Good Morning My fellow bloggists. The current count is 105,000 and counting.

Time for answers to your questions.

TERRI910 – I am glad you liked the photo from Ephesus which indeed was taken while taking a ship tour. All the tours that go to Ephesus. Will pass by the sculpture of the Empress Reebok – sorry Empress Nike and although all the tours are great you have picked the best one – EPHESUS AND VIRGIN MARY. This includes a stop at the Virgin Mary House which was consecrated by Pope John Paul a few months before he was promoted to glory. So rest easy knowing you will not miss a thing by taking this tour. I look forward to welcoming all the Mellow Yellows.
BIG ED – I need to start an investigation into who the mysterious Tarquin is. I looked at your photo and you are a man that I know will take care of business. Seriously though, thank you for the wonderful letter you wrote to Mr. Dickinson and I will do my very best to try and be with you on your cruise so we can sit in a booth together.
VIVIANA – I may be ugly, I may not have Richard’s gorgeous looks but I promise I will do my best to make you laugh and smile and buy you gifts if you promise to like me better than Richard…..I am crying hoo……………….give me a chance 🙁
JO AND DAVE – Capri is beautiful and you can see why so many artists and writers have found inspiration on the island. It is accessible on our tours by private jet boat and then a cable train or “Funicular” which will take you to the top. Once there, the views are spectacular and you never know which famous star you may bump into. I suggest the Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii tour. There is little walking in Capri although Pompeii does have a bit of a walk involved. Hope I was of some use…….hopefully more than Richard on the other cruise line:)
BILL AND SUE – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a Rossi’s Knickerbocker Glory (a very famous UK ice cream.) Can’t wait to see you and should it not be DOWN THE HAMMERS (soccer)
LINDA AND MIKE – Thanks so much for the kind words about Heidi, it was a dreadful time but my beautiful and brave wife has been a rock for her entire family and I am very proud of her. The supper club menu I posted is for the Sun King named after King Louis of France and is a must during your cruise. I look forward to meeting you both soon.
LINDA – Glad you like the photos. Here is one just for you of the ship on the big screen at night
Carnival Freedom on the Big Screen (the Seaside Theatre)
SUE GROHOL – I will check on the Granada of the Moors option and get back to you ASAP. I can imagine the huge smile on your face as you write about your cruise experiences and imagine that smile getting even bigger when you write about having your family all around you. There is nothing more important than family and I am so happy that sailing with us has given you and yours such wonderful memories. New ones will be created when you come onboard.
ESSEX MAN – Heidi refuses to be called an Essex girl and as for my twang I think its gone but hopefully when you get her mate I will be with a diamond geezer like you and it will come back again. Looking forward to talking about home.
KENA AND DAVID – Messina is a nice place but the best place to visit while we are there is without doubt TAROMINA. This is a wonderful Sicilian village
With winding streets, no cars, over looking the ocean, loads of great shopping and restaurants and most importantly it is the home of the CANOLI. I suggest you take the Taormina on your own tour. This leaves you most of the day to explore on your own after the 1 hour drive and tour with the guise. It is our most popular tour while in Messina and I love the place. I will send some photos of Taormina ASAP. See you soon.
CAROL – I was indeed on the Destiny in 1996. Back then it was the largest ship in the world and those Male Nightgown contests gave me nightmares. I think you will love the Inspiration and if you do sail please let me know in advance. Hope the weather clears up in the Big Apple and thank you so much for your encouraging words about the blog thingy.
AL AND MONICA – Heidi and I will still be here in November and the Western run of the Freedom is exciting and fun. Let me know if you need any information about the ports or the ship. See you in November.
NICOLE AND STEVE – I was so touched when I read your comments regarding a donation to a charity in the memory of John Harris. I will talk to Joanne later today and see what she wants to do. Thank you for your kindness.

First, the good news. The weather was perfect today. All of a sudden Spring has arrived and brought with it sunshine, temperatures that reached 70 degrees which in turn brought out the bikinis and speedos, some looking good on people some that there should be a law against wearing as gravity begins to take over and I include myself in that statement.

One of the biggest complaints we get on our ships (and I know it is the same on other lines) is that people save deck chairs from early in the morning by getting up, putting a towel down and then going back to bed for an hour. I have tried everything to stop this but I have failed. From announcements to written requests in the Carnival Capers you just cannot control everyone. How about security I hear you cry. Maybe a few years ago they would have had time for this but not these days where other important jobs take precedence. Anyway, one day I will solve the problem and if anyone has any suggestions I am open to anything.

I just returned from my Morning Show and I had over 30 letters today. These were mostly dedications of anniversaries, birthdays etc plus some very romantic thoughts of the day. I also received a letter from a Jahnine Spalding in praise of the two men in her life, Colonel Jim Spalding who is serving with the U.S. Air Force and her 15 year old son Adam.

One thing that struck me about this particular letter was that he praise was not just for her husband but also the fact that Jim has as he put it “rolled with the punches” of being a son of a serving officer. He has been to 4 different schools in 4 years in California, Illinois, Germany and now Belgium as the Colonel now works with N.A.T.O. It cannot of been easy for Adam as he constantly moves all over the world and it was great to hear that the son supports the father and never complains but just gets on with life. WELL DONE ADAM.

I would like to mention a great friend of mine and I am sure some of you know him as well. His name is Al Ernst who is 441st funniest Comedian in the World !
Seriously, he is one of our top entertainers and one of the nicest men you will ever meet. He is currently touring the United States and soon the rest of the world in search of new comedic talent to work on our ships. This is done via a contest called Carnival’s Comedy Challenge.
These are held at comedy clubs all over the country and basically involve professional and amateur acts performing for a few minutes live on stage in front of a live audience and professional judges. The judges give their opinion but it is the audience that decide who wins. The actual winner wins a contract to perform aboard one of our Fun Ships. It is a fantastic concept and please go along and see and help judge who will be the next top Carnival entertainer. Here is the link to the web site to see when the challenge will be in your area .

It is formal night tonight. I now make an announcement every formal night to make sure that people have lost their luggage still know they can come to the parties as sometimes they think they will not be welcome. This of course is never the case and they are always welcome………..although last cruise someone did come in a bathrobe !

This reminds me of some of the wonderful groups we have had over the years. My favorite two are:

The Star Trek Convention
This was on the Sensation some years ago. We had 1000 “TREKIES” onboard and some of the stars of the various Star Trek shows. They had a week of interactive talks and events with their favorite stars and they were great fun. However, Formal night took on a new meaning as this seemed to be a cue for all 1000 to dress in their Star Trek costumes. The Captain and I stood welcoming Star Trek Officers, Vulcan’s, Klingons, the blue ones with smoke coming out of their mouths and various other members of the galaxy. For me, it was great to see but for the Captain who truly had never seen a Star Trek episode before he looked totally bemused and somewhat unsure and a little scared, especially with the Klingons.

The Nude Cruise
This was done on one of our smaller ships where a large group of Naturists chartered the entire ship. Now, these people are Naked everywhere around the ship, and I mean everywhere. Naked at the Pursers Office, Naked In the casino, Naked everywhere. They are a great bunch of people but you cannot imagine what it looks like
Having 2000 naked people all over the ship.
Still, on formal night they all made an effort. They all wore bow ties – nothing else – just bow ties.

These were great fun though and it is such a great thing to have one ship chartered by one company.

I am heading off to the shows now but not before I order some roses from our Formalities shop. These are for Heidi. No, it’s not her birthday or our anniversary, the roses are because I taped some soccer over her Desperate Housewives tape and I am well and truly in the Dog House. I know when she really is mad at me because she calls me……….yep………Sperm Of the Devil.

If I live through the night I will return for another blog.


Your Friends,

John and Heidi

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