A Freedom Cruise

March 27, 2007 -

John Heald

Morning All.

First of all, replies to a few messages.

Kathy and Paul – Movie Contract – OK. Which actor would play me? Let me know.
Barbara – Your message has been passed and she was nearly in tears.
Ed – The mountain range you saw on the web cam in Naples was "Mount Everest" 🙂

What a gorgeous day today in Naples. I love this time of year in Europe. Spring is my favorite season, not to hot and not to cold. Still, summer is not far away and it won’t be long before I am gallivanting around the Mediterranean beaches in my Speedo.

Today I pay homage to the 80 guests who missed the ship yesterday and arrived today in Napoli. Their flight was cancelled when a catering truck hit the wing of the aircraft on the runway at JFK.They spent the night in a hotel and arrived looking pretty miserable today. I met them in the lobby along with our fantastic pursers and we did our best to make them feel welcome.One can only imagine the frustration of having to spend your first night of your vacation in an airport hotel instead of aboard the newest ship in the world. I will be paying them special attention at the show tonight.

Today in Naples we were docked next to a U. S. Navy ship whose guns and flight deck were bristling with activity. I stood on our bridge and watched what was going on. Watching the men and women go about their daily business was an amazing sight and then I watched as many of them arrived on the flight deck, armed with their cameras, and started taking photos of the Carnival Freedom.

Why were they doing this, was it because they new it was the newest cruise ship in the world or was it because they may have been on a Carnival cruise themselves?

Then I thought that maybe, just maybe, the sailors saw our ship as a little piece of America and a flavor of what they had left behind.

Later, I was talking to one of the directors of the Port of Napoli who told me that the ship (which obviously I cannot name) was stopping in Napoli for refueling and stores before heading to the Persian Gulf!

I have been thinking about this all day. Two huge ships, both full of young men and women, both sailing the Mediterranean waters.

One taking passengers on a relaxing and exciting cruise vacation, the other taking young men and women into a danger zone. Then I wondered if all those sailors had been taking photos because the name of the ship was the very thing they were going to protect, our…………………………FREEDOM.

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