A French Kiss

July 12, 2007 -

John Heald

You know, there are times when I think I should have followed my dream and become an International Playboy……… Why?………… Because it’s 5:15am and here I am up at at the crack of dawn for debarkation and feel a bit tired so excuse my typos.

So, good morning from Civvi (yep, too tired to type it in full) and very soon we will be starting the debarkation process. I am sitting here in my bathrobe, which, even though I have lost weight, still doesn’t cover everything? Still, as Heidi says, it’s no big thing.

Why then, you ask, at this ridiculous hour am I sitting at my computer blogging? The answer, I think its just automatic now and has become a sort of a ritual, you know? Wake up, pee, shower, shave, pee, clean tooth, pee, dress and blog.

Heidi has just left to get the guests ready for debarkation and here I sit with
my hearty breakfast of a cup of tea and two pieces of cheese.

Anyway, what’s the news? Well, it’s was a sad day yesterday as an
elderly guest passed away in their sleep during the night and I spoke to the
wife just a few minutes ago to offer my condolences. Never an easy thing
to do but particularly difficult this morning as I had met the person concerned
during my marriage show. They had been married for 56 years. I will be
thinking of the family today and hope you will, as well.

I hear that Mr. Cahill our new president and C.E.O — actually lets drop the word new now shall we as he has been in the job four days now. Let’s start again — our President and C.E.O. Mr. Cahill has been working hard to set out his agenda that will result in a bright and prosperous future for us as a company and for you as our guests. Did you know that many successful cruise line executives came from financial backgrounds including Kirk Lanterman, longtime chairman of Holland America Line, Peter Ratcliffe Chairman of P&O Princess and even Bob Dickinson who came out of the finance staff at the Ford Motor Co and me, I came from a financial background as I love playing Monopoly.

Oh, one quick thing before I continue. I have now added a statement in my travel talks that says that all guests remain in the same seats for the entire tour and contacted every tour company to let them know that this will be the case. Hopefully this will mean we won’t have ladies hitting each other with their Gucci bags again, although it would have been great to watch!

Did you get chance to see the FunShip Island web page, it is now on the front page of carnival.com? I should know as it knocked me off the front the page and I am relegated back to the Freedom page. The site looks wonderful. You can actually ride the slide, sing a long in the Piano Bar and so much more. It’s brilliant and I am sure will be very popular. I am not upset at all that because of this innovation I am off the front page. Nope, not at all………………….. Actually, I am really upset and cried myself to sleep last night, nobody cares, nobody wants me, I am yesterday’s news. Let’s have a look at a few photos.

1. Sunset Over Cannes

1. Sunset Over Cannes

2. Florence

2. Florence

2. Florence

3. More Florence

3. More Florence

3. More Florence

4. Nice

4. Nice

And, the answers to the Anagrams are:

Largely Rich – GERRY CAHILL
Pianist Iron – INSPIRATION
Ocean Quiver It – Queen Victoria

And today’s


Here is today’s ” IN THEIR OWN WORDS ” section which shows just how opinions can be so different about the same subject.


Again, sorry for my lapse in answering all the questions but normal service has
now been resumed and in between calling guests off the ship during the
debarkation process I will start with today’s Q & A.

Let me start with a follow up to the question about our ships sailing out of
Baltimore. Here is the answer as written by my good friend Terry Thornton who
as I mentioned in his interview is responsible for the deployment of the
Carnival fleet.

We have a strong interest in offering Baltimore as a homeport. The main obstacle we have is that in order to operate an attractive itinerary, it requires a ship that can operate with relatively high cruising speeds. In the Carnival fleet, the only option we would have right now is one of the Spirit-class ships (Carnival Spirit, Carnival Pride, Carnival Legend or Carnival Miracle). All four of these ships are currently deployed in the West Coast, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and New York (seasonally) and it would not make sense for us to interrupt one of these highly successful operations.

We will continue to look for opportunities to include Baltimore in our “Fun
Ship” cruising mix. We know they would be a big hit, particularly for guests
within easy driving distance of Baltimore.

JENN – Thanks for the comments saying you enjoyed the blog yesterday and also I am sure Mr. Cahill appreciates the kind words for a smooth transition.
By now, you should have read Mr. Cahill’s interview, which I hope you enjoyed. I will be hopefully have a follow up interview with him in a few weeks. I see that you found the funshipisland.com website and you used the word
“amazing” to describe it and indeed it is, many congratulations to all involved in designing this. The original concept was to have me coming down the slide wearing a thong but for some unknown reason Mr. Cahill said no to that idea. Most importantly Troy the young man who was so unwell is close to making a full recovery and hopefully will be home soon and I will be calling the family soon for a follow up. Thanks Jenn and I hope enjoy today’s blog.
BILL – ZYDECOCRUISER – Did you find the link thingy ok Bill?
POPCORNGAL – Now that’s a new name I have typed before. I see that you live in what you describe as a “rural area” and are having trouble down sticking the photos because you have something called dial-up service. Now, I am not sure what that means but Roberto our master computer person has done something that will now allow you to view the photos so let us know if indeed you can. By the way, how rural is rural, are you on a farm and if so where? Heidi and I send our best to you and please let me know if Roberto’s magic has worked.
MAR. – Wow, you spent your entire posting thanking people, how kind. Yes,
going down the slide on the funshipisland site thingy is great and as to Mr.
Cahill I assure you we are in good hands and indeed we have a lot of thank yous to say to Mr. Dickinson and we will do so very soon. Now, as for PA 007 he is indeed “somebody” but whom? Well, maybe I will tell you one day but not today. Please keep reading the blog thingy and again thank you for all your kind words.
LOOKINGFORWARDTOTHENEARLEY-SMOKEFREECARNIVALFREEDOM – I decided to give you your full title today. I am not sure if Mr. Dickinson or Mr. Cahill actually needs to ” pardon ” PA 007 as you suggested. While I am sure that they are wondering and investigating who PA 007 is I am sure they have also realized that as 4,000 people per day are reading the blog that it is an extra way of getting the Carnival message out there. This, coupled with the fact that PA 007 is a very smart person and is covering their real identity, brilliantly means I think that for now all is OK. My French is really bad and Heidi had to translate for me as I only remember the “naughty words” such as Le derriere de Alan Adkins scherder de fromage??? I will leave you all to translate that one. Hope you are well and thanks to Mrs. MTSFP who has been posting some wonderful comments recently.
JTODDINMAN – I have now added the word Trifecta to my daily repertoire
and I wish I could bring you a Trifecta of good news every day but life on a
cruise ship is exactly that life and everything that comes with it.
More praise for funshipisland and indeed I will be conducting an interview with Roberto and his team shortly. It is always a pleasure to read your postings and long may they continue.
BIG ED – Yesterday when I ran out of time and could not answer every comment. I felt particularly bad about ignoring you. Therefore, I will make sure that I pay special homage to you today. The water taxi is a sort of “lomo” in Venice, it costs 60 euros to get from the ship to Harry’s Bar, still, it was worth it just to take that photo and Heidi made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Thank you for your poem about Bob Dickinson, which I am sure he appreciated very much. In return, I will respond with this poem for you.
There, I feel better now.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Reading your comments is like putting on a favorite piece of clothing, you feel comfortable and secure. Yes, big kudos to Mr. Dickinson who has indeed led the way for so many years and a big welcome to Mr. Cahill who will continue the work that Bob has done so brilliantly. The funshipisland site thing is a tremendous innovation and is a great way to show would be Carnival cruisers who want to see what it is all about. Paul, I have not forgotten the question about the strobe lighting and Roger Blum is going to get back to me ASAP on this. Until then let’s remember the best news as you say and that is that Troy is doing so much better. Thank you for your compliment that my Tony Soprano photo did look very Italian, I certainly felt it. Have a great day Paul and Heidi and I send you our best.
CAROL SCHOENBERGER – Yep, funshipisland is (like me) cool! Well done to your PVP Ian on keeping you updated on what is happening and those 145 days will fly by I am sure. So, until then you will have to keep reading the blog
thingy and visiting fun ship island. I answer to fridge at the moment Carol but
I hope in the weeks to come that I will be a mini bar. I was so excited and
quite proud to have Mr. Cahill do a blog interview and you are correct he is a
great guy. You asked about my exact vacation dates. I do not know yet. My plan is to go all the way to the end of November but if I get too tired then I will stop when I feel the time is right as I have a very busy year in 2009. The
boxers have become a matter of every day life but I still have a few pairs of
briefs hidden that when she is not looking I sneak on. Hope all is well and
remember we are both at your service. Thanks Carol.
ANITA DUNHAM – POTTER – Welcome home to you and the girls. Heidi and I enjoyed your company so much and your two beautiful girls are such gems, you must be very proud. The caricature you gave me of myself and Angelina is amazingly popular and everyone wants copies. I have passed your thanks on to all concerned but I also want to thank you for spending what I know is your valuable time with us on the Carnival Freedom. I guess some of our conversations were quite relevant! So, please let us know when your next article is out and Heidi sends her best to the girls and hopes they enjoyed their afternoon in the arcade. Thanks again for the hilarious picture and for allowing me to shed so may pounds for it. See you on the Bloggers Cruise.
JO MYERLY – Congratulations, TWO voyages around South America, I can only hope I am there with you. What port are you most looking forward to?
Anyway, I had better start learning about the ports of call as I am sure I will
start getting questions sooner than later. I am very happy for you that your
dream trip has come true.
DWA76 – I am not sure if I am as you say “a force to be reckoned with”
because Mr. Cahill gave one of his first interviews to me. However, I am very
grateful and David I must admit a little overwhelmed at the attention this blog
thingy is getting. Thank you mate for your kind words about Troy. He is hopefully going to be home soon and I look forward to chatting with him soon. That’s one story that I am so glad had a happy ending. So, please continue to enjoy all the stories and interviews and again thanks mate for all your support. TARA PHILLIPS – Hello Tara! How nice to hear from you. And I see you are married as well, so I suppose we are getting old now Hey! We will be here for the summer and then on the Bloggers cruise in January and then on the Carnival Splendor sailing from Dover next summer. Maybe you and your hubby can come and see us there and we can talk about the “good old days.” Until then, all the best! Heidi
HOTCOPFAN – So you liked the PA007 interview did you, that’s good because I was a little nervous about it because their insight into what is happening around the industry is so important. Let’s get on with the more important wedding questions. You asked about having your make up professionally done by the Spa Staff before you get married onboard. This service is definitely offered and if you should decide to do this the Carnival wedding coordinator can arrange this or if you prefer I can also help — not with the make up. I don’t wear any — except on Thursdays. Anyway, let me know. You also asked what make of cosmetics the use in the Spa and I have investigated this and it’s a product called AMWAY. Hope this is OK. OK, Heidi says that this is cruel and I have to tell you that the actual products are by something called ELEMIS AND ESSIE. That is all foreign to me but Heidi says they are great products. So, let me know if I can help further. Enjoy planning the big day and if your husband needs any advice on what brands of beer we have onboard, I will be here to help.
LISA HERMAN – One of the best things about writing these daily blogs is
being able to welcome new people, so welcome to you and your DH. I guess that stands for Darling Husband? It is strange that there you were watching “The Firm” and then reading about Grand Cayman on the blog. You will love the Fantasy. I used to be a cruise director on the ship when it was just the Fantasy, now it has been re-branded (if that’s a word) and is now called the Carnival Fantasy. Your cruise director is a young lady called Tory and I also know the shows on there will be brilliant so please do not miss them. Do you need any advice about the ports of call? If so, please know that I will help you via the blog. I hope one day your dream of sailing in Europe comes true and I hope that I am part of your dreams in a thong. OK, without the thong but I mean I hope that I am onboard when your dream comes true. Welcome aboard Lisa and please enjoy the blog.
DONNA – Yep, that’s me except my wild streak consists these days of
wearing a secret pair of briefs I have hidden that Heidi knows nothing about.
Although, they always show the “wild streak” — is that too much information? As for wanting a “sultry ” woman, I don’t care if she is covered in salt or pepper; just give her to me now. Thanks Donna for allowing me to express my true feelings and please write more soon.
LEASA – I can scratch your itch, or do you itch a scratch, I don’t know but
I do know that if you are considering a Carnival Splendor cruise then I can
help you. Give your PVP Paul a call and then let me know what he suggests and allow me to add the icing on your cruise vacation cake. OK I am now hungry after the cake reference so I am reaching for a piece of sugar-free chocolate. It tastes great but has something in it called Subitol and, well, the wild streak may return. Just ask my Dad. The news on Troy made my day and I will make sure I pass on everyone’s best wishes to him and his family. Let me know when you have booked the Carnival Splendor and all the best from Heidi and I.
KIM – It was strange that as I stood on the pier all afternoon to make sure everyone was OK with the delay in tendering that many people walked passed
me as I was wearing just shorts and a T shirt – not pretty – but practical. The
seas were really rough last cruise when you sailed and they were just the same a few days ago as well. Still, I have to admit that we were much better prepared than last time..sorry about that) Thank you for saying it was nice to see me welcoming everyone back and in situations like this the best place for a cruise director is amongst the people. Did you enjoy Cannes? What was your favorite port? Please let me know. Thanks for reading the blog and I look forward to you slapping on a posting again soon.
KATHIE – You are suffering from a common addiction and Dr. John is here to help. You have what we professionals call A.T.C.O.C.S. syndrome (Addicted To Cruising On Carnival Ships), which is common among hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, although not in France.
Anyway, you have two chances to cure yourself.
1. There is an old wives tale that says you must take five cold showers a day, lock your self in a small room and listen to the theme from The Love Boat 300
times while a small Frenchman beats you around the head with an onion shouting “you hate fun, you hate great food, you hate the best shows at sea, you hate seeing amazing ports and you hate the paying so little for so much.”
2. You can call a travel agent or your Carnival PVP and book another cruise — your choice. Let me know as Pierre and his onion are standing by.
Failure to do either of the above has resulted in shocking side effects for other suffers of A.T.C.O.C.S. syndrome.
There is the famous story of a Mrs. Armstrong who had not booked a Carnival
cruise for over a year and found her self aboard a RCI ship. She had not taken her Carnival medication and ran around the ship screaming “I love Carnival” and eventually had to be disembarked after spray painting “Micky Arison Rules The Waves” on the climbing wall while dressed in a Fun Ship Freddy costume….get help…..now.
BONNIE AND PRINCE CHARLIE – PA 007 has a get out of jail free card so hopefully he won’t need to use it. Thanks for the thanks for Bob Dickinson and
we will chat more about him later. Surely all the leaves have fallen now so you
can come and cruise? Hope you are both well and not too exhausted after
watching more leaves fall. Heidi and I send our best.
KERSPLOTT – 49 DAYS …FANTASTIC …I am very proud to show all the
bloggers that you have booked the trip of a lifetime on the Carnival Splendor. I hope to be there with you for some of the way and I am sure we will become great friends. Butch may be on the Carnival Victory but I will let you know nearer the time of your sailing. Again, congratulations and I hope we meet then.
PAPANH – Glad you liked the PA 007 interview, it was so much fun to do. You can tell that the person answering the questions is a person full of charm and passion for their job. I thought the answers were excellent. We must though protect their identity as I am sure PA 007 will have future bits of Breaking News to share with us. You are correct in your assumption that Mr. Cahill will indeed carry on the fine traditions that have become commonplace at Carnival and he will add his own special flavor to an already highly successful recipe. What’s with all my food references today? Thanks for your comments and most of all many thanks for thinking of Troy. Hope to see you soon.
PA DUTCHMAN – Mr. Ken Byrne our all singing Maitre D is in the Posh Dining Room. Can I help with anything?
JOHN FRIEDMANN – Thank you firstly for reading the blog and taking the time to do so makes me feel very appreciated. Thanks. You asked about your trip on the Carnival Freedom and possibly going to see the magnificence that is Ephesus. I am sorry to hear about your recent heart problems so let me try and help you out. Here is the good news. The tour will start at the top of a hill, the buses will drive you all the way to the top and then you walk down a gradual slope. There is no excessive uphill walking. The only two points I would stress is that the ground is uneven and more importantly the temperature will no doubt be very hot and drinking lots of water and wearing a sun hat are a must. However, I am sure your Doctor will advise you but I can tell you many people of all ages and with various physical challenges have made ” the walk of life ” as it is known and have stood where St. Paul did as he preached to the Corinthians outside the Grand Library. Hope this is of some help. All the best mate.
JOHN STEERS – Thank you John for the great story and after 20 years in law enforcement I am sure working at embarkation in Port Canaveral must be a breeze. Thank you also for your kind words and also for all the work you now do there assisting in the debarkation and embarkation process. I hope your stock is doing well and don’t sell, I think there are great times just around the
CAPTAIN CHUCK – Sorry, Captain, I wrote your name and then my mind wandered and I ended up writing about me being ” a fridge ” which by the way my entire department is now calling me. Thanks, Heidi. How are things Captain, I have been thinking about you? VIKKI AND MATT… Thanks for your understanding. I really wanted to get the next blog out but would never have done so if I had answered all 67 comments. All is back to normal now though. Hope you are both well.
JO MYERLY – You asked for a joke. So this one is for you.
A little old man shuffled slowly into an ice cream parlor and pulled himself
slowly, painfully, up onto a stool. After catching his breath he ordered a
banana split. The waitress asked kindly, “Crushed nuts?”
“No,” he replied, “arthritis.”
BRYAN – Thanks for the many compliments about yesterday’s blog. I often worry if the people are finding that they are becoming stale so I hope you will all let me know if they are. I am not sure if anyone has used the words “premiership, UP and Aston Villa,” for a long time, maybe this season. Thanks again mate and let’s hope Martin O’Neil can work some magic for you. Come and sail so we can talk football.
ESSEXMAN – Thank you for the absolutely spot on description of the British
delicacy that is “Mushy Peas” loved the Elton reference. I think this
should be a new feature on the blog now and then “Cooking British Dishes with
Essex Man,” so your next project is indeed to chat about TOAD IN THE
HOLE. Stay tuned for details on this dish that will have you wanting to cook it
tonight. Thanks Chef.
KAREN R – Thank you Karen, especially for the kind words about Heidi, yes
she is a beautiful lady and I am so lucky — and so is she 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the blog everyday and I have managed to catch up with all the comments now. Thank you again for all your nice words and I hope you keep reading.
JAMES EMM – It was posted yesterday so please let me know when you get it.
LINDA HERNACKI – Linda, I promise you this. If I can (health-wise) keep
going to the end of November I will. I have been going since February 1 and
have only had two days off but I know how important it is also for you and Mike to have me as your cruise director for Thanksgiving and I promise if I can, I will be there. I will definitely be home in December as I am back in January for the Bloggers cruise. Let’s see what happens. I am happy to hear that Joshua is doing well, you must be very proud as I am sure is Mike. Now, on the Carnival Glory I was lucky enough to have Heidi as an assistant cruise director and also Wee Jimmy who Heidi was training, which paid off as he is now a brilliant full time cruise director. The carb diet is going well, it’s hard as I love bread and pasta but I have had none of those for some time. . let’s see how it goes but so far it seems to be working despite the side effects 🙂 Your support for Carnival Cruise Lines is so humbling and I assure you that if I am or if I am not onboard I will make sure you are both treated like royalty — you deserve it. Best to you both and of course to future Carnival cruiser, Joshua.
TON AND ANGELIQUE VISSER – I totally agree, why do we sit people from the same nationality together at dinner. I guess it is because of what may be a language barrier but please always remember you can ask to change tables. I will however pass your great comments on food preparation up the line to the chef, maitre d and also the man whose interview will appear below in a few moments. I love Dutch food and I agree that “wok” is brilliant and something we could add as well as fondue and Stein Grille as well ….so, thank you for your wonderful words and know that your suggestions will be acted on
immediately. Doooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
IVERNON – Thank you both so much… for those of you who have no idea
about the Dolly Parton dress, well, that’s one for a blog of another day. I am
glad you got see the photos after your grandson had used your lap top as a
play thing and I hope the pictures brought back many happy memories for you. Thanks to you for the kind words I am very humbled by them. Hope to see you soon and maybe soon I will post a Dolly Parton photo for everyone to see.
A CRUISE BY ANY OTHER NAME – I think you should consider the following tours for yourself and your nearly seven-year-old daughter.
I have tried to pick tours that will not be too long and will offer a lot of
variety with a mixture of historical sites as well as some free time to spend
doing what the boss (your daughter) wants. Have a look at them and tell me
what you think and let me know if I can be of further assistance.
KEVIN – The story of the Vanquish and the police officer was brilliant. That would (with respect) only happen in America as in the U.K. they would
have given you a ticket before you got the chance to say “Evening Officer.” Use the cruise control but every now and then flip it down to second and listen to
the V12 roar and think of me mate, your postings in all reality will probably
be the only time I will ever get to experience an Aston for myself. Keep writing and all the best from us both.
SANDY – I told Ron and he sends his best, he is here and doing a great
job. . . come and see for your self:)
DEBRA HEHN – Snorkeling in Europe is not a big pastime however as there are no organized snorkeling tours in Europe I can put a few fish in the pool for
you. Let me know if there are any other tours you are interested in and we do have some great beaches but unfortunately no reefs. Hope to hear from you soon.
LEROY P. BEDWETTER – Well shoot spit, ya’ll. Please feel free to bring those big old jugs of moonshine on the ship if you can get them past Sherriff
Roscoe P. Coltrane that is. I am glad you pre warned us that the bedwetters are sailing and you can depend us to provide . . ..well …….depends.
The Carnival Triumph has things that you will never have seen before like…
carpet. Therefore if y’all need help in adjusting to life on the ship, please let me know, ya’ll.
BIG ED – Mr. Cahill does CARNIVAL have any plans to put a cruise ship in
the Great Lakes? There are so many good ports around Michigan. With an abundant amount of nearby possible shore excursions.
Hello, Gerry Cahill here of course, putting one of our ships in the Great Lakes of Michigan is a top priority of mine and you can expect at least eight of our fleet to be deployed there as soon as you book the Bloggers Cruise. All The Best
Carnival Cruise Lines takes no responsibility in the words written above, they
are written by someone not attached to Gerry Cahill or Carnival cruise Lines.
Credit Checks are applicable and 5% interest a year applies on all models
except the Accord, terms and conditions apply

That’s it for today’s Q & A.

Now, here is another behind the scenes interview with a gentleman who is
another success story with regard to a previous shipboard manager who has
become a very successful Vice president in our Miami Head Office. Here then,
Mr. Cyrus Marfatia.


1. Cyrus, could you tell us something about your career in the industry from
the beginning to your current position until now?
I graduated from hotel school in 1975 and did my apprentice as chef with Intercontinental Taj in Bombay. Managed a few kitchens there and then joined Dubai Sheraton for two years. Joined Carnival Cruise Lines in 1984 as chef. Brought out the Holiday, Jubilee, Celebration, and Fantasy as chef. I was promoted to senior chef, corp. executive chef, F&B director and then vice president

2. Can you tell us something about what your current job entails and what you are responsible for? To coordinate the various aspects of Carnival’s F&B operations and provide our guests with a high quality dining experience.

3. I remember the days when our lido choices were limited to burgers and hot dogs. Today, we have come a long way forward and please therefore can you tell us about the choices Carnival ships offer and what plans there are for the future dining delights for our guests. That’s right – our culinary choices have changed dramatically over the years and now include a variety of cuisines, from
Chocolate buffets to Asian stir fries to NY-style delis etc. as well as a traditional Tandoori corner (which will also be on the Splendor). For the upcoming dry-docks of the Imagination and Inspiration, we are going to test a rotisserie and also have one planned for on Lido upper level on Splendor.

4. I know that all of the 430,000 readers of this blog thingy will applaud you
and your colleagues for the fantastic food now served in the dining rooms
across the fleet.
It used to be said many years ago that our food was not as good as other lines but now, we can proudly hold our heads high and say “come and try today’s Carnival. Over the years, what have been the major changes you have made that have resulted in the wonderful choices and the resulting praise from guests. Thank you. You too are an excellent ambassador who makes us look good. With food such a huge part of the “Fun Ship” vacation experience, we’ve really made an effort into enhancing both the quality and variety of our culinary choices. In the Lido restaurants, we’re offering more items on the buffets and have added such features as a Tandoori oven, Mongolian stir fry and Fish n Chips stations, which complement popular choices like the 24-hour pizza
and ice cream, Asian stations and our always busy poolside grill.

On the formal side, we’ve added supper clubs, of course, and most recently expanded the Spa Carnival items to include more gourmet-style entrees and appetizers. We’re always examining our menus and updating wherever necessary to keep pace with guest’s changing tastes.

4. The warm chocolate cake, which can be ordered every night, is a firm favorite with everyone and was voted the best dessert at sea by many bloggers. Do you have any idea how many are ordered across the fleet each week or month — and please take a bow from the readers who I know think this is just amazing. You’re right, it is extremely popular which is why we have placed
it on the menus each night. It’s estimated that on a seven-day cruise, we make
upwards of 4,000 of the decadent dessert.

5. Can you choose your favorite items from appetizer through to desert using choices from our Dining Room Menus. On this current menu — lobster bisque,
Teriyaki short ribs and the above chocolate dessert.

6. Finally, if you could cook a meal for any famous person alive or not, who
would it be and what would you cook for them.
Tough one, as I have never been
overwhelmed by any famous person. But when I was young, I always fantasized about having a meal with Michael Jordan. If I were to choose one, it would be Angelina Jolie (tomorrow it could be someone else). I would most likely serve them something Indian Fusion.

Many thanks to Cyrus and if there is one man who needs applauding for the great food, it is Cyrus. Thank you!

OK, next week you can look forward to interviews with.



Not bad I hope to cover all the senior Carnival people by the end of the month, who knows, maybe one day I may get to interview the Big Boss, Mr. Arison. Any other requests, let me know.

So, embarkation is over, I just finished my travel talk and already I see we have a very international group again. We have 1,200 guests from many different countries outside of Canada, The U.S.A and the U.K.

I want to apologize for my rather obvious nastiness towards the French. This is done with the playful humor that has long since been evident between French and British people.


I remember when Alan Adkins and I were in Spain on holiday we were at a hotel that was occupied by us and 1,000 French people. Anyway, every time we would get in an elevator we would come down from our room, which was 733 (there were only 733 rooms in the hotel and guess who got that one) and would be joined by various French people. We would say hello and we would be lucky if we got a smile back let alone a hello or bonjour. Then, it became obvious that they spoke no English so being… well … me, I would get in the elevator, smile, nod and say things in such a pleasant voice like “you have the biggest ar#$ I have ever seen” or… you stink of old cheese,” but in a way that they thought I was wishing them a good day. Anyway, Alan thought this was hilarious and that night as we came down for dinner a man got in the elevator, he was in his 60’s. Alan said, “Bonjour,” and got back nothing….. so to emulate me, Alan looked at the man and said, “For Gods sake, take a bath, you smell like rotten eggs.” The man punched Alan in the face…. he was from Australia.


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.