A nod to the crew

March 17, 2007 -

John Heald

It is now 7:50pm and we have just spent a glorious day in Rhodes, Greece. I did not have time to get off the ship today and that led me to think about what happens while the guests are ashore.

Although we make sure each and every crew member has time off, there is a constant 24-hour operation on board the vessel while everyone is ashore having a great time. So, for guests past, present and future who read this blog thingy, I thought I would provide you with the following facts.

While the Carnival Freedom was in Rhodes, Greece today and most guests were ashore:

  • A crew of 20 housekeeping staff spent the day cleaning all the public lounges and corridors.
  • 37 cooks prepared lunch for guests at our fantastic Lido restaurant.
  • There are always two officers and two sailors on the bridge even when the ship is in port.
  • A team of engineers did a public address system check throughout the ship.
  • A team of four crew spent the day separating garbage. Imagine how much we generate onboard.
  • The cast of 20 dancers and singers rehearsed the new show which will open in 5 day’s time.

Our crew come from 50 different countries. That includes every creed, colour and religion, and all work and live in harmony together. If only the world were like that.

So, today I salute the crew, not just on this ship, but on every Carnival cruise ship for their hard work, their friendliness, their hospitality and hard work all of which they do even though they spend so much of their time away from the ones they love. You are simply the best.

Time for the show, I will write again tomorrow and until then have a great weekend

P.S. To my mate Alan Adkins who I know is reading this site…put $1,000 in a brown envelope and leave it on my doorstep otherwise 25,000 readers get to hear about your blind date with a girl called Sandra Scott and why the story hit the headlines in the U.K.

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