

            It was fantastic on the Dream when we did it, but $150 bucks is alot of wood for some people. The regular food is so good now, We do one night at the Steakhouse and the rest in the MDR. But you should definitely try it once! Since we will be doing our 25th sailing at the end of August, We may spring for it again on the Sunshine!

        • Joseph William Juhasz says:

          Hello, we will be cruising on the Liberty from the port of Miami on May 19th 2012. My wife daughter and myself would like to experience the Chefs Table, as a very large part of our travels are centered around the food we can try. My daughter will be 30 yrs. old.
          The Juhasz family

          • Laura Brown says:

            My hubbie and I did the Chef’s Table on our last cruise. We just LOVED it. I like to try diffirent foods and loved the experience of seeing the galley. My husband has several dietary restrictions and they still were able to make some menu adjustments and he had as good an experience as I did. He does not drink wine and they brought him a beer. I would definately do it again.

        • Karen Weller says:

          How will I get affirmation of my seat request at the chefs table that was requested through “ask John”? Will it be charged to my sign and sail or my credit card?

          Thank you.

      • HOFFHACK says:

        Kim, I think Rhonda stated her case in a cool and calm manner. She did not rant and rave, like so many do, she voiced her concerns, with the hope that the same problem might not be repeated in future, that seems to me to be what this website is all about! We have 21 cruises, with a 22nd booked in Oct., but I just sent an e-mail to John to voice my concern about something. How else will they know?? You almost sound like you are on the payroll!!!

        • Athena says:

          I agree I thought Kim was a employee the comment was pretty uncalled for we are to discuss our opinions. On this page even if it’s only one our its us repeat cruisers (gold card) who bring new people and keep the company thriving. Our 1hour opinion matters.

      • Jemmie Reynolds says:

        Rhonda – 3 out of 6 movies I have tried to watch on the deck either started without audio or ended prematurely. Carnival needs to get their act together where entertainment is concerned. If they can’t get this right, then what else really counts? We cruise for fun. If we can’t count on the fun, we will look elsewhere to spend our vacation dollars.

      • kim says:

        well that was a rude response… all she said was that an announcement would have been nice-

      • Julie Eagling says:

        Our last cruise on the Victory the scheduled a Buy your next cruise on board talk..never showed,,after wasting 20 min sitting there someone called to be told it was an error on the schedule…And they would not be coming. Mind you they even ANNOUNCED it that morning over the speaker….and they lost out on about 30 people ready to buy…like me!

    • Matthew says:

      You couldn’t watch the one hour late family movie because you can eat ANYTIME you want and had to pack??????? I can’t believe Carnival hasn’t offered you a free cruise to compensate you for your inability to take an hour to eat during the basketball game!

    • SUSAN says:

      I personally can not understand why anyone would want to spend the last day of their cruise watching a movie. Your family can watch a movie together at home. You said yourself you waited a whole year for this vacation. I hope you had a wonderful cruise full of many memories of new friends, new experiences and were able to recharge your batteries.

      • Luke Monopoli says:

        Susan, I will try to explain why the sea side theaters are so much fun.

        I have had an awesome time on all my cruises, 4 now and do a lot of things. As unbelievable as it sounds, watching a movie, in the open air, at sea, at night, has a soothing magic to it. Its one of my/our favorites Its like being at a concert outside, in the Berkshires in Mass. in the summer, crossed with a drive in theater, with 3000 of your friends 🙂 You will have to try both the concert and the drive-in to really get it. It means enough that I just switched from the Legend to the dream, both going to the western c in December because the legend did not have the screen. just my 2 cents. Oh by the way the popcorn is included as well.

    • Shirley says:

      Dear Rhondo, I thank you for asking this question because a lot of times the people at the top do not know all of what is going on. They need to know if you are upset and maybe a lot of other people felt the same way. I don’t beleive the game should have been shown when family movie was schedualed. There are so many bars on board and plenty of places the game could have been seen. Carnival Cruies are a “family cruise line”.

      • Kristine Proctor says:

        Anybody ever heard of MARCH MADNESS! I bet it was the finals – would you expect a movie be shown during the SUPER BOWL, WORLD SERIES, STANLEY CUP etc…. Me thinks more sport fans were delighted with the selection than families that were “inconvenienced”

        • Richard Hayes says:

          If there was a sports bar that was showing the game then yes I would expect the movie to be shown and the sports far can watch in the sports bar.

        • kim says:

          I don’t agree-I bet there were just as many disappointed and just didn’t speak up-go to one of the other places and watch the game-why ruin family night for everyone–not everyone enjoys sports for family time

    • Randy says:

      WOW I only hope that on my long awaited vacation the most disappointing event is a lost opportunity to watch a movie. Vacations are rarely perfect and by the end of mine I hope to be unwound enough to shrug off a TV schedule change.
      Looking forward to a lack of schedules.

    • Bill says:

      sorry, but I’m amused that your family was “impacted” buy an hour delay of a dumb movie during your vacation. really.

      • jqp says:

        Apparently I wasn’t the only person annoyed by her use of “impact” as a verb.

        Nitpicking aside, cruises like most services aren’t perfect nor will they ever be. Schedules change…different movie times, show times, menus, sea days. The crew isn’t completely oblivious to the impact of a change. They’ve made the change fully aware that someone somewhere will be inconvenienced, upset, or irate; and that a subset of those individuals will complain.

        Frankly, a majority of announcements on board are inaudible, and others are made at times when they’re easily missed. More than half the time I could not tell you what the Captain just said even if I paid close attention to his announcement. For all we know the announcement was made and this individual missed, misunderstood or misinterpreted it. Whether an announcement was made or not, someone would have complained.

        Many times I would have liked to complain about the practice of making inaudible announcements – an area ripe for improvement. Alas, I have never complained because it’s 0.001% of the overall experience.

        The key to a happy vacation (and a happy life) isn’t the ability to plan ahead, it’s the ability to adapt to change when it comes. That way, when something doesn’t go as planned – a circumstance that happens more often than we might like – it’s not a big deal. Adapt, move on and enjoy.

    • scarlet morgan says:

      I’m not surprised with how this was handled…This past December I chose to cruise on the Breeze because Carnival claimed they were offering interactive Hasbro/video experiences….I contacted cruise reps aboard the ship who gave me multiple claims on when the interactive experience would be offered. Finally after the first day of cruising, one rep acknowledged they had offered the experience during a very narrow block of time because they were having problems with the system and the rep also told me they would not be offering that experience for the duration of the cruise. I was upset because the reason I paid for my grandchild to come on this ship for this particular cruise was because of the Hasbro experience.
      My second complaint is about how Carnival security agents barged into my cabin unannounced with a key because they wanted to know where my 8 year old grandchild was. I was only half dressed and my breasts were exposed when they entered.
      Why did this happen?….Well….Security had been notified that no one had been sleeping in the cabin my grandchild and her mother had booked. They also knew my grandchild had boarded the ship with me. Instead of contacting me by phone to ask for an explanation or talking with me while I was in guest services, they chose to sneak up unannounced and unlock my cabin with a key without notice. Once they entered, I explained that my grandchild’s mother had missed the ship, so I kept my grandchild with me in the cabin I, and my other daughter had paid for. I also reminded them that the cabin that had been left vacant, was completely paid for to serve my daughter and grandchild. I asked them once my daughter had missed the ship what would they have suggested that I do with my 8 year old grandchild that I had brought aboard ship? I didn’t feel it appropriate to throw her overboard just because her mother missed the boat. I reminded them they were the ones who gained since the cabin had been fully paid for to serve 2 guests but wasn’t serving anyone. Am I still angry over this experience?….Yes I am….In addition to that problem, I had another unfortunate experience aboard ship. My cabin had a private balcony. At approximately 7a.m.I was getting dressed to leave the ship when I looked out on my private balcony and staff climbing from balcony to balcony outside my suite. I wasn’t fully dressed…Upon seeing me partially exposed, the worker apologized, but the damage was already done. Additionally I had become dehydrated during the cruise so I ended up in medical where they took excellent care of me. My problem is after I had the medical problem I wasn’t in great shape so often had to call for wheelchair assistance that never arrived…I had to make it where I had to go the best way I could…Sometimes my daughter was able to secure a wheelchair so she helped me a lot . The entire cruise was a disaster. I complained so much to guest services that they stopped answering my calls. Once I returned home, I complained to Carnival and they had the nerve to ask why I hadn’t complained to guests services? I couldn’t believe it. Finally Carnival offered me, my daughter, and my grandchild, 20% off my next Carnival cruise…..What they didn’t say at the time of the offer, was that all of us would have to book another Carnival cruise within the year to take advantage of the discount. Had I known that, I would have preferred a cash benefit instead of a discount. I had a horrible time on the Breeze…I didn’t even enjoy the dining in the mornings…When I ordered egg omletes the cooks were slow and disorganized…The lines were backed up, and because of language barriers, they had to be coaxed to get the omlette made as requested. I loved my first cruise with Carnival aboard the legend, but I surely did not enjoy one minute of my time cruising on the Breeze. I hated it.

      • bonnie says:

        Some of the issues you have I can understand. AS far as customer service, Carnival has the worse customer service in the business. I am still waiting on a response to several emails, and 4 letters I mailed to Carnivals executive offices since april Nothing yet. no response at all. I called customer service and they told me my issue was “not in their paygrade” and I needed to contact the executive offices. They gave me the address and so far nothing. I have been cruising carnival since 1994 and have found their customer service has gone down every year. The new CEO who I wrote too still hasn’t responded.

        • Kim says:

          I agree that Carnival’s customer service is not the greatest. I had a horrible experience on the Breeze back in July 2014. I had $500 stolen from my room. Guess how security responded? They came to search me, my cabin, my purse and my child. I was treated like a criminal. All they cared about was if their in room safe was working properly. I told them that I did not know since I am not an expert on safes. Later, I find that a man 10 cabins down also had money stolen from his room. And on top of that, as we were going back to our cabin, we caught a room steward going through another guests bag 4 cabins down from us. We also reported that. They didn’t want me to talk to the guests in that cabin, but I made a point of knocking on their door to inform them of what happened. Shockingly (not), Security had never even told them about what happened. Security called me to tell me that they checked with our room stewards and they said they did not take anything. Really?? We caught them, and you believe them over your guests. They think that giving me 15% off a future cruise will make up for a robbery. IF, I ever go on another Carnival cruise, I will surely keep all my money with me at all times!! I have lost all trust in Carnival.

          • Mike says:

            Someone had posted that they had $500 stolen from there cabin on one of there trips. Well if you notice in your cabins even if you reed the documents and even common sense tells you never leave valuables like money laying around in our cabin AS ALL CRUISELINES tell you in a nice way that is why there are SAFES in all the Cabins. And remember out at Sea The Law is The Captain and also if you report something is taken from your cabin then everyone assigned to your cabin will be searched first. I remember the same thing happened on my cruise to Hawaii to someone in the cabin 4 doors down from me. They accused the cabin Stewart of taking $1,000 not locked up but later after hearing the husband and wife going at it the wife took the money and blew it at the casino.

      • Darren says:

        If your daughter missed the cruise, how did she get you wheelchairs. Alcohol causes dehydration.

      • Cory says:

        Sounds like a bunch of complaining to me, like its people like you that mess things up for other people. Yeah you had a private balcony but that balcony still had to be cleaned right? the windows and such! also its their job to maintenance outside the ship, oh wait I forgot its your world and everyone else is living in it. Also you want cash compensation for having a bad time? well maybe if you didnt cry the whole cruise about everything you wouldnt have anything to complain about. People like you make me sick, always want money compensated. how about you go work and make money instead of trying to free load off the best cruise line.

    • Lynn says:

      wear gloves.


    We had the GREATEST time cruising on the Carnival Glory ( first time cruisers ) WE had the best vacation of our lives, and plan on cruising again and again and again, and only with Carnival Cruise Lines!! We LOVED the staff and would love to figure out how to find them!! THANKS FOR A GREAT VACATION CARNIVAL!!

    • Kim says:

      Monica, try the Splendor next! We’re actually repeating the exact same cruise we took LAST October, THIS October! I’ve been to these places several times, but only once before with the staff of the Splendor and it was one of the very best vacations we’ve ever been on! I suspect that all Carnival cruises and staffs are probably just as fantastic, but still, it’s hard to imagine any staff better than on the Splendor! I’m now a Carnival convert, too! Even Disney didn’t top the Splendor!

      • Paul Johnson says:

        I booked a cruise on the Splendor July 31, 2011 to Mexico, for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. What a blast. The staff was nothing but perfect. We enjoyed ouselves so much, I there is no words. I am not sure about other Carnival ships as we once cruised RC. All I know is compared to that Carnival service , food, courtesey, and most of all FUN, was “OVER THE TOP”. Already booked our next cruise, ( the same one).
        Roland in the Black Pearl runs an excellent dining experience. The rest of the staff on top of their game also. GREAT EXPERIENCE ALL AROUND!

      • SUSAN says:

        We are doing our 2nd Slendor cruise this January. This time were bringing lots of family with us, 7 cabins. We plan on having lots of fun. Also I think that Todd will be our cruise director. We have sailed with him before on the Pride or Spirit and he is great.

        • Bonnie says:

          We are sailing on the Splendor on Dec. 16 for the third time. Love it!! We are sad to see it moving from the West coast!

    • debbie says:

      Hey Glory was our favorite Carnival ship also we were on her 2 times both times we did Eastern Carribean and loved it.Welcome to Carnival!!!!! Dream is also an Awesome Ship we went on her to Western Carribean. I am always glad to hear good things. I keep hoping they will bring Glory back to Port Caranval(Orlando)but until they do we will cruise On the Dream or Fascination out of Jacksonville.Many more happy and fun cruises to you and yours.

      • andrea smith says:

        yes, Glory has been my favorite of the several we have been on…it was our first cruise, and def got us HOOKED!!!

        • Ben Lethco says:

          Ah yes Glory was and still is the greatest. Have been on others and all are fantastic, but there was something special about Glory. Wee Jimmy perhaps made a difference.

          • Rick Williamson says:

            We have been on Glory once in 2004 (our first 7day cruise with Carnival. We will be back on her as we do a New England/Canada cruise starting on 9/29/2012. We can’t wait!

        • Sharon says:

          We, too, loved Glory! Cruised on her twice. A shame she was repositionsed to Miami. We now cruise on Dream, and she is an amazing ship! As was stated earlier, the crew has been amazing on both ships we have cruised on! We all should tip them generously, as our budget allows! They are away from home and families and work so very hard for our pleasure!

          THEY ROCK!!!!

    • Kathy says:

      We too did our first Carnival cruise on the Glory . We were staunch RCL cruisers but we have done two more Carnivals since one on the imagination and last week on the Legend.
      Next year who knows !!!

      • Lisa Dekle says:

        We did our first cruise on the Glory as well back in 2008! The crew was awesome and we had a great experience. Our 2nd cruise was on the Imagination and had a wonderful time then too. This past May we were on the Inspiration and I’m going on the Ecstacy in September. My husband has food allergies and the dining room staff has always gone over and above to make sure he has a wonderful meal. If we could afford it, we would cruise twice a year!

  3. Marcia says:

    I recently sent and email requesting help reserving the Chef’s table for the Carnival Dream May 14, 2011. I attempted to link through the Steakhouse reservation but it would not allow us to. I have heard that you must do so once you board the ship but I have read that cruisers have received their confirmation already. How do we go about making reservations?

    • vivienne says:

      Marcia,…..Fill out the form above. Directions are included.

      • Kim says:

        Vivenne, would you please make the form available to me, as well? I thank you so very much! Our last cruise on the Splendor, we were too late. I’d really like to do it in advance this time around! -Kim

        • Michelle says:

          Would you be able to show me the link to request a reservation at the Chef’s Table? 🙂 Thanks so much!

          • cclmary says:

            Hi Michelle,

            Please go to johns home page. Under ” ask John” add your request.

            Have a great night.


      • Cheryl L says:

        I sent an msg last week regarding the Chef’s Table and anxiously awaiting to see if we can book it/how to book it! Hoping John gets a chance to check it out in between all the fun/craziness with the Magic!! We are sailing on 5/15 on the Legend for our 30th Anniversary!! So excited!

  4. Pat Zielinski says:

    John can’t be sure if you will read this or pass it on. Recently sailed on the Dream and was shooked to find out that the Maitre d’ Ante Kulusic was playing basketball and chased my 9 year off the court. Since when do Carnival crew members take presedence over paying guests. When my son pointed out, that night at dinner, the man that told him to get off the court, I was indeed surprised. I asked Ante Kulusic why he would chase a 9 year old off the court and he said he was playing ball with some of the guests (my husband said it was very obvious that they were crew members). He was rude, rude rude…..

    • Joe says:

      So… why was your 9 year old on the court in the first place when adults were playing basketball, regardless of who it was?

      • chris elze says:

        did you really just say that joe ?

      • Steve Chafe says:

        The 9 year old obviously was not taught court etiquette, wandering on to a court in the middle of game is highly frowned on. Parents should keep an eye on their kids and try to teach them how the world works, paying guest or not!

        • cm530265 says:

          You mean parents should watch their soap eaters even on a cruise ship…… isn’t it like the mall oh sorry ‘daycare center’ drop them off and go… lol

  5. SteveKZ says:


    When will you be updating the Cruise Director Schedule for months following June on the on-line schedule?…we sail on Conquest on July 10th and curious to know who our Cruise Director will be?…Thanks in advance…

  6. Trina Villa says:

    Went is the ship call Breeze will star sailing….

  7. Seems I read something by you concerning live music and something about General Announcements. Can’t find them on your blog now, but 1) My complaint about not being able to hear the General Announcements on the Lido Deck was fixed – Well you figure it out by viewing my video and 2) There needs to be a limit set on the number of groups and number of times during a 7 day cruise the song “Wasted Away in Margarettaville” can be sung …unless you book Jimmy Buffet. I’m sure he’d like the Jamaican Version!
    Carnival Pride 4-18-2011


  8. Zolona Rader says:

    Hi John. I have a huge concern as my debit card information appears to have been stolen on recent Freedom cruise and with that being said I know of two other people who have had the same thing happen on the same ship at a different time. They reported it and received no response from Carnival. Just who do you have to contact to get any response. Thanks Zolona Rader

  9. Stephanie says:

    Hello John! I am preparing for my first cruise ever with my boyfriend on Sunday on the Fascination out of Jacksonville. I was wondering if there was something you could do to make my first cruise extra special? We’ll be in room E86. Thanks so much for what you can do! I highly enjoy reading your blog and can’t wait to tell you all about my time with Carnival when we return! Thanks again!

  10. Noel Salas says:

    John Please reply—John, we just got back yesterday, 4/24/2011, from our cruise on the Splendor with Hubby, 3 sons (16,12,&4) and Mother in law. We had a GREAT TIME!!! Thanks for sending the email to the Maitre’d Shane, HEEEELLLOOOO!!!, he gave us table 130 in the Black Pearl with a beautiful ocean view. Our waiters Ruelito, and his asst I Made (call me Made) were so wonderful. After the first night, Made had 2 chocolate milks for our 4 year old as soon as he sat down. They did a great job, and they had me up and dancing with my “Apple Bottom Jeans”.
    Our room Steward Erfan took care of us in rooms, 1050, 1054, & 1056, every day and night, and knew our names the 2nd day…His asst also did a great job, but Erfan was who we saw and loved to talk to. He opened the balcony divider and we had a wonderful sized balcony with an easy way to get between the two rooms.
    And what can I say about ACD Marcello!!! As soon as I got on the ship I started my covert op “Propose to hubby” and Marcello was with me as we tried to plan something…after a failing the first night (hubby stayed in the room with our tired 4 year old) FINALLY before BINGO on night 3, he called out Aurelio’s name giving away a “complimentary champagne/medal”, then he called me up on stage to “interview me” also. I proceeded to tell hubby how thankful I am for him and everything he does for us, told him we are sailing on the Valor from Miami on July 31st, and got down on one knee and asked him to renew our vows in St. Thomas…His response : “Who’s paying for it?” Of course laughing, but he said YES!!!
    Then my sons told me on Friday morning that Felipe and Marcello were calling us during the morning show….Felipe was so great to them, and we got to talk to him at the past guest party, he said he got your email and wanted to make sure it was taken care of….We loved both of them, they were tons of fun and always remembered the boys when they saw them.
    Thanks again for your help, please pass this on to Felipe, and tell him that Matt and Aurelio say ” Ca CAw, CaCAW”….he’ll know what they mean.

    • chris says:

      I have had the pleasure of meeting I Made on 2 previous sailings, he is great, always making sure to say hello every morning at breakfast & if we saw each other throughout the day. He was not assigned to my table last time, but I love seeing familiar faces. I have also had the same esthetician on 2 different carnival ships, it makes you feel a connection with the staff kind of like coming home (if home came with facials, a chef, house keeping & entertainment :))

  11. Dennis Edmondson says:

    Please Post
    Hi John, I hope you don’t mind if I go on a bit of a rant, but I’m going to do it anyway. I realize Carnival has great employee benefits such as cheap drinks in the crew bar and free condoms in the crew infirmary, but all the service folks work for the tips.

    I have been on 32 carnival cruises and without fail on the last full day of the cruise there are hoards of people waiting in line at guest services. What are most of them doing? They want the automatic tips removed from their bill. Are you kidding me, how can these cheapskates do this to people that waited on them hand and foot ?

    Ok some people might have a legitimate beef, but they are few and far between. These hard working dedicated folks make their living from those tips. I know there is nothing you can do about this, but it’s possible some people don’t know the service employees make their living from the tips and if this helps the guest rethink their last day on the cruise and stay away from guest services, Im a happy guy.

    Thanks for listening
    Dennis Edmondson

    • Ron Gottesman says:

      Hopefully they already tipped the people they personally saw, not realizing there are many behind the scenes that supported them, that they did not see. At least that is what I would like to believe.

    • Sharon says:

      I could not agree more with Dennis. It truly is appalling how many people think it’s “ok” to stiff the staff. While I understand that there are the “occasional” incidence when a staff member is not up to par, that is the exception and not the rule. We as a rule have automatic gratuities and then go around to the staff members we felt have gone above and beyond and give then a little extra as a special thank you. If only passangers realized just how hard and how many long hours they work, usually sending their money home to take care of their families, I’m sure they would do the same. Bravo to the staff!

    • Marie says:

      Dennis, you can’t possibly assume that everyone in that group (or the majority) are there to remove automatic tips because they want to be a cheapskate. For example, my parents who are both pretty old (they aren’t getting any younger) hate cards. They hate debit cards, credit cards, anything that looks like a card. So they go to guest services and have the automatic gratuities removed. Why? Because they hate anything on a card. Near the end of the cruise, they pay each person their tips personally with cash. They never give less than the recommended amount, and almost always give more than the recommended amount depending on who it is. I’m not making an excuse for the people who go to just remove automatic tips and don’t even bother giving a cash tip–those are true dirtbags and karma has a nice way of nipping those people in the butt. I’m just asking for a little bit more understanding with the fact that some of those people in that line may just be removing the tips to actually pay the person in a more personal way.

      • Kim says:

        Amazes me how accusers judge, while not knowing what is transpiring!!! I’m typically one of those people in line and I’ll tell you why – On one cruise, we literally didn’t dine in the dining room at all. Not once! Instead, I left tips for the wonderful folks in the Lido – those who served us every single night! Since there were many more folks who served us in the LIDO, the tips I gave added up to three times what they would have in the dining room. That’s not cheap at all. It’s simply tipping the ones who served us and in a more special way – inside a little card with a personal message of thanks. JUDGING OTHERS often says more about the one judging than the one being judged!!!

      • elaine says:

        almost every cruise we are on on the last evening we pay cash for our charges to our card so I don’t like the assumption we are there to cancel the tips. in fact I believe that to be a very rude assumption.

        we as many others WE would rather pay our bill in full with CASH

        we deserve an apology HOW RUDE!

        • Sarah Edwards says:

          FYI We have been on many cruises and we have talked to many staff. When you pay them cash, they have it now! When it’s put on card it can take them 1-2 weeks to get the money. Paying tips in cash is the best for the staff 🙂

      • Ross says:

        There are a lot of behind the scenes crew members that receive a percentage of the tips. Do your parents go into the laundry and tip the workers washing the linen? Or into the kitchen to tip the dishwashers?
        If a person is happy with the service they’ve received, they should leave the automatic tips, and tip additionally to those they feel went above and beyond.

        • Howard says:

          Great post RosS. We did something different this time. In order not to have lots of charges to or cc on disembarkment, we are prepaying our gratuities in advance. We then compensate well the ones we have face to face contact on top of the prepaids we have already paid. We stop by Guest Services a few times during the cruise as well to compliment the outstanding services we have received.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Any one who did not have a great time, has a real problem. Our service was nothing less than perfect.I read cruise reviews that people complain about the stupidest things. The staff was awsome in everyway and deserves far more than the measly 10.00 per day.

    • Lorrie Broyles says:

      I am quite insulted by your assumption that everyone in line at guest services is removing the tips. On every cruise we have been on, we have NEVER removed the tips. We are actually standing in line to cash the check Carnival has slipped under our door due to us having money left on our sail and sign card. We always put cash on our sail and sign card on the first day so we are not running up a credit card bill. How dare you assume (and we all know what that makes you) that everyone is removing the tips. We always tip our room steward on the first day and the last day of our cruise and also the head waiter and assistant waiter. We know how hard these people work and how much they deserve their tips. Don’t assume everyone is removing tips. Don’t be a pompus idiot in your assumptions!!!!

    • Ever think they had such a good time, they were uping the gratuities.
      Your condom comment was also very rude.

      • Lora Swisher says:

        Also they leave envelopes in your cabin if you want to add additional grat. And I agree with the condom statement-sad.

        • elaine says:

          I have never received an envelope in my cabin but guest services has them upon request. I usually get them for matri d and others. and the fee is now $11.50 per day per person not $10. it went up a while ago

    • Lora Swisher says:

      I never really paid attention to this but seriously-minimum $10.00 a day I feel is way below what they deserve from the service I have received in the 6 crusies that I have been on. I have NEVER or would ever consider removing a tip form the staff-these people have no class what so ever.

    • Ed Dalton says:

      Absolutely agree!

    • FXMama says:

      On our last cruise, I was so impressed with our steward that I left an extra tip on the dressing table. It would be nice if there were envelopes for extra cash tips for all the wonderful service we get.

      • Clark says:

        While it’s nice to leave a tip, I find it odd not to give it directly with a face to face thank you attached. If someone provides good service, takahe time the day before your cruise ends and hand them the money and say thanks. I am a casino player and tip every hand or roll so I don’t leave a tip for the casino personnel but I do go around and thank each dealer I’ve met throughout the cruise. They seem to genuinely appreciate this. I also tip my room attendant on day six in person and thank them for the service. I’ve done the same for kids club personnel, bartenders, pool attendants and even a maintenance man that made sure a problem had with a balcony door was fixed. So, no envelopes are needed, just walk up and tip with a thank you. I also have no problem not tipping for bad service, but have run into that very rarely. Pay it forward if you can. Cheers.

    • Dan Victor says:

      I couldn’t agree more about tipping… However, I did have them remove the automatic tip from my bill (pre-sailing). This time. My wife and I tip an extreme amount and we would just rather do it in person and get the benefit of knowing that the crew member will be happy to serve us throughout the cruise.

  12. Ron Gottesman says:

    I asked about the Chef’s Table on the Magic, sailing from Barcelona on May 22. I don’t see the question below so I am not sure I did things correctly. We are starting the vacation in a few days, so a response this week would let me know the request was received.

    • Maria says:

      I also had sent a request a few days ago and did not see it below. Maybe not all requests are published here? Do they respond via e-mail or just on this board? I am ready to make my reservations for the Chef’s Table too!!

    • Ron Gottesman says:

      I did get a reply, though no very specific, to my original question. I guess I won’t know if I will get the desired reservation until we get on board.

      • Ron gottesman says:

        When we got on board and did not get anything in our package, I asked and although it seemed ify, we did get to go to the Chef’s Table. It is definitely worth it – it was great food, nice wine, and a look behind the scenes. Go hungry because you don’t want to not eat the food

  13. Mark Williams says:

    Hi – Love the blog and website – however I hate the 1000 character limit to messages – could you maybe expand it a little- I had several comments that needed to be submitted separately – and still had a hard time getting under the 1000.
    Thanks –

  14. Ernie King says:

    hello john, i recently sent you a message containing a more personal inquiry about my heavy desire and determination to become a part of the carnival onboard event staff. I can re send it if you need me too but i just wanted to see if you had a chance to read my message yet. i know its been a very busy week for you so i understand if you have fallen a bit behind on the ask john mail. haha. thank you again and talk to you soon. Ernie King

  15. Ronda Hensley says:

    Dear John,(respond if you wish)
    I am very excited to sail with you on the 6/12 sailing of MY Carnival Magic! We (my mom, aunt, sister, best friend and I) will be celebrating many occasions on this trip; my mom’s 70th birthday, her 5 year mark of surviving breast cancer, and my 50th b-day on the 16th. I have two requests: 1)I would like to invite you (and Heidi and Kye, if they are still with you then)to join us for some delicious sugar-free cake from the Bon Voyage dept. I am hoping that you may be able to sneak away for a few minutes in between shows and would be honoured(spelt that way for you) if you would join us. (We will be in cabins 12031 & 12033 so you can check for our dinner seating. I’ve written to Ken on FB regarding our seating.)
    2) I read on your blog thingy a few weeks ago that you enjoy visiting Pompeii. We will be taking that excursion on the 16th. It’s a place I’ve dreamed of visiting for decades…If you need to get off the ship, but don’t want to go anywhere alone, we would love to have you come along (and Heidi and Kye also, of course!).
    You do so much for other people, and I know that, in a way, it’s your job, but I see you going above and beyond constantly, frequently with little or no thanks. You obviously love what you do, and we all benefit from it. I hope to get a chance to meet you, even if you aren’t able to join us on my birthday,(I missed the opportunity on the 10/10 Splendor sailing…). I realize you are incredibly busy, but a girl can hope, right? I just want you to know how much you are appreciated. I can’t wait to board the Magic, she looks absolutely brilliant!! The best yet : D Take care, and enjoy your time with your beautiful girls! Thank you for everything you do to keep us involved and informed! See you in 37 days! Peace, Ronda Hensley
    *note*this is an extended version of a message I had to cut down for “Ask John”)

  16. shelien says:

    Hello John, I hope you’re enjoying your cruise!
    We’ll be sailing on Carnival Victory on July 24th for our anniversary celebration. Quick question, though. My husband has never been on a cruise before (very active-type vacationer) and is convinced he will hate it. I, on the otherhand, am already planning cruises way into 2013, I love it so much. Apart from the BV anniversary packages, what can I arrange on board of the Victory for him to catch the cruise-fever as well?? NEED YOUR HELP, WANT TO CRUISE YEARLY AND GIVE UP ACTIVE LAND VACATIONS!!!

  17. cclmary says:

    Hi Traci,

    All request need to go to “ASK JOHN Page. Please submit information there for chefs table.


    • Rob R says:


      I have sent multiple chefs table requests via Ask John over the past few months and have heard nothing. Customer Service told me to simply post the request in his comments, but those were removed yesterday. What is going on. We are owners of several restaurants and food is our passion. We would LOVE to have the opportunity to dine at the chef’s table, but more and more it is seeming that will not be able to happen. Please advise.

  18. DannyK says:

    No need to reply to this if you don’t care to, but it’s really for Everett the Beard. To help direct people to not leave “Ask John” comments in the “Leave a Reply” form on each day’s blog, see http://www.zann-marketing.com/developer/20061115/javascript-clear-text-area-on-mouse-click.html
    Instead of putting the instructions about using the “Ask John” page in the Comment Policy, put it in the comment box using that JavaScript. That way, before someone types, it will say something like, “Please leave comments or replies on today’s blog only. To ask John a question or make a special request for your upcoming cruise please click the “Ask John” link at the top of the page.” That text will disappear the moment they click to enter their comments.

  19. Jane says:

    Hi John:
    I was on the Freedom a few years ago and I had a Maitre D’ who sang during dinner and he was great. Would you know his name and which ship he’s on? we’re thinking on cruising on Carnival again and would like to try and choose a ship with the ‘singing’ Maitre D’. I believe his name was Ken??
    Thank you,
    Montreal, Canada

    • @Jane His name ia Ken Byrne and he is on the Carnival Magic right now with John. You are so right he has a excellent voice. He needs to be on the stage. We love to hear him sing he’s a great fellow

  20. Amy Walls says:

    john- got the chocolate covered strawberries here on the dream.. thanks so much.. i love our cruise so much and will be sad to debark tomorrow.. can’t wait to cruise again.. Love ya
    Amy Walls from Kentucky

  21. Mike M says:

    Hi John, My girlfriend and I just went on the Legend April 17th and we had a great time. This was my 3rd cruise with Carnival and her second. We have already booked the Inspiration for Thanksgiving weekend and are looking forward to it! I just wanted to point out a few people on the ship who made our time special. First our room steward Risky was fantastic. Our waitstaff Augusto and Marlin were great as well. One bar waiter who stood out is Suki, he was fantastic and always on time with the drinks and just a great person overall. G-Man on the Lido along with Dedy had us drinking all day without a wait. Thanks to all of them! It was her birthday and although I asked you in a personal message what I could do for her on the ship I understand how busy you are. She had a great time without any extras. There were also 2 musicians who stood out, Jay and Crazy John in the Casino and Atrium. We had a blast and we’re looking forward to the Inspiration. We will also be sailing the Magic next April, my girlfriend is originally from Galveston. Hoepfully you will still be the CD and we get to meet you.


  22. Cathy Paquette says:

    Hello again! One more question…how do I request a seat by the window in the dining room? I would love to sit at one of the larger tables to meet other people and would love to have a seat by the window. It will be my boyfriend’s first cruise, first trip anywhere…so I would like to make it special for him. Thank you. Cathy

    • Susan Zilliox says:

      My husband and I are cruising on The Magic on 5/27 – I would also love to have ocean view dining. How do I go about requesting that?

  23. David S says:

    Hi John,

    Please respond if you’d like.

    My wife, daughter and I took a cruise on the Disney Wonder last June. This was for my daughter’s high school graduation. She was 18 and also wondered if there would be a group of her age since she was too old for the kids programs and clubs, and too young to do the “adult” stuff in the clubs.

    Disney does have a “program”, but it was more that Disney organized the initial meeting for the kids (with a crew member present), then the kids planned the rest of their activities without Disney involvement.

    I asked her about her thoughts and she felt that maybe being allowed in the Older Kids Club in the evening, or maybe planned events for this age group. The other issue they ran into was being denied access into adult areas at night even though they were old enough to be there.

    It’s a tough age group, but I think with a little imagination and effort from both crew and kids, SOMETHING could be created to make them feel more like they belong.

    This, by the way, was not a dig at either Disney or any other cruise company, just the observation from someone who’s been there. It’s tough being in the middle like that.

    I hope this helps.

    • Yvette Fimbres says:

      I totally agree and wish Carnival will step up and begin a program ASAP. I have read this concern over and over again and don’t see why it is falling on deaf ears.

    • Linda Chambers says:

      I also agree. My DD and her friend that will turn 18 on this cruise are wondering what they will be allowed to do. DD is bringing a friend just so she will have at least one person her age to be with. They thought about at least the friend meeting and doing some things with the older kids for the first few days while she is still 17 and allowed to but that will not help my DD. ANy suggestions?

  24. Jeanette & James says:

    we are looking forward to being PLATINUM guests on Nov. when the Magic comes to Galveston. We have been to the chefs table twice. It is such a great experance. They cater not only to food alergies but to dislikes. I am not a wine drinker so they provided me instead sparkling water. We are looking forward to meeting you on the Magic assuming you will still be aboard in Nov.

  25. Nicole Kowalski says:

    The Destiny May 2nd. I want to thank you for the strawberries that you sent to my kids. They were so excited to get a note from you and Noonan. Now lets get on with it, shall we………

    We had 2 connecting rooms (Rooms 6195 and 6197). This was the first cruise where I never saw our cabin steward. On the first day, there was a lady in there, who we said hi to, who we never saw again. I always like seeing our steward around, but we didn’t this time. Regardless our rooms were always well taken care of. We did have a couple issues like a burned out bulb in the bathroom and a backed up shower drain, but they quickly repaired these when we reported them. Luckily we had the connecting room for showers for that evening or the dining room staff might not have wanted to see us.

    On to the dining room, we had by far the BEST table we have ever had, and we didn’t even request it. We were centered upstairs, right up against the back windows. We were able to see the sun set, and see us leaving Nassau right from dinner. It was perfect. And on that note, our servers were awesome. We had James, and his assistant (I am horrible with names). They were very attentive and quick to get us what we had ordered. We saw them down in the buffet several times too, they always came over and said Hi. How many hours do these guys work, seemed like we saw them working all day long.

    Camp carnival was great, my kids loved going. This was good because after a few days of no naps and staying up late, I needed time away. They always came out with a smile on their face. Olga was great, always in a good mood and always nice. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about a girl named Amra. Sorry to say that she just was not a pleasant person. She was very short with the parents. Not sure how she was with the kids, I didn’t see her interact with them. My youngest loved Simon, she talked about him for days.

    We had a great vacation, and are now trying to figure out what our next one will be. We are thinking the Breeze in 2013 but we were already told by our 8 year old that that was fine, but that she needs one in 2012 too. Guess we have created a future cruiser for you guys.

    As a side note, we cruised on the Dream in May 2010 and John who was the Assistant Maitre’d made my daughters trip awesome. She was 4 at the time, and John would come up to her, and escort her places whenever he saw her. He was absolutely great and at dinner would come over just to see how her day was.

    Thank you for all you do, and hope to meet you one day!!

    Extended version of what I sent in “Ask John” since I only had 1000 characters there.

  26. Janey - OKGIRL says:

    I’m confused about where to expect a response to my Ask John question. I submitted the form asking a question a couple of weeks ago about the new ship pins. It went out to never never land and even though John said yesterday he is caught up I’ve never received a response from anyone.

    Am I suppose to ask my question here as well?

    • Nicole says:

      I am wondering the same thing as well. I submitted a question about a month ago. Nada. Just re-submitted it again now. I think i’ll ask it here in the replies too. Hopefully it’ll be seen as it’s getting to the point of being time sensitive as we’ll be booking within a few weeks.

    • Debbie says:

      I too submitted 2 “Ask Johns several months ago and never received a response back even though I emailed John and he responded and said that it was in “the pile” but yet I still have not received a response to my Ask John. Is this not the place to ask John questions? If it is not then they need to change the name to something other than “Ask John”.

  27. lori says:

    Hi again…forgot to ask for a followup just to know that my last suggestion was read by you or your team. thanks in advance

  28. Cheria Ruedy says:

    Could I PLEASE get my past guest #… I have called, written, and no response, I would like to book #7 but need my #. Didnt want to bother John with this.. I do adore him have saliled with him twice… what a gentelman.. Love his Blog, but please I just need my #… Yes i went through all the normal steps.. nothing…. Thanks in advance…

    • melissa king says:

      If you go on carnival.com and click special offers, right below where it says enter past guest number, there’s a thing you can click to look it up yourself, it’s very user friendly 🙂 takes bout 2 seconds

  29. Janet says:

    Don’t know how to contact the right person, so maybe you can pass this on. I received a Happy Birthday card from Sunset Travel in Atlanta, GA. Inside there is a Carnival logo. The card said that I won a “free” cruise and “free” airfare. Checked with BBB they have an F rating. Googled them and it looks like a scam. Ask your Corporate people to look into it. Tell your friends to be on the lookout.

  30. Bill Haas says:


    I just sailed with you on the Magoic on the May 22 sailing, it was great as always. I hear that the Sprit was going to be doing sailing in Australia, do you have any information on these sailings as of yet?

  31. DINKS says:

    Hi John,
    from http://johnhealdsblog.com/2011/05/23/behind-enemy-lines/#more-18320
    Nobody wants to see great grammas’ size 64 tighty-whiteys in the gift shops, they need to be hidden in the bottom of the ship like she hides them in the bottom of her bureau. Special ordered from GS. But then, there is a new Carnival Signature Brand wear apparel that could be a huge hit, Will that be boxers or briefs ?

  32. Karl Means says:

    Hi, John – First of all, I love the blog! My wife and I are devoted Carnival customers, who appreciate the benefits of Platinum status, but I’m wondering if just one of them might be updated: personalized stationery. I really can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter, but I use email like a demon. How about suggesting to the beards that they swap out the stationery for a bit of complimentary internet? Best wishes . . .

  33. Andrea says:

    Reply please if you have a moment,

    Hi John,

    I hope you remember me my name is Andrea I am from Nova Scotia and make jewelry I always give you some gifts when we travel on same ships :-).  We are planning on going on the magic next year we can’t wait we are going to book next few weeks we are very exited.  Thank you for all the gifts we got on the Carnival Freedom you and the staff were very kind we had 2 wonderful cruise “carnival is the best” and thats what we tell everyone.  Just a little note I am now selling at the Pier 20, Halifax Seaport Farmers Market right were the cruise ships dock I am so happy here I have finally made it.  So if you ever are on the ship coming here please tell me or come visit :-).  This Thursday is the first carnival glory of the year and I’m there every cruise ship day with my jewelry.

    Love to you and your family,

    Love Andrea and Robert

  34. Corene Foust says:

    John, I just want to say how sorry I am that you had to experience the rudeness of that passenger in Venice. I, for one, enjoy the comraderie of the crew and would not have a problem with any member of the crew associating with me in port.

  35. nancy davila says:

    hi john i will be gtaking a cruise on the dream on august 27 2011 and will like to if there will be a latin band onboard

  36. mavrick says:

    I think passangers should be rewarded for actual days onboard instead of cruises. For example I have 17 cruises totaling 119 days.But I have a friend who is milestone and only has 100 days (3and 4 dayers) does seem unfair for them to be rewarded same as others,

    • Linda Krause says:

      But SOME of us can’t afford ‘long’ cruises..so we take the 4-5 day ones…we still do the cruises…just not all at the same time! I think YOU’RE being unfair to US!!

  37. Maryb, TA says:

    RE:Patrick Casey – Birth certificate for grandmother
    1. Must have birth certificate to obtain pass port. No exception.
    2.Try, first, State Dept of Health in Miss. or write to Mississippi Vital Records, PO Box 1700, Jackson Ms 39215 OR in person at Underwood Bldg, 571 Stadium Dr.
    Also might beable to obtain info at http://www.birthrecordsonline.org(covers all states).
    This is an ongoing problem for much older people as most were born at home and if recorded was delayed for any number of reasons.

    • Barbara Hamill says:

      My Grandmother had the same problem. She was born in the hills of Kentucky, and was born at home. When it was time for her to retire (at age 62), she couldn’t prove how hold she was, sooooo….the Government would accept a statement from her oldest living relative (who happened to be her brother Corbett,82) as to how old she was. Everything turned out OK for her, so I’m hoping the same for you. My Mom said at the time to my Grandmother, “Mom, you can’t be 62, because I’m 51, and there was a boy born before me.” But, my Grandmother swore, until the day she died, that she was 62. That was 33 years ago. Best of Luck to you.

      • Penny says:

        unfortunately since 9/11 and the drive to control the amount of illegal immigrants, a statement from a relative is no longer acceptable. I work with Seniors and have ran into this a couple of times. You have to get a delayed birth certificate and you have to provide evidence that has been filed. In my state it is two documents, not sure if it is the same amount in all. With a 80 year old she had her baptismal certificate, but her old school which still exists have those records on microfish and hers weren’t readable. I finally thought to check Ancestry.com and discovered a census record that seemed to match. We had to request a hard copy of the record and with those two were finally able to get her a birth certificate so she could get a state ID. The caseworker before me had tried as well, it was prob around 2 years before the documentation was discovered that they would accept and we succeeded. All I can say to Patrick is good luck, you will need sources that are reputable and list her name, date of birth, and who her parents were and from that far back a lot of records have been destroyed so easier said than done. I wish you well.

  38. Paul Nichols says:


    I think platnium cruisers have showed there loyalty to carnival and should have there luggage handled first. Thats just my opinion.

  39. Sarah Litkie says:

    Hi John,

    We are cruising the Spirit to Mexico on Oct 7th. I have two questions for you…
    1)Are you the person to ask about getting us a table for two by a window for dinner. We scheduled the late dinner but would love to have our own table if possible.
    2)Do you know why I didn’t get an email from Carnival about the itinerary change? I booked through a TA but I am registered on the Carnival website and don’t understand why they would leave guests out of the loop.

    Thanks so much!
    Sarah Litkie

  40. Athena says:

    I sent an Ask John email a few weeks back and still have not heard back. Does anybody know the typical wait time for a response? My cruise is in a couple of weeks. Thanks!

    • vivienne Canavan says:

      He is 5-6 weeks behind, and right now his family is on board with him.

      • Michelle Hazelwood says:

        I imagine he gets a whole boatload of “Ask John” weekly.

        I “asked John” SEVERAL weeks back(nearly 2 monthes, more or less) and nada response.

        It’s not going to affect me enjoying my cruise, one way or another! Just would’ve deepened the fulfillment of a dream that is already pleasant.

        One cannot expect all requests to be granted, or even answered. And to think one is the most important request that must be answered, well, is arrogance.
        Even God doesn’t do that.

  41. Debbie Hutchinson says:

    I have seen several references to the “chef’s table” and would love to know….just what is the chef’s table and what exactly goes on there? Thanks!

    • Marilyn Lacey says:


      I don’t know if you have ever gone to Cruise Critic’s website but it is a wealth of information. If you search the Carnival boards, you will find answers about the chef’s dinner and anything else you could ever want to know. Happy cruising!!

      • Deborah Diemetric says:

        Just so you know… I used instructions provided in a post on the Cruise Critic forums to request a seat for the Chef’s Table. I received the following note:
        “Please send all Chef Table requests to “Ask John” page”
        Apparently, the information in the Cruise Critic posting is incorrect. So just click the Ask John link at the top of this page and make your request from there. Good luck.

  42. Marilyn Lacey says:


    Let me preface this email by saying that I have been sailing on Carnival since 1995 and love your cruise line. I have never had a bad cruise, bad service or bad food. The only issue I have ever had was state room choice and I have learned to choose accordingly. That was defnitely my fault and nothing to do with Carnival.

    I have a couple of questions for you that I have been unable to find on the Carnival website or on other websites. First, as I stated earlier, I have cruised with Carnival many times. When I called to get my past guest number and have that applied to all of my past cruises, I was told they could only look it up by my phone number. I am one of those gypsies that you read about, I have moved more times than I am years old and let’s NOT get into how many times that is! I couldn’t remember addresses much less phone numbers. Why isn’t Carnival able to access that information through name and birthdate? Secondly, what does Carnival consider milestone cruises?

    As for comments, I received my first upgrade on my upcoming September cruise. I have never been so excited in my Carnival history. Well, maybe when my ex won me a ship on a stick but that doesn’t really count does it? My friend and I will be on the Lido deck. This is the first time I will be on that deck and her first cruise. Needless to say, she will be spoiled!! On my last cruise, I was seated at an aft table during the early dinner seating and the view was incredible!! That was also a first for me and I would love to know how to request that same type of table for upcoming cruises.

    I appreciate all that you and all of the staff members do for your guests. I love cruising and love sailing with Carnival. You have a loyal guest in me.

    • vivienne Canavan says:

      Your Past Guest number is on all of your Sail and Sign cards. Your PVP should know that. Milestone Cruisers are those who have sailed 25 or more times. Lastly, table requests can be made with the Maitre d’ as soon as you get on board,however, you could ask John on his FB page to help you, but he cannot guarantee it. He does do his best to assist. Hope this helps you.

      • Michelle Hazelwood says:

        UNLESS your last cruise was before 1998, as mine on the HolidaY WAS.! Then they and their machines, will not be able to verify anything for you and you will be treated as a first time cruiser. Hey that ain’t bad, they’re gracious and wonderful and grateful for 1st timers too.

  43. Ed Shell says:

    Did the Salmons get off the boat on time?

  44. miguel betancourt says:

    Greetings, i wanted to contact you because I am not able to go to the U.S thanks to the embassy(US goverment) that denied me the visa. so i wanted to ask how can you help me. can i postpone the my cruise? what can i do so i dont loose much money because of your canceling policy? is there any way that i can sell the cruise to another people so that anyone get so affected. thank you for all the help you could give me. sincirely yours, Miguel Betancourt

  45. patrick says:

    John, I was unable to send you mail thru the private comment part so I’m trying this way.I profusly apologize for my behavior concerning the mail I sent you yesterday (8/09) Personal attacks are something I loathe and for me, completely out of character. I could offer excuse as to my foul mood but this isn’t about me or my problems. I know you, like me, have strong opinions and that at times they spill over into our life. I may disagree with you but that needs to done in a respectful manner. I enjoy your blog and find it helpful, amusing at times and always interesting. Your demeaner is always upbeat, respectful, and an asset to Carnival. I need to learn from your good example. So, please continue to write your blog while sitting in your underpants (just don’t eat Chitos if you feel the need to itch) I hope that someday we will be able to cruise together and maybe you could find the time to spend a few minutes with me discussing our world. Again, please accept my sincere apology for being rude and disarespectful.

    Your friend
    Patrick Shanahan

    • Kara says:

      Way to go Patrick! 🙂 I also make verbal mistakes sometimes and words that hurt or anger others don’t generally effect me, so I understand you. Thanks so much for apoligizing to John since he takes so much crap from so many. It takes a big person to say they are sorry. You did the right thing.

  46. Tricia Loy says:

    John, we are having problems with the rewards program on the Carnival Mastercard. Could you find out who is the CEO of Barclay. We want to call and tell our experience with a phone call that lasted from 2-6:43pm. We have had the card for around 10 years and was EXTREMELY disappointed in the customer service, or should I say NO customer service. We might have to have several contact people numbers.
    Thanks, Tricia Please do not place this on the website, as if it doesn’t turn out well, WE WILL be sitting for hours at the station on board the Dream and other ships to tell people how we were treated. Wish us luck! Again, thanks Tricia

  47. Victor Hou says:


  48. Reine Thompson says:

    Hello John
    I’m dropping you a line to suggest that carnival think about adding a bridal registry to there web page. Where wedding guests can contribute to shore excursions and other amenities of choice. My fiancé and I are both being married for the second time. The last thing we need is another blender. .
    Now with that being said I must admit I am a cruise virgin. I will be sailing on carnival pride on May 6th 2012. Please don’t stand to close to the railing. When reading the conversation as to how our Honey moon cruise came about. I wouldn’t want you to fall over board.
    Phone rings
    Father of the bride: I’ve booked you a cruise for your honey moon. Let me know if it’s ok with Randy. If not I can still cancel it.
    My thought: booked? What happened to would you like a cruise for your honey moon?
    My response: sure sounds good. Ill talk to Randy and let you know.
    Father: the bad news is it leaves the day after the wedding.
    My thought: why couldn’t it be a week after the wedding? But its FREE a FREE CRUISE.
    My response: OK we will do what we have to. To make it work.
    Father: The other news is you will have an a joining room to your mother and I.
    My response: (after a moment or two of stunned silence) ok sounds like fun.
    My thought: how redneck are we? I’m spending my honey moon and my 41st birthday on a cruise with my parents.
    I have no doubts with the reports of how accommodating Carnival is there will be a lock on my side of the a joining door.
    Well I know you’re a busy man so I won’t take any more of your time. Just thought you could use a good laugh.

    Sincerely the redneck bride,

    • Jes says:

      You may have received a reply already, but Carnival does offer a great registry, as I’m one of its registrants. Lots of options and it’s been so much fun picking and choosing our items. Then to see what’s being bought. Here is the link: http://www.carnival.honeymoonwishes.com/

    • Jes says:

      I should have read the rest of your comment. I’ll be cruising w/26 ppl on my honeymoon, 4 of them are parents so I really I feel your pain. If you’re having privacy worries, I’m sure you can contact CCL and get them to move your room. Our CCL travel coodinator DJ has been great to accomidate my fiance and I so we’re not next to either parents. Congrats and happy sailing

    • Jani Dennis says:

      Gosh…I have been married twice and have never had a wedding, much less an actual gift from the folks….I read your post and thought how incredibly lucky you are…parents paying for a honeymoon and friends giving gifts…..what a lucky girl you are! You are truly blessed!!

    • Wendy says:

      There is a wedding registry for carnival. We used it for our wedding a couple of years ago on the Carnival Legend. The process was very smooth and we received our ship credit just like we were supposed to.


      PS – Didn’t have the adjoining doors but did have 18 other friends/family members with us. (Hint – use the do not disturb on your phone – became a running joke that the phone rang everytime things got interesting).

  49. cherylc says:

    Can anyone who has been on a 4-day cruise (Mon-Fri) tell me if there has been a Passenger Talent Show? My parents would love to participate.

  50. heather says:

    I have written you a couple time on your blog about a month or so ago,I know you are very very busy and have stated your a little behind. I was wondering if there is a better way to reach you since I sail on 9/3 on the dream.

    Thanks Heather

  51. Sejal Dave says:

    Hi, I was recently on the Carnival Legend vacationing in the Caribbean, and I found the dining choices quite poor. Since I am a vegetarian, the foods provided were very limited and I was subjected to eating like a gerbil: living on vegetables and fruits. It was only at dinner time where I had a chance to eat properly, so I was wondering if you would provide us with more choices? Thank you.

  52. omg did i say we’re on the dream on 10/1 such and idiot well thanks anyway kathy

  53. Carlos Pugliese says:


  54. Kamie McAllister says:

    Hi John!

    We are sailing on the Conquest on Sept 11th and it’s our second cruise. We were lucky enough to get a dining table near a window last year, and we were wondering if Carnival accepts special requests for both specific tables and specific dining rooms, and if so, how and when we would go about requesting this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


  55. Mike says:

    Not sure if you are working to getting to my email and post, or if you’re just flat out ignoring me and deleted them.

    So, I will now nicely ask:

    Will you please read my post and/or email and respond to me?

    It is a very serious matter. If you have deleted it, I will be happy to repost my story, even though I have either typed out or told my story to multiple people working for Carnival. Let me know if you have it or not, please.

  56. Cheryl Bishop says:

    We will be in a suite on the Carnival Destiny 11/5. We have only traveled in a suite on RCCL. What types of perks does Carnival offer to people traveling in a suite?

  57. I was on one cruise and they had a restaurant that was extra fee and they cut the food up and cooked it on a grill right in front of you. What is the name of this and do you have to schedule it before the cruise or while you are onboard. This is for my December 11 Cruise on the Conquest.

  58. libby says:

    I love the pictures of the volcano.

    Are the excursions still going to Mt Etna?

  59. Jess C says:

    First and foremost I would like to thank you for all that you do. I will be sailing on the Glory in room 7418 on Sept 5th, 2011 and I was wondering if you could leave a little something for my boyfriend since it’s our anniversary cruise. Thank you so much! 🙂 Can’t wait to sail on the Breeze with you!!
    Is it possible to block out the room number also?

  60. Ted George says:

    Mr. Heald,
    I have to agree with Leslie about the Port of New Orlens, in January this year my wife and I along with other friends sailed from there for my wife’s birthday and it was horrible. The embarktion was slow in part to a computer break down, but short of that the people were very rude and unprofessional,I also agree with Leslie on how dirty it was there. We sailed the Holiday the last year she was in Mobile and I must say it beats New Orleans hands down and that includes the Mobile port being an industrial shipping port. We all have decided we wont sail from New Orlens again. My wife and I are sailing on Dertiny in a couple of weeks and again in March on Valor along with another couple and we will continue to sail Carnival just not out of New Orleans. I also would like say we have an awesome vacation planner in Jenifer Gulick.

  61. joan Neeves says:

    im leaving on the fantasy sept 15. i read nothing on your blog about this ship. i would like other peoples impression. am i missing it somewhere?

  62. Rita Almaroad says:

    I would like additional information regarding the Chef’s Table aboard Carnival Freedom.



    • Joe says:

      I handled it this way: I I made a reservation for the extra fee steakhouse and when my e-mail notification arrived I replied back to it and the person who sets up the steakhouse ressies handled my chefs table request with no trouble.
      Of course there is a more direct way of doing it I just thought I would give it a go and was successful.
      I’m sure if you are willing to cough up 75 bucks a head for the CT an extra 30 for the steakhouse is something to try.
      Hey have a nice time whatever you do

  63. Lisa Barker says:

    I just completed a survey about the new customer loyalty program. When will this new program start? I am only 1 cruise away from Platinum. Will current past cruisers fall under the new requirements? I’m oh so close!! Please explain!!

    • elaine says:

      I too am close and am upset to hear it is going to 75 days sailing instead of the 10 cruises. I fell the new rule should be for the “new” cruises or anyone under the 5 cruise mark but 6 or more should be kept the way it was. and no I am not at the 6 but 8 so I am saying we have paid our dues to the program we signed up for.

      I know there will be at least ONE person that will call this petty we SO BE IT!

      when we are promised something I expect to get that and not a change when I (as many) are so close to the brass ring!

      IMO that is

  64. Kristen Gillan says:

    How do we sign up for the Chefs Dinner? We are going to be on the Freedom out of FT LAuderdale December 3rd??

    • VivienneCanavan says:

      Kristen,……Scroll up, and below John’s video you will see a list of Topics and a Form. Complete the details requested and send it in. You will get notification through e-mail

  65. Debbie says:

    I’ve booked the Inspiration on Oct. 17-22 to take my two grand daughter age 6 and 9. I would like to know if there will be any kind of Halloween activitys? Thanks

  66. brad cooper says:

    what will the changes on the liberty be we will be on it on the week of nov 5th

  67. Taanalea Kennedy says:

    Earlier this year I went on a seven day cruise out of Jacksonville. I am wanting to know if Carnival is planning any more 7 day cruises out of Jacksonville. It was a great cruise.



  68. Sherri Lynn says:

    OH my goodness!!! – I am both shocked and saddened at the nerve of some passengers who write and DEMAND that you decorate their room, serve them birthday cake, etc, etc. And then….if it doesn’t happen they’re unhappy!! Fourteen of our family members are booked on the Carnival Magic’s New Year’s Day to celebrate my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary – how cool is that??? We are just delighted and thrilled to just be going and have the opportunity to be together as a group. Havent figured out of you will be on this sailing or not but if so… see ya onboard!! Sherri Lynn

  69. Dan Wendlick says:

    My wife and I are great Carnival fans who get patinumated next spring (a process which I hope is not as painful as it sounds). Since I have a job that requires me to keep the hours of an emergency room physician without offering even half the pay orsocial prestige, we are not able to cruise as much as we’d like. In between my wife manages her sanity with frequent visits to your blog.

    October 10 is the twelfth anniversery of when she and I frst met in the forward dining room on board the Carnival Paradise. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to work in wha the kids today would call a “shout-out” to my dear wife Peggy in your blog on that day?

    I would be very grateful and will name children after you if you could see your way to do this. Not my own, unfortunately, but shildren nonetheless.

  70. pat hansen says:

    we will be on liberty 10/22/11 this will be the 4th of 5 cruises this year and the nov cruise will be our 10th cruise we wanted to know if we had to sign a list to be included in the bloggers events our cabin is 2364 and be will be decorated for holloween our first cruise was on the freedom and you were the cd that was the time you had a bells palsey attack but you carried on the trouper you are. we have been trying to get on a cruise with you ever since looking forward seeing you again thanks for making cruising special. i have never posted before so i hope i get an answer

  71. Joe & Elba from Dallas says:

    Hello John, I just wanted to leave a review on our recent cruise on the Carnival Liberty. It is a bot lengthy, but I wanted to give a few crew shout outs. We did the Western route from Sept 24 – Oct 1, 2011. Of our eight previous Carnival Cruises, this was the first time we have ever booked a suite, and I must say that I think we are forever ruined……it is going to be VERY HARD for us to book a non-suite cabin in the future as those cabins are simply amazing….now on to the high points:
    1. Our MDR Waiter – We had the anytime dining selection which we like because we like to eat early, but sometimes when you come back from port, you have to rush to get ready for early dining. On the first night we sat at table 216 in the Golden Olympian Dining Room and had Roberto (from the Philippines) as our waiter. He has been simply the best waiter we have ever had on our eight cruises. Each night we were in the dining room, we were able to get the same table, and each night when we arrived, there was a bottle of water already waiting for us. He was extremely friendly, and we learned many things about the Philippine culture during our visits. We were always addressed on a first name basis which is amazing considering that he sees hundreds of different people each week. We did give him additional thanks at the end of the cruise as well.
    2. Our Cabin Steward – We had Rocque from India (we called him Rocky) as our cabin steward. Again, he was absolutely outstanding, and extremely friendly, and he took extremely good care of us. We were also very generous to him at the end of the cruise as he worked very hard for us. We would always be greeted by him by first name whenever he saw us, and he always took the time to stop and talk with us as well. Absolutely outstanding!!!!! I believe that Roberto and Rocky should be promoted to Captain of the ship sometime soon!!!
    3. The Steakhouse – This was our first time ever trying the steakhouse on a Carnival Ship. Now, My wife and I have been to several of the top steakhouses in the US (Gibson’s in Chicago, Killens In Houston, Silver Fox in Dallas, Morton’s in San Francisco, etc) so I was a bit skeptical as to how good it could actually be. Boy was I mistaken!!! The meal was absolutely incredible. I had the 9oz fillet which I used as a measuring stick against the above mentioned restaurants, and my wife had the Chilean Sea Bass. As I stated earlier, they were incredible. Not sure if everyone knows this, but it is a complete five course meal that is served, and when I received the bill…which totaled $60 for the both of us….I felt embarrassed because I thought I was stealing. I am surprised that you do not charge more for this experience because it is definitely worth it. The chef came out and spoke to us for a while and I complimented the meal, and we also added a huge gratuity because this meal at any of the above listed steakhouses would have easily cost north of $175.
    4. The Ship – well we missed out on the Carnival 2.0 upgrades by a few weeks, but that is ok as we will be on the Breeze in June and will see many of them at that time. The ship is in outstanding shape, and the itinerary is great. Stingray city should be on everyone’s bucket list of things to do before you die as it is an amazing experience!!!
    With the good, there should always be a few things to list as potential improvements. There were only two things that I think could be improved upon, and I will list them below:
    1. Past Guest Party – Not sure what the consensus is here, but my wife and I have missed the last two past guest parties because they were held on port days, and we were just returning to the ship and had to get ready for dinner. It would be nice if these were held on sea days.
    2. Sunday and Monday night football are huge in the states. Last year on the Carnival Conquest, both of these games were shown on the Seaside Theater. Now, I know with your new television package, ESPN is not part of what you deliver in the cabins. However, we tried to go to the sports bar to watch the game (where it was being broadcast), but it is WAY TOO SMALL to accommodate the number of people who want to watch it. It would be nice to see these games broadcast on the Seaside Theater again because it is a great experience to watch the game under the stars in the middle of the ocean
    Well, that’s all, I know it was a long review, but I do hope that it finds its way to Roberto and Rocque as they were amazing and I did not that in my customer survey. Thanks for all that you do, and we will see you on June 3rd on the Breeze!!!

    Joe & Elba Rosado

  72. Stefano says:

    Hi John,

    We recently completed the Sept. 25th sailing on the Carnival Magic. After having sailed with you on the Destiny many years ago, I must say, you were missed, WYWT.

    The Good: For the most part, the ship is new and pretty and shiny. The staff is amazing and always eager to please. The European itinerary was amazing; all fantastic places. Loved the Red Frog Pub; libations, food and entertainment, all excellent.
    We had your time dining and we were generally seated quickly, no matter what time we went and the food, overall, was very good.

    The not so good:
    I was appalled to see how much damage was done to the elevators. The glass and metal in the back of many elevators was noted to be cracked and dented. Sad to see on such a new ship. I know it’s not a new topic, but the chair saving continues to be a problem. I don’t know what it is, but there has to be a better way.

    The OMG, FFS this is not good:
    We booked a Cove Balcony (2371), which, unbeknownst to me, was located under an extremely active 24hr. galley. I don’t know which was worse, the metal on metal sound reverberating through the ship, the pounding noise or the sound of woman wearing 2 inch heels click-clocking over my head all night long. Lack of sleep took what should have been the trip of a lifetime and smeared a big black cloud of sleeplessness all over it. Of course, there were no other rooms available. We were immediately credited with 20% of the cruise cost, which leads me to believe this was not the first complaint they received of this nature. Although it is too late for us, maybe fixing this problem may help someone else. At the very least, there should be some kind of notation when booking, just like there is with a partial view obstruction. Something like ” This room is subjected to constant noise”.

    Hopefully this finds its way to you and the beards and something good can be done. Bottom line, I would have rather paid 20% more for a room that was quiet at night so that I may have enjoyed my trip.



  73. dmarie says:

    Hey John–
    When will the Halloween schedule be posted? I’m on the Valor 10/30, and I want to make sure the formal night will not be switched to another night. I’m trying to pack 🙂

  74. Charles Sanner says:

    Hi John! My gorgeous wife and I are very excited to be cruising on the beautiful Liberty December 10, 2011. I am taking my wife, on this cruise for her birthday – which is, coincidently, December 10. This will be our first vacation, let alone cruise, that we are taking by OURSELVES. So needless to say, we are thinking romance and privacy! So, if we could ask a favor of you, could you please see about a table for 2 in the aft dining room. This would be a big surprise, for my wife. I would like to make this a very special birthday, for my wife. I just wanted to add what big fans we are of Carnival cruise lines and YOU! Since we started cruising, with Carnival, we haven’t vacationed anywhere else, only on beautiful Carnival ships. One day, come Hell or high water, we will get to sail with you. One more thing we will be in Cabin # 9201, again on the 12/10/11 sailing of the Liberty. Can’t wait to see the new Carnival 2.0 upgrades.
    Respectfully yours,
    Charles Sanner

  75. Mary Lynn says:

    John, I just got off the Freedom 10/22 and wanted to ask why the scrabbled eggs were different than when I was on that ship in May this year. Did you change the formula or change to powderred eggs?

    Also wanted to comment about a few things on this cruise. I’m sure it was a crazy week for Carnival weather-wise with many of the ships. I think it would be nice if Carnival allowed some free internet time to guest who need to rearrange plans when the ports are scrambled. Also, the CD announced that they were sending updated Funtimes to the rooms and they would be available at the bars due to not being able to tender into Cayman and after 5:00 the original schedule would resume. Well, we couldn’t find any available until after 2:30! I entered the slot tournament and made it to the top 8 board at around 2:40 and was told to come back before 3:30 to see if I still qualified. The board was showing the finals were at 3:00 so I asked and also checked the updated Funtimes which showed 3:30. When I arrived at 3:15 they were announcing the winner! Well, I was knocked out by 5000 but would have given it another shot. The revised activity list had so many grammer errors, etc. that a lot of it didn’t make much sense. But since it was so late I guess it didn’t matter much.

    I went to the past guest party and my name was drawn for dinner for 2 at the steak house! We had one more night left of the cruise and it had been kind of rocking for a few nights and weren’t into eating much. I went to the pursers desk early the morning to ask if there was anything else I could get or if I could “gift” it to someone else or use it on a future cruise. I was told they would get back to me. After checking back a few times, getting a call from the steak house at 5:30 to tell me I had 8:30 dinner reservations and explaining things I finally got at message around 9:30PM to tell me there was nothing they could do!

    I’ve always supported Carnival and when people were complaining on this cruise about the changes I defended the decisions made and explained to them about the season. But I think Carnival can do better with conveying correct information and messages and responding the passengers. So I got a free gift of a picture of my certificate of a free steak house dinner with the CD …. WOW. Someone that I ended up talking to made a comment that I got to go up on the stage!!!! Sorry, that’s not all that they made it out to be.

  76. Tania LoNero says:

    My fiance would like to know; Which ship is considered to be the signature Carnival ship? If you had to pick one ship, which one is the best?

  77. Sharon Rayner says:

    We are sailing on the December 26th Magic cruise out of Galveston. Please reserve 6 for the chefs table.


  78. Kelley Keen Boldig says:

    John, I am new to Carnival and love reading your blog and learning all I can about cruising! My spry 84 year old mother is taking her youngest three (of eight) grandchildren on the Magic departing 11/20. She did this once before when she was ‘only’ 78 and took the five oldest grandchildren (all males ages 19-25!) and wanted to take the rest of the grandchildren while she is still able. On the previous cruise she stated no parents were allowed, so I had to stay home as my oldest went cruising with his grandmother and cousins. However, this time she has asked a parent to come along so I get to cruise also! I am so excited! What really makes it the best cuise is that you will be on the ship! It would make my mother’s trip even more special if she were to receive some sort of recognition from you. There are eight of us traveling in four cabins and we have the late dinner seating. My moms information is Nell, Cabin 2298. Anything you can do will really make my extra special mom feel extra special (and will also make me a forever favorite fan of yours)!

  79. ashley says:

    just wondering if i got those tickets for maroon five. i have been on many cruises and fixing to go on one again. I live very close to galveston and would love to see the new ship come in and see maroon 5 thanks. ashley dunn

  80. Anthony Bergamo says:

    I will be cruising on the Carnival Liberty in March 2012. I am on a gluten free diet. How will I be accomodated??? Is there a gluten free menu? Is it possible to get one in advance? I hope you can help

  81. Ralph Britt says:

    John, we are onboard the Magic and booked because you were on this ship. Imagine our disappointment to find that once again we missed you after 15 cruises and still not meet you. I brought my 2 kids and wife along to share in this experience. If you could send us a message our room is 1338.

  82. chris says:

    wtf is with the internet?? WAY over priced and slow. what age are we living in??

  83. Marjorie "Bonnie" Jones says:

    KEEP RISA BARNES ON THE FANTASY!!!! We have been on the fantasy 6 times this year, and 4 times last year. Risa is SO GOOD as cruise director!!!! WE will really miss her IF she goes to the Paradise!!!!
    KEEP HER ON THE FANATSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. stephen vaught says:

    why are some policies different on carnival as opposed to her sister ships on other lines they ow. here area acouple. as a frequent cruiser with carnival, princess. princess offers free internet time for there elite passenger and carnival offerns none. also when you pass all of the courses offered by princess, cunard they both offer a one time free cruise on their line. this is a great way to experience sailings an agent would nomally not go on. carnival has online clases but offers nothing for passing all of them. these are a few differnces between the parent company and her subsidiaries.. thank you for your time.
    stephen vaught

  85. Stacy Alexander says:

    I am a first-time cruiser, booked on the 2/26 sailing of Carnival Magic. Recently, we were informed of a Mastercard promotion. Believe me, I have been beyond excited about every aspect of this cruise. When I saw the promotion, I immediately applied for and was approved for a Mastercard to use on the cruise. Imagine my confusion when I could not find the form to fill out to get my piddly $50 onboard credit. Then to be told that the promo ended because too many people signed up? What, Carnival can’t handle a $50 credit for each cruiser? Really?
    It’s not the $50, Mr. Heald. It’s the principal. If you make the offer, and it’s a piddly $50 per room, let everyone who can take it and wants it, get in on it.
    We all know what competition is like these days and how the economy has hurt us all, business owners especially. Don’t leave your customers with a bad taste in their mouths for Carnival over a $50 credit.

    • chris says:

      carnival is just one big money making gig, like las vegas, it holds a nice illusion of fun but in the end you end up paying more than you bargained for

  86. adan uriel herrada martinez says:

    Hio John only for a question abotu more information for jobs onboard of your ships.

    i´m officer of deck in ships,i´m Mexican, i have twenty-two years old, i´m navy pilot of the merchant marine and my dreams are can to work in your ships and only ask more information and to see if i can have a job opportunity, if you can provide a web site or a mail address or a telephon number

  87. Eleni Kouzinoglou says:

    Hi John!
    I have dreamed about cruising for a very long time and finally it has happened; the best part is for our very first cruise we chose to spend it with Carnival! We will be sailing on the Glory on the 20th, in two weeks!! It’s a double celebration, my husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and our youngest is celebrating her 11th birthday! I am so excited and I just had to tell you! Thanks for listening!
    Regards, Eleni

  88. Carol Hoefs says:

    John, I just read the comment on your Blog from the person who thought they could get the ship’s doctor to remove their cast. I could not believe they would even consider doing that. Do they have any idea what problems could arise if it was not done properly? There is a proceedure doctors do in before removing a cast. Even if a doctor says it will come off in 6 weeks there could be problems and they usually take xrays before removal of a cast to make sure the healing is done and is proper. If the healing is not done they could end up wearing the cast longer.
    There are some people who send comments to you that I would like to slap them in the side of their heads. People who expect you to bend over backwards for them to do a favor after they have ripped into you with complaint(s). The others are the ones who expect Carnival to give them freebies for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You do not own carnival, so you do not have control over some of the stuff people expect to happen on their cruise.
    John, I could NEVER do your job and still be sane.
    Thanks for all you do,

    Carol Hoefs

  89. Lisa says:

    answering in your underwear? We will get along great, hope we can sit with you for dinner!!!!

  90. Mike A says:

    Hello from the Magic. I don’t know if you got my request a few weeks back for a dinner table of 8 but that is what we got and it is great. THANK YOU. As our table mates meet around the ship during the day, people ask if we are family due to how well we all get along and the fun we are having. We just found out that you are going to stop by the Magic in Freeport, we would love to meet you in person in the southern lights table 739 late dinning. As always we love the Carnival experance and the Magic TA is living up to our hopes.


  91. elaine says:

    just wanted to say I’m with you on the hand washing. I always use a paper towel or even toilet paper to open, close and flush the toilet with and even turn water on and off as well as open the doors. germs are everywhere and IMO you can’t be to safe

    and yes I have seen many women leave without washing and like you have seen one person who didn’t even bother to FLUSH but I was not nice as you are and I told her how disgusting she was to do that… YIKE no manners and a germ carrying_________ (YOU KNOW WHAT) I for one use every hand sanitizer that I see especially at the restroom, elevators and restaurants OH and the shows cause ya never know who sat there before and doing who knows what. I even carry my own and Lysol and spray my bed and all surfaces that we will be touching like balcony door cabin door, night stands and all of the dresser/closets (hangers) as well as the whole bathroom. and yes I carry wipes into the dining area so I can wipe my chair as well. I have no intentions of coming home with someone else s illness…

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  93. James Newsome says:

    John, I will be sailing with my boyfriend and two other couples on the 26th of November on the Liberty. We will be celebrating my boyfriends birthday and was wondering what the possibility would be of having something special in our cabin when we board to help celebrate. Thank you in advance and thank you for all the wonderful information you provide for the Carnival Family on a daily basis.

  94. Keith says:

    Well I meant to send this using the send email function on your site, however when I do it(I am sitting at a computer on board) the verification doesnt show up so I can verify im not a bot to send the email. So I will reply here. My family and I are currently taking a cruise for thanksgiving on the new Carnical Magic. I have to say there are a few things that annoy me. Room service is unable to send pizza to the room? The room service menu on this ship is very lacking. Also several of the places seem to have the workers simply sitting in the back unaware of people in the front. I have multiple times already(only a few days into cruise) had to find a worker, asking if it was closed and they go back there and get the worker. The hot tubs should be hotter than they are in opinion. I will say that the staterooms and the overall feel of the ship and shows is nice. However the food is a bit lacking, and so is some of the service. I assume that some of this is just the fact it is the innagual season for this ship.

  95. RT Salonga says:

    My wife and I took the Fascination Cruise from Jacksonville to Bahamas last November 17th. We returned Monday November 21st. Our stayed at cabin M6. We enjoyed our mini vacation just like on February 28th, 2010 where we board from Jacksonville to Bahama’s as well. This last trip was not as good as the first one. My wife five (5) valuable items inside our cabin. They are:
    1- 14K Gold engagement ring w/wedding band;
    1- Sterling Silver Fresh Water Pearl Eternity ring;
    1- Sterling Silver cubic Zirconia Stone;
    1- Zircona Tennis Bracelet; and,
    1- Sterling Silver with 3 Zirconia ring
    We withheld reporting the missing items hoping that my wife simply had just left them in our home – but unfortunately she did not. We are also to be blamed on this because we did not secured the items in the security box available for us. We hope that other passengers will not make the mistake we did. Mind you, almost all the Carnival staff were courteous. Regards,

  96. Steve Worden says:

    The follwing is bing posted here because I get a “ERROR INVALID VERIFICATION CODE” when I tried to post it about … which is pretty much what this post is all about.

    John – Submariner Friend here. Hope you are enjoying you time off. Don’t know if and when you will get this or get a chance to read it, but it is probably going to be long so perhaps you should print it out and read it on the plane on the way back, along with a pint of your favorite airline beverage.

    At the present time I sittng in my grand suite on the Carnival Fascination while my wife naps and I recover from being humiliated during the slot tournament.

    Carnival Fasicantion — our 5th cruise is a different class of ship then the Destiny, Pride, and Dream. I find it a great joy to explore and try and figure out just where the heck I am compare to the other ships that similar in construction and I grant you I love to cruies, I love to be at sea, I love to explore other countries, I love the food, and I HAVE NEVER EVER met a member of the crews of any of the ships I have been on, nor PVP’s that I have not liked, that have not ben kind and curtious, and have not gone out of their way to help me, if needed. I can not say enough about the employees of Carnival that I have just mention. (YOU KNOW THERE IS A BUT COMING DON”T YOU).

    I’m the first to step and praise the good… but I am also the first to SLAM DUNK AND BRING TO ATTENTION WHAT I DO NOT LIKE. And personally I do not like negative things I read on some Carnival fourms. Yet I am about to become one of those type people. And this is what should be brought to the attend of those fellows with the hair on thier chins. And in my opinion needs to be looked into, instead of them using their bearded face as a s scratching post for decisions of whether or not to do something about it, while lighting there BAC (BIG ASS CIGARS)

    So, assuming that this website form will last long enough to finish this … HERE GOES!

    1. Response to emails from the Contact Us form on the Carnival Website is NON EXISTENT.Have three emails to them before the cuirse and on entry on the SEEK CARNIVAL ASSISTANCE Forum … non of which have been replied to

    2. The about emails were about Travel protection Plans and the denial buy it because I book 7 days before the cruise and did not purchase it the day I booked. PVP said …TOO LATE. Absolulty no documentation on Carnival Webstie to support that.

    2. VIP CASINO SPECIAL .. Website goes to …SEE DEATILS. Details say …Here’s what you get. Does not State lmitations. And can’t find any. Cruise Ticket terms and limts do not cover this.
    a.Carnival Pride, Second Cruise on it .. ON-US Program inviation was in my cabin when I got on board. b. Carnival Dream .. Strawberries, Photo Certificate, and than a second delivery of strawberries delivered during cruise along with the -ON US- free dirnks.
    c. Carnival fascination – Go the VIP Discount on the Grand suite … AND THAT’s THAT. Was told. WE DON”T DO THAT ON THIS SHIP. CRUISE IS NOT LONG ENOUGH. BOTTOM LINE .. WHERE DOES IT STATE THAT YOU THE CArnival website.

    3, TV – Carnival Destiny – has a neato map of where you are now with weather and sea conditions. Carnival Pride .. Map sucks but it’s still there. Carnival Dream .. Just a notch below the Destiny but better than the pride. Carnival Fascination .. NO EXISTENT.

    4, Interactive Sign and Sall account via the TV .. Destiny .. Yee, Pride, Yes, Dream Yes .FASCINATION .. NONE

    John, I love cruising on Carnival. But I do not love a company with inconsistency. Pushing to sell Trave Insruace and then won’t sell it. Wrting the departments via the contact us form and getting no answers. AND MOST OF ALL a WEBSITE GEARED TO SALES THAT LACKS SUFFICIENT INFORMATION REGARD THE DIFFERENCE BE TWEN EACH SHIP, EACH SHIPS POLICY,COMPANY POLICY, ETC..

    You complain about the Hotels you stay in and how they treat you, you grumble over the airlines and the how they treat you… We’ll what you do if you were in charge of these hotels or airlines.. Perhaps the same thing I would like to see carnival do……

    PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Tell the beards to shave, quite scratching their chins about problems, and get busy working things from the bottom up.

    Carnival needs … to upgrade to Attention to Detail Part DO!. Cause you never know .. and I’ve said it before, tomorrow we will be in Nassau next the the Allure. It HUGE and I’ll be able to see it. Next Cruise I my be on the ALLURE next to a Carnival Ship and be taking picture of it.

    And unless anything else strange happens this will be my last comment on this to you.

    In closing … Have you beem Pooping out in the yard with the new puppy pooper scooper?

    All my best

  97. mike fast says:

    John n
    I have a question. I have been taking my mother in cruises fir past several years. She really loves them but has mentioned that she’d really like my brother and sister to come along also. I am working on this as a surprise to her, what I would like to know is if I am able to talk them into it, Id like to surprise her with their presence on board, maybe at the first show the first evening. What I have envisioned is the cruise director come out and ask for 3 ladies or so, my mother being ione of them. Then through a series of questions, eliminate all but my mother. while this is going on, the three familys congregate behind the curtain and at some point the cruise director has the curtain raised and surprises her with the whole family. Is this something that could be arranged? If it could, it may help me sell my brother and sister on the idea cause they like the idea as well.

    Please email me back since i’m on the Magic right now on the way to Jamaica mon!

    Mike Fast


  98. Andre says:

    Hello John.

    Before you read anything negative I have to say, please note that my group and I have been loyal Carnival customers on a yearly basis since 2004. We have been ranging from 4 couples to 20 couples each trip, depending on the year. Ages ranging from 30’s to 50’s.

    I have read your blog for 2 years. I enjoy your style of writing. Good sense of humor.

    That’s enough buttering up. Here we go…..

    We have had 2 negative experiences. Once in 2010 on the Glory. She was fresh, her first week out of drydock. I don’t know if there was a virus on board, or if training was the issue, but our experience was very sub par compared to our past experiences on Liberty/Elation/Imagination/Destiny/Valor. I won’t go into all the details, just to say every service aspect of that cruise was below the expectations we were used to. Ok, sh*t happens. We move on.

    Last year we were on the Elation (2nd time). Our experience was not a holiday. Instead it was a complete nightmare. Understandably, Carnival does not control weather or the fog that encased Galveston during that time. They did however have the opportunity to treat their customers with some respect and helpfulness during this time. They did not do either. Not just at the Port (which was a heart wrenching scene to look at parents and their young children sleeping on concrete floors, and senior citizens looking lost with nowhere to turn), but on the phone, on the website, through the news, nothing-nothing-nothing.

    I won’t get into the service either at the Port (who would not return our luggage for 2 days—this is especially difficult when your wife is pregnant), or the service on board which was sub par once again (although I cannot blame the drink servers working harder trying to re-coup some losses), but I think the lack of appreciation to us as a group of 3,000 or so travellers was dispicable. For the 1st time on Carnival, I was a number…and just a number.

    You might wonder what I’m trying to get at here. At the beginning of this rant I said I read your blog for 2 years. What I didn’t say is that I have not read a single paragraph of it since we stepped foot off the Elation last Feb. I have not been on CruiseCritic, I have not read your posts on Facebook. The experience was so bad that it turned me off of cruising all together.

    And now, winter is upon us. And the fun memories we have had on Carnival Cruises in the past are creeping on the minds of myself and my companions. Maybe time does heal old wounds? We have decided as a group, since we did receive 50% discount on a future booking(we also received a 50% discount on the Galveston cruise as well I must add), to give it another go. Money can never replace the supposed “vacation” time we lost….but it does make sense in this situation to give it one more try.

    I am not looking for anything. I do not want any handouts. What I would like from you is some information. Information about how last February has changed the way that Carnival Corporation operates during these situations in the future? Like I said, perhaps you wrote blogs, perhaps others posted about improvements, but I have read nothing. Is there anything you can say to put me at ease? We have booked a short cruise 5 day (not taking any chances) this Feb on the Destiny out of Miami, as the folks in Texas are overwhelming friendly, but their skies are not.

    Stuff happens. Everyone with a little common sense understands this. But, One….last….chance….

    • Barbara Hamill says:

      On November 13, 2011 I stepped off of the Carnival Magic’s Transatlantic cruise, vowing to never, ever get on another Carnival cruise. This was my 6th trip with Carnival, and was until this trip, an avid Carnival cruiser. I have always enjoyed the way Carnival treated me. I felt spoiled, and pampered at every corner. That was until this trip. Because my daughter and I wanted to fly Business class, I had to pay for the airfare myself. Carnival couldn’t, or wouldn’t book it. I paid $5,000+ for 2 one way airfares. Then I upgraded to a Cloud 9 Spa balcony, another $4,300+ dollars. While on this trip, I also spent another $3,900 on my Sail and Sign card. Plus the $1,300 cash for spending in Spain. So now I’ve spent in excess of $14,300 for the Vacation from Hell. What a huge disappointment for alot of money.

      At one point I went to Guest Services, and asked if I could speak to the Environmental Officer, to express a concer. The young lady asked me what did I want to speak to the Environmental Officer about. I said I only wanted to explain it once, and if she knew anything about ISO 14001 and electrical matters, I would be happy to tell her. She walked about 10 feet, went through a door, and returned in about 20 seconds. Again she asked why did I need to speak to the EO(environmental officer). I explained, and she again walked the 10 feet, went through the door, and again returned in about 20 seconds, and said “Everything is OK according to the EO. Really, I explained that I had taken the “Behind the Fun Tour”, and I assured her everything was NOT OK. It was obvious to me that the EO was just behind the closed door, but couldn’t be bothered with talking to a passenger. OH, that’s righ, I’m his bread and butter, but he couldn’t be bothered with me. So many other things happened I can’t begin to tell it here. I will write a letter to Micky Arison explaining my position. Maybe he cares, and maybe he will never see it, I don’t know. The only thing I know for sure is I won’t take another Carnival Cruise even if it was free. All the hype about the Magic. What a let down.

      John, I saw you on the Magic, as my daughter and I were in the audience the night you were there. If there were only a whole ship full of John Heald’s on the staff, what a wonderful world it would be. So sorry I will never get to meat you, for you are truely one of a kind. I mean that with the greatest sincerity.

  99. Jason Herron says:

    Hey John,

    Long time reader and fan, even cruised with you once years ago. My wife and are taking our two kids (Chelsey 19 and Hunter 8)on a last minute surprise cruise 1/4/12 on the Fantasy (R231 booking #328QB5).

    This will be my 13, my wife’s 12, Chelsey’s 9th and Hunter’s 6th Carnival Cruise. The kids love Carnival and if possible I was hoping you could send a little something to the room for them?

    A few years ago I sent you a note on the blog and you left a note and a little something in our cabin. Chelsey was the first one to see it and she thought it was so cool that someone from Carnival sent us a gift.

    So, if you can make it happen, it would be greatly appreciated if you could send a little, “welcome aboard” note to each of the kids from you. I know they would both think that would be really cool!

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Jason Herron

  100. Rich Martin says:


    I just got off a cruise and being a platinum member like to share my experience(which was disappointing). Who could I address these concerns with. I was surprise there was no more surveys to filled out after the cruise. Thanks, looking forward to your reply.

    Sincerely Rich

    • Rick Williamson says:

      You should get a comment to fill out by email say a week or so after your cruise ends. Or at least that is what happened to me after our last 2 cruises.

  101. Steve Worden says:

    John: While strolling … well sailing past Freeport on the Carnival Fascination I saw Freeport on the horizon on 11.30.2011. Whipped out my camera and took this picture. Two Carnival ships seen. One appears to be docked (on the left) on one appears to be in dry dock on the right. Can you Identify?


    All My Best:
    Submariner Dude

  102. Marcia Schectman says:

    re the Inspiration 2 day cruise Dec 17. There does not seem to be any information about this cruise. We are supposed to have a group cocktail party and I would like to know when that will be (prior to sailing). Also will there be a formal night and full show? WHo will be the CD?

  103. Scott says:

    Check out Gary Hoey for Christmas music you can really enjoy! Album is “Ho Ho Hoey”. Merry Christmas

  104. Jim Machemer says:

    Good Morning John,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am currently on the Carnival Pride and to tell you that it has been a fabulous cruise so far. Thanks for the window side table in David’s Steakhouse. My wife and I enjoyed it so much, I booked it again for our last night. I also want to thank you in easing my concerns about the laast minute price reduction and BC. I recived the credit on my S&S a couple of days ago, so I am happy about that, as it will be needed. There is a thread on Cruise Critic about the delay in receiving last minute OBC and the possible 7-10 day response time. I’ve posted on there where you assured me that this would be credited to my S&S account AND, again this morning that I did receive the credit. That should calm a few nerves.

    I’d also like to tell you that the Captain and his whole crew have been outstanding in their service, and their kind and warm reception.

    Again, thank you and Carnival so much for making this a vacation to remember.

  105. David R. Wright says:

    Hi this is David D. Forgetful here saying that I will never forget what a FANTASTIC times I had aboard Carnival Conquest. I just tried to take my fiance and I forgot to tell her to bring her birth certificate. Well needless to say we didn’t sail into the sunset, her first surprised trip BOSCH by me old forget Dave I love CARNIVAL and hope to get back on board soon keep up the GREAT WORK guys. signed: David D. Forgetful

  106. elvin greenhagen says:

    I am a single, retired gentleman on a fixed income and have been on Carnival 6 times now they took away my military retired waiver for no supplement and have a single supplement which is a ripoff to singles
    I am very angry with Carenivals Exe3cutive staff – You might very well have lost a good paying guest

  107. Ida Miller says:

    Dear John,
    My sister and brother in law will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on the Carnival Freedom on the 1/28/12 trip. I would like to reserve places for them at the special Chef’s Table dinner. Please advise if it is available for this particular cruise and if so, how can I reserve a space for them. thank you. Ida Miller
    P.S. You were my cruise director on the Freedom when it sailed Italy in 2007.

  108. John Hillebrand says:

    Happy New Year John! May Peppa Pig not haunt you in 2012!

    We are leaving on a family cruise on 1/1/12 on the Freedom, I had messaged you a few months back letting you know that it was a family cruise to hopefully celebrate my dad’s successful kidney transplate. The operation did not go as planned had he passed in August a few days after the surgery from an infection. I was wondering if you could send something small to my mom, Joann. Her booking number is 821JQ9. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I hope you get this.

  109. Joshua S says:

    I NEED HELP WITH A CABIN DECISION ON CARNIVAL MAGIC! I booked a cruise on the magic sailing out this summer. Now i decided to go with a cloud 9 spa interior on deck 11. But now i want to move up to deck 12 where there are only 4 interior spa cabins. The only thing is the rooms are vertical instead of horizontal. I was curious on how the bed situation would be in those rooms, would the bed be facing the front of the boat like sailing with the ship? and where the bathroom would be positioned? Also since the rooms are right by the sauna, mens/womans locker rooms can you hear that noise while in the cabin? Should i stay in the room im booked which is the panorama 11231 or should i take the chance and move up to the spa deck? im just wondering how the room layout is on spa deck, rooms 12008,12012,12018,12022. Thanks so much and plz get back to me ASAP so i can make my decision.

  110. Kathryn Chesnut says:

    I can’t get my Ask John question to go through I keep getting these two words to type and I type them and it will not go through Please Help Kat

  111. Barbara McQuillan says:

    John, It was great to see you, if only briefly on the TA cruise in November! I did have a question for you–my son and I (both Platinum guests) traveled on the Magic. We did not receive any gift in our cabin for being Platinum–no drink holder or anything. Could you please help with that? Thanks.

  112. Jack Mann says:

    John, I want to say how much my wife Nina and I appreciate your attention to our son’s requests to help us with some issues on our B2B on the beautiful Magic on Dec 4. We truly enjoyed Ken and Putu and the magician at the table we prefered. DR service from Serata, Arie and Mia was surperb and personized. Stateroom attendents Ricky and Adawan was also outstanding and very friendly. I loved the “Behind the Fun” tour immensely. Unfortunately, the Chefs Table was too loud in the galley to hear most dialog but the food was great (except for the tiny deserts). We had a wonderful time as usual on our CC and your several nice rememberances left in our room was such a neat and enjoyable extra. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can find so many things to find fault with on these wonderful CC ships and with their friendly and helpful personnel.
    Thank you so much, John, for all the many nice things you do for everyone.

  113. Jim Heaton says:


    I am writing this from our balcony aboard the Magic as we are about to get ready for another great New Year’s Eve at sea with Carnival.

    I wanted you to know how much we are enjoying the new menu, and how well the Magic is sorted out from our first cruise on her with you just a few short weeks ago.

    That Galveston Inaugural was thrilling and quite enjoyable, though some complained at this or that not being perfect. We enjoyed the hoopla and media coverage, the free concert, and the opportunity to speak with you in person a number of times.

    But I must say Magic is light years better than she was even a few weeks ago. She runs like a well oiled machine (which i suppose she litterally is unless you have moved to carbon nanotube technology). The new menu is superb despite much Internet consternation (w00t for the return of escargot!), and the new staff have every detail down pat.

    Off to enjoy the countdown!

    Best Regards,
    Jim Heaton

  114. Deborah Halley deborahjo says:


    I emailed you before Christmas but have heard nothing back so I thought I would write again. I am tryin to arrange a Meet and Greet for our group on the Valor sailing on the 29th of January. Could you assist us on a place to meet?


    Debbie Halley

  115. Janet Nash says:

    Dear John,

    First let me say that I look forward to your blog every day. Thank you for taking your time to do this for us carnival junkies!!! 🙂
    Also my DH and I went on our first cruise ever in Oct. of last year out of New Orleans and now are hooked we were on the Ecstasy now we are going on the Elation out of New Orleans on Feb. 11-16!!! It will be our anniversary on the 11th so we are very excited to be spending not oly our anniversay but also Valentines with ya’ll at Carnival. My question is does the cruise line do anything special at dinner on valentines day? and is there anyway possible you could arrange something for my DH and me please anything would be fantastic and greatly appreciated. Also do you know where I can purchase lace tableclothes in Cozumel? Thank you for everything.
    Happy Cruising

    Janet Nash

  116. Deborah Chapman says:

    John is fabulous. He was our very first Cruise Director and he one of the biggest reasons we keep coming back. There is no other even close to John. He is so deserving of this recognition. Please, consider him for the award……he is so the man to fit the bill.

  117. Kayla Sutton says:

    Hi John,We are going on a cruise on May 6,2012 aboard the Conquest.Our waiter from
    the Elation is going to be on the Conquest and I wanted to see if I could request him again.His name Edgardo Marcelo.Their will be 4 people in our group.

  118. John….our first cruise together you were our CD as I have told you several times. We had the most incredible time. It was also your last cruise on the Glory back in 2005. Wish we could sail with you again.

  119. Sarah C. says:

    Hi John! Just found your blog today — 3 days, 2 hours and 25 minutes before my cruise. Thanks for the info and entertainment, since there’s no way I’m getting any work done this week, anyway!

    My question — even though it’s a stretch that you’ll be able to answer before I cruise — I am cruising alone, any tips on finding that secluded deck chair or quiet spot to meditate and relax??

    Would the deck above the bridge be a good spot — does that area have deck chairs? (I’ve just looked at deck maps!)

    I’ve also seen conficting info — does the Triumph have the “Serenity” adults-only relaxtion areas?

    (Don’t worry — I have friends :), and I look forward to my table of 8 at late dining to meet new people… just wanted some time all to myself, to think about nothing, to recover from a recent divorce, and to do ONLY what I wanted to do…)

    I’m cruising the Triumph out of Galveston on 1/12/2012.

    Thanks so much for your time and best wishes!

  120. Lindy Gohmert says:

    Hello – I emailed you last week regarding the chef’s table and wanting to make a reservation for 14 of us. Please respond as soon as possible so that we can confirm this request. Thank you very much,
    Lindy Gohmert

  121. Tricia says:

    John.. I’ll be honest.. I’m frustrated. I can’t read these security words or it says they are wrong. I just want a reservation at the chef’s table. On the Miracle sailing Apr 2nd. For 2. Please contact me for details. This is my 3rd attempt.

  122. Em Lopata says:

    Was on the Valor December 21 to January 1st. The staff was fabulous. Quit worrying about the staff. Very very disappointed in food selection. Meat loaf on a cruise? Really? If I want that, I will stay at home. I was going to take a Carnival Cruise in March but now….don’t think so. People come for the food! Get it together higher uppers – administrators.

  123. Deborah Dunn says:

    January 13, 2012


    Sorry, but I do think James looks better in the purple dress. However, no one can tell the “Bedtime Story” like you……..you rock it!!!!!!!! John, again, I’m the one that told you my husband and I cheated on Carnival. What a joy it was to meet you on the Conquest. Sadly, we missed you on the Magic. However, James did you proud. I would like to comment on something I never realized or truly never thought of before. While on the Magic (Nov 27th 2011) we met the greatest assistants to James, Lonnie from Australia, Christian from England, Eli from New Zealand (my husband wouldn’t let me bring him home), Nathan and Andrew from PA, USA, Stephanie from Canada ,and please forgive me a very nice girl (that left the ship) that told everyone she was Asian in their play, and last but of my God not least Calvin from Canada the assistant cruise director. While on the cruise we are always so focused on how much fun these individuals are creating for us and having with us. We talk to them about their families and what ships they will be on next. Not until the Magic did I realize just what a family they are. While waiting for platinum guests to leave the ship, On of the crew (from James’ staff was leaving) there were tears and hugs and you could tell how hard it was for them; I cried myself. I guess what I’m trying to say is that those of us that see ourselves as part of the Carnival family should just think about how hard they truly do work for us and take the time to recognize them for it; in person and in pen. Oh yes, there wasn’t a day on the trip that we didn’t see at least 3 or 4 of the above individuals, they made the cruise great. I do have a question……….did you know Calvin is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My husband and I always have dinner in the supper club, and the supper club on the Magic was UNBELIVEABLE! To our delight we were waited on by Victoria and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone to do a finer job. Another surprise was the MD Drago. We always check the dining room to see where our table is and sure enough we were in a booth. When Drago asked me how he could help me, I just pointed to my husband (close to your size) and told me that will not fit in a booth. Needless to say Drago not only took care of it, we got the first table ever by the window. Every single night Drago stopped by our table. One night my soup was a little cool, the head waiter Troy from Costa Rica ( which by the way was the best we have ever had) told Drago and he told me he would have me a new one the next night (only because I didn’t want then) and he is a man of his word…………..the soup was there and it was hot. Sadly for us, we found that Victoria and Drago are married and will be going to the Liberty so we will not see them in Aug 2012. The two assistant waiters we had were very good, Imade from Indonesia and Dragaa from Serbia. I must tell you that I have never seen anyone work as hard as Dragaa; this man is all over the place. As I told Drago………we hope to soon see Dragaa move up in position. We appreciated his hard work.

    On this trip we celebrated my husband retiring after 40 years in one industry. I ordered a cake from the “Candy Shop” for dinner and it didn’t arrive: no big deal. The next day I spoke with Eva and Dirna at the “Candy Shop – Cherry on Top” and found the cake had been delivered to the steakhouse; again, not a problem. Eva and Dirna took care of the problem and had another cake delivered. However, when it came it was much larger than what I had paid for. We had cake, the waiters had cake, the people at the next table had cake and the room steward had cake…………that wouldn’t happen at the Holiday Inn.

    Augstina from Indonesia was our room steward and Tomas was his assistant. Augstina was great. No matter how many times I asked him not to make my bed after I took a nap, he would make it. Augstina knew every name on the first day. Everyday his smile started your day. Augstina was the most outstanding steward we have ever had. My husband and I have already book the same room for August 2012, and hope that Augstina will still be on the Magic.

    John, there is one last person I would like to tell you about, his name is Szabolcs, from Hungary, and he worked in the dining areas on the Lido deck. Szabolcs is one of those people that you might not notice if you weren’t looking. Szabolcs was always doing his job, he always said something to us everyday as he picked up the dishes from our meal. When I ask him for his name I think he thought I was upset about something until I told him how much it had meant to us that he had taken time out of his day to speak to us. After all, I hope as guests on their ship we never forget how hard they work for us to enjoy ourselves.

    Have a wonderful day with your family John, and thank you and your Carnival family for all they do for us. See you in Aug 2012 on the MAGIC.

    Deborah and James Dunn
    Carrollton, Texas

  124. Kyle Belt says:


    I enjoy reading your blog/posts over the past 7 or so months. I find them very entertaining, and informative. I am part of a group of 5 that will be on the Splendor, February 5th through the 12th. With just 19 days to go, I am getting more excited each day that passes by. This will be my first cruise ever. I know it’s going to be a fab time, on vacation, with friends, not having a care in the world! Thank you for everything that you do!

  125. Kathy Miller says:

    John, I hope we are not disappointed before we even board the Dream. Our Matre D on the Fasination a couple of months ago told us about the Chefs table. He told us he made reservations for four. Now I find out this has not been done. I have sent you two e-mails. I am hopeful you will be able to secure four places for my husband and I and the other couple we are traveling with.

  126. Cathy Richard says:

    Hi John,
    You told me to remind closer to our cruise date about doing something special for my husband since its our anniversary February 11. You will be our cruise director on the Magic sailing date of February 4th…can’t wait to meet you…love your blog, I annoy my friends with some of your quips..lol Our room number is 9475 on vista deck.

  127. jean potts says:

    MAGIC Feb. 26th 2012 Is there any way our cabin for 3 can get a 3rd chair on our extended deck so the 3 of us can enjoy the ambiance? I am 75 and need comfort. My daughter is 53 and is fighting bone cancer and needs comfort and my granddaughter is celebrating her 21 st birthday and noone should be reduced to discomfort on this new ship. I did not get any satisfaction via a phone call. Cabin # 9479 ~ and I remember chaise lounges? What happened? thanks a bunch. John! we want YOU to be cruise director one more time…

  128. Cykeira Husain says:

    Dear John:
    What exactly is the duty of the Captain and Bridge Officers to the passengers in time of crisis? From what I have seen in the news they have been the FIRST to jump ship at the first sign of danger, Captain Francesco Schettino is only one of many examples! Is it NOT a sacred maritime tradition that the Captain is the LAST to leave a ship in crisis? You do know I can cite numerous examples in maritime history of the Captain and Bridge Officers going down with the ship as part of their commitment to their duty. Do you not expect this from your crew? Do you even have the courage to post and answer this?
    Cykeira Husain

  129. virginia anderson says:

    John we would like to cruise on the Magic sometime in Mid September or early October but need room 7270 for my 88 year old aunt. I believe that is the only handicapped suite. Can you please let me know when that room is next available. She can not walk so we need wheelchair accessable. Thank you
    Virginia Anderson
    I have been told they often do not list the handicapped rooms online.

  130. Patty Lanning says:

    Hi John,
    We are traveling on The Magic March 12, 2012 and when I reviewed the 2012 Cruise Director Schedule it states “James Ch on 03/04 / John Heald”. What does this mean? Can you confirm who will actually be the CD? we’re hoping it’s you!


  131. Chris says:

    Hi John,

    Will the Superbowl be broadcasted on the big screen on Lido Deck on the Liberty? Will there be typical superbowl appetizers served (Chips, Salsa, Buffalo Wings, Chili, etc?). I am really looking forward to this and I hope Carnival makes it a special night. Go Patriots!

  132. Paula Horinek says:

    Hi John,
    I’m interested in the Chef’s table for 5 people on June 7, 2012. Is this time available?

    Thank you

  133. Heddy Racinowski says:

    Looking for a reservation at the Chef’s Table sailing on the Dream….leaving on Jan. 28th.

  134. Julie Lord says:

    Sorry for the double post! I just noticed on our reservation that we have been booked into a handicapped room. I can only imagine that there are very few of these on the ship… and as young able bodied people, the thought of taking this room from somebody who might NEED it to cruise makes me feel horrible. What is the best way to go about switching this or somehow “earmarking” our reservation in case someone else needs this stateroom? Thanks for your advice John 🙂

  135. Steven says:

    Hi John,

    Someone has already posted on your Facebook wall about the review that was done of the Chef’s Table on the Carnival Dream by Alicia

    D’Amico. That was actually a subset of the full review of the cruise that I wanted to bring your attention too. The review itself is

    an extremely fair look at the Dream in my opinion and includes some outstanding photography of the Dream and her features.

    Carnival Dream Picture Review, December 10th-17th, 2011

    I know how much you dislike actually following links on Cruise Critic most of the time (an I promise there is no Heald bashing in

    this thread) so I have gone through most of it to highlight some comments I think should be brought to your attention. I’m doing

    this because: 1) since a few months before this cruise, Alicia met on our CC roll call and have become good friends; 2) there are

    numerous comments that say people are buying Spa upgrades, Chef’s Table reservations and even considering Carnival for the first

    time; and 3) everyone else seems to ask you to do something special for whatever reason, I figure why can’t I ask you to do

    something nice for my friend. 

    At the very least, I hope you are on the Carnival Breeze on her Inaugural US sailing on 11/24/2012 and have the opportunity to seek

    out Alicia and tell her personally what a bang up job she did with the review and the imagery. I also don’t think it would be bad to

    tread her and her partner Latanya to a night in the steakhouse, or something else just to say, “Thanks for making Carnival look so

    Good!” I must admit, I’m a bit biased here, but I think that would be a fantastic gesture.

    Oh, by the way, my wife and I will be sailing on the Breeze on 12/8/2012 (we are unable to make the inaugural) and I hope that you

    will still be on board and we get a chance to meet you as well.

    Here are some of the comments from the review:

    “After your fantastics shots from the spa, I just know we are going to have to spend some time there!” –Jeff (JL&Fam)

    “I have been at bit nervous as we usually cruise on Princess however, taking the two children has us choosing Carnival. This review

    is putting my mind at ease!” –sunseeker04259

    “back on Cruise Critic trying to figure out our next cruise with our family and you are making a great sale.” –teamkern

    “I just called and upgrade to the spa room” “I happen(ed) upon your review, and now I have upgraded from a 1A to a 4S less than 24

    hours later” –mel (barefoot_cruiser)

    “I have read mostly negative reviews about the Dream. Reading your review and seeing the great pictures has made me feel better

    about sailing on her.” –Jerry & Lisa


    “Carnival should use your photos on their website , truly lovely!” –-kim (brazilgirl)

    “we’re looking at the Dream in May and this is definitely swaying me to book.” –scottsgal

    “Carnival and the excursion companies owe you a bundle! Thanks alot for all your hard work on this! It is very much appreciated.” –


    “Prior to getting on the ship, Steve and Kim had sold me on the idea of Chef’s Table” –
    (ok, this is me shamelessly drawing attention to the fact hat I sold Alicia on the Chef’t Table)

    “you are definitely making me rethink the Chef’s Table. My husband and I are foodies ie. WE LOVE TO EAT!! I was thinking the $75pp

    may not be worth it but I’m definitely rethinking it.” –KrystalWaters

    “We thought about doing the Chef’s Table and looks like we missed a great event. DW and I will definitely do that on the Breeze!”

    Randy & Kimberly (rtw68)

    “after showing the Chef Table photos to my husband he has told me to make sure I attempt to make a reservation for it.” –AdobeRN

    “With your review of the chefs table you got me hooked! Next year on the breeze I must do this (and for sure visit the spa…)” –Cashya

    “You’ve sold me on the Chef’s Table. I’m going to request to book it for my hubby’s birthday. He watches a ridiculous amount of

    Food Network and the Cooking Channel, he’ll love it!” –Melissa (beebold)

    “You have for sure sold the [Chef]’s Table and the Spa to me” –Chris & Tim (ccodcruzer)

    “I have never sailed Carnival, but we are considering it for the future.” –jenseib

    “Please Please don’t stop writing reviews. we are 76 and 86 and because of you we upgraded to a spa cabin on our Jan. 7 2012 cruise

    and had a wonderful time (my arthritis even loved it)” –dotheyes

    “Honestly I have NEVER EVER had a desire to book a cruise w/ Carnival…I mean the thought has not even ran through my head…EVER.

    Your review has actually changed my mind. The food looks quite delicious, the ship nice and spacious, etc… Great job!” –sarahc78

    “I was NEVER one to think the Chef’s Table was a good idea….TOTALLY changed my mind on that one.” –Winterstale

    • Kimberly says:

      Oh, I agree! Add me to the (long) list of people inspired to 1) book a cruise on the Dream vs. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and 2) to book a night at the Chef’s Table. Alicia’s review is brilliant.

    • Carla says:

      I agree with Steven her review was AWESOME and the pictures OUT STANDING I was on the Dream in March 2011 and did the Chefs Table it was GREAT and her pictures brought back the whole expierence if I had not done the Chefs Table before her pictures would sell me on it. I LOVED ALL her pictures and her honesty about thier time on the Dream. I hope you can do something special for her and her partner for thier Breeze cruise. 1 word for her pictures and review AWESOME!!!!

  136. elaine says:

    is it me or does the 2012 CD list only go 1/2 thru the year?

  137. Robert Walker says:

    John, Sorry to hear you won’t be joining us on the Bon Voyage trip out of Galveston next week, but I am excited that you will be joining us in Jamaica. As requested, my cabin number is 9259. Look forward to meeting you and thanks for the warm syrup…:)
    Looking forward to my cruise on the Magic next week out of Galveston! You are the CD on the Magic starting the 5th, right? Don’t forget the warm syrup on the lido breakfast buffet. See you on the 5th and let’s pray for NO FOG!!! THANKS!!!!

    John Heald I wish it was in my power to warm up syrup but thanks for the reminder because I should ask the Chef again about that. Send me your cabin number next week mate and have a brilliant time. Cheers

  138. 5Waldos says:

    Both you and Butch are scheduled to be onboard the Magic the last week of March. Will you be co-CDs? Is something exciting going on that we don’t know about? What gives?

  139. Carnival Pride Cruiser says:


    Regarding “Green Thunder”:

    Funny you should ask, but yes, kids do still play Monopoly… Or as my kids refer to it “Monarcolepsy”. They love it, and have several scheduled, annual games. Their rule is that anyone who falls asleep has to pay the other players (sibling rivalry never sleeps) $50 each in order to go to bed. Said player then takes his/her cards and assets to bed with them for safe keeping. The game resumes in the morning. As my youngest has learned, it is easier to steal the money back in the morning – with interest and a nod to fictional Capitalism- than it is to try an win after ten hours of play.

    It provides hours of entertainment when you are not involved. A parents dream.

    Love your blog.

  140. Elizabeth Murray says:

    Hi, Any suggestions as to where we could stay and leave our car that would get us to the port by 10:30am? The early hour seems to be a problem. My grandson is getting married 4/28/2012 on Carnival. They said we had to be there by 10:30am?

  141. Beth says:

    We just got off the Valor Sat, and they do not carry t-shirts with the ships name on it. In Nov. I wasn’t able to get one on the Ectasy either Are they not carrying those t-shirts anymore? Had a super cruise, but did miss not being able to get my t-shirt my last 2 cruises. Thanks for any info. Beth

  142. Darlene Boecker says:

    I was reading about the “Chef’s Table” that is offered on the Triumph. I am sailing with a friend on Feb 18th-23rd, 2012. How can I book this for a party of 2? Thank for any input and help.

  143. Whitney Bruniera says:

    Hi John-
    I read on the forums that you are the guy to ask about getting a table for two in the dining room. My husband and I are cruising for our anniversary and don’t want to do the whole group table this time. We are scheduled for anytime dining so I was just wondering if you had any suggestions for getting a table for two. Should we just request it and wait each night? Will it significantly increase our wait time?. Thanks for your help.

  144. Cory Beal says:

    John, I’m currently sitting in lido deck cafeteria on the Magic. I just hip checked a blue haired old lady for this table and since I can’t find my family ( and there is no way I’m losing this table ) I decided to write you a question ( also because I don’t want to mortgage my home for Internet usage ). I’m using my iPad so excuse the writing and poor grammar, I’ve read some of your blogs and while funny, for the people who perfected our English language you seem to be able to butcher grammar pretty well so I know you won’t mind.
    Enough pleasantries on to my question. How does one become an actual cruise director? Realizing you get this question to the point of exhaustion let me rationalize it for you. I am 35 and love to entertain. When I was 7 when asked what I wanted to do I would say stand up comedian with certainty. That dream never manifested the way I thought. Instead I’ve worked with high school kids for 15 years as a Disneyland entertainer (centered on family vacation wigsh fulfillment), high school drama teacher and camp program director. I sailed with you in 2009 and I was an awe ( not of you necessarily ) but of your job. I’m not sure if it was one of your “bits” or legitimate but I sailed with Dick Little. If that WAS one of your bits you are indeed a genius, if not one of your bits then you HAVE to have remembered him.
    My assumption is that you must work your way through some sort of ranks to be given over the reigns to thousands of people’s vacations. But in some cases I thought it might be an audition kind of thing as well. My previous experience has basically been a cruise director on land, also hosting banquets, and performing on stage both scripted and improv material.
    Do you by chance do a cruise director for a day program like take your kid to work day? Do you have a reality show in the works called “I think I could do that” in which I could be a contestant? In any case I think I would make a great cruise director and want you to crush my dreams if I should have started this when I was 25 and am now to old to make my way through the Carnival ranks.
    I have no idea if this will reach you or if you will read this. I still have not found my family and I keep getting dirty looks as I have now sat in this booth by myself with a cup of coffee while they hover like vultures for a place to sit. The looks might also be because, like you, I am sitting in the restaurant in my underwear and nothing else. It’s MY vacation right? It would be an honor to get a response from you, you truly have my dream job. Heres to hopping for a chance to helping people enjoy and have the best vacations ever on Carnival!

    • Rita presnell says:

      If you were rude enough to ” hip check” a little old lady for a table then you do not have the personality to be a cruise director. They have to be nice!

  145. Kevin Bruce says:

    Is there any truth about a certain card you can purchase that will allow you to purchase drinks aboard the ship?

    • SUSAN says:

      It is called your sail and sign card:)

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Kevin, you may be talking about the fountian drink sticker you can buy. If you get it you can go to any bar show your sign and sail card with your sticker. And tell them what soft drink you want. You can getas many as you can drink over the cruise. But it’s just for you not anyone else with out the sticker on their card.

  146. Joel Flewellen says:

    John, I won a trivia contest on facebook and you told me to quote your post. I am sailing on the Ecstasy March 3, 2012. Thank you very much!

    John Heald ‎@joel Flewellen- i missed that so sorry. Congratulations, you win the package. Make sure you quote this to me 2 weeks before you sail the next time mate and brilliant job.
    6 hours ago · Like

  147. Kevin Boerio says:

    Hello, John

    I was wondering if you can help me and my girlfriend out with something. I and my girlfriend have just got off the Carnival Imagination that sailed out on Jan 23, 2012 and came back on Jan 27, 2012.While we where on this 4 day cruise that went to Key West and to Cozumel. We had faced some poor, bad guest service that the guest service department does not want to even or willing to give us any kind of assistive to want to now to return to sail with Carnival again for our next up coming cruise we want to take.

    Please know that I have always liked Carnival and we have always for the most part enjoyed all our sailing that we have had with your company. I have only had just one issue in the past with a sailing in 07.But, the rest of my sailing that we all have had with your company where full of fun and very enjoyable. But, I feel that Carnival should at least be willing to give me and my girlfriend some kind of 10 % discount off our next sailing that we do or offer us a bon voyage pack in our state room to make us want to return to sail with you guys again after what happen to us while we where on board this ship. Because, I feel this is the least that your company can do to truly say that they are truly sorry for what happened to us both while we where on this sailing.

    We had issues with the spirit dinning room’s staff ever night with them not willing to listen to us and respecting us and some of them made very rude and insulting comments to us while we where dinning. They at times nightly ignored us and made us wait nightly to take our orders, made us wait 45 min to get or bring us our food and we nightly the last people served even though we ordered our meals before others got seated or came to dinner. On top of that a head hostess took it on her self to order and make special meals for me that I did not ask for or request and told her that we where fine with the Vegan meals offered on the normal dinning room menu. But, nightly I was brought 4 start vegan dishes and 4 main vegan dishes I never ordered or asked for. When I told them I can not eat this food and never requested it. Our waiter made a rude comment telling me and her that I and my girlfriend. Where just ungrateful and should be thankful for this food and eat what was put in front us and what was special made for us.

    Then he said that they came from poor countries and that if this food was made special for them that they would be expected to eat it and not complain. I like sir I am ungrateful or unthankful for this food you made for us. But, there is no way we can eat all this and we never requested it and did not want it. Said we already told you all this, told the head hostess head and waiter and not to order anything special for us and that we where fine with what was on the main menu at dinner. At that point he made a scene in the dinning room which causes everyone to start to look at us and take notice. I like sir, please; I have a band on my stomach. Can you please just take this food back and please do not bring me anything special or order me anything without asking me what I want first, please. He then made another comment and everyone was looking us. It was total embracement to us both and we both feel so ashamed we had to get up and walk out of the dinning room. I have never been so publicly humiliated in my life.

    The final issue was how the bar staff where allowed in the main dinning rooms and asking guests if they wanted to buy alcohol ever 2 min. It was also annoying that we where hounded by the pool daily. I counted one day that me and her where asked a total of 45 times in 30 to hour a min to buy drink. This made our cruise totally miserable and unpleasant. So I do not know if you can help us and if you can help us. Because, the guest relationship department all they did is apology for this bad and behavior.

    But, I feel that Carnival should be at least be willing to give us either a 10% off our next sailing with them, some kind of nice gift in our state room or both should be offered to us to make up for this bad sailing for the next sailing that we might want to book with you to make us want to return. Because, right now if Carnival is not willing to do at least something for us to make up for this. I am afraid that I and my girlfriend will be taking our money then else where and sail with another cruise line that will not treat us like this and value us as their guest. Because, I do not think that what I am asking Carnival Cruise lines to do for us to make us want return again to you, is it? It’s not like I am asking for a full refund for my cruise. Just something to say I’m sorry for the poor and bad service that you got on your vacation.

    • darlene beth ashworth says:

      Please, before you write a blog to complain about the AWESOME cruise line Carnival…..spell correctly.
      I have sailed 14 plus times and it has been amazing……

    • Stace says:

      They really tried to “push” alcohol on you 45 times in a thirty minute period? Wow- I couldn’t get that service sitting right at a bar 🙂 That being said, I enjoy the drinks being offered by the pool and in the MDR. I also have to agree with the other poster that grammar and spelling are key- so that we can better understand the underlying concern. I am still not sure exactly what the complaint is- is it that special and exceptional meals were prepared for you without you asking for them or that the pool and dining (one n) room staff were just too darn attentive?

      • Hi Tek says:

        If you don’t want to be bothered about drinks, ask a server for a couple of napkins and put them down in front of you. It signals to other waitstaff that you have ordered and not to ask you.

  148. Debbie Taylor says:

    Please reply

    Hi John,

    Are they offering the Chef’s table on the June 3 sailing of the Breeze? If so may I have a reservation for two on the night of June 7. my booking number is 390JZ8


  149. Carol Patterson says:

    How do I book 6 people for Chef’s Table for Sunday March 11, 2012?

    • Tracy Bailey says:

      I am trying to do this as well and might have gotten bad information.
      Were you successful and how did you do it?
      Tracy Bailey
      Jul 8 2012 Magic

  150. Gene Case says:

    I like tuxedos, but I have noticed that guests frequently assume I am with the waitstaff when I wear one!

  151. darlene beth ashworth says:

    John, I have sailed with Carnival multiple times. I do not want to sail with anyone else. Why do they not offer the shared cabin for singles anymore. I have taken multiple cruises with my family and alone (way back then) but now that is not the case. Why should we have to pay double just because we are single now?????

  152. Ms. Kyle Carter says:

    We are trying to get some global awareness on an Anne Frank Wall project we are going to be doing with some of the 8th grade Language arts classes. We would like to see if we could get some patrons or even some cruise staff to help us out by taking a picture with the diary of Anne Frank from different places around the world (which we thought was a perfect idea with cruises stopping at different port of calls). As well a small statement about “How you life/thoughts in life were changed after reading the “Diary of Anne Frank” and/or learning about her life. Thanks!

    • Ms. Kyle Carter says:

      Wow my apologies on the typos. “How your life/ thoughts about life changed after reading the “Diary of Anne Frank”?

  153. Kevin Boerio says:

    I’m sorry, for any major spelling errors or bad grammar in my last post. But, I’m have and am dyslexic and I have major learning disabilities. So sometimes, I do not type as well as other do or I do not see all my mistakes others may see in my typing. So forgive me for my mistakes.

    But,before I post anything normally on the net, I always do a spell and check all my grammar on Microsoft word. But it doesn’t always get everything.

    But, I do the best that I can with my disabilities. I wish people would stop harping on them and pointing them out to me. Because, there is nothing, I can do about them. To answer your questions and understand all the things that happened to us. There were several issues that happened to us that made us very upset.

    The first thing was, how ever night that me and my girlfriend went to dinner in the Spirit dinning room. We where made to wait over 45 min to get waited on, to have our order taken from the dinning rooms staff, even though we were the first ones in the dinning room and to be seated and have our order taken.

    The second issue that made us mad: Is how after we did order our meals. It took them for ever to bring them to us or how we had to always chase them down or repeatedly ask where our food was or even to refill our drinks. Which is not like Carnival.

    The third issue was, on the first night of our cruise. We had the head hostess of the Spirit dinning room. Come over to our table the first night and ask us. Because she saw on our booking. That we both where Vegan and she wanted to know if we wanted to order off the Indian vegan meals or if we were happy with what was on the main menu for the vegan options.

    We told her that first night that, we were both happy with the main menu and that all the vegan options that were offered on the main menu,where fine.Told her the first night, there was no need to make us any special meals or order us anything special, and we asked her that night. If she could please remove the special requested that was put on to our booking that we did not request in the first place. She told us that she would do it and she never did remove the special request off our booking.

    She then every night that we went to dinner took it on her self to order us meals that she thought we would like without speaking to us or asking what we wanted.

    The fourth issue was, how when the dinning room staff took our orders.They never brought us what we had truly ordered and only brought us all the special meals that the hostess ordered for us. Which caused a major issue for us.

    So,when we finally got our food it was to much and not what we had ordered. When I asked our waiter. What was all this food from and we did not order it.Asked him where is what we order. He told us this was the special meals that the you both of you requested. I politely said, Sir, we explained to you all and everyone the first night at the first dinner that we were fine with the vegan options that were on the main menu and please not to order for us anything or make us any special meals for us without speaking to us.

    This is when he made a rude comment to us. Saying that we were being ungrateful to them and the staff for all of the special attention that we were receiving on board and that we both should just eat what the kitchen had made and the hostess ordered for us.

    I told him nicely, Sir, I am thankful and grateful. But, I did not request this food or this to be done for us. Can you please take all this food back that we did not order and please bring us what we did order?

    That is when he made another rude comment: You’re just ungrateful and I come from a poor country and if I had all this food brought to me and put in front of me. I would have to eat it and I would be expected to eat it.

    He said this very loudly and everyone in the Spirit dinning room heard him and turned around and started to look at us both and stare at us. Which publicly then humiliated us both, this is then we asked to speak to the dinning room manager.

    I explained to him nicely that we did not order or ask for all this food and explained that the hostess took it on her self to order for us without speaking to us first. He said he would take care of it and he never did. So, every night, we kept on getting all this extra food sent to our table that we did not ask or request for. So now I you all understand why we are upset?

    The fifth issue was: yes, how the bar staff was way to pushy and allowed to be in the main dinning room to sale drinks. Now on other sailing that we both had taken with you and that I know of on the two other sailings I took with you. The bar waiters where not so aggressive in pushy in saling drinks to people on board or they where not allowed in the main dinning room.But,if they where, then we did not notice them or pay much attention to them. But, on this sailing and I and my guest were not the only guest that were all complaining or saying that on this sailing. The bar staff was way to aggressive and being way to pushy to push people to buy drinks on people on this ship. So to answer your question: Yes, we were asked 45 times in an hour by ethier the same staff or one coming behind them if we wanted to buy any drinks. In our view this became way too pushy and and very annoying for us.

    Being we are not drinkers.We only drink soically. Now if you or other people are drinkers. Then that is more power to you all. But, to us non-drinkers, being asked constantly to buy any drinks. Does after a while get on your last nerve. There are only some many times you or anyone can say nicely, no thank you!

    The sixth issue was: How I fell and hurt myself on the boat the last night.There was no crew around in the main buffet area to help me when I fell at night. So, I go hurt really bad and it happened on the lido deck near the all night ice cream bar. Because, no crew was around to look after it and make sure that no small kids where not making messess and they where melting ice cream all over the floor and into the public walk ways.

    I fell,because, these small kids who where very young where just allowed to get on deck chiars and get their own ice cream without any crew member being there or adult to supervise them. So, that thier wasn’t any ice cream on the floor so no one would fall on the floor.Because of the melted ice cream and cause someone to slip and fall. After I got up from my fall, I went to the guest service desk to let them know. I fell and that I was upset with thing that went wrong on this sailing and I wanted to report to them that I fell and that we both where very upset with the dinning rooms staff for them not listening to us and for them making a public sense and making us wait every night to get waittied on or our food. But, all they did is repost about how we where upset with the dinning staff in the spirit dinning room, but they did not report that I fell. I thought I was ok. But, I woke up the next mooring and we both where getting ready to disembark, as I got out of bed.I felt a major pain in my side and could not walk at all to get out of bed or walk to get off the ship. But, I did it very slowly. So, when I got home off the palne and got home. I went straight to the hospital and they told me I sprained my hip and pulled a hamstring in my leg. This why I was hurt and why I and her now upset and mad, I hope that this clears things up for you all.

    Now do not get wrong I do like Carnival and I and my guest always enjoy ourself. When we are on board. I am also am very thankful that the staff tried to go out of their way to make sure we where happy.But, they kind of went a little over board and when they failed to understand us or follow or request it lead to us being upset and how we fell now.

  154. mike beeler says:

    Hi John, my wife and I are platinum members, and I would like to know how to order hat pins from all the ships. I have a few of them but not all. I would at least like to get a platinum hat pin. I asked on the New Year’s cruise aboard the Fantasy but they couldn’t help me. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike Beeler

    • Tracy H says:

      I have picked up some of the ones I am missing on ebay!

      • Carl Rice says:

        Hello, Pins you can call customer service and get them. I have got the ones im missing from them.

        • Rick Williamson says:

          I just got an email back from custmer serives about the pins she said them will no longer be leaving them on your bed. But you will soon be able to buy them in the gift shops.

          • Rick Williamson says:

            When I was on Ecstasy in April I found them in the gift shop. Now it will be only for the ship you are on. And they are about 50%bigger then the ones you have been getting. And seems like they were for sale for $4.99.

  155. Oliver Davila says:

    I’m currently on the Magic cabin #2295. Can you wish her a happy birthday on your morning show on Saturday? She turned 27 yesterday on Wednesday. We went to the Steakhouse and they sang her a sweet happy birthday.

  156. Lanelle Johnston says:

    How do you make a reservation on your blog for a client to dine on 10/30/12 at the Chef’s Table?

  157. Ed Bell says:

    Hello John, just read ladies comment about worker overboard. There was not a thing on cruise critic at 11:35 EST about the man working at the time. Where people get some of their info is mind blowing. Upset, mad, your fault, lawsuit? Another issue, I think that a lot of these letters demanding something for nurse’s, cops, wine snobs,etc are all about getting a kick out of annoying people on facebook. I think if the letters are from past passenger’s you can’t confirm than maybe you should ignore most of them. I’ve read “cruise critic” for a long time, they even had a snail mail issue at one point. And long before your blog there was always a Carnival bias which I never understood. Best wishes and keep up the excellent work.

  158. Erica Evans says:

    I hope you are feeling lots better by our cruise March 4th! Whenever my husband complains about a pain I’ll have to remind him about the child birth. Oh and my baby will be celebrating her 9 month birthday Monday on Carnival Magic and my husbands and I’s 12 year anniversary will also be celebrated in March. Maybe something special can be set up. We are in cabin 2259. Can’t wait to see what kinds of fun stuff yall have planned for us!

    • Rick Williamson says:

      What do you want Lady? A loaded dipper? Why does everyone on here think they have to be given something just because of this or that has happened to me? Enjoy your vacation and let it go at that!

  159. Dale E. Bond says:

    John. this is Dale Bond and i just wanted to share this with someone. on nov 21st of 2011 we had scheduled a cruise abord the paradise it was a 4 day to mexico. we had came to Long beach a day early so that my wife could see her cousin.there was a little circus in the downtown aera. we had our two grand children with us for the cruise. so to kill time we went to the circus vargus. came out 30 min later to put money in the meter and our truck was gone. along with our luggage, passports and boarding documents camras everything was gone. we had my son fax our birth certs to us at the hotel. my wife sent me to the long beach airport to rent a car. and when i returned to the hotel we all went to wallmart. my Wife outfitted all of us in about an hour a half. the next morning we arived at the paradise went over to the VIP check in. my wife was spent. the lady at the desk looked at her and asked what was wrong? Sheri told her what had happened. and the very nice lady told My wife don’t worry hon we will take of You now! and had someone take her and the kids on board the ship. and told me to take the rental car back to the airport and handed me my sail and sign card. when i returned the rental car there was a buss from the paridise to take me back to the ship. on captain’s nite the cruise director stopped me in the hallway and asked if i was Dale Bond? i said yes what did Logan(my grandson)do now? He told me that the Captain would like to see me. The captain introduced Him self and shook my hand with both hands and said that if there was anything Carnival could do to make our trip any more enjoyable to let him or the cruise diiector know. and maybe forget about it for a few days. That made me feel so much better. for him to take the time to find me and my family and to care what we were going through.Thank You Carnival.for hirring such compassionate people. you have customers for life. my Wife is a platinum member, i will be my next cruise, and my 9 year old grandson (we ar raising) is a gold member now thanks again John. Carnival is now a part of our extended family

  160. Deborah Dunn says:

    Hey John, This is Deborah Dunn that has never cheated on you with RC again. My husband and I are thinking about taking the Spirt to Hawaii and then on to the repositioning cruise. Can you tell me what the shore excursions will be in Austrilia will be I cannot find them anywhere.

    Thanks so much.

  161. Mike Ballash says:

    Hi John,
    My wife Laurie and I recently completed our 13th Carnival cruise on the Carnival Destiny. My two sons joined us to celebrate my 60th birthday. The staff was fabulous, but, three members of the staff were outstanding in our opinion. First off, our server in the Galaxy Dinning Room was fantastic. Her name is Margarita and she is from Slovakia. A great young lady that saw to all of our dinning needs. She even arrainged for us to have Creme Brule on Elegant night. The other two fabulous crew members are name I Made. One was our cabin steward, cabin 6352, and the other was a server at the Lido pool area. Any request to either of these two fine young men was immediately fulfilled. While we have had many good encounters with staff on our previous 12 cruises, we have never felt the need to write Carnival until now.
    We certainly appreciated their service and would ask that you pass our praises on to their supervisors.
    Thanks for all you do as well,
    Mike & Laurie Ballash

  162. Cindy Peters says:

    Hi John –
    I am a new fan of you and your BLOG and wanted to let you know that please don’t worry about those folks that have their panties in a wad about your “tiolet” humor . What is life worth living if you can have fun!! Also panties shoved up your bum is totally uncomfortable so you can’t blame them for being so unhappy. Wonder how they function in the world I’m sure they can never watch the “tele” as you would call it.
    You insites and comments make me laugh out loud and as you know sometimes that commodity is hard to come by.

    Keep up the fun banter! LOVE LOVE to you and your BEAUTIFUL ladies!!!

  163. rosy montes says:

    i mexican riviera, may,06..i just saw in the news that carnival has cancel all excurcion to land in purto de Valletta

  164. Ben says:

    Hello John. This is Ben Chasen, the 11 year old who sang “Rolling in the Deep” during the guest talent show on the Carnival Magic a week ago.

    First of all I would like to thank you for all your support before and after my performance on the Carnival Magic. You made me feel very comfortable on stage, and your encouragement means a lot to me. I thank you very much for posting it on the blog and letting everyone see. You are so funny and I think though the cruise directors on my other Carnival Cruises were great, you are truly the best.

    Second of all I was hoping you could tell Consuela, Allen and the whole Magic Show Band a huge thank you from me. They made me sound like a rock star! From Sunday night at Superstar Live, to the Talent Show, they gave me so much support and made me feel like a super-star! I couldn’t find them after the Talent Show and I really wanted them to know how much it meant to me. I don’t think I could have gotten up there in front of all those people without knowing they were backing me up.

    Third of all, I’d just like to thank the whole crew for what they did to make this cruise magical for my family and me, and so many others. You all really do make me want to be a cruise director when I grow-up!

    I thank you all and hope I see you on another Fun Ship very soon.

    Yours Truly,
    Ben Chasen (The singer at the guest talent show)

  165. Gerald Scott Waggoner says:

    My wife and I have been on three cruises. All Carnival. Wr had the pleasure of meeting you two years ago on the DREAM, its first year. The past two years, we brought large groups with us to experience what Carnival has to offer. After we got home from our cruise last year, I was laid off from form work my second day home. 2 months later, my wife lost her home from a battle with cancer. AMong other struggles we have managed to keep fighting. I have recently started a new job and have been helping my wife with, well even myself trying to understand the loss of her Mother. Anyway I have saved up enough to hpefully go on a cruise again this year. This time on April 16th on the Destiny. April 20th will be our 20th anniversary. I am booking this sailing on Friday. Surprising my wife. I want to thank you for two things. When my wife and I met you two years ago, you told a couple in one of the shows to always make time for each other. I never forgot that. I also want to thank you and Carnival for what you do. You give us memories for a lifetime. Sincerely, Scott

  166. Ed says:

    Hi John
    Have never sent a comment to you before but
    thought i would today. Have been on 15 cruises
    to date and have a 9 day Mexico(shutting down our business and all staff and children are coming along) on March 16 2012.on the Spirit.
    Alaska in May and Hawaii in Sept. That will make it 12 or 13 trips on the Spirit in all
    these cruises I have had little or no problems at all.One bad cabin stewart and that’s it.
    Booked on the Panama from New York in March 2013.
    Carnival has always treated me well and it
    will be strange for me not to hear GOOD MORNING EVERYONE THIS IS STU (LOL).
    Just wanted to tell you and Carnival that I know it’s a huge company to run and for them to do such a great job looking after all their guests ,my hats off to them. Everyone seems to forget all the little things done to make the cruise so much fun.
    Hope one day to meet you . Keep up the great work.

  167. Tamara Levy says:

    Love the Cigar Bar theme!!! Please do what you can to keep it on the Magic!!! My brother would love it on our sailing 4/29!

    Thanks John!!!


    • Tracy Bailey says:

      My husband/family seconds this notion on keeping Cigar Bar Theme! He spends time enjoying cigars and conversation with friendly people and I get to spend more time in the casino!! 🙂

  168. Gary says:

    Hey John,
    Is it true when a ship has the 2.0 upgrade added will the calypso bands and other live bands be replaced with DJ’s


  169. Michael Rebustillo says:

    I need to find out who to talk to about our last cruise some issues I know Carnival needs to know about and address instead of our comments just being pasted as a unhappy cruiser!
    I been cruise for 4 years now 3 of them with Carnival, the Magic on the 3rd March 2012 was the most recent and I need to get you to email me back so we may talk!

    • Kevin Boerio says:

      Hi,Michael Rebustillo
      I totally agree with you about what you said how Carnival just sometimes needs to know about and address issues better then instead of just posting our comments just being pasted as a unhappy cruiser.Because on our sailing we had on the Imagination. We had rude dinning room staff on our sailing that did not understand us, listen to us or our request and made several mistakes and failed to do what we had asked for and made rude,nasty coments to us. On to of that because their was no staff member in the bueffet area to make sure kids where not spilling Ice cream all over the place. I feel and hurt myself. When I went to guest services they only reported my unhappyness with the dinning room staff and the rude coments that where made to us.But, did not report as I said that I had fallen and hurt myself. When I wrote the coprate office all they did was write me a I’m sorry and said they would do better next time and had reported my complants to the department heads. Then said that they would not compate me for my troubles. I like, first off I was not asking for compasation. I was only asking fr a small bonvage gift or if carnival would be willing to offer us 10 % off our next sailing. They have constanly sent me letters from the corpate office saying they are truly sorry,but they will do no such thing. So I completly agree with you and when you say that Carnival has been getting very unwilling to address issues that guest bring to their attention and just lable any complant as a unhappy guest. All I can suggest you do is call guest services and ask to speak to a manger. If the guest services refuesses to tranfefers you to a manger or higher person. I would write and let Carnival know that you will take your money else where.

      • Jeffrey Rotz says:

        Guys, I have been cruising Carnival since 1995. I am on the Magic, my 24th cruise right now. The few times I had a legiamate problem, Carnival has acted. The tim eof giving 10% off your next cruise is gone. The cost of cruises has not really gon eup over the years. can you say that about anything else. We are still paying the same, maybe less for the actual cruise cost then we did in 1995. Yes, it would piss me off if corporate would just ignore my problem, but you can’t expect them to “discount” every time someone whines.
        Happy cruising,
        Chef Jeff

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Try looking at the bottom of the page here and see CCL support. I would click on there and try talkng to them. Or do you have a PVP at Carnival? Then call him or her. They will listen and or put you in touch with a person that should hear what you have to say. But you should get a questionaire by email with in a few weeks of your cruise. Or at least I do. Good luck

  170. Paul says:


    Are you on Magic 3-25?

    • Michael Rebustillo says:

      no on Magic 3-4-2012 to 3-11-2012
      my and probably half the people on the ship I talked to first off said Carnival Magic, had talk shows playing on the pool big screen, no Caribbean music until we hit Jamacia 2 1/2 days from port, I and half the people didn’t even feel they were on vacation until Jamacia, Where were the Steel Drums playing Caribbean music to make people feel in the Caribbean mood?
      other then that and the fact that my 12x12x14 inch cooler that was taken by Carnival on the first day and our friends that traveled with us had the same size cooler that they were allowed to get on board, the cruise was top notch!
      People on a vacation “Do Not” want to watch big screen TV Talk shows while they are sunning themselfs out near the pool heading to the Caribbean! want to watch TV lock your self up in your State Room!

      • Michael Rebustillo says:

        another note: re think the Smoking Area’s from the outside grill to a place away from people that don’t smoke have to stand in line for food in the smoking area!
        the Carnival Magic wonderful beautiful, top Notch, Food Excellent!
        Music? needs a Caribbean Appeal with no talk shows!

    • Rick Williamson says:

      I think the anwser would be no. He was just on there for the bloggers cruise.

  171. valerie valdes says:

    Please, I have not heard about my request for Chefs Table on Breeze sailing JUne 15, 2012..Please advise

  172. Jeffrey Rotz says:

    Good morning Mate!
    As a long time Carnival Cruiser (Cruise 24) I found the entertainment onbosrd the Dream not what I am used to seeing on Carnival. I am actually onboard right now (March 21) and lst nights’s show, however very entertaining, is not the production shows that I am used to seeing on Carnival. Also the comedians have really lost control. I have always attended the late night comedy show and and I am used to the adult style of entertainment. However, Percy (?) I think that was his name really took it way to far with his disrespect towards everyone. At the end of th eshow he promoted his CD/DVD and said he would like to meet everyone, but don’t tell him any jokes that it might offend him. I am very disappointed so far this cruise with the entertainment. John, I miss you and “Wee Jimmy”. and your personal relationship with the guests. I have not seen that in many years.

    Cheers mate!

  173. Tomi Pohlod says:

    I was very upset when we found out that if we didn’t buy the video of our cruise the last day at sea of our cruise we could not buy it online after we got home. It was our first cruise and was not told we could not get a copy later. I think you should be able to buy it up to a month after online and just pay the shipping / tax whatever. Maybe this is something that should be considered. We cruised March 3 – 10 – 2012 Eastern Caribbean on Liberty and loved it !

  174. Cathy says:

    Hi John, Can you tell me if it’s true that on the Carnival Victory they did away with putting the DR menus on the TV in the rooms? Heard that on someone’s review of the ship and can’t imagine why they would remove that feature. I really liked it and found it helpful in making my plans for the day. Thanks, Cathy

  175. Danny says:

    Hello John, I am sure I saw your lovely Range Rover parking in the Pay and Display Bay in Southend On Sea this morning? Was you going for Breakfast, or a stroll along the beach?

  176. Chris Loder says:

    Hey there..We are traveling aboard the Glory over Christmas this year. Does anyone know if they doing anything special for the kids on Christmas Eve/Day?

  177. Tracey Berry says:

    Hello, My husband and I will be cruising on the Liberty from the port of Miami on May 5th 2012. My brother and his wife will be joining us and we wanted adjoining cabins. Would it still be possible? Can not wait!
    Thanks Tracey

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Ask your travel agent or the PVP at Carnival you used. In fact you should have done this when you signed up for this cruise. In fact I was with family members last year on Spirit in Alaska. And THEY ask us if we wanted ajoining rooms when we signed up for that cruise. Hope this helps.

  178. Ebony Witherspoon says:

    Hi John,

    Im sailing on the Destiny, June 2,2012. I submitted a request for the Chef’s Table and I was wondering how far in advance I would receive confirmation.

    Thank you!

  179. Donna Brogni says:

    We just got back from a cruise on Feb 28,2012.We cruised on Freedom.I have to say it was fantastic.The ship was spotless.The crew were out of this world.I have to say the real recognition is to our Maitre D Chubby.He was the head of the Chic Dining room.I have never been on a cruise(and I have been on 9 now)that the MaiterD was at your table everynight to talk to you and ask how is everything,and is there anything I can do for you,he even would pick up dishes.I would see him in the morning upstairs for breakfast and he would come up to you because he would remember you and say GoodMorning and help up there.He is a very compasionte man.The table across from us had an infant and he would play with him and hold him.We travel every Feb 6 people in our group and have never seen the Maitre D until the night befor diesmbarkment so hoping to get a tip from you.Wee Chubby was the only Maitre D on 9 cruises that we all tipped.We have been on 4Carnival Cruises now and Freedom tops them all.For service cleanliness and going out of there way.Our waiter was great his name was Junior.We were at table 613.Hats off to you Freedom.

  180. Donna Brogni says:

    I have to say thank You to the people at Carnival.I got a call from them asking if anyone of us lost a ring?And it turns out my husband did not realize that he lost it.I went and looked and did not have it.I had to describe it and yes its ours.The cruise was in February.It was the Lost and Found dept Bob who called .He said he knew it was real so he made sure we would get it.They only hold thing for 30days.How lucky I was.Thank You Carnival for your room steward being so honest.Freedom was the ship and Nyrad was the steward who found it in room 1027.They are Fed Ex it over night.

  181. Kevin Boerio says:

    First off, let me address something. I find it totally funny. That you all say: People who complain on here are complaining about stupid things. My response to you is how dare you and who are you to judge others. I bet if you got rude service, poor guest service, got ignored or mistreated when you went out or paying for something. I bet ten to one if you went out to eat some where and had major issues happen to you or while on vacation or while eating out. That you all would not tip someone that gave you poor guest services or treated you poorly. In my view if you do, then you are stupid fools and foolish. Because, I sure would not tip someone who treated me poorly, ignored me or made me feel like my business was not welcome.

    Because in my view. Tipping is a reward to someone for a job well done and that went over the call of duty to make me feel like I was a valued guest or special. I for one do not always tip people when I go out to eat. Why, because if a waiter ignore me, does not check on me and my table, refill my drinks or see if I need anything else or makes me wait a long time to take my order or bring me our food. I will not tip them. So you are saying that I am rude. Because, I do not tip all the time, in my view a tip is a reward for good services rendered or given to me.

    So, you people saying that those people who choose to remove their tips from their sign and sail card. You say: That these people are just being rude or inconsiderate to all the workers. Let me first remind you. That tipping anyone is not and has never been a mandatory thing to do. It is only simply a request and nice jester. But, it is not an official state law any where that I know of. Carnival and other cruise lines and many restaurants say this and it is also on their web sight. That is up to the guest to give tips to their workers and it is not required for guest to tip. It also says on Carnivals web sight that is up to the guest to raise or lower the tip at their choosing. But, it does not say it is mandatory or law. So you all acting like it’s an official law is a joke. I find it very insulting that you all assume that it is a law and are getting all worked up this.

    How dare you all come on here and telling other what they should or should not do or how they should tip. How dare you also ease drop into other paying guest business and tell them how they should spend their hard earned money on vacation. You have no right or place to do so. If you want to tip someone or give more to a worker, that is your choice and every right to do so. But, do not sit here and tell others what they should or should not do. You all also need to realize something. That these people who all work on these cruise ships are all get paid top dollar and good money to work on them and they are all getting over the state minimum wage to work on them ships. The waiter’s, bar staff and room attendants all get paid over $10.00, $20.00 or more an hour. I personally know this because; I have spoken to many workers on Carnival ships and many other cruise lines that I have sailed on. So I personally asked them.

    Secondly, I do not disagree with the statement. Some people that work on the cruise lines all do their very best and work very hard to do their jobs. While they are on board the ships. I agree that those workers desire tips and reward excellent services that they gave to guest. Should get them. But, I do not feel that I should reward a worker who has been rude, ignorant to me, ignored me, made many nasty comments to me or my other guest or treated us in an unprofessional way. Then I as a paying guest have every right to remove my tips and give tips to those workers who had treated me in the way I should have been treated.

    Example on our last sailing we had we had some very rude workers that ignored us in the dining room, they never came to our table, when they did they made rude comments to us and brought us food that we never ordered or requested. We also faced some poor guest service people who did not report things correctly that went wrong or did not correct issues that happened to us in a timely fashion and we had to go to the guest services desk nightly to correct major mistakes or issues that were not of our doing. So why should I tip them workers who failed to do their jobs correctly and treated us or me like that or treat us like we were just a number. As far as some guest complaining like I said, they have ever right to complain and let a company or workers know that they are upset or about things happened. How dare you all say that they are being cry babies or complaining about foolish things? Because, I bet ten to one that if these issue happened to you. I know dang well you all will be upset to. So you all have no right to judge or complain. Any way that my insight. But, in my view you all need to grow up and walk in other shoes before you start throwing stones, any how. God bless!

    • Rick Williamson says:

      It may not be law but it IS added to YOUR BILL AUTOMATICLY. This IS policy on most ALL cruise lines and it started 3 to 5 years ago. And the reason was alot of people like you would act like the backside of a ship at dinner. I saw one time a woman refuse a steak dinner before it even hit the table in front of her. Just so she could have a reason to not tip. And our group talked about it after dinner. Amd the feeling was they would not showup the last night for dinner. And sure thing that’s what happened. Just because they were cheep.

      • Rick Williamson says:

        P.S. we DO tip the men and women that serve us during a cruise extra the last night of a cruise. And shake their hands. And we tell them thanks for ALL you did for us.

  182. Kevin Boerio says:

    The last time I checked. Carnival sent out a mass e-mail to all guest and pass guest or new guest informing people that the tip is going up from $10.00 a day to now $12.00 a day for all cruises for service fees to be in line with other curise lines that are sailing. So all workers from the room attentents,bar staff,dinning staff will get more of a tip for the services they give guests. So enless Carnival changed it back to $10.00 a day.Because guest where complaining or not happy. But,last time I checked to book another cruise I wanted to take it was $12.00 a day for tipping not $10.00. Just for everyones information. It also clearly tells everyone this when they look at cruises on the web sight. So if you where taking a 4 day cruise. Instead of it being $40.00 a person per state room it would now be $48.00 per guest. So instead of it being $80.00 for two guest for this sailing. It will be $96.00 for both of them to pay in tips. Just so all know and for those of you complaining that giving tips to the workers is not enough at $10.00 a day. The tiping has gone up. But, that is not required it is still at the guest chosing to tip that ,give more or less. Just for you all information

  183. Marcus says:

    (part 2) Next, there were some issues in the dining room. We were on Your Time dining, which is the only option that I will ever consider again. However, guests should exit the dining room at the rear, not through the front. At peak times, there is a line waiting to be seated, and also large groups who have been waiting with beepers are entering through the same hallway. Guest leaving the dining room at the same time created chaos. Also, we arrived at 8:30 one evening, and were actually rushed through the meal with threats that the kitchen would be closing and that things would be unavailable. Your Time Dining advertises that guest can dine at anytime through 9:30. If 9:30 is the closing time for the kitchen, there needs to be a revamping of the time when guests are required to enter the dining room for service. We did not enjoy being rushed through the meal. And finally, when one of our group was not feeling well enough to join us for dinner one evening, we asked for a bowl of the potato soup that was being served that night. We were denied that request, and told that it was a policy having to do with food temperature. But here’s the problem….. the night before this failure of service, we had been given a bowl of soup to take out from the dining room when another of our party was under the weather. So, someone needs to figure out what the policy actually is. In my opinion, if a guest requests something as simple as food, it should be given immediately and with graciousness. It made several of us quite angry. So, we simply ordered another bowl and took it out ourselves. Later, we even discovered that the same soup was being served on the Lido buffet, which only infuriated us further. This was the only real blemish on the entire cruise, and it could have been so easily prevented.

    Finally, a few quick concerns & suggestions: (1.) Why was the ship position & info channel not available on the Conquest? I have loved having it on my other cruises. Several of our group felt the same way. We like to know where we are in the world, and felt a little discombobulated not having that information easily accessible. (2.) Has there been any consideration of adding the Creme Brulee to the Every Day dinner dessert menu? It was a favorite of everyone in my group, and we would have had it every night had it been an option. (3.) Carnival should consider having the Sail & Sign cards manufactured with a pre-punched hole in the corner so that those of us who utilize a lanyard can easily attach it. I stood in the very long line at Guest Services on embarkation day just to have this done, which required about 15 seconds of time once I got to a staff member. I will bring my own hole punch from now on, but this could easily be built into the manufacturing process, and save a lot of time for both guests & Guest Service staff. (4.) Our room, 1052, was miserably hot. We had people attempt to make things better THREE times before giving up and accepting our fate. We literally had to sleep on top of the bedding, and we were still sweating most nights. Please have the hotel director try to do something to make it better for future guests. Otherwise, some poor folks are going to be discovered one morning either dead from heat stroke or with their meat falling from the bone after actually roasting.

    We are already planning our next cruise with Carnival. Having now sailed on three Carnival cruises in 2.5 years, I can say with absolute certainty that it is easily the most relaxing and stress-free vacation option available.

    • Marcus says:

      (I give up. This is the only way that I seem to be able to get the first part of my comment to actually post to the site. It’s been accepted four other times, but never appeared.)

      Hi, John. Just got back from a week (March 25 – April 1) on the Carnival Conquest with a group of friends, and we had a wonderful cruise. There were 15 of us all together, with three first-timers and one group of four who had sailed previously with Princess, RC, and Disney. I am delighted to report that everyone was thrilled with their experience. As a matter of fact, the family who had sailed with the other lines said that this one was their most relaxing and enjoyable so far! As always, the staff members on the ship were amazing. I would like to draw special attention to a few of them. First, our room steward, Alex, and his team on Panorama Deck port-side were the model of courteous & efficient service. We encountered many staff members in the Renoir Dining Room, but Vitalijs, our bar waiter was especially delightful, and Asyis amazed us by making an origami crane for our six year old. Ivon at the coffee shop did a great job at making perfect mochachinos. Tatjana brought me drinks all the way up on deck 12, saving me the long, hot trip down to the Lido bars, and she did so with a great attitude and humor. Ricardo, one of the team waiters in the Lido buffet, saved our day by entertaining my son with napkin origami. And finally, Matthew in Camp Carnival did a great job with the same six year old, and that is a challenge, as he can be quite difficult due to some developmental delay issues. Of course, there were many other staff members who also deserve special accolade, but I couldn’t keep track of all of their names.

      Having sailed only on Fantasy class ships previously, I loved the larger showers. And the towels & bedding were once again better than those found in most hotels. My wife enjoyed having a large number of room stewards present for the towel folding class, as it was tremendously helpful to have them give personal attention when help was needed. And she LOVED the Behind the Fun tour. In addition, we all absolutely loved the Lady Hellevi magic show. It was a superb production, and far exceeded our expectations!

      However, there were also a few areas that could use some improvement. First, the muster drill was problematic. We were assigned to station D which is on deck four, beside the life boats. But there are several muster stations there, and the crowd was so large that we were standing on top of each other. There was barely any room at all left on the entire open deck. It was hot. It was crowded. And it needs some re-organizing. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, and certainly not the best way to kick off the week. I’m understand the need for a required drill, but surely there are other places to utilize. On my most recent cruise on the Fantasy, our drill was in the conference room. On my first cruise, on the Inspiration, it was on Promenade deck. There is a huge difference in being seated in air conditioning and standing in heat and being packed in like sardines.

      In addition, Guest Services simply must be better staffed on embarkation day. The lines were ridiculously long, and moved very slowly. It is a given that a number of guest will have issues that need to be addressed. Extra staff must be made available for the first few hours of the cruise to appropriately meet the guests needs.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Geez whatever. First most of the times I have been on a Carnival cruise. We eat in the rear dinning room. So there is no rear exit. So what do we do for you? Go out the rear window? Give me 600pm asigned dining anytime. No waiting lines or pagers. I like the same waiter and bus boy or girl. They get to know you and you them. I would also think they look out for you better then a anytime would (they shouldn’t)but it could happen. Can I ask a question of you? To stop all your headaces why don’t you go to the Lido deck and eat there? It would be faster, no pagers. And you get your anytime dinning.

      • Marcus says:

        Geez, whatever. Wow, you really seem to be quite the expert don’t you? Except for the fact that the rear dining room IS THE DINING ROOM OPTION for assigned time/seating option diners. So, diners there wouldn’t need a separate exit now would they? How about this? You do what you want to do as far as dining, and I’ll do what I want to do. And, if it’s quite all right with you, I’ll make suggestions about improvements when I choose to. This is posted here for John, and the Carnival staff. I can’t imagine why you would even be so bored as to troll around through here to make such idiotic statements. But if you are going to take the time to make comments, perhaps you should actually attempt to know what you are talking about, and then try to be helpful. Because, seriously, people who get off on being an ass under the cover of online anonymity are truly pathetic.

        • elaine says:


          very well stated!

          • Rick Williamson says:

            Sorry but it wasn’t well stated by him. I was trying to let him know (which he should know already) that there is only one way in and out of that dinning room. I far from know it all. But I have tried to answer somepeoples post from what I’ve found on board. And then sometimes you just get posts like his you just have to shake your head at.

  184. patrick G says:

    hey does carnival offer a “pub crawl” or beer/wine tasting events while onboard?

  185. Hanna Marisa says:

    Heyy, here are the interview questions

    1. Do you have to constantly update your knowledge and learn new things ?

    2. How many years of college did you attend ?

    3. Describe a typical day ?

    4. What were some struggles in making it to your goal of being a Cruise Director ?

    5. What classes did you have to take in college ?

    6. What influenced you to go into your career field ? any personality traits ?

    7. What college did you attend ?

    8. What is your favorite and least favorite part about your job ?

    9. How did you get this job ? How many interviews did you have ?

    10. Where did you apply for a job first ? did you get that job or not ?

    11. Why did you want to be a Cruise Director ?

  186. elaine says:

    so you told me (and many others) that you would be then CD on the BREEZE in Nov 2012. now you say you won’t. what gives?

    I had asked if you would be the CD on the Nov 24 sailing YOU said YES. Now I read this…

    Thanks for asking this question and I will be staying on the Carnival Breeze until after the first cruise in Miami and returning to the ship in January. I am not sure if this means we will sail together but I am honoured that you asked and I promise regardless if I am onboard that you will have a brilliant time. Please let me know if there is I can do anything for you.

    the first cruise out of Miami is a lil 3 day and not on the 24th as I had asked.

    so did you misinform me? or are the beards screwing things up for us (all of us who booked because you were going to be the CD)

    I am very disappointed.

    I am sure the ship will be lovely but I as many looked forward to you being our CD

    please say you will…..

  187. Bruce says:

    We have a tour at 8am on the last day of europe tour. How do we get off in time? Do we have to arrange ahead of the cruise? thanks

  188. Day Two Report:

    I remember on Explorer of the Seas, that there was a 7:00am stretch class, and I was very happy to see that the Oasis of the Seas had the same event, so I just had to go. If you haven’t been to one onboard yet, I strongly recommend it.

    I also remember seeing a wonderful sermon by Joel Osteen, and I just had to attend this one, but I can’t figure out why it would be held in a sports bar, complete with bartender, instead of in the chapel, even if it had to be on a rollaway television set, since it was only a recording, anyways. Besides, the On Air Club doesn’t have doors, so it was sometimes loud and people would walk in and out throughout the short half-hour event.

    Then, just before lunch, I went to a seminar in the fitness center. Just for the record, a lot of people didn’t like that it ended up being a sales presentation, and actually left before the end of the seminar, but I stayed. It was hosted by Australian Jack Cross. Well, if it wasn’t for him, we likely would have disembarked in Haiti and flew home. I confess that the accent was a major part of making me feel better (you know how Americans can get with foreign-accented people), but the information I received about toxins and symptoms really frightened me, for I have some of those exact symptoms, and knew right then that I had to help myself immediately! Jack was so friendly and helpful, and even did a special body composition test, and made a couple of nutritional suggestions, that now I am very conscious about myself. If it wasn’t for Jack, actually, my cruise would never have risen up much from that low point of 43/100 I had the day before! He really made me feel good, and resultingly, I rewarded him the way I had planned months ago to give something special to the people who were nicest and most helpful to me. Ironic I would be giving candy to a trainer, but he did like the gesture and I found out before he likes chocolate once in a while, anyways, so it was all very well-taken. By the way, I enjoyed his company and knowledge so much, that I inquired when he’d be hosting the stretching and the spa manager told me 2 of the mornings. For some reason, though, it was never he, and although Nick did a fine job, I was still disappointed and not so well-motivated without my new friend, Jack.

    After lunch, I did watch the great fountain show in the aqua theatre, and I saw another one another day, with some different music, and many different fountain scenes, which perhaps should be noted. Also, people seem to like standing up and coming to the shows 12 minutes late, and stand up in the aisles and rows, blocking views, but when the show lasts only 15 minutes, I can’t make any sense about it. I don’t think they should be let in until it’s over, because it’s impossible to see through people.

    Heat Wave, playing Island music, was great, of course, and mom said Hairspray was quite entertaining, as well. I’m not the only one who feels like this (since I’ve heard it a number of times), but if the shows are repeated, people won’t want to watch them again, and might even opt for another cruise just to avoid the same shows over and over again. We think a 3-7 year run is just too long.

    While she was watching the show, I went to the Schooner Bar for trivia. Well, I don’t know what happened, but the leader actually ignored me and I was only sitting directly in front of the piano, where the questions were going to be read. Anyways, I didn’t appreciate the brush off, and I went back to my stateroom.

    After supper, now on Deck 3 after we were insulted and rudely forced to move, we went over to the Captain’s Reception, which was basically a disorganized mass of people who stood in the way everywhere. Somehow I managed a bit of champagne, though. There were just far too many people there, and we didn’t even stay there long, either.

    Then, we went to watch the Standard Time Trio. This was only the beginning of our eventual friendship and humorous banter we’d exchange throughout the cruise during their shows. They were good, and fun, and we enjoyed them.

  189. Cheyrl Moss says:

    I so enjoy reading your blogs…..But how long before hearing from you about the chef’s table….My trip is scheduled for May 20…I am very anxious….Please, Please, let me know…I’m told you have the power!!!!!

  190. Paula says:


    My husband and I just returned from yet another amazing Carnival Cruise, however we are both wondering why the Caribbean music, steel bands are no longer available. When we sailed out of Galvaston in December there was no choice but country/western, which I must say was a bit too much and then just last week we returned from the miracle and again no Caribbean sounds. We were told it is a cost issue and that dj’s are cheaper, for the sake of adding as little as $5 per ticket you would be able to offer the sounds of the Caribbean. Is Carnival planning to keep the dj theme or will they bring back the steel drums? That was one of the things we looked forward to.

    Another question I had was in regards to the drink vouchers available online, my parents sent us several pages however we were told over and over we could not use except for beer or a bottle of water, all other drinks exceeded the cost – my thought is to either raise the voucher prices or honor them as they were intended.

    Thank you for any information you have.

    • elaine says:

      All I know is if I am forced to listen to country western music in order to relax on lido this will be my last cruise.

      if I want to hear crying I will listen to a baby cry where there is hope that it will stop.

      country western music sounds like a bunch of cats that had their tails ran over.

      I have talked to many who feel the same way.


  191. Michelle Sharp says:


    I am taking my 10th carnival cruise this June on the Splendor. I have had some trouble when calling the 800 number to ask basic questions like, what is the difference if I upgrade my cabin, I need to change my dinning time etc. I know I can do this online however sometimes it is nice to speak with a live human. I have spoken with 4 different CCL reps on the 800 number that have been unpleasent to say the least. I was put on hold and hearing the sound of all the activies and fun things carnival now offers, I was really getting into vacation mood!! The reps all sounded miserable and seemed they didnt want to deal with my questions. I called the bon voage line to order a bottle for my room and had a totally different expierence,very bubbly and energetic!!! I love cruising carnival and have never had such bad telephone service for someone working for the “fun”cruise lines. I don’t know if you actually read these posts, but I wanted to express my feeling.

    Splendor 48 day and counting: )

  192. Teddy Gautsch says:

    Hello John I have written on this blog in the past have received no response, I am wondering what the percentage of questions receive responses?

  193. i’m a very experienced singer/lead guitarist wanting info on how to get a job with a band on this cruise line….any help and info will be appreciated…thanks you, timothy goodwin…i do have songs and videos on facebook under the same name….country, classic rock and gospel….thanks again

  194. Treva says:

    John – Just take a look at what I posted and you may want to think about what I feel. We are basically a Motown sound down here and most people would love to cruise with Motown sound. Just believe what I say. I know this is true.

    • elaine says:



      I understand some ppl like it but most DO NOT. so keep your guests happy by dumping the thought of country western (screaming cats) from ever happening on lido. especially on the BREEZE as it sails from Europe and then Miami which are not country western ports …

      WE AS MOST ENJOY THE SOUND OF THE CARIBBEAN which means steel drums to us….

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE????????

  195. Jessi says:

    Hi there we are doing carnival splendor June 10-17 for my 40th bday and son H S graduation celebration 🙂 any suggestions on how to get table mates that may have some teens for our teens to meet?? I’m so excited and in counting to our cruise. Thank you for your time 🙂

  196. Dave Hamond says:

    We are sailing the Victory on June 10th. Do they have AA meetings on the cruise. It’s my 1st cruise and I just thought I would ask

    • Juanita says:

      I’ve always see in the list of activities on board meetings of the “friends of Bill W.”. I used to think, “Boy this Bill W. sure does cruise alot and have lots of friends”. Finally I asked about this and was told that the “friends of Bill W.” is an AA meeting.

  197. elaine says:

    I haven’t been getting your blogs in my email. do you know why

  198. Robert Shaffar says:

    Hi John,

    I have volunteered to organize a M&G for the 9/13/2013 sailing on the Legend out of Dover, England. The numbers attending this M&G will be in the hundreds and I wanted to give you a heads-up. On the very day the bookings open for this cruise a Cruise Critic Thread specific to this cruise was posted. Since it has grown to 132 pages and over 2600 posts. Many tours have already started to be organized as well as many other activities. I have organized a group booking of 25 rooms for a pre-cruise stay at the Dover Best Western Spa and Hotel. I full expect, as time progresses, we will book the entire hotel.

    Best Regards,

    Bob Shaffar

    • elaine says:

      if the Legend is going to Dover England what shop is coming to Tampa, Fl?

      • Rick Williamson says:

        elaine, just trying to help you with this. I just went on line looking for a cruise out of Tampa in Dec. of 2013 a month after he says she is in England. Carnival .com shows Legend is in Tampa in Dec. of 2013. Saw I don’t know what’s that about.

        • Rick Williamson says:

          I just checked before Dec. 2013 on her and from April 2013 till the end of Nov. 2013 she shows NODATES like she isn’t in Tampa. I havn’t seen nor heard what Carnival will be doing for 7 day cruises out of Tampa yet in that time frame.

        • elaine says:

          Thanks Rick. but if you check englad it shows her there as well.

          I think there is miscommunication somewhere but not sure where

          guess we will have to just sit tight and wait like with the new loyalty program only time will tell.

          again thanks

      • Rick Williamson says:

        I have even looked at the news release telling of her going to England in 2013. And it doesn’t say anything about a replacement ship for Tampa at the time of the release which was 2/14/12.

  199. Barry says:

    Hi John, First let me say I enjoy reading your posts and the information you provide. However, I have not seen anything posted about the Carnival Liberty. My wife and I are booked for the 10/6/12 sailing for our 20th anniversary and wanted it to be special. So whats up with the Liberty?

    • Tomi Pohlod says:

      You will love it,we sailed Liberty the first week in March 2012 Eastern Caribbean.Our first cruise.Guy’s Burgers are awesome the Blue Iguana Tequlia Bar rocks,say “Hi” to Luis for us he is a great bartender and really took care of us of course we took care of him too.I suggest you get the 16oz. refill glass,well worth the bucks.Fun shows and food. Room service great! Can not wait to go again on Liberty of course.Our room steward was Putu on deck 10,nice service from him so friendly.Buy the cruise video before the last day of cruise it cannot be bought after the cruise we found out the hard way 🙁 Have a great cruise and enjoy every minute ! Tomi-Adam-Ashley 🙂

    • Hal Hoffman says:

      I just happened to see that you are going on the Liberty 10/6, We are scheduled for 11/10. That will be our 18th sailing, and We have been on the Glory 3 times and the Freedom 3 times, and know the Conquest class well. It will be interesting to see if these “2.0” upgrades are all they are cracked up to be!!
      We are also really “miffed” about them changing the rules to the game. We are “Platinum” and were working our tails off to get to 25 sailings, which, if we did three 3 day/4day or 4day/5day back to backs next year, and our regular 46 member Church group cruise in November, that would have put us at 25, and at the “Diamond” level. We took our first Carnival Cruise in Nov. 2004, so in 8 years, we have booked 18—–E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N!!! Cruises in a bit less then 8 years!!! Not bad aye!!! Then, I happened to look back in June, and just when we were getting into “FIELD GOAL RANGE” THE SUITES, OR BEARDS, OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, MOVED THE GOAL POSTS BACK 91 SEA DAYS, OR JUST OVER F-I-F-T-E-E-N (15) 7 DAY CRUISES! NOW I DON’T CARE HOW YOU SLICE IT!!! THAT IS JUST NOT FAIR!!! I HAVE WRITTEN THE PRESIDENT, WRITTEN YOU “JOHN” (HAVE YET TO GET AN ANSWER FROM EITHER) AND WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE UNTIL I GET SOME SATISFACTION. We booked a 4day/5day back to back on the “Destiny” Aug. 30th thru Sept. 9th (9 days) just to help build our number of SAILINGS (hey, your rules, all I did was follow the rules) AND HAVE JUST HAD THE RUG YANKED OUT FROM UNDER US!!!! NO—-FAIR!!!!!

      • elaine says:


        the rules say that if you take the required number of cruises that you “needed” by dec 31, 2013 you will still obtain the diamond level as you would have before this new VIFP program…

        I have confirmed this with carnival and it is true

        hope this helps you feel a lil better about the change

        enjoy all your upcoming cruises and maybe someday I will get to take cruises as often as you do till then one a year…

        I am jealous!

  200. Brenda Maddox says:

    Hi John…my husband & I sailing 9/9/12 (Legend), 4th time sailing with Carnival Cruise…do Carnival rent out wheelchairs for the elderly on the Legend?

  201. Lana R says:

    Hello John.

    Thank you for all your blogs and invaluable updates! We can’t wait until we sail with you on Breeze on June 15!!!
    Based on our previous cruises, I noticed that Carnival tends to have ship’s crew of a given ship or period to come from same geographical region (ex in our previous cruise on Miracle majority of the crew members were from Eastern Europe (they were all awesome!), I know some other ships had majority of the crew from Philippines and surroundings). I was just wondering if you know the main “geographical origin” for the initial sailing of the Breeze.
    Thank you,
    See you in less than 40 days 🙂

    Lana R

  202. Jake says:


    I’m here to make a suggestion about the deck of cards yall give away at Guest Services.

    I think you should replace the current deck that only has the funnel on it with something like this: On each card there could be a different Carnival ship (current and past), Big name guys (Gerry Cahill, John Heald, ect.), Funship Freddy, and signature Carnival food/drinks (ThirstyFrog Red, Chocolate Melting cake, ect.)Each with 1 or 2 facts.

    I thought it is something neat and fairly simple Carnival can do.


  203. Ruthie says:

    Hi John,
    Thinking on getting a spa cabin on the Breeze. Some left on the 12th floor. Are they covered, or do people toss their soft serve on you?

  204. Carlos says:

    Hi John, hope Italy is treating you good!
    I wanted to drop you a note about our last cruise on the Magic two weeks ago (29th April). First of all, after sailed on the Freedom, Victory and Glory, it is true that the Magic is the best yet! We loved the new areas (My favorite, Sportsquare), décor, food (I had the “Didja” every night), shows (Destination Unknown was good, although for some reason we kind of liked Glory’s Justin Illusion a bit more), in fact we loved everything. It has been our best cruise so far!
    All the crew was very friendly, specially our steward Hari and the servers Matias and Mitchel on Northern Lights (We had anytime, but requested to be on their area when there was space). Also the entertainment staff was very complete (No one tried to shine more than the rest, but all worked very good together). I don´t know if it was the time of the year or the homeport, but we noticed that guests were more polite and even dressed up more than in our previous cruises. It’s not that it would change our cruise, but still I thought it was worth mentioning.
    On a bad note, I do have to say that cruising from Galveston was the worst experience yet (We have done Fort Lauderdale, Miami, San Juan and now Galveston). Galveston is a beautiful place, but the distance from the airport (and main city) is a pain and there is no public transportation available (In fact there aren’t even car rental offices to drop our car!), so we took Carnival’s transfers (More on that later). Embarkation was fine, although we were a bit later than we’re accustomed to because of the transfers (They only depart on the hour, so we waited for about 45min). I guess everyone had already boarded and that is why we didn’t have to wait for too long. But the problem came on debarkation. Since our flight was 2pm, we were advised to take the relaxed debarkation and got zone 17 (Debarking around 9am, according to the documents we received on our cabin). We were ready since 8am and our zone was called around 9:15am, but we had to stand in line on the lobby for another 15min, because the lines were too long on the port. When we finally go outside, there were two separate lines, US passports and everybody else (Which is normal and expected), but our line was not moving at all (Later we knew that out of the 10 or so officers, only two lines were for non-US passports). Additionally, everyone taking (and paying) a porter could skip the long lines and go straight to the shorter lines in front of the officers (Which is absolutely unfair!). It took us almost two hours to clear immigration, so by the time we got to check for our transfers it was around 11:15-11:30am. To make the story short, everyone was complaining because they had been waiting for long outside under the sun. Please note that our international flight was 2pm, so we were already late. We spoke with the guy outside and he said he would put us on the next bus, but it took more than an hour to reach, plus boarding, so we left Galveston around 12:30pm. In summary, we missed our flight (Reached the counter check in at 2pm!) so we had to pay for the airline fees, a hotel night and car rent.
    The other bad experience we had was with the Xcaret excursion in Cozumel (Booked on Carnival.com). The park is wonderful and the tour guide was very professional and did his best so we could enjoy, but the information about the tour is misleading. Everywhere says that the tour is 7 hours, but with transfers and everything you actually have around 4 hours at the park, which is never enough to do everything that is available (as promoted on the Excursion Description). We complained at the Guest Services Desk, but apart from writing a note, nothing was done. Don’t misunderstand me, we had a great time, but at the end of the day we felt we didn’t get what we were offered and even regret not staying on Cozumel Island.
    Once again, we loved our Carnival cruise and concluded it is the best way to travel! We purchased one vacation certificate and we’re looking forward for our next cruise with Carnival. We liked the Magic so much that we’re dying to book the Breeze!!!
    Take care John, and thanks for listening and doing so much for guests like us! Ciao Amico!

  205. Kathy Young says:

    Dear John,
    We recently sailed on the Valor (April 14-22, 2012). Although we love cruising and love Carnival (this was our 4th cruise with Carnival), I have to admit that this was the first time I have ever had a complaint. The wait staff in the MDR (Washington) was so terrible that we had our prepaid tips removed from our S&S and distributed the tips the way we wanted. Everyone at our table (there were a total of 8) after the 3rd night decided to eat at the buffet because the service was so bad. For ex: The waiters never asked us our names (no big deal to some but we have always had such great waiters), we had early seating and one night we were still sitting and waiting for our desserts at 8:15!, our glasses were never refilled, and overall the waiters were not friendly at all. Now of course this will not keep me from cruising with Carnival but I just wanted to vent. Thanks!

  206. Susan says:

    Who will be the CD on the Magic June 10 – June 17, 2012. The link on your site only shows 2011 schedule.

    • elaine says:

      according to the website it will be Butch

      it has the CD’s for cruises till june 2012. it near the very bottom on the right on this page.

      hope this helped

  207. Jan says:

    When will you update the CD spreadsheet?
    Also, is it possible to find out where other staff are sailing (eg, asst CD, other entertainment hosts)?

  208. Maria Castillo says:

    We have a great time on my first cruise trip with Carnival Dream, my brother Lawrence Prades ,who was a housekeeping steward there , recommended us to use Carnival Cruise on our first cruise experience and it was a n amazing one.No regrets i keep asking , telling my friends to use Carnival cruise . The crews on that ship were all so nice , management were all very good, So i wanted to go again this coming September , I contacted my brother , and he is now with Paradise Cruise , I ask him if he can assist us again as a family because last time they gave us a good discount . We will be traveling with some of my Staff in Extreme Pita, but he is a little bit hesitant this time , the reason the housekeeping management is not treating them well.. I hope that the upper management will look on to this, your staffs are giving you a free advertisement in recommending the Carnival to their family members and we the family members will do the recommendations to our friends.. thanks for giving me the opportunity to be with the Carnival Dream cruise it’s an amazing experience.

    kind regards,
    Maria Castillo
    Holy Family Holdings Ltd and
    JDM APC Holdings Ltd
    O/A Extreme Pita
    Edmonton Alberta Canada

  209. Trip Hughes says:

    Just a note to thank you for the wonderful gift you sent us this past week on the Carnival Liberty , celebrating our 25th Anniversary. The “ship on a stick” now occupies a place of honor in our office, next to our Disney 1/2 Marathon medals, and honorary “Oscar”. Memorable events all.
    Quick notes about the Liberty: Ship is BEAUTIFUL and kept exceptionally clean. 2) Christian Davies did an o…utstanding job as fill in CD. Don’t know what happened to Jaime, but Christian is definately a rising talent. 3) Wonderful Dining Room service with Christian and his staff (Silver Olympian). Being vegans, we were concerned about our food choices, but Christian went out of his way to make sure our restrictions were met. Several evenings, the chef even made special vegan pasta dishes for us. 4) New coffee on Lido is very good (never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth) 5) Guy’s Burgers is a HUGE success. Never seen that many people eating hamburgers in one place in my life. The fries are absolutely delicious also.
    In closing, thank you and Carnival for providing us with a fun packed, memorable, and enjoyable vacation. We will be back once again for #17 soon. Looking at the Breeze for 2013.
    Best wishes for a successful Inaugural Breeze Med season. May calm seas and sunny skies great you each day.
    Best Wishes,
    Trip Hughes

  210. Weinshelbaum says:

    I requested chefs table via “ask John”. I received no confirmation after I hit send. Wondering if I typed correct captias. Real hard to read. When should I expect reply please?

    • JOSE ( JOE ) ROSA says:


  211. Walter C Lesser says:

    Just came back from a trip on the Destiny and want to give a big thumbs up to Noonan the cruise director. After our 6th trip with you guys, he is by far the best at what he does. GREAT guy over all, just wish there was time to sit and have a drink and shoot the bull for a while.
    And also to Larry from the Philippines in the universe dining room, another GREAT guy who knows his stuff and very much an asset to you company. The next time I am at
    M.A’s house in the Gables,I will make sure he knows of the great job you and the staff are doing.
    Thanks again.

  212. lynne clark says:

    enjoyed reading about the dream! booked for sept 22 2012 & cant wait ! excited to see the 2.0 upgrades with the new bars ready by then!

  213. Tiffany Carter says:

    Hi!! New to your site, and loving it! We’ve had a really rough time lately! We were supposed to sail on the Freedom on 5/19, but I had to cancel last minute due to a very painful abcess tooth! We were going to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. We have now rescheduled for the Valor sailing on August 4th. Is there anyway you could help us to be sure we have a table for two? We would really like to get some time together and have a nice vacation (finally)! after this hectic month, we deserve it, i think! 🙂


  214. Terri Kerr says:

    please tell me that there will be some good activies on the Triumph. one of our friends came back very disappointed that there wasn’t a lot to do and not alot of shows to see.
    please tell me something different we have booked our trip for November with 12 other family members.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Your friends most be boring people indeed! Nothing to do? and few shows? What did they do stay on the dock as the ship left? I have never seen any ship or any cruise line I was on that didn’t have more things to do then I ever wanted to do. EVERY Ship has shows EVERY NIGHT period!

    • Juanita says:

      The Triumph has lots of shows and entertainment: usually 2 showings of their main show in the Rome lounge every night, 2-3 shows in the Comedy club every night(some family friendly and some adult), Karaoke or SuperStar Karaoke, the disco, the piano bar, a little 3 piece band near the Casino and a Salsa type music band in the venezia bar every night, they additionally had a late night Burlesk show one night, and a Mexican buffet and deck party one night. AND THIS WAS JUST ON A 5 DAY CRUISE!!! How much more entertainment do you need???

  215. Alfred says:


    Love to read your FB and Blog. I hate to ask but would you or someone on staff update the fun Times? I’m looking for the 6 day Valor but see lots of other are out dated. Thank you for all you do.

  216. What will I do in July 2013 since your taking our Splendor away?
    I see no cruises on the agenda between April and November to Mexico.

    • ccruisequeen says:

      The Inspiration will continue to do 3 & 4 day cruises from LB year-round. The Miracle alternates between Alaska, Hawaii & winter 7-day Mexican cruises

  217. Jenna says:

    John…My family (hubby, son, his wife & their 2 babies) will be cruising the Ms Glory on June 14th..my son’s birthday is the 15th…I’ve missed the days of cruising with you & the gang (Music Society)..yes we go WAYYYYY back…any possible way you could drop us a goodie in our cabins for old time sake?
    Thanks a ka-zillion!
    Bon Voyage!
    Jenna Landry

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Jenna, because of people like you asking for the world for free(just because you are on board a Carnival ship) Please don’t be upset like the rest of us will be when the price of a cruise goes up because of people like you.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Happy Birthday.

  218. Darrell Lalonde says:

    “THANK YOU, THANK YOU” for making my vacation onboard the Carnival Magic such a great experience! I sailed on the Magic in the summer of 2011 from Barcelona for 9 nights and it was the trip of a lifetime. I have always loved Carnival so getting to travel on a new ship around the Mediterranean was a no brainer. It was a truly seamless, fantastic experience right from embarking, booking tours, entertainment, the room, facilities and everthing else through to the disembarking in Barcelona. The decision to take another Mediterranean cruise in the future was made right then and there while traveling on the Magic. The problem is that I have to bid for vacation with my job and I was not able to get the time off required to be able to travel on the new Carnival Breeze. So what happened was that I was able to get a great deal on a competitor for a 7 night cruise around the Mediterranean that included Tunisia and Malta. The price was great and almost too good to be true. SO I booked it for departure from Civitavecchia on the 25MAY2012.

    The cruise company I travelled on was MSC Cruises, namely the MSC Splendida. The ship looked fantastic and was quite beautiful and I expected that I would be traveling on a cruise ship that would be similar to my experience with Carnival last summer. Remember how I said that it seemed too good to be true? Well it was too good to be true. I found out really fast that it was NOT going to be like the Carnival Magic right from the checkin process. It process was the most chaotic process I have ever experienced and I have traveled on 17 cruises throughout my life. My documentation advised me that boarding started at 1130hrs and at 1330hrs I was still not onboard. MSC has passengers boarding in different ports and I was picking up the cruise in Rome where many boarded the next day in Genoa. So it wasn’t like there were 3000 passengers boarding at the same time. If anything it was less than 500 passengers. Unorganized would be a good word to describe it.

    Once I did managed to get onboard, I was shown to my cabin which was very nice (a mini suite at the front of the ship with floor to ceiling windows and quite spacious.) The most peculiar thing about the room was that there was a balcony attached to the room but was totally inaccessible. The room had no door to the balcony and the balcony area was blocked off on the outside so no one could walk in front of the room, thankfully. It seemed like such a waste of space and not logical at all. I quickly unpacked my suitcase and then went to the buffet area for lunch. This is where it all went wrong. I got to the buffet area at approximately 1430hrs and believe it or not, I was too late for anything to eat. The buffet was over and there was, get this, no food available until my late sitting dinner which was at 2115hrs. Yes you heard me right. There was NO FOOD for me to have for lunch. The staff were not too concerned and basically couldn’t care less. The only thing available to eat were a few finger sandwiches and cookies. I could not believe this and was in shock. If I wanted something I would need to PAY for food from a very limited room service menu which was not complimentary like Carnival. So were some other passengers from North America. This was the first time ever that I went Hungry on a cruise ship.

    The itinerary was quite good and I really enjoyed Tunisia and Malta. Thankfully they were at the end of the cruise for if it had not been for those two destinations, I would have most likely wanted to leave the ship in another port. In a nutshell, here are some other service failures that happened.

    there were NO announcements from the cruise director throughout the cruise (even when we were passing Stomboli)
    lack of communication from every department when dealing with English speaking passengers
    a very un-interested cabin steward who did little to make my stay memorable (there were no towel animals for example and lack of fresh towels)
    the staff all appeared to be very unhappy and would pass by you and not even say hello when I said hello. This was from senior people working onboard right through to the waiters social hosts
    very mediocre entertainment that needed a lot of polishing
    A very confusing disembarkation process in regards to whether or not you could take your own luggage or not. Every person at the reception desk up to including the cruise director gave me a different answer to the procedure for leaving the ship early due to an early flight back to Toronto -total confusion)

    There are so many more things that were not good to mentioned but I don’t want to over whelm you. With every service failure I experienced, I would make the comment “that would never happen on Carnival!” I mentioned your company name so many times that I think the people at my dinner table were getting tired of me saying it. But they too understood why I kept saying it for they too were experiencing service failures.

    So in conclusion, I really wanted to let you know that your company truly is a great cruise line and I am so sorry that I was not able to sail on the Breeze. Lesson learned for me. Your company really knows how to create great vacation experiences and you all should be commended for doing so. Congratulations on being such a great company. I think that it might be wise for MSC executives to travel on the Breeze to see how a real cruise should operate. And one more thing, I am planning a cruise for next May (2013) to celebrate my 50th birthday and my only decision to make is “what destination am I going to sail to on Carnival?”

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to my next cruise with Carnival.

    Darrell Lalonde
    Toronto Canada.

    • Paul Johnson says:

      Shame on you for “Cheatin” on Carnival. You should know better!
      Sorry to hear it was not up to par.

      As many post I read complain about Carnival, they really do know how to take care of someone.

  219. Brad Miller says:

    Dear John: (Please reply)

    My wife and I took our very first cruise in 2007 and loved it! We were on the final sailing of the Elation out of Port Canaveral before that lovely ship departed for San Diego. Since then, we have cruised an additional six times, almost always leading a group of 5 to 20 cabins each time. We have introduced hundreds of friends and family to the wonderful world of Carnival cruising!

    The topic has come up many times these last 5 years about trying Royal, or Celebrity, or NCL, but we have always managed to bring folks to Carnival exclusively because we can speak from experience about what first-timers will see on a Carnival Cruise (All 7 of our cruises have been on Fun Ships). One of our goals the past 5 years has of course been to get that platinum card and all the VIP embarkation|free slot entry|free laundry|etc that goes with it. I know you have stated that folks will not drop down a level when the new loyalty program rolls out and that folks who are “close” to a level will be grandfathered in. My question is a simple one:

    Is SEVEN close enough to TEN for us to be grandfathered in for Platinum?

    We have booked cruises 8 and 9 for February/March 2013 (B2B on Carnival Victory starting 2/28/2013). We had hoped to book a southern Caribbean 8-day next fall for our “platinum” cruise. Please understand, I could (but will not) wail at the top of my lungs, gnash my teeth and scream things like “I will never sail Carnival again”, “YOU, John Heald are solely responsible for changing this program and you are doing it just to punish US” and “H82seaUgo was right about you” and other such nonsense over these loyalty program changes but that would be ridiculous.

    I will say in all seriousness though that the prospect of that little platinum card has been a factor in us keeping our business with Carnival exclusively. If SEVEN is not close enough to TEN to be grandfathered in, does that mean we will eventually sail with another line? Almost certainly. Does it mean we will never sail on a Fun Ship again? That would just be idiotic. Even if we sail on, and even adore, the “whatever they call it this week” of the Seas, I would expect we will sail Carnival again after March 2013. I just want to know if we have a chance, in this economy and at our ages (42 & 43) to sail with that little platinum card before we retire! Our 7 cruises so far total 36 days. Add in the B2B of 4+5 next Feb/March and we have 45, which is a LONG way from 75.

    So…. where will we stand in terms of the new loyalty program?

    Thanks for your time John, and kudos on the new Carnival Breeze, she looks like a beauty!

    Brad Miller
    Byesville, Ohio

  220. Darrell Lalonde says:

    “THANK YOU, THANK YOU” for making my vacation onboard the Carnival Magic such a great experience! I sailed on the Magic in the summer of 2011 from Barcelona for 9 nights and it was the trip of a lifetime. I have always loved Carnival so getting to travel on a new ship around the Mediterranean was a no brainer. It was a truly seamless, fantastic experience right from embarking, booking tours, entertainment, the room, facilities and everthing else through to the disembarking in Barcelona. The decision to take another Mediterranean cruise in the future was made right then and there while traveling on the Magic. The problem is that I have to bid for vacation with my job and I was not able to get the time off required to be able to travel on the new Carnival Breeze. So what happened was that I was able to get a great deal on a competitor for a 7 night cruise around the Mediterranean that included Tunisia and Malta. The price was great and almost too good to be true. SO I booked it for departure from Civitavecchia on the 25MAY2012.

    The cruise company I travelled on was MSC Cruises, namely the MSC Splendida. The ship looked fantastic and was quite beautiful and I expected that I would be traveling on a cruise ship that would be similar to my experience with Carnival last summer. Remember how I said that it seemed too good to be true? Well it was too good to be true. I found out really fast that it was NOT going to be like the Carnival Magic right from the checkin process. It process was the most chaotic process I have ever experienced and I have traveled on 17 cruises throughout my life. My documentation advised me that boarding started at 1130hrs and at 1330hrs I was still not onboard. MSC has passengers boarding in different ports and I was picking up the cruise in Rome where many boarded the next day in Genoa. So it wasn’t like there were 3000 passengers boarding at the same time. If anything it was less than 500 passengers. Unorganized would be a good word to describe it.

    Once I did managed to get onboard, I was shown to my cabin which was very nice (a mini suite at the front of the ship with floor to ceiling windows and quite spacious.) The most peculiar thing about the room was that there was a balcony attached to the room but was totally inaccessible. The room had no door to the balcony and the balcony area was blocked off on the outside so no one could walk in front of the room, thankfully. It seemed like such a waste of space and not logical at all. I quickly unpacked my suitcase and then went to the buffet area for lunch. This is where it all went wrong. I got to the buffet area at approximately 1430hrs and believe it or not, I was too late for anything to eat. The buffet was over and there was, get this, no food available until my late sitting dinner which was at 2115hrs. Yes you heard me right. There was NO FOOD for me to have for lunch. The staff were not too concerned and basically couldn’t care less. The only thing available to eat were a few finger sandwiches and cookies. I could not believe this and was in shock. If I wanted something I would need to PAY for food from a very limited room service menu which was not complimentary like Carnival. So were some other passengers from North America. This was the first time ever that I went Hungry on a cruise ship.

    The itinerary was quite good and I really enjoyed Tunisia and Malta. Thankfully they were at the end of the cruise for if it had not been for those two destinations, I would have most likely wanted to leave the ship in another port. In a nutshell, here are some other service failures that happened.

    there were NO announcements from the cruise director throughout the cruise (even when we were passing Stomboli)
    lack of communication from every department when dealing with English speaking passengers
    a very un-interested cabin steward who did little to make my stay memorable (there were no towel animals for example and lack of fresh towels)
    the staff all appeared to be very unhappy and would pass by you and not even say hello when I said hello. This was from senior people working onboard right through to the waiters social hosts
    very mediocre entertainment that needed a lot of polishing
    A very confusing disembarkation process in regards to whether or not you could take your own luggage or not. Every person at the reception desk up to including the cruise director gave me a different answer to the procedure for leaving the ship early due to an early flight back to Toronto -total confusion)

    There are so many more things that were not good to mentioned but I don’t want to over whelm you. With every service failure I experienced, I would make the comment “that would never happen on Carnival!” I mentioned your company name so many times that I think the people at my dinner table were getting tired of me saying it. But they too understood why I kept saying it for they too were experiencing service failures.

    So in conclusion, I really wanted to let you know that your company truly is a great cruise line and I am so sorry that I was not able to sail on the Breeze. Lesson learned for me. Your company really knows how to create great vacation experiences and you all should be commended for doing so. Congratulations on being such a great company. I think that it might be wise for MSC executives to travel on the Breeze to see how a real cruise should operate. And one more thing, I am planning a cruise for next May (2013) to celebrate my 50th birthday and my only decision to make is “what destination am I going to sail to on Carnival?”

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to my next cruise with Carnival.

    Darrell Lalonde
    Toronto Canada.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Darrell, why are you posting the very samething to a word 5 days after you posted it the first time? We got it the frist time.

  221. David Williams says:


    My name is David Williams and myself, my wife, and our great friends Cliff and Claud will be sailing on the Conquest in 16 short days! We’re on the Conquest cruise out of New Orleans the week of June 24-July 1 and on that cruise we are going to be celebrating my wifes birthday, our 3rd anniversary, we will also be celebrating both Cliff and Clauds birthdays and their 7th anniversary. So we are celebrating 5 things at once, how awesome is that! With us celebrating so many incredible things I was hoping maybe you could send something or have our CD send something to our cabin as we sail away! Our booking # is 367pz8 and we are in cabin #6475. I can’t wait for towel animals, amazing food, gambling, great shows, great ports, and just an all around incredible time! If you could help me out in any way with this special request that would be so freaking awesome! Love your blog, love your fb page, and love me some carnival and hope to hear from you soon!

    Really hoping this gets answered while in your underwear while taking a poop downstairs, that would be sweet!!

    • Rick Williamson says:

      me,me,me why is it always about me and my frieds or family? Why aren’t you just happy that you have a job that allows you to go cruising? Why can’t you be happy like we are with a welcome back and smile when you are getting on board? And also you are told thanks for picking Carnival again to go on your cruising vacation? Come on man the world doesn’t turn around any of us.

  222. Lindsay says:

    Hi John, I hope you can help my husband and I. In light of the new VIFP program I was checking out our new status level and noticed we weren’t getting credited with some of our cruise points. We were scheduled to go on a 5-day cruise 2 summers ago, and unfortunately on our way to the cruise port were involved in a car accident- thus ending our vacation prematurely. Well, without cruise insurance (always get the insuarance) we were without a cruise or a refund. So even though we paid for the cruise (and just didn’t sail on it) we are not getting cruise points for the voyage. Is there anyone that we can call to get these points reinstated to us?


    • Margaret says:

      you have to sail on a cruise to get the points.

      • Rick Williamson says:

        Amen Margaret! They can’t get points (reinstated) when they never earned them! Even if you did have insurance for that trip you would have got your money back. But you still wouldn’t earn any points!

  223. John And Mary Jo Marshall says:

    John can you please get me a table for 2 on the august 26th sailing of the breeze room 2309 out of Venice

  224. beth says:

    HEY JOHN!! I was wondering if you have an updated “funtimes” for the Sensation??? the last one I have found is april 2011…thanks…

  225. Juanita Loschen says:

    When will the CD schedule be out for July 2012 – December 2012. We will be on the Sensation in November and would like to know who the CD will be. Thanks.

  226. Amanda says:

    Trying to find the Imagination 4 day Funtimes. Any ideas how to do that? We are leaving on Monday, June 25th!

  227. Deborah Anderson says:

    Dear John, My husband and I were on The Splendor last September for our honeymoon. 1st time cruisers. We had so much fun that for our 1st anniversary We are taking the same cruise on 9/9/12 this tme we are bring our daughter for a graduation and 18th birthday gift. We were hoping Todd cruise director and Stephanie were going to be on this cruise. I found the schedule but it only goes thru this month. Do you have new schedule or know if thet will be on this cruise.

  228. Trudy Bubenhofer says:

    I am booked on a cruise to leave out of Jacksonville, Fl on July 28 to the Bahamas. My daughter’s friend was suppose to go and now she is NOT allowed. I paid $360.00 for this girl. I am a single mother and I do not think her mother is going to pay me back. Can I switch another person for her or get my money back. I would love to try to switch another person. PLEASE

  229. Vicki Suglia says:

    THANK YOU John, for the treats that you had sent to our cabin last week {6/15/2012 sailing}on the Miracle. When they were delivered, we were having a gathering on the balcony with a bunch of our group, we had 4 of our 17 cabins in a row so we had the dividers opened for a nice long balcony, and i made everyone come in to see my treats and read the card so i could show it off!
    We had a wonderful cruise!! A few minor issues, like bad weather and our dining assignment was changed from what our travel agent promised, but we just made the best of both. It rained all day on Half Moon Cay day, actually poured for some of it, and it was still my favorite day of the cruise! Our group {well most of us} can have fun no matter what’s going on around us! LOL
    I’m not sure what happened with our dining room tables, we were promised by the travel agent to have 4 big tables and she even gave me a manifest with names listed, but when we went to dinner, we had 7 smaller ones with everyone split up. I don’t know if she had it wrong, or if we were bumped by platinums because they’re so much more important than we are {at least according to people on cruise critic}or what. But we just settled in and made the best of it.
    We had the best wait staff {next to Mario and Fernando on the Legend in 2005, no one will ever top those 2! }
    Melchor the head waiter and his team waiter Astawan were excellent! Melchor was friendly and nice, told us his recommendations each day and even made sure my 16 yr old son had his dessert early each night so he could leave to meet up with his new ship friends. The Main Dining Room experience is something we all looked forward to each night. Food was delicious and service was excellent!
    Oh i almost forgot Martina. the bar service person in the MDR! She was awesome! I bought a soda card for myself and during the 1st dinner showed her my card to get a soda. Every night after that she came to our table as soon as we sat down and handed me a diet coke without me even asking or waiting for one. And she checked on my glass a few times during each meal to make sure there was always soda in it. And always with a smile. Melchor and Martina really are wonderful Carnival assets!
    Our room steward Hendarto was good as well. We always had a clean room to come back to and clean towels and fresh ice in the bucket.
    Comedy Brunch is AWESOME! We ate there all 4 sea days and LOVED it every time! Carne Y Huevos…OMG! Yummy! Banana cream pie….my mouth is watering just thinking about it!
    Taste bar was nice, but i was always too stuffed from dinner when i went by and didn’t actually try anything, but it all looked good. Some of our group tried some things and said it was very good though.
    Since smoking is a hot smelly topic on FB and the blog i thought i would mention that as a non-smoker, i never really noticed smoke much other than in the casino. Thanks to Carnival for clearing the air for those who don’t wish to breathe in the nasty smoke!
    My husband won the 1st slot tournament of the week! I was in the finals for the tournament at the end of the week, but only came in 5th place. But it was fun being on the board! After 6 cruises i finally made it on the board!! woohooo!
    Now that i have mentioned the soda card and the casino, i need to put them together and comment on that. The 1st night in the casino, bar service was fine, all of them asking if we would like drinks, and they asked often. But once they saw my soda sticker, they would avoid me like you would avoid a private table for 2 in the dining room with you and h82seaugo as table mates for a week. I would have to stop playing and go to the bar for a drink while people around me were being served at their machines. I paid $48.00 for soda for 1 week and had trouble getting one. They made me feel like i was expecting to get something for free, which at 48 bucks was definately not the case.
    BUT, please don’t get the wrong idea, even with the few minor issues we had….we still had a WONDERFUL cruise. The Miracle is my favorite ship! The food was delicious! The crew was friendly and hard working! The ship was clean and fun! A++++
    I have seen lots of comments and complaints about the “cutbacks” Carnival is making. I have to say, i noticed a few additions as well, but people who criticize usually fail to mention those. Brunch and Taste Bar for example.
    Carnival’s reasonable prices make it possible for so many {38 this time}of our family members and friends to vacation together and make some very special memories with each other and i am thankful for that.
    If changes need to be made by Carnival along the way to keep it that way….it’s ok by me.
    John, Thanks for the treats!
    Miracle Crew, Thanks for your hard work!
    Carnival, Thanks for letting my crazy family onboard!

    Vicki :o)

  230. Jose Antonio Pellicer \ says:

    Hello. Mr. John . Why Carnival is a good cruise. THE company have part time jobs. Thanks so much.

  231. Bob & Nimia says:

    John, folks missing the ship and being left at the port of call is a vexing problem. While no one expects you or Carnival to “fix stupid” or “falling down drunk” The following suggestion may help the rest of us. All ports are different, as are the daily back on ship times. Port information, back on ship time and emergency contact information is printed in each days’ Carnival Capers newsletter. But the information is scattered about and most folks will not take the whole newsletter with them. I always rip off the emergency contact information and put it in my wallet, just in case I get lost or separated. This is usually printed on the bottom right hand corner of the last inside page. My suggestion is to place all of this information together (same place) in a red bordered box titled; “Take me With You”. And then let folks know about it.

    Oh yes, the inaugural cruise on the Breeze with you was awesome. Hope you enjoyed the Fuentes.

  232. Carlos Linares says:

    Hello John.

    My question is this: As I can do to apply to work in such a prestigious cruise, I’m from Guatemala am very interested in working but can not find the way to make way hope can help me thanks

  233. Terry Fuller says:

    John and the Carnival Family, my question is, “why don’t you have each Cruise (CD) Director on their respected ship ship be responsible for replying back to clients (Carnival Cruisers Only) comments, concern, issues, request or anything thing that needs to be addressed and handled”. To me this would only make prefect sense because they are on that cruise ship and know the people that work there and if they don’t it would be a good time to get to know them. Please get back with me and let me know if your think that this is a good ideal. We really can not expect for John to be able to address all or most of the people that cruise of the many ship that Carnival has to offer.

  234. weissman s. says:

    I would like to go on Carnival Breeze on Sept. 7, in the Mediterranean but I am are very surprised that you do not have “sightseeing or city tour – Mild” (for example Palma de Mallorca, Rome), for older people with walking difficulties? Do you offer anything similar?
    from my experience with other companies, they offer easier tours.
    Thank for your reply

  235. Julie says:

    Anyone know if there is a chef’s table on a two day cruise to nowhere? I LOVE Chef’s Table!!!

  236. TIM FOGARTY says:

    Hey John:

    Love your comments and all the great info you provide us cruise junkies on facebook and your blog. My wife and I are Platnum and love to cruise. We live in the Tampa, FL area and want to know what ship is going to take the place of the Legend which is leaving for Europe next year. Tampa is so close to us, and cruising close to home is great, we hope another great ship will be there along side of the Paradise. Thanks mate.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Tim you know the bigger question is….when are they going to change the ports of call for the fleet including Ledgen? She go to the same ports of call week after week after week. I love cruising (15) but to keep going to the same ports does get old. In fact I have only gone out of Tampa 3 times out of those 15 cruises. Port Canaveral has been more my home port with 6 cruises from there.

      • TIM FOGARTY says:

        I agree, we need different ports to goto, been on over 15 Carnival cruises out of every port in Florida, plus PR. Since we love to cruise, we just love going on different ships, the ports to us are secondary, but a change in them would be nice.

        • Kevin Boerio says:

          I totally agree with you. It would be nice if they would go to differant ports of call and if Carnival. Would take or go to and on to differant ports of call from Florida.
          I mean for years now, in Florida all the ship that I seen and have also sailed on or see that sail from flroida. All they do and I see is them all going just the following places time and time again.
          Like the Rotan,Couzumel,Cancun,Belize,St Martin,St Thomas, Keywest,fl,Naussa,Freeprot and Cocco Cay. It would be,so nice if the cruise ship from florida went to Canda New England,Eurroupe,St. Kitts and some other differant place.Don’t get me wrong. I love going on all the differant ships and I love Carnival to death. But, it is cheaper for me to go out of florida and get a cruise from their.Let alone, me and my girlfriends family live in florida and I get good deals on flights to fly to florida. The other places in the U.S. It jsut would be nice to have the cruise kind of change thing up a bit to give us past guest more of a selection to chose from and do differantly. Just a indea.

          • elaine says:


            I know it isn’t much but check out the Breeze out of Maimi… it is doing southern caribbean like aruba….

            it’s a start

          • Susan Horn says:

            I’m thinking you haven’t really been on to many cruises then….there are so many other ports that Carnival visits…maybe do a bit of research before you spout off and complain !!!

          • Rick Williamson says:

            Susan, we do know what we are talking about! And I have talked to my PVP and she understands. Like Legend she does 7 day cruises. If you toke 3 cruise in a row on her you WOULD DO the exact same ports of call. There is Dream out of Canaveral it at least goes east or west. BUT, each time she does east it’s the same ports of call. When she goes west it’s the same ports and so on. And each of the other ships in Fla. If it’s a 3 or 4 day, 4 day or 5 or 7 day. Their patterns are set in stone. How having said this, I have heard some rumors that in 2014 or 2015 Carnival may start changing it’s ships port of calls. If true which ships and how many ports of call will be changed? Who knows?

          • Rick Williamson says:

            Elaine, that may be true. But remember you are talking of a NEW ship. We are talking about the ones here and now. Plus that may just be a one time thing. I remember that Dream did a 9 day cruise down there I think as one of her first cruise when she got to Fla. But has never done it again.

          • elaine says:

            @Rick Williamson

            thhe Breeze will be here soon enough (well not soon enough for me as I want to sail on her right nowinstead of replying to you..LOL)but as on the end of Nov. and at least the ports are going to be different on some sailings on that ship.

            YES they will be the same ports over and over agin but if you have never experienced them then they will be new to you and on a new ship to boot!

            that being said I live in Tampa and if you had read all my replies not just one then YOU would have seen I am upset about losing the Legend and not getting a replacement ship.

            The cold hard fact is Miami is Fl main Carnival port. AND it gets new ships and ports while we in Tampa get the same old ports all the time only western caribbean and on the OLDER ships. and now with the legend saying bye bye and no replacement in site well it SUCKS.

            people who live on the gulf coast deserve better.

            QUESTION: if the ships from Ft Lauderdale, Port Canaveral AND Miami can do western Caribbean why cant ships from Tampa do eastern caribbean?
            ANSWER: because it is cheaper for Carnival to just run western caribbean that is why!

            and these other ports have coice of different ships and now wehere in Tampa will have NO CHOICE… out of Tampa.. we now have to make a 2.5 hour to a 4.5 hour drive to get something better and this by far one of CARNIVALS WORSE ideas ever..

            It is forceing ppl to change cruise lines for s change… and I for one and going to be one of those that will change BRANDS not just ships after my Nov sailing on the Breeze
            I will be (sadly) saying good buy Carnival and hello NCL or RCCL because I feel that Carnival doesn’t care about me. period!

            so there you have it Rick!

          • Rick Williamson says:

            Sorry you will be leaving Carnival after Nov. But 2.5 hours is no big deal. I live in Lakeland and do Port Canaveral a fair amont of the time. But half a days trip to Jacksonville or Miami is not the way to start or end a vaction.

          • Susan Horn says:

            You guys are so spoiled….think about the Majority of cruisers who travel full days and more just to get to a port to be on a ship!!!

          • elaine says:


            I think I have talen a few cruises since I am platinum….

            Ya think???

  237. Dear John:
    I hope you can help me. I just cancelled with NCL and am coming back To Carnival. I need help in getting Reservation for the Chefs Table. I will be cruising Out of Tampa on December 16 2012 on the Legend. Would like to have Reservations for 2. Thank-You
    Michael Cross

  238. Lori says:

    Hi John,
    First of all, I apologize because I’m sure this question has been answered by you. I am not smart enough I guess and just can’t find the answer!
    I am sailing on the Dream in February(very excited) and after a day of sailing I will be at the new “gold level” in the new “VIFP” program. Will I be able to attend the past guest party or farewell party? I’ve always enjoyed these. If so, will my sister, whose in the same cabin, be able to attend? –OR Will I not be at the gold level until after my cruise? 🙁

    • Lori says:

      Found the answer on CCL FAQ….Yes, I get the Gold level card since I reach that level during the cruise, so I guess I can go to the past guest party. Cool.

      • Maria & Juan Santana says:


        My husband & I are presently cruising on the Liberty & I read your questions. We were informed that about 2 months ago Carnival eliminated the Farewell cocktail party. Regarding then new VIFP party, please check with Carnival by phone or e-mail if the Gold members are now included…we are Platinum and we attended one last week(we are on 2 back-to-back cruises & have another one coming today).I believe there were no Gold members included in the party). I’ll check again today… I have 2 relatives who are Gold and I’m checking for them too.

        Maria Santana

      • Maria & Juan Santana says:


        This is Maria S. again….I’m sorry, I misinformed you about the Gold members not been included in the VIFP party. I just checked and yes, Gold members are included. I apologize.

        Maria S

        • Lori says:

          Thanks Maria and I hope you are having a great time! After I posted my question and was searching for the answer I read where the farewell party was eliminated. Oh well. It was just a nice little touch to end the cruise. I guess most people don’t attend b/c it’s never very crowded but it did make me feel appreciated and this kind’ve added to my desire to book again. Thanks again and enjoy the Liberty! I am really excited about cruising on the Dream.

  239. elaine says:

    Author: Susan Horn
    I’m thinking you haven’t really been on to many cruises then….there are so many other ports that Carnival visits…maybe do a bit of research before you spout off and complain !!!

    maybe you should do YOUR homework Susan…

    NOT FROM TAMPA it has the same OLD ships doing the same old ports it hasn’t changed up any ports in many years

    it is boring and a waste of money to see the same thing cruise after cruise on the same ship… and now we are losing one of these (the Legend)we want a change like Miami gets where we have a choice of ports and ships. there they get eastern, southern and western caribbean FROM Tampa ONLY western caribbean PERIOD and on the same old ships

    and now we are even losing the Legend which leaves is with only the paradise


    this is why many clients of mine have switched to another cruise line they are tired of sailing the same ports time after time and feel that if they must make the drive might as well try different cruise lines as well

    • Hal Hoffman says:

      You are so right about Tampa. And with 18 Carnival cruises under out belts, we know of what we speak! The Legend (Spirit class) is our favorite ship in the fleet. We’ve been on the “Dream” twice, and hated it both times. That Western Carribean trip that the Legend does (we have done it twice) leaves much to be disired. Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Roatan & Belize!!! And two tender ports that beat you to death, and will not take wheel chairs or scooters!!! BTW, the legend is doing a transatlantic crossing, 15 days, in April that looks really great. I assume they will put in for a refit while in Italy. I hope that they bring another ship, either a Conquest class, or another Spirit class to Tampa. But if they stick with that tired old Itineraray, don’t bother. I mean, What about Key West? Costa Maya, Panama, or do an alternating Eastern (San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Marrten, Grand Turk or even Nassau) I would much rather go to Nassau than Half Moon Key!! Nothing to do but beachy stuff there. Now that they have stationed the “Dream” in Port Canaveral, we are forced to either do back to backs on the Esctasy, Sensation, or go all the way down to Miami or Ft. Lauerdale to find a Conquest class, or even the Destiny (we are doing a 4/5day back to back on her the end of August) In my opinion, the mistake they made with the “Dream” class is, they did not make it “BIGGER ENOUGH!!!” They only added 20,000 tons over the Conquest class, but added over 1,500 more passengers!!! On sea days, I felt like staying in my cabin, things were so crowded. The Itinerary out of Port Canaveral is pretty tired too, especially the eastern run!! Has not changed since 2005, Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Marteen!!! How about San Juan, Grand Turk, or any one of a dozen other ports within range??? The Liberty (we are going Nov. 10th) has a great Itinerary, but we have to go all the way to Miami (almost 4 hour drive) but it goes to Nassau, San Juan, St. Thomas and Grand Turk!! They say that variety is the spice of life, but if you look at Carnival’s itinerary’s so many of their ships go to the same ports. This is forcing us to look at HAL for some different options! Hey, you suites up there!!! How about a cruise to Bermuda out of Florida???? How about Port Canaveral, Charlston, Bermuda (for 2 days please) I know darn well you could fill a Fantasy class or even a Spirit or Conquest every time!!

      • elaine says:


        if you can drive to Miami check out the breeze it will be doing southern caribbean. (ie aruba) and in case you don’t already know you can get free parking in Miami with your handicapped placket or tag as long as the person whos name it is in is in the car when it leave parking garage… so that makes Miami a great port… I mean really who doesn’t like free parking….

        carnival is losing clients on the gulf coast because all we have is OLD ships and the same OLD ports cruise after cruise… while Miami gets not only new ships but new ports as well

        WAKE UP BEARDS… YOU ARE COSTING CARNIVAL MONEY…. while you make other lines MONEY!

        • Rick Williamson says:

          Elaine, let me give you 3 word as to why we have older ships in Tampa. SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE! That is why. The newer Carnival ship are to TALL. Now I’m with you as far as why they can’t go with some eastern cruise everyother week. But that’s why we get older ships. Oh and from what I’ve seen we are just losing Legend for 6 months or so. Then she is back.

          • elaine says:

            Thanks Rick

            those are three words I DO understand and that is what I have been told yet other cruise lines have larger ships leaving from here no not sure that is truly the reason or just a PR statement. that said from what I have been told and I am a cruise consultant it is expected that the Legend will be 6 months at a time in each location which still only leaves us with one small non-balcony ship here for 6 months at a time. most of my clients want balconys

            that said the Legend is a ship that very badly needs dry dock. the last time I WAS ON HER THE FILTH WAS SICKENING.. even the mural that you see from the glass elevators was filthy. the beds were so lumpy I ended up asking for extra linens and made my own bed on the couch each night and I for one don’t want to have to make my own bed up while on vacation….

            so maybe with the europe runs it will finally get cleaned although I had been told before my third sailing on it that it had just come out of dry dock it wasn’t so. it was still filthy with all the same filth on that mural… ewwwwwww

            either way we need two ships doing different ports from Tampa and no reason a second ship cannot do the ABC islands as just as easy from tampa as miami… something to break up that same old western carib run…

            BTW in Dec there was ONE sailing from tampa YEP JUST ONE that did key west and bahamas and something else. I would not go back to bahamas but plenty of folks would

            OH and as for the Breeze Miami is to be it’s home port in US at least till Feb 2014.. I haven’t checked past then


            Thanks again Rick….

          • elaine says:



      • Dana T says:

        Hal Hoffman–If you lived somewhere else you’d have even less choices, so from my perspective, you’ve got it pretty good as far as choices: Tampa, Miami, Ft Lauderdale! We have to drive 8 hours to get to Long Beach, 9 hours to San Diego, and the stops in Mexico are pretty much limited to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. I’d love to have the choices you have.

        • elaine says:


          Then I suggest you move here if you want what we have so badly. or decide which you like and fly here. but like you after you have made the drive so many times to do only the same old ports every other port looks great…

          I have met some ppl on cruises that could care less what the ports are as they like the sea days best and have said the best part of being in port is the ship is almost empty and they can fully relax… so to each their own

          one thing for sure those ppl will never be the ones that are late and miss the ship 🙂

          hope you enjoy your next cruise and that you get to do it in ports that are new to you

          • Dana T says:

            I didn’t say I want what you have, badly or otherwise. Maybe to be more clear, since apparently you didn’t get it the first time: If I had so many ports within driving distance, I wouldn’t be such a whiner… Heck, I don’t have so many ports within driving distance, and I’m still not whining.

          • elaine says:


            yes you are whinning…. Just in case you didn’t know it.

            BTW if you weren’t whinning why did you feel the need to get involved is something that didn’t concern you? (no need to reply in fact don’t bother to)THIS WAS ABOUT FLORIDA and the fact that we here on the gulf coast NEVER get new ships and that we only do western caribbean…. and we are even losing one of the 2 ships we now have and will be down to a small ship without even a balcony. that is small and old ship for sure…. it almost seems like Carnival is getting ready to close this port all together.

            as a senior that has disabilities driving 5 hours is like driving all day and very hard on me so do not judge me for having an opinion that is backed by others in this discussion thank you very much

            when I said enough said it was to EVERYONE…. so since you missed it (copied and pasted from earlier post) enough said so please be adult and drop it!

            this is not the place for petty arguments and no one including me wants to read anything else on this subject from either of us.

            That said please stop now. PLEASE!!!!!

            and I hope your next cruise is a wonderful one from somewhere close to home even if you have been on that same cruise 3-4 times enjoy it because many people never get to do it even once!

          • Dana T says:


        • elaine says:


          have you ever thought about San Francisco and maybe Alaska? OR have you given any thought to Hawaii???

          I would love to do both of these but being on the other side of the country not an option

          so there you have it more options from Cali…

          SO please don’t insult out intelegence saying only Mexico is available

          Hope you enjoy your next cruise

      • Rick Williamson says:

        Hal you’re right about the Dream class being to small for the amonut of people on board. Carnival add 20,000 tons more to the ships (Dream, Magic and Breeze) and made it a new class, And add 1500 more poeple. Look at what RCCL did Add 100,000 tons and added 3000 people. That’s a big differents. Frankly my family (11 members) didn’t like the size of Dream either. Their next new class should be about 80,000 tons to replace those of that size now in service like Legend and the rest of her class she is in. And from how on Carivals biggest class should be no bigger then 110,000 tons. Let RCCL build the biggest ones 200,000 or bigger. Frankly I wouldn’t want to be on those because if something ever happened to her at sea (motors that are broke) can you imagain what that would be like 3 or 4 days at sea with no power in the middle of summer?

        • elaine says:


          I am booked on the Breeze for its 1st 8 day when it comes to Fl. only because of southern caribbean ports which will be a lil different. I still have to make a 5 hour drive for this so not the best but better than the rest

          That said I am afraid it to will be over crowded… I booked this over a year ago and tried to check current rates over the last few months only to find the ship is SOLD OUT so yep I am pretty sure it will be over crowded and that is not making me very happy.

          with luck it won’t be full of screaming kids… I love kids so don’t get me wrong they are lil people and deserve a vacation with family as long as the family keeps them under control and with a shipped that has been full for months we will have to just wait and see. either way ARUBA here I come

          and to Susan who says we are spoiled… most of us that are wanting new ports are retired and have moved here so maybe we have done our time driving for 8-9 hours or maybe we are disabled. YOU do not know us so do not judge us… enough said so please be adult and drop it!

          • Rick Williamson says:

            Elaine, screaming kids is the one thing I have found I hate on any cruise line. It seems like the 11pm hour just beings them out. Or the ones that have to slam their doors as they come or go from their cabin. I never allowed it when my two kids were on board with us. And I think other parents should be the sameway with their kids.

  240. Vince Gaudet says:

    Hey John,
    Just a quick question on referrals why does Carnival not give like a 100 buck on board credit for referrals. We are from western Canada and will go on the Freedom July 28 th for the 6 th straight summer on Carnival love it and have got over 8 other families from Calgary to try it in the past three years. Just think it would be a nice jester from Carnival. This will be my wife and I 8th carnival cruise and our kids 7th (14 and 11) maybe one day with you.

  241. Aly says:

    Dear John,
    About a week ago my family and I got off the beautiful Carnival Miracle and we had a wonderful time! With every cruise there are those staff members that either make your time spectacular or a bust. We had a great group this trip! Our waiters Frederic, Karnita and I Made were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us! We also really liked Jimmie and Dominic on the Entertainment staff! I know these people don’t always get the credit they deserve, but we spent most of our time on the Serenity Deck and we would really to acknowledge Tipawan and I Nengah! They both got to know our names and by the third day they knew what drinks we preferred! We really enjoyed their company throughout the week!

    I would also like to mention a real gem that you have employed named Hilary Paige. Her voice is absolutely phenomenal. At the end of our cruise, Dave Fulton and Miracle Showband hosted a concert party where Hilary sang some of her favorite tunes. Her rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ almost brought my Mom and me to tears. She has a true gift and I hope Carnival continues to hold on to her!

    My family and I are very into music and went to as many performances by the Showband as we could. I did get a chance to talk to Dave (who is hysterical by the way) and he told me about how the larger musical groups on Carnival ships are becoming few and far between and eventually they will be taken away all together. As a musical person this really upsets me as I look forward to the live entertainment in the lounges and theater. I do hope Carnival reconsiders these decisions as I am sure many guests look forward to the musical entertainment on their trips too.

    I have already booked my vacation next year on the Splendor when she comes to NY and excited to see what she has to offer! Keep up the good work and hopefully someday I’ll have the pleasure of cruising with you!

    Peace, Love & Cruising

  242. wendy says:

    Hi JOhn…really excited about the Breeze on Aug 14 for my 50th birthday! Why are the movies under the stars on the Breeze not “new” like they are on other boats?


  243. Karen Pallone says:

    Working on whodunit! Game trouble with figuring cryptogram any clue to get us started? Thanks so much

  244. Thomas Masching says:

    Where is the new Cruise Director List? It’s hard to plan a trip without knowing who it will be as some of them are not that good. Crusing in Jan 2013………..

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Pick a cruise and go! John just today said he is putting the new list out on Monday. But it will not be for more then 3 months. For Jan. just book one and enjoy it. I can’t believe that people pick CD’s over where a ship is going. And yes I would love to have cruise with John as CD again. But it just hasn’t happened yet.

      • elaine says:

        I agree pick a vruise and GOOOOOO….

        and if going on one with John is that important that take the bloggers cruise with him in Jan….

        I have yet to book a cruise by who the CD is as we make our own fun…. but to each their own

        so just book and enjoy!

  245. Gale & Mirth Westburg says:

    I guess my Wife & I are part of the “Sick Crowd” – what a shame – keep it up – I read the comments every day and so far I remain in rather good health – see ya in Jan for two weeks – Gale & Mirth Westburg

  246. Cheryl says:

    Hi John!

    I was on the Carnival Triumph on July 12th and left you a gift with the guest services. They told me they could get it to you and if there was a problem doing this they would let me know. I never heard from anyone saying that there was a problem so I just wanted to know if you received the gift. Please email me back and let me know.

    Thank You


  247. Justin Walters says:

    Hello John
    I have so much to say…. I just Love Carnival and all you guys do. I love it so much I want it to become my life long job. I don’t even know where to start. I have looked at the Fun job web page, everthing there I’m ok with( life at sea and benifits.) I have also put an app. in to cast-a-way but I’m not sure if there is anything ease I can do. How do I talk to someone about this?? I can’t find a number anywhere. Any help???
    Thank you Justin

  248. linda heaverin says:

    Hi Could you please me some things about the ship Sunshine? I saw where it was being talked about but can not find it now.It is an older ship that if going to be fixed up and renamed? Or a new one?
    Thank you

    • Hal says:

      The Sunshine is going to be a Re-launch of the “Destiny” which was originally built in 1996. Personally, the name is kind of bland, “Destiny” has a sort of “Ring” to it! This will be our 3rd and 4th time on the Destiny, August 30th to Sept. 8th (4/5day back to back) When originally launched, she was the largest cruise ship in the world, and is still a respectable 101,000 tons. When first on her in 2007 out of Puerto Rico, she was tired, and in need of a refit. They did a refit in 2010, and when on her in 2011, it was excellent, as I hope it will be this time too. This looks like it will be a major upgrade with the 2.0 theme, and probably some more modern propulsion and navigation upgrades. Buuuuut! They also plan on adding 300 more cabins!!! Yikes!!! That is potentially 600 more people & more, and the same amount of crew! That is going to play heck with the Buffet lines!!! I have not figured out where the extra cabins will go, (no new deck plans available) I assume they will add another deck? One wonders how that will effect stability in rough seas. I will try to imagine how 4-600 more people will effect the lines for the shows and shops and casino and tenders. This will bring her passanger capacity up to about the same as the Conquest class, only 60 feet shorter and 9,000 tons smaller! Hmmmm! As John says: “I’m sure the Beards have it all worked out!!” They must have plans for the Conquest elsewhere! Hey! I’z just the messenger!!! But those are “The facts Mame”

  249. Heather says:

    Can you get a bigger robe on the ship if you are in a spa room? We are bigger people and the regular robs do not cut it!


  250. Grover Alverson says:

    What ship is Joel and Lorna performing on now? We will be on the Conquest feb 3 and would love to see them again.

  251. paula says:

    I was just on the Glory in the spring and am thinking about the Miracle this fall, will the shows all be the same, I had that happen once before when I went consecutive years. They had the motor city show etc on the Glory.

  252. Tom Purdue says:

    John, wanted to let you know about the brilliant time my new wife and I had on the Inaugural of the Carnival Breeze. I am sure you don’t remember us but we were the older couple you had on the newlywed portion of the marriage show. You were (deservedly so) like a rock star. At the Captains reception you were swarmed and the poor Captain was standing there by himself. You are such a celebrity I am sure that at some point women have shown up with their Sharpies wanting their chests autographed.
    I dont like doing this and I hesitate if it werent for my grandson. My wife and I are bringing my sister (this will be her first vacation in who knows how long because she has raised 2 wonderful kids to adult hood by herself since her husband passed 18 years ago)my daughter,son in law and my grandson Dominic on their first cruises. We will be on the Dec. 16th sailing of the Carnival Breeze out of Miami. If you could send a little something to Dominic it would mean a lot to him.
    If I read the CD schedule you posted correctly, it looks like you will be on that sailing of the Carnival Breeze and I hope to see you again there and maybe you will have time for a cigars under the stars event.
    When you recieve this you will have had your carpool tunnel surgery and hope all went well. Best wishes to you, Heidi and of course Kye
    Your friend

  253. paula says:

    How do I get John to respond to my questioned I asked

  254. Lisa Tamburi says:


    Just wanted to let you know I sailed on the Legend July 15-July23 and had a wonderful time. It was my 4th cruise with Carnival and I am already planning my 5th in 2 years for my 50th bday. I wish I could go more often, I love Carnival. Please pass on my thanks to the staff

    Lisa Tamburi

  255. Linda Simmons says:

    Hi John. How do you redeem FunPoints from the Carnival Mastercard? Is it done onboard, or do you have to go thru the credit card company? Thank you for your response.

    • Susan Beeler says:

      Linda, You need to log in to your Carnival Mastercard account. Go to “Redeem Points.” It will walk you through.

    • susan beeler says:

      To redeem Carnival fun points, you need to log in to your Carnival Mastercard account. You go to Redeem and follow the instructions.

    • Al Verni says:

      You can redeem them at the Barclays website,also while you are there check to see when your points will expire,they don’t last very long .

  256. Michelle says:


    Booked our first cruise for my husband and I 10 yr anniversary in Feb ’13 & absolutely CAN NOT wait to go!! I think you may hate cruise critic, but I’d like to ask you about a rumor going around on the site. It was said that Carnival is testing an alcohol package, and one was offered on the Valor (Victory??) for about $50, (I’m guessing the cost is per day; w/ 10 drinks a day) and each of age adult in the room had to purchase the deal. Will be available on the Breeze in February? If not, my husband & I would love to help Carnival test out the program 😉

    • Hal says:

      Carnival needs to take a few pages from Holland America’s book!! Now before you boo! We have 18 Carnival Cruises, so As Platinum guests, we are no rookies. But this feable Carnival thing about so called “Controlling under aged drinking” wears thin when you consider the following. 1) There is no limit an of aged person can carry aboard as far as wine is concerned (no fork lifts please) and you can bring wine back on board from the Ports. 2) for a fee of about 300 dollars, you can purchase a “Suite Ammenities Package” and you get: 2 bottles of wine of your choice, 2 litres of liquor of your choice, two $50 dollar drink cards, 2 fabulous robes and slippers, UNLIMITED WASH AND HANG SERVICE!!!, A DINNER FOR 2 AT THE PINNACLE GRILL (their equivilant of the steak house) VIP boarding, and a private breakfast debark morning at the Pinnacle grill and debark at your pleasure!!! Plus you get invited to all the Mariner’s club events!
      HAL is close to winning us over!!! “Platinum Carnival guest and 2 Star Mariners” and LUVIN IT!!!

  257. Michele Tancredi says:

    Hi John. My 16 year old daughter and I were lucky enough to sail with you on the Dream a while back. We both fell in love with you and your humor. She wanted to sail with you again this summer but we had to choose the fantasy on August 21st as it was what we can afford. Is there anyway you could send her a note or autograped picture on board telling her to have a great time. I know she would love it. Her name is Elizabeth Lippincott and we will be staying in E109 with my Mom. Thanks, Michele

  258. Steve Owen says:


    Thanks for getting our reservations confirmed for the Chef’s Table on the Carnival Dream during our upcoming September 2012 cruise. Even though you are recovering from your “Carpool Tunnel” surgery you still took care of this reservation for us, you are amazing!!! My wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary aboard the Carnival Dream, this will make it even more special.
    Take care and thank you so much.


  259. peter rutherford says:

    who is the guitarist “keith” on the Dream at the momonet (25th August 2012). He is the best, and only, real musician I have ever heard on a cruise ship?

  260. debster11 says:

    Hi John, I have a question that I hope you can answer. I heard that the band True Identity will be playing on the Pride. I love love love this band. Do you know if they will be playing when I am on the Pride Dec 2? I am hoping so!

    I hope you are well, I have been on several cruises with you and I still think those were the best cruises I was on.

    Oh, can you get me a gift when I am on, or free anything? JUST KIDDING!!!! I just had to ask it. Haha. Have a great day!

  261. Lizzy Lee says:

    I am Lizzy, an features editor from Cruising Korea.

  262. Beth says:

    I do not do facebook so can not express my complaint about Carnival doing away with FCC’s. I buy probably about 4 a year and will miss not being able to purchase them That is my opinion. Thanks Beth

  263. rosario ivie says:

    Hi John today i talked to my travel agent because i wanted to book a cruise on carnival splendor for august 11 2013 and to my disappointment you guys are pulling off the summer vacations why is this John my husband and i were looking forward to another great vacation and this one was going to be for our 15 wedding anniversary i can believe carnival is doing that my husband has travel carnival 22 time’s and this cruise would of been my 10th but that is not the point is why carnival is doing that to long beach please let me know why because i’m very sad a loyal carnival customer rosario ivie

    • Paul Johnson says:

      I agree. We have done that cruise 2 times now and would do it again next year. We love Cabo and especially P.V.
      Tell the Beards the west coast wants that cruise back.
      Paul Johnson

  264. Maria Papallo says:

    Your Facebook page is the best out there.My husband and I so enjoy reading it every day.We hope one day to be able to sail with you and family…Happy Sails to you!!!

  265. Melissa says:

    Dear John,

    What are the chances of Mr. Radu doing a week-long (or even a four- or five-day-long) photography school cruise? His work is beautiful and, as a hobbyist photographer, I would love to spend a few days in workshops and on hands-on shooting sessions with other photographers in some of Carnival’s beautiful ports of call.

  266. Kathleen says:

    John, we are cruising from San Juan next March, with nine family members, (4 cabins). We are on Verandah Deck Aft, and would love to eat in the Washington Dining Room.Our Carnival Vacation Planner said he couldn’t do it, we’d have to change it when we get on board? What is your advice? Thanks, Kathleen Moose

  267. Randy Smith says:

    Hi John! Diane and I are already booked for the Bloggers’ Cruise. How, and how soon, can we sign up for the Bloggers’ Activities with you. We are so excited to finally meet you. Thanks!

    Randy Smith

  268. Pat Call says:


    will you be CD on the 10/25 Breeze Cruise or will you be traveling. If you are what night do you do the bedtime story?

    Hope to see you on 10/25/2012

    pat call

  269. bithinia gutierrez says:

    Hi John….I just sent you a very important private message and would appreciate if you look into this.

    thanks…..Bithinia Gutierrez

  270. Deena Harris says:

    Hello John! You have have done a marvelous job by keeping me entertained during my long difficult road to recovery from cancer. I’ve read your blogs for hours on end and thoroughly enjoyed them all.
    I live in Metropolis IL. (home of superman!) I would love to send you a small token of my appreciation by sending you a Superman T-shirt. If you could private message be with your size and address. I think you are just tops in your blogs. You are a great fellow and I thank you for being there for us all.

    Our next cruise on the Conquest isn’t scheduled until April 28, 2013 and we are anxiously awaiting.


  271. John

    Just wanted to let you know we returned from the Sensation 9/30 thru 10/4 (M185) and we had a great time. Wee Jimmy is my favorite CD and give props to Colin our head waiter and his team along with our cabin steward crew. Always lots of ice and a spotless room. I was wondering if there is a show schedule as we have seen the same shows twice or do we just cruise to much? Again thanks for the memories and we will see you in December on the Glory!

  272. Lamar says:

    I am booking a cruise for my anniversary next year and I have heard exceptional things about the Chefs Table. I heard that the seats go fast is there a way that I can reserve a seat. I am going to be on the Victory August 10-15. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Lamar just be prepared for the high cost. $75.00 per person. We had heard alot of good things about it. And even see on here where people order it on here before even getting on the ship. We checked into it as we were getting reservations for Glory’s steakhouse. when we were on board last week. And for us the $75.00 was far more then we were willing to pay.

  273. Diane Ackermann says:

    Hi John, I don’t have anything to ask you but wanted you to know what a marvelous time I had on the Breeze on the 9/19 European sailing. You and Calvyn are a joy – your humor, ireverance and downright naughtiness were refreshing. Thank you. (I’m the woman that stopped you in the corridor asking if you were the “Famous John Heald blogger”.)I read your blog on the folks who diss Carnival about real or fake trips. As far as the real ones go, some people can’t remove that big stick out of their arse long enough to have a good time. I am disheartened, however, to see the Future Cruise certificates go away so I stocked up. Thank you for making my 4th cruise on Carnival (in a year and a half) such a memorable experience. Your humble fan, Diane Ciao!

  274. Sara Sheppard says:

    Hi John,
    My name is Sara Sheppard and this is going to be my 3rd carnival cruise but my boyfriend’s first. We are leaving on the 14th on the Legend in cabin 4149 (only four days away and we are so ready!!) Unfortunately, his completely healthy father passed away unexpectedly in March, which has made the last months very stressful & ridden with anxiety. We decided instead of cancelling the cruise,
    we will go and allow carnival to do what in my experience it always does best…CREATE HAPPY MEMORIES 🙂 I can’t wait to watch the experience through his eyes. My first cruise was on a carnival ship back in 2004 and was completely magical. I just wanted to drop in to say: Thank you so much for always being so approachable. I also want to applaud Carnival in general— that in the wake of such tragedy as this, you guys are around to help me insert some magical child-like wonder in his life, which has been otherwise depressing for the last few months!! Thanks again!

  275. Bev Luke says:

    Hi John..First time writing to you! I was just wondering if you have any “inside” information on when May 2014 is going to be listed? Thank you so much, have a great day.

  276. Lisa says:

    OH holy crap. I forgot to tell you. We are Jeff and Lisa Broyles on the Triumph on November 15th out of Galveston. Our cabin number is 8418.

    Clearly I am not good at begging you for free stuff yet. I’m just so excited and can’t wait to meet my own personal cabana boy. LOL!!!!

  277. Martha Lindsey says:

    Hi, John….. Is there a possibility of an all-you-can-drink package on the Breeze during its Miami sailings????


  278. Lynn Bryant says:

    We are all looking forward to sailing with Carnival again this year.

  279. Gregory Litke says:

    We are currently in the middle of the first leg of a B2B cruise on the Carnival Liberty to celebrate our Tenth Anniversary. Corrina (Romania, Golden Olympic Dining room Deck 3) and her team are probably among the BEST wait staff we have ever experienced. I do not know what the Chain of command is here on the Liberty, but would love it if you could arrange a KUDOS to her and her staff. They go above and beyond and I cannot say enough good things about them. Thank you for your time, and KUDOS to Carnival as well, as we are having a great time.

    • Gregory Litke says:


      Thank you so much for the wonderful suprise left in our stateroom this evening. Really topped off a wonderful day. I do hope that a similar or better suprise is in store for Corrina and her team. The whole purpose of our post was to recognize outstanding service. Once again, thank you!

      Gregory and Stacie

  280. Sandee says:

    Just wondering if you can let me know who the Cruise Director will be on the Carnival Miracle for April 14th, 2012 – 15 days to Hawaii. Unfortunately, we keep getting the same Cruise Directors or Assistant Directors. We are hoping to get someone different this time.

  281. Sandee says:

    Hi There. Sorry, but also am wondering what type of entertainment will be provided of the 15 day cruise on April 14th, 2013 leaving from Los Angeles to Hawaii.


  282. Randall Smith says:

    Hey John,

    I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity to sign Diane and myself up for the Bloggers’ Activities on the Breeze in January. Please let me know how and when to do so. We’ve waited for 20+ Fun Ship Cruises to have you as our CD. We really don’t want to miss out on the Blogger Activities. Thanks!

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Ok why haven’t you already signed up for it? They have been talking about on the blogs for months. I’m sure you could have signed up at anytime. I mean you have to known it’s in Jan. of next year the 19th I think. And it’s on Breeze. Go to Carnival.com or call your PVP or do it on line.

      • Randall Smith says:

        I have already spoken to my PVP several times about this issue. Apparently, the sign-ups will become available while we are on our cruise on the Freedom next month. That’s why I’m asking John.

        • Rick Williamson says:

          Randall sorry I don’t understand why you are asking about when you can signup when you already know when it is. Remember you can signup for a future cruise when on board your cruise that’s up coming.

          • Randall Smith says:

            Gee, Rick! Apparently you didn’t get the gist of my message to John. The application form ro sign up for the Bloggers’ Activities was not very readily accessible, nor was it clear when the signups would begin. If you were a true Carnival Cruise Addict, you would know what a great opportunity this actually is and understand our anxiouness to be a part of this great event after 23 or 24 Fun Ship Cruises, rather than taking a condescending attitude about my request, which actually shouldn’t concern you in the least.

          • Randall Smith says:

            Gee Rick! I thought this was John’s Blog, but you seem to like to answer everyone’s questions. Just how many Fun Ship Cruises did it take for you to become such an expert on everything Carnival? My Milestone Cruise is booked for April, and I still go to my PVP and/or John for help. I wonder how long it will take me to become as knowledgeable as you.

          • Rick Williamson says:

            Gee Randall! havn’t seen John answer any of these questions on here. Even mine. I’m not the only one whom tries to help others on here. Yes I’m do misunderstand or misread a post sometimes. But when I have been on my tenth Carnival cruise and know that you are a VIFP on that cruise. Then I will post to others that are on here and still don’t seem to understand it. Or other things that I have run into while cruising. I have YET see John post a reply on here even to my questions nor has he sent me an email about my question. So sorry if I tryed to help and misunderstood.

  283. Michelle Huffman says:

    Please post the CD schudle for 2013, so my family can book our cruise for May 2013.

    Thank you John,

  284. Sabreina says:

    It sent before I could say I enjoy your facebook posts and thank you for your time

  285. Connie says:

    What about a Carnival 12-16 month calendar, with pics of different ships, with their inaugration date and tonnage?

  286. John,

    I’m posting this here to express my displeasure to find out that you may not be on the inaugural 8 day cruise out of Miami. I know that this isn’t your decision, but I’m writing this to you because I know the beards will see it.

    I and a lot more people booked this cruise in large part because you would be there. I realize it is heavily booked… I was wait-listed way back in June and wasn’t able to get a cabin until about a month ago. I may not have gone through that nor paid the premium being charged had I not believed you would be on board.

    I understand changes sometimes happen. However, it makes me really mad that the reason that seems to be given is that there is not a cabin available. First, as of the time I’m writing this, Carnival is still taking bookings for this cruise. Four days ago the Carnival booking engine still showed six cabins available. So as to this lame excuse, I say to the beards, BULL. And to the beards I also say if you can’t do a better job of planning… if you can’t stay with your implied promise that John would be there, then we all do have choices.

    Beards that are listening… there’s still time to make this right.

    Sorry for venting to you here John. I know this wasn’t your choice. And to be honest, I’ll have a great cruise without you… all cruises are great cruises. And I know Butch is a good CD, but it just won’t be the same without you. Thanks for listening.

    Your friend,

    Bob (AKA KokomoMan) Dennard
    Searching for Kokomo – Diary of a Madd Cruiser

    P.S. If I’ve got this all wrong, then in the immortal words of Emily Litella (Gilda Radner)… “Never Mind”

  287. Selina says:

    Hi John,

    I was wondering if you could send me the bio to John Charleton. He will be our cruise director on the Magic in February.

  288. Lori Maas says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I are going on the Splendor on December 9, 2012. This will be our 30th Wedding Anniversary!! We are looking forward to this cruise so much and can’t wait another 30 days, HAHA!!!
    Thank you for anything to help celebrate our wonderful day on your amazing ship.
    If you have any suggestions on what we can do special on the ship that would be wonderful.
    Thank you and happy sailing!!! Lori

  289. Erik Fitch says:

    Greetings from the Coast of Maine. I have been trying to buy funship dollars online for 5 weeks and it keeps saying problem trying to load list of states so it will not work. I have called and talked to the BV dept who advised they have been hearing this from everyone. Do you know if this is going to be fix? Thanks

  290. Debbie Senn says:

    Hi John,
    We just returned Sunday Nov. 11, 2012 from our cruise on the Carnival Magic.
    I observed something on the cruise… that I did not know was possible!
    Possibly one of the most odd experiences I’ve seen in a while. (and I do a lot of driving)
    Their were 4 of us on an elevator… two ladies got on from another deck… on walked on…one drove on with her SCOOTER..
    I assumed she would just put it in reverse… and back off.
    NO…..SHE DID A U-TURN in the ELEVATOR… almost wiping out those behind her…we were cinching up around the walls of the elevator to keep from being in a hit and run victim!
    THIS WOULD DEFINITELY BE A GOOD subject on your entertainment… or comedy shows..

  291. Rania alazem says:

    Hi John,
    I was wondering why you did not reply to my message or post.

  292. Kevin says:

    Had the honor of serving with Brits in Europe and gained an appreciation for them and the culture ( Red Dwarf to this day is one of my favorite shows) and a foul taste for frogs….. Although I like the legs….:) can’t believe the S*+t you endure sometimes…… Well done and please keep it up….hope we can meet some day……

  293. Jackie says:

    Hi John,

    Love your blog.

    Do you know how I’d find out more details on the Chef’s Table for the Carnival Victory? I’m doing a Southern Caribbean cruise on it from December 9 – 16 and it’s our first cruise ever.

    Also, do you know if the crew does anything special for birthdays? My guest’s 30th birthday is on December 7th and we’re taking this cruise in celebration of this milestone.

    Thank you,

    Toronto, Canada

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Jackie, YOU have to order cakes for any reason you need one. YOU setup what it says and what night it will need to given them at the dinner table. And it will then came at the end of dinner. Or you can have it in your cabin when you get on the ship or to your cabin the day of their birthday. As far as the Chief’s dinner, and it’s all that know about by asking about this on my last cruise is it costs $75.00 per person. We go to dinner one night of each cruise that has a steak house. I ask the hostes about the cheif’s table and that what she said was the cost. To much for us try it.

  294. Terri says:

    Hi John,

    I have a question/comment that I hope you will address or bring to the “powers that be”, but before that just wanted to say that I love your blog. Now, onto my question, I think the idea of the Awesome Bar program is great, but I disagree with the idea that all members over 21 in a cabin have to buy it. As someone that can’t drink (allergy to ETOH – trust me I wish I could go out and have fun), it doesn’t seem fair that I would have to pay up to $300+ so the people I am with can. Will this ever change? Thanks in advance.

  295. Well, the word “Mashable” certainly qualifies John, Bill Gates is no longer with us, and Kathy Ireland is busy selling furniture. John, you are the obvious wuinner!!!!!

  296. Randel Raison says:

    John, I’ve been trying to send email to “Ask John,” but it keeps telling me “invalid verification code.” I hope I didn’t send my note too many times.

    Wanted to let you know that “JMOH” is “just my humble opinion.”


    • Linda says:

      I’ve also been trying to use the “Ask John” form but it keeps telling me the verification code is wrong. I’ve tried 4 or 5 times. I hope you haven’t received this many emails from me haha

  297. Kimmy says:

    Several years ago we cruised on the Carnival Conquest as a group. We were able to purchase a bar card and it was great knowing that I didn’t have to worry about paying for drinks up to X amount of dollars. Basically we had an all-inclusive cruise. We are cruising on the Carnival Magic in October and I was wondering if there are any plans to offer this to individual bookings or is it only offered to group bookings?

  298. Dawn says:

    I will be on the Magic leaving 12-23. Can you please tell me if the Cruise Elegant Eve will be on Christmas Eve or rather on Christmas itself?

    Thank you in advance.

  299. John and Susan says:

    Hello John,
    Susan and I just returned from our cruise on the Carnival Magic. First I must Thank-you and our CD James for the strawberries and the ship on a stick. (You do forget in your description that it is Solid Plastic). Now let me tell you about a wonderful cruise. It started with our super PVP Natalia Savage. She always looks out for us and get us the exactly what we are looking for at the right price. Her advice in the past has been priceless. Boarding was a snap and we hurried to the Red Frog Pub. We want to be first and we made it. The staterooms were ready right on time and the drill was a snap. The two sea days were busy with activities. The welcome aboard show was great, “The Groove Line” was excellent and “Destination Unknown” (Magic) was terrific. Never seen better shows. We ate at the Comedy Brunch everyday that we could and the food there is great. That menu is wonderful! We had late dinner seating and the service we received was above and beyond. Our Head-Waiter John from India, and his assistants George from Romania and Milovan from Serbia all deserve recognition. Even the bar service was wonderful. When we arrived at the table each night Graig from St. Lucia had our diet cokes there within minutes. One evening we decided to try the Italian Resturant. After Deni from Croatia had seated us, Ana from Croatia and Strahinja from Bosnia could not have taken better care of us. Once again they deserve recognition. Our cabin attendant Diana never failed to come say hi and always addressed us by name. The two excursions we bought from Carnival were second to none. In Jamaica we rode the bobsled, climbed Dunns River Falls, and rode the sky lift. In Cayman we did the beginners scuba and it to was just plain fun! Debark was quick and easy. The ship docked about 6:30 a.m. and we walked off at 7:05. You know me and if anything is wrong or I have a suggestion I don’t have any problem bringing it to your attention. Susan and I both agree….the service, shows, and food on this cruise was the best yet. It just shows that no one at Carnival is sitting on their laurels. I must say, I do miss the opportunity to purchase the future cruise certificates and maybe in the future they will come back. You know that you can print this on the blog or anywhere you want. This cruise put Susan and I at 159 days and we have booked on the Destiny from Miami to Venice. We look forward to the same great service! Thanks for all you do and as always…Our Best!!

    John & Susan from Frisco, Tx

    • Rick Williamson says:

      John, just asking. But why did you get off the ship before have your breakfast? You can’t be in that big a rush if your having so much fun. Besides you did pay for it. So you had to get breakfast when off the ship and pay for it again.

      • John and Susan says:

        Easy answer Rick. We were parked right across the street from the terminal and were driving back to Dallas. It is always best to get an early start when going through Houston. Traffic there can be miserable. We were off the ship by 7:10 a.m. and on our way. We didn’t stop for breakfast until we were on the other side of Houston. By the way, we were home in Frisco
        by 1 p.m. Gave us plenty of time to get ready to start another week of work.

        Try the Magic…I know you will like it!!!

        John from Frisco, Tx

        • Rick Williamson says:

          Whatever cranks your boat. I still don’t think you would have lost that much time, by having a free breakfeast on board. As far as Magic, no thanks if I want to get on those giant ship I would drive 90 minutes to Carnival Dream.

  300. Angie Sheard says:

    Sorry John, just to add to my last question which was just sent, Is it possible to book a window table in the Steakhouse, how do I reserve that?

  301. Mikey Brown says:

    Hey John –

    I have a question of concern regarding Carnival Destiny’s T/A cruise from Miami to Venice on 4 February 2013. My question is will ALL the public areas (inside and outside) be available to the passengers who are sailing on her for her last cruise as Destiny? Also will all the NORMAL everyday ship board activities still be going on as normally would on a Standards cruise? I REALLY DO HOPE THE ANSWER TO BOTH IS YES and anything less, would be a disappointment. I understand the need from a project management perspective to want to start the job as early as possible – after all project management is my profession. But I also know that as a passenger and a virgin TA and Med cruiser, I would be not overly happy should services and facilities be limited due to a need to get an early start. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP. Thanks in advance.


  302. Garneisha says:

    Hi John,

    I am from the Bahamas and I would like to say Congratulate you all for give one of our companies your used cooking oil to create renewable energy. I am writing a paper on Cruise ships that come to the Bahamas. I want to know how much gallons of sewage waste is produced on each of the 23 Carnival cruise lines while here? How is it processed?

  303. Janet Blouin says:

    Good Evening John,

    Thank you for making reservations for us at Chef’s Table on the March 16, 2013 cruise on the Dream our of Port Canaveral.

    We will be celebrating my DH’s 65th birthday and our 33rd anniversary. Do you have a suggestion on what we might add for our celebration? Neither of us imbibe so a bottle of bubbly is not an option.

    Thank you an Carnival for giving us such wonderful experience on on past cruise .. we look forward to an even better memory building trip this time.

    Regards from your friend,


  304. Colin says:

    Hi John,

    We will be sailing on the Carnival Breeze 2-10 Mar 2013. We are a group of 7 couples from the Great White North (Canada)celebrating a friends 50th birthday. Would it be possible to book a Chef Table night for Tue 5 Mar? We would need -8 to 17 seats. Thanks in advance.


  305. Gregory Litke says:

    Dear John,

    My wife and I have been married for over ten years now, and are re-newing our vows on The Magic sailing next week
    (january 20th) along with 5 of our children and my wifes father. This will be our 5th 7day cruise with Carnival and we could not be happier. I just wanted to send a Kudos out to the special events department that we have been contacting in order to set up our vow renewal. They have been excellent at customer service and when our email address was mis-spelled and they did not hear from us about a confirmation, they took the time to track down and call us to make sure all was ok. Excellent job Carnival! I would highly suggest to those reading this that should you wish to do something similar, go with Carnival. They are the best!

  306. Linda C says:

    OK here is the summary of my January 5, 2013 cruise on Lady Breeze. I normally am at the terminal around 11, but we arrive a little before 1. Very Short lines. By the time I got thru VIP line, my friends were nearly done in the regular lines.
    One friend packed her passport in her luggage. Carnival met me at her cabin and thankfully her luggage was already there. The gentleman took the passport and got it to the terminal. The swiftness on their part eliminated a lot of anxiety.
    John assured us that the partitions on our balconies would be opened and they were. Gave us a big porch to watch the activities in port and at sea. (Thanks John!!)
    The ship itself is gorgeous inside and out. I remember walking up to her returning from an excursion in Grand Turk, and we went “wow! She is beautiful!” She really sparkles. 🙂
    I want to thank our cabin steward, I Wayan, for his attention and care during this cruise. Three of our people became ill when the sea was rough and he attended them like a nurse! He made a special towel animal for one. Made sure they had everything they needed. He should have special mention on the ship!
    More honorable mentions: In the dining room our waiters were also fabulous! Food was never cold. Some was a bit too hot actually (not a complaint). The service was not slow. While Ken Byrne was talking to us at the table, one friend threw up. No reflection on Ken. Thankfully she was at the end – our waiters were there to assist her and the mess was quickly cleaned up. We were waited on by Kazimierz, Ivaylo, and the female whose name escapes me (she is this month’s employee of the month).
    The music in all areas was good, but particularly in the MDR with my new friend Ken “the Voice” Byrne.
    The cruise virgins with me loved it and were already talking about the next cruise before we ever left the ship. There is so much I could say but I do not want to bore any one. Haha!
    If I had it to do again (and I do) I would take this ship again, but for a longer stretch of time. My home port, however, is Galveston, and Lady Magic will do just fine until I can plan another trip out of Miami on the Brilliant Breeze.

  307. Darlene says:

    John, several time I notice you mention to sign up for cruise alerts under “Manage Your Cruise”> Sorry but I do not see this for my upcoming cruise.


  308. Hi John:
    Brad & Kyrsten here. We just finished our cruise on the Carnival Dream and wanted to express our gratitude to the following people who made our Dream cruise so memorable.
    1. Jaime Dee (Need I say more? Any relation to the late Sandra Dee?). Saw your note on Jaime. She is simply amazing.

    2. Bob at the Dream Piano Bar: Funny as all dickens. Heck even better than the comedians.

    Oh one last question. Do you remember a Carnival cruise director from the past named Malcolm Kennedy? I sailed with him on the MS Holiday back in 1988 and he was amazing as well. Hope he’s still around and doing well.

    • UPDATE: Just read that Malcolm Kennedy passed away some time ago. Sad to read but I’m sure up in Heaven, he’s got the angels rolling with laughter.
      Also got Piano Bar Bob’s full name, Bob Berhalter. Amazing guy.

  309. victoria sheppard says:

    Can you tell me when will the Legend be upgraded to 2.0? i’m looking at a cruise in nov 2013 on it

    Thanks v. sheppard

  310. MIKEY BROWN says:

    John – I recently went to a AAA Travel cruise show where some of the agents and representatives from Princess cruises and Holland American publicly belittle (ok, THEY SLAMMED) BUGGER, Carnival Cruise for whatever reason. I felt compelled to stick up for Carnival and wrote AAA a letter stating my feelings. Read on mate.

    “To Whom It May Concern:
    I recently attended a AAA Travel Cruise Show in Tacoma, WA and I have to say, I was not pleased by some of the attitudes displayed by some of the AAA Travel Agents nor some of the Cruise representatives. I will preface my comments in that I understand the need to have a good travel agent where they agent will work with you, answer questions, and be available. With that said it was noticeable that Carnival Cruise Lines was absent from this show for whatever reason as they have been present in years past. I also know that Carnival has either eliminated or greatly reduced travel agent subsidies as well. Given this I was greatly surprised that some AAA Travel Agents and the Princess Cruise Representative would publicly tell people that cruising carnival or thinking about cruising Carnival would not be good. Making statements like HOPE YOUR BOAT GETS THERE, CARNIVAL IS CHEAP, THERE IS MORE VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR ON ANOTHER LINE, SAYING ONLY THEIR LINE IS CONCERNED ABOUT PASSENGER SAFEY (This came from the Holland America Representative), etc. is out of line and very unprofessional. I can understand why you may not want to promote Carnival actively, but to publicly belittle a competitor’s brand and image is out of line. I am a Carnival Cruiser and I can tell you all belittling statements were wrong. And the one that really got me was the value. Carnival fares are traditionally lower than others, but for what I get on Carnival, cruising another line will cost me at least and extra $300-$400 per person on a typical Caribbean cruise that I would take. I would hope that you would take my comments here and you use them to better your service as after the cruise show, I was seriously considering cancelling my AAA membership.”

    Cheer and may you always have calm seas and trailing winds.


    • Dennis Cox says:

      I read your post with great interest. You stated Princess and Holland America representatives were bashing Carnival. I find that strange since all three lines are brands under the Carnival Corporation. AAA bashing Carnival, maybe since commissions and incentives are involved; but, HAL and Princess, that sounds like maybe you misunderstood.

  311. Ingrid says:

    I have 2 questions
    I am sailing on the Ledend July 15, 2013
    Please tell which nights are the elegant nights
    and how can I place a reservation for the chef’s table?
    thank you in advance

  312. Jessica Westberg says:

    We didn’t want or ask for a free cruise- we just wanted our funds to be transferred over to a different, equivalent cruise without having to put any more money out of pocket! I understand that it’s more expensive to cruise over the summer months, but considering the circumstances, there wasn’t ANYTHING that could be done for us? My family of 8 (6 kids ages 15 down to 2) piled in a car and drove all the way to Texas before we found out it was canceled! WE JUST WANT TO GET ON A CRUISE!!! 🙂

  313. Joe Farron says:

    Just got off the Glory with 11 other couples had an outstanding time.Myself and 12 other couples are booked on the Breeze for 2-15-14.It seems they all want to back out because of the Triumph Mishap.I assured them everything is fine can you sweeten the pot with some shipboard credit so we do not lose these diehard Carnival Cruisers?

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Joe, it could just as easy have happened on Glory! Why didn’t your freinds backout after seeing the movie Titanic? One ship and their really to bail? Why???? They should look at how many cruise ships were on the high seas that sameday of the fire. And how many people they carried. Frankly I think you are just asking John for free stuff. How long do you think Carnival would last doing that kind of thing?

      • Joe Farron says:


  314. Dave says:

    John, wondering if Carnival has or will develop menu items for those who suffer with Lactose intolerance?

    We love cruising and especially with CCL and this would really help as my wife suffers badly.

    Thanks Mate, you are a credit to CCL and I hope you never retire.

  315. Tairy says:

    I just came back last Sunday, I took my friends so they could experience the fun I had last year when I went with my kids, but intead was a mistake. We had the worse time at the cruise.The Security crew and the bartenders inside the cruise were really rude, the worse of all are the females at the bar by the casino.The bartenders outside by the pool and the stewart that made our rooms were really nice,that you should know.

    If you are a PARTY PERSON,this is not the place for you,they close down every single bar at 3 in the morning,so you will not find alcohol or music after 3:00 AM.If you are going with kids or like to go to bed early you will have no problem,but if you go adults only and like to PARTY,dont waste your time and money.

    Another thing is,they control your money,the last night my card was overdraft for $48.18 so I coulnt buy more drinks at 2:30 AM,I went to bed and the next morning I got a check for the same amount,the same happened with my friends account.I’m not going again on a Carnival Cruise unless we go with our kids,never again only adults,I wish someone told me this before.Have a good day all.

    • JJ says:

      I just started reading this blog as I am gearing up for a cruise in the next month with my kids. My honest opinion, and that is what we all leave here,our OPINIONS, is probably if you are that concerned with partying and staying up late is that you stay home and go out to your local club or pub. Though we all are on vacations, not everyone wants to stumble upon drunken wildness and loud music at 4:00a.m. (in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “not that anything is wrong with that”, lol). Also, to avoid not having enough money to buy those expensive drinks, one part of cruise preparation is to make sure you have well more than enough money to pay for them, perhaps budgeting yourself, say $40 per day on drinks, or attach your sail and sign card to a Black credit card that has no limit. Either way, think long and hard about cruising before you do it again, for your sake, and for others traveling with you: :o)

      • Tairy says:

        Hey JJ,like you said we all have our opinios.The firt thing I said was that I took my friend so they could experience the fun I had last year with my KIDS.Thats why I also said that if you are having a getaway with your spouse and don’t need to worry about the time you go to bed,this is not the place.I never said that we were drunk going around the ship,thats why they have Clubs,so the people that want to go to bed early dont listen to the music or the people that want to keep having fun.If I took this vacation is because to my local club I can go any time and I was looking for something away from home,we were celebrating our 9th Anniversary.About the money,we had plenty of money to spend,if you go back to my 1st comment I said that my card was withdrawed the last night and I got a check next morning for the same amount,it means I had money,but for some reason they didnt let me use it and believe me,I wasn’t drunk at the time I couldnt use my card anymore,we catched the bartender preparing the drinks with less than a line of alcohol.About sailing again I dont need to think long and hard,because I’ve never had a problem while sailing with the kids(since I have to go to sleep early)but with adults only…..I don’t think I will sail ever again.You have a great vacation next month.

    • Dennis Cox says:

      What part of the ship closes out Sail and Sign accounts the last night of the cruise so that they can 1) present statements to passengers before debarkation and 2) issue checks to those passengers who made cash deposits but had a credit on their account the last night. Obviously you fell into the second category, hence you had a credit, the ship issued a check, and you credit was zero when you went to get a drink at 2:30am.

  316. Cynthia & Perry Luke says:

    Hi John,
    After sailing with you for many years, I am planning a SHHHHHHH surprise 70th birthday party for my husband Perry aboard the Breeze next March, 2014. Actually his real birthday in Oct 31st Halloween, really, but we can’t make it on a cruise this year so we want to plan it for next year 2014. He is so silly, fun loving and always playing jokes on everyone including his grandchildren, sad but true he is full is mischief like you John, a real pissa! I have invited several family members and friends to join us on board to make his life hell. I am maybe up to 15 cabins of fun. We all in our 50’s-70’s, real hell raisers I’d say. Are you going to be on the Breeze in March, 2014, if so what itinerary? It would be perfect if you could get us at the Captain’s table (my husband and I only)would be PERFECT evening for us.Our first cruise was on the beautiful Destiny, this was where we met you John. It was here I thought Carnival was AWESOME and since then we have been on several Carnival ships, a few twice. You made cruising for us so much fun and we hope to continue the Carnival journey into the future. John, “You Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread”! Carnival’s secret weapon for sure. We laughed out loud so hard I thought I could laugh no longer and rolled onto the floor, couldn’t walk or talk, you’re just too funny. Remember “Little Dick Little?” Honestly, you don’t know how funny you are with your famous British humor, look at you now probably sitting there in your undies reading my message to you. We have relatives in Daventry, England so we are use to you Britt humor. Hope to sip some with soon. Much love to you always xoxo

  317. john , i know i should not be writing in this open space…my appologies, but it does not look like my message to has gone trough on the tap above? perhaps it did…i am just not sure…but i am rather desperate to get this message to u. sorry again.

    we have been traveling, competing and performing all over the world for the past few years. we are the south african latin american and show dance champions. we are exstremely eager to come on board carnival cruises to perform. as a dance couple. as the senior cruise director, we believe that u are the perfect person to speak to…yes?

  318. Grady Reese says:


    There have been discussions about music on the Lido deck. In response to the discussion about DJ’s Playing Urban Hip Hop music on Carribbean cruises needs to be revisited. For years my wife and I have cruised the Carribbean listening to the typical 3 piece steel drum band playing the Island music of the region. This adds to the flavor and theme of the cruise. I think that most cruisers would agree that Urban Hip Hop is not appropriate. Please let me know what you think.


  319. Sean G Kelly says:

    Greetings John, Big fan of the blog, especially
    the Q & A. I’m booked on the Breeze sailing March 16 and my booking # 50KRR0. My Q is about the Carnival unlimited beverage program. I know most or all of the restrictions. Do they give you a separate card or is it all on your sign and sail. I’m a nice guy and do buy people drinks, but there is that limit thingey. How does one do that. What if I find a nice young lady. I’ll buy her the drink but please don’t tell me I have to wait 15 minutes for mine. thanks, cheers.

  320. Douglas says:

    I have asked this questions before. What direction is Carinval taking. They are less service oriented than ever before. No brouchers – not this – no that. We have had to stop selling carinval unless the cruise cost is at x amount or higher. I HOPE THIS TRIUMP MISS HAP wakes carinval cruise line up. Agents have a choice and you are not suppling what the agents need or the clients.
    I am still waiting – Where’s my deck plan or my broucher ! PLease do not say online – my clients do not want to go online. If they want to see some quick – turning on a lap top or a ipad in not something warm colorful and usful.

    • Linda C says:

      Hi Douglas. Are you really an agent? A professional agent? If you are really going to register a complaint, why not calm down and use proper grammer. I am befuddled, so I am sure John will be since he is NOT from wherever you are. Just sayin’. Could you be a little clearer?

      • DOUGLAS says:













        • Kathy says:

          It’s too bad you ignored Linda’s comment about your poor grammar and spelling, as your response makes you really appear ignorant. I’ll just give you a few examples: learn the difference between “there” and “their”, learn to spell “brochure” and “corporate”, etc.

        • elaine says:

          I gather spelling is not a requirement on here nor is grammar…

          maybe using some of your CM and taking some classes is in order …

          so you do not sound so ignorant!

    • ahoyguy says:

      As a cruise only agent, some large print deck plans for the office would be nice. Even by turning the computer screen to the client,it’s hard to make out. I’d even pay a token amount for them. Also, I know brochures are expensive,but the tri-fold ship specific brochures are sorely missed. I have some of the “Conquest” from Galveston that I give to people so they will have at least some idea of what they are getting. I also used them at trade shows as they are pocket friendly and an in hand reminder. Carnival, would you consider restocking these 2 sorts of promotional material? I do feature a 16 seat video theater in my cruise store and I was able to direct online videos to the large screen TV, and that is a big sales help. Thanks!

  321. CJ says:

    We are sailing on the Pride out of Baltimore on March 24 and are curious as to how we can get the balcony divider opened between our 2 staterooms. Thanks.

    • Joe Farron says:

      Ask the cabin attendee,if that does not work go to guest relations be firm and do not take no for an answer.Just came back from the Glory was told it could not be left open I stood my ground and was successful.

  322. cassandra says:

    For the price, I paid for trip, I should of had more comfort. If housekeeping was responsible, they should of reported issue on Monday, not wait for the customer to complain .

  323. Brij Kishore Mishra says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to bring in your kind notice that I have received a job offer latter from your organization that your organization has selected me for the post of sales coordinator.
    Please find the attached copy which I have received on my email and you are requested that kindly grant me your approval whether this is correct or false . Your response will be highly appreciable .
    Thanks & best regards
    B. K. Mishra

    • Brij Kishore Mishra says:

      Dear Sir
      I am sorry that I am unable to attached the job offer latter here due to technical default therefore you are requested that please provide me the related email ID which will be easy to send you above mentioned documents or I will forward you the email which I have received .
      B. K. Mishra

  324. Jerlyn Boyd says:

    WE love cruising with carnival Yes you have had your share with trouble this year and last but who hasn’t. IT HAS NOT dampen us from not not going on another cruise. What a away so spend a vacation. We are now VIPS 9 cruises under our belts and still going. WE are bringing a new couple with us this year as we have had so much fun, so they want to join us. We have met wonderful people on board & have remained friends that we plan a cruise every year for a reunion, which is this year also friends from NY, Iowa, Ark, ALA. what fun we have when we get together
    Thank you cruising is the greatest.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Jerlyn, you are not yet VIPS with only 9 cruises. Yes you Will be at the START of your cruise that you are talking about for this year. Unless you cancel it and then don’t plan another one this year. There by missing the Dec. 31 2013 cut off date to be grandfathered in. Just making sure you do understand this fact. 🙂

      • Dana T says:

        Actually, you can be Platinum in nine cruises now that the rules changed from cruises sailed to days sailed. I have 8 cruises and 63 days of sailing. My next cruise is 15 days, so I will reach 75 days during that cruise, and according to the guidelines, I become Platinum on that cruise. So…I’ll be Platinum in nine cruises! It can happen, just saying…

      • Becky says:

        Diamond wont be makes not sense!!!!! 25 vs 10

  325. Susan says:

    Carnival rep just said the Glory has Faster to the Fun, however, not at all departure ports. This is confusing. We will be embarking from the Manhattan cruise terminal.

  326. Susan says:

    Carnival rep said the Glory has Faster to the Fun but not at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal where we leave from. Is this accurate and will Manhattan be added?

  327. Susan says:

    Please post an update on ships added to Faster to the Fun. Also when will the Manhattan Cruise Terminal be added as another option when reserving FTTF on the Glory?

  328. Guy Marlette says:

    John-wanted to let you know that we just completed our March 16th sailing on the Breeze and had a fantastic time. The ship is beautiful had so many activities. The entertainment staff were great, as was Brent the CD.
    I wanted to mention some folks that did an outstanding job, while I can’t remember all their names, I’m sure you can figure out the ones, whose name is escaping me right now. Ana Dumitru is an outstanding individual. She made sure that everything from A-Z went perfectly. Her staff (especially Christine) are true professionals.
    Kris, the Dining room manager and his assistant manger (super nice guy with the shaved head ..lol) were extremely attentive, as were Anvil and the 2 lovely servers who just pampered us.
    Bart, Lillian, and Inna were fantastic and were always there with a smile and a nice conversation. We had such a fantastic time that we booked another cruise on the Breeze for the 2/29/14 sailing. This is a direct result of these wonderful people. Carnival should be very proud of them and all the staff. We had an outstanding time and our expectations were not only met, but exceeded.

    • elaine says:

      while reading this I was SHOCKED… Is Butch on a different ship already? if so which ship is he on. We are starting to plan our next cruise and enjoyed BUTCH so much that we thought if we cannot cruise with you then we want to cruise again with BUTCH.. he is outstanding or I think you would say BRILLIANT

      Please reply so we can decide what we are doing for our next cruise..


      • Guy says:

        Butch went on a “special mission” for Carnival right before the sailing. I think he’ll be gone for a couple of months, but is supposed to come back. Brent did a really nice job.

  329. Becca says:

    Hi John,
    My family and I met you in 2007 on the Freedom in Europe. It was our very best cruise EVER! We really enjoyed you as a cruise director and keep hoping we’ll run into you again. Well tonight, with fingers crossed, I looked up the CD for your upcoming Baltic Region cruise (7/27) and discovered my wish had come true and YOU will be with us again! I just had to tell you that I’m so excited. It is a big celebration cruise for us. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary! Both of our moms will be joining us as well as our daughter (17), my brother and his family. We booked this cruise a few years ago, but it was cancelled. We were excited to see it offered again – and having you as our cruise director is just icing on the cake!!!!!

  330. Anne Moore says:

    I would like to compliment my PVP (Cristy Ayala who has been sooo patient with me the last couple of weeks. I have had to call her almost everyday working on different cruises for our family. She always has a smile in her voice and keeps telling me to call her anytime. She is a joy to work with and Certainly embodies the name PERSONNAL vacation planner

  331. Lora Haddon says:

    Thank you so much for all that you do.

  332. Pam says:

    I was looking at your Cruise Director list for the Sunshine sailing the week of Thanksgiving for our cruise. We can’t wait!! It looks like both cruise directors are off that week. I grew up in the 70s and “The Love Boat” was my favorite show! Does that mean that I get to play Julie that week? Haha!!

    • Joe Farron says:

      You can play Julie,Gopher,or Doc,or anybody you want.Part of cruising is letting your hair down and doing or being anyone you want.Enjoy life is good but short.

  333. Susann Hutt says:

    Welcome Back. Have really missed your blogs and comments on FB. My sister and I will be sailing with you on the TA. We were so excited to hear you would be our CD.
    We sailed with you on Liberty’s inaugural Med season. Followed you ever since. I love the Legends show and you are an adorable Dolly Parton. Looking forward to it all.

  334. Mr Law says:

    I was just married and I have booked a 9-night Carnival Sunshine trip for our honey moon more than half a year before. That cruise voyage was cancelled by Carnival and it is a nightmare to us. I did some research and want to book another 7-night cruise from another cruise line. I would like to find Carnival to reimburse the extra transportation fees and the 2 nights of hotel charges and other extra charges who is prodcued wholly because of Carnival’s cancellation. The amount is around US$890. Do you understand me? Do you think it is reasonable?

    • Rick Williamson says:

      First did you get your down payment back from Carnival? If you did and you are just asking for some money to pay for the cost of 2 nights in a hotel, I would say no way should they give it to you. I would think they would have helped you get on another Carnival cruise. But if they did and you turned them down…..you are on your own!

  335. Brian says:

    Will all ask John questions be published?

  336. Brian says:

    How will the ask John questions be answered?

  337. Katina Deyounks says:

    Hello, John, has a guest ever been detained @ Homeland Security for not having a passport, but they do have an original BC& DL? Please help I’m to plan an enjoyable family cruise, thanks.

  338. Patricia German says:

    Has anyone been to HALF MOON CAY more than 47 times????

    WHO will be the captain on the Ecstasy on May 11-16 & 15-20?????

  339. Rick Williamson says:

    Hi John, just wanted to ask why or when can we that would like to pay for our fountain drinks ahead of our cruise? I just like to have as much payed for like tips ahead of time. And by doing this I could have my sticker for fountain drinks already on my room key. RCL did this the late time we were on a cruise with them a few years ago. Thanks for your time.

    • Rick Williamson says:

      Never mind I found out when talking with someone at the Carnival store getting a cake. That you can pay for the fountain card ahead of your cruise. Thanks for doing this!

  340. Frances Evans says:

    John how do I get pictures to you from Thelmas 100th birthday celebration the ship Conquest and your Cruise director and capt. went above and beyond for me to help her family celebrate her 100th birthday i got pictures I posted on facebook and on your face book page but do not know if you had seen them would like to know if you indeed seen the pics i posted and thanky ou for all you did and thankyou the staff on the Conquest it was AWESOME Fran

  341. Stephen Zimmerman says:

    Hello John: We are booked on the Carnival Breeze for January 19, 2014 and are hoping you will be the cruise director. We have been on 16 Carnival Cruises and have yet to meet you. We regularly read your blog through the Emails we receive from you or Carnival. You are a “RIOT”.

  342. sandy says:

    I am taking a New England/Canada cruise in Sept from Ny. What airport do we fly to and what is a reasonable hotel to stay/coming in a day early. Need help please. First time in NY
    Thanks, Sandy

    • rick williamson says:

      Sandy, we do that cruise last Oct. We stayed at the MilFord. It’s 5 minutes from the ship,Time Square is 1 block away the subway is 2 blocks away and theaters for plays are right around the corner. Both times we landed at LaGruardia Sorry about the spelling. I hope this helps.

  343. Dave Kirkpatrick says:

    Hi John – Although we live in the great state of Texas, for some reason our best cruises have been out of New Orleans. I don’t know if it’s because we like the city so much, or if just that we really like the Conquest and Elation the most of the cruises we have been on. My question is, we had a foreign exchange student from Germany who just got married, and we would like to take him and his wife on a cruise – probably the Conquest or Sunshine. Can we purchase tickets for them here, or do they have to purchase them in Europe. I heard they are much more expensive in Germany. Thanks for any advice.
    PS – did you ever get a chance to try the catfish? I must have missed your reply to my earlier post. Sorry about your credit card. That is a pain in the ***.

  344. Ed Dalton says:

    are you kidding me, scared of the towel animals? something must be wrong with that kid. Love Carnival

  345. Dale says:

    Hi John…. I know that a while ago you published the dinner menus, but for the life of me I can not find them anywhere. Can you please either tell me where they are at, or re-post them please. Thank you.

  346. Tawana Gill says:

    Hi John! My boyfriend and I will be sailing on the Carnival Splendor on 5/17 and we would like a reservation to the Chef’s table, and I’m not finding the option on the website to reserve. Is it possible to get a reservation? We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and I would love to do something special. Our reservation is under his name Erik Jackson. Thank you so much!!

  347. JOANNE HART says:

    We are going on the carnival liberty on May 18th with my daughter and parents and heard the chef table is a great experience, me and my husband thought it would be a nice date for the 2 of us and saw on a site that you can pre-book. Can you book this for us?
    thank you

  348. Robert Gelfand says:

    Dear John!
    Dear John!
    Will be a Captain diner on Sunshine, May 17 from Barcelona? 1 or 2 diners? If so, what are men attire’s requirements for such diners?
    I appreciate your advice.

  349. Susan Fey says:

    Hi John
    We are here !!!! We are having such a Wonderful Time Already! Sail Away was Beautiful!

    Went to our Cabin (7243) and It has all Anniversary Decorations — ( My wonderful Husband surprised me with them) 30 years married to him and he still surprises me ! I am one lucky Girl!

    Looking Forward to see you again on this cruise!!! (LUCKY 13 all with Carnival and all in 5 years time)

    Ready to make more memories!!
    Susan and Brian Fey Sr.

  350. carl nielsen says:

    Dear John Heald,
    For a most serious chinese client we need to
    buy a ‘younger than 10 years old’ cruise vsl.
    for 1000-2000 PAX. Do you know of any such for sale – anywhere?
    With thanks & kind regards –
    Carl, of Copenhagen, Denmark.

  351. maritza azcuy says: