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June 15, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Afternoon Everyone.

The blog has surpassed 350,000 slaps as of yesterday, thanks so much.

I have a 30-minute window between activities and shows on this beautiful day at sea. I still find it so strange to host a debarkation talk four days before the end of the cruise as I did this morning. In fact, my only criticism of this itinerary is that I wish there was one sea day at the end of the cruise for the guests to rest before they leave.

This morning, after the debarkation talk I held my usual Q & A session. The questions are asked by guests over the microphone so that everyone can hear. This way people do not have to stand in a line and usually people’s questions are the same. This morning, the questions were the usual mixture of How Do I and Where Is This? However, there was one gem that I wanted to share with you asked by a guest from somewhere called Northport, Alabama. Here it is, word for word.

When we are in Cannes I want to see the Eiffel Tower, do you have a tour that goes there or can I take a taxi?

I started to giggle, I thought she was joking but I could see that indeed she was not and I though that the rest of the 150 people in the audience would be laughing as well. The scary thing, less than half were while the remainder just sat there thinking………………mmmmmmmmmmmm, good question. I realized then that this lady honestly had no idea that it was probably eight hours away at least and on the other side of the country.

So, composing myself I explained this and indicated that this would not be possible…………..oh boy was she mad. Stating that someone at Carnival HQ had said we would be doing tours to the Eiffel Tower and that she had always wanted to see it. I apologized and said that she had received incorrect information. I asked her to wait until the end of the Q & A and we would chat more.

So, I met with the lady in question and she remained adamant. I asked if she had the name of someone she had spoken to but she did not and then I offered her other tour suggestions but she did not want to hear it. Anyway, she left, mad at me and mad at whoever gave her the information. I just finished a letter of apology to her and included this map to show how far away Paris is to Cannes.

Map of France

Let’s hope she understands. I do not think anyone at Carnival told her that she could indeed visit the Eiffel Tower but I do know that I was wrong to laugh at her for asking. I should realize that not everyone knows where everything is and how to get there etc., that was cruel of me……………..I am an idiot.

As requested here is a comment from the lovely Carol Lyman who is the manager of our Bon Voyage department. Carol used to be chief purser onboard the ships and is a great friend of the Mrs. and me; here is a message from Carol.

We have items available for sale on our website at under “gifts.” Items can be purchased thru the website up to the week prior to sailing. To place orders online, they need the booking # and stateroom # of the party sailing. If they do not have this information they can call my cheerful Call Center staff Mon-Fri 9AM-5:30PM EST at 1-800-522-7648 or (3055992600). We offer a variety of gifts from Champagne, wine, fruit baskets, canapé trays, stateroom decorations, wedding & romance gifts, Gifts for kids, apparel, tote and sports bags and specialty items such as Quinces bracelets/decorations, photo and bar coupons, The Party Cooler, Squeeze Breeze bottles, and much, much more.

We do have liquor available thru the Call Center for cabin set-ups when asked. So, make your family or friends cruise that more special and treat them to one of our special items. It will make their day. Thank you all for your interest

Right, what else………………ah yes. We were talking yesterday about fantasy cruises and I want to thank everyone for sending theirs in. My seven-day fantasy cruise would be.


Sound good to you?

Congratulations to Princess Cruises on the naming ceremony of the Royal Princess today in beautiful Portofino, Italy. I do not have any photos but maybe I can ask 007 if he can source me a photo. For those of you just tuning in, 007 is the artist formally known as PA. 007 works out of an office in Miami and has amazing resources to other filing clerks who work with our sister companies and sometimes while getting a coffee from the vending machine they pass on information to each other which I then share with you. Let’s see what 007 can do. Will we be shaken or stirred?

I now will start with a record 61 questions and comments to answer which I will start at 3:15 pm and will probably not finish until after the shows et at 1 am so if my writing style changes to one word answers later on you will understand why.

So, grab a drink, sit down, relax and enjoy today’s Q & A.

DOUG NEWMAN AT SEA – I have passed on your thanks to 007 for finding out what is going on with the Marco Polo. The artist formally known as PA did well and I am going to send him a reward of a Solid Gold Plastic Trophy to put on his cubicle desk. If you find any other information out or need help from our end we stand by at your service. Have fun on the Carnival Victory.
Germany’s Transocean Tours Touristik will operate Marco Polo on long-term charter. The Bremen-based company will take delivery of the vessel in March 2008.
I never doubt the amazing powers of 007
– You chose some great ports for your fantasy cruise. Who knows, one day it might be a reality that a Carnival ship is sailing around the South Pacific. I agree with you that sea days are so important. Only the, do you get the real cruising experience. That is one of the reasons why I really want to do a QM2 crossing next year. It’s great to read that you and Larry are loyal Carnival cruisers and I thank you so much for your support. Let us see if your fantasy will come true. Maybe mine will as well………………not my cruise………I mean AJ.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – OK, it is obvious that you and Prince Charles need a cruise immediately. Call Carnival and book a cruise out of Tampa, you can drive there and once onboard we have activities that are a little more exciting than the ones you are experiencing in Podunk.
BIG ED – I have this visual now of you and I on the Bloggers cruise, laying on a BIG massage towel and Alan, wearing only a loin cloth massaging us. I think this thought is your fault and proof positive that this is one cruise director who desperately needs a vacation.
We do get CNN so I will be watching AJ on Larry King. I have heard nothing from the show about me calling in so I guess they have not read my request. Still, we have people working other angles so the quest continues. Big Ed, Alan will be on the bloggers cruise but there is no other version of the Wild Duck story, he is now a regular at the Queen’s Head Pub. Are you coming on the Bloggers Cruise, has Mrs. Big Ed given in?
NUMBER12 – It is not that I don’t want to answer your questions about the dining room, I just haven’t seen any. Maybe I missed them or they are lost in the world of blog somewhere. Therefore, please re send them and I will answer ASAP for you. I do try and answer every question but sometimes I bypass the odd one by mistake. You asked about the gondola weight in Venice. Please, I want you all to know that we can take most people on the tour even though we do have 250 pounds as a limit. I had a blogger this cruise who with his wife had a combined weight of 500 pounds but we managed to take them by cutting the number in the gondola. Therefore, please book this once onboard, it is a great experience. Please re-send your dining room questions which I look forward to reading and answering.
BIG ED – Well, as you can see from yesterday’s blog that you and Mrs. Big Ed have a new SuperLiner to sail on when Carnival Splendor comes to Los Angeles. We did that just for you and reserved you the best booth in the dining room. As for the bloggers being godparents – let me get a few Thursday’s behind me and then we will see. However, we are considering BIG ED as a name for the baby – if it’s a girl.
CAROL SCHOENBERGER – I think that the Turks and Caicos Islands are going to be just as you expected and more when you cruise on the Imagination. I agree with you also about Aruba when you say how clean and beautiful the island is. Heidi loves it there and, of course, it is part of Holland so she feels very much at home. The Carnival Destiny did use to go there but with the new itinerary it was too far south to make it part of a seven-day cruise. If Aruba was a few hundred miles closer than I am sure it would be a major cruise ship destination and as popular as any. Sorry to hear about your concerns with guest relations, I have forwarded them your comments and I will await their kind reply which I will forward to you. I am happy to hear that you like the photos of Heidi and I, and we will post new ones soon. Have a great day and hope you keep reading the blog thingy.
KAYENTAJANE – MA JOHN………………good grief, is that what bloggers are calling me…………..still it is better than SOD (sperm of the devil). The lady who cannot be named was indeed trying but I am still proud of myself that I kept my cool and remained professional throughout and did not allow the devil inside to take over completely. Still, hopefully she is, as we speak booking her Holland America cruise and is already complaining that she has been on hold for over 30 seconds. You asked about accountants onboard and yes we do indeed have a team of six onboard. They are responsible for……ummmmmmm…..accounting and adding numbers up and….things. Honestly, I have no idea what they do but they work very hard. When you sail, why not chat with one of them so they can give you a more detailed description than the one I just gave you…….that won’t be hard. You then asked about the naming ceremony for the Carnival Splendor and if guests who are on the inaugural can see it? This depends on when the actual ceremony is. On the Carnival Leg End the ceremony was the morning of the inaugural cruise and yes paying guests as well as VIPs could see the event which was held on the pier. The entire ship was lined with guests looking down onto the pier and watched as Dame Judi hosted the celebrations. I do not know what is planned yet for Carnival Splendor but if you are on the inaugural cruise, there is a good chance you will see the godmother (hopefully AJ) smash the bottle and bless the newest ship in the world.
As for formal night, yes, there will be one so go and buy that special dress.
I trust you are enjoying the blog and I hope you continue to do so. See you next year.
CHAZER – hello Chazer. You asked about the Holiday as there have been according to your postings a lot of rumors about the Holiday leaving mobile Alabama. I honestly do not know anything about this but that does not mean anything as I know very little about everything, if that makes sense. Let me ask 007 and see what, if anything, he can find out. This may take him a few weeks but I promise you I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. I can tell you that everyone at Carnival loves sailing out of Mobile and from what I hear, the guests who sail on the Holiday have a fantastic time. Isn’t it strange that I have mentioned Alabama twice already in this blog thingy. Keep reading Chazer and let me see what 007 can find out. My best to you and the family.
BOB MEANS – Hopefully you have read the posting I slapped on about the Carnival Splendor’s 2009 itinerary so that should have answered your questions and therefore that will have hopefully answered the ” what cruise to take next ” question. Please also let me know what that Guest Relations says. Thanks for the kind words and hearing that so many people are reading the blog gives me the inspiration to keep going…….that and lots of tea. Talking of tea, time for a tea pee. OK, I have tea peed and hope that all is well with you Bob. Please write soon.
TICAFABI – Heidi is in Holland. Heidi will ein brief scrifer fur jou straks. Groetjes und kunuffles.
LINDA HERNACKI – Thanks you for all your kind words. Here, as requested is a little bit more information on Heidi. We have been married since 2004 and we have been together for a total of 11 years. Heidi is nine years younger than me and I am 42. That is a polite way of me not telling you her age. She has worked for Carnival since 1996 and she is one of the most unsung heroes in the company. I am a better man and a better cruise director because of her and she is always there, in the background making sure everything is running smoothly while I take all the limelight. She needs to rest after all her hard work and as the ship is close to home this seems the right time for her to stop. We met in a restaurant in Holland and for me it was love at first sight. For her, it took a bit longer. You are correct she deserves a special vacation and hopefully I can afford to fly her first class somewhere special after we get off the Carnival Freedom. I am thinking of Tennerife, she loves Spain. So, I am going to try and make this as you said a special vacation and she deserves first class all the way……………anyone know how to get an upgrade? Thanks for sharing you dream destinations; I may join you on that cruise. Best wishes to you and Mike the Spark.
CANNUCK CRUISER – Oh yeah, and my wife. Should that not have been at the beginning of your fantasy cruise. Come and share the doghouse with me. Great itinerary though mate. 93 Days to go to the Carnival Liberty cruise for you so I hope this blog thingy will keep you going for a bit.

OK, I am going to the shows now and I will return to this blog tomorrow morning upon arrival in Barcelona.
It is 4 am and we have just arrived in Barcelona. Last night we had a medical situation which required the ship to go full speed and into Barcelona upon the request of the doctor. So, here we are and the guest just left the vessel in an ambulance and they leave with our thoughts for a quick and speedy recovery. I am going back to bed as I am up again at 7:30 am for tour departures.

Good morning again, it is a bright and sunny day here in Barcelona. I have no news on the guest who left for hospital but will try and find out later today. So, with 80 degree temperatures I am sure the guests are starting to realize how lucky they are to have had this weather this cruise, it has been amazing so far……touch wood.

On we go with the Q & A.

JO MYERLY – I assure you Jo that alcohol-free drinks should have been and now always will be available at the captain’s parties. I checked at our party this cruise and indeed each server had a selection of fruit punch and regular/diet soda as well. The lines are usually to meet the captain; however on most ships we open all the lounges so that guests have a choice. I am glad to hear that you still go to the dining room because it would be a real shame to miss out dinner that night…………..lobster…….mmmmmmmmmmmm. Your fantasy cruise looks amazing and what an interesting choice in Uruguay. Thank you also for your recommendation regarding Grand Turk. It certainly is the place that is getting rave reviews and I hope I get to visit one day myself. Hope all is well and again, I have been assured by our head office that alcohol free drinks will be available as always at every formal party. Thank you for your thoughts and, yes, Heidi will be with me on the first voyage of the Carnival Splendor. I hope I hear from you soon.
BIG ED – Bugger, missed seeing AJ on Larry King as I was on stage. I am sorry they didn’t take my question or yours but hope springs eternal and maybe we will get to talk to her through her agent or her assigned charity. Thanks for your support mate and the blog page you have started may just be the thing that gets her excited about doing this. The alternative is to have you impersonate AJ and be the godmother, we just need to find the right outfit and get you some botox for your lips.
ROBERT – My goodness, 40 Carnival cruises and over 30 with me. That is remarkable and it makes me feel so very honored and why I consider you and Suzann good friends. I think Kathie Lee is the only lady to be godmother of two of our ships but I may be wrong, I will check it out. I also agree with you that Dubrovnik is a magical place. See you for cruise number 41 very soon.
WENDY – Thank you .
SPYROS – Please do not worry about having to change from the Carnival Freedom to the Carnival Liberty. The ships are identical and the Carnival Liberty is only two years old and is one of my favorite ships. The run is the same as the one the Carnival Freedom will do in 2008 so basically it really is not a change at all, just different decor inside the vessel. You must eat at the supper club called Harry’s and if you need any advice on tours etc. please let me know. You mentioned that you are in the military, may I ask what branch?
The cruise director on your Carnival Liberty cruise will be decided in a few weeks and as soon as I know I will inform you. Whoever it is I assure you that they will make sure you have a wonderful time. Hope to hear from you soon.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – never got to see AJ on Larry King and Heidi is due back in an hour so it will be Thursday straight away. How are the leaves?
CLAIR – You sound very excited about your forthcoming Carnival Liberty cruise. You asked about suggestions in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now, I know you said that you are not very adventurous but I want to tell you about a special tour at night. It is called the Bioluminescence Tour. This is a kayak tour at night in a beautiful lagoon in the middle of the rain forest. The kayaks are built for two people, the water is very calm and you do not have to be overly fit to do this. The stunning feature about this tour is when the sun goes down and darkness falls, hundreds of thousands of tiny bioluminescent sea creatures light up the lagoon and it is something amazing to see. This tour always sells out so I do suggest you book this as soon as you get onboard. If this is not “your thing,” then take the City and Shopping tour, which will give you an overview of the town and leaves plenty of time for shopping. So, have a think and let me know if you need any further help.
CAPTAIN CHUCK – It is the thought that counts, Captain, so thank you for the Pork Chop. Please do call Carnival and ask directly about transfers. I am not sure why you cannot buy these online but I know we do offer transportation from the airport to the Carnival Spirit. If you have any problems with this let me know and I will investigate for you. I much prefer talking to a live person than these automated machines, I mean it is everywhere. Heidi and I were walking along the beach in Sorrento last cruise when I saw a big seashell. I picked it up to listen to the sea and was greeted with” If you want to hear the sea in Spanish, push 1.” I think the South Pacific is going to be the most popular choice for a fantasy cruise, it certainly so far. Maybe one day your fantasy will become reality. Please do not worry about the negative letters. They are few and far between and for every negative letter, I get 50 positive ones. The reason I share these negative ones with my blog friends is that I do not want this to be a blog where I only talk about the great and the good. I make mistakes, the company can do better and when these situations arise I feel it necessary to share them with you…………especially the funny ones…… the lady who wants to go to the Eiffel Tower. Anyway, hope all is well with you and hope to hear from you soon.
JILLIAN – Ahhhhhhhhhh, the British Isles cruise on the Carnival Legend. What a great cruise that was. Scotland, Ireland, and then across to France and Holland…………brilliant. I have no idea if this cruise will ever be repeated but if it was I bet it would be a best seller. Let me see if I can add some influence to making this happen as I for one thought it was amazing. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you always will.
ROBERTO – You are very much part of this mate and without you there would be no blog. Thank you on behalf of us all for making the site look so great and for reacting so quickly to bloggers suggestions. Cheers.
MATT AND VIKKI TILL – What a great advert for the British Navy. It is indeed a tradition that all submariners have a keg of beer handy. It sounds much nicer than your “Bug Juice!” Yours is another vote for a cruise to Australasia which is now running neck and neck with the South Pacific, we could probably do both on a 12-day cruise. Carnival’s sister company P & O has our ship, the Jubilee, now and she does sail that region and is very successful. I can’t remember what the ship is called now, so let me pick up the HOTLINE and call 007 for help.
Please send my best to Vikki and I can picture Todd and her doing needlepoint classes on board.
BILL – ZYDECOCRUISER – Enjoy the book. I have ordered a copy of Bob’s new masterpiece for the library. Thank you for the plug for it and I am sure it will be a bestseller. I hope you buy my book when it comes out, at least I will sell one copy. Thanks for your support of the blog, I appreciate it so very much. So, I have just read your fantastic blog about Zydeco music and the 10th annual cruise on the Carnival Conquest. I had no idea about what to expect with this style of music but I will now be checking out the web sites you mentioned and listening to the music which I am sure will be the case for many other bloggers as well. You are correct when you say the Carnival Splendor will not fit through the Panama canal…………… 007 mentioned

Now, to The Big Easy. It will be back, of that I have no doubt. Nobody was more disappointed not to be putting the Carnival Triumph back to New Orleans than Carnival but, as you hinted to, the time is not yet right. One day soon, it will be though and as tourists flock back to this amazing city the one of the reasons will be for its heritage of incomparable music including Jazz and of course Zydeco. I am reminded about how great New Orleans was and will be again every 12 days through our BIG EASY show. This is seen by 3,000 people every 12 days and in a small way, I feel that we here on the Carnival Freedom are reminding people of this fact. Thanks again and look forward to your next posting.

BOB MEANS – many thanks for helping Jo and Spyros with your thoughts and observations, I am sure they both appreciate it very much. As far as Heidi is concerned she will be leaving at the end of this year, however she will be joining me on the BLOGGERS CRUISE and for the first cruise on the Carnival Splendor. Then, what about me you ask. Well, as others will tell you I have been threatening to leave for the last few years, some wish I had 🙂 It has been Europe that has rejuvenated me and being here means I find it a little easier being away from home as I am never too far away. The last FOUR ships in the Carnival fleet were:
The truth is I have no idea how long I will stay with Carnival. Maybe one morning I will wake up and say “that’s enough” but I do not see that happening just yet, but you never know. As for incentives, you suggested Carnival lease me an Aston Martin……..which would make no difference at all……..unless it was a black one, the V12 Vanquish or The DB9 Volante……..then I would stay until I get the call up yonder. I am easily bought! Thanks Bob, your words of encouragement are really wonderful to read, thanks mate.
STORMIN NORMAN – The Grand Turk Tourist Board should hire you to do their PR as that was a wonderful review and I am sure all the bloggers are really excited to read about this destination which is topping the Must Visit Caribbean List. For those of you who have never cruised with Norman you have really missed meeting a caring and fun guy who represents the best of Aussie. Hope all is well mate and thanks again for your words of recommendation.
SHARONR – Hello Sharon . Welcome on behalf of the 6 thousand daily readers of this blog who all together have hitted it (is that a correct web term?) 351,000 times. I will now answer your questions and concerns as best I can
1. You asked if taking a safer shore excursion was safer than a long one in case you missed the ship………………..ANSWER – NO. Each of our shipboard sold excursions have a guide who is in touch with the ship the entire time and we will never leave unless all the tours have returned. Therefore, please book your tours by deciding what you want to see and not the length of the tour as the ship will never sail without you.
2. The kids will love Dubrovnik’s old town as will you. I suggest the BEST OF DUBROVNIK TOUR which has little walking in it and therefore the entire family including dad and Grandma will be able to join you.
3. Eze is beautiful, but I think you should also consider Monte Carlo during our stay in Cannes. Again, this would be a tour the entire family can do together.
May, I suggest overall that you book your tours onboard. Come along to my travel talks which are held before each port of call and then if you have any questions I and the team will be able to answer them for you thus making sure you get what is right for you and the family.
Until then, please read the blog every day and if you start from the ones back in March then you will find others that have asked similar questions and also their thoughts on the tours. I remain at your service and thanks for joining the world of blog.
WENDY – See you on Monday and have a very safe journey. Please leave me a message at the Information Desk once onboard. Can I have a diet root beer please?
JERRY CALVERT – Your description of Grand Turk should have bloggers picking up the phone and wanting to book a cruise that goes there. Imagination, Carnival Triumph or as you mentioned our sister ship The Prisendam that belongs to Holland America. I have not been to the private island of Half Moon Cay but others have also said how beautiful the beaches are. Which ship are you sailing on in October? Let me know if you need any questions answered. Thanks again for the great advert for Grand Turk.
VIKKI – You are right, you never know what you might find when you read these blogs. Probably though, one day, nothing will happen and I can have a rest:) How long until your cruise and no, you were wrong about Heidi……………not yet anyway.
HOTLANTA – The missing luggage you are “paranoid ” about goes missing from the airlines meaning you arrive at Rome but your luggage is on vacation somewhere else. Seriously, don’t be as you say you are paranoid, relax and enjoy every moment from the moment you lock the door of your house to the moment you return. I am sure all your luggage will get here and if it does not I have some spare underwear for you. Keep smiling and be excited, this is going to be the best vacation ever.
ESSEXMAN – Alan loves to cruise, as well. Can you help me? Someone asked me what the top three tourist attractions are in our home county. What do you think mate?


OK, I am back, and I know what you are thinking but mind your own business 🙂

CATITLYN 20 ON CRUISE CRITIC – Thanks Tammie for such nice words. I do try to help individual guests as much as possible, especially those like the young man whose fiancée was tragically killed. I guess I do this not just as a cruise director but as a ME if you understand what I mean. My parents brought me up to always try and help others as they have always done. Just a follow up with Jason, he has had a good time and today in Barcelona I arranged for the family to go to Montserrat and they lit candles and bought rosary beads, etc. They said that they had a wonderful time, shed some more tears but feel fulfilled that they went there. They are going to be reading the blog so I am sure you all join me when I say we will continue to think of Jason and the family. Hope your family is all well Tammie and please keep reading the blog.
ROCHELLE – I have never sailed the area of the Chilean fjords or the Cape before but I think my mate Roger Blum has…….Roger have you sailed this area? I think that you have joined the majority Rochelle when you say that you also like at least on formal night on a shorter cruise and maybe two on a longer cruise. This, I think is OK for everyone. I have never heard of a ship having lots of clothes to borrow if guests miss their luggage. I must admit that we do not have that facility here. May I ask what ship this was because I wonder how they organize that with styles, sizes etc. Please can you send on any details.
Glad you liked the story about Alan and there will be more in a future blog I promise.
LINDA – The truthful answer is, I have no idea but I will find out if Mike as a Vietnam Vet is entitled to military discount. I think it is for active personnel only but I will check and get back to you ASAP. Thanks also for your help with AJ and hopefully things will work out.
ESSEXMAN – The key is the size of one of those used to open a suitcase:(
ERIC R THAYER – Great to hear from you as yes indeed it was me on the Imagination all those years ago and I thank you so much for your words of praise. You asked about the shows and that sometimes you return to a ship and the main production (dancing) shows are the same. We do change the shows as often as possible but to do this is a huge operation. All the scenery ahs to be taken off and new sets put onboard and this can only be done when a ship is out of service or as we call it Dry Dock. This is actually happening on three different ships this year, ROGER, WHAT SHIPS ARE WE CHANGING THE SHOWS ON?
I wish you could see the new show here called BIG EASY, it is amazing. I also hope we get to renew our friendship very soon. Until then, let’s keep chatting through the blog.
DORTHE CALIMBAS – Heidi is back and it is wonderful and she says hello to everyone. Thanks to you as well for having the time to plea for AJ to be godmother, I hope all our efforts will pay off. Your exotic cruise sounds amazing and as you mentioned the homes of two of my favorite foods in Thailand and Japan, I may just join you. Thanks for your contribution to the blog, I appreciate it very much.
CARL AND BARB THE BEARS – You may see more bears on your fantasy cruise but I do not think you will get Heidi to go down the Amazon, snakes and spiders are not her favorite things in the world. I however would do that cruise in a heartbeat. I have read a lot about Manaus and the trip certainly would be memorable. Wishing you and Barb all the best mate AND THANKS FOR LEAVING A MESSAGE ON Larry King’s website.
IVERNON – I know you are all pulling for me to get AJ to be the godmother and I hope it happens for all of us. I am not giving up just yet and we still have some things going on behind the scenes to get this working. Thank to you and others like you it may just happen.
BIG ED – Thank you for stepping in when I go to radio silence and am calling this time BLOG SILENCE ( B.S.) AND THEREFORE I AM MAKING YOU HEAD OF B.S. Congratulations
LINDA – How did this rumor start? Heidi is NOT pregnant although things may have changed in the last five minutes! Thanks for asking though and if anything changes I will alert you all…………………………bit nervous actually!
LEASA – Your comment has I am sure touched many who will have read it. I have passed the comments that you made to many different people and have discovered that Anca is still with carnival and is currently on the Carnival Valor. Being sight-impaired yourself I am sure you will know how important it is that we as crew understand what needs to happen in order for yourself and others who are also blind to enjoy the cruise to the maximum. Therefore, Carnival is proud that we have developed a special training program for all crew in how to best assist guests who are sight- and hearing-impaired and those with physical limitations. This program is carried out by our special staff who are on every ship and with the assistance of my friend J.C. Trueba who developed the program at our Miami H.Q. and the proof that it is working is shown by your comments. Enjoy your back-to-back cruise on the Carnival Liberty and I send you my warmest regards.


JC – is that not strange. I just mentioned a J.C. and here is another one. You asked about sugar free drinks on board. The juice does contain sugar but of course we also have diet sodas but they unfortunately need to be paid for. May I suggest a soda card which allows you unlimited diet drinks throughout the cruise? We have all the sweeteners including Splenda and Sweet and Low, and Equal and every night in the dining room we have a sugar-free dessert and sugar-free vanilla ice cream. As a diabetic myself I am here to help you as and when needed. See you soon and let me know if I can help further.
LYNN AND MIKE SAGARA – I am so excited that you decided to book the BLOGGERS CRUISE……………YIPEEEEEE. I promise you that you will not regret it. How interesting your comments were about the second formal night and folks being more relaxed and therefore buying more photos. I just checked with the photo manager and indeed he says that in some cases this is true, how interesting. What do other bloggers think? Which photos are must buy ones for you. Once again, I want to thank you for booking the cruise and I remain at your service and your friend.
ESSEXMAN – No bother mate. I am currently working on getting transportation from the “other ” Rome airport to the vessel and hope to have a positive answer in a few days or before. The Rome tour you are on will drop you off at PIAZZA CAVOUR which is five blocks from the Vatican. Heard you have had some rain back home, I am having a longing for a fry up from the Arches! Anyway, I will get back to you regarding the airport transfer and TTFN.
JO – Don’t be shy, sing it from the top of a mountain. YOU ARE GOING ON A CARNIVAL CRUISE.
IVANA – I hope the Cavs do well. I haven’t bothered watching what is happening in the NBA since my team, the Miami Heat, lost. Still, they were just being nice in giving someone else a chance to win. They will be back next year. I went to a game once with Heidi at the arena in Miami, it was fantastic. We sat all the way at the back but even from up there the atmosphere was amazing and it was great to see opposing fans sitting next to each other as that would never happen in the UK at a football (soccer match). I just read your posting again and now I realize that instead of watching your favorite team, you watched AJ on Larry King………now that is dedication to the blog and I have no words that can say how grateful I am.
LINDA – Now this feels very weird, me writing to you on this blog thingy and you on the ship. With regard to the vaporettos, yes there was long lines but in answer to your question Princess did not have private service into St. Marks. These were tour boats that guests paid money for to go into St Marks as we did on our St Marks Experience Tour as well. It is illegal for us to run free boats all day into St.Marks as this obviously takes away revenue from the local public transportation services and henceforth we cannot do it. I was however, very surprised at just how busy the vaporettos were but when you consider the four giant ships holding 9,000 guests between them then I guess I should not have been surprised. Tell you what, why don’t I just call you and then I can show you my bruise from last night! Hope you are having a great time and I am so happy you are here for 24 days. As for the Carnival Splendor’s repositioning cruise, I do not have details on that just yet but 007 is working on it from his small corner cubicle in Miami, I hope he does not get into trouble for passing this information on. Best to George and I will call you soon.

That’s enough Q & A for today.
As we were talking about Grand Turk and how popular it is, here are a few photos for you and this I am sure will have you picking up the phone to book the Imagination or the Carnival Triumph.

1 Some photos of the port – The Holland America Ship – Prisendam is at the pier.

Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier
Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier
Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier Some photos of the port - The Holland America Ship - Prisendam is at the pier

2.Here we see photos of the Safari Tour

Here we see photos of the Safari Tour Here we see photos of the Safari Tour Here we see photos of the Safari Tour
Here we see photos of the Safari Tour Here we see photos of the Safari Tour Here we see photos of the Safari Tour

3. The Brilliant Aqua Boat Tour

The Brilliant Aqua Boat Tour The Brilliant Aqua Boat Tour The Brilliant Aqua Boat Tour

4. Horse lovers – You will want to go NOW when you see these.

Horse lovers - You will want to go NOW when you see these Horse lovers - You will want to go NOW when you see these Horse lovers - You will want to go NOW when you see these
Horse lovers - You will want to go NOW when you see these Horse lovers - You will want to go NOW when you see these Horse lovers - You will want to go NOW when you see these

Oh, by the way, I made a mistake. For some reason I thought my anniversary of 20 years was this month but I just found out it is indeed AUGUST 8. Oh, well, nearly there. I also just found out that for 20 YEARS THE COMPANY BUYS YOU AN ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH OR DB9, YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR. Isn’t that great?

So many people have booked the Bloggers Cruise and I am so excited about the fact that at least half the vessel will be people we will already know as friends thanks to this wonderful world of internet and blog stuff.

Still no news on the guest we disembarked early this morning and we continue to think about them.

OK, I am rambling so time to stop. Here then, is proof positive that there are Travelers and Tourists in this world and no guesses which category this lady falls under. Let us then return to the lady who wanted to see the Eiffel Tower as mentioned at the beginning of this blog. I do not need to say anything further except show you this e-mail.

Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 6:42 PM
Subject: Cabin %%$& – Mrs. %^&**&^%$@! – Cannes Excursion to Eiffel Tower

Mrs &^&((^**(()%$# came to the desk wanting to speak to you but you were on the bridge for sailing. The guest said she had talked to you about seeing the Eiffel Tower in Cannes. She says that you said she cannot and was very upset and wanted to talk to the Captain. I also explained that Paris was too far but she said she had seen it advertised on the T.V.
Then, she said the people she sits at the dinner table with had booked the tour already. I asked for their cabin number and it showed that they had booked THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA. The lady said, oh yes, that’s the one, the tower that leans in Paris.
I have now explained to the lady and she has booked the Pisa Trolley Tour. Sorry this e-mail is reaching you now but I have only just stopped laughing. She wants to talk to you still, so please call her when you can.


Your friends

John and Heidi

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