Heidi's First Blog

June 15, 2007 -

John Heald

Here I am!

Back on board with my husband and friends. Oh yeah, and back to work….. that’s hard after having your mum waking you up in the morning and you walk down the stairs and smell fresh coffee and see the table full of my favorite things, instead of waking up to the sound of John in the bathroom and finding my least favorite things on the bathroom floor.

You might wonder, what are my favorite things for breakfast?
Well, they are Dutch, so they might not sound too appealing but let me try and excite you.

Brown and white slices of fresh bread, covered in real butter, and then you put on everything you fancy — from sliced cold meats (the butchers and supermarkets in Holland have every kind of meat you can think of and they slice it nice and thin), then put it on our slice of bread — not too thick though, not NY deli style. 🙂 Different kind of cheeses (all sliced, no chunks or cubes.) We use a “kaasschaaf” – a special cheese slicer — for that — a tool John thought was fantastic the first time he saw it.  Doesn’t take much to excite a man who hardly knows his way to the kitchen, let alone what tools are hidden there.

Then we have sweet specialities like chocolate sprinkles (you put them over ice cream), and then sprinkles made of pure colored sugar, simply translated “stamped mice” – Gestampte muisjes — and then of course the regular chocolate spreads like Nutella and peanut butter or jam – all on their own, no mixing of the above.

A cup of fresh coffee, or tea (for the Brits in the family….), a boiled egg (soft and we peel the top and eat it ALL , none of this cutting of the top and leave half the egg on your plate), all this complimented by some juice (any kind you like).


So, I will miss that, but I am sure I need to get back to cereal and skimmed milk for a while anyway…. we don’t really do cereal in Holland for breakfast, so that’s my excuse for not eating that once I leave the ship for a while.

Of course we had to catch up on all the missed birthdays (cakes) and going around to my Aunties and Uncles for dinners has definitely not toned my stomach in a positive way. I spent time with my brother and his family, saw my friend and her little boy, went shopping with my mum and stopped for coffee and lunches. It’s been great!

I have attached a photo of a one of the wonderful dishes I had last week, one my Auntie Til prepared. It’s my grandmother’s recipe and just delicious!

Pictures from Heidi’s Vacation Pictures from Heidi’s Vacation

They are white asparagus, covered with hard-boiled egg and bits of smoked ham. Then you drench the whole dish in butter sauce….mmmmm

We had them with a lovely steak and new potatoes. We had dinner outside with a nice bottle of rose wine together with my Auntie Panasonic, Uncle Sony, one of my cousins Mark and his new wife Giovanna (they were married May 12) – left to right: Auntie, Uncle, Mum, Gio and Heidi – Mark taking the picture 🙂

The “Panasonic” and “Sony” references come from John, he started calling them that as soon has he met them both. My Uncle and Aunt own a store where you can buy everything from plasma televisions, espresso machines to fridges – therefore the name.

Well, my first “blog – thingy” is all about food and I fancy dinner as I am writing this. It will be a salad though!

All the “quality time” I had with my mum did us both the world of good and gets us through the next couple of months where we won’t get to see each other.

I drove off at 4:45 am this morning on my way to the airport after saying goodbye, which is always hard, but even harder when you are in the car on your own and one of those soppy love songs is the first things you hear when you turn the radio on. My mum and I now say, “See you in the morning.” No long goodbyes, as that just makes it harder.
It’s only a 30-minute drive to airport, but it feels like forever without John there cheering me up.  Once I turned onto the motorway it’s only five minutes away…I dropped of my rental (certainly not an Aston Martin) …crossed the road and checked in. The flight was a bit bumpy but quick and it’s time to go back to work now.

I would like to thank all bloggers for all the candy you have brought to the ship! I really appreciate it.

Apart from that, John is in the doghouse as he wrote that I am nine years younger, which is actually eight and we got married in 2004, which is actually 2003….what’s in a number, eh?

I am really proud of John doing this blog thingy every night. Sometimes he sits up until two or three in the morning. Hopefully we will have some time off together toward the end of the year and maybe I will rent him an Aston Martin for the day as that is all he ever talks about, apart from, of course, Angelina.

I am going to catch up on the e-mails and get to work.

Unlike John, I do not have a PA…..

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