Where Were You in '82?

July 24, 2007 -

John Heald

Hello from Civi and while the rains fall and floods rise back in the UK, here in Italy the sun continues to light up each and every day.It is nice to be blogging again after not having any posted over the weekend so thank you for your patience. Roberto had a great time on the Fascination and is now as I write posting the first of today’s blogs.

This cruise is coming to an end and tomorrow we will disembark everyone and a new adventure will begin for another 3,300 guests as we sail the Grand Mediterranean. This blog thingy continues to get great praise from various press outlets as is the amazing new funshipisland web site which is attracting many slaps……..have you tried it yet?

We just received our mail which comes onboard every time we get to Rome and I want to say thank you to everyone who is sending cards and gifts. Today, we received 19 cards/letters from bloggers and seven packages of gifts including another Aston Martin (toy) some sugar-free candy and other goodies. Heidi and I will be replying to each and everyone of you by return post and the cards mean so much to Heidi and I and are now decorating the cabin walls………………thank you all.

I cannot believe how popular this Scrap Booking is …………….first of all, is this one word or two? Anyway, I just spoke to Chris Prideaux from our head office who is arranging for classes to be taught to a group of staff members who will in turn travel the fleet teaching our staff who to hold Scrap Book classes on board every ship. I guess my first comment of “all you have to do is glue the thing into the book” was written by someone who was ignorant to just how popular and how much time and effort goes into making your book look fantastic. We sold out of the books in one day here……………….I had no idea!

I want to have a chat with you about teens some more. Let us start with the 12- to 14-year-olds. I mentioned yesterday that the things kids this age want to do these days is completely different to even a few years ago without going back to when Alan Adkins and I were 14 when an exciting day out was going Train Spotting or in Alan’s case being the only boy in an all-girl orchestra (he played the triangle). Today, it’s all changed and we as a company have recognized that and are in the process of changing our activities and concept of what this age group want to do on a vacation. It is going to be a great concept that will make the kids and the parents happy and I will be able to tell you more about that very soon.

Let’s talk about the older teens. Club O2 is our dedicated area for teens aged 15 – 17 and is immensely popular across the fleet. We are very proud of the work which Zack Miller has put into this project and he has hired superb teen directors who make sure that the teens have an awesome vacation. Each day and night activities are held for the teens and it is a great place for them to just “hang” and “chill”………..I just learned those words by the way. Here is an example of some of the activities that the teens enjoy on a sea day.

12.00pm Random Cards Club O2
Play, Hold ‘Em, Black Jack, Skip-Bo, Phase 10, Uno … Whatever.
1.00pm Dress the Contestant Club O2
2.00pm Water Wars-BOTS FINALE Deck 12 Fwd
3.15pm Amazing Race Club O2
Digital Camera is a must
4.00pm 360 Sys-Team Link Tourney Club O2
AND Guitar Hero II Pro Face Off! Club O2
9.30pm Club O2 Wall of Fame Club O2
The chance of leaving your foot prints on board the Freedom
10.00pm Stunner Shades Party! Club O2
12.00am FIFA O7 Tournament Club O2

Now, most of the above may as well be written in Mongolian because I have no idea what a lot of it means but I do know that Jessen, the Club O2 Director does a great job entertaining the 200 teens we have during the summer……..what the heck is Sys-team link tourney ?

So, each evening there is a disco/dance/rap/drum and bass/MC Hammer/rave/dance thing which the teens love and I guess even the way kids dance today has changed as you will see below from this comment.

A grandmother whose 16-year-old daughter was a regular at the club this cruise asked to speak to me this morning. She was horrified to have gone into the club to check on her granddaughter who she saw her dancing with another teen. I asked her what was wrong with that and she replied that she was “smooching and grinding” and that we should not allow this. I apologized and told her that I would investigate her concerns and call her back.

I spoke to Jessen the Club O2 Director because, quite frankly, I had an idea what smooching was and I was sure that had not changed since Alan Adkins would smooch with Penny Long (or anyone for that matter) but I truly had no bloody clue what “grinding” was. So, Jessen explained that this was the way teens danced these days, very close and in a way that well, I guess is best described as “grinding.”

I returned the call to Grandma and explained that “grinding ” was a national pastime and tried to make light of it but she was not happy and told me that she would not be sending her granddaughter there anymore.

Telling her that this was not necessary would have been the wrong thing to do as I could see that she was deeply concerned about it but I did ask her to address this with her granddaughter and discuss the situation with her.

She was not blaming us for allowing her granddaughter to dance in such a way but I think it was just the shock to see her do so. I will be very interested in seeing if she returns to the club tonight for another grinding session……………the granddaughter I mean………..not the grandmother.

You will be glad to see that a Carnival employee is doing so fantastically in the “America’s Got Talent” show on NBC. Here is some information for you to get excited about.

Again, this press release is not official until tomorrow but thanks to PA 007 for sending me this information as only PA 007 can.


MIAMI (July 24, 2007) – Vocalist Jason Pritchett proves that not only does America have talent, but so does Carnival Cruise Lines’ entertainment cast. Pritchett, the lead male production show singer on the cruise ship Carnival Spirit, is a current top 20 finalist on the NBC hit TV show “America’s Got Talent.”

Pritchett, of Kansas City, Mo., performs lead male vocals during two lavish and exhilarating production shows each week on board the 2,124-passenger Carnival Spirit, which is currently operating seven-day Alaska cruises through mid-September. The two high-energy revues named “SRO” (Standing Room Only) and “High Spirits,” combine the vocal artistry of Pritchett and female lead singer Stephanie Bell, with a cast of highly talented dancers, elaborate sets and costumes, and show-stopping special effects.

“We strive to find truly talented vocal performers for our production shows, which are a highlight of the cruise vacation experience,” said Roger Blum, Carnival’s VP of Cruise Programming. “Jason certainly personifies the exceptional talent our guests can look forward to when sailing with us, and all of his friends here at Carnival are cheering him on.”

Following its Alaska season, the Carnival Spirit will shift to San Diego to operate a series of eight-day Mexican Riviera cruises through spring 2008. Pritchett is scheduled to perform on the Carnival Spirit through September.

“America’s Got Talent,” produced by FremantleMedia North America and Simon Cowell’s SYCO TV, airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EDT on NBC.

You will be happy to know that PA 007 has moved into thinking they are Sherlock Holmes, because I was informed today that PA 007 has bought a dog. It is a bloodhound who is named TIM. Tim will now assist PA 007 in all investigations. (who’s a clever dog?)

Here are today’s photo selections.

1. The Gardens at Ana Capri.

1. The Gradens at Ana Capri.

2. The Hippodrome outside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

2. The Hippodrome outside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

3. A closer look at the plynth

3. A closer look at the plynth

4. A Bald Head and the Blue Mosque

4. A Bald Head and the Blue Mosque

5. The Blue Mosque

5. The Blue Mosque

6. And another

6. And another

7. Inside the Blue Mosque

7. Inside the Blue Mosque

Here are the letters from today’s “IN THEIR OWN WORDS”




Get comfortable for today’s Q & A.

RUSS 879 – Hello Julie. Although your story is a sad one indeed I want to concentrate on your coming cruise on August 5. I have made the Supper Club reservation as you requested on Saturday August 11th at 7:30pm – THE SECOND SEA DAY. Please remind me once you are onboard that it is your son’s birthday on the 15th and I will do everything I can to make it a very special day for him. I am sure that you miss your husband every day and being on vacation without him must be so difficult. I just want you to know that the staff and I will do everything we can to make this vacation so special for you and as a single mother also make sure you get lots of rest and relaxation. My deepest and most sincere sympathies at your loss and I will be here to make sure this will be the best vacation you have ever had.
STINGRAY310 – Congratulations on booking the beautiful Carnival Valor for your next cruise in October. I totally understand that you are unable to attend the Bloggers Cruise but hopefully the next one will be better suited to your schedule. Let’s chat about some of your comments. You asked about the possibility of a pod cast and indeed that is something we can now do. I have no idea how but we can. I have been sent a thing that will allow me to record a blog and uplink it on a thing so you can download it on your thing, or something. I have been experimenting with this for the last few days and I think I am ready to go so stand by for this very soon. You also asked for a guest blog from another cruise director, guess what, you got your wish as you will see below. Please let me know about when you want you your Supper Club reservation made and I will of course be happy to do so. Thank you so much for all the great comments and I will be here should you need anything.
DENNIS EVANS – Talking of Supper Clubs, your reservation has also been made for September 7th, table for 7 at 7:00pm…….should be a lucky meal.
SHERRIF ROSCO P. COLTRANE – Tell Bubba to get ready as I am sending him a cell mate. It must be strange to see someone else is staying in the cabin you were in during your cruise, a bit like someone is in your home.
Every time I see a police officer on the TV I think of you and the service you give to the public each and every day. Be safe and keep singing the Theme From Cops. All the best mate.
FENG SHUI TURTLE – What happened, you were in the middle of a great story and then we were all left with……” bum, bum, bum “…………where did go ?
NORA – Hello Ladies or, as you call yourselves “The Three Blind Mice.”
Being legally blind must lead to many challenges in life so here at Carnival we are committed to making those challenges so much easier while you are on vacation. You asked about what we have in Braille. I am happy to tell you that our full in cabin directory is available in Braille and I produce a daily run down of activities, events and shows which plays on the cabin television for you and yes, the remote control has Braille functions on it. We have provided first class training to all our staff on the best ways to assist sight-impaired guests. This training was given to us by a sight-impaired gentleman who really gave us inside knowledge on what to do to assure guests a first class vacation experience.
I see that you have sailed with RCCL and Princess and I think it is time for you to sail with us here at Carnival. Therefore, please use me as your Travel Agent and I will make sure that you and the other two mice have a vacation like never before. Just interested, does someone read my blogs to you or like my other sight impaired friend, do you have a computer that reads it out to you?
Thank you so much for your kind words and please keep reading the blog thingy and let’s get you booked on a Carnival cruise.
DAWN – Your Supper Club reservation has been confirmed, try the carpaccio.
POPCORNGAL – Thank you for the fishing advice, however, I am sorry to tell you all the guest caught while fishing from his cabin window was a deck hand called Pierre who was not impressed to receive a hook in his poop deck. You asked about the bloggers T-shirts and hopefully, by Wednesday of this week, I will be posting all the information on how to order. To see that so many people want a shirt makes me very grateful and humbled. Giant medium size will be available plus Omar the Tent Maker is designing a special one for Big Ed and myself. Thank you for the great comments, enjoy your popcorn.
THE WAYWARD TRAVELLER – I was totally oblivious to the obvious powers of scrapbooking and I have been corrected by you and other good bloggers who have managed to educate me. I truly thought that scrapbooking was something that five-year-olds did or like my friend Alan Adkins still does now as he collects pictures of Big Ed’s underwear. Thank you for the links and it seems to me that I need to jump on the scrapbook bandwagon as soon as possible as it really is so popular. Maybe in the future we will have a scrapbook cruise. Thank you for your kind comments and have a scrappy day.
IVERNON – I will indeed be keeping a Q & A session in every blog, even if your husband thinks we are having an internet romance. I will keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny however, every Thursday I will need my battery changing. Tell your husband hello and I will see you in our secret place soon. Wear the red one.
RANDY – Who is Annie? Can I contact her for you? Do you have a message for her? I hate to see a man cry.
NICO R – Thank you for reading the blog all this time and I appreciate your kind comments so much. You asked about the Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration and what upgrades they are receiving during dry dock. That’s a great question and I will ask ROGER BLUM to please send me as many details as he can. I know there were plans to add big screens on the Lido decks so let’s see if that is still the case. As soon as Roger replies, I will let you all know. When you get the information from me then you can have a chat with Mum before you decide what cruise to take. If of course you have any questions I will be here to assist you before you book. Thank you so much for your comments and my best to you both.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – By the time you read this you will now that a good old Irishman won the British Open Golf Tournament. What a shame to hear that one of the reasons you decided to give up teaching was the language used by the kids today. I am very happy my Dad retired before this became the problem it is now in the U.K as well as around the world. I truly could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth and the fact that he received no punishment from is parents is even more puzzling but from what I can see is to be expected these days. Don’t worry about not taking the Bloggers Cruise. We picked the date at random and the next one will be chosen with a bit more care and attention to guests needs. Regardless, one day we shall meet and that day will be a truly memorable one. I am glad you enjoyed the interview with Kirk. He is stationed in California and is a true and dedicated representative of what makes Carnival the World’s Most Popular Cruise Line. All the best Paul, it is always great to hear from you.
DAVE MYERLY – I did not get the cartoon yet, I am sure Roberto will send it to me shortly. You asked about the Supper Club and if there is a mandatory tip on the food. The answer is no, tipping is made purely at your discretion except on wines and beverages where the usual 15 % applies. Supper Club is an amazing experience and without being too repetitive you really must give it a try. My best to you and Jo.
NATE’S MOM – When people tell me they laughed out loud at the blog, it gives me such a great feeling. Many thanks.
MRS. MISSINGTHESMOKEFREEPARADISE – A brilliant posting as usual, stay tuned for a Harry Potter update in a few moments.
BIG ED – Ed, if your wife does not like Ocho Rios, how about this? Don’t get off the ship in Ocho Rios; instead I will pay for a complete day of pampering for her at the Spa. She will have a hot stones massage, a fully body massage followed by lunch and a rejuvenating facial and her hair restyled. While she is doing this you and I can go in to Ocho Rios, eat jerk chicken and smoke a palm tree. What do you think? I have a new concern. The cruise after the bloggers cruise has 1,000 guests from the Grand Ole Opry group sailing. Although these guests are a lot of fun, they bring on their own entertainment which will mean I will not be able to do most of my stuff on stage. I am not sure if I even will be the cruise director, we are waiting to see what their needs are.
So, therefore, tell Mrs. Big Ed, she gets hundreds of dollars worth of free spa treatments, if you take this cruise. Everyone wants you to sail so what do you think?
Big Ed, the ball is back in your court and I do believe it’s is advantage to me.
JR – THE BLOGGER FORMERLY KNOW AS THE LONG TALL TEXAN – Hello JR, have you ever been to Southfork? I always wanted to go. Sounds to me like your mate went to Cornwall at the right time as some of the area, like much of the UK is covered in water. I also hope we can meet one day, I will take you to Loo (I have one in my cabin) and you can take me to see where JR lived. I am just talking about Dallas with my wife Heidi, it’s not called South Fork, so please let me know that I am right…as usual. By the way, what was the name of the small girl with the blonde hair? I used to call her the poisoned dwarf, terrible but true. All the best mate, and I look forward to next week’s episode. ………DA DA DA DA…..DADA DA DA DA.
SUSAN AND RALPH – I am going to make sure that yes, the scrapbooks from the Carnival Freedom and other ships can indeed be ordered from the blog. I am working on this as we speak, as is Roberto. Unfortunately the days of throwing bratty kids overboard have long gone but I was tempted in giving him a free tour of the propellers. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything about the scrapbooks.
1ABLRN – Your Supper Club reservation has been booked……..try the lobster bisque. Please can you send me your surname and cabin number? Sounds like your flight from Rio was quite an adventure and I hope your flight here is rather more enjoyable. There is no hope on the 25 pounds, especially as that is the size of the porterhouse steak you will be ordering in the Supper Club. Have a safe flight, see you soon.
KIM PARKER – The online scrapbook is being looked at as we speak and I will do anything that I can to make these available. All the best and watch this space.
MRS. MISSINGTHESMOKEFREEPARADISE – So far, all our Vatican tours are running as normal on October the 28. However, this could change at the last minute as has happened before. Which of the tours are you interested in because I want to check personally with the tour operator so I can provide you with the right information. Hopefully, it will be good news.

That’s enough Q & A for today, as I have a 5:30am start for debarkation.

This morning I received a complaint from a guest about a train strike yesterday in Livorno, Florence, Tuscany and Pisa. We had heard rumors of this the day before through our Ship’s Agent and I had warned the guests at the Debarkation Talk and through various announcements. Sure enough, this morning at 10 am, the strike started and there were no trains running in this region for 24 hours.

It seemed that everyone had been prepared for this except for Mrs #$#@#$# (I won’t write her name as she is not a happy person) who really let me have it with both barrels this evening saying that Carnival should have provided free transportation back from Florence. Obviously, the point of this part of the blog is not to show this lady’s strange opinion but more to alert you all that lighting strikes are commonplace in this part of the world. By the way, this was the same lady who believed I should have bought her daughter a free copy of the Harry Potter book which I did in fact find in a bookstore in Civitavecchia in English which is now sitting in our library ready for next cruise.

I would like to introduce you to Todd Wittmer who will be the Cruise Director on the Carnival Freedom Next year. Here is his interview which I am sure you will enjoy.


1. Todd, what can you tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what career path led you to where you are today.

Traveling is a bit in my blood I think. I was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania and spent the majority of my youth in Annapolis, Maryland. I later attended Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina receiving a degree in Criminal Justice. After college I became very active and interested in physical fitness earning 4 training certifications and attending School at California State University Fullerton for a second degree in Kinesiology. I was enrolled in the masters program for Sports Psychology at CSUF when I was hired as a Fitness Director for a major fitness corporation in Southern California.

I love getting to know people on a personal level and sharing in their achievements and celebrations. My passion takes this to the next level of being able to motivate, entertain and enlighten through public speaking. To touch a group of people and share personal triumphs and challenges while connecting with them and learning and understanding their stories is a blessing I have always been drawn to. At the age of 27 I went on my first cruise with my family for Memorial Day weekend. A short 3 day cruise out of San Pedro California. As soon as I stepped on the ship I felt a magic that I can not explain and 3 weeks later I applied to Carnival and was hired as a Social Host in April of 1999! I walked onto my first ship as a team member on my birthday May 7th, a magical day and the start of a new life which I will always cherish. Eight years later I am honored to be in this position, this career path has been a dream come true.

2. What ships have you worked on as Cruise Director and which so far has been your favorite and why.

Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Pride, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Miracle, Carnival Liberty! I have spent four contracts on the Carnival Conquest which makes it a very special ship full of great memories! However, I was honored by CCL with the opportunity to take out a new ship which was The Carnival Miracle – for that reason it will always be my favorite and my proudest achievement! It would be hard for me to pick a favorite ship in reference to only the layout, entertainment, lounges and amenities as I love all the ships in the Carnival family! I have worked on 11 Carnival ships and they all have their own personalities! I think that is what makes this cruise line such a great company to be associated with.

3. You are currently on the Carnival Liberty which sails amongst other places to Panama and Costa Rica. What are your personal favorite tours in these two exciting ports of call.In Costa Rica it is all about Adventure: Canopy / Zip lines, Aerial Trams and Whitewater Rafting! I love the excitement of being in a beautiful country and trying something new! I also love any tour which includes the Adventure Canal often known as the “Amazon of Costa Rica”. A Riverboat takes you through a series of waterways, channels and lakes as you travel though the heart of a rain forest in search of Howler and Spider Monkeys, Iguanas, Sloths, Cayman and Crocodiles. Also over 300 species of beautiful birds inhabit the area and the countless flora and fauna on the coast line make this a beautiful and exciting tour. Love it!

Panama is mainly about the Panama Canal, considered by some the 8th wonder of the world! The Carnival Liberty offers a great chance to visit this incredible and historic location which is on the top of so many guests “to see” list as part of their life goals! The Carnival Liberty offers excursions into the Panama Canal by ferry through two of the locks, or numerous excursions that will visit the observation area of the Gatun locks to learn the history and see 1st hand this engineering masterpiece in action. A very memorable experience for me was my second journey through the Panama Canal when I had my dad by my side as he fulfilled a desire to travel in his father’s footsteps.

4. What do you enjoy most about being a Cruise Director

Most importantly that I wake up everyday and look forward to going to work. I am living a dream for so many different reasons and I am both grateful and excited to be able to work in a profession I am passionate about. A simple calculation really from a Cruise Director’s point of View! People + Travel + Fun = I love my Job!

5. What do you enjoy the least about being a Cruise Director

The position of Cruise Director is really what you make of it or put into it! Starting off in the company as a social host I loved the constant interaction and fun factor every activity had with it. A Cruise Director is responsible for so much when it comes to the overall cruising experience that it becomes very easy to get caught behind the scenes or in the office with additional responsibilities and requirements. It is very important to make time each day for yourself as well as the guests and come out to play… so to speak. What do I least enjoy about being a Cruise director? Running out of hours in the day!

6. Next year, you will be the Cruise Director of the Carnival Freedom in Europe. Having just sailed here what was your impression of the ship and the ports.

Nothing short of amazing! The itinerary is beautiful. Some of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world are visited and I am so excited to go back. I will mention more of the ports in the next few questions, however wanted to focus this answer on a location as deserving as any other port of call, that being the Carnival Freedom itself. I was very impressed with this magnificent ship and the mix of traditional Carnival luxuries with some new and exciting additions that provide that little extra for just the right touch. My favorites: The mini golf course surrounding the funnel, the cozy blankets to cuddle up with as you watch a movie under the stars on the Jumbo Screen Seaside Theater, and the great layout of the 70’s dance club. Club O2 for the 15 to 17 year olds was one of the coolest lounges I have seen and of course the Victoriana main show lounge made me feel right at home.

7. What were the top three sights for you from all the places you saw.

To pick only three top sites from all the amazing places the Carnival Freedom visits is a bit difficult. Without a doubt my first two choices would be Rome and Venice, both of these locations are truly magical. I would have believed that my third choice was Athens, Greece, and it was amazing but after traveling to the ancient ruins of Ephesus in Izmir, Turkey I was speechless.

8. What are you most looking forward to about being in Europe.

It’s a little silly actually! Growing up I was always fascinated by the Greek and Roman empires, also by the mythology and by the history of the European culture. Not to mention the countless movies that portray these incredibly beautiful, adventurous and romantic places. Traveling to Rome for the first time was a bit overwhelming as I stood looking at the Coliseum with my jaw on the ground. I went on a tour of Rome by bus and soaked up every piece of information possible from the guide. As soon as the tour was over I went and revisited everything running around the city on foot for a good five hours as I could not get enough and I thought maybe this would be my only chance to stand in history. Surprisingly enough this was the excitement of how I met each port of call that we visited. This is an amazing itinerary and I know the thing I am most looking forward to next season is sharing my excitement and stories for these tremendous places that so many people will be seeing for the first and last time. I look forward to acting as a guide and a friend in helping people have the best possible vacation while at the same time loving everyday I have a chance to adapt and share in this amazing culture. This is by far my best experience to date!

9. Which Cruise Director do you look up in the fleet that has been to Europe and taught you all you will know that will make your time so successful. What is John’s name.

Yes, I am so glad you asked! John Cleese has always been an inspiration of mine. A comedic genius, a true gentleman and a scholar. Wait was he a cruise director?

10.And finally…………………………if you were not a Cruise Director and you could do any job in the world, what would you do.

Is this a wish list? My dream job? When is Jay or David stepping down? I would love to be a talk show host in a live audience theater! Wait, maybe I want to be a professional golfer, that would be pretty cool. No, actually, I got it! I want Jimmy Buffet’s job – Surf, Sun & Fun! Who wouldn’t want to go to work barefoot?

Thanks Todd. Congratulations also to Todd on being voted the second best looking CD in the fleet…………………….maybe he will beat me next year……..I doubt it though.

What were you doing in 1982? Well, for those of you who were cruising on the Carnivale, here is what your Capers would have looked like:



The cruise director was a very special man called Malcolm Kennedy. I am not blessed with words to describe just what an icon this man was.

I have never met anyone with a funnier mind or anyone who had such a huge repertoire of jokes. He was from Bonnie, Scotland and to this day he remains one of the greatest Cruise Directors and one of the most inspirational people this company has ever known. He was “old school” and today I want to end this blog with a passage from one of his skits.

I was traveling cross-country and stopped in a small town at a motel. I knocked on the door, and the lady opened the door in her nightdress… which is a funny place to have a door. I said, I’d like to stay here for the night. She said well, stay there. And she shut the door. I knocked again and she said a room for the night would be fifteen dollars. I said I’ll pay fifteen dollars with pleasure. She said, with pleasure, it’d be twenty! She said do you have a good memory for faces? I said yes. She said good, we have no mirror for shaving. She said you’ll have to make your own bed. I said no problem. She said here’s a hammer and nails.

I was dating a young woman who turned out to be a witch. I know she was a witch, because I was driving her home one night, she touched my knee and I turned into a parking lot…

Malcolm was lost to us a few years ago and this blog is dedicated to him.

We miss you Malcolm and we never did find out if you wore anything under that kilt…….still, no big thing. :))

Good Night,

Your friends,

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.