Into the Supper Club and Out of the Doghouse

April 15, 2007 -

John Heald

Hello from blog land, hope you are all well.

Considering the HUGE number of comments I have to answer I better get started but first, two photos.

1. Here is your daughter Mrs. Gaboury in Istanbul. Ayr is doing a wonderful job in her position as Backstage Manager and you should be very proud.
Ayr in Istanbul
2. Here is a photo of our couples massage room at the Spa. It is designed for his and hers massages that are done at the same time by me – kidding – by two professional therapists, it is (I am told) heaven on earth.
Photo of our couples massage room at the Spa

So to the Q and A:

NANETTEALI – We have a shuttle buses that run from the ship to Piazza Roma every 15 minutes for which you pay the driver $5 for a round trip. Vaporettos run every 15 minutes until midnight when they run from St. Mark’s Square on the hour every hour so I am sure you and the girls will have a great time. We also have a huge array of tours to suit everyone so you are spoilt for choice. Let me know if I can help any further.
DOUG NEWMAN – Welcome back from the grand QM2. I know that our sister company does sometimes get a label of being just for older and affluent people only but this is far from the truth. Was Ray Rouse the Cruise Director? I have heard fantastic things about him and I understand him to be the BEST in the business. Thanks for the praise on the 100,000 mark, I am still astonished. Glad also that you loved the Entertainment on QM2 but come over here sometime and give me a chance to prove me correct that I still think we have the best. I cannot see your e mail address so can you send me a link to the article. I saw the other you wrote and it is excellent so I really am looking forward to the next one. Our best regards to you and let me know what shows you liked best on the QM2 as I am really interested.
Isn’t it great that we live in a world where everyone has the right to an opinion and long may it be so. I love Jamaica and you don’t, that is what makes life so interesting. What a thrill it will be to sail on the tandem crossing of the QUEEN VICTORIA AND THE QE2, wish I could be there, I wonder if it is the first time that two Cunard Ships have completed a crossing together, I wonder if my PA knows. As for the bloggers cruise, once I have an idea of how many are interested I will start looking at dates etc.All the best mate.
MEANJEAN – Why do you call yourself that as I am sure you are not mean – how about HIJEAN…………anyway, your 9:45am flight will be fine. We have many guests who fly this early and have everything in place to assist you. See you in June and thanks for the kind words about the blog.
FANGCLAW – I will be your guide, host and anything else you want me to be (Heidi says I can’t write that). Lets see what we can do. Take care.
TERRI – First of all before we consider a blogging cruise we must address your eyesight. Calling me attractive means that you are overdue a visit to the optician. Anyway, if the first goes well then indeed we can make this a twice a year blog thingy cruise thing. Keep the comments coming and many thanks.
BELLA – I will make you a deal. If I have Oceans 13 on my movie inventory I will play it on the big screen. When does it come out?
ESSEXMAN – I have a Cohiba Siglo V1 with your name on it. Tarquin is a non issue and we will send him on the next nude cruise.
JACKIE – You are counted. Details to follow soon
BIG ED – I have officially changed your position from head of Security to Private Secretary. For this I will require you to wear a tweed suit and skirt. Please let me know if you accept the job. January 26th is a possibility so lets see what I can arrange. The dinner date is confirmed and I will reserve a nice booth for us.
LOS MARGARIDA – I suggest your C/C group meets at 3:30pm by the bar on Lido Deck, or if you want to do it inside may I suggest the 70’s Dance Club. If you let me know in time I can place it in the first day’s Carnival Capers. I also love Puerto Rico although I have not been for many years. I always remember how great the restaurants are there and the rain forest tours were sublime. Hope to see you soon.
KAY – You are counted.
JLFORESTER – I am not sure about the Splendor just yet but there is a good chance I will be there. As soon as I know I will let you know as well. Carnival has many new and exciting cruises this year and even more next year. I will post some of them very soon. Thanks for reading and for your response.
BIG ED – I did mention that there was a chance I will be on the Freedom in January but I will not know for certain until later in the year. Please tell your wife we thank her for her support!
GREG G – You are counted. No problem mon.
YUCCAMAN – You are counted also – I will advise you all as and when I have further information. Until then, all the best.
OKTEACH – You too are counted and I hope to see you soon.
ANN – You and your sister are counted as well. I AM VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO SEING YOU IN JUST SEVEN DAYS AND DO NOT WORRY, THERE ARE NO HURRICANES IN Europe (well, not very often). Have a safe journey to Rome and see you onboard.
JO – You are both counted. The second formal night is on the 3rd and last sea day. Here is the dinner menu for that evening. As for the Supper Club, we have a “jackets required” for gentlemen dress code except on the last night of the cruise. I forgot about St. John, you are correct it is quaint with great shopping ( don’t tell Heidi ).
SHARON – Seriously, do not worry about the doughnuts just have a safe flight and we will be standing by here to give you a fantastic vacation. My best to all the Yellow Mellows and don’t worry about the doughnuts (I like custard and apple ones ):)
NANCY – You know you have made it when you are told that you have replaced the list of people who have passed away as your preferred reading choice in the morning. It will be great to see you in a few days. Please do not worry about changing cabins as we do all the work for you. All you have to do is pack your cases and leave what you want on hangers. When you return from the tour we will have changed cabins for you and moved your 5 cases and your husbands small bag! Have a safe flight and see you soon.
PAUL PIETRANGELO – It would be an honor to sail with you too sir. Which ship are you going on? Please let me know and maybe I can give you some Caribbean pointers. I hope you and your group have a fantastic time.
CRUISINGCANUCKS – First, the bad news, you are in the dog house with me. There is no satellite coverage of ice hockey in Europe. For some reason the game is not very popular in Italy and Spain however we do have CNN so you will see the highlights of the action plus of course the fights. I still do not understand why they are allowed to fight whereas in every other sport they are told to stop – you Canadians are crazy 🙂 Anyway, tea may not be a good idea. What once was my favorite drink has now become a drink that makes my bottom clench up in self defense! I HAVE COUNTED YOU IN. You are correct of course as I will now have to come up with a loyal bloggers question. See you in may and let me know if you have any questions. One of the bands will play a song for you as you arrive, it is that well know Canadian Jazz song ” TAKE THE TRAIN A ” 🙂 SEE YOU SOON.
MISSINGTHE SMOKEFREEPARADISE………………..Hello Essex Man – no any good Essex Girl jokes. Are you a cigar smoker? That maybe a stupid question as your name is missing the smoke free Paradise. Are you cruising soon? Where in Essex are you from? Write soon.
BIG ED – 26 26 26 26 26 26——————————-MAYBE ! I HAVE COUNTED YOU IN MATE.
STORMIN NORMAN – I miss Ed Rocks. Does any other blogger remember Ed Rocks the Piano Entertainer? Hope all is well mate and indeed it would be an awesome cruise if we all got together.
WWWW – YOU ARE COUNTED IN SIR. I will answer the umbrella question if you answer why WWWW?
JEFF TAYLOR – Thanks for the kind words and I hope you had a great time on the Liberty. I will start to work on this bloggers cruise thing ASAP and until then please keep reading and your words have made me feel like a VIP.
LINDA – Hi, this is Heidi here. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for acknowledging that my husband has a disturbing fetish for Angelina Jolie. He really thinks that if she met him that she would dump Mr. Pitt for him. I can imagine her coming off the movie set and picking up his dirty clothes from the bathroom floor. We were on the Imagination in 1998 and remember the trip to Montego bay very but I think we went there because the pier was damaged when a cruise ship hit it. John and I have not been back since but we would love to again one day. I am excited to see Grand Turk as everyone is talking about how beautiful it is. John is demanding the computer back so I am going to go but I wanted to say thank you to you and all the others for putting up with him. Goodnight – Heidi
BLESS 1045 – It was very interested in reading your comments about Ocho Rios and as you can see from this blog that some love it and some don’t. I would love to take you around Ocho Rios myself and show why I think it is so beautiful. Maybe, if it is more popular, we will do the Eastern cruise instead. Lets see. Regardless, if we do this I promise it will be fun wherever we go. Thanks mate and I have COUNTED YOU IN.
DEBRA HEHN – As I have you Debra, COUNTED YOU IN. Are you sailing on here in August?
MONICA AND AL – I will be happy to help you with your table request. Please drop me a line a few weeks before you sail and I will have a chat with Ken our maitre’D and we will look after you. Cheers and see you soon.
TERRRY AND DANIELLE – I HAVE COUNTED YOU IN. Thanks for reading the blog thingy as much as you have and hope you had a great time in march. I am sorry I did not get to see you……but next time I will buy the wine !
AUSSIE JAZZ – Waltzing matilda played in a jazz style….I want to hear that. I also think it should be an annual event. More information will follow. Cheers and AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE
DANIEL NYE – I will be happy to make a Supper Club reservation for you mate. Can you kindly add a comment in reminding me a few days before you sail and either date will be fine so let me know which one you prefer. I ate at the Supper Club last night and my review is below. See you in May.
MISSINGTHESMOKEFREEPARADISE – I did have the Imagination to pursue my FANTASY and ask Heidi to marry me. It was a CELEBRATION and my life with her has been full of ELATION as though it is an everlasting HOLIDAY. When she said yes, it caused quite a SENSATION amongst my family who never thought I would find the INSPIRATION to ask her to be my bride but they looked on in FASCINATION as we became man and wife. It has not always been PARADISE but we both believe it was our DESTINY to be together. I knew how much I loved her when at her request I sold my TRIUMPH motorcycle which was a VICTORY for her as she hated it. When I walk down the street with her I take great PRIDE in everyone knowing that she is mine and it is her SPIRIT that helps me get through the day to day challenges that I face. Heidi is beautiful especially her LEG END and the fact that me, SPERM OF THE DEVIL was able to find such a beauty was indeed a mighty CONQUEST, some would say it’s a MIRACLE that she is mine. But, I bathe in the GLORY of knowing that she is mine and that I did not settle for my other girlfriends VAL OR Jane or my X STACY . So thank you Heidi for spending your life with me and I hope to meet you all so I can buy you a glass of FREE DOM perignon champagne as we make a toast to my wife Heidi.
TONI RICCO – You are correct to praise the band Music Unlimited as they are a big part of our entertainment program onboard. They do perform their Beetles show on here and it is one of the highlights for many guests. Have a great time on the Valor and I do hope to sail with you very soon.
DAVID – I shall look forward to welcoming you and your group of 70 in July. The Freedom does have a SODA CARD which is $48 for 12 days of unlimited Sodas for kids and $66 for adults. Just a thought, as you stated you are dental group should you be drinking sodas? Thanks for the nice words and I truly look forward to seeing you all very soon.
BIG ED – The only exciting thing that would happen if you had a web cam in my cabin would be the witnessing of a slow build up of undergarments on the bedroom floor. I have asked the tech guys to change the web cam so it refreshing every minute – let me know when this happens. Hopefully see you on the 26th mate.
BARBARA – I HAVE COUNTED YOU IN. I am very happy to hear that you and your husband will be sailing in May. I will be happy to have a little fun at your sisters expense. Please leave a note at the Information desk with a little bit of gossip about them and I will be happy to put them on the big screen during the morning show. Now to the Gondolas and here are the three tours I recommend.

1. EVENING GONDOLA…………………..A guaranteed 40 minutes with one other couple on a night time sail through the candle lit canals. Every third Gondola has a vocalist who will sing Italian Opera and Britney Spears classics 🙂
2. EVENING GONDOLA AND CHAMPAGNE DINNER…………………….As above but with the addition of dinner Italian style at a 5-star restaurant.
3. ST.GEORGES, MURANO AND GONDOLA………………This is a daytime tour that visits my favorite two outer islands as you explore the amazing Cathedral of St.George and the glass factory of Murano finishing with a daytime Gondola ride.

The choice is yours.
Let me know if you need further help and see you and your husband very soon FOR YOUR Gondola ride to mark that special anniversary.
MARY – What is my blog doing on a Princess Cruise Critic Board? Don’t worry about your senior moment as we all have them and I have a very forgettable face. I was on the Triumph back in 1999 for its first season and it remains today one of my favorite ships in the ever growing fleet. I am so happy you enjoyed Goose. I have yet to meet him but he sounds like a great Cruise Director. I am so happy you like the blog and I will keep writing as long as there people reading it. Until we meet again I wish you happy reading Mary. The Imagination is a great ship so yes, you do have difficult choices ahead so let me know if I can help.
TERRI – 75 cents a minute is from the time you log on. Drop me a line when you board so I can call and say hi. Have a safe flight.
JEAN – I checked with the dining room and Baris and Lilla are still on the Liberty. Never mind though as I am sure your new servers will make you feel very wanted and welcome in the dining room. My best to all the Ducks – keep them in a row please:)
FREEDY BEACH – .What a memory you have and yes I do remember that on the Holiday…not one of the best things I have ever said on stage but back then the words “politically correct” were unheard of. I am glad that you wrote about your experiences and indeed it does still surprise me that some people do expect food, TV and language to be the same all over the world. See you in October and I hope we can share a glass of something together. I will make sure you get the wine you desire. Take care.
DAYLE WITH A WHY? – Thank you so very much for your kind and generous words. I do have help from Heidi and even though I spend time I really do not have doing this I know that so many people are enjoying it that it makes it all worth wile. I feel sorry for your husband as I know what he is going through. It seems that certain people feel that they can indeed say anything and I always get ” You have put on weight ” or “You look tired ” etc. having, anyway it is a small price to pay and usually I can have a laugh about it. Thanks for your offer of British Sweets but unfortunately I can not eat any sugar so that particular avenue of pleasure has been closed off. I look forward to sharing some fun and laughter with you in October. All The best until the.
TERI910 – After a few hiccups and very cold outside temperatures the hot tubs are running at the U.S.P.H. recommended temperature of 99 degrees. Actually most of the time the Jacuzzi’s are not working, people just think they are but it’s the guests who provide the bubbles!
SHAWN & JEN – I certainly will be with you in August and it will be a great time I am sure. With regard to the Hotel stay on the final night, this is allowed but do you really want to spend the money when you can sleep on the ship? Just a though, let me know if you need any further advice. See you soon.
DOUG – Your question of what is the worst offense I have ever caused a passenger led me to some moments of hard thinking. There is a very fine line between having fun and making fun and it takes time to be able to learn how to walk that line. In the early days of being a C.D. I said things without thinking ( as mentioned above ) but over the years I have had to change my delivery and force myself to hold back. I can only think of two examples where I cringed for days afterwards and as requested I will share them with you.

1. This is an easy one. I was hosting a welcome aboard show on the Destiny. I called for 8 volunteers to play the spoon game ( passing a spoon on the end of a string up and down clothing etc ).Anyway, 8 people quickly walked on to stage and to my horror I saw that one of them, a young man in his thirties had no arms – no arms, how was he going to put the spoon down his clothing. Before I do the game I interview each and every participant on their name , if they are married etc. When I came to this gentlemen ( I remember his name well, so a big hello to Wilfred Heaton if he is reading this ) I did the interview and then explained what the game was. He looked so sad and very uncomfortable when he realized he could not play and I was feeling the same, especially with 1500 people in the audience. I asked if he was married and he said “NO” and then I had an idea. I asked if there were any single ladies who would ” help” and this lady ( I do not remember her name ) ran at full sprint on to the stage. The rest is history as they say as Wilfred stood there with a huge smile on his face as this lady undid his shirt buttons and thrust the spoon in and out of his shirt to the joyous rapture of the audience who all applauded for her and Wilfred Heaton and gave them the Praise they deserved.
I stayed in touch for some time with Wilfred but over the years we have lost touch but I still remember how uneasy and embarrassed we both felt and how a mysterious lady had saved the day.
Just FYI – ever since that day I have never asked for volunteers. I always pick them myself !
2. This next one is one of those times where you want the ground to open up and swallow you as quick as possible. For this one we must go back to 1994 and the Sensation. I was on the bridge as we sailed away from Miami on our way to our 7 day cruise. When we left Miami, the ship would have to go to the top of the basin and turn around before heading out to sea. This meant passing some of the other cruise ships in the Port of Miami. On the bridge with me was our Hotel Director Roger Blum and a few VIP’s.
As we sailed away I did my usual speech over the P.A. system about the Sensation being the newest ship in the world and how proud we were etc etc. We then sailed pass a very old ship ( that I will not name ) belonging to another line. The ship was showing her age and I said ” and here we are sailing past the old ?? And wow, what a party atmosphere there is over there, look, one balloon. I then carried on with, people are jumping overboard to escape that ship to try and join us on this incredible Fun Ship experience.
Out of the corner of my eye I can see Roger waving his arms around as though he was doing a slightly erratic version of the Y.M.C.A dance, I just carried on talking about how good we were and how the other ship couldn’t hold a candle to us etc.
As I finished a very ashen looking Roger came over to me and said ” You see that man over there” I looked to the over side of the bridge to a distinguished grey haired gentlemen who looked like someone had just taken the jam out of his doughnut and that anger was directed at me. “Yes ” I said, and then Roger said those words I will never forget. ” That’s the President of the Cruise Line you have been talking about the last few minutes “.
And that was that, another person who will not be sending me a Christmas card.Roger is now a 30 year veteran at Carnival and now is the Vice President of Cruise programming, and one of my best friends and he never lets me forget that day………………..when I write the book I will you what ship and line it was.

And on with Q and A I go.

RICHARD – Although I have never sailed out of Mobile I do know from my colleague Steve Cassel who is the Cruise Director on the Holiday that in all his years he has never enjoyed himself so much as he does now sailing out of you’re your beautiful state. He is full of praise for the people and facilities and I hope one day to experience this for myself. GO ‘BAMA GO.
KATHIE – Happy Birthday and soon the Freedom dream will be reality. See you soon.
BIG ED – I will post a photo of the booth in the dining room you and I will be seated in.
LINDA – Heidi is going home for 5 days to take of some things at home. Carnival are very good to us by allowing us to work different lengths of time and one of the advantages of being in Europe is that we are closer to home. I promise that in a future blog I will tell you more about the day Heidi said “Yes “.Best to Mike and his tool box and see you soon.
RPS – I do not know for sure when we do this cruise but I know I cannot do it unless you are there mate.
MARY AND RANDY – Thank you for your support. Your words are so uplifting. More details will come soon on the bloggers cruise and I know that your December cruise will be one to remember.

A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN Katakolon with bright hot sunshine and once again it was time to unpack the T Shirts and shorts. A special hello to Mr. and Mrs. Sharon and Melvin Saunders who I had coffee with today. They are celebrating their anniversary and are avid readers of the blog thingy.
We now collect passports at the beginning of these cruises to save guests having to through immigration. We need to do this because we go from an European Union country to a non European Country – Turkey. Once we leave the last Greek port which is Katakolon today, the passports are returned to you.

I am really happy the weather has improved so much. From next cruise I have decided to put the live band out on deck again and re-introduce pool games and our Carnival brand of fun.


I am currently trying something for the timings of the late sitting shows.
At the beginning of the cruise and for the first four shows the performance time is 10:45pm. This means you see the show AFTER DINNER.

Then, as the guests get tired with constant long days of touring I have changed the Showtime to 7:00pm – meaning you see the shows BEFORE DINNER.

If you were to eat on the late sitting dinners ( 8:00pm & 8:30pm ) what would you prefer for your Showtime. Please let me know.

Last night I ate in the Supper Club. I never usually have time for this but lat night I decided that the only way for me to get myself out of the doghouse after taping over DEGENERATE HOUSEWIVES was to take the Mrs. out for dinner. The Sun King Supper Club is simply wonderful. As we entered I walked past many couples and groups of friends and as I talked to them they all told me what they had ordered and how spectacular the food and service had been.
Heidi and I eventually sat down and then it was time to order……………

Chef’s Surprise Starter
A selection of Sushi Rolls
Spinach Salad
Surf and Turf – the best lobster and the best filet mignon.
Wasabi Mash Potato and a selection of vegetables
Hazelnut and double cream cheesecake
Petit Fours

Don’t speak with your mouth full.
Get your elbows off the table
Are you going to eat that.

In between I had.

Chef’s surprise starter
Caribbean Crab Cake
Lobster Bisque Soup
Porterhouse Steak
Selection of International Cheeses

And the cost – $30 per person………………………..the I love you John and I forgive you for taping over my program………………….PRICELESS.

Here are some photos of our dinner.

Heidi and I on our way to the Supper Club Heidi’s Sushi Appetizer Heidi’s Spinach Salad
The Surf and Turf Picture of me selecting from the fine assortment of cheeses Picture of me with the incredible Supper Club staff

Thanks for all your responses about the bloggers cruise and I truly hope I can get this going.

Time for bed.


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.