PA 007 – License to Thrill

July 9, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Evening everyone from the med as we sail away from a beautiful day in Messina where the sun has shined down on the 3,400 guests as they explored this beautiful part of Italy.

We are heading for our passage passed Stromboli and Heidi will have her camera ready for a few shots to add to tomorrow’s blog.

It was a day at the computer for me today and Heidi was also busy with tour distribution. We had intended going ashore but the day ran away with us and it never happened. In fact, we have not been ashore since Venice and I am aware that this is not good so I will make sure we get some fresh air in Barcelona.

So, what’s new? Well, nothing but an old problem reared its ugly head again today and I am of course talking about…………seat saving……………not on the ship, on a tour bus…………this was so bad that the tour guide had to call the driver to separate the two FEMALE guests who were screaming at each other.

This is a new version of an old problem so let’s discuss it. The problem started when the guest re boarded the bus after the first stop on the tour and then sat down where the other lady had been sitting. Then the argument began about everyone should have the same seat as when they started the tour and after that it was Handbags at dawn.

I spoke to both ladies tonight and before I did I had to ask a few people the protocol for this as I have never actually heard of this before or did I know what the correct answer was. I was advised by two tour operator friends of mine, Adolfo in Naples and Karen in Turkey, that the correct procedure is that guests should remain in the same seat for the entire tour. Therefore, armed with this information I made my way to meet the two guests (separately) just a few minutes ago accompanied by the Christine from the pursers office and the matter was resolved with the guest who had sat down in the others seat apologizing and wanting to speak to the other lady which I will organize tomorrow…………………time to wear my Doctor Phil hat again.

The bottom line is that I will be adding this protocol to my talk. Just when you think that you have passed on all the information guests need ……oh well………………… Do any of you have any thoughts on this?

I am heading to the bridge in a moment for the Stromboli pass by but just before I do here are today’s photos.

1. The Morning Show on the Seaside Theatre Big Screen

2. The Mini Golf Course


3. Country Line Dancing Class


4. Taormina
And here are the answers to yesterday’s anagrams.




And today’s are a bit harder as I have jumbled the letters throughout the words.

Head Idle Hi
Croaky Minis
Caviar Van Roll
Cobra Lane

Here is today’s ” In Their Own Words ” section; both have different views on one subject.

2267 – Not happy about shuttle service in Dubrovnik
Mrs. (name) approached the Purser’s desk shortly after 12pm extremely upset. She just returned from ashore back on the ship together with her family and was furious about the fact that there were so many people waiting outside for the shuttle bus that would take them to downtown and she had to wait for nearly 20 minutes before a bus came. They asked taxi drivers to get them to downtown, but they would not even talk to them unless they would do a sightseeing tour and she said that she did not want to do sightseeing in Dubrovnik, but shopping, but none of the taxi drivers would take them there. Mrs. (name) was telling the pursers that they completely lost their day and were not able to see the beautiful place that they were so much looking forward to see.
Purser apologized for the disappointment and advised Mrs. (name) that we will document her comments about this and she then left the Desk repeating that we do apologize.
Mr. (name) then approached Purser’s desk and repeated angrily what Mrs. (name) said before. Mr. (name) said that now after he wasted the whole day he is going to spend even more money as he was going to buy drinks on Lido.
Mrs. (name) said that we cancelled their tour and when they wanted to book another one, everything was sold out.
Chief Purser came to the front desk after hearing the guests raising voice and advised them that we are aware of the situation and were just trying to work things out with the port authority and get more shuttle buses in the port, however we can not control the taxi drivers ashore.


Are you sitting comfortably, then lets start with as many Q & A ‘s as I can get through before the Talent Show.

BRIAN – I can’t believe you have just spent hours reading all the blog thingies from the beginning, you must be exhausted however, I am very happy that you discovered the cruise. I was on neither of the ships you mentioned at those times but you say my face rings a bell, maybe you remember me from the front cover of GQ magazine. I am happy that you are considering a family cruise in the Med next year. You asked about temperatures so as you don’t like it hot ignore June through August and think about mid-September or early May, those periods should suit you.
You are correct that the air transportation can be more expensive than the cruise. I recommend you call a travel agent or Carnival and ask to speak to a Personal Vacation Planner and ask for the rates fro the Carnival Freedom or Carnival Splendor for 2008. Carnival has some great air/sea rates so lets see what they can do. Alternatively, you can try booking a flight to a smaller hub like Amsterdam or Munich and then taking a low cost flight to Rome or London with the cheap as chips airlines like Easy Jet, Ryan Air or Transavia no name just a few. Let me know how you get on and then we will chat some more. Welcome to the blog mate.
TAZMAN – I have reserved a table of seven for the five nights you requested at 8:00pm – hope this is OK. Please write me note when you get on board and I will look forward to meeting you.
CASEYGIRL – I am so sorry that we keep missing each other but one day we shall meet somewhere on the Seven Seas again. Congratulations on booking the Carnival Freedom and you asked about the Catacombs Tour in Rome. I have done this tour and it is amazing to see how the persecuted Christians built a city under a city. The only advice I would pass on is that it can get a little claustrophobic and that maybe something you should bare in mind. Let me know what you think and it is a unique and thrilling experience. Thank you for your kind words, the Carnival Sensation seems a long time ago. I will be here if you need me and until then I send you best wishes.


KATE – Another newcomer to the blog and that is great to see. And another one who has read the entire 100 blogs from start to finish, is there nothing on T.V.? I am particularly glad you like the behind the scenes interviews and I will be focusing on the crew very soon. You mentioned you want to work on a ship, what do you want to do? Let me know and I will see if I can help point you in the right direction. Looking forward to hearing from you and please keep reading the blog thingy.
GCOURINGTON – Answer, your bank will give you the best rate on Euros as it is usually commission free. Also, remember you can use your ATM card in most of the ports of call. You can also learn to be a pickpocket and walk the streets of Rome and earn a fortune πŸ™‚
JANFR WA – Thank you so much for the money exchange info for Mr. Beach and all the other bloggers. Great stuff. You asked who the cruise director will be on the Paradise when you cruise and I can tell you it will be Jeff Bronson whom I have alerted to the fact that you are heading his way for a “Girls Cruise”……..extra security has been daughter in. have a great time.
Now, onto your comments about the blog written by BELLA. It was a shame that she felt that people called “rednecks” spoiled her cruise and that she will not cruise with us again. I am aware of the term but not sure what it means in the context that Bella is referring to. All I know is that the most important fact is that your son is fighting on the other side of the world to protect the Freedom we enjoy and that is what I will concentrate my response to Bella’s posting on. We all send our best to him and please don’t cry, he will be home safe soon and until then hew will be in all our thoughts and prayers for whatever our political and personal beliefs we can all share a mother’s anguish over the safety of her beloved son.
– An Essex man now living in Scotland, there is a joke somewhere. Currency seems to be the theme of the day so for you I would simply say to use your cash point card, which will be available to use everywhere, except in Turkey. Leave me a note when on board and see you soon…och eye the noo.mate.
NANCI NURSE -Thank you again for the package, it was simply wonderful. I am hope you will leave me a note as soon as you board so I can say hello. Heidi and I wish you a safe flight and we look forward to meeting you.
KEN – You mentioned that your flight is at 9:30am in Rome and you want to disembark on the day before we are in Rome. You really do not have to do this as we have people who have even earlier flights. However, if you do want to disembark earlier, please let the Information Desk know the day before so we can prepare the paper work, etc. Let me know if you want to chat about this some more and I look forward to seeing you in August.
SCOTT – Correct answers, and as for free cruises for everyone when we hit 500,000 slaps……………let me consider it…………….OK, I considered it and the answer is I wish I could but no. However, we will have to do something special won’t we?
CHRISSY KERGALD – What a beautiful story. You know what, I think I remember your “Julie Andrews” dress from the talent show on the Carnival Destiny, I don’t remember you but how can I ever forget the dress………………….I am kidding of course. So as a teenager you were taken on cruises, you fell in love with them, then fell in love with a man and how appropriate that you will be celebrating your honeymoon on the Carnival Glory. Please can you remind me a few days before you sail so I can ask my friend and your cruise director Wee Jimmy to send you a little something from me. I hope the magic you have found in cruising lasts forever.
MRS MISSING THE SMOKE FREE PARADISE – I just made you the Spa Director for the Carnival Splendor. I have to admit that my knowledge of Country Music is limited to my friend Alan’s collection. He is country music mad and listens to nothing else, his favorite artists are Box Car Willy and Paul Williams. However, you seem to have some great ideas and it seems you are right that there is a Grand Ole Opry cruise on the Carnival Freedom and I am checking when that will be. As for Sophia Lauren, I am pretty sure she is already associated with another cruise line but again you are correct, she would have been perfect. I am sticking by my guns though and I think AJ may say yes………let us see.
MRS BIG ED – Look at that, the two wives back-to-back slaps on the same blog haven’t given up on AJ in fact I have been rejuvenated at the latest news that she “will let us know.” If indeed we move over to CZJ then indeed I will make sure Michael Douglas looks after you while Big Ed and I look after Catherine. What do I have to do to get you on the bloggers cruise?
DANNY – I will post a copy of the ships deck plan for you next week. It is on my to do list. A year is not that far away so if you or the Mrs. has any questions I will be here to help. All the best and the deck plan will be with you soon.
TOM AND JANE RACHFORD – The Bugatti Veyron was featured recently on my favorite program Top Gear shown on the BBC. It generates 1,000 BHP and must be exhilarating to drive. I am not sure if Bob Dickinson will buy me one of them but maybe they can lease me an Aston Martin or a Bentley for a day or 40.
The Carnival Splendor cruise has been confirmed and the full 49-day itinerary is now posted on Have a look at let me know which one you fancy………….they all look amazing. Thanks for reading the blog and I will dream of the Bugatti tonight and you can dream of John from Mount Holly.
ITSKNOTSEW – Another Mount Holly fan. What the hell was a piranha doing in Mount Holly, that’s one fish that needs Satellite Navigation. John, if you read this please don’t go swimming because if a piranha sees you he may bite of your Yaba Daba Doo. I will keep writing so please keep reading.
MORTGAGECHICK – I have no idea where I get my energy but come vacation time I think I may sleep for months. Thank you for the kind words and the fact that I am the only CD your husband remembers out of your 18 cruises I guess I must be doing something right……………….or your husband has a bad memory.
I remember the Carnival Leg End crossing very well and Wee Jimmy and I had so much fun together……………Hopefully they can be repeated again soon. Please send my best to Jeff and please keep reading the blog and stay in touch.
THE JOHNSTON 4 – spending your birthday while exploring Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri will be outstanding and unforgettable. Save some energy to come to the show that night and I have a feeling it will be the most memorable of birthdays.
ANNE E. – Thanks Anne E, that is so very helpful.
SEWING NUT – Thanks for the offer of hosting a Q & A after your cruise, that is a great idea. I think the date for the second bloggers Cruise looks good and lots of these questions (including that) will be answered next week when we all get together for a conference call. I saw Mrs. Big Ed’s posting and am making my Michael Douglas mask as we speak. I will be in touch and again many thanks.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – HAPPY 4TH OF July, did the leaves fall any quicker? Glad you liked the photo of the asses…………how long to the trees have no leaves and there is nothing else to do? Come and cruise…………now. Best to the artist formally known as Prince.
JO MYERLY – Every room has a minbar Jo so you can indeed keep soda cans cold. Also, cold water is available on most excursions as well so I think you will be fine. I miss diet root beer, you can’t find that anywhere in Europe. See you soon and glad you liked the Rose reference…………..he very nearly was a Vase.
TAZMAN – Thanks Tazman, yep, that’s the word, my friend was drinking a SGROPPINO and it looked pretty zesty. I think my friend enjoyed it because he put his hand on my knee!
MATT AND VIKKI TILL – What an amazing posting and so many famous names on one slap. I loved in particular your reference to Mick Jagger. I am a huge stones fan and would love to meet Mick and the boys. I hope you and the beautiful Vikki enjoyed the fireworks and then had some of your won later that night. I am sure I speak for everyone when we say thanks for the stories and if you have any more please share with us.
I ARBLRN – I can promise your daughter that there will be at least 100 other teens on the cruise in August and with the new Club O2 room she will have a permanent place to “chill.” It seems that you both need a vacation and as an Oncology Nurse (that’s feat isn’t it) you especially. I sure need to relax and enjoy the wonders of the Mediterranean. Bring your “God made Credit card” with you and if you have any questions before or while you are here please let me know.
BILL (ZYDECOCRUISER) – Heidi had the Carpaccio at Harry’s and said it was HISTORIC.
SHERRIF ROSCOE P. COLTRANE – hello Sheriff. How are you liking the day shift compared to nights? I have my “get out of jail free card” sitting on my desk waiting for my visit to Georgia. So you have PA 007 in jail do you. Well please protect his secret identity and do not let him go to the showers on his own! Hope you and Mrs. Sheriff are well and please stay safe.
MARCIA014 – I trust you are still enjoying all the blog thingies and thanks for your question about the purchasing of future cruises onboard Carnival ships. This program has in fact just started on the Carnival Leg End and Carnival Valor and will soon be here on the Carnival Freedom and eventually on all the ships. This procedure will allow you to book future voyages with special upgrades and credits etc. I will slap the details on the blog as soon as they arrive here. I also know Princess has a very successful program and I am sure ours will be as well. Please keep reading the blog and I will try and continue providing you with those smiles.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Please do not feel bad about the odd spelling mistake, not every won hes parfect spalling licke I doo.:)
I am indeed an Essex boy and I also share the hope that we meet very soon. You asked about why fly on entertainers do what they do. There are many answers to this but apart from receiving the compensation they do for flying everywhere the major reason is simple……a chance to perform.
Live entertainment is disappearing fast, especially live variety shows and as the world moves from these spectaculars to watching 12 strangers bore the hell out of each other or live on a desert island or eat live Mongolian Bat Heads, the cruise ships have become a last bastion of live variety entertainment………………..and thank goodness for that. I hope all is well with you and hopefully AJ is still a possibility……………..Pase wright sooon ande donnt worrry aboet yur spalling.
BARB AND CARL THE BEARS – well done, bear with me πŸ™‚
JOHN FROM ARKANSAS – 200 days until the Bloggers cruise, that’s brilliant news and as I think I said somewhere in this blog that I will be working on announcing more details about this special event next week. Can you e-mail Roberto at Carnival and he will send me the photos and I will in turn post them on the site or use my buddy Big Ed’s site as he already has over 300 photos on it. I am so happy you are enjoying the blog and hope you continue to for many more days. See you in 200 of them.
MRS MTSFP – I have made enquires about the ability to send luggage to Rome ahead of time and the problem seems to be getting it to the ship once it arrives at a DHL bonded warehouse. I am waiting to see if my contact in Rome has any more news on this.
I have been thinking about asking to sail on a Cunard ship in March, hopefully on a crossing back to Southampton before I join the Carnival Freedom for its first European Cruise of 2008 and then on the Carnival Splendor. As I mentioned before it has been a dream of mine to do a crossing and the invitation has been made so I have to accept don’t I?
If I do, I would blog every day and let you know what the experience is like. Hope you and Mr. MTSFPBLFTTNSFCF are well and by the way, England has now gone totally smoke-free in all public spaces as of this week. Now, that’s all well and good but the best ideas you have had is asking The wife of the president of Aston Martin to be the Godmother if AJ and CZJ say no…………..One way or another I will have a photo on the blog with my Aston Martin even if I have to steal one.
KIM – So, that’s where all the shrimp went to — your dad ate them all. It is quite amazing when you see how much food is eaten onboard and Jogi does indeed remember your Dad Mr. Crazy Shrimp man.
You asked about the Baltic cruise and if Carnival will continue this itinerary in 2009 and beyond………………….the answer is I do not know……………however, due to its popularity, it would not surprise me and obviously as soon as anything is announced I will make sure you read about it first on the blog. Now, have fun and take dad to Red Lobster for dinner!
BILL (ZYDECOCRUISER) – I agree with you mate, Harry Connick Jr is a true icon and I would love to get him here to entertain. Obviously, I am also a great fan of the Marsalis brothers and their contribution to the Big Easy’s rebirth is well known. I really wish you could be here sometime to see our Big Easy show, I think it would make you very proud.
MARIJ VAN DINTER – Bedankt voor alles. Ik wens jullie enn gode reis. Doeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
LONGING TO CRUISE – Good Luck mate, hope your PVP can get you the cruise you want and let us all know which one you have booked. Hope to hear from you soon.
NC BRIAN – Thank you so much for reading these humble blogs from the very start. This is blog 101 so I hope to reach blog 150 by the end of the year. In answer to your question about working onboard let me tell you the good and the bad news.
Carnival does indeed do its best to keep married couples together on the same ship even though we have 25,000 employees at sea at any given time. This is normally something that works out OK. I see you are an accountant and your wife a massage therapist and indeed we have both such positions working onboard. To be honest, I have no clue what the accountants do on a daily basis but I know that the Chief Accountant on any ship carries a lot of responsibility. The massage therapists work very hard as well and in a moment I will let you know how to contact the right people for both positions.
It would however be amiss of me if I did not tell you that working on a cruise ship is nothing like working on land. The major difference is that unlike a land-based job where you close the office or spa door at night and go home, you can’t do that here. Therefore, you work, rest and play with the same people all the time. Also, as a married couple you will see each other every day, every meal time and every evening and live in a comfortable but not overly large cabin. I am not trying to put you off but I am trying to make you aware that this will be an experience and also a test of anyone’s marriage………………..just ask Heidi.
Anyway, after all that and you are interested in working onboard and all the amazing benefits it does have then for accounting just go to and for your wife, she will need to contact who are the company that provides our magnificent Spa Staff. I wish you both good luck and please let me know if you have any further questions……………do you get free massages?
VICKI – Stop considering and book it πŸ™‚ If you need any help deciding with South America cruise to book, please let me know.
ESSEXMAN – I have not heard of Cruisein mate but if you could send me a copy of the review I would appreciate it very much. I have some news on Ciampino but unfortunately its not good. The bus operators will not provide buses due to the fact that very few people fly out of that airport. They will arrange a transfer for you but I would suggest you research online as I think you may get it cheaper than just taking a taxi the morning of debarkation. When are you going to be her Bill? I want to make sure I ask you for the local paper (Essex Chronicle) when you come over. Hope all is well and have a sausage roll for me.
BRYAN – Greetings to you sir. Thank you so very much for the link to the BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GTC……….the convertible version of the GT. This car is driven by tanned and beautiful men who model themselves on George Hamilton and Pierce Brosnan…………………I am hoping someone will take pity on me and either a Bentley or an Aston Martin will be waiting for me when I get home at the end of the year………………….sorry, slipped off into the realms of fantasy again. I am glad you like all the photos and I will slap more on every blog. Thanks mate and one day we will meet her in beautiful Europe.
BIG ED – You are right Bigus Edwardius, I must stick to my convictions. Aston Martin may as we speak be counting the times I have said Aston Martin and as we speak are arranging to purchase or lease an ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH S for me. As for AJ, I did loose my way but I have been brought back onto the road of righteousness and she is once again my first choice. I am sure you saw my last blog where contact was finally made by Carnival and we are waiting for an answer…………….exciting times. So, I will indeed return to the bosom of Aston Martin with a slightly smaller desire for the bosom of a Bentley. I will keep you a breast of the situation and the mere thought of driving one of those chariots of fire titillates my senses.
CAROL SCHOENBERGER. – The procedures for contacting someone to be Godmother are not really set ones, especially when it comes to someone like AJ. She has so many firewalls to get through that it has taken longer than is normal but we have contacted her management team and are waiting on their advice. I just hop that she gets to decide herself and one look at my photo and she will be putty in my hands as I gently mould her firm…..sorry…..lost it again……going for a cold shower. OK, I am back. So Carol, it is now a question of wait and see but hope does spring eternal. All the best and please write soon.
ANDREAS GOEDDE – Yep, that’s me to a tee…………….except I think if AJ saw my photo it would be her fantasizing about me, covered in baby oil and wearing my Sumo wrestler outfit…………………how could any girl resist?
Cheers mate.
– You asked about Harry’s in Venice. It is amazing and simply the best food in the whole town however they should serve oxygen as a dessert to help you cope with seeing the bill.
TO CALL 011 39 41 528 5777
INMN253 – How fantastic that you enjoyed my mate Butch as a cruise director on your Carnival Victory cruise. Butch was my assistant on the Carnival Liberty and did a magnificent job so I am happy to hear of his continuing success as a Cruise Director. He is the one who told me about the Minnesota State Fair and the fact that all the food is served on a stick!
Please leave me a note at the information desk when you board saying that you are blog readers and I will let you know what we are doing and send a little gift to your cabin. When are you sailing and let me know if you have any questions? Cheers.
MARK TWAIN AND A HALF. – Great advice, I am looking at various Web sites now but I am worried about recommending one as I know so little about a luggage forwarding service. Has anyone used it?
LISA AND ELAINE – Heidi has been very busy and apologizes for not writing a blog but she is doing one tonight and it should be slapped on very soon. I hope you like today’s photos and there will be more each and every blog thingy. You asked if I consider this blog thing work………………….ummmmmmmmmmm,…………yes and no. Yes because it takes 2 – 4 hours away of the limited free time I have but no because the reward is knowing I am hopefully entertaining and assisting the thousands of readers we have each day. I hope you are enjoying reading it and will do so as often as you can. All the best to you both.
MATT AND VIKKI TILL – I would love a CRUISE SHIP show on the Travel Channel. The industry does not have a dedicated show and I think it should……..let’s contact them.
STEVE J GARROD – The site looks as wonderful as ever mate and many thanks for putting together. I send my best to you and to all your colleagues at Holland America Line. Hope to see you soon.
STACY – Heidi is brooding right now and I am sure it would be difficult for her to give you your three-year-old back. I am so happy that you said you liked the “IN THEIR OWN WORDS” section and therefore if others agree I will keep it going. Hope you and the family are well and hope to see you soon.
DAISY – I remember the cruise here on the Carnival Freedom where St.Marks square turned into a poop filled pool………….it made me very sad to see so many disappointed faces. Therefore, I hope if just a little bit the photo I slapped on of St.Marks helped make you smile. The locals are still asking what a Red Roof Inn is even now. Next time you and the other animals sail I promise the sun will be shining and until then I will keep posting sunny photos.
CAPTAIN CHUCK – Thanks captain for making me see sense. The Aston Martin is THE car and although the Bentley GTC is a step above I am too pale to drive one. Maybe, just maybe one day I will get the chance. Escorting the guests to the dining room who have lost their luggage is now going to be standard procedure and I truly hope this makes a difference. Thanks for the compliments Captain and I wish you all the best.


And, I have just returned from disembarking a 10-year-old and his family. The poor kid was not very well and we had to get him a shore ASAP for specialist treatment. The ship stopped outside Olbia in Sardinia and a Italian Coastguard Cutter came out to collect him and his family. Once again, a very sad sight it was to see the entire families cruise come to an end so suddenly and as they sailed away on that small boat I felt so bad for them.

At this time I have no information on the boys condition but I will let you all know as I will the guests onboard as and when I hear any news.

Back to the Q & A

KATHIE – What a wonderful posting and how nice to recognize those friends on the blog who include the Sherriff and of course the family whose son Randy is serving his country. 07/07 is also the anniversary of the bombings on the London Transport system where 52 innocent people lost their lives…….I will be thinking of them today as well.
On a lighter note, the interview with PA 007 is coming up, so enjoy.
GENIE – And I remember you as well and kissing your hand was the highlight of that cruise and I too have not washed since. Talking of washing, Heidi had a bidet nine if that’s how you spell it) installed in our house…it cost 400 hundred pounds…………….400 pounds……………what a waste………….I hate the bloody thing, its not natural and besides, If I want to wash that part of my body I can always do a hand stand in the shower.
Sorry, went of track there. I remember your wonderful talent that you shared with us all and I hope you will perform again on the Carnival Splendor so I can kiss your hand one more time. Heidi and I send our best to you both.
BOB HICKLY – What a fantastic selection of cars and bikes you have had and I am sure people think I am just saying this for the sake of it but I do have a dream of driving an Aston martin one day…….just me and Heidi………….driving to the sound of the engine………..maybe a cigar in my hand………….ahhhhhhhhhh.oh well, a boy can dream. Your new toy sounds amazing, what a bike……………pictures please.
Thanks Bob and as always a big thank you for reading the blog so often.
BUNNYETTE – Your reservation at the Supper Club is confirmed and I promise it will be a very special way to celebrate your anniversary. See you soon.
NATES MOM – How is Nate, is it great to have him home? We all miss him here so please send our regards……….especially the dancers!
SCOTT – The guest blogger thing is certainly going to help my blogging while I am home. The rasp berry thing will be only to answer questions, etc. at random and to communicate with the office…………..I do intend to have some free time but if I can blog three times a week I think we should be ok. I will let everyone know exactly what is planned after my conference call with Roger Blum etc. I have never had a Rasp Berry but my friend says I should have one so I will indeed get one soon. Cheers mate.
KEVIN – I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW MUCH THE CLUTCH ON THE Aston cost. I know that when you stop you have to pull both paddle shifts towards you and sit in natural to avoid that happening………….sorry to bore the other bloggers but I really am a Petrol Head. So the sea is in your blood and if you are serious maybe you should do something about it. How about working as a chef on a mega yacht, sailing around the Caribbean and the Med cooking for just a few select people, what do you think about that?
You said PA 007 rules……..they do and after the interview in a moment you may think that even more. Thanks mate and I hope the Aston is back on the road again soon.
LEASA – .I see from your posting that you love blackjack. I once was a guest dealer on the Carnival Triumph but I am embarrassed to say that I had to have a calculator on the table with me however I did pay out on 22 because it was close enough!
The man who does not like children has been quiet since our chat and hopefully he has been able to relax more, I will be checking in on him before the end of the cruise to see if that is the case. My best to you and Geoff and I hope you get lots of Blackjacks on your back-to-back Carnival Liberty Cruise.
BRYAN – It’s good to see someone trying to work out all the anagrams, did you get today’s? The Marriage Show is one of my favorite things to host. It is different every week and allows my improve skills to improve every time. You never know what kind of people you are going to get on stage and that’s one of the best things about this job….it’s different all the time. All the best to you and the gators, whoever they may be.
TAMMY AND MIKE FROM NY – Good to hear from you and let me help you relax even more by answering your questions.
1) You mentioned the need to tender at Dubrovnik two more times this year. Will one of those dates be the Sept 10th cruise? – No, we will tender the next two times in July and early August only.
) Do you know how many people under 21 will be on that trip? – Very few, less than one hundred.
3) I was going to get Euros but do you think I should get some Kuna for Dubrovnik? Or will Euros be sufficient? – 99 % of the shops take Euros even though they are not supposed to so please do not get any Kuna.
4) Can you tell me if there will be another large cruise ship at Venice? I worry about the availability of the gondolas. Aren’t there only about 500 for the whole city? How do all the ships share? – In September there will only be one other big ship in port with us and I assure and promise you there will be no problem finding a Gondola. We have 400 reserved for us on our Evening Gondola Tour should you wish to book it.
5) I want to reserve a time for the Uffizi Gallery but I’m not sure when I should. We are taking the “Florence on your Own” and I’m not sure when to expect to leave Florence. I know it is an independent contractor, but do you know the usual time we would be picked up in Florence? The Florence On Your Own Tour will arrive at the town center at 10:30am so I suggest a confirmed booking at 11:30am should be perfect.
I hope these answers help you and if you need anything else I remain at your service mate. See you in September.
DOUGNEWMAN AT SEA – I had to laugh when I saw that you had written “PA 007 should be running the company by now,” The fact is that they are a long, long, long, long way from being the Boss as you will see from the interview that will be forthcoming. Thank you for your praise of our Public Relations department who really are some of the unsung heroes of this wonderful company. So, what is next for you, when do you return to the Seven Seas? I hope it is soon as your reviews are wonderful. I was talking about you via e mail with a friend of mine today and we both agreed so please write soon and hopefully you will be able to cruise with me soon, I want to show you what we do out here and shake your hand. Cheers.
HEIDI – BETH – Wow, PA 007 is getting all the praise tonight and I hope when they read this they will feel proud. As you will see PA 007 leads an uneventful life and hopefully this will spice it up a bit. Please – no restraining, say what you think, that is why I am doing this blog, speak your mind and slap it onto a posting so we can all share in your opinions……………’s what makes the world go round…………….or is that love? Anyway, I expect to hear more from you soon and send my best to you until then.
KAYENTAJANE – That’s another big dollop of praise for PA 007. Thanks Kay for your support and if AJ says yes, somehow, someway I will have to get PA 007 to the naming ceremony…………..don’t know how but I will try.
KAZ – Helen, is that you? If it is, please write more as I have so many fond memories of our friendship, especially the trombone lessons. Thank you for the kind words and hope you are well. Look forward to hearing from you soon and best to your family.
BOB POLAND. – Thanks for your concern and I promise I won’t let anything spoil my vacation but a few blogs here and there won’t do me any harm and anyway, I am sure Heidi will snatch my Rasp Berry and my lap top thingies away from me if it does. All hail PA 007 ……….who is slowly becoming a legend so thank you for showering more praise upon them. I like the idea of a BEST OF BLOG and that’s going onto my list of things to discuss with Roger. I hope you to are well and your are indeed a friend in cyberspace.
LINDA HERNACKI – Heidi and I and everyone in blog land congratulate you on your new grandson………he sounds like a big healthy boy and please send our best to Joshua’s Mum and Dad and of course lets hope he will be a bulb changer like Mike. I still may see you in November, I haven’t said no yet πŸ™‚ For now though, Heidi and I are so happy for you. Cherish every moment and don’t forget to introduce Joshua to cruising as soon as you can………….congratulations again.

That’s the end of the Q & A today.

Talking of children, here is a photo of two kids who sang a song with me on stage last night. They are brother and sister and so cute together and had the audience laughing as we sang this song to the tune of IF YOU ARE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT…………….PLEASE SING IT WITH ME, CODY AND KATE.


I hope you all sang along.


Ok, here we go……………………enjoy.

1. Obviously, we have to protect your identity but what can you tell us about your career with Carnival Cruise Lines so far.

I actually started working onboard a few years ago and then moved into the corporate office in Miami. I now work in a department, which is involved in many different aspects of planning and operations, but I cannot be more specific than that……….even now, I have to be careful because someone could walk past my cubicle and see what I am writing.

2. What made you decide to help the blog by passing on information some of which could get you into trouble?

I was just fed up with being “The Grey Man/Grey Woman.” Nobody tells me anything and in my current position there are many high-powered meetings where my only involvement is to get more coffee or if someone needs a doughnut. The last words I hear are “Close the door behind you.” Therefore, I thought that it was time to be someone! I had been reading your blog since you started and although it was fun I thought it lacked substance so that’s when I contacted you and began to pass on information.

3.How do you come by all this information?

I may have to take the fifth on this question as that may help someone guess my identity. However, basically, I listen. People tend to forget I am there especially my boss “M” and sometimes being the Grey Man/Grey Woman can be helpful because they have conversations around me as though I am invisible as was the case when the QE2 was sold. Everyone was very excited about the news even though it was not supposed to be shared with the general public for 24 hours but nobody actually told me, it was like I had once again ceased to exist and that’s when I decided to tell you.

4.Has anyone even guessed that PA 007 may be you?

It has only been in the past few weeks that the “Top Dogs” are getting concerned as to who is passing on the information. I have heard many names mentioned and there is even an office pool as to who it is. The pool contains about 20 or so names and the only involvement and this is true that I have in the pool was I was given the task of collecting the money ($20 a bet) and putting the chart up in the break room.

5. Are you scared that you could lose your job

No. Firstly, nobody even thinks it’s me, not in a million years. I am considered the office nobody — a nerd, a geek, a bit of an oddball just because I like going bowling and attend Star Trek conventions I am considered “a bit strange” — it is the perfect cover.

6. So, you are saying you are like a Super hero with an alternate identity.

Yes, I guess I am. I have very little excitement in my life and this has enabled me to become “someone” even if nobody else knows that I am.

7. What Super hero do you consider yourself most like.

You christened me with the James / Janice Bond 007 tag so I do think of myself as a smooth-talking, fast-car driving spy but with an alter ego similar to Clark Kent was to Superman

8. Do you dress up in tights and cape at home?


9. When you broke the Carnival Splendor story you said to me that you found this information on the photocopier………….is that true?

Yes, I knew that something big was going down and I wanted to be included but as usual I was ignored. Later that morning I was asked to make copies of something and there in the tray was a memo from “up high” saying that the Carnival Splendor would sail around South America and that’s when I passed in on to you later that night before I went to my country line dancing class. It was strange doing the class that night because I knew that I had passed on some sensitive material that nobody was supposed to know for another 24 hours.

10. What are your plans for the future?

Working for Carnival is awesome and being from Miami I am proud to be associated with the World’s Most Popular Cruise Line. I think I have a lot to offer and if someone would notice me I think I could make the company even more successful as I have so many ideas running around in my head. Maybe, I could use your blog to pass them on. I may not get the credit but at least I would know the ideas were being heard.

11. Are you sure you have never dressed up in tights and a mask


12. So, before we close is there anything else you can tell us about yourself without compromising your identity.

I am sure people probably think I am someone quiet important but I am honestly just a normal guy who likes to do normal things but this secret has changed my life and has allowed me to have a secret that nobody else knows and I find that exhilarating. I have to admit that on the way to work I was stuck in traffic on I-95 and popped in the Best Of James Bond Music CD. I may have some more breaking news in the next few days and I want to congratulate John for this blog and for keeping my secret. If I could afford it John, I would buy you an Aston Martin.

I am sure we all thank PA 007 for his comments. Obviously we have to be careful and I can tell you people very high up are really pressing me to discover his or her identity…………but my lips are sealed………which as anyone who knows me will tell you……….that is a rare thing.

Please send PA 007 your thanks in your next postings.

That’s a long blog and it is time for bed. In closing think please of a young 10-year-old boy named Troy who is in a hospital somewhere in Italy tonight………get well soon mate.

Good Night

Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions β€” or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters β€” for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.