Day Two was here before I knew it…

March 5, 2007 -

John Heald

Woke up this morning and for a minute I had no idea where I was. It seemed like I had only just gone to sleep. The realization hit me that I was the Cruise Director of the newest ship in the world and that the 6 hours of sleep I just had would have to be enough until I went to bed again after midnight.

It was time to disembark the VIP’s and my mates from our head office in Miami. The VIP’s included our Chairman Micky Arison and his charming wife Madeleine as well as El Presidente Bob Dickinson and other top Carnival People.

As I made the announcements over the Public Address system from my cabin, I am sure they all thought that their Senior Cruise Director was smartly dressed and alert at 7:00am. Little do they know that I am half asleep and dressed only in my Marks and Spencers underwear ( British pants at their finest ). It’s now time for a cup of coffee made by my wife Heidi and then a staff meeting.

Vicki Freed with Kathy Ireland, Godmother of the Carnival FreedomAnother shot of the Carnival Freedom in Venice.I received some photos from Vicki Freed, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for Carnival, with the Carnival Freedom’s Godmother, Kathy Ireland. Vicki has also started a blog for travel agents, and I encourage you to visit it; simply visit Panoramic Shot of the Carnival Freedom in VeniceI’ve also received some fantastic shots of the ship in Venice, truly a sight to see. A special thanks to Radu Ursu, Senior Photographer for these spectacular images.

Will write more soon and this time fully clothed

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