The Good Old Days

April 1, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Morning

You are Now all part of the 80,000 club as that is the amount of visitors to the web site, I have no words!

Lets start today by answering a few questions as requested in the comment section of the blog thingy.

NUMBER 12 – yes, I will be on the Freedom in July so looking forward to seeing you.
JRMENDE63 – I know Martina very well. She is fantastic and I have passed your best wishes to her, have a wonderful time on the Victory.
FANGCLAW – We remember the troops in harms way every cruise here on Freedom and as a veteran yourself we salute you as well. Hope to see you soon.
KATHY AND PAUL – The weather has been good and bad this cruise but by may I expect it will settle down a lot. I will keep you updated. Please make sure you come and say hello once onboard.
HYACINTH1 – Hello, The Bucket residence, the lady of the house speaking. Sorry, it was the Hyacinth name that got me going. I am from beautiful Southend On Sea, and you ?
GEORGE AND LINDA – As honored Platinum guests it will be fantastic to say welcome home. I promise you 24 wonderful days.
LANCE AND ILDA – I would be very scared to give my wife the blog, I can only imagine the deep dark secrets she would give away.Thanks for the kind words and I will keep blogging as long as I can.
MIKE AND MAUREEN – September is a fantastic month to cruise Europe so I am sure it will be an anniversary you will never forget.
ROBERT AND SUZANN – As you have cruised with me so many times I should start a fan club for you. See you soon.

Sun…………That was the highlight of the day. From 9:00am this morning, as we sailed the Dardanelles, the ship was bathed in sunlight and by noon it was warm enough for a few brave souls to get their bikinis on. This cruise I have started matinee movies on the big screen and they have proven so popular. Today, we had 300 – 400 guests watching Helen Mirren in THE QUEEN. Some wrapped in blankets and some as I just said in a bikini, although they had obvious heating assistance provided by Mr. Jack Daniels and his friends! Once May comes around and the temperature increases I will schedule our brilliant party band music unlimited to play on deck. Also, later in the season we will hold midnight Karaoke parties outside where the performer and the words are broadcast onto the big screen.

Choosing movies for the big screen is very difficult. I want to choose movies that look and sound impressive on this giant Seaside Theatre but I also have to be careful of the content as with so many families onboard, I do not want to show anything that may be upsetting or unsuitable for children and some adults. Saying that, certain people wearing bikinis and thongs on Lido Deck also should carry a warning! Anyway, I hope that when you come and cruise you will see at least one movie under the Mediterranean stars, it is truly spectacular.

Who would of thought that we would have a giant screen on Lido Deck. We have come along way although I must say I miss some of the old favorites that we used to do. Pillow Fighting and The Male Nightgown Contest (do any of you remember those?) These are long since gone for reasons of health and safety and political correctness but I have fond memories of the male Nightgown Contest and being chased around the stage by 40 Firefighters dressed in ladies lingerie !

Another favorite was trapshooting. This as you know was clay pigeon shooting of the back of Lido Deck involving guests being given 12 gauge shotguns; wonder why they have stopped it?
Anyway, I was discussing this with one of my oldest friends last week. Her name is Kerry Stables. She is the Director and Choreographer of the fleets award winning shows, and as I mentioned in an earlier blog, her shows are simply the best in the business and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

So, back in 1989 on the Celebration when Kerry was a Dancer and I was a young, handsome stud of a Cruise Director……………Ok, I was young and Kerry was the Dance Captain onboard. We had a fantastic magician who worked in one of the shows called Gaetano and he had beautiful doves in his show. Gaetano had left the ship for one cruise and had asked Kerry and I to look after his doves. He left the ship on a Saturday and I guess by now you are ahead of me and know already what happened on the Sunday…… yep, one of the birds dropped dead. Anyway, Kerry and I were distraught and as Gaetano would not return for 7 days, we did not know what to do. We decided to give the dove (whose name was Bianco) a special burial at sea.

So, picture the scene. The entire cast of dancers and musicians were gathered on aft open deck along with many curious passengers. I read a passage from the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch and then we all bowed our heads in a moment of silence. Then the trumpeter from the band played Taps during which (and here’s the trapshooting reference) three of the dancers fired a volley with the trapshooting rifles. Bianco was then placed in his specially made coffin (one of Kerry’s old shoe boxes), placed onto the trapshooting machine and fired out to sea. This was all captured on film and we presented it to Gaetano upon his return.

Those days were so much fun but of course now we have to be more serious which of course I understand (well, most of the time!)

Anyway, good news to finish, we are bringing back trapshooting exclusively to the Carnival Freedom. We are again going to give guests hunting rifles and if you have never done it before do not worry as we will have a special instructor onboard…………………………………………………………………Dick Cheney.

Here are some photos from this week’s cruise, hope you enjoy them.

Pictures from Pisa, Italy Pictures from Pisa, Italy 
Pictures from Pisa, Italy Pictures from Pisa, Italy
Me and a Mr Alan Bendpot who was so funny at the repeaters party Heidi and I on stage (beauty and the beast) Myself, Captain D’Aita and a the winner of a raffle Mrs Lorraine Bridges

Goodnight from Heidi and I

Your friend,


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