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July 6, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Evening.

What a day. I am writing the start of this blog from a beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia which has been bathed in sunshine all day long. However, it has been a long day due to the ship using a tender service for the first time to get guests ashore. The pier facilities in Dubrovnik are limited to say the least and today and on two more occasions later in the season, we are tendering guests ashore.

Now, the tender operation in Cannes is usually very smooth and extremely quick with the locals providing us with five big and modern tenders. Here in Dubrovnik, we had two small tenders provided by the folks from Dubrovnik plus our own tenders from the vessel. We have 3,400 guests onboard and they all leave together and return at the same time……………………….the result………………………….lines…………….sometimes longer than we would want to see them but as always the reward is waiting when they discover the beauty and history of Dubrovnik.

OK, all guests are onboard and its away we go. Tomorrow we have a day at sea and then we will head to Canoli……….or Messina as it is sometimes known.

How about some photos. Here are today’s selections.

1. Photos from our Sail Away From Venice Mask Party

Photos from our Sail Away From Venice Mask Party
Photos from our Sail Away From Venice Mask Party

2. The Realto Bridge, Venice ……………… (why did I write Venice?) ……it’s not like you are thinking, oh, is that the Realto bridge in Venice or the one in Ohio?

The Realto Bridge, Venice ……………… (why did I write Venice?) ……it’s not like you are thinking, oh, is that the Realto bridge in Venice or the one in Ohio?

3. George Hamilton who I think I saw in Harry’s Bar with two stunning ladies, one blonde and one brunette………lucky man.

George Hamilton

I have been in a quandry over AJ…………….I have had sleepless nights and now I need to discuss this with you. I have always wanted her as godmother of the Carnival Splendor and I have to admit I am getting nowhere. She has chosen to ignore all forms of communication, letters, phone calls to agents and friends and even a special message of admiration which I sent to her written across a pair of my old drawers……………………………but nothing.

It takes months of planning to organize a naming ceremony and I hope that this one can be the best ever…………..but, reality is setting in. I will never get to drive an Aston Martin or my new favorite a Bentley Continental GTC and therefore I must accept that AJ is forever lost and move to new fetishes…………….in this case, the beautiful, gorgeous, vivacious and Welsh Catherine Zeta Jones…………………all I need now………………..is your permission.

Here is a comment I received today from a guest……………..Once again I have taken out their name but it is another one of those daily comments that I enjoy sharing with you all………….here it is.

Hello John,
Can you please kindly advise if you were able to speak with the guest below and what was the outcome of your conversation?
Thank you kindly for your feedback in advance,
Kind Regards,
Zuzana Treska
Purser’s Office
Carnival Freedom

2344 – Comments about Children
Mr __________ came to the Purser’s desk shortly after 12pm to bring to our attention that he is very upset with the number of children onboard. Purser asked what his concerns were and he replied that if he had known there would have been so many he would have taken another cruise line instead. He then said he wanted to talk with the cruise director
Purser thanked Mr ——– for stopping by and sharing his comments with us and apologized for his disappointment and that the cruise director would contact him soon. Purser thanked him again and he left the Desk.
[7/5/2007 3:05:03
Purser sent email to Cruise Director.

So, I just spoke to the guest who, before we start, I should mention that he is sailing on his first ever cruise. Anyway, I explained that we had 500 people under the age of 21 out of the 3,400 onboard and asked him what his concerns were specifically. I won’t waste my fingers on typing everything he said because the bottom line is………………………..he and his wife do not like children…………it’s that simple. I explained also that other cruise lines can also carry similar number of children and he seemed to accept this. Anyway, the call came to an end and I encouraged him to relax and not worry about children and to enjoy the cruise. I got a sense that he really dislikes kids…..I wonder why? Anyway, I will be calling him in a few days to follow up with him and see if he is a bit happier, I hope so.

Here is some news I just received about the Private and Exclusive tour of the Vatican.

We have just been advised by the Vatican that it will not be possible to operate the Exclusive Private View of the Vatican on July 12, 23 and 24 for security reasons – the Pope will be on vacation (Mountain Retreat) and therefore no one will be allowed in His private apartments.

Sorry about that news but obviously we are under the constraints of the Vatican itself. The regular Vatican Tours will run as normal.

OK, here is today’s special guest interview. Today, we move into the dark and mysterious world of public relations, a world filled with secrets and inhabited by strange Troglodytes that sleep hanging upside down for wooden beams………………….rather like bats.

Here is the head of our PR department, Mr. Tim Gallagher.

1. Tim, please can you tell us about your career so far and how you came to be in your current position.

In 1981, the PR agency I was working for got the Carnival account. My first project for Carnival was the Tropicale introduction. When the owner of the agency passed away seven years later, Bob Dickinson asked me to set up Carnival’s first in-house PR dept. I did and I’m still here.

2. Public Relations may be something that some readers may not understand, especially in the cruise industry. Therefore, could you tell us what the Carnival PR department is all about?

In its purest form, public relations is media relations. We have the responsibility of disseminating any news about the company to the media which is most frequently done with press releases and media advisories but there is obviously a lot of phone work involved in that effort as well. My department deals with the press on a variety of issues. Sometimes the media are calling us for info and we are also out there pitching stories to them. Hey, we’ve even been pitching stories on your blog. . . . and, as you may be aware, have landed a few. In addition to handling all of the brand PR for Carnival Cruise Lines, my department is also charged with the PR responsibilities for our parent Carnival Corporation & plc. So I actually have two jobs, but only one paycheck. . . . kind of like you.

3.You have a fantastic team. Can you introduce them to us.

I have only five people that work for me which frankly, is not enough to do everything we are charged with.

Director of PR is Jennifer de la Cruz, who I hired at the PR agency when she was directly out of college. It was her first job. I felt sorry for her because she was a graduate of Florida State University and so, couldn’t find a job. You see, most people who go to Florida State do so because they couldn’t get into the state’s preeminent college, THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, home of the world champion Florida Gators. . . . but that’s a whole other story.

Vance Gulliksen is our PR manager. Vance was doing PR for Miami Dade College when we hired him almost 13 years ago. Vance has a knack for writing and probably drafts more copy then anyone else in the department.

Aly Bello is news bureau manager. She actually is the longest company tenured employee in our dept. She started with Carnival a year before the PR Dept was established and spent a couple of years in what was then known as our inside sales department, which today is called the business development services department.

Laurie Mahle is the department’s administrative assistant and as her title suggests she performs the full gamut of administrative tasks that support the PR effort. She has been with us for 9 years.

Joyce Oliva is the newest member of our team and joined us in April of ’06 from a well-known NY-based PR agency where she handled travel and tourism accounts. She earned her communications degree from the University of Miami.

4. What are the most common requests and questions you receive from the press.

The most common requests are for a variety of factual information about our ships and the company, cruise schedules and photos.

5. Over the years you have built a wonderful relationship with the press. What is your secret?

You have to establish credibility with the media and then maintain it. That means that they have to know that when they call you (or you call them) that they are getting the straight true story. If you lose your credibility then you’re done.

6. From a PR standpoint what has been the most difficult situation you have had to deal with.

Well, by the very nature of this question it would have to be some unfortunate incident. One of the tenants of PR is that you should never repeat negatives so I’m not going to recount my most difficult situation but suffice it to say we’ve been in a few tight spots over the years.

7. What is the most unusual request you have ever had …………..I mean from the press…………not personally

Well, we certainly get a lot of requests that are out of the ordinary. Some of those we accommodate: “Can you lower a lifeboat so I can get pictures?” We’ve done that on occasion. The one we haven’t: “Can I drive the boat?” Sorry, no one gets to drive the boat.

Personally, someone once asked me to play the role of a Bond girl; I vigorously objected and declined.

8. On line cruise chat rooms are growing every day. Why do you think they are so popular?

The boards give everyone a voice and a venue to express their opinion. They all get to be critics; just like those guys in the newspaper; they get to say exactly what they liked and didn’t like. But it’s really happening in every industry, not just the cruise world. It’s just another of many changes that the Internet has brought with it.

9. OK, to the fun stuff. If you had to handle PR for one person from history who would it be and why

James Bond. What do you mean why? Isn’t it obvious?

10. Back to the desert island for you…………….what would you take.

Are there actually islands in the desert?

What newspaper – Well whatever paper it was, it would be old news, so I guess I’d need something with really high-quality, soft paper that I could use it to. . . . well, you know.

What book – I never read the same book twice so it would have to be something I’ve not read. I’ll say THE NAVIGATOR, by Clive Cussler with Paul Kemprecos which seems to be making a steady climb up the New York Times bestseller list and should be fairly mindless, entertaining reading. Hopefully it’s printed on good quality paper too.

One CD — The Best of John Heald AKA, The Worst of John Heald

One Movie — Well I never watch the same movie twice either so it would have to be something I have not seen. I hear that Knocked Up is supposed to be pretty good.

11. Do you have any PR suggestions for me? Yes, but they are way too extensive to list in this space. We’ll do some media training the next time you are in Miami.

Thanks Tim. The Public Relations Department are a vital part of our continuing success and Tim and his staff are the BEST in the business and are some of the most fun people I have ever met. So. Thanks again Tim and we salute you, your department and Jennifer’s tights – remind me to tell you all that story one day.

Here are the answers to the last set of Anagrams




And, here are today’s




And so, we start with a marathon Q & A session.

CAROL SCHOENBERGER – I can see you have been playing catch-up with all the blog thingies and your comments and notes are well taken as always. You asked about the library hours on the Carnival Freedom. The library is in my opinion too small and I wish we had a grand library like Cunard, however, we have a varied selection of books and a big collection of reference books specific to the ports of call we are calling at. The hours are varied but on a sea day it is open for three hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and one hour in the evening. On the trans-Atlantic crossing we have it open all day and I have a staff member walking around with a trolley stacked with games and playing cards. I hope this answers your question and please never apologize for not knowing something even after 11 cruises. I have been at sea for nearly 20 years and I only just discovered there’s a gym onboard. Congratulations, all three anagrams are correct. Hope all is well Carol and please write soon.
BIG ED – I saw your album today and it looks amazing. I will keep posting photos which I hope you enjoy. Next week, I have a very important conference call with Roger, Christine, Roberto etc in the office to discuss the future of the blog and to decide what should happen once I take a vacation. I will write about that in a few moments. I think Alan, you and I should rehearse a Spice Girls routine. Alan could be Ugly Spice, I could be Sperm of the Devil Spice and you could be…well…….Big Spice. All we need now is for you to sail on the bloggers cruise, which I am told, is nearly sold out and we can perform all together…..come on mate, the show must go on.
A CRUISE BY ANY OTHER NAME – I have to agree with you that a child as young as yours will have memories of vacations even at that age. I remember at the age of five going camping with our friends Norman and Doreen Smith and cooking in the middle of a field. It might not have been a cruise but I remember it like it was yesterday. Therefore, I truly hope you will think about bringing the whole family and as soon as 2009 scheduling is discussed for Europe I am sure PA 007 will be there using their high-tech listening device (a glass pressed up against a wall) and will advise me and I in turn you. I appreciate your kind words about “my enthusiasm” and I truly hope it will rub off on you and you will come and see just what the Carnival experience is all about. Thanks mate. Big Ed has asked about my thoughts on RCI’s Mega Ship which will carry 6,000 passengers. This may sound like sour grapes, it may even not be thoughts shared with Carnival as a company but as a sailor and as a cruise director, the Carnival generation of new ships are big enough for me. I am sure the amenities onboard will be varied however – 6,000 people, well the mind boggles. Personally, I do not think the industry is about who has the biggest (Alan and I used to play that game when were kids……….well…………..17) ship but who can offer the best value for money cruise…….is bigger always better…………you tell me. What a stupid question that is, asking that to someone called BIG ED. So, for now I am happy and to be honest, we still have lots to improve on in managing 3,400 guests without thinking about doubling that amount. What is everyone else’s though on this?
VICKI – Congratulations on sailing on the Holiday. You will love the ship and the crew who love the guests who board in Mobile that bring a special kind of fun onboard. Congratulations also on this being your 30th Carnival cruise; I hope it is the best.
LINDA HERNACKI – Linda, I promise you that I am not ignoring the question about if Heidi and I will be onboard for your cruise at the end of November. That is certainly the plan, however, I want to mention also that I will be working 10 straight months by then and I will also have to bear in mind who I am feeling. I want to be there for you as much as you want me to be here and I know regardless that you and Mike will have the time of your life. For now, see you in November 🙂
JO MYERLY – Did you book a Carnival Splendor South American cruise? If so, tell us which one. Hope to hear from you soon.
J – JOHN – 117 F in Arizona……….I can’t imagine how you live normal lives in that heat. I guess you are just used to it but I think Heidi and I will wait until it cools down to 90 before we visit. The no carb diet is going well, most of the time. I was a bit naughty at Harry’s in Venice and had some rice, it was delicious. It was very warm in there as well but I think the heat was emanating from a very tanned man sitting in the corner. I see that you don’t usually read BLOG stuff but the fact that you have taken the time to read mine makes me very happy………..thanks mate and go stick your head in the freezer and cool down a bit.
NANETTEALI – Beautiful words as always Nanette. How wonderful that you should take a family drive to the port of San Juan to see two of our ships docked there. Anyone associated with Carnival reading this I know will feel superb about hearing this……….it’s things like this that make us realize we are doing something right. I hope it is not too long before you walk up the gangway again and until then I will always be here for you. Buenos Nachos a grande hugo para U O.
NANCY LIEDEL – I am sure everyone feels the same Nancy and we must never let our normal day-to-day lives be affected by the people who would take away the name of this ship….Freedom. I hope you and your family are well and please keep reading the blog thingy.
BELLA – Welcome home and its sounds like you had a fantastic time on the Carnival Freedom. I have noted what you have said about seat saving in the theatre and I am now taking extra steps to enforce this by having extra staff patrol the lounge 30 minutes before and up until show time. My apologies that you encountered the one person who thought he was above the rules that we have in place. I am sorry that you felt that there were people who were treating others of different creeds and colors with contempt. I have to say I did not see this myself however I know it happens and happens everywhere……….even Princess cruise Lines I am sure. The only thing I can say is that in my humble opinion you should never let other people dictate what you choose to do. If you had a great cruise, then cruise again and don’t let one or two peoples beliefs influence what you want to do. Let’s discuss this further and therefore I hope to see you soon.
JENN – I am glad to hear you enjoyed the interview with Vicki Freed. She is a wonderful lady and of course as you said, travel agents are our lifeline so we are very lucky to have someone like Vicki who has built up such a wonderful relationship over the years with them all. This blog must always have a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly and if that means admitting my mistakes and sharing guests comments then so be it and it seems people like yourself appreciate it being so candid. Heidi and I send our best to you and please come and sail with us sometime.
CATMAMA 44 – Congratulations to you and of course your daughter in law on her engagement. I am CHUFFED (a local English word meaning very happy) to discover that after the wedding the happy couple will spend their Honeymoon on a Carnival ship. If you need help deciding which ship, of course I am here to help. Wow, you also seem very chuffed to hear about the Carnival Splendor’s South American cruises………..and well you should be as they sound so exciting. Which one are you interested in doing. Anyway, I am sure there are many busy weeks and months ahead preparing the wedding so once again, congratulations. Hope to hear from you soon.
FLCHELSEA – If you get your Mum to take a Greek cruise, I will dance Zorba The Greek with her. Welcome back and it is great to hear how much you enjoyed your Grand med cruise.
MARK TWAIN AND A HALF – There is nothing wrong with my cooking although I did once try and boil an egg in the microwave. Now, you asked about the debarkation system known as SELF ASSIST. This is available on most ships but depends on the permission from the local Customs Officials. This is where, instead of placing your bags outside of your cabin door, you carry all of them yourself the morning of debarkation. This is OK if you are physically able to do so and the cases have wheels on them and then you can go directly to your transportation. My advice, if you are in no rush, put your bags outside your door and let us do the carrying. However, if you are on a tight schedule and on a Caribbean Cruise, then use the self-assist program as usually those guests are allowed of the vessel first. I will outline my plans for the blog come vacation a little later. Hope that answers your questions and come over for some Tripe and Chips sometime. Thanks also for the link to the anagram site; I think I will keep doing this on my own though because it keeps my old brain ticking over. My best to you and your other half.
BRYAN – The answers you are missing are:
Did you get today’s?
SUSAN AND RALPH – I am glad you enjoyed the Carnival Comfort Pillow and I will find out which one you had and get back to you on the next blog. I am also happy that unlike the guest and her quilt that you decided not to steal your pillow 🙂 The beds and pillows are so comfortable and I am e-mailing the man responsible for bringing them onboard and will pass on his advice. Stand by……….and sleep well. Best to you both.
CARL HARMON – I think you are the first person to book BACK TO BACK TO BACK cruises on the Carnival Splendor and her South American Voyages. So, congratulations and as to your question if I will be the cruise director, I don’t know. This up to the office to decide but I am sure there is a great chance I may be. I am sure this will be one of the most amazing cruise vacations any of us will ever get to do and I will let you know any news on specifics as soon as I can. Best to you and Mrs. Bear.
IVANA – The interview with PA 007 is just around the corner and I can tell you, it’s dynamite with some more sparkling revelations. Don’t worry about the guests who were concerned about the lady who is wearing the Burka this cruise. I saw them again yesterday and they were very “happy” so I guess Mr. Budweiser had helped them have a good time and forget about their unfounded concerns. I will chat with you in a minute about the blog and its future. Glad you are enjoying the photos and I will keep adding as many as I can to each blog. Thanks for your support and please keep reading.
KEVIN – You are the first to offer readers a discount on anything………………did you hear that readers……………..10% discount at THE PICCOLO RESTAURANT ON LONG ISLAND……………just mention you are a blog reader………………..Thanks Mate. It seems you have the “sea in you ” and if you are serious about a life at sea then let me know and I will try and help you in anyway I can. How about listing some of your specials, I may never get to the restaurant myself but I am sure anyone from the New York area will be making their reservation now. I am off to look at your Aston photos and I thank you so much for all your kind offers. Let me know now, how I can help you mate.
DOUGNEWMANATSEA – Hello Doug. How are you? I was talking about you the other night with a colleague, were your ears burning? Thank you for your praise of PA 007 and yes the interview with him/her will debut on Monday’s blog……………AND IT IS WELL WORTH WAITING FOR. Thank you for your posting about the Carnival Victory and your lunch there, I shall read this after I have finished this blog and as for people who wouldn’t touch Carnival then all I can say is “don’t knock it until you have tried it.” Thank mate and when you finally do get to experience the FULL MONTY of a Carnival cruise I truly hope I am onboard. Always a pleasure and please write soon.
MARK CHAMBLISS – Depends will be available for the Bloggers Cruise, I think we will all need them. I actually have some news just in on AJ and I will share that with you in a moment. Then, as far as the Bloggers Cruise itself, we have a meeting (on the telephone) next week and we will be making sure that this is the best cruise ever. We do need to release some information on what we have planned so I will share this with everyone ASAP. I personally have some special “shows” planned for that cruise and I am very much looking forward to it as I hope all of you are. Thanks mate and watch this space.
KERSPLOTT – correct……A +
PAULMEDIK – Your words about Vicki Freed are right on the money and I hope you also enjoy the interview above with Tim. The guest blogs will keep coming and I hope therefore you will keep reading. Thank in advance and all the best from us both.
DEBRA HEHN – You are welcome 🙂
PA DUTCHMAN – So, you and the sisters have just booked the cruise, that’s brilliant news. I look forward to meeting you and Heidi looks forward to speaking Dutch with you. See you soon or as they say in Holland. Doooeeee.
DWA76 – How about Dad pays for your RCI cruise and then you pay for one on the Carnival Conquest. I think I know which one you will enjoy the most, what do you think?
LYLEBA – What a dreadful experience for your son and his fiancé in Maui……….I guess you are correct they should have taken a cruise. Of course, we still make mistakes here at Carnival, most of them are made by me, but I strongly believe that taking a cruise is simply the best vacation anyone can ever have……..I am biased naturally but having traveled a lot there is nothing to compare what cruise lines can offer. Heidi has told me that maybe a jacket will be needed for your trip to Amsterdam as the evenings can get a little on the cool side in September. You also asked about the formal nights on your 9/22 cruise. These will be on 9/24 and 10/01.
Thank you so much for all your kind words and I will see you in a few weeks.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Mate, you could never bore me and as always your words are those of a sincere person whose feelings are truly expressed and for that, I say thank you. The guest interviews will keep coming and I have some excellent ones planned for next week’s blog thingies. I am going to keep the caricature I have decided, it means a lot that Anita gave it to me but maybe we can make some copies. Please keep writing and I also feel like I have known you for years even though we only meet over this electronic fence. Stay well and best from us both.
DORTHE CALIMBAS – You and I are having some pillow talk…….don’t tell Heidi.
The pillow you had is the duck down (poor duck) one and the one up from that is a little more expensive. Personally, I have the duck ones and find them fantastic although by the morning I have no pillows, no duvet thanks to Heidi and her Starfish impression every night. I will indeed be having some guest interviews from crewmembers onboard and they will start very soon. Let me know if you order the pillow and hope to hear from you soon.
MRS MTSFP – can I help?
THE JOHNSTON 4 – Let me get straight into answering your questions. Here we go.
1. The July 24 sailing is showing 430 under the age of 21 which will be a nice mixture and both you and the kids will have a brilliant time.
2. The Emerald Princess is also in with us in Venice as it was a few days ago but this will not make the Vaporettos extra busy. The time you have read about we had four big ships in port so all should be well.
3. Heathrow airport’s shops and restaurants will accept Euros so no need to change to pounds especially with the dollar being weaker than me seeing AJ in bikini.
4. You can book the Messina Beach Tour onboard as we will try and get more spaces.
Isn’t it a small world that there you were having dinner and the folks at the next table just took a cruise on the Carnival Freedom. You will be here soon and the fun is here waiting for you. Travel safe and see you soon.
ERIC R THAVER – No need to apologize, you have every right to be excited about the Fish ‘n Chips Restaurant………….you have to try the Beer Battered Cod and the Calamari………….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
FREDDY BEACH – Is that really your name? Anyway, let’s get on with answering your questions. The Currency Exchange Desk will indeed cash Euro Travellers Cheques (spelled correctly) as well as U.S. Travellers Cheques (spelled correctly again) as well. The minimum is $50 or 50 euros but there is no maximum or amount of times you can cash them. All the restaurants and shops in the European Ports except Dubrovnik will accept these cheques and all take major credit cards. My advise bring a mixture of the above and remember that all the European ports except Dubrovnik will have ATM machines where you can use your card and its 4 digit personal number. Hope this helps and let me know if you need anything further. The book is certainly in the works and I hope to have more information on this soon.
See you in October.
CAPTAIN CHUCK – Sorry to hear about the illness in the family. Heidi and I are thinking about you tonight.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – Roscoe, please help her out, I think she will be in jail soon for abusing a leaf that refuses to grow. By the way, in reference to Bella’s posting and in all seriousness, what is a redneck?


I realize I am way behind in answering your questions and I promise to catch up over the weekend. I have 20 plus to answer from the It Takes All Sorts blog plus 50 from the When Harry Met Heidi Blog and I will do so very soon so please be patient with me.

Here are two letters from the “In Their Own Words ” section




I have just heard that we have made contact with AJ’S MANAGEMENT TEAM AND THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID…………

“we will let you know”

I can’t believe that we have made contact and you will never guess who got us where we are today………………..YEP………………PA 007……………he managed to track down her management team from his cubicle, put all the blogs on a disk and sent it to her Manager and they contacted me with that message……………So, AJ now knows that she is wanted as godmother of the Carnival Splendor and its thanks to all of you for your support ………..how could I ever have doubted her. Even if she says NO, at least we got to her and she knows my name…………….sigh………………..and of course thanks to a junior manager who once again has gone above and beyond…………thanks PA 007……….let’s see what happens……………..I am rejuvenated

So, what to do about the blog when I finally go on vacation. I have decided that it will be a mixture of me blogging from home and also a big bunch of guest bloggers who will help fill in the gaps. The only think is I may only have blog three times a week if that is OK. Carnival are going to provide me with a RaspBerry e mail thingy so I can stay in touch, etc., and this will help. My aim is to keep this blog going as long as I can or until people stop reading. Is this ok with you all or Y’all for Roscoe and other Southerners……………..please let me know. I am very proud of this blog, which by the way is …………………………NUMBER 100. yep, I have posted 100 blogs in just 4 months………….not bad, even if I do say so myself. Anyone volunteer to count how many words I have typed?

So, there is much to look forward to, including PA 007’s interview and other guest blogs. There will be more information on the Bloggers Cruise which if you have not already will have you rushing to book it.

In closing today, here is a quick note as to why my job is so wonderful and how lucky I am to do what I do.

Today, I hosted the Marriage Show and as always I had a lot of fun with the Honeymooners. After the show I was stopped by a couple who had been on stage with me. They are Kevin and Colleen Pedwoski. Kevin wanted to say thanks for making he and Colleen laugh so much and they owed me a lot…………………..why I asked…………….The answer…………………they had a huge argument over Kevin spending too much time in the casino, the argument was so bad that he had slept on deck the night before and they had spent the day in silence.

The fact that I had picked them and made them stars as well as making them laugh made them realize how much in love they really were.

That’s it……not a great story but a simple one that made me feel like a million dollars knowing I had made a difference. Hopefully they will not argue for the rest of the cruise…………………hopefully for the rest of their lives…………………..hopefully they will live together in peace and happiness……….who am I kidding their married……….wait until he leaves his underwear on the bathroom floor.

Off to bed


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.