Good Morning from the Carnival Freedom.

I know a lot of people read this blog but I had no idea the Big Boss Did ! Yep, he does.
Yesterday in my blog “All Creatures Great and Small” I mentioned that some guests were disappointed that there was no Priest sailing and hence no Sunday Service.

This morning, I opened my emails and here is the first one I read.

Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 6:53 PM
Subject: Catholic Minister offering services onboard
Good Evening,
Please be advised that Father  Campbell called from cabin ____ asking for the cruise director. He advised me that he wanted to offered to conduct a  Catholic service for Sunday..
Best regards
Phillipa Aiken

This I am sure will make our guests very happy and proves that you never know who is reading your blog !

On we go with Q and A.

FRANCO AND LYNN – So many questions, so little time. I guess with a name like Franco he is indeed going back to the old country and I am sure you will
Be impressed if it is your first visit, Rome is a one of a kind. With regard to your question about Carnival vacation Club I am sorry to report that we do not have a representative on the Carnival Freedom. May I suggest you contact them before you sail if you have any questions or concerns. Once onboard you will find that as you so eloquently put it ” I am not de man ” but I will try and be ” the man ” ( Heidi would like that as well ) for anything you may need. Most people with tri band cell phones use them while in Europe. Check with your provider to find out the cost of calls but usually they are pretty reasonable. You can also by a SIM card from one of the Italian Phone Companies and if people call you on that number then all incoming calls will be free. Try I TIM or VODAPHONE – they have a great catch phrase on their T.V. advertising said in English but spoken by an Italian – ” CANA YOUA HERA MI KNOWA “- note: Important that you move your right hand up and down while saying it.
As for a restaurant near the Spanish Steps I am sorry to report that I have not eaten in that area but I am sure a fellow blogger has grazed in that area and will follow up with an answer. See you soon and CIAO
PAUL F PIETRANGELO – Heidi and send our deepest sympathies at the passing of your wife’s mother. We will be thinking of you just as you and many others will be thinking of Louise and her family. One of the best things about doing this blog ahs been the sincerity that people have shown towards each other. I often wonder when I sit down to write them if I should not include the sad stories but they are as part of life here on the Carnival Freedom and guests always want to share them with me and I in turn with you. Maybe, I should stop writing the, see, I am second guessing myself again. What do you and others think? Thanks again for writing back and you and Mrs. Pietrangelo will remain in our thoughts.
NICOLE – What great news to discover that you will be hosting a group of 60 on the Carnival Freedom in September and yes, we will be here. We also have a great Groups Coordinator called CHARLENE who will also be on hand to help and assist in anyway she can. I look forward to meeting your group. See you soon.
SYRAH – I was horrified to learn of the terrible robbery that you and Katherine suffered. Can you tell us what happened and the name of the hotel so that others reading this can be warned. Heidi and I will of course send you another DVD of the show. Please also let Katherine know that I posted her address on a previous blog so that others can write to her. Again, sorry to hear of your terrible ordeal and please let me know any details that you feel may benefit other readers. Heidi and I send you our best regards and hope you are both ok.
BIG ED – As grown men we must come out of shells and stand up to our wives and be brave and say ” If I want my underwear on the floor, then dam it I will “. We are not scared of them anymore and should not be shy in standing in front of them and proudly proclaiming ” I Love Angelina Jolie ” and ” The toilet seat will remain in the up position for as long as I want “. Let’s stick together, let us not be of faint heart and together we shall overcome……………………… go first !
DAISY – When you come onboard we will provide you with a shopping map for each and every port so make sure you take it ashore with you. The one for Venice will have all the details about the mask store. I am glad you are both excited and leave me a not once onboard and I will see what I can do about getting you on a Galley Tour.
DR. GUIDO SPECKLEHUMP – Doctor, it is a pleasure to hear from you. We would welcome you all aboard any Carnival ship and I am sure you and your surgical enhancement team will have a vacation that is a “cut above the rest “. As for Big Ed, only he and Mrs. Big Ed can answer that. Would you be available to fly to the U.K. Doctor as my mate Alan could do with your help.
LINDA AND MIKE THE HAMMER – I am also on pills Linda and make sure I am always very careful as there is temptation everywhere onboard. I am very lucky to have found Heidi and I know that there is nothing that Angelina has that Heidi does not………………..well, maybe a couple of things! Thanks for reading the blog everyday it means the world to us.
JEFF AND LEAH – So you are the ones who tried to smuggle out your Stateroom Steward :). Your wonderful comments about last cruise have been forwarded to the relevant department heads and I am so happy that you had such a great time. I am in total agreement with you about the tours you took, they are indeed spectacular especially Ephesus. I hope you get some new luggage quickly so that you can pack and join us again on another carnival Cruise adventure. Until then, our best wishes to you both.
BARBARA AND JIM – There is indeed a lot of sadness in the world and I thank you once again for your kind words and I am so sorry my blog thingy made you cry – again. I will contact the family who los their son and see if indeed they would mind posting an address. I will let you know. Keep the countdown going and I will see you very soon.
SALLY BARCLAYS – Thanks for reading the blog every day. I hope that one day you get to watch the ship dock in your home port. I am sure you and Lorraine will have a wonderful time doing it together as there is no better place for  friends to have a reunion than on a Carnival Cruise. May I suggest the Carnival Freedom in January for a seven day Caribbean Cruise to Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman, three of my favorite ports of call. Hope to see you soon.
JILL NEWMARK – .Thank you for your posting about your friend Margaret who has had difficulties getting to the ship. Rest assured that our Purser’s are taking great care of her and hopefully all will be well from now on. I hope indeed you do decide to sail on the Carnival Freedom very soon.
NANETTEALI – Gracias para el blogo. Mi amigo el burro Alan Adkins hablar mucha basura so mio es in the doo doo. Hasta luego, your amigo Juanito!
Just read your news that I may see Angelina in Cannes for the film festival. Mucho excitedo !
BIG ED – The Volante will be great, preferably in Black with Angelina Jolie in the front seat ! There will be room for you in the boot ( trunk ).
The Volante
MISSINGTHESMOKEFREEPARADISE – Thank you for your comments on how wonderful the shore side employees of Carnival are and it is obvious why many departments are constantly winning Industry Awards. On to the subject of the Trans Atlantic. We will have three formal nights in the 14 day cruise and the menu will be rotated on a 12 day basis which means two of the popular menus will be repeated…………….remember that you can order each and every night one of the following items just in case you prefer something a bit more ” simple ” for dinner ( try the ribs …….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm )
Sirloin steak
Barbecue spare ribs
Jumbo mega cheeseburger
And of course……………………..The Naughty Chocolate Melting Cake .
My friend Danny just cruised and he ate the Ribs every night ( as well as another main course ) !! I hope Mrs. Missingthesmokefreeparadise will persuade you to come and sail………………………if for no other reason but the ribs and melting chocolate cake.
BELLA – Heidi and I were married in December 2004 in The Grand Hotel Amsterdam. It was a wonderful blue skied day and although cold you could not have asked for a better day……………….unless Angelina Jolie had been a bridesmaid. Heidi and I certainly are able to find a happy medium between our working and social lives but it is not always easy.
Now as for restaurants in Rome, I do not know of any myself but I will get some recommendations for you and post them ASAP. I also do not expect the Spa to be up and running for internet bookings by then so just drop me a note on this blog thingy and I will take care of the booking for you. See you in June.
NATE’S MOM………………I do not think you have anything to worry about Mum. Nate is a good looking kid and already has a some interested parties hoping to become his friend. He is safe and well and I am keeping an eye on him for you…………today, he had clean socks and underwear and ate all his vegetables. Let me know if there are any messages for him. Best Wishes to you and the family.
JODI……………………..I should know what the replacement gift is going to be very soon.
BREAKING NEWS: In addition to the gifts Carnival will give the following discounts on cruises for Platinum members.
25 CRUISES – 25%
50 CRUISES -50%
100 CRUISES – 100%
So, great discounts and lots more to come…… really does pay to become Platinum.
All the best Jodi and see you soon.
DAVID – as far as the Galley tour is concerned can you kindly contact your agent who in turn will contact Carnival. I can sneak a few people in but 70, well that’s hard to sneak ! I can arrange a backstage tour for you which I know you will all find very interesting so let me know if you want that once aboard. I am sure you and the Dentists are aching to come and cruise and are just filling in time before you do ( dental humor ).
ALISON – thanks for reading every blog and I hope you are enjoying them. I am sure we can arrange a galley tour for you so once again I ask that you leave me a note once onboard .Hope you enjoyed your Princess cruises but it will be great to welcome you home.
LOVETOTEACH – I checked with the Camp carnival staff and your son will be able to go into the 6 – 8 group if you and he wish. He may feel more comfortable in the lower age group but you can see what is best for him. I will leave you now to grade papers. God Bless the teachers of the world !
JTODINMANN – The captain’s table is usually made up of guests whom the company believe deserve the privilege of eating with the Captain. They could be frequent cruises, VIPs’ or sometimes and on rare occasions randomly invited guests. Don’t say that I said this but when I first started at carnival as a Wine Steward it was amazing as I served the Captain’s table that every week the VIPs’ were beautiful young women……….ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhh, don’t say I told you.

Also in the old days, we could take passengers everywhere around the ship but sadly but understandably those days are gone. This is obviously for security reasons and for the safety of the crew as well. However, if there are areas you would like photographed, ask and I shall see what can be done. Here for starters is a photo of me, typing this blog at 10:27pm on Saturday April 21.Let me know what else you would like and I will see if it is possible. Cheers.
Picture of me with the blog:)

LINDA AND MIKE THE PLUMBER – I do miss Heidi very much, SHE IS BACK IN THREE DAYS FLYING INTO ISTANBUL:) The Carnival Triumph could be a possibility for the bloggers cruise along with the Imagination and the Carnival Freedom. After me and for some strange reason Heidi’s favorite hunk is the bloke who played Johnny Cash, Joking Feenix or something although she also likes Richard Gere. You suggested I fill the room with flowers for her return but instead I have filled the room with various pairs of socks and underwear….always the same. The Carnival Glory is a great ship and you must try the Supper Club and the not to be missed show is called ROCK DOWN BROADWAY. I am sure we will blog together before then. Bye for now.
ANNMARIE – Thanks for the compliments on the blog. Let me know what you would like photos of and I will oblige if possible. Cheers.
BONNIE AND YOUR PRINCE CHARLIE – How about some Spotted Dick ?
TERRI – you are correct about Rome, it is an exuberant place and attending a mass in St.Peters Square is a life changing experience. We do play the Newly Wed Game here and it will be interesting to see what you and your hubby really know about each other. We have spiced up the questions a little bit though. My mate Alan and his wife Alison played last year and scored 0 which exactly what Alan got for the rest of the cruise ! See you soon and pleas keep reading.

Today, I witnessed a Master at Work……………………..Carnival’s President and C.E.O Mr. Bob Dickinson. He hosted a Q and A session for the 1400 Repeat Guests in our theatre and his charm, expertise and sheer knowledge of the business he obviously loves with such passion was there for all to see. It did not matter if they were compliments, concerns, suggestions or just plain complaints each question was met with caring and concerned answers.

Now, you maybe thinking that this is an employee who is just saying this to be nice to the boss but honestly, I am not and it is obvious why he is so respected in the industry.

He was so good in fact, he could easily bee a Cruise Director…………………… there is an idea……….JOB SWAP.I will be President and Bob can be the cruise Director………………right, that is settled then and now as President, here is a photo of my first decree.

My first decree if I were President of Carnival

Last night, I met two wonderful Honeymooners at the Welcome Aboard Show. They are both from Texas and were so much fun. They had met just 4 months ago, fell in love and married straight away. They then paid for 30 family and friends to join them on the Carnival Freedom……………….The audience fell in love with them both and they enjoyed the show and her husband told me to hurry up because he could not wait to get to the cabin ! They stole the show .Here is a photo of the newly weds

MR AND MRS WOODRUFF……………………………..did I mention they are both 86 years old !

Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff

So, it is never too late to find love and lets all raise a glass to Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff and wish them many years of happiness and joy………………….I haven’t seen them since the show….typical honeymooners, always in their cabin 🙂


Your friends

John and Heidi

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