Tea Time

April 10, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Morning Blogsters.Let’s start with the usual Q and A results.

LINDA AND KEN – Wow, 24 days, that is going to be some vacation. Here are some photos of the Freedom in Venice to whet your appetite a bit. Thanks for the kind words about the blog and I promise to keep going as long as I can.
Another shot of the Carnival Freedom in Venice. Panoramic Shot of the Carnival Freedom in Venice
SEWING NUT (great blog name) – Are you sewing right now? Can you knit me a thong? I am sorry but the private tour of the Vatican is not running. We can only do this tour when the Pope is not in residence. His Holiness does read this blog, however, so I ask him kindly to allow reconsider. If not, there are many other great tours that take in the Vatican. I look forward to sharing your anniversary with you. The Internet Café charges 75 cents a minute……do they have Internet in Canada 🙂 By the way, I love Tim Hortons – hint, hint.
LYNNA & MIKE – Thak you firstly for your loyalty to Carnival Cruse Lines. Ah yes, my old mate Sweaty Pete. His real name is Peter Gibbs and he was and still is a great friend. I started him on cigars as I have many other cruise directors and what a great tradition you have of the men sharing some quality time with a good cigar. Peter is now in Africa working for a charity organization and we all miss him here. He was a great character. Please give my best to the cruise director on the Liberty, TODD, who is brilliant and will make your cruise one to remember. Hope to see you soon and thanks for reading the blog thingy.
JANA’S MUM – I am not surprised you miss her, Jana (one of our musicians) is a special girl and I am looking after her for you. Thank you for your kind words about John’s passing. Take care and please keep reading.
MARY AND RANDY – Glad you liked the cat story although the cat was not the only bad tempered animal in that releationship! Thank you for your sincere words for Joanne. She is finally flying home to Baltimore today and now has to arrange the funeral, etc. Please continue to pray for her.
JO – There are four dinner seatings in the regular dining rooms at:
5:45 pm
6:15 pm
8 pm
8:30 pm
The Supper Club is open every night except the first night and I think any night is special there. Try the porterhouse – mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
HYACINTH 1 – Hello mate. A bag of cheese and onion will be wonderful. Heidi is partial to Ready Brek!! See you soon and I will have a chin wag.
MR PETE – Sorry the link does not work, can someone else tell me if they can open it. I will post again on the next blog for you.
TOM PINKSTON – You had every right to be mad Tom. We had 2,500 people on tour and the lines were ridiculous. Most of it was our fault although we did have a group of guests (you know who I mean) that would not listen and where one went, 400 followed. I take full responsibilty for the lines and although, it will not help you, I promise that we will do better and have learned by our mistakes. Thank you for your patience and I am sorry we let you down.  See you next time and best to your family.
MINNIE AND MICKY DUCK – Here is a link to the web cams, hope it works for you and see you very soon. www.mediacons.it/infocarnival
BOB – A man after my own heart. I can only guest that the Deck 3 bathrooms were designed by a very small man or by a lady who does not understand that we bigger men do not fit. One size does not fit all. Seriously, I have brought this up with the powers that be and hopefully we will be changing it soon. Happy peeing until then:)
As for the canolis, they are a typical Sicilian delight and the best ones are in my opinion in Taromina. Love the idea about throwing the towels in the pool.
KAREN – Thanks for discovering the blog thingy.I have had the Web site for a few weeks, that’s all. I am glad your husband remembers me and I still love performing the bedtime story. The book……well that’s going to be written one day but I think it will be best to write that when I am retired and living in a land far, far away. I hope we are lucky enough to sail with each other again soon.
BIG ED – The idea is that we sit in a boot, get stuck, and have to stay there for all four of the dinner sittings:) Love your site and yes, let’s get together onboard and walk down the corridor side by side! Thanks for the congrats on 100,000 mate.
PATRICK – I am still in the dog house after taping over the Disgusting Housewives thing so I tried the romantic touch again tonight by not leaving my underwear on the floor and putting them in the basket myself……and…………….nothing. Looks like I may have to go to plan B and move to buying her chocolate! The Nude Cruise was organized and chartered by a company – the name escapes me at the moment but I will check and let you know.
LINDA AND THE HANDYMAN – Bring you tool box mate, we need help with making the toilet booths bigger (see above). I will indeed take photos of the restaurant and post a menu or two for you.I will save the story of Heidi and I meeting for another blog although that’s if we are still together now I have recorded over her Deranged Housewives thing. See you for Thanksgiving.
ESSEXMAN – Ah yes, a nude Klingon should do the trick. Save a seat and be attacked by a nude Klingon who if you do not listen will kick you in the Vulcans – ouch. I shall miss old Tarquin who now swims with the Fish and Chips.
KATHY AND PAUL – It was where the nudists carried their Sail and Sign Card that worried me! See you soon.
JIM AND PEG – let me get back to you. You are correct — I should post the benefits of being a Platinum guest of Carnival. I hope to meet you in person one day.

Someone upstairs decided, right, enough of the cold weather let’s turn up the heat. The result was a beautiful day in Rhodes with our highest temperatures yet. Everyone was in shorts and T-shirts and it all meant that it was a fantastic day for all the guests. The old town must have been doing a roaring trade in the bars, restaraunts and shops and I am sure as always the Carnival brand was enhancing the local economy.After tour distribution Heidi and I went for an afternoon walk. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, the blue water of the Meditteranean was sparkling like Angelina Jolie’s smile and Heidi had not mentioned that Dangerous Howives tape for nearly 10 minutes. It was, a Perfect Day when suddenly I heard “JOHN, JOHN, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU “. Now, this is one of the prices you pay for being a cruise director. Even off the ship you must always be available and hospitable to the guests as your social and working life are one in the same.

So, as this lady screamed my name from the other side of the road I thought this will just be another guests who wants to say hello or has a question………WRONG

I crossed the road and met this lady who greated me with these words. “Oh John, I can help you, I really can.” I must have looked bemused and a lttle unsure where she was going with this as I asked how she could help me – which was a big mistake. “I can sell you a wonderful brand of teas that can help you lose weight.”

I was a little taken aback by this and then she continued without pausing, “It looks like you can do with losing.” She then studied me looking up and down as though I was a Michelangelo sculpture. And after a pause of what felt like hours she continued “Mmmmmm, about 35 pounds ). Then the sales pitch started before I could even get a word in and I stood there nodding and holding my stomach in as much as I could. She talked about how she had helped many people and the global company she worked for was the leader in the field.

I could feel Heidi’s body heat rising next to me and thought any minute she may just explode but being the wonderful person she is, she remained silent. Eventually the lady said the funniest words of the day “Well, nice talking to you.” I had not said a word for over five minutes!She said she would leave some samples for me at the front desk with her cabin number and we could discuss a plan that was right for me. With that, she walked away.

I stood there and Heidi and I just looked at each other. At first I was angry that people have the nerve to stop you and discuss private and personal things as though they have known you for years. Then as Heidi walked on to town we both began to laugh about how the lady herself needed help from the “fashion police” (I hope she does not read this blog!)

We had a wonderful lunch of a typical Greek gyro (spicy lamb) on Pita bread. I took a few photos with some great guests including a group from Sri Lanka who were very kind and I know have been reading this blog thingy.

When I got back to the vessel I found that indeed “Mrs. Weight Loss” had indeed left seven different packages of teas at the desk, her cabin number and a brochure explaing that for only $59 I could lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

Now, being a Brit, I love tea so I though what the heck and tried the Green Mint and later the Apple and Rose. Both were OK although a they smelled a bit strange. Anyway, time to get ready for the show and I will be back later (I have no idea why I always write that as though I am writing in real time – I am weird ).

The show was great tonight and my encouragement to have guests walk the decks at night seems to have worked as Heidi and I saw many doing it tonight. As the weather was so nice the evening remained mild and a lot of guests weere watching the late night movie on Carnival’s Seaside Theatre big screen as we were showing “Master and Commander” which looks fantastic on the huge screen.

As it has been a strange day I am going to leave you with a personal note. Heidi and I had to cut our walk on deck short as I got a very sudden call of nature. I had to run (OK, walk very fast ) to the cabin.

Heidi said it was the gyro I had for lunch. Personally, I think it was the bloody tea……………………no wonder you lose weight!


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