Arrivederci Venezia!

March 6, 2007 -

John Heald

We have just sailed from Venice and it is always a thrill to sail past all its glorious sights .  For many of our guests, it is a a major highlight.

It’s 10pm now and I am getting ready for the Welcome Aboard Show. This will be the first time I have been on stage since early November. I had a wonderful two months at home with Heidi and spent a lot of time eating too much of my wife’s and my Mum’s home cooking. It’s surprising how much energy you need on stage. Even stand up comedy can be tiring both physically and mentally as you try and think of something funny to say. So that last Yorkshire Pudding I had at my Mum and  Dad ‘ s may be the reason I am not funny tonight! My Mum and Heidi are great cooks – my Mum’s Shepherd’s Pie is amazing (she uses real Shepherd) and Heidi’s Ikel Stew (it’s Dutch) is fantastic although a few hours after I digest it my wife tends to stay in a different room!

I listen to music when I get ready for shows, usually Jazz, but tonight its some old 1980’s rock by a band called Deep Purple.

I wish I had a picture of me running around the cabin naked, head banging to Smoke on the Water. I am sure if such a photo existed you would all want a copy – if I get enough requests than I will post it on the website.

Anyway, Showtime, back soon.

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