If Music Be The Food of Love, Play On

April 11, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Evening Bloggers

The count is up to 112,000 which means I guess I have to keep writing.

Here, as usual, are some of your questions and comments answered.

TERI910 – No Teri, I am sorry to shatter yours and the rest of the Mellow Yellow group but the crew were fully clothed during the Nude Cruise which by the way was run by the BARE NECESSITIES GROUP who are a fun group of people. Maybe we should have a Nude Bloggers cruise. On second thought, I don’t want anyone to have to see my blog!
SHEILA – See You Jimmy (another term commonly used by Scottish people). In answer to your debarkation question, I am sorry to say but you will all have to be off the vessel by 9 am as required by the authorities and for transportation purposes. We do, however, have many tours that will allow you to explore Rome with transportation back to the airport. Let me know if you need any more help and big “hello” to your daughter.
KAREN AND STEPHEN – You will be happy to hear that there is a blow dryer in every cabin. It is in the same drawer as the Bible! See you in nine days and have a safe journey here.
SCOTT AND KIM – There is no online booking facility yet for the supper club so I advise you call or visit the supper club as soon as you are onboard or remind me via this blog that you want to book. I am going tomorrow night so I will take photos and post a review. Tough job, but I need refilling after that tea I drank!
CINDY – We do show some Harry Potter films on the Seaside Theatre Big Screen. See you in July.
ANN – The days are going fast and you will soon be here. I will keep you posted as to the weather for next cruise and I hope we make 200,000 hits as that may be my stopping point.
CSPICE – Congratulations on your new job. You will love being a part of the Carnival family and whoever you work with I am sure they will make your first time onboard a special one. Write to me as soon as you get on the ship and if you ever need advice just let Heidi or I know.
ESSEX MAN – Are you available for other jobs as I need to take care of another cruise director who has stolen my show and blogs? I will pay you in cockles! (English delicacy). Can I have some salad cream?
KEVIN MATE – I knew this blog would bring many rewards and here is one, my old mate Kev. I am going to call you now – hope you answer. It is great to hear from you and I will make sure I see you soon.

The tea kept doing its job and I kept my sneakers on in bed so I could get to the toilet quicker! Anyway, I shall be very civil to the guest when I see her but the tea and I are never going to be friends.

I want to start today with some random photos which I thought you might enjoy

The Statue Of Liberty as seen in our Lido restaurant A photo Heidi took this week of Sorrento And one she took of Positano

Also, as requested here are two examples of menus from the Carnival Freedom dining rooms. These are called the Chic and Posh and dining there will be one of the best parts of your cruise. Bon Appetit.

Sample Captain’s Dinner Menu
Sample Dinner Menu

Izmir was our call of the day and the guests went off exploring Ephesus. There is little to do in Izmir itself outside of a few restaurants and souvenir shops so the majority of the guests will explore Ephesus. I know I have said this before but short of Angelina Jolie standing on the Pier in Izmir holding a sign saying “I Want You,” this place is a “must see.”

I have spent much of the day at the computer as I have started to plan for the first Grand Med cruise which departs on May 4th.It will be interesting for me to decide which itenary I prefer and I will let you know my thoughts at a later date.

While I was working at the computer I was using my birthday present that Heidi bought me. I am way behind on the “gimmick” front and until now have shunned away from the iPod craze. However, because my wife bought me one I decided I should use it.
Knowing that I would never get around to doing so Heidi had already downloaded 200 songs for me. So here I am at the computer revising schedules for Venice and Dubrovnik listening to some Brass Band Music (some of my favorite as my Dad and I grew up playing in brass bands together) out of a thing the size of a tea bag (note the tea reference again).

This got me thinking about the music on the ship. Yes we have a great karaoke lounge and a fantastic dance club (disco) but thank goodness we have the best when it comes to music and that’s music that is LIVE! Let me take you on a musical tour of the ship so when you cruise you will already know what to expect and what to make sure you do not miss.

LIGHT BLUE – a Classical music trio featuring sets in the lobby and four times per cruise they will play in the dining room for tea time. This is mid-afternoon and the music is accompanied by tea and cakes (not the kind of tea that will require a visit to the bathroom afterwards – I promise that will be the last time I mention it ).
THE GAVIN AHEARN JAZZ TRIO – Three brilliant jazz musicians playing the best jazz and classic standards. Their nightly sets are held in our stunning cigar bar, the Habana Bar. The huge leather seats will allow you relax and listen to the cool jazz sounds as you sip on a fine cognac and enjoy a great cigar.
JOHN MURRAY – John is a versatile guitar player who plays along our promenade deck. He has music for all tastes and you will enjoy his fun and welcoming personality, as well as his great music.
JUST DU-ET – John and Diane are two great people and play in one of the non-smoking lounges called Swingtime. This is a great place to dance and they feature Music from yesterday and today. They will also host a 50s and 60s sock hop. Great music, great people.
THE WAVE DUO – Ian and Zoe have become favorites here on the Carnival Freedom. They play every night in our main lobby and this includes a nightly late set from 11:30 pm to 1 am. They have a huge repertoire and you will often see many people dancing and just as many standing around the atrium looking down at everyone dancing. The lobby is the place to be.
MUSIC AND MAGIC – These two young people from the Philippines play exclusively in our supper club. What better way then to finish the best meal at sea off then with a romantic dance with the one you love.
MUSIC UNLIMITED – A four piece party band who play in the International Lounge and on Lido Deck weather permitting. They also are part of one of our big shows (a surprise) and are so great at getting the party started. They play everything from country to rock and roll to Latin and more. Do not miss them.
And last but not least.
CHARLIE ROUNDS AND THE FREEDOM ORCHESTRA – These nine gentlemen and one lady make up the best Big Band you will hear at sea. That is a big statement that is all I have been hearing both from our guests and each and every guest entertainer who performs on board. Charlie Rounds is a brilliant musical director and a great friend. He was the first person I requested (after Heidi) when I put the Freedom team together. The orchestra plays at all of our shows and whether they are playing Big Band music for our Jump, Jive and Wail Show, Dixieland for our New Orleans spectacular “The Big Easy” or accompanying an entertainer, they prove time and time again that live music is king !

I would like to thank Charlie and the Orchestra and all of our shipboard musicians for sharing the results of years of practice and training with our guests. Make sure you visit every lounge location on all of our Carnival “Fun Ships” and if you’re like me, you will appreciate music that’s real and not coming out of a small metal box.

If you know anybody who is a professional musician and wants to travel the world and play the best in live music, check out our entertainment website www.carnivalentertainment.com

Talking of live music it is showtime again. I am going to try out a new joke tonight and I will see if it gets a laugh. A friend of mine recently brought me a boomerang from Australia. I am going to go out on stage and pull it out of my jacket and say “Funny, I thought I threw this away.”  You see, a boomerang always comes back…………..oh never mind.

Just like the boomerang I will come back tomorrow for another blog thingy and I hope you will join us.

Until then.


Your friends

John and Heidi

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