Heidi's First Response to Comments

June 18, 2007 -

John Heald

LUV2CRUISE & JOHN FROM MOUNT HOLLY – Leona & John, of course I would come and say goodbye to you both. It’s always strange to leave before the cruise is really over, but it just worked out that way that I flew home from Pisa. Looking forward to seeing you on the Bloggers Cruise!

ROCHELLE – I have decided to write a blog each cruise as I need to be able to rectify John’s mistakes on the numbers concerning our marriage, etc…:)

He is definitely taking good care of me;I can’t wish for a more thoughtful and caring man than he is. I think you should cruise on the Carnival Splendor and before embarking in the UK spend some time in Holland. There are many direct flights to Amsterdam from the U.S. so that won’t be a problem. If you ever decide to visit Holland let me know and I will give you some tips of where to go and where not to go.

WENDY – Mum’s cooking is the best, especially now I can request what to have for dinner. When my brother and I were younger, we would eat what was on the table, she didn’t take requests then, so things change once you leave home. My brother is a good cook, as well, we both learned from my mum and when John and I are at home. Sometimes I will still call her in the middle of preparing dinner to ask her quickly how to do certain things; some things you just can’t learn from a cookbook. Thank you for your comments — it’s nice to hear from a “mom” from California.

HEIDI – BETH – Wow, what a beautiful name! I only have one name, not even a middle name. Always meant to ask my parents why that happened as my brother has three names — some things just aren’t fair…….I am sure you will enjoy your cruise on the Carnival Glory. John and I have very happy memories from that ship. It’s funny how you just remember more from one ship or the other. Let us know what it was like!

PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Hello Sir. I feel like I have to call you Sir, with a name like that, wow!
There is as much hope of John slowing down as our desk ever being tidy or me not finding any underwear on the bathroom floor, so the answer to your question has to be no…. Ciao for now!

PAM – It seems like your brother has been around the world a bit and now, living in Hong Kong, he could be John’s sister’s neighbor. She moved there for work and her family is joining her in August. Austria is probably my favorite country in the world. I went there with mum, dad and brother from the moment I was born. Skiing and summer holidays, climbing mountains with my dad, me secured by him on a rope.

He was a great mountain climber. We would have backpacks on with our lunches in it, which always included a Milka chocolate bar and an orange drink in a plastic bottle in the shape of an orange. Wonderful memories! Looking forward to seeing you on the Bloggers Cruise and yes, you will get to meet Alan. He really is a sweetheart and takes a lot of abuse from John…..poor thing. The only time he really got his own back on John was at our wedding when he was John’s best man and he had “freedom of speech” in his best man’s speech. That time, John couldn’t get back at him as all the family and friends were present J

DOUGNEWMANATSEA – Hello Doug from Nieuw-Nederland! Thank you making the effort to send me a message in Dutch. It’s perfect, thank you. On the subject of Herring: Last week, the first fishing boat came in to the harbor with the first “Nieuwe Haring” (new herring), which is always a big moment. Celebrities in Holland all come together and then they auction of the first barrel of herring. Especially for you, here are some more facts:

The ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (Dutch New) is the first herring that is caught in season, usually in May. As soon as the herring has a minimum of 16% fat, it may hit the market as ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’. But there are other demands. The herring must be gutted, ripened, salted and filleted in the traditional Dutch way. During gutting, the gills, intestines and throat of the herring are removed. The pancreas remains as it helps the herring ripen. Herring is caught nearly all year long, but not all herring can be called ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ or ‘maatjesharing’ (young herring).

I hope you get the opportunity soon to try this delicacy.

MARIJ VAN DINTER – Kijk er naar uit om jullie aan boord te mogen begroeten. Wel gezellig, zo’n stel Brabanders! Heb jij de Hollandse Nieuwe al geprobeerd? Wat is dat toch lekker zeg….Geen zorgen hoor over je Nederlands, zoek me maar op als jullie iets willen weten over de toers enz. enz. daar ben ik voor.

En ja, hij bedoelde saucijsengbroodjes, heeeeeerlijk! Alvast een goeie reis naar Rome! Haudoe he. (is dat goed??)

SHARONR – Hello Sharon, it’s indeed hard to slow John down, he doesn’t want to let anybody down by not responding to their comments, but I wonder how long he will be able to and still do his job on board and keep the guests on board entertained and informed. There are more and more comments each day…..Looking forward to meeting you on board.

LOOKINGFORWARDTOTHENEEARLYSMOKEFREE-CARNIVALFREEDOM – I am sorry I disappointed you by not reporting on the state of our cabin…I thought that by now all of our blogging friends realized that the state of our cabin will never be neat and tidy. It’s quite amazing how much mess he manages to make in such a small place. Picking up after him is a daily cardio workout for me, so the gym is not really necessaryJ  132 days now I think (I am writing this on June 18)

NUMBER12 – Hello number 12. If your dining sitting is at 6:30 pm, then you will enjoy your daily dinner in the Posh Dining Room, located in the aft of the ship on decks 3 and 4. I highly recommend the melting chocolate cake as a dessert (every night!)

R-D-C-ETTEDEBBIE – Nutella on a pancake/crepe is also very nice! Actually, just sticking your finger in the pot and licking the chocolate of your finger is good, too….

I was happy to share my saying goodbye idea with everybody. It’s the only way to do it when you say goodbye to someone you love. California is also on my list of “places I would still like to visit,” not just for the wine….Hope you enjoyed your camping trip.

KATHY KROLL – Hello Kathy and Paul. We didn’t get to have a cup of coffee together, but on the Carnival Splendor I will definitely make time for that, I promise.

Organizing 1,800 guests leaving the ship in various ports to go on tour is hard work, but always gives you a good feeling when once it’s done.

John is thrilled, but so am I. We might have been together for over 10 years, but we still act like we just met yesterday. I think if you can work and live together in such small surroundings, you are meant for each other. Coffee is on me on the Carnival Splendor!

SONJA BONISCH – Lieve Son, bedankt voor het lezen van onze blog. Zo blijf je tenminste bij van onze belevenissen nu we elkaar zo weinig zien. Dikke kus voor Daan!

Lieve groeten voor jou en Jan.

BLESS1045 – Thank you for the nice comments about my mum. My mum is turning 65 this year and I wish I had the same beautiful skin as her. Unfortunately I don’t…she looks really good for her age and I make sure I tell her every time I see her. I will write a blog once a cruise, so watch out for the next one, thank for reading all the blogs.

LINDA HERNACKI – Hello Linda & Handyman Mike. John and I both love children, so we hope to have a family sometime soon. My brother has three children and John’s sister has two, so we are used to little ones in the family. It seems that your children keep you busy as well, with all the grandchildren. I hope everything goes well with your daughter’s delivery, let me know if it is a boy or a girl and his or her name.

DRIEK & TIL – Ha die oom en tante. Ja, de foto’s waren goed gelukt, alleen jammer dat ik bij ome Taxi en ome Vleeshandel geen foto’s had gemaakt, want die zijn nu jaloers en daar word ik nu dus noooooit meer uitgenodigd…

Nou ja, de bunch en de heerlijke tong met warme vruchtjes heb ik in ieder geval “in de pocket.”  Tot schrijfs maar weer.

DEBBIE IN LOUISIANA – Hello Debbie. Welcome to John’s blog world. As for your question, on non-formal nights, a pair of slacks and a polo shirt is just fine; the first of the two formal nights is the most formal, as it’s the Captains Gala. You will be invited for the Captain’s Cocktail Party, then you go for dinner and after that you will be able to enjoy one of our wonderful shows on board. Make sure you come and say hello to us!

EVA – Your comment came through loud and clear. Maybe I might not be working on the Carnival Splendor, but believe me, I will be sailing a lot! So the chance of meeting each other is rather big. I hope we will meet, until then take care.

BARB & CARL THE BEARS – Hello Bear Friends. Thank you for all the candy we received from you both. I will make sure that Zuzana receives her candy tomorrow. You two are too sweet. Thank you for the nice comment about the photo on the blog heading. I never like the way I look on photos, but this one got my permission, could have been worse, John could have posted on of me in bed…:)

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.