Where Ere You Be Let Your Wind Blow Free

June 21, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Morning from Rhodes in Greece or Καλημέρα – Kaliméra as they say in Greek ( I am feeling very International today ).We arrived thirty minutes late today due the medical emergency and apart from the odd grumble everyone has been totally understanding. The guest we took ashore continues to do well but remains in the intensive care ward in Italy and we continue to think about him.

I will pause now as Heidi has insisted that I step away from the computer and go for a walk to get some fresh air so, as resistance is futile (Star Trek reference), I will obey. Back soon.

Ok, I am back and good grief it was hot. I have been out of the Caribbean for some time and today was as hot as I can remember for some time with temperatures reaching 94 degrees and there was no breeze.

Here are a few photos of Rhodes old town.

Rhodes old town Rhodes old town Rhodes old town

This morning started with the usual Morning Show on TV and today’s mixed bag of goodies included a letter from someone called Rosa Tevez who is from California. Rosa just graduated as an emergency nurse and starts work after the cruise. Rosa by the way is 60 years old and just completed 4 years at University in a program specially for something she called “returning students.”

Also, there was a letter from a guest who was not happy and we return here to that old favorite subject – T.V. This time a guest wrote directly to the Captain saying how disappointed he was that this AMERICAN SHIP did not get American T.V. I won’t repeat myself here as we discussed why we don’t get the main network channels in Europe on a previous blog some months ago. However, I spoke to the guest who said his travel agent had assured him that he would get to see his favorite programs and specifically one called America’s Got Talent.

Apparently the episode this week is from Chicago and that is where the guest is from and there was a chance his work colleague would have been featured in it. I told him that his travel agent was incorrect and that we would not be able to see the program. I will stop the story there as the ending is not pretty and my point of bringing this up is this: I hope sites like this can be useful to guests who have specific questions about the ship or destination they are sailing on or visiting. Sometimes it is easy to say “Yes”………I should know, it took me years to realise that the word NO even existed. However, if unsure, contact someone like me and a site like this. Wouldn’t it be great if every ship in the fleet had a direct site where guests could ask questions before they sail and hear from the horse’s mouth what is and is not available.

Just a thought.

Now, let me introduce you to Roberta Jacoby. Roberta is a great friend of mine and a great favorite with everyone at Carnival. She has recently celebrated her 30th year with Carnival. Here is her story.

1. Roberta, can you tell us about your history with Carnival and how you were hired and how long you have worked with us? I was working for a small cruise line in their group department for just a couple of months when our supervisor told us she was having lunch with the reservations director at Carnival. She came back from that lunch and said she was moving to Carnival, and that we could all go with her…..so we did! There were four of us, and since I was the most junior, I was put into the newly formed air/sea department. By the way, that reservations director was Micky Arison, Carnival Corporation’s Chairman. He was desperately trying to find qualified employees in time for the launch of Carnival’s second ship, the Carnivale. I was so lucky to have him as my first boss at Carnival.

2. Your job title is Senior Vice President of Air/Sea and Corporate Training. Please can you explain a little about what your daily work load entails.
I have two very distinct “hats.” Air/Sea encompasses all air, hotel, car, transportation arrangements that a guest may need in order to sail on one of our ships. Because of the volume of business, we are one of the largest single entity “travel” purchasers of many of the airlines and other vendors. We also handle Carnival’s corporate and crew travel like a large travel agency. In addition, the air/sea department has always handled documentation for all guests, and we have just launched edocs for those guests that prefer this option. Just one thing to add, when there is a delay of a ship because of a storm or the day the Mississippi River was blocked off……can you imagine the effort it takes to make all of the necessary changes to take care of guests with last minute airline changes? The air/sea department is always “on call” and ALWAYS rises to the occasion when needed.

Corporate training is actually a fairly “new” department at Carnival, just over 10 years old. The company wanted one vision and common goal for all of our employees. We started small with trainers sailing from ship to ship, and over the past 10 years have developed crew training centers onboard our ships. It allows us to be at the crew’s disposal and coordinate with THEIR schedules. The crew training center is also a place for the crew to come to use resources for further learning in all sorts of subjects. Through the training efforts, we started a crew comment card, much like the guest comment card, that allows us to understand the crew’s likes and dislikes, and to gain a better understanding. We have found that the correlation between happy crew and satisfied guests is tied together like glue. I have to brag a bit here and mention here that our training department has won 3 very prestigious training awards in the past 2 years. I am so proud of our training team, both shoreside and shipboard, for the incredible accomplishments that have been made.

3. Do you know how many flights carnival books a year and how many people work in your department.

We ticket almost 400,000 tickets a year.

We don’t have as many employees as you would think it takes to run the volumes that we do, but many of our programs are automated……for the air/sea department, we have almost 100 employees.

For corporate training, we have two trainers on every ship, and 8 people in the Miami office.

4. How have you seen the airlines change over the years?

With the airline industry trying to stay afloat after 9/11, we saw all sorts of cut backs from amenities to schedules. The flights are packed, and the ability to get seats confirmed is much more difficult. All of us have been faced with new rules and regulations, new taxes, less luggage allowances, smaller carry on allowances, charge for food, etc. The internet has also made a huge impact on how the airlines source their business.

5. Carnival’s onboard training has become such an important factor to the cruise line’s continuing success. Can you tell us something about the program?

We have so many different programs running simultaneously, many in hospitality and management, some language based training, regulatory training, etc. One program that we are running now is a management training for middle managers onboard. It is an intensive 4 week course that is “co facilitated” by shipboard management. We also are the “first face” that the crew sees when they first arrive as we deliver the orientation to make them feel welcome and give them valuable information that will help them get settled. Shoreside, we have similar programs that are relevant for our employees. Relevancy and fun are two key elements that we try to incorporate into every training. We even produce our own videos to supplement the learning.



I know I should say Hillary Clinton, however, I just saw Oceans 13 with my family for Fathers Day, and I have to say that looking at George Clooney for 9 hours would be a treat! Although, John Heald would be a close second…..

Here is Roberta with Carnival’s Chairman and CEO. Micky Arison celebrating Roberta’s 30 years of service

Here is Roberta with Carnival’s Chairman and CEO. Micky Arison celebrating Roberta’s 30 years of service

For my 20 years of service in August I have been told I am getting a Mahjong board.

Today, I am going to get going with the Q and A as in one hour I am on stage and I need to get this going.

First though, let me set today’s Trivia Question.




Darlene Love, the actress who played Danny Glover’s wife in all three movies was an entertainer on some of our Carnival ships. She has an amazing voice and has just completed a hugely successful run in the musical Hairspray on Broadway.

The answer to Roger Blum’s question – what TV mini-series was filmed on a Carnival ship that starred Telly Savalas, Shelly Winters, Stella Stevens, James Coco, Chad Everette, Louis Jourdan, and others is:

The French Atlantic Affair.

The answer to the question – what singer songwriter performed at Kathie Lee Gifford’s charity event on the Carnival Destiny is:

Marvin Hamlisch

Ok, off we go.

JOHN FROM MOUNT HOLLY – Sorry to hear your trophies were broken mate. I will mail you a replacement as soon as I can ( I have your address ). Thanks for the insight into sending champagne and you not drinking. I wish you would have told me onboard and I would have replaced it for you. I am glad you are staying in touch because you gave so much John to the cruise. Heidi and I send you our best and can’t wait until we sail with you again. Look out for new trophies soon.
ROCHELLE – Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about the blog. I wish you a very happy cruise to Alaska with Princess and hope that like your previous cruises it brings you many happy moments and fond memories. The blog will continue as long as you and others are on the other end of the web thing to read it.
Thanks again Rochelle.
MATT AND VIKI TILL – Matt, it sounds like you need to remind Viki who the boss is and stand up and say ‘”I wear the pants in this family.” If it works, let me know and I will have a go but if you end up as I think you will with a Mahjong set sticking out of part of your body I will join you back in the dog house. Looking forward to the next installment because yes, I did give in about the boxers and actually get my first pair this coming weekend when Heidi goes shopping in Athens. So, if you stand up to Viki then maybe I will re start the battle to return to more comfortable underwear. You first though…………………..is Matt a police officer?
JERRY CALVERT – I understand now Gerry. Carnival can book you into one of our recommended hotels for the period between the two cruises. I suggest either the Hilton at the airport or the Visconti Palace in the center of Rome. Please call either your agent or Carnival direct and they can assist you with pricing.. With regard to the bags………..there is no holding area at the terminal that both ships use, however I am sure our ground agent can assist with this. Please let me know what your agent or Carnival says as I am very interested.
What a fantastic vacation that will be. A 12 day cruise on the Carnival Freedom and a Transatlantic on the Carnival Splendor.
It feels very strange writing that………………….I mean having 2 ships in Europe………………brilliant.
Thanks mate and I hope that you know I am here should you need anything at all.
KIM – welcome back from your cruise here on the Carnival Freedom. I am so happy that you had a great time and your comments about the shows and Ken in the dining room are truly appreciated.
A group of friends turning 30 sounds like a great reason to take a cruise and I am here should you or your friends want any advice on what ship to book etc. Maybe you can all join us on the Bloggers cruise in January. It will be a great way to chase away the winter blues. Thanks again and I am glad you had such a great time. MARY HAD A VERY LARGE SHEEP!
Heidi and I send our congratulations to your parents on their anniversary of 40 years and I hope I see you all again very soon.
CHRISTY – The guest we took off in Barcelona flew home by air ambulance a few days ago and although still very ill is expected to make a full recovery. Thank you for your concern, I am sure knowing that so many people were thinking of them helped them through that difficult time. If I here anything else I will let you know but often once home we tend not to get any follow up on their condition.
I am so happy that you had a great time and please keep reading the blog thingy until the next time you cruise.
MARIA JOSE ABAD – Buenos Nachos Maria. Please do not worry about not speaking English. We have lots of staff who speak Spanish and everything is written in Spanish for you including the daily activities and food menus. For the kids we have Camp Carnival staff who are from Peru and speak fluent Spanish so the kids will be having a great time.
I also speak fluent Spanish as I will now for you.
Mucho grasyarse para de blo reado. Bien Vanedo abordo in Augusto para el bweno tea empo…………add e os Maria ……..mucho bess a mear para todos familia.
See …………….perfect Spanish. See you in August and I promise you will have a wonderful time.
SHERIFF ROSCOE P COLTRANE – I wish everyone could meet the Sheriff, who, actually is a police officer in Georgia. You and your wife are wonderful people and it was an honour to meet you and please stay safe working the night shift. Bloggers, how about a big hand for Roscoe for protecting the citizens of Georgia.
I may need that Get Out Of Jail Free Card when I visit Georgia and thank you also for offering a space in the cells for any guest that gets out of hand.
Look forward to hearing from you soon mate.
IVANA – Thank you so much for reading the blog. If you ever do have any questions I will be happy to help you and until then please keep reading and I hope you continue to find it entertaining as you seem to now. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.
LISA MARIE AND SEAN – Nothing else matters in this blog more than the deepest sympathy that Heidi and I and all the bloggers send you at the loss of your niece Lauren while you were here on the cruise. We are thinking of you tonight.
CAPTAIN CHUCK – I agree that a hole-in-one is a once in a lifetime event and he was only 18!
As for the people who complained about arriving late into Rhodes, well, it was only 6 cabins out of 3300 people so I guess that shows you just how much in the minority they were.
You said that the latest blog gave you a break from work that was well needed and that in turn makes me feel so good as well knowing that the extra hours I put into this makes a difference to people’s lives if just for a few moments then I shall keep going and going.
So thanks Captain and as always I look forward to your next posting to be slapped on my blog thingy.
BILL P – 17 cruises with Carnival, that is fantastic! I see you are heading out in October on the Carnival Triumph to Half Moon Cay and Grand Turk. I have never been to these places before but I know lots of people who have and are going every week so if I can help, please let me know. Thank you for your support of Carnival and it is because of you and so many others that Carnival can continue to call itself The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line.
DORTHE CALIMBAS – You were nearly right on both counts but the correct answers are above. Thank you for playing along and let’s see if you can get today’s anagram. All the best Dorthe.
LINDA THE MOUSE – I hope your friend did find you some mementos from your favorite mouse shops and sorry that you did not get enough shopping time on some of the tours – we were just trying to save you money:) The briefs vs boxers battle is over and Heidi has won……………….what a shocker……………and as of this weekend my life changes forever. Hope your friend had a great cruise and thanks as always for your kind comments.
BIG ED – I knew I could count on your support. You and Alan Adkins are one in the same except Alan (like me) lost the battle and has been forced to the dark side (boxers).
BIG ED, listen to your left shoulder and please sail on the Bloggers cruise, if not then Sheriff Coltrane will offer you the right to remain silent.
SUSAN AND RALPH – I would love to see those photos of the QM2 and the Queen Mary. Please can you send them to Big Ed’s site and I will view them from there or can you mail me copies to
John Heald – Cruise Director
Many thanks and once again it was great to meet you both………………………have you mailed the check?
ESSEXMAN – Put the cap back on ! What cigar was it that you smoked? I think we should start a new blog called “Cruise to Southend” and lets see if we can get ships to stop at the end of the pier……………what do you think mate?
TERRI910 – The guest who wanted compensation for our late arrival into Rhodes was indeed a special person and I wish I could have turned into Basil Fawlty
And told them what I really think, but I did not………………………………one day maybe I will though.
Thank you for your detailed description of the Dardanelles and indeed it is both a spectacular and sentimental area for many people. The monument you mentioned is just one of four monuments paying tribute to the soilders who died in WWI. There is the Turkish one that you mentioned, one dedicated to the French and one to the British. The last monument and the biggest is dedicated to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who suffered the most casualties. This is specifically remembered on ANZAC DAY.ANZAC Day is commemorated by Australia and New Zealand on 25 April every year to remember members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who in the Battle of Gallipoli landed at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.
If you read back to the blog of April 25th you will see that we had a very early morning service for the many Australian and New Zealand guests we had on board.
I do not make an announcement about this as we pass as it is at 8:00am in the morning but I do place something in the Capers and advise the guests the night before.
Thank you for reminding us all about this special place, Terri, and as always thanks so much for your comments. All the best.
FengShuiBBTurtle – Now there is a great name. A turtle that likes their shell in exactly the right place.
I am happy to hear that you had such a great time on the Carnival Glory with Heidi and I back in 2005 and even happier to hear that you will be joining us again in August for some European cruising. Please can you bring the photos with you so I can see them and please also leave a note at the information desk when you get on board. See you very soon.
KATHY KROLL – Either the sea air or just plain old selfishness Kathy. Still, these folks are very much the minority thank goodness and there is (as this blog has shown) so much compassion and caring that sometimes because the odd person is rude we forget about that. I am sorry you met some rude guests during your cruise but we won’t let them spoil our vacations will we, bloggers.
SOUTHERN DREAMS – you are now in charge of making Big Ed see that he must cruise in January. Sheriff Coltrane will even give him a police escort through Georgia as well as the offers already standing). BIG ED…….we need you.
ASHLEA ( HOLLAISH ) – Hello girls and of course I remember you both from last cruise. Did you know that so many guests were saying HOLLAISH to me and even some of the Entertainment Staff are still using it now…………….that was a HOLLAISH SHOW etc. Let me see if we still have copies of the show and if we do I will let you know and you can send me a mailing address. Keep reading the blog thingy and on the next one I will let you know if I could find a copy. I hope you and your family are well and I am happy to hear you had such a fantastic time.
MARK TWAIN AND A HALF – Great post mate (is post the correct word) and I see exactly where you are going with the home port comment. Deciding what home port a ship is given is probably one of the most important decisions that is made when deciding the itinerary of a ship and of course having a ship like the Fantasy sail on different cruises to allow back to back cruises may also be something to consider. I think the current 4 and 5 day cruises though are so popular that this may not be changing in the future. The shorter cruises are perfect for that quick break and are also popular with first time cruisers as well as repeat guests.
Ok, you asked about Cozumel. There is so much to do there and the tours are magnificent. I highly recommend taking THE ECHO JEEP ADVENTURE. This is one of those tours not too many people know about. You drive the jeeps through jungle and forest and then onto a beautiful unspoilt beach well on the other side of the island. It really is a completely different world to the now busy tourist main street with shops, bars and restaurants.
Then, if you were to go a second time to Cozumel then maybe you could rent your own jeep and travel the same route and drive all over the other side of the island stopping at the beaches along the way. ………especially the one by the lighthouse!
That is my favorite side of Cozumel and hopefully that has helped you out. There is so much to do there and on the next blog I am going to write about trips across to the mainland of Mexico.
I am glad you liked the guest blog about Cherie and there are more guest blogs on the way. I will be writing to Steve Williams who is in charge of the fleet’s doctors and nurses and we will indeed get some medical insights.
Cheers mate and as always thanks again for your support to the blog.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Heidi has just read your blog and as much as she respects you she says my mind is made up and its boxers or nothing………..I would prefer the nothing.
How are you Paul. I have been thinking about you since you told me about your stroke. I hope this blog finds you well and Heidi and I remain at your service should there be anything we can do for you. You called yourself the Italian Stallion, I am more like the British Ass at the moment………….still it is Thursday.
KEVIN – You have an Aston Martin Vanquish S…………………….wow. I got to drive one once for an hour and it was amazing. I loved the flappy paddle gear box and the noise of the V12 engine meant that I never had the radio on. If I come to New York I would be honoured to take it for a spin as you invited……….HEIDI, WE ARE GOING TO NEW YORK………………..NOW………………………..I KNOW WE ARE AT SEA………………….WE CAN SWIM.
I am hoping that when I get home I will have the chance to hire one for a few days. By the way, have you ever seen a program called Top Gear on BBC America? It’s one of my favorite programs and one of the presenters (Jeremy Clarkson) is a huge Aston fan……………………….One day, my dream will come true.
I am so happy that you are a blog reader and if you need any cruise advice, please let me know, especially since you are booking the Carnival Splendor.
DEB ROWE – To answer your question about traveling from Rome to the port of Civi (can’t be bothered to type the whole word – but if I had I wouldn’t have had to do this explanation thing…………you idiot)…………sorry, back to the answer. Yes, there are regular train services from Rome to the port and it will take about 50 minutes or less if you get the “fast train” with the fewer stops. Once at the station in Civi you can get a taxi but they will want you to pay them “off the meter” as it is such a short trip so expect to pay 20 euros. However, if you have wheels on your suitcases and you can manage between you then it’s a 20-minute walk to the gates of the pier and then there is a free shuttle bus to the ship.
Hope this helps Deb and if you are still unsure, let me know and I will be happy to assist you further. See you soon.
NUMBER12 – 9:30am, by then I promise you will be ashore………………what does number 12 stand for. Looking forward to meeting you.
R – D – C- -ette – Debbie – Debbie, I think we should combine camping and cruising and instead of selling cabins we can sell places to pitch your tents.
Now, as for Thanksgiving, Heidi and I are still intending to do the crossing and stay through November. This will only change if I get too tired which I hope will not happen. I feel really good and even though I have been out 5 months already I love my job with a passion. I have no idea if the boxers thing will make a difference but if it does, I will never hear the end of it. Please Carry On Camping and more importantly Carry on Cruising. Look forward to hearing from you very soon.
LEASA – Thank you for the comments and the joke. I have no words to describe the admiration I have for you and the fact that even though you are blind your sense of humour is such that it is clear for others to see that you are indeed a special person. I have to remember that your computer is reading this for you on a vocal program so what happens if I spell things rongley or if I ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….pause for a long time?
Seriously though, I wish I was there to give you a big hug and thank you for being such a special person. Now, l will investigate about the stateroom steward you enjoyed called Anthony. I wish you knew his last name but don’t worry I am sure I can find out something about him as I know you were worried about his son who you say was ill. Can you tell me the month and year you sailed?
Thanks also for passing on congratulations to Damian your Personal Vacation Planner at Carnival and I will make sure his boss gets to read what you had to say.
I am not sure who will be the Cruise Director on the Carnival Liberty next year but I will make sure whoever it is takes care of you personally. Hope to hear from you soon.
My best to George who is wearing your lingerie.
I truly hope we get to meet one day.
LINDA HERNACKI – Thursdays and Mondays…………..and she is talking about Saturday mornings now…………..HELP !!
Wee Jimmy is Ralph’s nick name. His mother is Scottish and his father Italian. That means his top half is Scottish – he never buys a drink and his bottom half is Italian……..well you can guess the rest.
I promise to do my best to be there for you and my mate Mike in November, Linda, as I want to meet you both very much. Heidi and I send our best to you.
NINA FRANKLIN – Congratulations…………wow, I never thought anyone would get Roger’s question correct. You are the only one so far though.
I have never noticed the Carnival Elation in the chase scene of Gone in 60 Seconds. I remember a ship in a movie with Eddie Murphy based in Miami but I cannot remember the name.
Heidi loves the idea of boxers with the Statue of David on the outside……………..me………………I give up. Next she will be trying to get rid of me going to bed with my socks on.
Thanks Nina and I appreciate your support of the blog very much.
HEIDI – BETH – Thanks for paying homage to the QE2 and as you said I am sure the Queen Victoria will have many amazing features. I have no idea about size, passenger capacity or any of the special features it will have but as soon as my PA007 gets back from his camping trip then maybe they can pass on some of the features that we can all look forward to. I know the QE2 has many loyal customers and I am sure they will enjoy the Queen Vic as we will call her and of course the already incomparable QM2.
Please remind me a week before you sail and send me the boys’ last names and a gift will be waiting. I send you and the family all the best until then.
LFTTNSFCF – Your comments today are, as always, so wonderfully written. A cruise ship offers up so many adventures and I can understand people’s curiosity when something “different or unusual” occurs. I guess it’s the fact that yesterday, as the stretcher carrying the guest to the Coast Guard boat came down the gangway steps the cameras of the onlookers went off as though Angelina Jolie herself was there. I guess I don’t understand why someone would want that particular photo as part of their holiday collection.
Your story about the hurricane is an important one for everyone to read. The safest place for a ship during a storm is at sea. With today’s modern tracking systems a ship can see the route a storm is taking days in advance and can then take the necessary steps to “run away.”
You asked about e mail. Roberto in the office is busy setting up an e mail address for me and then I can communicate with you through that so I can help you out further.
Also, Roberto and I are working on lots of other things that will really enhance the site. The bottom line is that I want this blog to set a trend so that others follow as it is a great customer service tool and a great way to have fun with the people who cruise with you.
Look forward to hearing from you soon and send my best to Mrs MTSFPBLFTTNSFCF.
STORMIN NORMAN – What a fantastic idea. Roberto, how can we do this? Can I have the ticking clock? I already have a PA who is a computer genius so I am halfway there. Thanks Norman, I will do this if it can be done mate. Hope you are well ……….Ausie, Ausie, Ausie.
NANETTEALI – Miss you lots. Glad you got home safely.
BIG ED – How about a FREE tour in Jamaica?
R – D – C- ETTE – DEBBIE – Thanks for this Debbie………….brilliant. I am sure all the bloggers have now found this and can see where the ship is at all times. You are a *
JERRY CALVERT – We do have some tables of 10 mate. Let me know when you are sailing and I will see if I can reserve one for you and your party.
I & MSMOM – I really appreciate your insight to train travel in Italy as do all the bloggers I am sure. There are as you say good sides and bad sides to this and certainly the random strikes that have occurred have been the biggest concern recently. However, it is still a viable way of transporting yourself from city to city and hopefully you will avoid any of the lightning strikes. Please feel free to post a website that will help find out about these strikes, we would all find it most useful. Thanks again and I appreciate your support and the comments that you slap on my blog 🙂
SHARON R – If you really are interested in becoming a cruise ship doctor please let me know and I will point you in the right direction. Please tell your son that Club 02 here is fantastic. This cruise we have 100 plus teens who are taking part in every event and activity…………..he will have a blast. We don’t have too many bingos here but I am sure your daughter will enjoy them. However I hope she will meet new friends at Camp carnival and if she does she will have even more fun. Let me know when onboard if I can help with this. When are you sailing?
I send my best to you and the family and instead of boxers can I have a can of diet root beer?………………..sad isn’t it.
ESSEXMAN – For me mate the battle is lost. Let there be no more talk of boxers or briefs as I have lost the will and the spirit to continue. I am a beaten man and I lay down to the powers of the invincible army that is my wife. I haven’t had a drink for 11 years but after this……………….mines a pint of Fosters.

That’s the end of today’s Q and A.

We are heading for Izmir and weather of 97 degrees. I am off to bed because it is Thursday and also one of the last days I am able to wear the underwear I love. Before they are incinerated I will take them out on one last adventure as we journey to the bathroom floor together.

Hello everyone, this is Heidi here.

John refuses to put this next bit in his blog but I have told him he must. He said to write it myself then so I am.

John is on a diet of no carbs at the moment and it is affecting him in a very unpleasant way.

Today, in Rhodes we were walking off the ship via the deck 6 guest corridor as John had to drop something under a guest cabin door. We were walking down the corridor together when I had to stop to tie up my shoe lace. John had not seen me and kept walking, thinking I was right behind him and that the corridor was empty with everyone off the ship John let out . .. John , I don’t know how to say this without being rude . . . he fluffed, pumped, he let out a gaseous explosion.

The only thing was I was not behind him but the guest coming out of cabin 6314 was.

He looked at me, looked at John who had turned around expecting to see me and just smiled, shook his head, put his room service tray in the corridor and closed the door but not before saying these words

” Where ere you be, let your wind blow free.”

Thank you Heidi for sharing our most private moments and thank you Mr. Jack Hamer from cabin 6314 for having such a wonderful sense of humour. I sent him a bottle of champagne tonight…………….and………………….just for a laugh……………………..a huge plate of baked beans………………..I really did.

Time for bed, oh no, it’s Thursday………!

Your friends,

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.