It is now 9:00pm. I had intended to write something about the first day of the cruise but I cannot. My heart is heavy and full of sadness.
I am sorry to burden this with you but I am sure that you understand that this blog is all about life onboard and everything it brings.

For the last 12 days, I have shared the stage with a wonderful couple from Baltimore, Mr. and Mrs. John and Joanne Harris.

John was proclaiming his love to his wife every day on stage during a continuing skit. His wife sang in the talent show and during the debarkation talk, he was presented with a bag of gifts from the Captain and myself. Every guest spoke to him, had photos with him; he was a star.

This morning he passed away, suddenly, at the age of 42.

I just spoke to Joanne on the phone for over an hour. She told me that this cruise had been the best time of his life and how much he enjoyed being in the limelight.

We cried together.

I asked for her permission to write this in my blog, which she really wanted that I do.

If you were on this cruise, I would like you to post your condolences on this blog.

Heidi and I send our continuing thoughts and prayers to Joanne and I ask my fellow bloggers to do the same.

He brought joy and laughter to 3000 people and we will never forget him.

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