I have been saddened the last two weeks as have many people by the news about a little four-year-old girl named Madeleine.

Madeleine was abducted while on  holiday in Portugal. She is somewhere in the world . Somewhere, somebody has her. It could be the town, village, city or street where you live. The web site below has been set up by Madeleine’s brave but distraught parents. There is a reward of more than $2.5 million for any news leading to her whereabouts.

This web site has been read by 75 million people from all over the world. Someone, somewhere knows where she is. Here is the address to the website: http://bringmadeleinehome.com/

This blog has 275,000 hits and has thousands of readers a day from all over the world. I thought, therefore,  that I should pass this on to you all. Please visit the site .Who knows?  One of us may have seen her……………………………….we can but pray.



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