A Tale of Two Sisters

March 29, 2007 -

John Heald

Morning Bloggers.

Here are some replies to some of the posted questions. Again, please allow me to say that I apologize that time does not allow me to reply to all of them.

Scejas – I love the sites in Istanbul, the Highlights of Istanbul Tour with the lunch is my favorite. Bad news – I am so sorry but I will not be on the Freedom in December
Schuijt – Here is a message from my wife in Dutch for you – Bedankt voor jullie boodschap. Hoop dat alles naar wens gaat in Vinkeveen, met de zaak en natuurlijk op persoonlijk vlak. Jammer dat jullie niet eerder komen…..Istanbul & Athene zijn fantastisch mooi, we zien elkaar in november. Tot dan! QUICK TRANSLATION – MY HUSBAND JOHN IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. I WOULD MUCH RATHER WAKE UP WITH HIM IN THE MORNING THAN BRAD PITT.
Terri Rericha – You are correct, I am sure I was the CD then. I have been with Carnival for 20 years this June.
Bob & Gay – You would need to be a big chap to have a tattoo of me!
Divetrash! – Message passed to Ron P who sends his best to you. Hope you can sail soon.

After a miserable day of weather yesterday we awoke to  a day of glorious sunshine and a high temperature of 16 degrees Celcius in Rhodes, Greece.

This morning though, at 9:30am, I made a woman cry. The last time I did this was when I announced on stage that I was getting married and every lady (and one man) in the audience cried hysterically at the knowledge that I was now unavailable.

Today, the lady in question was Alanya Williams from Gaylord, Michigan. Alanya is the retired school teacher I mentioned in my blog yesterday. This morning, I announced over the Public Address System that it was officially Alanya Williams Day. I presented her with a proclamation signed by the captain and we all had photos together. Tonight I am paying for them to go to our fantastic Sun King Supper Club. She cried tears of happiness and her husband told me after that is something she never does as she always hides her emotions. I am going to send a copy of the photos and the proclamation to the local newspaper The Gaylord Herald Times and hope they publish this event for all her past pupils to read.

After this I went to the bridge for arrival into Rhodes. The old town with it’s gated castle walls is a fantastic place to explore and there is also some lovely nick-knack shops to explore. While the guests were ashore the crew conducted a disaster drill. This involves many aspects of safety and what to do in a mass emergency situation. This is one of the things that guests never see and lets hope we never have to put what we practice into a real situation but if we do, the brilliant crew of the Freedom will be ready.

Later in the day Heidi and I went for a cup of coffee in Rhodes town. A Cruise Director is always a Cruise Director on or off the ship. Of course, by now, people recognize you and want to ask questions or just want to say hello. The usual start of these conversations are the words “sorry to bother you” which was the case this time when 2 ladies stopped by the outside café table we were sitting at. As usual I stood and shook their hand expecting a question about the island, the ship etc. What I heard was nothing of the sort. The guest, a Mrs.Reeves (her maiden name) (she wanted me to make sure she I printed her name in the blog which she has been reading since it’s conception) and her sister were on the cruise to celebrate something special, not a birthday, not an anniversary but a divorce. Now, I have no idea what possesses people to open their life stories to me but it happens every day and in this case she insisted that I put this in my blog. Turns out that Mrs. Reeves was married to a man, who will remain nameless, for 12 years. She told me that she thought he was having an affair but could not prove it so she didn’t hire a private detective she hired……………her sister. They planned that she would “entrap” her husband ” with an offer of …um…fun……………..and to cut a long story short one Tuesday morning he fell for it hook, line and sinker. The divorce just came through, so the sisters celebrated with this cruise to Europe on the Carnival Freedom. There are times when I have lots to say and try and have a comeback for every situation but this time Heidi and I just laughed and said – congratulations, I mean, what else can you say.

So, if the nameless man is reading this, please don’t shoot the messenger but the sisters wanted you to know that they are having a fantastic time spending your money:)

Is there any other job in the world short of being a psychiatrist where people open their hearts to you. This is but another reason why I just love my job.

So to the Reeves sisters from Elm Grove, Wisconsin, I wish you a fantastic cruise and to all the men out there remember, never underestimate sister power.

Bedtime, oh by the way, we reached 69,000. Will keep blogging a bit longer.



Here are some fantastic pictures from Rhodes, Greece.

Pictures from Rhodes, Greece Pictures from Rhodes, Greece Pictures from Rhodes, Greece

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