Second port of call today!

March 9, 2007 -

John Heald

If there is one city and country that deserves  all of the thousands of tourists  that the Carnival Freedom will bring, it is without doubt Dubrovnik, Croatia. When you consider the living hell they went through during the early 1990s, it is a huge tribute to the people of this beautiful place that they have rejuvenated themselves  and,  in turn,  their tourism  industry. I urge everyone to take a cruise that goes to Dubrovnik. It has chocolate box charm and the old town is straight out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy  tale .

Even though the weather was damp and cold today,  the guests still had nothing but great things to say about the people of Dubrovnik –  their hospitality and the magnificent place they call home.   Let’s all hope that this remains so forever.

Tonight’s show is a tribute to the Beatles and is called Ticket to Ride. It is produced and directed by a fantastic team of choreographers,musicians, set designers and behind-the-scenes personnel who together have produced another award-winning spectacular.

This show was designed by a young lady I have known for many many years, Kerry Stables. Kerry was a dancer on the Celebration when I was a  Cruise Director. I have watched her grow from a young, beautiful dancer to a still-young-looking and still-beautiful Director of Production Entertainment. She, along with other friends of mine like Preston Bircher  — our Entertainment Designer and master of lights, sets and all things entertainment  —  have made the successful transition from shipboard to shoreside personnel . I am so very proud of them.

Tonight’s performances were extra special as it was opening night. I do not want to spoil it for those who have not seen Ticket to Ride but the finale left us all with a feeling of  exhilaration and the ovation that followed made our young cast feel on top of the world.

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