A cry for help brings large support

March 20, 2007 -

John Heald

The day started with my morning show, which is shown live on the 270-square-foot LED screen on Lido Deck, as well as on the cabin TVs. I must say when I first started doing this show a few years ago, it basically consisted of information on the ship and the upcoming happenings of the day. However, in time, it morphed into a pure dedication show with guests sending in their wishes, their funny requests, their comments and sometimes letters that will bring a lump to your throat.

This morning’s show was one such show as it featured a letter from a family in praise of their Mum and Dad. It was a simple letter but written with such heart and soul that it was indeed a lump-in-the-throat moment.

Also for this particular morning show, I had a very strange request for…..wait for it………………..underwear.

Flying anywhere these days is becoming more challenging and flying trans Atlantic – with changing of planes and such – means there is a chance of the dreaded feeling when the baggage carousel stops and you realize your luggage is probably on the other side of the world.

Here was one such case for Mrs. Mary Strutt (who has given me permission to talk about this – thanks Mary ). Mary‘s suitcase was lost by an airline that I will not mention. Our fantastic and caring purser’s department handles these types of cases and eventually found her suitcase and noted that it would be returned to her upon our arrival in Livorno in three days time.

So, Mary wrote to me begging for help. You see as Mary put it in her letter, she is a size extra medium and she had been unable to find comfortable sizes in the ports of call we’ve visited so far or in the gift shop onboard. Her letter therefore was a request – and I quote directly from Mary – for ladies of "comfortable girth" to lend her some underwear.

I read this out at her request during the morning show. I followed up with a phone call to her tonight. My faith in the human race has been restored as she told me that she had received 7 pairs of the required size of undergarments! She gave me the cabin numbers of the women who provided the undergarments and I sent a bottle of champagne to each one with a thank you note from her.

Mary‘s sense of humor is so refreshing and the guests that answered her cry for help are to be praised. Could such a thing of have happened in a hotel or a vacation resort – no way. Cruising can really bring the best out in people, there is nothing like it.

For some strange reason she refused the offer of borrowing my underwear – I have no idea why. Maybe it is because I wear thongs and G Strings (Ropes).

I want to say a big hello tonight to all the people that have left messages. Please do not think bad of me because I have not replied. I wish time allowed but again I read everyone of them so please keep them coming.

There has been some discussion on when this blog should end. What do you all think. Shall we keep meeting in cyber space for a few more days? Let me know.

Goodnight, sleep well, especially Mary in her borrowed underwear given to her the special people who cruise on Carnival ships.

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