The short story:

I started this blog when a lady called Stephanie said “Oh John, please write a blog, it will only be for a week and won’t take up much of your time.” That was back in 1492 and here I am still writing in the same pair of underpants. I am Carnival’s Senior Cruise Director and Brand Ambassador, and I am here to share my life with you in all its boring and sometimes toilet-based glory.

I am also dedicating as much time to helping you, our Carnival guests, to understand more about what we do… and when I can, helping your cruise be even more brilliant.

I had no idea what a blog was. Now I do. It’s a way for you, the guest, to go through the “crew-only” door to discover what’s on the other side.

I hope you enjoy it.


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272 Responses to Meet John

  1. Elaine says:

    You know I love you more than warm chocolate melting cake, but let’s be fair…was is really Stephanie that suggested the blog?

    Love to you, Heidi and Kye!

  2. John & Joanne O'Reilly says:

    OMG! We found you John. We took a cruise with you about 10/12 years ago. We have taken a few more cruises with family/friends since then (other cruise linesw). We still to this day talk about our best cruise EVER with you. We never laughed so hard. We have not taken a cruise for a while as life got in the way, work, and a bad economy on top of that. We are looking into cruising again and guess what? We were looking for you. My husband found you and sent me your blog/facebook YIPPPPEEEEE. We want to go on a cruise whereever you are 🙂

    O’Reilly’s from Boston but living in Florida now! xxoxo

    • man4pak says:

      007 here and our Bond Carnival tours here, I finally broke down and joined your site old man! My wife and I had our honeymoon on the Mardi Gras in 1982 pheww, I worked on carnival VHS tour videos with Gerry Abraham in the early ’90s


  3. Pete Clark says:

    How did a nice guy from podunk Albany get to stay where it’s warm all the time? Many moons since our dads worked at TGT and we terrorized Albany.LOL


  4. Candice Pollack says:

    I have been on 13 Carnival Cruises!!!
    I have to say “You are the best”…
    I have a Deaf Brother. I took him on the Freedom in August 2008, Todd W. at that time was the CD on the Ship. From the Head Waitor Francesco, to the Cabin Steward, to the people who worked in the shops….for 12 days John, they knew he was Deaf! They made him feel like he was like everyone else… Thank you all…Now, I introduced my Son Joe Pujol to Carnival, he will forever be a faithfull!!! We were on the Pride 3/13/11. What an awesome time we had! The Chef’s Table, Our Head Waitor Julian (table 188), was awesome! Thank you all for many years of memories, and FUN!!!….
    Candice and Stephen Pollack

    • Wendy Sears says:

      To Candice,
      I saw your name and wondered if we may somehow be related! Maybe not with you but your husband, Stephan Pollack. Not your most popular last name; at least, it used to not be very common. Plus seeing you were on the Pride out of Bmore in 2011 leaves us close in location.
      Wendy (nee Pollack)

  5. Ola John! e a pleasure to speak with you I have the Orange Brasil Group, directed company the propaganda and marketing, and Real state in Brazil, we very gostariamos set appointments a meeting we have interest in renting a ship of the company for the 20 olipiadas days of in Brazil. I wait brief the news
    David Nisenholz

  6. Jes says:

    please reply…. Are there any plans to change/add to 6the wedding program. I’d love to have our wedding on the ship, but the packages offered are so much more than we need. I’d love just a wedding and pictures no reception or anything like that or a similar option for a renewal….

  7. Anita Schuster says:

    We’ve only taken one cruise on Carnival, last year on the Valor. LOVED IT! Taking our family (15) in September on the Splendor and then a fifteen day cruise to Hawaii to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in January 2013. Am looking forward to checking out your blog and discover what is on the other side. We did three cruises last year. Our first in March on NCL, April on CCL and October we went on the NCL Epic. We love Carnival and LOVE CRUISING!!! Looking forward to following you on your blog. Have a great week! Anita

  8. Sheila says:

    Hey John,

    Took my first cruise on Carnival Freedom back in 2007 in Europe. You were our Cruise Director then, and you certainly added to our enjoyment, to say the least! So glad to hear that you will be on Carnival Magic when we cruise Europe in 103 days!! Can’t wait! The countdown is on (and has been for months). See you soon.


  9. claudio canciani says:

    Mi chiamo Claudio Canciani, lavoro in Fincantieri, e sono orgoglioso ogni giorno di piu nel lavorare per creare queste meravigliose navi da crociera per Carnival Cruise Line, ieri mattina 27/04/2011 avevo visto John Heald in bridge deck che annunciava qualcosa, ieri sera mi ero ricordato di averlo gia visto da qualche èarte, e difatti l’ho visto nel sito di carnival, oggi 28/04/2011 l’ ho incontrato nuovamento, e mi ha fatto piacere fare la sua conoscenza, è una persona stupenda, mi auguro che ci ritroveremmo nella carnival breez o giu di li, forza Herison sei il migiore, the best

  10. cclmary says:

    Hello Bernadette,

    For all request please post under ‘ASK JOHN’S” page.

    Have a great night.


  11. Marilyn and Tim Broussard says:

    Booked on the Magic Transatlantic Oct 28 with 10 friends all from Sulphur, Louisiana (Southwest La.) Looking forward to meeting you.

  12. Mitchell Dexter says:

    First –I like Carvival a lot, a big lot (grin). I am kind of upset that some one in upper management said “lets save half a cent per person and stop giving pins to return crusers (unless they have 10 under the belt already) I see lots of people displaying the pins that they got on past trips. I enjoy doing it also and, looking for pins of ships that are no longer in the fleet. Some one up there is out of touch with the people that pay for the life styles they enjoy.

  13. Lori says:

    Hi John, I remember you from a very long time ago. I started cruising back in 89 aboard the mardi gras…carnivale, ecstasy, fantasy, sensation, freedom and liberty. just wanted to say hi.

  14. Lynn Stevens says:


    We just went on your Mexican cruise onboard Splendor. We had been “warned” by others that it was a “party ship” and we would not be happy. Well, it was quite the contrary. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay on Deck 6 Upper and especially the wonderful entertainment. The one which stands out in my mind is the one Cam and Jessika did which I call the “lion dance”. It took my breath away. The lines were soooo wonderfully executed. The other was the Vroom.

    I found out that Bubbles is the captain of the dance company and she should be highly commended for everything about their performances throughout the cruise.

    The only negative comment is that we requested either early or anytime dining because of medical issues and were denied and had to go to the 8:15pm. We improvised around it by eating a huge lunch at 2. It still did not sit well with us and I thought you should know about that.

    Lynn Stevens
    Douglas Barry
    Deck 6 Upper
    Stateroom: 6421
    May 22-29,2011

  15. GAIL DAVES says:

    What is the Chef’s Table, 1st time I have heard of this in all my cruises.

  16. Boris says:

    My daughter is celebrating its fortieth anniversary in Costa Condorija with her son and husband. How I wish, would be next.

  17. Boris says:

    Dear John!
    My daughter, Viktorija Moshchinska, chose to celebrate his fortieth birthday on your wonderful liner Costa Condorija. Now they are coming from Palermo. Thank you for the pleasure you give to people. Boris

  18. Boris says:

    Dear John!
    My daughter, Viktorija Moshchinska, chose to celebrate his fortieth birthday on your wonderful liner Costa Concordia. Now they are coming from Palermo. Thank you for the pleasure you give to people. Boris

  19. Olivia Simpson says:

    Hey John 🙂

    Went on a cruise with my family four years ago on Carnvials Freedom and it was the best holiday i’ve ever been on!!! And now we are coming back on again this July on Magic! Me and my friend are soooo excited to be going and really looking forward to cruising again! You definately made our last cruise a holiday to remember and i still have my golden cruise ship!!! 🙂

    See you soon Olivia and Jodie

  20. MIGUEL NIEVES says:

    HEY JOHN I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET IN CONTAC WITH YOU FOR MOUTHS BUT NO REPONES CAN YOU HELP ME IAM TRYING TO MAKE THIS NICE FOR MY WIFE ON THIS CRUISE can you help me we was on the last one when someone jump off on the day of my 10 year of marring this is the 4th time i witer you can you help me please

  21. Ray Bell says:

    Dear John, I just wanted to drop you a few lines to let
    you know how much we enjoyed the 9 days cruise from Barcelona jun 3rd- jun
    The activities and excursions you planned, Were outstanding.

    We were the older couple, Married 60 years. From Atlanta,Ga.
    Ray & Lois Bell

    What I wanted to say to you is, You have a young lady that assist you and
    also calls bingo. I had ask her if the time we were
    interview by you on stage, would be on the DVD of the cruise,
    She said she would find out. Later she delivered a special Dvd
    she had obtained for us. Her Name is MELODY.
    We think she is special, and deserves some special recognition.
    Please give her our deepest, heart felt thanks for making the cruise special
    for us.
    Ray and Lois Bell Atlanta Ga.

  22. Ludgie Desir says:

    Dear John, my name is ludgie Desir a young haitien girl from haiti,the but of my writing just to ask you to what you can do for me please to help me find a job in carnival because I so need to work to prepare my future cause I don’t have any one on the earth helping me.please,please, do something for me, I know you can do something for me,please.thanks before.waiting for your good answer for me Sr


  23. Lisa McCarry says:

    John, Please Reply

    I have two unrelated topics to address. First off, I am on my way to milestone with somewhere like 19-20 cruises completed. Last January I cruised with a wonderful group, the Troublemakers. You may remember we sent you a birthday greeting. The last night of that cruise, I purchased a picture that I was supposed to pick up the next day after 6:30 am before debarking the wonderful Dream. Well, in my haste and absolutely efficiency of the staff, I forgot to pick up the picture. Upon return to home and realization, I contacted Carnival Guest Service support. They had me send them a picture of my husband an myself and told me it may take a while to find my picture. Well that was January and I all but forgot about the picture. Guess what, Saturday in the mail, yes Saturday, July 16, almost 6 months later, my picture arrived!!! I was very surprised and very happy!!!

    My second comment/request involves my upcoming B2B cruise on the Carnival Miracle. See, I had booked the 9/3 Miracle because we almost always cruise over labor day week. After I read all Carnival was doing to delay the debarkation for 9/11 and the NYPD bagpiper that will be onboard, I just couldn’t help myself but book that one too. So my first B2B. Sixteen days of Miracle bliss. My Army retiree husbands birthday is during the second leg and we are in cabin 4188 (my fav cain 5236 on first leg!!!). It would be such an honour (spelt this way in your honour), if he could receive something from you for his birthday and his service. Thank you in advance.

    Lisa McCarry

    P.S. btw, I love Malcolm Burn and have a cute picture of him with myself from when were on the Miracle when it hit the pier in St. Kitts in January 2010. I’ve previously sent you my picture with the Captain from that same cruise.

  24. Jefferson Therrell says:

    Hello John,
    My wife and I talked with you on the Splendor back in 2010 and I sent you a dear John letter in which you called our your and talked to us as you read the letter across the ship I had stated that I worked in Russia and well its our anniversary this August 1st and we will be on the Spirit to Alaska Aug2nd. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the awesome job.

  25. markrugger says:

    Just found this blog, a novice to even reading a blog, but this dude is funny, and informative! Cheers

  26. dolores fulton says:

    just want to know how is the liberty ship cause I went on the dream and if was wonderful can you tell alittle about the liberty thankyou

  27. Mairin Mary Brennan says:

    Hi John,
    I was on Carnival Magic with you from July 24 to August 5th and had a wonderful time.
    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the entertainment on the ship. I especially liked one performer and wanted to let you know. Nadia and her piano partner were fabulous. My husband and I sought them out on the ship and sat, had a drink and often danced when listening to her fabulous voice.
    She should be famous I kept saying. I hope someday she is.
    All the best,
    Mairin (Maureen)

  28. Kim Becker says:

    Hi John,
    We will be sailing for our second cruise with Carnival in early December on the Magic! we are very excited and are wondering if there will be any Christmas decorations up? Also in reading the Menus you posted you stated that some or all(?) won’t be on the Magic. What will be the menu choices on the Magic. We are so excited to be going on our second cruise. Our first was a few years ago in oct. for our 29th anniversary. Loved it! and are looking forward to many more cruises with Carnival! Also i became sea sick a few times and i was wondering about getting that little patch i saw some people wearing on their neck just below the ear…where can i get those!? and John, you are not fat, you are extra cuddly! 🙂

  29. NGuliksen says:

    I had requested information about getting on board Nov 13th for the Magic’s Galveston festivities and have been directly to several people and the last one is Vance Gulliken.
    My husband works for an online magazine that covers events and entertainment for Galveston and the Bay Area. I would like to video and photograph the ship and would like to interview you. I believe this would be great free advertisement for Carnival and great information for our readers. If you could help I promise the interview will put you in the BEST light. By the way we are booked for the Nov 14th sailing. Love your blog too I laugh so hard I almost …. on myself. Stan & Nancy Goldstein

  30. Ahmet UZUN says:

    Hi John,l have the experience about turizm and otel since 14,so l am working in turizm 14 year.l want to earn the experince abouth cruıselineships,l want to work Carnıval’s cruıselineships,l am 34 years old,l am living Turkey,l am bartender since 8 year,
    can yu help me about that??
    l will be wait your beautifull news 🙂
    have great days JOHN…

  31. 007 here and our Bond Carnival tours here, I finally broke down and joined your site old man! My wife and I had our honeymoon on the Mardi Gras in 1982 pheww, I worked on carnival VHS tour videos with Gerry Abraham in the early ’90s and now just have fun with Carnival. Thanks for taking care of us on our Triumph cruise two weeks ago!

  32. linda davenport says:

    I am needing info on a trip to hawaii Dec 2 want to know where to stay the night and if possible to walk to port or should i stay at airport and take a taxi to port on dec 2nd or are their hotels with a free suttle to port?

  33. Lisa Ellison says:

    Hubby and I went on a cruise some 9 yrs. ago. Our 1st cruise and you were the Director. We still talk about the humor and fun memories you brought to our experience. What a difference you made. Went on another cruise with the kids 3 yrs. back and although fun, it was different w/out that special something you ‘subjected’ us to. lol Heading aboard the Magic on Dec. 18th this year & just saw that you will be on board! I am tickled pink and thrilled as all get out. Can’t wait to tell hubby and share you with our kids. You bring the fun times!! See you soon! The Ellison’s- Ron, Lisa, Brian & Paige

  34. Judy says:

    John, How would I contact Mr. Farkus ? I have a lithograph that was left to me by my Parents and it is signed by a Farkus and wonder if it is a relative of his.

  35. Suz says:

    We leave in 5 days for another family adventure. Since booking in February our 4yo has asked almost daily “Is today cruise day? I need shrimp, pancakes, and a pirate boat now!” We hope this trips is as fabulous as our last year vacation.

  36. Barbara Buckley says:

    Just wanted to let you know I have only been following your blog for a week or so, but i have never laughed so much!!
    You give us great information, but with humor. Makes a great start to my day:)

  37. FTCruiser says:

    Hi John – Thanks for such a wonderful blog!! This question might have been asked many times but it’s really frustrating that none of the Cruise liners have a definitive answer to it. They ask me to do my own research and call the embassies etc.,!!

    Question i have is:

    Does an Indian national on H1B Visa (USA) need visa’s to Bermuda / Bahamas / Whole list of countires that ‘Enchantment of seas’ sail to (San Juan, Puerto Rico ; Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Samana, Dominican Republic Labadee (Cruiseline Private Island)) ?

    I would also greatly appreciate if you can guide me to any substantive online resource for future such references..

    Thanks for your insight..


  38. Nikole says:

    Afternoon John Im going to try this again i have email you a few times never get a response anyway let say i do enjoy reading your blog your a real kool kool kat….I will be sailing with you on the carvinal magic on 11-27-11 out of Galveston hoping to meet an greet ya an mabee have a nice drink on me this will be my 2nd cruise on carvinal i said in 2009 on the freedom it was just greatIm traveling with a group of 9 family an friends whom share a birthday in November they are staying in a suite 7244 Im hoping you can sent them something wonderful as my auntie will hit the big 60……. dont look a day over 45 lol also we have formed a group on facebook an we are having a meet an mingle in the vibe disco it would be a pleasure if you could drop in just to say hello well take care hpefully you can see this before we set sail an not after

  39. Laurie Hanson says:

    Hi, I am sailing on the Victory on January 22nd. After reading through some Cruise Critic blogs, it seems you are the man to contact to see if a Chef’s Table could be arranged. Is this true, because I would be totally excited to meet the chef!!

    Thanks for any help you can give.


  40. Lori Faust says:

    I would like to state that I went on a 9 day cruise in October and it was my very first cruise. I was very excited and to my dismay it was the worst experience of my life. Now I am trying to contact people at Carnival and that is nearly impossible. Please let me know Micky Arison email address so I may send my letter.

  41. SANDRA MYERS says:

    we just got home from cruise on freedom i must say the music highlights band was unbelievable……..they were outstanding kudos to the band and also the weather was not very good and out cruise director and captain made many decisions that made the cruise fabulous……… cruise was oct 16 thru oct 22………..also the the tribute to the beatles ROCKED !!!!!!!!!!!!thks

  42. Sherie Ragan says:

    Just wondering which ship you will be visiting Feb.11 – 18, 2012. We will be on the majestic Liberty ship and I would enjoy meeting you and shaking your hand in thanks for all the information you and others provide to us daily. Cheers!

  43. Josh Johnson says:

    where can we see the live web cam of the ships while they are cruising?

    Can anyone please tell me…

  44. wal says:

    so ya iv been sailing wit carnival for 6 years. this year i booked a cruise with someone named cathy? i guess on the eirly saver but she never told me to make changes to the booking i would be charged a fee. ya 50 dollers per person. when theres a big number of kids going thats alot. anyway she gave me an ext:# that is never working “i wonder why” plane tickets to texes are so much money so i was going to change to other cruise but i guess not thats so stupid couse its same cruise line. im thinking of just telling carnival to stick it and start going on NWC or Royal C. i will never tell anyone ever again to go one carnival

    • wal says:

      Im so disapointed in carnival, maybe i should of read the final email confirming but i was tinking i asked about changes and she never said anything about 50 doller charge just that if i cancel carnival keeps the deposit and it could be used on next cruise. so i didnt even think i needed to read anything yet, some one that i spoke to today on carival told me i should of read email and called back saying this cathy ext;17593 didnt tell me about the change fee well…is it not the same as finding out now and saying no one ever told me that…? im not sure what the difference is i didnt book it that long ago.

  45. Tracy Mitchell says:

    Hi John,
    Its me…AnonymousDonor. I was glad you took my question regarding your schedule for December 2012 on the carnival Breeze. I look forward to finally meeting you as I will have been sailing on Carnival since November 2000. My first cruise was on the newly minted Carnival Victory and I have been hooked ever since. The Decemeber 2, 2012 sailing on the Breeze will be my 16th Carnival cruise on 13 different ships. I will have 84 sail days. While I can’t hold a candle to Linda (mom of DJ, I have tried to do my fair share. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to the loyalty program changes. I will be on the 8-day Carnival Miracle sailing departing Nov. 26, 2011. Cabin 8135. As always the Captain, crew and myself always have a “bloody good time” every time we sail. P.S. We are trying to get you on twitter.

  46. vee says:

    HI JONH!! me and my family are going on the magice. the air far is soo… expensive coming from east coast. Do you know of a cheap airline we can us or is there any other airports besides huston that could be closer and cheaper?.

  47. Sue March says:

    MAGIC – yes, Texas is celebrating the arrival of this grand new ship. We will be on board December 11 to celebrate hubbie’s birthday, my birthday, sister’s birthday and hubbie’s 2nd bout with cancer and a good final result!
    Looking forward to some laughter after a year of struggle!

  48. Lightpinksoul says:

    Hi John, I wish to meet you someday, reading your blog I understand how you love your job, and Carnival Cruise Line should be proud to have a such Brand Ambassador as you.Last summer I was on C. Miracle and I saw with my eyes how is great the work of all the theme members to give guests the best! I found a great theme from officers to waiters and Malcom, the cruise Director, is simply perfect in his rule. Wishing you the best…see you soon…a big hello from Italy

  49. Terry Chappell says:

    Dear John, Morning. I have been in the Steamship business for over 30 years. I am looking for a little bit different type of job still working with Boats and Folks. Is there any openings for a person like me that is willing to work hard, see folks have a good time and can do, up beat, works with all type kind of girl? Appreciate if you have time to reply. Best regards, Terry

  50. Dawn McGillem says:

    I need to meet you! You crack me up with the stuff I have read on here. I am sailing on the Legend on 11/27/2011 but my next cruise will probably be on one of yours LOL

  51. David Page says:

    Hi John, you’ve put so much timber on since your photo above, must be all that sitting around in your PANTS writing your wonderful & colourful blogs, and of course all that loverly cruise food !

    Keep up the great work John, your blogs made my day, thanks.


  52. Hi John – Sharon here of “12 String Tim & Sharon” Musicians/Entertainers and we are facebook friends as well.
    I see you were asked on facebook about bands scheduled for your cruise this summer and take notice you have nothing mentioned for July/August/September or October. We would be available if interested. You may call 1 800 278-7464 and check our website above for more information.
    Thank you, Sharon

  53. Valena says:

    Just getting off the Dream from a lovely week in the Eastern Caribbean. While the first two days were tough due to high winds/rough seas, the Dream staff did their best to make the cruise enjoyable. The rest of the week was very nice and the weather cooperated fully. Everyone from our wait staff in the MDR, to the bar staff around the pool deck, to our cabin steward and others were very pleasant, helpful and always glad to see us. My kids truly enjoyed their first cruise and are already begging to go again! Please tell the Dream staff “Job well done!”

    On a more personal note, you were kind enough to get my husband and I reservations for the Chef’s Table. I cannot thank you enough for this, as it was one of the best meals we have ever had, and was an experience we will never forget. Chef Trevor was delightful, and the magician brought in for our entertainment was top notch! Indeed, our week aboard the Dream was wonderful, and enjoyed by all!

    Thank you for all that you do!

  54. Scott McGuire says:

    Dear John,

    My wife and I went on a Carnival cruise in October the week of the 24th. I would like to let you know that a gentleman by the name of Sorin Balan did a wonderful job. He was very polite and took care of any needs we may have had. I hope that you can pass this information on to his boss if possible.

    Thank you.

    Scot and Sonya McGuire

  55. Becky says:

    I enjoyed hearing the above video. It is neat knowing how a person gets started in the business and becomes as successful as you have. Carnival and John Heald are a match for sure. What a talent. I read the blog because of you and Radu, the brilliant photographer. It would be nice to know how others have gotten in the business with their talent. Entertainer, Photographer,Chef, etc. etc…….Thanks and I really had fun listening to your story. I am also enjoying the bits about your darling little girl and lovely wife. Thank you for taking the time to include your family. See you on board the Magic on Jan 29th, perhaps. I’ll be on board, anyway. ha…

  56. Patricia Soderlund says:

    John, We have cruised with Carnival 8 times ! Our last cruise was on Legend 11/27/11 . We had the most fun on this cruise. Never mind the bad weather or the rough seas ! The cruise was exceptional !! Great entertainment from all ! We especially enjoyed the one man band ! Forgot his name at the moment but he made sure he remembered the 4 of us !! It was a first sailing with my Brother and Sister in Laws ! The are now going to be Carnival Cruise mates of ours from now on ! We have convinced them Carnival is the BEST !! The crew was outstanding ! The Chef’s Table was so wonderful so very glad we went to this also! I could not find one fault all the way up to the Lido Deck ! Food was good and hot and more than enough. So very glad we went on Legend again. We met you on our first Triumph Cruise was back when and you were on a few more that we have sailed over the years. Wee Jimmy was great too ! Never will forget the time you asked us to pick you up a Whopper from the Burger King in St. Thomas or St. Martin that was a good one ! Well enough said. Carnival is our favorite we have been on many other Cruise lines but always come back to Carnival for the fun ! Looking forward to # 9 and finally our 10th cruise hopefully this year !! Thanks for the great news keep sending the letters and news we enjoy it !
    Mike and Pat Soderlund
    Cold and Chilly Illinois !!

  57. Jim Guy says:

    How can I find–either thru .com or other means–a brochure of all itineries by ship, or specifically, Caribbean for 2012-2014?

    The brochure available does not detail this


    Jim Guy,
    also, a Platinum guest

  58. Virginia Mann says:

    How do we reserve for Chef table on the Glory. We are sailing on the Feb 19th sailing. thank you

  59. Dave Caley says:

    John I sent you a message last week about working as a headline entertainer on a carnival
    ship.I heard from Chris Pradeaux yesterday. He said he was giving my name to his booker so maybe one of these days we will run across each other. I look forward to it. You sound like a real character and so am I remember I’m the guy that was born in Blackpool Cheerio Dave Caley

  60. Leonard Cole says:

    John,first met you on Dream 2/20/10 on Laini annex sitting with other officers. I said, you don’t know me, you said,”Everyone knows you Mr. Cole” That made me feel good. I wanted to ask if you could get me a small strip of velcro and you sent some to my cabin later. Been on 33 Carnival cruises, #34 is Valor 4/14/12 with lady from Latrobe, [Pa.(works at Arnold Palmer golf course as secretary-1st cruise) and lady from Ecuador. So, here I am, at 75, single, with two ladies, in outside cabin. Go on 3 Carnival a year, have to get cabin mate (single suppliment, you know). Wis Bob D. was back, he writes me often. As “Mama Dorothy” told me,about Cahill,”he ain’t no Bob Dickinson” I hope to have honor of sailing with you again before I kick the bucket. After 4/14 Valor, will go twice more in 2012. Hope to maybe get e-mail from you. God Bless–Leonard.

  61. Lisa Cleaver says:

    Hi John, My husband, Joe and I are looking forward to our cruise in Sept 2012. We will be celebrating our 18th anniversary, REALLY? Time, it does fly. Looking forward to meeting you and the other crew members. We are looking to have fun as we have in 4 previous sailings. We love to cruise and we love Carnival the best!

  62. Deborah Munson says:

    Who would I talk to to suggest a theme cruise with professional boxers? A friend of mine is a professional boxer Gilbert Salinas and has ties to many boxers. I think this could be a great and fun theme.

    I just opened a FB page for him:

  63. Loren (Michele) Yaquinta says:

    Straight to the point and no beating around the bush….can you help me get a job on the Cruise Staff? I am a Travel Agent and have been for 12 years!! The travel industry is in my blood. I am VERY personable and have cruised myself many many tmes!! Ypu gave me a chance on the Freedom about two years ago to come to one of the shows and get up on stage-I did but flopped with no direction as to what I was to do??? This was the cruise where you did a play and asked for audience participation- needless to say, it was hilarious….a black lady was running around on stage and fell on top of you and you lost your shoe and you totally lost it laughing…do you recall this? Anyway-
    Can you at least direct me to a contact person at Carnival?
    Thank You-

    Anxious to hear back from you-

  64. Robin Kikot says:

    Dear john, I watch a program last night 20/20 bla bla bla you heard about it. And yes cruses r the safest. But you havnt really showed people whats on a cruse. the fantastic food the great bars you need to do some hard core marketting. may i sugest interviewing gustes on board during a cruise. see what they r doing .follow a goup of young party goers and have them twitter about it. march break shipps will be the next best think schools renting out the whole boat.If you looking for someone you know who to email.

  65. Jay says:

    Hi John – My family, friends and I do about 2 cruises a year – Our favorite is the Carnival Lines. We sometimes strayed by cruising with Norwegian and MSC Lines. We are US citizens living in NYC. We were looking at the Splendour for March 2013 from Argentina to NYC. We have to fly there. There is no visa requirement for us to enter Argentina but there is $140 (US) per person fee as we enter the airport. There are between 4-6 of us. I told the Consulate we are going from port to pier. Since Carnival is paying port fees why are they charging us the $140 per person? This I believe will affect your business because, like us, others may go elsewhere. Please respond. I always read your blogs. Keep up the good work and stay well. Thanks for your time.

  66. wal says:

    Lol. I am french……

  67. wal says:

    love the picture, looking good. Im thinking funship freddy on the underpants?

  68. David Johnson says:

    I really enjoy your blog on everyday life as a CD and your colorful adjectives that allow us to relate to them. Our tenth Carnival cruise is April 8th on the Magic and I hope to see you there as CD. Have ever went behind the bar again and mastered mixing any of the exotic drinks Carnival has on the menu?

  69. Judy says:

    Hi John,
    I always save the Fun Times when we sail. We were on a Carnival Cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale on Feb. 6, 2010 (Super Bowl Cruise). For some reason, I have none of those Fun Times to put in my scrapbook. Is there any way that they can be posted or sent to me?
    Thank you ever so much!

  70. Rhonda H says:


    I often laugh out loud when reading your blog when I’m supposedly working! I did some back reading and loved the comment about fat people and tuxes. As a plus sized person, I found it to be a bit outrageous and quite funny! Your typically irreverant comments usually hit the mark, definitely pushing the envelope but very intertaining. I wanted to ask if there is any chance Joel and Lorna, the lobby duo on the Conquest, might be moving to the Magic? We are huge groupies, and love their music! We sail this weekend on the Magic, and are sorry they won’t be entertaining us. Wow – their voices and repretoire are fabulous!

  71. Scott Skowronski says:

    John, we have a large group on cruise ctitic for the Carnival Glory sailing on 4/29/12, can you help us on getting a meet and greet set up?

  72. Kevin Boerio says:

    Hey, John

    I just wanted to tell you, man. Happy Birthday! I think you are a cool as hell cruise director. It would be a total honor one day to meet you in person. I hope that you will be on one of our or my next sailing with me,my girlfriend and family. God bless you and your family. Tell your daughter stop throwing your cell phone in the royal thrown!lol



  74. Kevin Boerio says:

    Hello, John

    I have to say: I think you are a remarkable Cruise Director. I would have loved to meet you in person. I love your toilet humor that you write and all. I love reading your blog every night. But, please, don’t change for anyone. Because, I never do and won’t. If people don’t like me then they can kiss off! As you might and would say! But, as it stands, I don’t think that we ever will get the chance to really meet ever in person. Because, still the guest services offices are being major but heads, un-carrying and sympathetic to all the issues that me and my girlfriend faced on our last sailing on the Carnival Imagination that went out on Jan 23 and got back on Jan 27,2012.

    To how we where rudely treated on the ship by some of the staff, publicly embraced by them with their several rude comments, ignored by them every night and how they failed to listen or understand us. When point blank we both told them. Please do not and there is not need for you to order for us or make us anything special meals. That I and her where both happy with what was on the main menu for the vegan selections that where being offered.

    But, to top it off how the head office is not even willing to even offer us nothing more then a written apology for the poor service that we received and say that they felt bad that I fell because of a spill that could have been avoid if a staff member was their to clean it up and near the ice cream machines to make sure that kids that where under age kids. Where not spilling it all over the place. But, now all we keep getting from them is them saying that they reported our concerns, comments and issues to the different departments and are making sure that this will not happen again. But, the problem is the issues are still not being corrected or fixed. This also really blows my mind that after all we have been through on this sailing that the head office is not willing to offer us not at least a 10% off our next sailing or even a package in our room to truly tell us or say that they are really and truly sorry for all that we been through and faced on this ship.

    I do not understand how a major company like Carnival that makes millions or more in U.S dollars on each sailing can not find it in their heart or have the money to offer a pass faithful guest as me that has stood buy and bragged about you guys to everyone a simple request as this. But, I guess that now, that I and my other 32 guest that sail with me on my cruise sailings are left with no other choice then to now sail with your compactors ‘cruise line. Because, it clear to me that Carnival is lacking and going down in guest relations and guest services. If I owed a company as big as yours and made the amount of money you make and had an unhappy guest like me that faced what I faced. I would say to my staff. If all this guest was asking for is 10% off their next sailing or a bon voyage package in their room to shut them up and make them happy and return. I would tell my staff then give it to them. I could have been an English perk sent you all my medical bills and took Carnival to court in Miami to get them paid. But, I am not asking for that.

    So I do not think that what I was asking for was too much to make me happy. But, I guess it was. Because, now Carnival has just lost over 32 people that normally book with them. Because after I told my family and friend what happen and how I am now being treated by Carnival. The told me that if this is how the head office handles things and treats their guest or past guest. Then we will never sail with them or their sister companies either. So I guess Carnival truly does not care that they just lost 32 guest that normally book with them and all the funds that we spend on board. I guess if I was a alcoholic and spent millions of dollars in extra things or jewelry when I sail. Maybe I get treated and spoke to lot better then what I am being treated now. So, I guess I am taking now my and my other cruisers to WD, RC, NC or other company. I just booked two 7 day cruises with them now this year. Because, it is clear to us that our business that we give to Carnival is meaningless. God Bless you and your job John. Like I said it’s nothing against you. We totally love and think you cool as all get out! It’s just right now in whom you work for and who I’m having a major issue with.

  75. Sam says:


    Wonderful blog! Is there any way to find out who the captain and crew are before the sailing? I am sailing on Imagination this weekend and was curious. Have sailed on several Carnival ships before and was wondering if some of the same crew might be there to welcome me aboard this time?

  76. Rhonda H says:

    Sailed the Magic (what a beautiful ship!) in Feb. when you were the CD and LOVED meeting you to put the face with the blogs. I really get your humor – you and Calvin had me in stitches! Can’t wait to take my 84 y/o mom on the Magic next spring for her first cruise ever. She has mobility issues, and after observing a variety of unresolved problems for this type of traveler, I wondered if I could please participate on an ad hoc passenger committee to improve the cruise experience for these travelers? The aging boomer population is going to need better assistance as more of us experience the great vacation Carnival offers!

  77. Ginger McClure says:

    The week of March 4, we were on the Carnival Magic. It seem like the bloggers were having a great time. (So was I, but this seems like a great way to meet new people.)How do you become a member of John Heald’s blog?
    Thank you,
    Ginger McClure

  78. mary says:

    Hi John!
    In the midst of planning this summers cruise and my kids saw a video of the Carnival Breeze!Lo and Behold, it is not the one we can take this summer but see it is available in Miami next April-can you tell me when we can expect to see it in Florida between June and September of 2013 so we can book and get dunked by the giant bucket in the waterworks? Can’t wait!!!!!!

  79. kevin says:

    On the dream line june 30. Two questions there are several familiies going together but travel was booked through different sites. Can we arrange to be seated together? also is there a way to book the dinner with the chefs program before boarding?

  80. Ann Mason says:

    I am looking forward to meeting you next week. My friends and I are sailing on the Valor (again) on Saturday, April 14th. The Ports of Call are some of our favorites! There will be six adults, two little girls and one teen in our party. We love cruising on Carnival.

  81. Frank Fazio says:

    I feel I need to get this problem to someone with clout. My wife and I have taken 2 carnival cruise’s. In the past 2 year first on the freedom and last on the pride. After our first cruise I sent a note to customer service letting them know I felt the ship was not up to standards. It just seemed dirty not to the point of really bad put not up to other cruise lines. Our last trip as we got to the cabin it was a mess.soap scum in both the sink and shower. All the mirrors
    had scum on them also.It looked as all they did was maybe change the linens and left. We contacted the front desk.The asst director of housekeeping came up and was not happy. He did get someone to clean up. From that point on the cabin steward was rude and made us very uncomfortable.Whe we stop in florida we gat some of our own clening suppies and cleaned everyday to asure us we had a clean room. We made a number of stops at the front desk to let them know with know response.When I got home I e-mail your company and recieved the standard sorry response. I have been a at least 13 cruise’s and that was the worst of all by far.Yes, the trip was no that expensive and I look at it as lost money and time. We will be cruising again in the near future. But, I must say it will not be with Carnival. I have and ill continue to let all I come in contact with of my experience and not reccomend your line. I hope this gets in the hands of someone who cares.

    Thanks for your time
    Frank Fazio

    • Rhonda H says:

      I was on the Magic and Conquest in the past year, and they were spotless, end to end! The crew was attentive, friendly and went out of their way to be helpful and informative. It is very sad that this cruiser would base his entire impression of Carnival on one poorly trained/supervised housekeeping team. We had an issue that we brought to the front desk, and they kindly gave us a modest refund as well as a letter with a discount for our next cruise, both actions aimed to keep our loyalty, and what I would expect from a wonderful line like Carnival.

  82. Tiffany Brooks says:

    Good Afternoon:

    My name is Tiffany Brooks and I have recently had the ABSOLUTE JOY of working with Audrey to plan my family vacation/honeymoon.
    My fiance and I are getting married just before we set sail on 11/24/12 from Galveston, TX and although we are unable to get married aboard the Triumph, we are combining what started out as a family vacation into our honeymoon. Audrey has been an absolutely WONDERFUL HELP. We have people in four different cities around the country joining us and Audrey has helped everyone of us that has booked so far with a smile in her voice and I am sure on her face. Anytime I call she is ready and willing to assist, even with answering the seemingly most mundane of questions. Even though I have cruised before on another cruise line, with employees like her, I am very likely to be a Carnival convert and not cruise with any other cruise line. I sincerely hope that our experience onboard rivals the experience I have had getting booked for the trip.

    In this day and age of declining customer service, I am delighted to be able to tell you of the good things your employee is doing in making this as easy as possible and she seems genuinely happy for me and my family. I dare say I THINK SHE LOVES HER JOB!

    Thanks for having employees like her!

    Tiffany Brooks

  83. Lisa says:

    Hi John,

    Don’t suppose you’d be sailing on the Pride on March 10th, 2013??

    Imagine my surprise to see that our Cruise Director from our cruise on the Holiday back in 1991, is now the Senior Cruise Director for Carnival Cruises. Well, to be totally honest, it wasn’t that much of a surprise, because I remember saying at the time, “I’ve never cruised, but I’m 100% sure that we have the best cruise director ever”. I’m pretty sure if it had been anyone else but you, my then boyfriend, now husband, would never have even considered going in that Men’s Lingerie Contest! You even made the boring instructions about being back on the ship ON TIME, and about NOT buying drugs in the ports so much fun, that I still remember them to this day.

    So now, as I plan our second ever cruise (sorry, but little things like mortgages and kids sometime get in the way of having fun!), but this time with our teenage kids, please tell me that you will join us and be our cruise director for the week. Because quite frankly, I think it will be a disappointment, if we had anyone else.

    Congratulations on making it to the top,

  84. Benjamin M. Van Wagner says:

    my wife and I first cruised in november of 2008. Were you the cruise director on the conquest at that time?

  85. Pauline Riccio says:

    We love cruising but have never
    cruised with Carnival. We are going on the Carnival Glory on June 10th to Canada out of Boston. Please come see us in ROOM 8377 if you are on board. Would love to meet you, We are going with our “cruising cousins” who have joined us on 7 other cruises aboard Norwegian. So anxious to try Carnival!!!

  86. Lety says:

    Hello John: I had the pleasure of meeting you a couple of times during our many European cruises. My daughter and her husband (Sylvia & Shane) will be on the July 9th BREEZE cruise for their honeymoon. I told them that having you as a cruise director would be the icing on the cake. I hope you get to meet my kids!!

  87. Audrey Besserman says:

    I’m going to say 1 word and hope that you can remember me and my husband: CADBURRY

    Does anything come to mind?

  88. Karl Bader-Bailey says:

    Hi John,

    Impressed with your blog, refreshing to see a strong British influence in the Americanised world of cruising. Don’t get me wrong, a typically American sense of ‘party’ does bring a good shot of fun to the otherwise potentially ‘stuffy’ typical Brit on holiday, although this can be overdone so easily to the point of being tacky. I think the mix of both will make our move from another line to Carnival a great and fun experience. Oh, and ‘brilliant’ too 😉 Bring the party on, rather!

  89. Sabrina says:

    John Heald is the funniest cruise director EVER! I’ve sailed with you twice, John, and there is no one that does it better!
    Answer this for me, am I, or rather my sons, the reason the “Hairy Chest” Contestants must now be 18 or older? Here’s the story: My dad won the hairy chest contest onboard our previous cruise so to give him some competition I saved the boys hair clippings from the pre-cruise hair cut. I’m a creative gal, so I fashioned a chest shaped and proportioned size of 2 way adhesive for my then 7 & 9 year old boys(2001 or 2002). When the contest started we quickly prepared on side with hair clippings and, you guessed it, stuck them on their chest so they would be ready for the contest. Only the oldest made it all the way to the stage. The cruise director said it was the damn funniest thing she’d ever seen onboard and he would have won if the judges (two 20 somethings) hadn’t been looking to get lucky!
    Now, everytime I hear them announce the “age 18 and over only” I have to wonder….

  90. Phil says:

    Hello John

    I apologise for the intrusion but wondered if there was a way that I could send you a private business related email?

    I have been in touch with your UK office and they have suggested I contact you this way first.

    Thank you in anticipation.


  91. Terry Fuller says:

    John and the Carnival Family, my question is, “why don’t you have each Cruise (CD) Director on their respected ship ship be responsible for replying back to clients (Carnival Cruisers Only) comments, concern, issues, request or anything thing that needs to be addressed and handled”. To me this would only make prefect sense because they are on that cruise ship and know the people that work there and if they don’t it would be a good time to get to know them. Please get back with me and let me know if your think that this is a good ideal. We really can not expect for John to be able to address all or most of the people that cruise of the many ship that Carnival has to offer.

  92. Kimberly Feather says:

    I have cruised with you many times.Been cruising from 1983.I can’t tell you how many times I have cruised with you maybe 10 or more.You are very funny and I love the old school.

  93. Hue C. Luu says:

    John, our family very enjoy to cruise with you on 6/27/2012 to 7/9/2012, my cabin # 7393, Folio #5227. We need your help, we left behind one luggage at port luggage pick up area with my name, address, phone# tag attached to the luggage, please UPS to my home address at Californis, I will take care the service fee. Thank you inadvance and looking forward to hear from you by email.

  94. Bob says:

    Hi John
    Could you tell me who I need to contact in order to put an idea to carnival cruise on an added service that I feel would be of interest to the cruise company.
    Many Thanks

  95. Meg & Rubin Mendelson says:

    Hey, John, My husband and I just booked the Paradise on 8/20 for our 15th anniversary (leaving our four grown kids home) and somehow I stumbled across your blog. Were you the cruise director on the Triumph in 2001? You look sooo familiar; I think you were our cruise director then. Anyway, we’re looking forward to another great Carnival cruise. Meg & Rubin

  96. annabelle kennedy says:

    will the casino in Monte Carlo be open while the ship is in Monaco on the 5/5/2013.(8am-8pm)also will you be CD Carnival Sunshine!!

    • Rhonda H says:

      It looks like it was a 2 month delay getting your question posted, and it’s a great one!

      John – will the casino be open when the 8/26 sailing of the Breeze is in Monaco? Just for my 60th birthday celebration? lol

  97. Greetings John from Ontario, Canada. We just ended our 12 day cruise with Carnival Breeze and met you for the first time. What an incredible cruise director you are!!! We have never enjoyed one more than you. You really know had to add life to a vacation. We were celebrating 42 years of marriage as well as my husbands birthday and you sure made it memorable. We loved the guest entertainment night. We still have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.
    One of my questions is….can we have access to the pictures that Mr. Radu has taken from this cruise? My camera did not capture moments like his did on various tours.
    Thank you again, and it was an absolute pleasure spending time with you
    Marg and Albert Reynaert

  98. roberto mazza says:

    I would like to work on cruise…..

  99. Yes, 12 String Tim & Sharon – Musicians/Entertainers would also like to perform on your cruise-lines.

  100. cat says:

    well I hope everyone loves this blog for we are circle c and we

  101. Grover Alverson says:

    What ship is Joel and Lorna performing on now? We are on the Conquest in feb. and would love to see them again they were great!

    • Rhonda H says:

      You are right! The are the best duo on Carnival. We became groupies last fall, and I wrote to Carnival to ask that they continue to be brought back! The duo on the Magic and Breeze were not as talented. Glad to know they are back on the Conquest – we’ll take that ship again, it was so much fun!

  102. rosario ivie says:

    john as you know i been on your blog for 1 year now and i was very surprise and disappointed also about Carnival Splendor not doing summer runs any more from Long beach my husband and i were looking forward to celebrating our 15 wedding anniversary on the Splendor in August of 2013 we had it all plan with about 40 of our closes friends know we don’t know what to do our travel agent has told told us about Princess cruise so we are thinking about it but very confuse because we love Carnival

  103. Rhonda H says:

    Hi John! Thanks for all the laughs – on board and in your blog. Sorry you came back to the Breeze just when I was about to depart. What a brilliant cruise! Brilliant itinerary! Brilliant crew! Did you get the brilliant t-shirt I left for you? Calvyn sent me a bottle of bubbly and said HBirthday on the morning show, and Ken sang to me – what a great birthday cruise, over-all, and now I’ve got my sights set on BC6!

  104. Bobby Melfi says:

    Hi John,
    I have cruised with you several times in the pass. I just booked the m/s Carnival Breeze for February 2,2013. Hoping to cruise again with you. I had such a spiffy time

    Bobby Melfi

  105. Mary Merlino says:

    The webcams are working!! Please thank the IT people. Sailing on the Valor 10/13 and my kids like to watch it sail and see where we are.

    You were my first (cruise director) on the Triumph and think you are wonderful. Always enjoy the blog!

    Thanks again for working on the webcams.

  106. Judy Brown says:

    Carn Cruise ad came in email out of the blue. Going to FL in Jan for 2 mos (do every yr)& thought about a short cruise before staying in Panhandle. Noticed “John Heald” and was curious. There are quite a few John Healds in my family lineage. My son, Jim Barnard, has been doing “Ancestry. com” research on Heald side. I notice you have what seems like an English accent. Where were you from?
    Best regards, Judy Brown

  107. rebecca smith says:

    i was on the sensation in r 110. The swerer was so strong that even on q deck was complaning. I’m still gping to doctor for upper infection. This was my first cruise.Pleae feel free to call me at 1-678-603-2528. thank you becky smith
    plus i need the address to carvinal cruise line. thanks

  108. Kenneth Gerbehy says:

    OMG John just watching this video of when you worked on the Holiday in 1987 !! We did her in may 1988 .I wounding you were working on her then !! Remember they call that class supper liners LOL !! Any when we got on the ship they took use to our cabin on a Conga line Carnival got the fun LOL !! Anyway we are off on the Miracle on an 8 day cruise from NYC on 10/5/12 . for our 32 wedding anniversary 2nd time on her and 12 time on carnival and this will be our 76 over all cruise !! We have been on every line out there . But we always have a blast on Carnival !!


  109. Rhonda H says:

    Hi John! I just booked the Sunshine for 5/5/13, bringing a friend who has never cruised before, and we are repeating the fabulous itinerary I did sailing the beautiful Breeze in the Med this summer for my 60th! I am so excited! Gotta have another Guy’s burger! lol. Is there anything you can do about having the entertainment director book Joel and Lorna as the lobby duo on the Sunshine for it’s re-launch? I sailed with them last year on the Conquest from Galveston, and was very disappointed they were not on the Magic this spring. They are absolutely fabulous, have a lot of fans (their name came up at dinner in Venice), and are heads and tails above any of the other lobby duos I’ve seen. Really talented crowd pleasers and a lovely, gracious couple.

  110. Bill Simmons says:

    John, It is always a pleasure reading your blog each time its released into the wild of the internet. Myself and my bride of 28 years will be taking our 8th cruise on the Carnival Triumph in 11 days with another couple that we did our First sailing with on the Jubilee in 2003, and are so looking forward to doing so. When do you see yourself making your way back to Texas as CD on either Carnival Magic or Carnival Triumph? I know you were scheduled to be her CD on The Carnival Magic this past January but as things go you were taken. We would love to have you back, preferably around this time next year( next cruise booked on Carnival Triumph 10/12/2013) #10!!.
    Thanks again for all you do
    Bill Simmons

  111. Marion Cochran says:

    So delighted that you took her request; look so forward to all the hilarious stories you share with us.

  112. Missamerica says:

    Hey John, my John’s Missamerica. I met you on the Liberty while sailing around Europe. I truly enjoyed you as the cruise director. I am cruising in December to the Bahamas. I didn’t realize you were back on the cruise ships. Now that I do know, my next cruise will be with you for sure. Still not married but cruising with the same man, hint hint. John, your daughter is cute and talented with her little flute. I pray I get to talk to you soon or at least blog. Take care and keep up the great work. I was so impressed with you and I am still enjoying all my gifts that Mack won for me.

  113. Annette Davey says:

    I am disappointed that the Australians have been neglected with the new cruises from Sydney. The website doesn’t work, you cannot book shore excursions and they tell me you cannot book The Chef’s Table on this cruise. There seems to be a lot lacking you cannot get any satisfaction from the Australian contact number because they say it is all controlled by the US! Well you need to treat your paying customers with more respect I have sailed before and never had this lack of service, sailing next Sunday and very dubious about the service we will recieve?

  114. John P Nader says:

    Mr. Heald
    My name is John Nader i’ve been on many cruises with you and now i’m retired would like to know how I can get my band on one of the ships. i’ve been playing piano/keyes and harmonica for almost 40 yrs i started young. every trip i’ve been on I played with the band did talant show ect. I love to play and i’ve playe with people like buddy guy. how do I get carnival to look at us i can most likely do a live video and e-mail it to you thanl you for your time John P Nader

  115. Carole says:

    I’ll see you Tuesday in Barcelona woohoo

  116. Alexander A says:

    I am an aspiring writer. I would love to know how and any guidance as to being a successful writer and blogger. I loved the video and would like to get to talk to you writer to writer. I have several articles written, I’m still in search of a writing style as my writing is still evolving and being developed.

  117. Gary Krinkel says:

    Hi John,
    Thankyou for making this atlantic Crossing so good. After a not so good cruise of the Med, we thought we had made a big mistake doing back to back. We haven’t thanks to you. We are now amongst your fans.
    I haven’t seen the entries about smoking on the balconys, but we get smoked out every time we leave port. It’s annoying as we paid extra to have a balcony and can’t use it when we want to. If you were to have all the smokers aft, then 80 to 90% of the time, the smoke would not get to the forward balconys

  118. John – I just read that the Funship Dollars will be replaced with a Gift Card. Can you confirm. I am taking a cruise in late January – on the Miracle – and I usually buy some Fun Ship Dollars after I have paid for the cruise in order to keep the bill lower at the end of the cruise. Thank you for all you do.

  119. Hello,

    At the moment, I am in shock and totally appalled by the content, via Carnival, contained in the following links:

    While not being a drag queen myself, I do enjoy all of RuPaul’s LOGO series. I find this type of statement, released by a Carnival executive to be in VERY poor taste, at the very least, and utterly reprehensible. I honestly CANNOT believe in this day in age (it is the 21st century, the last time I checked) that there is such Neanderthal and homophobic rhetoric comes from Carnival. Should I, as a gay man planning my honeymoon with another man, feel as if we can’t be ourselves onboard/in public areas (not that we inappropriately use PDAs) “for the sake of the children”. When I checked Carnival’s website for the Sunshine, I DID NOT see any upgrades to be made which included a big enough closet for the LGBT community which has, at least according to, been such staunch supporters of Carnival; in case Carnival has turned yet another blind eye, the LBGT community is one of the most disposable income groups. Please advise, as my fiancé and I are VERY close to going to another line. From Basic Customer Service 101: one happy, satisfied customer might tell five friends and family members about their pleasant experience, an unhappy customer is more likely to share the bad news with up to 100 people. It can take a company what appears to be a lifetime to build customer loyalty, and just ONE moment (such as this “statement”) to completely destroy it. I have been in contact with a Carnival PVP, who has assured me that Carnival’s President will be issuing a statement regarding this “controversy”. Please advise.

  120. Rick says:

    Please settle a bet… who was the Kareoke hostess on the Carnival Splendor Nov. 18 – 25.

    My wife swears it was an American Idol contestant from Season 10 Lauren Alaina. I say no way.

  121. theresa martin says:

    Was hoping to meet and thank you personly on the breeze , we will be on it dec. 8 2012 . but see ,your not there now. So i wanted to let you know how much carnival cruise line did for our family .Back in feb. 2012 , my sisters and hubby went on the valor. It was my sister nancy bucket list before she past away from a rare liver desease. The staff and crew went out of there way to make it the best trip of her life time. It was all she talked about and gave my sister’s memorys to share forever. Sadly nancy past away march of 2012. please thank everyone for their kind hearts and have a blessed holiday season .

  122. huifen zhou says:

    hello,I am a student in shanghai,and I majoy in travel management.Now,I want to write an thesis about the people in terms of Cruise business and management we want in such an globled society.thankyou for your help.

  123. Dennis O says:

    Help! I’m trying to send an email to John at his ASK JOHN site. When I enter the verification code I get a pop-up saying I haven’t entered it. I note that the code provided is not scrambled. Is that the problem?

  124. Lisa says:

    Hi John!

    I am sailing on the Breeze in May and am sad that you will not be the CD. However, I wanted to ask you about our special cruise.

    My 18 (yes, only 18) year old daughter will be graduating with honors from college in May and we’ll be celebrating her remarkable accomplishment with a family cruise. What can we do to make this a memorable and very special celebratio.

    I enjoy your blog and follow you on FB, so thanks for the smiles.

    Lisa Lial

  125. Rob says:

    My wife and I want to take the west-bound Panama Canal cruise, stay in the Los Angeles/San Diego area for two weeks then take the east-bound itinerary back to Miami. Are there any extra discounts for taking back-to-back cruises?

  126. Sharon Young says:

    My web-site is for my murals, but I have been a nurse for many years and am working currently on my master’s in nursing education. To my delight, it was suggested to me that I might have opportunity to speak on a cruise line. I have lectured, with many sizes of groups from just a few to several hundred and I am a motivational speaker as well as a nurse. Since I am a senior, I can speak to seniors and know their needs as well as to the young. I can send my resume if you are interested. I am a legal nurse consultant and have my bachelor’s degree as an Registered Nurse. If this opportunity exists, please let me know. Thank you so much.

    Sharon Young, RN, BSN, CLNC

  127. Tom Marron says:

    Hi john saw you at Breeze naming ceremony. Quick question, would be great idea to make and sell a cool design from the blue iguana and red frog pub. Both very cool Ames and sure graphics guys could come up with some bright ideas and colors. Just a thought. Tommy

  128. Yolanda Honaker says:

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY with many, many more wonderful and special Birthdays to come

    Sue Honaker

  129. Good morning Mr. Heald. I just wanted to say I had a fantastic cruise last week on the Carnival Victory ship. I have a little problem that maybe you can help me resolve. I was one of the performers on the Legends Show this past Saturday for which I played the part of Frank Sanatra. I sang one of his favorites, My Way, which I was given many compliments based on how I sang this song. Every person who was on this show including myself was given a copy of the DVD of there performance. I was a bit upset to find that on the DVD, my performance was left out of it. I was anticipating so much to show my family this DVD only to see that my song was not on this DVD. Is there any way you can ask someone in the audio/video department on the Victory ship to see if they can obtain this video recording? It would mean the world to me for it was my very first time appearing on a Legends Show for Carnival. Thank you so much, and hope to hear from you soon.

  130. I can’t believe we just missed this year’s blogger cruise. We’re really hoping to meet you in person and love following your blog. It’s definitely the most interesting cruise talk in the industry. Thanks for the laughs and hopefully meet soon!

  131. Mitchell Dexter says:

    I will be on the Freedom the end of March. The last time I was on the Freedom we had a waiter named Alan who was great. He said that we would see him on the Legend. but the waite staff changed rules. So — we where hoping to see him back on the Freedom. Is there any way to find out if he (philipino, aged 37 or 38) is on the ship? Also Have the stage shows ghanged in the last year (getting tired of the bettles and “music of the decades”). tks Mitch

  132. randy sobelman says:

    hey john u told me to let u know a day before but it sail day on the imagination cabin E56 thanx

  133. rhonda stacy says:

    John- I couldnt fing the ‘ASK John’ button sorry. I was hoping you can help me. We will be on the Freedom leaving 3/17. Can you please request a table for me (in center dining room- not back one). I need a table because we are on the heavier side and booths are a tight fit (I hate to admit that). And I just want center dining room because it seems to be less boat movement)Thanks (there are 4 in my group). We are boarding for cruise #7 🙂

  134. Carol Stevens says:

    Just found out you’ll be on the Legend sailing 3/31/13! That’s Easter! This will be my 5th cruise on the Legend and 17th with Carnival. I’ll be wearing my Cruise Critic shirt at embarkation. Hope to meet up with you at some point! Love your blog!

  135. Angie Henkel says:

    Hi John,

    My boyfriend, parents and I are getting ready to sail on the Valor in 2 days and, of course, cannot wait! This will be my Platinum cruise as well, so I am very excited! Before i go, I just wanted to let you know that while we always experience such great service while in the ship, I have bounced around to a few of different Cruise Planners. But this time I worked with Maureen Williams and she was so great to work with. I have had a few questions before this sailing and she has been so helpful and has followed through on everything. I will definitely be sticking with her for all of my future bookings!


  136. Alex Reyentovich says:

    Me, my wife and 2 kids will be sailing on the Carnival Liberty on May 4 2013. I would love to reserve the chefs table, but I really don’t know how. I have a friend who is also on the same cruise and told me he did it through your blog 🙂

  137. rick sanders says:

    carnival could do something for the passengers other than run the same movie for 2 weeks. they shouldn’t have to have their hand in your pocket at all times

  138. Sherry Irick says:

    Hello! A friend of mine told me that you would have answers to some of my questions. I am a CCL Gold Member and LOVE cruising. I just got married on March 15. We were going to wait to get married but I have some health issues that made us do a quick wedding. I survived kidney cancer (had a kidney, adrenal and lymph nodes removed) and now they think it has spread into my pancreas. I am going through treatment and testing at Cleveland Clinic. So we got married on March 15 and because of a surgery and work (I am a teacher, he is retired police and disabled vet) we could not do a honeymoon. He has never cruised. I talked him into “getting his feet wet” with a cruise to Now where on May 31st. I have never been on a short cruise like this, I want as many days as possible, but thought this would be a start for him. Is one of our 2 nights a formal night? Is there a chocolate buffet on a 2 day? I have requested a fan for our cabin do to his sleep apnea (he brings a cpap machine every where also)… What shows are on the 2 night cruise? Is the Grand Marnier Souffle offered on the 2 night? Is there the meet the captain reception? How safe is the parking at Norfolk? Thanks for your time! I have tried to find these answers on cruise critic but was told you were the answer man. Thanks! Sherry

  139. Fran says:

    Hi John,

    My sister and I are young 50’s and looking to start cruising together. We want to start small 3 day maybe, then work our way up to longer trips like in Europe, to see if we will enjoy it. And although we love kids (we have lots of grand children) we would like to be on a cruise without children. Please advise as to what cruises you may recommend for these adventures.

  140. Donna Glover says:

    Hi John,

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I really enjoy your blog. We are about to sail on our 7th cruise, first to Alaska, for our 25th anniversary (no kids!!). I am hoping to write a review that will be fun, informative and interesting, such as your blog. Have a great day!

  141. Ron and Elisa Washington says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I paid for a Caribbean cruise in 2011 and it cost over $3000.00 for 3 tickets. At the last minute, I was not able to go because of my job. We purchased the insurance and was told if something happened, we would be reimbursed. When I was not able to go– we sent in all of the necessary paperwork and were told that the cause would not be covered. Due to the decisions made by Carnival and the insurance company, we felt as though we were wronged and misled; therefore, we have decided to never cruise Carnival again. Thank you for marketing promotions; however remove us from all future marketing correspondence.
    Elisa Washington

  142. erin biddle says:

    I wanted to know why Carnival does not have a relationship with CC regarding Meet & Mingles? It looks like many other cruise lines have official M&M set up but nothing with carnival. We have a group roll call for the 8/20 Baltic cruise and are looking to set something up. I am a newwby to cruise critic so apologies if this is a strange question.

  143. Asha says:

    Hello John, I just want to know when do you respond to e-mails. I sent something last month in regards to dinner seating for a group of 19 on C. Liberty on August 24th. So far I have not received anything
    Could you kindly let me know when you want me to send the reminder.

    Thank you


  144. marius says:

    its all about guests,the employees doesnt matter too much!

  145. Ron Williams says:

    Hi John! I will be cruising in October this year and was wondering if you be on the Breeze at that time. You may remember me from a past cruise in which I was on stage during your skit about little Mary and the big bad man. I was the big guy that would answer all your questions with the reply “I will kill you with venom instead of with vengence” Mary ws the funniest person on that shit with her African outfit and large scarf on head. I still have the video of that night. Let me know if you will be there. Ron

  146. Mike says:


    I am a fan of your blog and was wondering if you could direct me to the person who hires the CD’s for Carnival? I have 13+ years of experience as a CD plus some land based hotel work. Currently, I am working for another line but would like to work for the leader in the cruise industry in Carnival.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.



  147. Mary Vittoria says:

    Hi John;

    We sailed with you on our honeymoon 20 years ago in October of 1993 on Ecstasy. You made it such a memorable cruise for us. We later sailed on Destiny in 2000 with our first born son Ryan. This was such a memorable vacation as it would be the only cruise with our son Ryan as sadly he passed away at the age of 7. We will never forget this cruise and the memories etched in our hearts. We later sailed on Fascination, Liberty, Miracle and now will be sailing on Splendour on July 28th with our other son Adam who is autistic and has ADHD. We are looking so forward to it and will be sailing
    with Ryan looking down on us.

  148. Diane Reed says:

    Dear John, I am so frustrated because I am having such a hard time writing a blog on the Carnival website. We recently took a cruise out of Galvaston and James Dunn was the Cruise Director and we just loved him! He made our cruise so much fun – he is so much fun! I would like to tell Carnival how much we enjoyed ourselves thanks to him but can’t figure out how to write it and where? I have tried to get registered with FUNVILLE several times today and it is not working – Diane and Ron Reed from Padre Island, TX

  149. Mike Castro says:

    Hi John,

    My wife and I love your blog, you have a warped sense of humor. I didn’t realize it but we have sailed with you a few times over the years and really enjoy cruising with Carnival . We will be sailing again on the Breeze in Sept and I wanted to let Brian know that there is not a problem bringing wine on the cruise we brought a bottle on our last cruise in May of this year and had no problems.

  150. Bob Hannon says:


    I was in with my travel agent today (8/1) ready to book a cruise with Carnival. We narrowed it to two. I went and discussed it with the GF. We made our decision and were ready to book when we discovered the cruise had completely changed — the ship, the itinerary,the cost, the departure port — everything! It not only changed for the cruise we had selected but for all of the cruises we were considering. I could understand a sale ending but massive changes to ship ports and itineraries that were already being booked? We’re back at square 1 now looking at everybody to see what will fit our needs.

    What gives?

  151. Elizabeth Wiffen says:

    Hi John, my husband and myself have just returned from the Baltic Cruise (27th july – 8th August). I just want to say what a wonderful cruise it was – not only the itinerary but the whole experience on board the Carnival Legend. The staff were friendly and went out of their way to help -especially our fantastic stateroom steward Staney stateroom no 7190, who made us feel like one of the family and however busy he was (and he was always busy!) he would find time to ask “how was your day?” and would give us tips on what to see or look out for on time ashore. He kept our stateroom immaculate. The Serenity area was fantastic away from the children (I do like children – I’m a teacher, but want some time away from them while on holiday. John your introduction to show and the times you had on stage were guests were on stage with you were hilarious – your quick wit and humour and definitely a highlight of our time on board.
    It was one of the best holidays I have had and I haven’t stopped talking about it since.
    Cheers Liz

  152. Mark Superville says:

    Good Day John

    I recently enjoyed a seven (7) days Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Liberty and decided to purchase the Voyage Video for around $24.99. On review of the video, I observed that it was NOT a video of our cruise, but a compilation of other cruises with some video clips from our cruise. This is not what I paid for!

    How did I know it was a compilation? –

    1. At Grand Turk, the video showed two ships docked, however, at no point in time there was any other ship but the Liberty at the port in Grand Turk. I was taking pictures whole day and only the Liberty was docked at Grand Turk.

    2. In St Thomas, the video showed the sky ride transporting people, however, the person at the information desk at the Port indicated that the sky ride was not working. At no point in time did we see the sky ride in operation.

    It is clear that the Voyage Video was not authentic and therefore I would like to formally lodge my complaint with Carnival Cruise on its misrepresentation with respect to the Voyage video.

    In addition to the obvious misrepresentations, we found that the Video was produced without original audio from the various events. Also, the video clips at each Port Of Call was very short (in terms of time) and did not even show guests disembarking the ship! It is a shame that this is what Carnival is selling to its unsuspecting customers.

  153. terry kline says:

    just wanted to say great job we took our first cruise with carnival two years ago i think i am disabled and could not have been treated betterinlike my first cruise many years ago on rc i said never again and then gave you guys a try so much fun the differance is heaven (you) and beyon hell (them) i can not wait till oct for our next cruise keep up the great work
    terry kline

  154. Frances Brown says:

    Hi John,
    My husband and I are turely excited to be cruising Carnival once again. This time on The Legend on Sept 2nd. On our last cruise my husband intertained the crowd as he sang his hilarious rendition of “New York New York” on karaoke night. Good memories on that cruise with dear friends. We look forward to more laughs and a good bit of relaxing. Take care.

  155. Rosie & Molly says:

    hello john , were your number one fans of the 20th august cruise to Russia. we are the two girls who sit in the front row for every show. YOU HAVE MADE ARE HOLIDAY FAB AND WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH.
    us two xoxoxo

  156. Teresa says:

    Hi John, I really feel that you have helped Carnival with you wonderful personality and great humor. You were on the Carnival Magic Feb. 2012 as well as we were and you made the whole trip so worth it. We were introduced and every time you saw us on the ship you would great us by name. We have since cruised in March 2013 on the Conquest and getting ready to cruise again on the Magic Oct 20th 2013 for my birthday! Thank you again for all you do!

  157. Diana says:

    First I want to say how disappoint I’m with your cruise line, I can’t believe there are charging me $411.00 to change my date from later to an earlier one. You would think they would want to fill the ship that is going out earlier and not have empty cabins. So for those of you wanting to change be aware, and under the turns and conditions nothing is said about changing dates.

  158. Ameen Ahsan says:

    heloo Dear Sir.
    i want a job in carnival cruise line miami can you please help me. Thanks

  159. Diane Gauvin says:

    I was looking online at the signature dining menus an it is always the same. Do they change it often?

  160. Senador Pompeu-Ceará-Brazil 20.9.13 – 18hs.
    Hello John Heald, Hope you are well.
    I’m truly enchanted to lear your profile and
    your ascension at the position of Senior
    Cruise Director of Carnival Cruise Lines and
    have learned your wonderful profile.
    I feel happy myself to see how important you
    are by everything written by your fans.
    I also noted you don’t like tendering.Please
    don’t mean this contact as a tender,but
    an asking of help or suggestion as to the
    subject I will develop directly to your own
    e-mail since you could give me it address.
    It’s something of interest of Carnival Crui-
    se which I fell do not to let out by
    facebookor other social chain.
    Hoping to be favoured by you,have thanks
    and best regards, Newton Martins Alencar,73

    • Mr. John Heald, 20.09.13

      Congratulations for your ascension as Senior
      Cruise Director of Carnival Cruise Lines.
      I have learned everything about you on face
      book and would to extend contact with subject
      of interest to Carnival Cruise, yourself & me
      by never through webchains.Please info your
      own e-mail address. Thank you.Newton Martins

  161. Hi,
    We are having a meet and greet after muster drill on Triumph Oct 12th at Red Frog Rum Bar. We would like the Raffle Gifts and any other Item we could have.
    Debbie Gantt

  162. Shan Wise says:

    Hello, John
    My family and I are leaving out on October 31, on the Triumph and I was wondering well there be a Halloween costume party?

  163. Michael DeVito says:

    John, the ship’s chapel is really quite nice but devoid of any religious materials at all. Would it be possible to have a copy of the Bible left in the chapel? In fairness, a copy of the Talmud and Koran could also be left. The religious services on board are always well attended and I’m sure the chapel would be more utilized if some spiritual text were left there. Thank you for your time.

  164. Paul Kitchens says:

    My wife and I look forward to the cuisine on the ships. Being simple folk, we really enjoy trying and sampling different foods that we normally would never dare order at a restaurant. And with both of us having had Bariatric surgery we also don’t mind leaving some fare behind. I was wondering if there will be menus online anywhere for the December cruises? We actually enjoy looking them over early and anticipating for a month or so!


  165. Hollyana Dickens says:

    Hi John,
    You were the cruise director on my first cruise in 1994 on the Sensation. Since that time I have traveled with Carnival almost every year after that. I think this past summer was my 19th cruise on carnival. We love this cruise line and are looking forward to another cruise this summer. You are the best!!

  166. Carl Janousek says:

    HELP HELP HELP I have my second cruise with carnival booked. My personal cruise planner has been let go twice talked to people on the phone since they were so rude and un helpful. What is going on with carnival. i sent emails wanting to speak with management with no return call. What can i do to get some answers we love cruising with carnival but i am concerned. HELP ME Carl Janousek

  167. hello john, my name is Fernando Dining room.H.W. and
    I being working in some ships with you
    the last one was the C,Legend in the Nordic
    but my comment is about you.
    I think that evEry one of the crewmwnberS love you on ship so do because of grate
    personality and amazin job welldone john.
    from El Salvador.C.A.

  168. Mark Davis says:

    Dear Mr. John. I know that you guys have the St.Jude to help all those pople, which i think its great. But why dont share, split, part of that money to all the hard workers you have there? i guess is more faire. What do you think John?

  169. Nicole Allard says:

    It is obvious that you enjoy what you do. Continue the great job and thank you for the blogs. My husband and I sail on the Carnival Breeze on January 12th and I am hoping you will be on it so that we can see first hand the great job that you do. Thank you for making my day a bit brighter!

  170. Bruce says:

    Hi John,
    We love Carnival, and this will be our 6th Carnival cruise in 6 years. We will be on the Valor for the January 26th southern itinerary, and was wondering if we could get the “One Small Step” Dance Club reserved on our sea day for a Cruise Critic Meet & Greet? Thanks! Bruce

  171. Debra Tucker says:

    I hope this comment gets a response since my others have not – but here it goes.

    Is Carnival planning on bring back a ship to either New York or Baltimore. I love to cruise on Carnival; however because of severe panic attacks, I cannot fly. Was disappointed when you removed the ship from Baltimore and now New York.

  172. Theresa Geer says:

    Hi John just wanted to tell you how much we love Carnival. May 24th me and my husband Garry will be celebrating our 36th anniversary on the Breeze and also our 20th cruise. We are working on our diamond status!!! We enjoy reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing.

  173. Tracey Erskine says:

    Hey John….
    Just returned to the COLD from my 5th Carnival cruise. It was fun but went by FAR TOO FAST…(they always do). A funny conversation between myself and my husband during the cruise occurred, although maybe not so funny as insightful. Everyone “people watches on their cruises” but how many of us actually watch the staff? The staff on all of our cruises work so damned hard. I always make a point to say “thank you” and attempt to be pleasant. It’s amazing how many guests take this for granted. Here are these people that sometimes have not seen their friends and families for such long periods of time and yet, they still remember our names and be as warm as possible. It’s gotta be hard. I sincerely hope that the Carnival corporation knows and rewards these people who sometimes endure not so welcome behaviors…Remember, ” a building is only as strong as its foundation” without these wonderful people from all over the world, I don’t think Carnival would be the cruise line it is. I just wish other than tipping (which is always done) that the staff knows that most of us cruisers really do appreciate and admire what they do for us….Take care…….

    • Randy Smith says:

      Hi, Tracey! I agree with you wholeheartedly! I show my appreciation to the great folks on a Fun Ship who are cleaning all the time in a very simple way. I merely take a $5 or $10 bill each day (I used to take a $20 for the whole cruise, but we’re on a 15-nighter right now) and break the bill for ones. I watch for the wonderful hardworking cleaning folks and give them a buck and a thank you. Their faces light up and they are so appreciative. It’s the most satisfying thing to do with the cash I used to spend in the casino every cruise. Give it a try next cruise! It will make you feel great every time you give a buck away! Have a great day!

  174. larry says:

    Dear John,

    Would you rather punch a pilgrim or eat an avocado?

  175. Hi John, we’ll be off to the the old country this year to sail on Emerald Princess. While there, before the cruise, we were thinking of renting a car and driving out the where the family began – Handsworth, Yorkshire. We may see the mining museum, then Liverpool and Birmingham. My question is about driving in England. Not sure I can drive a standard shift for 3 or 4 days – wondering why there are not more automatic shift cars to rent?
    Anyway my great great great grandfather came all the way to America, so figure I can manage a few days there. Any ideas?

  176. Vickie Jarvis says:

    Good morning John,
    I love reading your blog and posts on Facebook. They are something I look forward to daily when logging in to do my homework (Master’s Degree) and checking current Carnival deals 🙂 My question is how does one get the privilege of meeting you in person? Your sense of humor reminds me of my uncles when I was growing up. I LOVE IT!! I just recently went on a Halloween Cruise on the Conquest with my adult daughter (because my husband was deployed to Afghanistan). He is coming home soon and I am trying to talk him into a cruise. He has always wanted to do an Alaskan Cruise but every time we planned a cruise something came up. He is looking at retiring soon. Any suggestions?

  177. William Saviano says:

    My Wife and I took several cruises in the 90’s We went on the Imagination, Inspiration(twice) and the Destiny when they were all new. You always had a wonderful way of making every one feel at ease, laugh at ones self and have a great time! I am still trying to figure out if the ships stairs go up or down! lmao You said it was one for your book lol We are going on another cruise this April on the Victory with the kids:) I am just happy to see Carnival has realized what a wonderful representative you are for them!! You are truly the Carnival experience and responsible for many of us to return to Carnival time after time. Congratulations on your new title.
    The Saviano’s

  178. willard says:

    Hey John,

    What is your view on the service and amenities of the carnival cruise ships?

  179. Roger Lay says:

    Hi John from The Magic. We are having a great cruise. I wanted to take amoment and thank you for the gift for our anniversary, and also tell you that Jame Dunn also sent us something, a bottle of champagne. It was a great and unexpected gesture from both of you. This is just another example of why Carnival keeps earning our vacation dollars.

  180. Ann says:

    Hey John — my friends and I will be sailing on the Valor for about the eighth time on April 6th out of San Juan. This will be our first cruise out of San Juan. What ships will you be sailing on this year?

  181. Debbie K says:

    Can’t wait to meet u. We r cruising on the 30 of the month. Any big special guest going to be on ship?

  182. Nancy Adkins says:

    Good morning, John,
    We met you last September when we cruised on the Carnvival Legend. We are frequent cruisers and have been on most of the cruise lines but you are our favorite CD. You enhanced our trip to Europe greatly and we thank you for that experience.
    We plan to cruise on the Carnival Pride with our granddaughter, O’Reilly, sailing out of Baltimore on June 8th. This trip is to celebrate her Sweet 16th Birthday (birthday is in March, but we can’t travel until her school year is finished). We are blessed to have a teenaged grandchild who does not cringe at the thought of traveling with her 60 something grandparents and we truly want to make it a very special time for her and to make memories for all of us.
    Can you suggest any ways we can enhance her experience? Is there anything you can tell us about the Pride that would be helpful? Are there small tables available for dining? We’d love to have her to ourselves, at least during dinner.
    Thank you for your help. We appreciate you.
    Nancy Adkins

  183. Tim Hudgins says:

    Hi John. Just recently came back from a cruise on the Valor. It was my wife’s and my 6th Carnival cruise. Had a blast!!! Carnival is awesome and just booked another cruise for Feb 2015. Oh, the Valors break dancers were amazing and I was selected for a small dance competition. Here is a link for the video on you tube I may have looked like an idiot, haha, but it was fun. That’s what Carnival is all about!

  184. Debbie Hines says:

    Hi John. Planning on cruising week of June 24th to Alaska as a guest of my son who is employed with Carnival as a solo artist. Haven’t had much communication with him since he’s so busy, so wanted to ask you some questions. Main thing, without a passport, can we get off at all ports including Canada with just a birth certificate? Anything else we should have planned out before we board the Miracle in Seattle, WA?? Appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks.

  185. Virginia Rahman says:

    I was on the miracle in Alaska last week, and I just wanted to thank you for the Q & A session, I truly enjoyed it, and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have a clue who you were,but I’m glad I peeked my head in because while making it light & funny, it was very informative. You said that you were stepping in to the cruise director role this week,I know it’ll be a fun one. Looking forward to bringing my entire family to cruise in carnival in November, which will be a first for most of them. Thanks again!

  186. Mary Day says:

    I want to tell you I just came off of the Miracle from the Alaska cruise. You John just made our time a great experience. You were funny and informative, when we found you in the stairwell and stopped you, you had plenty of time to talk with us, and I asked for a picture with you for my daughter which you immediately agreed. Just want you to know John you are the best! But you talked about the five year old at home, they do grow up toooo fast so also make time for her.

  187. Ruth says:

    Photo packages …
    It would be really nice if the ships would offer photo packages for unlimited photos of anyone in your cabin. They throw away so many nice photos and it is such a shame. They offer Cheers cards for the people that like to drink why not offer Photo cards for people that love memories and photos.

  188. sharon lin says:

    Hello, i am a student from Taiwan. I’m doing ta report about carnival cruise lines. I can’t search any information about carnival cruise lines’ managing organization structure. I’d like to know about this, would you please tell me? I will be very appreciated if you can reply me, thank you sooooo much!

  189. Rhonda says:

    I lost the comment on facebook that I asked what shows was on the Liberty can anyone tell me?

  190. Ken Martin says:

    John So Proud of your weight loss journey. I know it’s tough as I struggle daily. On to my question. When will you be posting the CD Schedule from September on thru the end of the year? You know our group of over 200 “Splendorifics” are hoping you’ll join us on the Splendors Repositioning Cruise out of San Juan November 1-9. PLEASE say yes. I know a bunch of us have been pestering you for some time. Just add me to your fan club.

  191. Margaret Oberlechner says:

    Hi John,
    My hubby and I would love to meet you. I hear we will be cruising together from Seattle on the 12th of August to Alaska.
    On the 17th of August my hubby and I will have been married for 30 years so this cruise will be extra special for us.
    See ya then…hopefully.

  192. April Jones says:

    John, my husband and I have never been on a cruise, however we just booked the Carnival Pride for August 10-17 leaving out of Baltimore. Do you have any money saving tips for excursions or liquor? We are celebrating both my birthday and our wedding anniversary as well as being together for 20 years. We are bringing our 9 year old son who’s idea it was to take a cruise. Please share your wisdom with us.

  193. margena traughber says:

    Hi John! Love your blog! We are going on our very first cruise on July 19! Excited but nervous too! Wish us a Fabulous time!

  194. Tabantha "Tabby" Riggs says:

    Dear John,
    My husband Chris and I will be sailing on the Liberty this Saturday, I just wanted to say how much we love sailing with Carnival! I have been reading your blog, FB and anything I find you write since before our first cruise 3 years ago. My husband and I will will be celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary this trip. (First trip with NO kiddos) While we have had an amazing year, first grandchild that we found out about the night before our cruise last year (unexpected, but the best joy in the world), the baby daddy now lives with us, moved my sister, her husband, their three small children and my mother into “temporarily” live with us while they relocated. We are coming upon 4 months of temporary living arrangements (12 PEOPLE in our house) now, we decided we needed some time alone!!!! The closer we get to sail date the less guilty I feel of leaving 10 other people for 11 days. LOL! Wish you were on the Liberty this week so I could say hello! My husband would appreciate meeting you too since I tell him everyday how funny your are. You are hilarious and I look forward to laughing with you everyday!! Anyway, I decided to write to tell you thank you for your words to our veterans. My son is a Marine stationed in Okinawa, Japan. We haven’t seen for a year, thank you again for the kind words. I try to ignore the ignorance of some people, he just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Have a wonderful week!
    Cheers to you and your family!
    Tabantha Riggs

  195. Debbie says:

    I believe you were the cruise director when my husband and I took a cruise February, 2005 but you had a family emergency and had to leave only a couple of days into the cruise. We hope everything worked out of but know we truly missed you and the replacement didn’t come close to your energy and fun.

  196. Melissa says:

    First of all let me say that I was turned on to your blog by a Carnival vacation planner and bless your heart I love it! I am scheduled on two back to back cruises in September and October and just found out from a forum about the smoking policy change. I travel alone and pay high money for the grand suites so that I have my privacy but now I can’t smoke in my undies on my balcony?…The policy change takes affect in the middle of my second cruise and no one can tell me if that is going to affect my cruise; do you know? I love your attitude and wish you were on my ships coming up (Freedom and Fascination). Also, as you say I’m not French so I can’t get away with saying exactly what I feel but considering how the world is going I just might move there…ha! ha! As we say in the deep south…Laissez le bon temps rouler!

  197. David Blaine says:

    Hi John,

    You are magical!

    Love, David

  198. mike says:

    Hi John, took our first cruise on Victory over Halloween in 2001. Your helper was Wee Jimmy you called him. You guys did a great job with entertainment. Have our 8th cruise bookends in February out of NO.
    Is we Jimmy still around? He had never heard of cracker Jacks so in one of the ports we bought him a box. Lots of memories on that first cruise.

  199. carol sue becnel says:

    Please, please some info about the ships cams. When will they be up and running again. I miss my morning fix of seeing the seas.

  200. Tyrella Bushnell says:

    I’m just learning about this blog and I’m super excited! I cruised the first time ever in July 2013.. I’ve been on 4 since. It’s addicting and so relaxing. I’m a high school teach (dropout prevention/intervention) students, and you can only imagine the stress level. Sometimes I sit for hours on hours letting the wind blow thur my hair and letting my mind run free as a bird. The staff members are absolutely a breathe of fresh air. Cruising while loosing… Stress that is

  201. Perry M Brown says:

    My wife and I will sail the Breeze on Jan.31st.we s I ailed this same ship last Jan.myself love to do kareoke and found the selections to be limited at best. It surprises me to see Carnival still useing discs instead of computers. these along with increasing the number of selections would also do away with the need for the cumberso better selection on this trip.I at least hope to see.better selection on this trip.See you in Jan. in any case

  202. keith heald says:

    if your a heald you must know that you absolutely have no idea of your heratige or whatever…… me neither lots of us are in north america wishing for someone to put a history …. of the clan i would be happy to contribute Keith Heald

  203. Vicki Chattley says:

    Hi John, I wrote to you about a week ago to find out how to get reservations for the Chef’s table on the Conquest. Low and behold I got a conformation yesterday thanks to you! Thank you so much this will make our cruise so great! Vicki and Howard Chattley.

  204. Kevin Pietri says:

    John, You know why Carnival Freedom change it route for this week (January 10 -January 17) Eastern Caribbean?. Was supposed visit Old San Juan on Thursday and now will visit on Tuesday.

  205. Hal Hoffman says:

    John, has any word come down on if or when Carnival will return a larger ship to Tampa, Fl? I have heard that anything but a Spirit class is too tall to pass under the skyway bridge. Any truth to that? The Paradise only goes to 2 ports right now, Cozumel and Grand Cayman on 3, 4 and 5 day cruising and is just plain “BORING” ESPECIALLY ON A “FANTASY CLASS!” We are booked on the Valor out of PC on July 18th, and will probably go with our Church group either on the Valor again, or on The Sunshine, not sure yet. Your new President is sure much easier on the “EYE” than the other “Beards!” I’ll bet my Carnival stock went up a few points!!! Oh, that’s right! We were in the same Legends show a few years back! Your performance and costume was “Stunning!” (:-) Hal

  206. Angel Isaac says:

    Hello John,
    Hope all is well good sir. My family & I have been traveling the Carnival cruise lines for the past 11yrs, we enjoy every moment of it, in matter of fact my fiancé & I will be getting married on the Sensation departing March first.
    My question for you is, I am a comedian & have been to Canada, NY, IL, L.A. OH, L.V. etc….and would really like to become a regular Carnival Cruise comedian. I hope to hear from you soon, if not that’s ok you’re still a great person.


  207. cathy says:

    John, this may be a weird request.i was wondering if y’all could include diet lemonade to the drink stations on lido…i am limited due to diabeties..and after being on the water for just a day,water is not what i want to drink all the time…i am allergic to tea so thats out too..just curious if it would be possible..

  208. Deanna Collins says:

    Goodmorning from Texas. I love Carnival Cruise and truely have enjoyed all my sailings.
    I’m not sure if this is where i need to complement a Carnival Cruise employee, so if not please past it on.
    Carnival Cruise employee, Marija Micic, bartender, she is very kind and does a great job. In the middle of my cruise (January 22, 2015) i realized i had signed the wrong bar receipts. Marija Micic looked through previous days and found the original copies. I thank her for going above and beyond her job. I was able to take and get my match play tickets from the casino cashier.
    Sincerely, Deanna Collins, Texas
    P.S. See ya June 15th for my granddaughters 13th birthday.

  209. Tory secoy says:

    Hello John long time , thought I would say hello to my carnival family and let you know how I am getting on . Got married last year , I am know mrs Bolger and have my own salon I did it . Hope you and the family are keeping well say hello to everyone for me .. Love Tory woo hoo

  210. Hi John; just wanted to let you know that there is a gentleman named Ed Eng who is running for a spot on the City Council… I have never seen him but in my “minds eye” I know EXACTLY what he looks like… you see Mr. Eng was a contestant aboard the Miracle last June along with my husband Dick Little… can’t pass a placquared without giggling!

  211. Rhonda says:

    I just returned from a fabulous 7 day vacay to the Western Caribbean to find out that my dog passed away and I am TOTALLY heartbroken. All I can think about is how she was alone with strangers in her last days and not the cruise at all. I wonder how many cruisers return home to what I consider a tragedy and losing a great friend.

  212. june and art lewis says:

    Loved your blog; so true re: Princess crew. We are 1 day away from becoming “Elite” passengers, so you know we have been with Princess a long time. Going on the Emerald again in 3 weeks; Our last trip was on Ruby, celebrated a grandson’s birthday (who lives in Boulder CO and happened to be where Capt was from! Took picture with servers in dining room to send to our grandson(since he wasn’t with us> he was thrilled ; Keep us the “funnies”

  213. june and art lewis says:

    Loved your blog; so true re: Princess crew. We are 1 day away from becoming “Elite” passengers, so you know we have been with Princess a long time. Going on the Emerald again in 3 weeks; Our last trip was on Ruby, celebrated a grandson’s birthday (who lives in Boulder CO and happened to be where Capt was from! Took picture with servers in dining room to send to our grandson(since he wasn’t with us> he was thrilled ; Keep up the “funnies”

  214. Janice Owenby says:

    See you in August on Legend! 🙂

  215. Ann Marie says:

    With things getting scarier by the day, I was just wondering..what precautions are in place in case someone tries to “take over” a ship? Whether they are on board or attacked from sea?

  216. Elizabeth (Betty) Franzen says:

    Hi, name is Betty Franzen, 67 years old, married 44 years n retired.
    We just got off the Fantasy this morning. My husband, Skip (Walter) , n I went with my daughter, Noelle n
    her two girls. ..5 n 6 years old.

    I overheard ( read….actively n shamelessly listened in on) a conversation between two women about you. So…..

    We are RCCL diamond level cruisers. We went on Carnival Victory in 2003 n didn’t care for it at all so decided to take the line out of our future cruise choices. We usually travel with my two brothers n they concurred. The four of us have taken 23 cruises in all…3 on Holland America, 2 on Princess, the aforementioned Carnival 1 ……25 years ago we took our first cruise on Carnival Carnivale, 1 on NCL n one on the Wind Spirit. The rest were RCCL. So, cruising is not new for us.

    I had very little hope for this cruise, but thought it would be fun for my daughter n granddaughters. I do not fly….so, since we live in Northern Virginia…Baltimore, NY, NJ, Norfolk n SC all work for us.

    Now……..may I just tell you….there is no way I can express to you how perfect this entire Fantasy cruise was!!!. The food, music, friendliness, cleanliness and entertainment was impeccable!!!

    I will actively spread the word….n convince my brothers…

  217. Trill says:

    We cruised with you in Sept 2002, my parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was our first cruise and OMG thought you were the best ever. I am now going on my 18th in October on the Sunshine. I have never wanted to cruise on any other cruise line because Carnival has always treated us great. My hope is to one day get to cruise with you again! Keep up the great work you do.

  218. Leanne says:

    My husband and I are cruising on the Sunshine on May 16 (will it EVER get here?) and are wondering if you can give us some “must do’s” for this ship. This will be our 12th Carnival cruise, but first time on the Sunshine.

  219. Marianne Gilmore says:

    Is luggage express available on MIRACLE? It is a lifesaver for those of us who are handicapped.

  220. Michael Smith says:


    I posted a picture a couple of months ago with my son Ashton and Wee Jimmy and you said remind you when we are on board the Legend and you would try to arrange to meet us and especially Ashton. We are here ready for Alaska

  221. Debra says:

    John, We are leaving for our cruise this Sunday and we not only received an email but a phone call as well telling us to be at the port to embark between 2 and 3pm. Yikes! So late!!! Normally we arrive at port early (11am) now the phone message says Carnival will be turning you away until your designated time!! We purchased Faster to the Fun! 2 to 3pm is NOT faster to the fun! What is with the new phone calls and turning away people at the port?

  222. Jean Tarantino says:

    We will be sailing on the Paradise out of Tampa On June 27 We have 2 cabins V24 and V36. I have never stayed in an inside cabin or up on the top of the ship. Hopefully all will go well. I uusually like a balcony cabin but this was too good of a deal to pass up.

  223. Geoff Womack says:

    I’m sailing this weekend 6/20 on the CCL Freedom with my two daughters. They are percussionist in the HS band and I’d like to arrange a brief lesson on the steel drums. Can you help set this up for us?

    Thank you, cheers,
    Geoff Womack

  224. Paula Mohler says:

    Good afternoon John,
    I so enjoy following you and your great messages about Carnival!!
    My husband and I are long time cruisers of Carnival (Platinum) and cannot get enough!! We both retired from work in December and are looking to see how we could get very last minute cruises out of Galveston at a dramatically reduced rate. We have met people on a couple of cruises that indicated they got the cruise at a deeply reduced rate but had to leave the next day. We would only need 6 hours to get to Galveston. We cruise several times a year but would love to “fill in” in between the scheduled cruises if we could get them at a really decent rate. I would think they would rather fill the cabin at a reduced rate rather than let it go empty. Cabin category wouldn’t matter as long as it’s on the ship. . (Ok…maybe my husband and I would rather not sleep in upper & lower berths…BUT…we would if the price was right!!)
    Please tell me there is a way to get on some type of list to be offered such a deal. We were fortunate enough to cruise to Alaska on the Legend in May and we have another cruise booked the first week in October but I wanna go this weekend. It’s kinda like the Wolf Brand Chili…how long has it been…well that’s too long.
    Thank you for your help.

  225. Yvonne Makowski says:

    Dear John
    My husband (Bob) and I just returned from a cruise on the Sunshine. I opened our paper today and there you were—what a GREAT article. We had been expounding to our table mates what a wonderful cruise director you were!!! We look forward to going on another cruise with you.
    Just for the record since your NUMBER 1 in our book–Jamie on the sunshine is now number 2. Your choice of her as the cruise director was right on. She was a joy to watch.
    We will be going on the Sunshine on August 8th for the same cruise as we were given a cruise by the casino!!!! You know what that means:~) my purse is empty!
    Keep up the good work
    Yvonne Makowski

  226. Cyntra Boodoo says:

    Hi John, I met you on my cruise on the Carnival Glory> I just want to let you know what a wonderful time my son and I had. It was my son”s first cruise and my seventh. He enjoyed it very much. We are looking forward to our next one.

  227. Eric says:

    How come they do not have bands playing on sea dayside?

  228. Derrick Campbell says:

    Good day John,

    We sail on the Breeze on Sept. 20th. Could you tell me what type if any parties will be held during that cruise i.e. White Party, etc.

  229. Vivian L. Clark says:

    Hi Mr. Heald, just a quick note to mention one of your employee’s/Jesse Danet. He is the best Vacation Planner, I have ever known. He takes care of my vacation needs for my family & I and we just love him to the moon & back (endlessly)! I wouldn’t trade him for all tea in China. He is the greatest!

  230. Kate says:

    Hi John,
    I love your blog. I am booked on the Pride in January and can’t wait. this will be my 4th cruise on the Pride and I’m anxious to see all the upgrades. I love that it leaves from Baltimore as it’s so much easier to drive there and avoid all the hassles that flying presents. I am looking for some clarity from you if you could be so kind as to help me out. I purchases FTTF and I’m wondering what time we can start boarding. I have read in posts from past guests that they boarded at 11:00am, but the Carnival website states 1:30pm. Do they allow the guests to board early? thanks!

  231. Jackie says:


    I am experiencing a tough situation, and I must say I am a little sad that after spending thousands of dollars a year I haven’t received a bit more prompt help. My significant other was in a car accident the eve we were supposed to leave for our cruise (just 36 hrs ago). I have emailed and called, and gotten very little besides two e-mail addresses to send letters to. Our cruise leaves in a few hours, clearly we aren’t in a place to get on the boat. I just wish in these tough situations, the staff would do more to get a re-schedule and help ease the customers minds.

    I love cruising, and Carnival has been our loyal go to always as far as cruise lines, but this is starting to make me a bit hesitant about future cruises.

    All the best…Jackie

  232. Nancy Morrissette says:

    Dear John
    I read the John Heald’s Blog every day, i loved because always you show some beatifull pictures and comments concerning abot Carnival Cruise Ships.
    I enjoy travel with Carnival all the time.
    i been in many chips,and in October 31 2015 i have a reservation to go in Carnival Glory.
    I have a little inconvenience,what i explain to you
    On 4/13/2015 i made a reservation for this trip and they give me a cabin #6278
    Later i found a discount and i called back and the gave me the discount .but the only problem was the cabin what they designated for me i cannot have because Carnival suppose
    to designate a cabin for me
    I bough a balcony like always.
    Today i found out they designate a new cabin for me #6418
    located in the rear of the ship
    Maybe if you can do something for me to obtain a better cabin, i will appreciate
    My booking #is (575MS4)
    my best regards to you
    Thanks in advance for your help
    Sincerely Nancy Morrissette

  233. Al Bassett says:

    Upcoming Breeze cruise
    We will be on the Breeze on 9-26-15 and I have a very bad back. We have bough the FTTF on the cruise before but unable to get this time. After this cruise we want have to get the FTTF as we are only one day short of being
    platinum can anything be done so I would be able to get to the room after boarding?

  234. Tanner Mauldin says:

    Will you be on the fantasy when it comes to mobile al

  235. marcia says:

    Sailing on the Miracle 10/3 alone and (handicapped) any suggestion? Guna C. and the peeps on Imigation have spolied me rotten they do such a FABULOUS JOB+++.
    and everyone I knew on Miracle is all round the fleet since last year. thanking you in advance for any help you can send my way.

  236. Denis Pugin says:

    It took me a long time to write benn busy and pretty mad at Carnival cruise.
    I took a cruise to hawaii on mai 7 2015 aboard the Legend.It started at boarding (you probably heard by now)I have cruise a lot to know that this was no way to treat passengers,no water, no seats, lost the whole day.When your on holidays every day count especially when those are your holidays for the year.
    The other thing that was a disappointment was the room when we book we where told partly obstucted so we paid a bit extra compared to obstructed that we where told.When we arrived inside our cabin what a disapointment my wife was so sad she likes to sit on balcony while at sea her hilight of the trip.Went downstrair to see if anything could be done about this situation.We did not appreciate the way the staff and manager dealt with this situation.We know for a fact that ther was other empty room on board and they told us no rooms available,to top it all up they decided to repair the life boat no privacy in our room they where there most of the time,and the other thing once in a while the water in the sink would be brown.I have never had any problem with Carnival before or any other cruise company.I find this deceiving.
    Denis Pugin

  237. Mark Tungate says:

    Hello John. Excuse me for “reaching out” as our American pals insist on saying. I’m a journalist writing a book about the history of travel and its most iconic brands. I wanted to include Carnival and as its brand ambassador you seem just the man for the job. What say you to an interview? The book will be published by Kogan Page in 2016. Please give me a shout by mail. I’m based in Paris, by the way. But please don’t let that affect your decision. Best, Mark

  238. Jim wilson says:

    John, on the Dream with you 10/06. Enjoyed the q&a today, no complaints about the water 😎✌️. My demographics 61, realitively new cruiser but 5 cruises scheduled this year, million miler on Delta and American with my work life now switching to a cruise life, $200k plus income level still, lived in the US, U.K. &Thailand. Steak House 1 time this week with another scheduled. Chefs Table booked. If you are interested would be happy to discuss my impressions of the Carnival experience. A lot of ships sailing. It’s all about the service experience for me. Best, Jim w 7222

  239. Dwight says:

    Hunble greetings.. Congrats on being a trend setting cruise line. Love to be a part of this amazing organization, as i know i have what it takes to furthure enhance di company ‘s reputation. Maximum respect and love in advance._ DAD

  240. Yolanda says:

    Hi John, Please address this issue as it would help us enjoy our cruising with Carnival. We have yet to be able to enjoy any pool on any ship as the way to get out of them are ladders and when you have a mobility issue this is almost impossible. I noticed that some cruise ships have a set of steps with a hand rail. This would make it so much easier and I feel more people with disabilities would be able to enjoy the pools. I really WANT to get in! I would think those steps can be added in existing pools as they seem to be utility to themselves. Thank you and love your blog and humor! Yolanda

  241. Brenda Willey says:

    We just returned Saturday from our cruise on Carnival Glory. It was the best time we have had in the 6 cruises we have taken. Everything was so perfect. We felt like we were treated like royalty in celebrating our 45th anniversary. We received so many little surprises, it was so wonderful as we do not think my husband will be able to make anymore cruises. Praying God will give him an opportunity to but it is all in His hands. Our steward Raymond was fantastic. He always had the room ready for us and our ice bucket filled up and was so friendly with us everytime we would pass by him. We were by the big doors and in the evening when it got real loud the doors were shut and my husband could get some rest. At dinner our waiter Mohammend was also great. He and his team was always so efficient and quick with our food and asking what they could do for you. It was a cruise that we will never forget from the anniversary cakes to the steakhouse dinner to the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries it couldn’t have gotten any better. My husband said it was a memory that he would take with him forever. Again thank you to yourself and Carnival Cruise Lines to make this a very memorable cruise. You are such a caring person.

  242. Kevin Muxfeldt says:

    John, Wifey and I are Gold members but to achieve that we had to fly to Carnival. Well we are both retiring from the IDOT in Sept this year, moving to Sarasota Florida and become avid Cruisers. Can’t wait to get away from the Iowa winters, and get taken away onboard Carnival. We have a retirement Cruise planned on the Vista Dec 17 🙂 🙂 🙂

  243. Greetings Harold,
    The last time I’ve communicated with you was about a year ago. It was all about having the best cruise on the Carnival fleet with Jaime. Well, here it is a year later and I still come up with another cruise that can be labeled as “the best”. This it was not with Jaime but with Eric Brouman on the Conquest. This one talented cruise director/entertainer, he is all about making sure everyone is having fun. He hosted the music trivia’s and made an awesome party out of it. The atrium was jam packed, with every trivia he hosted. It wasn’t just Eric that gave me one of my best cruises the entire crew on board was absolutely superb. The entertainment was the best, from the stage productions of Epic Rock, The Divas and my most favorite Latin Nights and there was the Dolce Trio. They’ve brought something completely new to Carnival with their acoustic and electric violins mixing classical with rock fusion was a real joy to listen to every night. There are too many people I need to thank for the good times I’ve had on this cruise. Special thanks goes out to the Playlist Production cast for letting me dance with them in the atrium after Latin Nights. It was such a great party atmosphere even for someone my old age of 75. Once again, a huge thank you for the entire crew of the Conquest for the fun and enjoyment I’ve had with them.
    I know that Eric is back at home for a few days, but can you make sure he and his staff gets this message. This is what keeps me coming back to Carnival the Fun ship with Fun people. Thanks again Eric, hoping to sail with you soon.
    Steve Toth the Happy Cruiser

  244. Robin Wyatt says:

    Hi John, I signed up to receive your Blog emails, and I have yet to receive any.. How can I get this fixed?

  245. David Check says:

    John how long will you be on the Carnival Miracle my wife and I are sailing April 9

  246. Dan Chappelle says:

    Hey there John, I think you were our cruise director on the Carnival Freedom back in 2007. It was the ships second sailing on a Grand Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome. Anyways, I doubt that you would remember that but we had a great time and are about to head out on another Carnival Cruise this coming Saturday! I hope all is well!

  247. elizabeth graham says:

    hi john im students doing hospitality and im write report within the hospitality so i pick carnivals cruise, i would like to ask u some question about the customer care strategy and more about vacation guarantee like if people from british can they sail on this cruise and how would it work for them.

  248. Janna says:

    My friends glen and Tamra chandler will be traveling with my family on the breeze may 22.
    They are celebrating their 38th anniversary 🎉
    Is there anything you can do for them?
    If not I understand. They are such good people that I had to ask👍

  249. Aria Harerchan says:

    John is awesome and funny!

  250. Lester Beasley says:

    Hi John,

    Has Carnival ever thought about adding excursions specific to camera enthusiasts? It would be great to visit places and be instructed by experienced photography teachers. Just a thought.

  251. allyn wadleigh says:

    Dear John. We have sailed on Carnival for many years and are platinum members. On recent cruises we noticed that you have cut back on intertainment in main theate. Also the shows are recycled from years ago. The many different types of shows is what made carnival king. Please don’t turn your ships into ffloating sports bar.

  252. Andrew B Jones says:

    Well John , I did not know what a blog was until discovering yours . Now I do enjoy John Healds Blog but not quite sure how this works . I suspect I will need to return to this blog to see if you answerer .
    My wife and I are off to Vancouver , BC on the 12th and board the Carnival Legend on the 16th bound for our 25th Wedding Anniversary Cruise . Here is where I ask for your help . We decided to get married after dating and , ops cohabitating for three years . The key is decided I never actually asked her to marry me. I have promised myself that I will do exactly that on the Ship . Perhaps at Dinner ……… O boy I’m not sure how but I’m sure this must be the time , I’m way past due . Help John . Carnival has been a great cruise line for us now I want it to be the very best memory ever . : – )

  253. Mohd shahnawaz says:

    I want meet u … u r a great person……

  254. mike smothers says:

    hi john! cruise under the belt, i do have to say being new here i enjoy laughing at some of your posts recently, so taking my oldest boy who will b 20 shorlty on a cruise leavin dec 31 2016 and goin on the conquest….how do i end up getting a chance to sail with you sometime i think your a hoot…hahaha….love to chat sometime take care john..and watch out for the haters

  255. Aria Callahan says:

    Hey John, I love Carnival Cruises. I had an ideaI I would like to share with you. Doing karaoke is a lot of fun on the cruises. It would be nice if Carnival set up a way to record those who wanted a keepsake and were willing to pay for the video of course. Also the new big thing is lip syncing to your favorite song. Like the new show on Tv lip sync challege. This is also something new and different Carnival could try. Thank for reading my comments.

    Happy cruising!!!!!

  256. BILLY DAVIS says:

    john i think the problem is that most folks give more in tips than what carnival charges and there has been aa thing going around on facebook saying carnival has been taking a cut of those grantituites

  257. Lisa Marie laska says:

    I just sailed Carnival Glory last week. The services I received were beyond my expectations. Every staff member treated me like a queen the entire time. Every drink I bought I tipped above. Every dinner I had I tipped Karnita $20 above. The room steward got a $20 and I felt it still wasn’t enough. I’ve worked in the service industry for the better part of 30 years. Management, serving, cooking…one thing I have learned is people are cheap. I think your staff will suffer. People believe this will/ should be included in their fare. Rather I think a memo should be sent explaining how employees get paid and tipping is encouraged. The customers in the article I read….I’ve come across these kind of people often. Their personal reasons are.. We don’t tip because they believe every employee should be paid a wage not requiring to be tipped period. It boils down to being cheap assholes. I’ve also heard…I don’t tip above 10% because I don’t even give God more than 10%. 😐. I was impressed by the way the employees remembered my name, knew what I drank, remembered my family members. I made the comment to my kids saying I believed all the employees were robots, because they were so happy to help, worked so hard and went beyond my expectations. Dean my room steward, Karnita, jeovani and the others in the dining room should be given raises!!! The two hostesses…perfect!! You have a great staff!!! That coming from me is a real compliment, because I’m very judgmental and I expect perfection. The only complaint I would make is having the photographers hound you every time you walked by them. Thank you for your time, and thank you for great memories. I will return next year.

  258. Billy Barnett says:

    John, do you know if they will allow me to bring 1 gallon jug of distilled water for my CPAP machine onboard?

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