Our first arrival in Greece

March 8, 2007 -

John Heald

Katakolon is the nearest port that allows the exploration of Olympia. Our shore excursion program is amazing and we have all put a lot of effort into choosing tours that  show case the true history of our spectacular ports. There are some destinations where a tour guide could be someone who just woke up and said “I think I will go down to the cruise ships and be a tour guide.” In Europe, it is really different and the tour guides are professional people who spend years at university to get a degree to gain the knowledge of their own country and its history. I always advise guests to take a tour and allow these passionate people  to provide a unique perspective on their culture and heritage heritage.

In Katakolon the locals made a huge mistake  —  boy did they pay the price. To welcome our guests to their town for the first time they set up tables on the pier providing………wait for it………………………………free wine and food ! Now, I am not sure if they realized what would happen when 3000 passengers see free food and wine on the pier but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the following stampede lasted all day as our guests grazed away at the free stuff. Seriously though, it was a wonderful welcome and the Feta cheese and local wine was a great surprise,  as was the flower presented to each lady as they disembarked.

I spend about 6 hours a day behind the computer. E mail has, in some cases, enhanced our lives but it has also increased our work load in all walks of life. I have just sat down to find 108 e mails in my inbox. The thing that drives me mad about e mail is the fact we e mail each other when we are only a few feet away. On the ship we send e mails to each other when all it would take would be a 20-second walk to someone’s cabin. I find this so annoying as I can never fully express myself in email. This feels very strange talking about email and my hatred of all things computer (I use my CD-ROM as a cup holder) yet here I am writing something called a “blog” onto a computer which if I am lucky will be read by someone other than my Mum.

Showtime tonight was a fantastic singing trio who performed in the style of Il Divo.

I have just read that 6 people have read my blog and I am surprised and grateful.

To all of them a big hello especially the ones who are cruising with me soon. I promise to do my best to give you the best time ever. A special hello to Stormin’ Norman who if you don’t know him has a personality the size of the Australian outback. I miss you mate.

Heidi is now calling me to bed………..so………….as much as I would like to share a bedroom “blog ” with you, I won’t!


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