Alanya Williams Day

March 28, 2007 -

John Heald

Morning Bloggers:Just a quick note to start. Did you know that we are now up to 62,000 bloggers or hits or whatever you call all of you who take the time to read this site. Let’s get T-shirts made — maybe even tattoos!For those who have been watching the Web cam today you will have seen that the ship has been experiencing a low front which has caused a lot of wind and consequently large swells.The ship has been moving a little because of this but it does not seem to have caused anyone to stop enjoying themselves.It is also quite amusing to see some people who are trying to find their sea legs. Many have their own cures – tablets, patches, wristbands, etc.  Some resort to the time old cure of drinking which seems to counteract the rocking and allows you to walk in a straight line! Even with all the motion, I must therefore acknowledge the brilliant cast of dancers and singers. Some of us have trouble walking in a straight line but they are on stage dancing their hearts out. They are the best !

This cruise has started well even though we have a different demographic than usual. This cruise we have 400 Asian guests who are originally from China but now reside in Canada. We are also happy to have 400 guests from Mexico and the Dominican Republic. My Chinese is awful as is my Spanish but at last nights Welcome Aboard Show everyone seemed to laugh and have a good time.

I even had a nun on stage “Sister Marjorie.” She was so funny and even played the spoon game. She said that she enjoyed being on stage but she didn’t want to get into the habit! It was a great night.

Today was a very busy day for me. It started with my 9:30 am Morning Show on the closed circuit TV. There was nobody — and I mean nobody — on the Lido Deck as temperatures struggled to go into double figures. However, it seemed from the number of callers to the show, many guests were watching from the cabin.

One of the first callers was a guest named Paul Williams from Gaylord, Michigan. He wanted me to know about his wife Alanya. He told me that she had just retired from teaching after 33 years at the same school. Alanya was a music teacher and often stayed behind for hours locked in the music room teaching the kids after hours. What made her even more special was that she had been a foster mother to 21 children, as well as raising four kids of her own, including her daughter Melissa who at age 14 experienced an illness that left her confined to a wheelchair. He wanted me to know that she had never asked for any recognition or reward but could I do something special for her.

So, after a bit of thought I decided to make tomorrow – March 29, 2007 – ALANYA WILLIAMS DAY. Her name will be placed in the daily bulletin and the Captain will sign an official proclamation that states that for the rest of the Carnival Freedom’s life every March 29 will be Alanya Williams Day. This will be presented to her in a ceremony tomorrow night.

As the son of a teacher, I know how hard they work and how important they are in our lives. They should be paid millions!

Below are some pictures from Turkey. The first is the ship arriving in port. The second as on overhead shot of the city. Spectacular views!

Carnival Freedom arrives in Istanbul, Turkey Overview shot of Istanbul, Turkey

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