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May 4, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Evening Everyone

If the sun won the battle yesterday the clouds won by a knockout today as we sail to Venice. However, that did not deter a great feeling around the vessel and the incredible response for the Ticket To Ride Show just now as the ovation echoed around the theatre.It is now 9:50 pm and today has been very tiring. It started with a meeting on the bridge to discuss the arrival in the ports of call as, for many of the ship’s personnel, it will be their first time they have been there. I then had a morning show, travel talk,staff meeting, two formal parties to host, two shows and a walk around the vessel before bed.

Also today Heidi and I hosted a Cruise Critic ( ) party where I met many faithful bloggers. One of the great things about this blog thingy is that I am starting to put faces to names like:

To name but a few.

The compliments I have received about the blog from them are a little overwhelming and Heidi and I have always had a close association with Cruise Critic and we were pleased to be able to spend some time with them.

Heidi is going to take over the typing as she is much quicker than I am (or so she says) and I am going to sit in my chair and dictate. If any words appear in this blog thingy that question my manhood or ability as a husband, please note, these words have been added by my wife, without my knowledge.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I proudly present our mammoth Q&A.

ANN MARIE – How many votes do we have now, Ann Marie? I am officially making you my press agent and will officially give you 10% of the prize of we win, which is a photo of Big Ed and myself covered in whipped cream (sugar free).
MINNIE MOUSE – Thank you for the Congratulations on the Orlando newspaper link. Glad to see us bloggers are getting some fame, even in the land of the mouse. Please keep reading the blog thingy.
BIG ED – Thanks mate, for sending me the Sun Sentinel clippings and your business card has grown further as I am now making you chief reporter and press preview edit reporter (C.R.P.P.E.R). Talk to you soon mate.
ANITA A – Anita, I am sorry to report that the Vatican is indeed closed during your visit to Rome. All Saints Day is a very holy day in Italy and therefore the Vatican will not be open to the public. However, the other major tourist areas such as the Coliseum etc., will be open. I am sorry, but even the powers of this blog can not change the Pope’s mind, although I will call and offer him a bloggers T-shirt and see what happens. Please keep reading, see you in June.
JTODDINMAN – Hello mate, I do recall you and the group of course, on the Carnival Triumph and who can ever forget Norman. How wonderful to hear that crew members in the Conquest are reading my blog and a special thank you to Cindy Rabbit and Mark Price, the cruise director, two great friends of mine. I have known Junior for many years and he is now a hotel director on the Carnival Miracle and from what I understand, he is doing very well. I am glad you like the blog and as requested, very soon I will be posting a behind the scenes of the job of the hotel director. I do hope we can see you on the Splendor and I am sure even though you had a good time on our competitors’ ship, that we can make this cruise to St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and all the other great ports, one to remember. See you soon.
PAUL – I am glad you enjoyed Wee Jimmy and I continue to be very proud of him. Even though he hit on my wife the first week he came on board the ship.  I do not think the cloning world is ready for another me. Although it would be handy, as I could write the blog and the other me could run around the cabin picking up the various undergarments that some how find their way on the floor. HEIDI HERE: PLEASE DO NOT CLONE JOHN, LOOKING AFTER ONE IS HARD ENOUGH, THANK YOU.  I hopefully will see you in March and thank you for your lovely comments about the blog thingy.
BIG ED – That was not Mt. Everest you saw on the Web cam, it was Capri, or at least I think it was, unless we are really lost.
As far as comparing our wife’s to Angelina Jolie (HEIDI HERE…HERE WE GO AGAIN) I think it is only fair that as when buying a new car, you get to drive all the models before you decide. (HEIDI HERE…IF WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A CAR, JOHN IS A PINK VOLKSWAGEN WITH 2 FLAT TIRES)
ANDREAS GOIDDE – Andy, thank you for your insight regarding the Web site and corrections have been made so that when you click on Copenhagen, information on the Eiffel Tower does not come on the screen, unless they have moved it. I am dropping many hints to my P.A. to have the beautiful Angelina as the godmother and I am prepared to make a contribution to the charity of her choice if she would accept. I am now looking over Heidi’s shoulder to make sure that she is typing exactly what I say, as I do not want her to substitute Angelina’s name with her choice: Roseanne Barr. See you very soon mate.
JANA.P – Thank you for your wonderful words about the blog and the fact that you have been reading since it started means that you are really enjoying it, or you have no TV. As far as which Splendor itinerary to take, they are both fantastic, however, I really think the Northern Europe tour is a knockout and is a perfect place to celebrate your 30th birthday (again). Let me know if you need any more advice. See you soon.
HONEYMOONERS – If you decide to celebrate your honeymoon on a Carnival ship, I personally deliver a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, dressed as a French maid. Please come and sail and see you soon.
KATHY HADOULIS – Thank you for your kind words about your loyalty to Carnival Cruise Lines and I hope Kay has read what you have said and will decide to take the plunge and come and sail on her first ever cruise. Thanks for your support and see you soon.
JANINWA – I am glad you liked the photos, although you are correct, Heidi did not select them. It was payback for the photo of me in bed. I look forward to welcoming you Cruise Critic group and as for you formal night photo, I suggest 7:45 pm in the lobby which is between the early and late sitting dinners. Please book this with the photo department upon arrival and they will be happy to help. I am glad I am not the only one who has bought a card in a foreign country although I am sure the temperature was warmer in your house than it was in the cabin when Heidi realized I had said “Happy Divorce.” I have been friends with the dogs with the house for some days now. Thank you for reading the blog thingy.
ESSEXMAN – I can picture you now, sitting in your garden with a Blue Tit jumping around your rose bushes while Mrs. Essex man fans you gently while feeding you grapes as you enjoy the lovely sounds of Motorhead and AC/DC. See you in August, and “What do you call four Essex girls standing in a row?…….A wind tunnel” Heidi sends her best wished back to you, as do I.
ROBERT AND SUZANN – HEIDI HERE, I AM ENJOYING A SALT WATER TAFFY WHILE I AM TYPING THIS………Sorry I got your numbers wrong and anyone who has done 30 cruises with me, should get their own ship or a long weekend on a private yacht with Angelina Jolie (your choice) Can’t wait to see you for number 31.
NANETTEALI – Your reasons for taking a cruise say it all and I challenge anyone to find a better value for money vacation. Looking forward to the start of our friendship and K, listen to her advice. See you soon.

OK, time for me to take over the typing I think.

JEFF AND KELLY – If I had known I had been to bed with you I would have worn my pyjamas with the flap at the front which sometimes, if I am feeling saucy, I wear the wrong way round so the flap is at the back! Now, for those bloggers who think I have gone crazy, Jeff and Kelly were on the cruise last week and were watching my shows in bed, hence their comment that I was in bed with them! I am sorry we never had a photo taken with each other but I promise next time I will rectify this situation. I hope to see you very soon and thanks for reading the blog thingy.
BIG ED – Giving me as a reason for Kay to cruise is very gracious of you and because of that I have now made you BIG ED DIRECTOR WORLD ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION,THEATRE,ELECRONIC RECORDING ( B.E.D.W.E.T.T.E.R.) whether you take the position or not DEPENDS on you.
KATHY KROLL – The chief engineer is indeed a handsome man but, unfortunately, because of his wife and security, he and his engine room are “no go” areas. I hope the Splendor rates are out at the time of writing this blog. The Splendor is going to be an incredible ship and I hope I meet many bloggers there.
RAY – So I guess from your comments that the rates for the Splendor are out on May 10, I am sorry, I had no idea. It will be worth the wait though as I am positive this will be a highlight in everyone’s cruising calendar. I will speak to your aunt and uncle later in the cruise and let them know you send your best wishes. Let me know when you have booked the Splendor and I will congratulate you then. Cheers.
LEONA – Heidi is excited to be getting her T-shirt…………….what T-shirt? Your reasons to cruise are indeed worthy of praise and I hope Kay will give it a go and then I know she like you will discover a passion for this world we all share. See you very soon.
ANDY – I have asked housekeeping to change the labels in the bath robes to read ONE SIZE FITS MOST. 
I have seen the movie mate and now Heidi has gone to bed I can say that indeed Angelina is very “hot” as you say in the movie. What airline do you fly for?  I’ll give it a mention on the blog. I have decided to start hinting that Angelina should indeed be the godmother of the Splendor! Unless, other bloggers have a suggestion………………in fact………….can I ask all bloggers who you think is worthy of this great accolade. Remember, they do not have to be famous but just somebody who deserves this one of a kind opportunity. SO ……………………WHO SHOULD BE THE GODMOTHER ?……………………………..lets see who wins the popular vote and maybe we can persuade Carnival to consider our winning suggestion.
VIKKI – You are welcome. I hope having heard what we do on board our ships for New Years Eve has got you excited and looking forward even more to your cruise. Happy New Year from Heidi and I.
JO MYERLY…………….FRANK/ROBERTO………………….Can I kindly ask that you check into Jo’s Platinum Club request. Jo, I promise you an answer in the next 48 hours.
COOLIEMOM – It will be such an honor to recognize your Dad who fought so bravely in World War II and Korea to allow us to have the FREEDOM to cruise. I salute him now and will salute him again when you are onboard. Please leave me a letter at the information desk upon boarding and I will take care of a special celebration for him. You also need an award for bravery for teaching 4 year olds 🙂
PRIS & BUCKY – I cannot believe that in 10 cruises we have never met. I hope number 11 will be our lucky number. Can you sail on the bloggers cruise? I have passed your information to our office and they in turn will pass your e-mail to Jeanne – Marie. I am so glad she took great care of you and please let me know if you here from her. My best to you both and again, let me know if you get back in touch.
SHIRLEY – You came to the right place for a pizza recommendation. I am going to suggest that in Capri, you have a slice of Pizza Diablo, a spicy sausage and tomatoes. Don’t forget that on the Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri tour lunch is included. I am on two diets because I was not getting enough to eat on one. See you in 104 days.
JO – How was the PBS show about Herculaneum? It is a fascinating and somewhat sad place to visit. Thanks for tipping off the bloggers on this.  Are there any Angelina Jolie movies on tonight?
BELLA – I have forwarded this to the office and I will do all I can to get your credit reinstated. I will let you know ASAP as I think it would be a nice gesture. Thanks for letting me know.
MEANJEAN80 – Hi Jean. Your comments about why Kay should take a cruise deserve to be turned into a song………… I think………..sung by Garth Brooks and Shania Twain…………….it’s a sure fire # 1 smash hit! Thanks and I am sure Kay is now calling her travel agent.
PAUL – I am sure if Heidi were awake it would be she who would be saying how lucky she was to be with a superb male specimen like me. My best mate Alan and I were both sex objects as young men……………………….that’s because every time we asked, girls would object 🙁  It was Alan’s fault. He was and is so ugly that girls would never look in our direction. I mean, he really is ugly, I once saw a frisky dog attached to Alan’s leg, doing what frisky dogs do, except this one had its eyes closed. So I guess I should count my blessings that I am married to such a beautiful woman like Heidi. Thanks mate for the support you are giving to the blog thingy.
STEVE – see you in a few days. The wine list is waiting.
RISA – hello to you in the beautiful Philippines. I have so many friends from there and your fellow countrymen are some of our best employees. I am also a great fan of your food, my favorite is Pork Adobo. I heard Angelina will be in Cannes and I hope to catch a glimpse of her. If she sees me, it’s all over for Brad! To know I have readers in the Philippines, Australia, Malta, Dubai and many other far-off lands shows how this blog thingy is giving us a chance to share a CRUISE HUG across borders and time zones. Have a great night, please keep reading and MAGAN DANG GABY.
BIG ED – The ship has stopped listing, I have moved to the center of the vessel.
PETER – Man U were dreadful and the Italian officers are not letting me forget it. The pint is waiting, COME ON LIVERPOOL.
SARAHM – Heidi and I will be on the Carnival Splendor in August and please tell your Hubby that this will be the best cruise he has ever had. Let me know if you have any questions about the ports etc and I will be happy to help you. Hope to see you aboard the Carnival Splendor.
GACRUISER – FUN, FOOD & FRIENDSHIP……………………..Kay, are you there?
ESSEXMAN – Thanks to you for the clarification of the word BLOG. I know understand that I have Viking roots and will now go forth and pillage my wife………………..unless as per usual “SHE COMETH OVER WITH A HEADACHE.”
VICKIE – Your 10th cruise will entitle you to you very own bright and shiny PLATINUM CARD. The Carnival Destiny is a beautiful ship and the ports are amazing. Do you need any advice about them ? Have a great cruise and thanks to people like you who have sailed since the Mardi Gras days and enabled Carnival to earn its position as The Most Popular Cruise Line In The World.
KATHY DORANSKI – Thank you for your comments about your cruise and I apologize for the paint smell. Sometime the up keep of the ship does interfere with the guests, we try not to let it happen but sometimes we fail as in this case. I am truly sorry. The tribute to the Virginia Tech students was as you said, very moving and something I will never forget.
I have passed your transportation requests to our agency and I totally agree with you that we should offer a shuttle service for guests disembarking on that first day back in Rome. Have a great time on the Carnival Conquest and please keep reading the blog thingy.
MRHOLLYWOOD – I remember you like it was just yesterday and the fun we all had together. Please try and swap to the Bloggers Cruise, we need to make a sequel.MR HOLLYWOOD 2..THE RETURN. Please stay in touch and I hope to see you soon.


It is now 12:17 am and it will be time for bed in a moment. There is a special buzz around the ship which is always the case before arrival in Venice. There is something magical about this one of a kind city and for those guests who have never been before it is the port they are most looking forward to, I always go on the bridge and give a little commentary of what the guests are seeing and I hope the weather is fine tomorrow for our arrival.

One of my favorite memories of Venice was last year on the Carnival Liberty. As we were sailing into Venice, Micky Arison, chairman and chairman of Carnival’s parent company, Carnival Corporation & plc, and his beautiful wife Madeleine were ashore watching us sail by. I had all the guests on one side of the vessel and as we sailed by 2000 plus people all shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKY” at the same time. It was a great thrill I am sure watching the latest addition to the fleet of “Fun Ships” sail into Venice and it got me out of trouble because I had forgot to buy him a birthday card…………..which probably would have said Happy Divorce anyway.

May I introduce you to  I NENGAH, one of our fabulous State Room Stewards from Indonesia. I was walking pass his section of cabins and as he smiled at me I had to take his photo. He has been with Carnival for nearly 10 years…………………here he is, just look at that smile.

I NENGAH, one of our fabulous State Room Stewards from Indonesia

Then, a little further down deck 7 I came across Evgeniya from Bulgaria and I had to take her photo as well. She is on her second contract with us and here she is with her latest towel animal creation called BIG EDDIE THE ELEPHANT.

Evgeniya from Bulgaria

It is smiles like these two young people share with our guests every day on all of our ships that make Carnival’s Crew, the best in the industry.
Just before bed, two quick things.

Thanks to all of you who have booked the bloggers cruise, space is selling quickly and I hope to see many of you soon.

I look forward to your suggestions on who should be godmother for the Splendor and at the moment Angelina is winning with my Mum in second place.

And finally, to Kay, who has never cruised before, January 18th, Bloggers Cruise, new friends and new adventures await…………….operators are standing by to take your call.

Bed Time…………………………….Heidi’s headache has gone. I know, she’s asleep 🙁

Good Night

Your Friends

John and Heidi

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