A special night

March 12, 2007 -

John Heald

We opened the brand new, never-before-seen show this evening called BIG EASY. It is a tribute to the music, history and culture of New Orleans. When we hear that city’s name, we of course think about Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath of Mother Nature’s fury. So, it was incredible to see a celebration of what we should remember the city for.  And this was certainly portrayed in this incredible show.

Even by Carnival’s high standards, the show is visually breathtaking. Not only is the show a tribute to the Big Easy itself but it also a tribute to the amazing team — on and off stage — who bring this show to life.

So, after the show we all got together for a glass of champagne (Diet Coke for me ) and we toasted New Orleans and each other. I was very proud to be part of the best entertainment offered on the Seven Seas.

The other proud man onboard must have been the Captain. He sailed through the Straits of Messina in Sicily past the place of his birth.

They rang the church bells for him and I saw a very proud and emotional Captain D’Aita tonight..what a feeling.

So, it is past midnight again and it is bedtime. This first 9-day cruise has gone very quickly and tomorrow we will be in Naples. I have a busy day but maybe, just maybe, Heidi and I will get off the ship and go and have a traditional Neapolitan Lunch of………………………………………….McDONALDS (mmmmmmm )

A quick personal note to my mate Alan Adkins who is at home in the U.K. Alan was recently injured whilst on active military service and I want to wish him a speedy recovery as he undergoes therapy at a special rehabilitation clinic called The Cliff in Southend On Sea Essex. Alan, I know you will get better soon mate and a few days in the Cliff and you will feel like a new man. I am very proud of you as is your country.

Right, bedtime – is anyone still reading this – please let me know if you are.

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