July 19, 2012 -

John Heald -


Last week, someone posted a photo on my Facebook page. It showed a Carnival ship in space, taking a cruise around the moon. It was a great photo and I have been thinking about this the past few days and have been asking myself if indeed this is the future of cruising?


So, Wimbledon is over for another year and no, we have three weeks of rest before London hosts the Olympic Games where our opening ceremony will consist of a double decker bus, David Beckham in a pair of Speedos and that other British institution Simon Cowell introducing some Bollywood dancers. Yep, compared to the opening ceremony China gave us four years ago, this will look like it has been produced by the London Retired Ladies Knitting Association. (more…)


July 2, 2012 -

John Heald -


I miss the cigar bars. There, I said it. Yes, it was an uncomfortable experience for those who didn’t appreciate the armor of cigar smoke who had to pass through a rich, thick cloud of the remnants of the finest cigars to get to the internet cafe and I understand why the beards decided the cigar bar’s time was up. But I still miss it. I was thinking that last night as I hosted a “Cigar Under The Stars” gathering here on Carnival Breeze. With the mad dash to get the ship ready and what with all the inaugural stuff and the gaggle of beards who here for the first 489 days, there had not been time for me to do this so far. But last night I had placed a small line in the Fun Times that simply said, “Cigars Under The Stars. Join John for a good smoke and good conversation. Lanai Deck 5.”


I have worked hard these past few weeks and, of course, was looking forward to coming home and spending time with the family. When I say spending time with the family I meant taking Monday and Tuesday off and lying on the sofa watching TV having Heidi bring me food and drinks in between naps. But this was not to be and instead of me lying on the sofa watching the entire West Wing box set while dipping into a huge bucket of KFC, I was told that we were going to spend yesterday at the Bluewater Shopping Mall – or hell, as us men call it.


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