When Harry Met Heidi

July 4, 2007 -

John Heald

A big Venetian Hello to you or as they say in Italian……Bon Journo froma sunnya Venicea (say this in an Italian accent while moving your left hand up and down).

So far, the sun is shining and I still get nervous here because so far this season the weather here has always been unpredictable. We sailed in to Venice this afternoon and as usual it caused a stir for the guests onboard as well as the guests ashore who no matter who in awe of St. Marks Square and the area they are, they all come running over to the canal side to take photos of this magnificent lady of the sea entering port.

I was on the bridge as usual giving my usual commentary of what people are seeing and it always makes me feel very proud to see all the people ashore taking photos of the ship. I was looking at them through binoculars and saw two men at the Monaco Hotel terrace looking and pointing and getting quite excited. I think it was the first time they had ever seen a big cruise ship before.

I hope you have enjoyed the recent blogs. The photos seem very popular and I await your feedback on the interviews and the idea of maybe thinking about CZJ should AJ continue to be as elusive as a DoDo Bird (or is it a Doe Doe Bird?)……………anyway, you know what I mean and I need your advice.

I have met lots of bloggers this cruise and as always it makes a cruise that more special to actually meet people who have been writing to and reading the blog each and every day. One of them is HIJEAN (Jean Tessier) who is here celebrating her niece’s exam success in becoming an Occupational Therapist. She also wanted me to tell her sister that they are both fine and having a great time and to stop worrying! Oh, and they send their love.

This cruise again we have 60 pieces of missing luggage. Some but not all will be arriving today in Venice. We have done our best here to look after them all and last night I personally went to meet four guests from the same family who, out of 7 pieces they left with from New York, they have just one that arrived on the plane with them. Therefore, I personally walked them to the dining room as they only had jeans and shorts and made sure they were comfortable………….I hope all the luggage arrives as soon as possible.

Also, today, I fell in love. Now you may think I change my allegiance to quickly, and you may be right but as much as I love Aston Martin I have realized one will never be mine. I also realize that getting in and out may be a problem as well and as I don’t want to end up on the floor every time I get out I have decided to change. The other reason is I saw a Bentley GT Continental, the chosen car of the very tanned and famous……………..and wow, that’s the car for me. So, Mr. Bentley dealer, expect loads of free advertising in the weeks to come…………………

So, it’s me and AJ in a Bentley, that’s my dream for tonight………………………….except, I just looked in the rear view mirror and CZJ is sitting in the back seat!

Here are today’s photos for you.

1. Coves at Capri

Coves at Capri

2. Some nice Greek Asses

Some nice Greek Asses

3.A Bentley Continental GT

A Bentley Continental GT A Bentley Continental GT

4. St. Marks Square Today

St. Marks Square Today

5. My friend Alan Adkins – he is the one on the left

My friend Alan Adkins - he is the one on the left









There now follows an interview with a great friend of mine Chris Prideaux. He is in charge of our Cruise Directors and Entertainment Program. Here are the answers to the questions that I put to him and they are preceded by a photo of Chris and his son Deacon.

a photo of Chris and his son Deacon

1. Chris, tell us about your Career with Carnival from the beginning until where you are today.

I started with Carnival as a bass player in the show band in May 1991. My first ship was the MS Jubilee and my first cruise director was the famous (or infamous) Steve Cassel. Either way, he’s a great cruise director and a wonderful entertainer. Don’t miss him rippin’ on his fiddle in the XTreme Country! show on the MS Holiday. Anyway, within a few months of joining the company, I was asked to become the Musical Director for the ship. I accepted. Right about the time that I became a musical director, my future wife signed on as a dancer. It’s the typical shipboard love story, American musician meets a British dancer and the rest is, as they say, is history. In late 1994 I was offered a position shore side booking musicians for the Show band. The offer couldn’t have been timed better. We were getting married in June of 1995 and having a secure job on land fit into our plans perfectly. Once again, I accepted the offer and we moved from a 112 sq. ft. cabin on the MS Celebration to a luxurious 900 sq. ft. apartment in Miami. Oh the life. Through the years, I have worked with musicians for the Show bands and Lounge bands, I’ve booked and scheduled headline entertainers, and I’ve worked with cruise directors and their staff. Today, as the director of onboard entertainment I am responsible for our cruise directors and I oversee a staff of 11 hard-working people that together provide all of the personnel for our “fantastic” entertainment teams on board.
2. You are responsible for scheduling all the Cruise Directors. Can you tell us how many CD’s there are in the fleet and something about their demographics.

Carnival has 21 full-time and four acting cruise Directors whose nationalities are American, British, Canadian, and Australian. Combined, this group has over 250 years of cruise industry experience to share ensuring that our guests have the best cruise vacation in the world.

3. How do you think a Cruise Director can impact the guests’ cruise in a positive way.

The Cruise Director enables the FUN on the Fun Ships and can get the guests to forget their cares and truly immerse themselves in all that a Carnival Fun Ship vacation has to offer. Your Cruise Director is trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent (well, maybe not all that stuff). In general, they’re good scouts whose primary goal is to make sure that everyone on board has a memorable cruising experience.

4. Let’s talk about the recruiting process for the entertainment staff. How do you employee the musicians, entertainment staff and theatre technicians and what advice would you pass on to anyone who may be thinking of a career within this field.

We employ people from all around the world. Several times a year we’ll have audition tours, which hit major cities in the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We’ve expanded our scope recently and gone to Romania and South Africa to audition musicians for our Show bands and we regularly hire our lounge bands from the Philippines. If one is unable to audition live, we accept promotional material sent by mail or we can go to a web page to see what an entertainer can do. We also have a web site (http://www.carnivalentertainment.com/) which offers information about the positions that we have available and how to contact the Entertainment department.

As far as advice; Focus on what you want to do, prepare yourself thoroughly to do it, and when you think you’re ready to do it, JUST GO FOR IT!

Come on out to Carnival and have the time of your life. It’s FUN I tell ya’.

5. How many entertainment employees including dancers, singers, technicians and musicians etc does Carnival employee?

We currently have 1,263 extremely talented people whose passion is to provide our guests the finest entertainment they’ll find aboard any ship, anywhere.

6. Tell us about our fly on entertainers and what that means and what their life is like.

We have somewhere around 80 Fly-On entertainers who perform full-time on our ships. Their talents are varied; we have Comedians and vocalists, jugglers and sword swallowers, and the occasional illusionist or hypnotist thrown in for fun. No matter who is assigned to your cruise, you are going to see something that you like. Their title comes from the fact that we fly them in and out of the various ports that we call upon. As we only have two cabins assigned to the acts per ship, and sometimes as many as six acts performing per cruise, we need to “hot bunk” the beds. It goes something like this. Your first two entertainers will join the ship in Miami, do their shows and disembark in San Juan. The next two acts will join in San Juan, perform and then disembark in St. Maarten. The last two entertainers of your cruise will join in St. Maarten and leave with the guests when the ship returns to Miami. Their life involves a lot of travel. We all know how much fun flying can be these days and our acts are in and out of airports sometimes as many as four or five times a week. Imagine having to go through airport security that often, and don’t forget a pleasant visit with Customs and Immigration officials each time that they fly in or out of a port or get on or off a ship. Sound like fun? Once they have made it to the vessel, an act might have to perform that same evening that they arrive. Up at 4 am to get to the airport, arriving to the ship at 3 pm, rehearsal at 4 pm, dinner at 6 pm, and their first show will be at 7 pm, or 8:30 pm that night. It can be exhausting but they are pros giving it all that they’ve got to entertain our guests. My hats off to them.

7. What famous acts have you employed during your time with Carnival.
Over the years we have seen the likes of Michael Bolton, Shirley Jones, Charo, John Davidson, Ben Vereen, Alan King, George Wallace, Richard Jeni, and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr., perform on our stages.

8. Carnival has recently got involved with a new movie called Hairspray. What does this involve and what can guests look forward to onboard.

We’re holding a promotion for the month of July on all of our ships for the new blockbuster hit Hairspray. Look for Hairspray “Hairioke” in our Karaoke lounge, Hairspray-based activities (parties, bingo, trivia contests, etc.), Hairspray dance classes and Hairspray dance contests, and Hairspray look-alike contests. The studio has provided prizes (Movie tickets, t-shirts and tank tops, cameras, wigs, and movie posters) for us to award to some of the participants at our Hairspray events. If you’re cruising in July, join in the Hairspray FUN. The more the merrier.

9. One of the greatest additions to our program has been the Club O2 for 15 – 17 year olds. Please tell us what this program is all about and why everyone is singing its praises?

A few years ago we identified the need to provide the 15-17 age group with their own programming on board. We felt that they should have their own dedicated lounge (Club O2), their own Cruise Director (Club O2 Director) and activities and events which suited their interests, tastes, and needs. Through a partnership with Coca Cola we have developed this industry-leading program that has given our teens a place to meet, socialize, dance, and chill out. Our clubs are fitted with the latest in video gaming equipment and games in the game pod, a dance club playing the latest hits, a non-alcoholic bar serving Coca Cola products and fruit drinks, and comfortable areas to just hang. The teens in Club O2 are supervised by the Club O2 Director who is someone that the teens can identify with. A Club O2 Director is a fun, non-threatening older brother or sister type who can motivate and entertain the Club O2 teens making sure that they have a great cruise. Happy kids equal happy parents you know.

10. Finally, money is no object. Please hire one of each of the following for a Carnival ship. (stars can be alive or not).

This is a tough one. Our guests represent a very broad demographic and it’s difficult to choose entertainers who would be universally appealing one and all. If I could narrow it down to a particular itinerary or season, the question would be a little easier to answer but I guess that I’ll have to aim somewhere down the middle. I’ve made it a little more fun and added who I would like to see perform on a Carnival ship.

Guests Elton John (he’s got so many great tunes)
Me Peter Gabriel

Guests Tina Turner or maybe Madonna. (Definitely not Paris)
Me Joni Mitchell (Definitely not Paris)

Guests The Beatles
Me Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

Guests Bill Gates
Me Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin (I’m a bit of a spaceman)

Guests Catherine Zeta-Jones (Definitely not Paris)
Me Joni Mitchell (Definitely not Paris)

Guests Bill Cosby
Me George Carlin

Guests Catherine Zeta-Jones (Definitely not Paris)
Me Catherine Zeta-Jones (Definitely not Paris)

Thanks Chris, I am sure everyone thanks you for your time and also I thank you for your support of CZJ. If you have any comments for Chris please hang on to them for now and I will be arranging a Q & A later this month…………thanks again mate

Talking of Q & A…………here is today’s.

SCOTT – Hello Scott. Yes, the photos look brilliant now and thanks to Roberto and the team for their help with this. The news from PA 007 about the Carnival Splendor’s run was very exciting and I am sure there will be a few lucky people who will be able to sail from Florida, all the way around to California. Congrats on getting all the anagrams correct and your thanks for the hard work is so appreciated. Please keep reading.
MTSFPBLFTTNSFCF – I decided to give you your full title today. Thank you for the compliments that you paid to PA 007……….I am getting nervous now that their cover may be broken and M (his boss) will discover their true identity. If that happens, there will be an empty cubicle in the Miami offices. As for the mask, I was walking around Venice yesterday and I saw very few people smoking, even outside so hopefully your mask will not be needed unless you pop up to my cabin after I have had those pistachios. Hope you are both well and see you soon.
MARK GOECKE – Thank you for the encouraging words mate. Now, to answer your question about the typical provisions list for the Carnival Freedom, here are some facts and figures for you…………………note, this is for the entire ship, not just for me:)
During an average week on Carnival Freedom Guest will consume:

  • 2,200 pounds of prime rib
  • – 4,500 pounds of chicken
  • 2,500 steaks
  • 15,000 pounds of shrimps
  • 1,000 pounds of lobster tail
  • 400 pounds of veal
  • 4,800 hamburgers
  • 2,200 hot dogs
  • 1,300 pounds of baby back ribs
  • 600 pounds of ham
  • 900 pounds of Salmon
  • 1000 pounds of pasta
  • 7000 pizzas
  • 3000 pounds of tomatoes
  • 6,700 pounds of potatoes
  • 5,300 heads of lettuce
  • 4320 bananas
  • 2,500 apples
  • 1,003 melons
  • 1,100 pineapples
  • 6,200 pounds of flour
  • 22,000 eggs
  • 36,000 slice of bacon
  • 12,900 slices of white bread
  • 20,000 Danish pastries
  • 900 gallons of milk
  • 1,000 pounds of coffee
  • 620 gallons of fruit juice

The Bars

  • – 24,500 cans of soft drinks
  • – 28,150 bottles/cans of beers
  • 1,420 bottles champagne
  • 3,502 bottles of wine
  • 4,000 liters of spirit

COLEEN O’LEARY – Please do not feel embarrassed to ask me for assistance. I have made the corrections to your Supper Club reservations and they are now confirmed as you requested. Don’t worry about the repeated questions, trust me, you know more about these things than I do. Let me know if you need any help because that is what I am here for.
BILL – ZYDECOCRUISER – Looks like the plot to explode car bombs was indeed thwarted in time. It also seems that the people were all doctors who were working in the U.K. What a mad, mad world we live in where the people who can cure you want to kill you. Thanks for your concern mate. As for the problem with reserving deck chairs, I have to admit we (like most lines) have yet to come up with a foolproof solution. However, I have now started to make announcements and also I mention live at the morning show on the big screen asking people not to do so. It has helped a little, however, it is a continuing problem. I do like the suggestion of a White Elephant Sale and I am sure if we did that we would have the world’s biggest collection of towels, beach bags and loads of flip flops, which seems to be the favorite thing to leave on the chairs. Suggestions are welcome. You asked about Harry Connick Jr and yes, he is on my wish list of star performers for the Carnival Splendor. As for Dover Sole, it’s always in season but due to fishing restrictions the sole decided to move to Holland where they can enjoy feeding on the local “plants” which makes them very Happy Soles especially David….Soul. A Soul was once swimming when it hit a wall and the Souls said…………..DAM? Thanks also for the photo links and I am sure all of us are very grateful. Thank again Bill and hope you are well.
LOVE TO TEACH – Can you tell me when your son’s birthday is and I will make sure that the decorations are up in your son’s cabin on time. You are correct that the Carnival Splendor does indeed have the most exciting itinerary. I know they are long cruises but hopefully some of you will find the time to experience these amazing ports. See you in a few days and leave me a note when you are onboard.
BRYAN – As a university student I realize that your money is being invested in your future and rightfully so and therefore a Carnival Splendor cruise is out of the question. However, you do ask about the 12-day carnival Splendor European Baltic cruise and what the ports of call are. Here then, as requested please enjoy looking at this;
Carnival Splendor’s inaugural season will kick off with a series of 12-day Northern Europe cruises operating round-trip from London (Dover) July 13 – Aug. 30, 2008. Ports of call include Copenhagen; Warnemunde (Germany); Helsinki; St. Petersburg; Tallin (Estonia); and Amsterdam.
The ship will also operate on a special one-time 12-day western Mediterranean cruise departing London (Dover) Sept. 11, 2008, calling at Le Havre (Paris), France; Vigo, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Malaga and Barcelona, Spain; Cannes, France; and Livorno, Italy.
There you go then and if you are interested and want to book and need advice before I will be happy to help you anyway I can. Now, get back to your studies.
JENN – My goodness, your question is a hard one to answer. For the sake of the readers I have stuck it here again so they understand.
Hi, John! How many little kids do you have on your European cruises? I’d like to book the July 13 Splendor, but am wondering if we bring the kids (who will be ages 8 and 3), or leave them with their grandparents. On one hand, hubby and I haven’t had a vacation alone since 1999; on the other hand, I’d miss them terribly for two weeks.
What do you think? I love the itinerary and would want to take it all in, which is probably a strike against the kids. Also, the Spa Suite is just screaming to me. Decisions, decisions…
Now, I can only answer this honestly and this is just my opinion. Yes, it would be great for you to have some time alone with your husband and I am sure you deserve it. However, if there is even a doubt (which there already seems to be) that you will not enjoy the cruise as much because you will miss them, then it is simple. BRING THE KIDS. Why?…………………….Two reasons, the first being that the kids will have a great time themselves. They will have a great kids program of fun and activities to enjoy and while I do not know yet how many other children will be onboard, I do know that there will be others for them to make friends with. Then, the second reason and the most important. If you have a chance to spend a vacation with family, take it. There is nothing more important than family time and it seems that the world we live in with all its gadgets for communicating that actual time together gets less and less each day………..bring them……………you will have time alone with your man…………and that will happen in the knowledge that the kids are having a wonderful and safe time and rather than being thousands of miles away, they will be one deck above you! Just my thoughts…..hope that they were of some help.
STACY – Seems like you and Big Ed are going to be fighting this spa contest out to the bitter end. I am trying to get some insight as to who is going to win and I should have some news soon. I see that you have a three-year-old who you state “likes to climb.” I was the same and I remember my Mum always shouting to me, “If you fall out of that tree and break your leg, don’t you come running to me.” I hope you win and if you do then we will look after the mountaineer while you enjoy the Spa. Good Luck…………………….and yes, to you too Big Ed.
EVE AND IAN – Thanks for saying how much you enjoy the blog and I appreciate the kind words. Here, as requested are the smoking areas on the Carnival Freedom.
Smoking is allowed only in:
Smoking is not allowed in:
There you go. I know smoking continues to be a “hot topic” and we will I am sure revisit this subject many times in the future. Hope this helps mate and thanks for your kind words.
KERSPLOTT – I had to stick on your comment because it made me smile and again assured me that writing this blog is the right thing to do. Here it is again:
Every time you laugh it is supposed to add an hour to your life so I am guessing that with reading your daily blogs I will live forever………
Thank you!
So, 91 days and counting to your Carnival Victory Cruise to Canada and 379 days to your Carnival Splendor cruise. Now, as you stated PA 007 throws in the new South American cruises as well and I see you are considering doing all 49 days…………If I am there I have a feeling we will be best friends by the time the ship gets into California. I do not know if I will be there, that’s up to Roger and Chris but if I am I think it will be the most fantastic of voyages.
Chris Prideaux will advise me as to who the cruise director will be on your September 2007 Carnival Victory cruise and I will let you know on the next blog. Cooking classes are on the way and should be added very soon and this again will be thanks to the great readers of this blog. The laughter will continue as requested and thank you again for all your support.
JIMNI – Thank you for the link to the cooking school, which I have passed to our shore excursion department. I can tell you that we have a very similar one nearly ready to go in Provence in France. I agree with you that cooking and eating sounds like a great tour…………..well, maybe without the cooking bit. I will let you know the details very soon. Meanwhile you can come to my house anytime, cook me a meal and I will eat it. Hope you are well and see you soon.
BARB AND CARL THE BEARS – The thanks for the information on the Carnival Splendor South American cruises should go to PA 007 who made sure, at the risk of their own job, that we all new before anyone else in the industry. If you are considering all three of the cruises then I think as said above that it will be the most amazing time together and I hope I am lucky enough to be there with you. Best to both Bears from Heidi and I.
JANFR WA – Yep, PA 007 has started the thoughts of BACK-TO-BACK-TO- BACK cruises. I am not sure if anyone is qualified to actually teach kids here onboard, however, if we do have kids on for the entire 49 days of the Florida to California cruise I really think that we need to have a look at holding educational days for the children and that is something that we will be looking at. Keep thinking about the BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK cruise and I am hear to help should you need it. By the way, think of this, if you do take the BACK-TO-BACK-TO BACK cruises then you will be able to have 49 warm chocolate puddings at dinner………….mmmmmm.
JENNIFER – By the time you have read this blog thingy the pricing for the Carnival Splendor should be ready either through your travel agent or through a Carnival vacation planner.
I was so sorry to read about your husband’s serious illness and I am sure I am joined by all the Bloggers when I say that we wish him continued good health and we all congratulate you in advance for your new arrival in December.
NANCY LIEDEL – Then, come to Italy. Operators at Carnival are standing by to take your call or give your agent a buzz. I am glad you like the photo but seeing it for real is something very special. Let me know if I can help.
PHIL – It is good to know that you are enjoying the blog so much and I hope you will continue to do so. You asked about the public health requirements and who deals with this. Onboard we have a whole team of managers and officers who are fully trained in the various and strict United States Public Health requirements. There are constant onboard training programs for all the crew that also include environmental training. We have a team also in the office in Miami and I will be slapping on a Q & A with one of the, Ian Smith who is the company and industry expert with regard to this subject. Look out for this shortly Phil.
LONGIN2CRUISE – I understand that you were skeptical about me after reading the praise I received on Cruise Critic but I am relived to hear that you felt that I exceeded your expectations. It is also wonderful news that you have booked the Carnival Splendor’s first Baltic cruise and I am as excited as you about this wonderful itinerary. Reservations can also now be made should you be interested in the South American cruises in 2009. There is so much to look forward to.
KATHY KROLL – It is quietly satisfying that I am able to get information out to you before anyone else knows about it. This is of course thanks to PA 007 who is risking their job each and every time they calndesnt……clandesina……….cladistena………………..secretly obtain the information that is supposed to be classified. This was shown when you spoke to someone at Carnival and they had no idea about what was happening with The Carnival Splendor and her visit to South America……….I am sure I am upsetting some people by putting information out before it should be made available but so far I am managing to dodge the bullets. Thank you for your continued support of the blog and my best top Paul.
LISA AND ELAINE – Hello to you both. In answer to your “Will PA 007 be on the Bloggers cruise?” The answer is “YES.” However, you won’t know who they will be. I am saving up my own money to pay for PA 0007 to come and sail as it is the least I can do. PA 007 has only ever sailed on a three-day cruise and cannot afford to jet around the world taking cruises so I am going to reward PA with a seven-day trip. I will be talking more about PA 007 later in this blog thingy.
The situation in the U.K. and the various terror threats did not change anything here. We are already at a very high state of security and as the safety of the guests is and always will be our number one priority.
I hope that you both are enjoying reading the blog and as always, I remain at your service.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Hello mate and as always I have a smile on my face when I type in your name. Let me start today by saying that I am happy to hear you enjoyed the interview with Steve Williams our medical director. These guest blogs continue to be popular I see so I in turn will continue slapping them on the blog. You asked about the Carnival Splendor’s trans-Atlantic cruise, so here is the itinerary for the 16-day voyage.
Ports of call include Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga, Spain; Funchal (Madeira), Portugal; and St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.Sounds great and of course there are the five straight sea days in which to relax after the ports of call.
Now, you ask “WHO IS BIG ED?” and I can only tell you what I know. He has been here from the beginning; I don’t mean from the beginning of time, I mean the beginning of the blog. He has started his own web site on which he posts all the photos I slap on and he hates sitting in a booth in the dining room. I know he and my mate Alan have a lot in common and that his wife hates flying (Mrs. Big Ed). For more information I will have to ask the man himself and maybe we should have a BIG ED Q & A one day.
I hope you are feeling well Sir and as always I thank you for everything you write and Heidi sends her best to you and is happy to hear you are enjoying the photos.
LISA BISTI – Today we are in Venice and the temperature is just 84 degrees. You are correct though that Greece was very, very hot and hopefully things will cool down by the time we get there next voyage. I will see you in three weeks and will keep you informed as to the weather.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – No gifts needed, it was a pleasure to give you a mention. We did have a wonderful dinner and I will have a chat about that with you in a moment. Seeing two leaves fall of a tree must have been the most amazing experience and the only thing that may top that would be a cruise. Give my best to his Highness and write soon.
LEASA – Hello and thanks for your posting here. No need to apologize for not writing earlier as I know it’s hard during the workday to find the time to read this blog. Heidi and I had a wonderful dinner and I can tell you that the cruise director for your Carnival Liberty cruise will be chosen in a few weeks time and I will make sure I tell you immediately.
You really have to go to the Supper Club, it is without doubt one of the most fantastic additions to the Carnival product and not to go there is like visiting Egypt and not seeing the Eiffel Tower….sorry, I mean the Pyramids. Seriously, it is truly outstanding and for just $30!
Thank for the hug and one is returned to you forthwith.
KIM NOTTINGHAM – I share your pain. Looks like you have a busy cruising season and I am here to help you decide and sorry for causing you pain as you decide which of the new itineraries you decide to take…………………..you could take them all………..then you will feel no pain.
JO MYERLY – I have never heard of people sending luggage ahead of time via FED EX. That’s a new one on me. I guess it is possible to do this but I would not know where you would send it. I just checked with the port and they will not accept luggage this way for security reasons. Do any other bloggers know about doing this?
I can tell you that we have 7,000 pieces of luggage each cruise on the vessel and the average lost luggage list is between 40 and 80 pieces. I really do not what else to say Jo except I hope that yours arrives safely and I will continue to check into what else can be done. I will get back to you soon.
FAITH – Yes, he was. Welcome home Faith and I hope you and your husband had a great cruise. What was your favorite port? I hope you enjoy reading the blog and hopefully it will keep you going until your next cruise.
VIKKI AND MATT – No pressure. Just pick a cruise for us. Well, for me, out of the three cruises the Carnival Splendor will take during its repositioning to California, I would probably take the second. I have always wanted to go to Brazil and this will hopefully give me a chance to so. I think they will all have their special flavor so choose carefully, maybe you should do all three! Hope you are both well and let me know what you decide to do.
BIG ED – It’s a deal. If I can get enough people interested I will indeed make one of the Carnival Splendor cruises a bloggers reunion cruise. Which one do you suggest? Thanks for helping me answer Paul’s question as it seems you are a wanted man……………and not just by my friend Alan.
Hello Mrs. Big Ed – hope you are well and please think again about the January 2008 cruise, I need my Hardy!

That end’s today’s Q & A…………..more later tonight.

Here is some extraordinary news from PA 007 regarding the goodbye to the Queen Elizabeth II season……………..here is PA’s BREAKING NEWS.

Just heard the 4 farewell to QE2 cruises sold out in 36hrs. In Australia they had to get up at 2am to book it and 300 got confirmed. The waitlist on the last cruise is already at 1,500…..amazing.


So, there you go, it looks like a so many people want to say goodbye to the Queen Elizabeth II. I think out of respect and forever we should refer to the Cunard ships in full. Therefore, let it go forth that the ships will now be called as so required by Royal proclamation…………….QUEEN ELIZABETH II, QUEEN MARY 2 AND SHORTLY THE QUEEN VICTORIA………………I would hate for her to be called the QV……….so, lets start the trend here and others will follow.

And now, here is the latest in the new section “IN THEIR OWN WORDS” and today it is a letter from Kim Algero

Letter from Kim Allegro

Letter from Kim Allegro

Its very late here, 1:55 am in fact. Heidi and I just returned from dinner ashore with some wonderful friends. We went to Harry’s Bar, probably the most famous restaurant and bar in the whole of Venice. It is small, slightly cramped but, the moment you walk in you are hit by some invisible magic that makes you forget how small the place is and that is replaced by a feeling that you are somewhere special.

Now, the food, Heidi had the Shrimp Risotto with Zucchini and I had a traditional Italian dish………….Curried Chicken……………..and it was……………HISTORIC.

It really was outstanding and if you go, this is one of the many things I would recommend. The other of course is the Bellini which Heidi said was outstanding and of course you must have if you go there. My friend also had something called a Scallponi, or Scollopani or a Sculapenny or a Stropiardi or a Stromboli or a Strombowlani………anyway, it’s a famous desert drink that’s made out of Vodka and ……………..something. Anyway, go to Harry’s, tell them you are on a Carnival Cruise Line Ship, even if you are not and they will welcome you with open arms. It is an incomparable experience and I highly recommend this special place for drinks or dinner.

After dinner we took a stroll to St. Marks Square pausing only to squat away the annoying little sods selling roses who appear out of nowhere attempting to sell you flowers that look like they could do with a Bellini themselves. I know they are just trying to make a living but there was one tonight who would not take no for an answer, and if he hadn’t left when he did I would have used his bottom as a vase. The friends we were with are sailing on the Emerald Princess, which was in Venice with us.

Heidi and I enjoyed their company so very much and we had lots of laughs especially when after drinking a Frangelico our friend said she saw a man with three legs …………..strong stuff that Frangelico.

Oh, one last thing. Eating at Harry’s was brilliant and I would have no fear in saying it was the best food I have eaten in Venice. The only problem……….you may have to mortgage your house and sell the kids for medical experiments to afford it……….cheap it is not……………..

There are always stars at Harry’s and indeed I am sure I saw a very tanned George Hamilton sitting at a corner table with two stunning ladies next to him and I guess what was his big brute of a bodyguard.

The best part of the night though……………………………………I DIDN’T PAY!


Time for bed


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