All Colours (Spelt Correctly) and Sizes

July 27, 2007 -

John Heald

Good Morning – How are you?

It is 8:05 am here and I woke around 7 am and even though I had not set my alarm until 8 am I could not get back to sleep so much to Heidi’s joy I decided to get up and do some work. ………….Heidi was happy because me leaving the bed meant that she could do her starfish impression with legs and arms and elbows all over the place. I did an hour of paper work although I don’t know why we call it paperwork anymore as it’s all done on this computer and there are no signs of paper anywhere. Now that’s done I can settle down and catch up on some blogging……………oh……..but first time to check the old sugar level…………hold on.

OK, that’s done and the level is fine – 5.8. The British scale is different to the American scale so I don’t really know what that is.

The welcome aboard show never ceases to amaze. Last night, just 10 minutes into the show I was interrupted by this lady you will see in the photograph below.

She came over to the side of the stage and as I was in mid flow she waved her hands about saying “I can’t find my friend.” I asked her friend’s name which she said was EVA and I called her name over the microphone. The lounge was packed with 1,500 people waiting for the show to continue but it was going nowhere as the lady said, “say her name louder, she is deaf”…….so I had the whole audience shout EVA at the top of their voice but Eva remained invisible. OK, on with the show thought I but the lady would not have it and asked me “Where is she?”………..that was it……….I had been nice to up to then but of course now, she was all mine. I asked her for more details on Eva………”she doesn’t speak good English” snapped the other half of my new double act. I asked her where she was from……….”She is Russian but lives in New York” said the new Assistant Cruise Director and she added “she is not very bright either”………so, by now this was going nowhere and I needed to move on with the show. I told the lady to have a seat and let’s see if she arrives later in the show…………but Oprah would have none of it and stayed at the front of the stage. I then told the audience that if anyone saw a deaf and not-too-bright Russian lady to please let me know. I continued the show and the audience were in hysterics as now the lady just stood at the front of the stage for another 10 minutes until finally giving up and taking her seat………the story will, I am sure continue today. Here are the photos of the lady with lots of hair.



Here are today’s photos which today we return to crew saying welcome aboard…………enjoy.

1.THAILAND – This is Sasi our First Purser “sawasdee- ka koh- tawn- rab soo – rua- samran – Carnival Freedom – ka”

2. RUSSIAN – This is Katia from Housekeeping “privet dobro pozalovat’ na bort

3. St.Georges Cathedral in Venice

4.The Blue Grotto at Capri

Here also are today’s entries for the “In Their Own Words Section.” We had to close the slide today as it was too windy – as you will see.



Off to work. Morning Show, Travel Talk, Meeting, Game Show, two Parties, two shows and a blog…………….C U Soon.

Q & A Hip Hip Hooray

I want to start with a belated answer to the folks who were asking for the information on the tours for the Mexican Riviera. These have been sent to me by the Cruise Director on the Carnival Pride Tina Noble. Here she is (I think I must be the only CD who hasn’t swung down that zip line…….I wonder why?) and my thanks to her for taking the time to put this package together.
Extreme Canopy – Puerta Vallarta
This is not your average Canopy tour; you won’t be doing any tree top to tree top on this tour ….. oh no, you will be zip lining Mountain top to mountain top.
Imagine distances longer and taller than any cruise ship! This is what you’ll be experiencing. This is an ultimate outdoor adventure. To get to where the adventure begins, you will enjoy a power boat ride, you will then be carried on the back of a truck up the mountains and then this will be followed by a mule ride where you will zig zag on a trail to the top of a mountain where the Zip Lining shall begin.
There are some immense distances and you will repel through water falls, you will get completely wet on this excursion, top to toe. Change of clothing is needed and sneakers must be worn. Lockers are provided
A jam packed adrenaline junky excursion, it is the best excursion that I have ever encountered!
Rhythms of the Night – Puerta Vallarta
You will be going to the Bay of Callitas. This excursion will include a restful and scenic boat ride where you will enjoy a great sunset. (Pending sunset time).
You will have a very nice welcome as you arrive. There will be torch lit (at dusk onwards) paths to walk along to get to the delicious buffet dinner.
You can have, bar b q beef, chicken & fish. There will be an open bar. If you want wine with your dinner, you can do! After dinner you will walk on another torch lit path adjacent to the ocean and this will take you to the amphitheatre area. You will see an amazing local native show, the best way to describe it, is ….EXOTIC! Absolutely great, a beautiful performance! The setting of the Amphitheatre is special. After the show, you walk back on the torch lit paths and back onto the boat, back to the ship. On the boat ride back there will be party music playing and an open bar will still be available. A Great tour for families, the romantics, the singles and anyone else. A really enjoyable evening excursion.
Shopping, Beach & Lunch – Mazatlan
This is a very popular tour as you get to enjoy a variety of possibilities.
You are placed into a comfortable and pre paid taxi and you get taken to
Mexican Folkloric Show which you will enjoy in a local amphitheatre.
You will then explore the Grounds of the Golden Zone, a very famous area in Mazatlan. You will be able to indulge in the resort strip and visit the best and recommended stores. You will get to enjoy both at your own leisure. Your Shore Excursion ticket will also enable you to have access to 1 particular hotel resort. Your taxi driver will show you the location of the hotel, which will be located in the heart of the down town area. You will be able to use the facilities at the Hotel, there will be access to the beach, a buffet lunch is included and 2 Complimentary drinks. All of this is all at your own leisure
Sierra Madre Tour – Mazatlan
On this tour you will get to see the most amount of interests and attractions out of all the excursions we have on offer. You will be making a day of it, if you take this tour, it is absolutely worth it!
You will be on a comfortable air conditioned bus. The 1st stop will be to an area where they make bricks, you can find out the full process, very interesting and these bricks are used in the modern world today! The next stop will be an Arts and Crafts stop, where everything is done by hand.
Then you shall get back on the bus and you will be going to a town called Concorda.
Here you will get to see the Colonial Church which is over 300 years old, magnificent! A refreshment drink will be served.
You will then hop back on the AC bus and then you will visit Copola Village, up in the mountains, you are at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. You will be taking a step back into time, this is a Spanish, Gold mining village. You will get to see a church that is over 400 years old. Lunch is included, it is a delicious Mexican lunch.
The desert is the best, the Famous Banana Pie – Absolutely yummy!
Back onto the Bus and you shall then leave Sierra Madre Mountains and then you head back to the Famous Golden Zone and you will have 1 hour to shop until you drop and see the resort strip!
This is an all rounded and an all day excursion – EXCELLENT!!
Sea Trek Helmet Dive – Cabo San Lucas
You will be going 15-20 ft beneath the water. You get to walk along the bottom of the ocean bed very close to a coral reef wall. You will be wearing a self contained helmet weighing about 51 lbs out of the water and pretty much weightless in the water. Ladies I have good news, on this under water tour, your hair will not get wet.
It is very similar to walking on the moon, so if you have had that experience before, then you can have a similar experience on the bed of the ocean wave! A new adventure and a cool experience.
B.O.B. Underwater Adventure – Cabo san Lucas
This is a motor underwater adventure. Firstly you get taken on a catamaran out to Crystal Waters of Chileno Bay. A briefing will be conducted and then the Dive masters will escort you in small groups beneath the Sea of Cortez on these underwater motorized scooters. You will be effortlessly exploring the fascinating marine life as you ride your BOB scooter underwater!
Afterwards, you get to snorkel, swim or relax with a complimentary snack & drink.
The Fish take a look at you rather then you looking at the fish – funny stuff!!
OKTEACH_61 AKA SONDRA HEAVERIN – Hello Sondra, your cabin is more spacious as the regular balcony cabin and has a sitting area. Your cabin is wonderful and will really enhance your stay on board. Don’t worry about the questions, that’s what I am here for. I am happy to help, if you have any more questions please let me know. OR just ask Big Ed.
UNCLE DOUG – Congratulations on being a Platinum guest now! I bet you saw lots of changes over the years, since you sailed on board the Mardi Gras. Hopefully Carnival will stay in Europe forever and gives you the opportunity to cruise once you retire. Until then, keep reading the blog thingy.
BIG ED – Big Ed, as you seem to know so much about the ship, how can we sail on the Bloggers Cruise without you? I will make you the official Assistant to the Cruise Director, I even give you a name tag (a Big One). Thank you for helping out Sondra.
RUTH JAMISON – Ruth, I bet cruising has changed since 1982. The Lido restaurant is now open almost 24 hours a day. With the wonderful addition of the deli, the 24-hour pizzeria, The Grille and our great Wok station where you are able to mix and match your own vegetables, meats and sauce and have one of the staff members cook it for you. Delicious! My favorite is the Szechuan sauce (not Heidi’s though….) I know what you mean with the “nightmare” in the bazaar. So many people would make you dizzy and one hour inside surely is enough.
VICKI – I suppose you have taken care of your ATCOCS suffering. It sounds like you will be just fine for the next year or so. You mentioned the fact that some people were not so friendly while you were standing in line at the Purser’s Office and the way they behaved away from home.
I have to say, I think the same when sometimes you see a guests spill a whole mug of coffee and they just walk on and don’t even pick it up or notify a staff member. I am sure you understand that our housekeeping department has its work cut out for them every cruise with over 3,000 guests on board. Oh well. Let’s just hope you win that lottery so you will be able to keep your fellow guests “in line” during the South American cruise on board the Carnival Splendor. Enjoy your vacation on the “Fun Ship” Holiday.
DWA 76 – Thank you for your support on getting me to trial run an Aston. I don’t think I can get a better spokesperson on my behalf than you would be. I will let you know when I am in Miami next and we’ll walk in together…
SWEET SUNSHINE – Hello Sweet Sunshine. How old is the baby? We have wonderful Camp Carnival staff on board, who would love to look after the baby at night.
Maybe we can convince you to sail on the Bloggers Cruise…it’s still a few months away.
The address for us on the ship is, Heidi has written a letter to Johnsons to see if she can buy in bulk (no idea why she would do that)
– That’s another promise I will make you if you book the bloggers cruise……….you can have all my briefs that I am forbidden to use now. I await your kind response
THE BEARS, BARB & CARL – Actually, I love the beans, can I have more please as they provide me with hours of fun and every time it happens……..I think of you both 🙂
SHARON R – Sharon, don’t worry; I received all your questions so here we go:
1. Your Supper Club reservation has been made…….enjoy the crepes!
2. We have a “Pisa by Trolley ” tour, which is fantastic. You will go to Pisa by motorcoach and then around Miracle Square by trolley, so there is very little walking. If you have any more detailed questions, please let me know.
3. You can buy all tour tickets through one cabin, that is no problem. When you receive the tour tickets on board, they will have the name of the person who purchased them printed on them. Once you are on board, you may switch the tickets, that’s no problem. There are a few restrictions; for tours that visit special places for which we pre book the entrance fees like the Accademia in Florence where the Statue of David is kept or the entrance tickets to climb the tower of Pisa. Apart from those kind of tours there is no problem at all to switch to any other tour on board, as long as that tour is still available.
4. The best tour to do without much walking involved would be “Easy Rome,” or buy tickets for a Hop On/Hop Off bus, which are the double decker buses that just drive around the city.
5. You are going to have a great time watching Les Miserables in the West End. You have the Hop On/Hop Off buses in London too, but three must see places are: 1. Buckingham Palace (you can actually go inside and tour the palace) 2. St. Paul’s Cathedral 3. The Tower Bridge and the Crown Jewels.
Heidi is a big fan of Gordon Ramsay and she used to watch Hell’s Kitchen all the time. I personally just like to eat the food, to me it doesn’t matter how or by who it was made. I hope the above helps you out a bit.
LINDA HERNACKI – Thank you for your concern Linda but honestly I am fine and feeling good. I guess everyone has an off day now and then all though I do my best never to let it show although those jellybeans are not helping. Heidi looks after me and together we are enjoying our work and the blog thingy and all the interesting guests I meet make the job so much more interesting………sometimes though, they do get to me if only just for a bit. I hope you and Mike are doing well and we both thank you for your kind words and thank you for voting for Jason, you are correct he is AMAZING.
BRYAN – hello mate and I hope you are well. The Fantasy-class ships are still so very popular and I know for many people the three and four-day cruises were the start of people’s love affair with this wonderful style of vacation. The new upgrades will really add to this already massively popular class of ship and I will make sure I post photos of the changes as soon as they are completed. My best to ya’lllllllll and your family.
MRS MISSINGTHESMOKEFREEPARADISE – It seems like you have so many ideas of what you want to do in Rome but I have to tell you this. If it is in your budget you must, I repeat must take the Exclusive & Private View of the Vatican if you can. This is such a unique experience and as you highlighted being able to be in the chapel, talk and see nobody else there and take photos will I am sure be something you never forget. Honestly, take this tour if you can, it’s unforgettable. You also asked about the Tower Entrance at Pisa and yes, if you do buy the entrance you climb all 400-plus steps to the top where the view is………….OK. I did it and was so tired by the time I got to the top, the only view I wanted was an elevator. It is also slightly claustrophobic so you may want to think about that as well. The problem is that you can’t just turn around half way as the staircase is very narrow and unless you are at the back of the line you will have to squeeze past everyone else. Quite honestly though, unless you know you are going to reach the top, I personally would not do it. On the Italian countryside tour the meal is a full Italian lunch of antipasto, pasta, etc all enjoyed in beautiful surroundings. There are going to be evening tours on the 28th but not full day tours of Rome. Quite simply, if you want my advice based on what I have seen and done it is this. Come to the ship on the 28th and relax onboard.
The 29th, take the Private and Exclusive View of the Vatican tour then, come back and enjoy the slow cruise back home. Please let me know if this makes sense to you and if I can help further.
LFTTNSFCL – Is it not called the British Open? I thought it was but then what do I know about golf mate………the purpose of the game as far as I know is to get the lowest score possible……so…………stay at home and shoot a 0. I just replied to Mrs. MTSFPBLFTTNSFCF about Rome and I hope you can persuade her to take the Vatican tour. I have been privileged to see many things as a CD but this tour is on my top three list and I have no doubts it will be on yours as well. I have already added your name to assist me in the evaluation of the dancers before they leave so you can again fall in love with their talents. Please can you bring me one of those surgical masks in case Mrs. Spittle returns? You asked about the cabins and indeed they are all WI-FI FRIENDLY so you can e-mail etc without having to past through the Cigar bar to get to our Internet Café. I am sure we will be blogging together anyway as I am very much looking forward to seeing you both. I hope you have a smoke free weekend and I remain at your service.
HEIDI – BETH AND KEVIN – The scrapbook thing is getting so popular that yes, we need to add something from the blog and I will indeed work on that as an idea. I spoke to Chris Prideaux who is working to get classes out to the fleet post haste and again, I will work on a bloggers add on thing. Kevin, buy her a scrapbook…………….you should feel lucky, I have to buy Heidi dinner tomorrow in Venice at Harry’s Bar……you can start a scrapbook of my bankruptcy. Best to you both from us both.
DAVE AND BARB – I have to admit that sometimes holding my tongue is difficult but I realize that most of the time people just want to vent and if I need to be their human pin cushion then so be it………..most of the time it is never personal. You asked about the laundry services onboard. We do offer a full press, wash and dry clean service as well as launderettes for public washing (this is where Heidi washes my boxers which by the way I still hate) and we also offer a service where you fill a bag we provide you with as much washing as you can fit in which is washed, folded and returned the next day for just $15. This is a great service and if you don’t fill the bag up please call me as I can add a few pairs of my underwear to save Heidi doing it.
You mentioned also that you live in a town called East Liverpool, Ohio. This makes you Scousers (people from Liverpool), it means you love the Beatles and say “calm down” a lot. Great to hear from you and if you need any other questions answered please let me know.
JOHN STEERS – Hello mate and it is great to hear from you, I hope things are well for you in Port Canaveral. I am not sure when Todd is taking over from me as Cruise Director. I want to see how long I can keep going as I have already been out for 6 months without a break (well, two days). Todd is a brilliant CD and I think he will indeed be the Cruise Director on your February cruise. However, you never know what will happen and regardless I send you my best and thank you for all the people you help and I know entertain during your dedicated work at the port. Cheers mate.
MARK TWAIN AND A HALF – Bugger, sorry for the incorrect spelling. I meant to say MIDSHIP not MISHAP…….sometimes my fingers just go off on their own (so does another part of my body thanks to the jellybeans) and that one got through spell check as well, sorry.
Ricardo is indeed from Brazil where as you correctly stated they speak Portuguese. I promase thare well bee know moore spalling mastakes and iff you sea anyy plase lat mi now.
– The problem is mate that unless you book through the agent sponsoring the Grand Ole Opry cruise the performances of the said stars are not usually open to the rest of the ship.
Mrs. Big Ed………one last reminder.
MIKE AND MAUREEN LYNCH – Your supper club reservation is booked as requested………..try the Lamb Chops. Thank you for being such loyal bloggers and I sincerely look forward to meeting you in September as does Heidi. Please write if you need anything else.
LEASA – I learnt a new word today, grits – girl raised in the south. Please do not feel the need to apologize for the rude behavior of one person who certainly does not typify the great state of North Carolina. I never tar everyone with the same brush and I appreciate everyone has an opinion, that’s all it is. Much of the time a guests comment can only help us improve and we as a company invite these comments……..although saying I don’t speak American….well, there was little I could do with that comment except quote Mr. Cleese which I see your son enjoys as much as I do. Enjoy your cruise in February and I truly hope you will continue to read the blog thingy.
CINDY COURINGTON – Hello Cindy. I am glad you finally were able to admit in public that you were addicted to scrapbooking so I can understand your excitement at seeing the new scrapbook which is slowly making its way fleet wide. How wonderful that you have been keep scrapbooks since you sailed on the T.S.S. Carnival back in 1981, I am sure they must bring you so many happy memories. I wish I had kept scrapbooks from all my adventures…..although, now I am married some of the memories would have to be shredded! I look forward to seeing you in October when I hope you will have many more new and exciting memories to add to another scrapbook thingy.
PAM – I am so happy that you enjoyed the interview with Pam Conover from Seabourn. They are indeed an incomparable cruise line and of course sailing on one of their ships must be truly inspiring. Here is their web site thing I have not heard of a cruise line called Capitol I am sorry to say but I do know that if you have ideas like you stated for us please feel free to add them on a posting and slap onto the blog. Please send my best to Tim and you and Heidi should have a contest to see who gets the fresh air spray out the quickest. My Mum is the champion at that though especially after my Dad has eaten Brussels sprouts! I think you should consider a Seabourn cruise, I know I am.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – I am glad the visual of my bottom propelling the ship at warp speed towards the City Of Love made you laugh but trust me, Heidi was not laughing. In fact she is now calling herself MISSING THE GAS FREE CABIN on the e-mail. Seabourn does I admit cost a little more than you average cruise but every penny you spend is rewarded by the finest service set in what must be an incomparable atmosphere. The line has no-class system and I am sure that people of all social standings mingle with each other on a ship that is small enough to allow new friends to be made and big enough to allow for the personal and romantic private time that we all need now and then. Certainly, a person such as yourself would I know enjoy everything about this special cruising experience. Please stay well and I leave you with best wishes from Heidi and I.
JTODDINMAN – You are now the official Poet Laureate of this blog thingy and thanks to your poem I will never again attempt one as mine is a feeble effort compared to your crowning achievement. Thank you for making me smile and I am there are more poems in you so I expect another very soon. Thank you so much and I hope Big Ed will continue to think about cruising on the Bloggers Adventure.
DOUGNEWMANATSEA – I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the interview with Pam Conover who is obviously one of the most respected people in our industry and it was a true honor to interview her.
After I wrote about having a Bloggers Cruise on Seabourn, I think you may be correct that it may be a little to different to the one we will have on the Carnival Freedom in January. Although, saying that, it would be perfect for a group of friends and avid cruisers to get together and spend some great time with each other. I could host a Bloggers Reunion Cruise, sort of a FRIENDS REUNITED – what do you say? Thank you mate for all your insight, I know everyone (especially PA 007 who like me is a big fan of yours) thanks you so very much and we look forward to your next posting.
CAROL SCHOENBERGER – I to am happy your screen protector was in position as I did not want to be blamed for another burst of liquid hitting it full on after you read about my jellybean incident. Carol, please do not feel bad about not being able to cruise on the bloggers getaway in January, there will be other times I promise. I did speak to the grandmother again, you know the one who was upset at the “grinding” style of dance her granddaughter was doing at our Club O2 and she continued to blame us for her behavior although, I have to admit that the girl in question (Brooke) did apologize to Jessen our Teen Director and said she was very old-fashioned. I can totally understand this, it must be so strange for her to see her dancing like this, I myself was shocked but I am told this is what the kids do today. Things have changed I guess for grandma, safe sex in her day was moving the bed away from the wall so you didn’t bang your head………YES, IT’S GIVE AN OLD JOKE A HOME WEEK. Thanks for voting for our man Jason and thank you also for everything you do for Heidi and I. See you soon.
PAULETTE’S MUM – Nee Hi. Sounds like you had a great time in China but I am also happy you missed cruising. Bob Dickinson is indeed on the Carnival Spirit as we speak and I am sure he is relaxing and reading the new Harry Potter Book. By the way, I found some copies in Rome and we now have some in the ship’s library. I send my best Paulette as I do to you Mum.
MARGE RIBAS – I remember my TV friend from the crossing on the Carnival Liberty very well. All he wanted was American TV from day one and I really did my best to help him out with videos etc, but………………oh well, never mind. I am excited you will be sailing soon and my best mate Alan will also be joining us. You will love the itinerary and I hope you will leave me a note when you get onboard to say hello. Have a safe journey and if you need anything please let me know.
RUTH JAMISON – Your best regards have been passed to the great chefs at the Mongolian Buffet here on the Carnival Freedom. Which sauce did you try? I love the Schezuan best but it, like the jellybeans, does not like me and it is another reason for Heidi to turn into a quick drawer artist as she fires of double rounds of air freshener. I hope your husband enjoys the blogs as well and I thank you so much for being as you said “CARNIVAL PEOPLE”………that makes you my kind of people.
ADIAS.ANGEL – I am happy to hear that having scrapbook thingies have made you and so many others happy. I will try and work on some bloggers additions so that you can add them to your collection. Thank for the hug, I needed that and I send you one right back.
RIKKI BOYCE – You asked about the trans-Atlantic cruise and what activities you may expect fro the seven sea days. Here are just a few of the highlights.
And so much more…………….not sure about Tai Chi classes but I can offer Mahjong classes. I promise it will be a wonderful time and the most relaxing and fun days you have ever had at sea. I look forward to seeing you again very soon and send my best to you and your family.
LAUREN – I remember Mr Yu very well and he was as you said so much fun. Living on a ship is so much fun but as the interview below will tell you it does take a special relationship to handle the trials and tribulations of what happens here every day. Thank you for the Jay Leno reference, I hope he does read my blog one day and invite me to cover his vacation 🙂 I hope you would all watch. Thanks Lauren, I am so happy that you don’t think I look like Gomer Pyle – Goooooooooooooolllllllllllyyyyyy.
BILL – ZYDECOCRUISER – I am officially changing your screen name to BILL – FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD AND A BIT OF ZYDECO.
TOM POTTER – You are correct of course. Scrapbooking and arts and crafts are so very popular and would make a welcome addition to a ship’s activities roster. Now, there is one problem of putting extra staff on to teach this…………..cabins! It is hard for people to understand that just adding more staff is so difficult. Every department works on a budget and every cabin is taken………….I mean every crew cabin and to add two extra staff means that maybe we have to rob Peter to pay Paul. However, we have staff onboard who can be trained in these fields and Chris Prideaux in the office is making this a priority to have this across the fleet soon. This may take a few months but I promise you Tom and Peggy that you will be very happy with the results.
Heidi sends a big hello back and yes Peggy I know now that there is a laxative in sugar free candy and so does the Chief Plumber Luigi as well 🙂 Have a wonderful time on the Carnival Miracle.


Now, it is time for a special interview from a lady who needs no introduction.



1. Before you met John what jobs did you have and what did you know about cruising?

Wow, where do I start….I worked at the Flower Auction in Holland where 75% off the world’s flowers are sold during every school holiday from when I was about 13 years old. I was still doing that at busy times like Easter and Christmas after I met John, before I left Holland to work on the ship. There, I used to make plants and flower arrangements which was a lot of fun, even though it was very hot sometimes during the summer in a green house and the hours were anything but short. I used to get on my bike at 5:30am, arrived in Aalsmeer at 6 am, had a shower and went to work until 4 pm and sometimes later, but we always had such fun people to work with that it didn’t matter. Other jobs were in a butcher’s, a bar at a flower show during the weekends with a friend of mine…until I got to the more serious stuff and trained as Store Manager for a Supermarket Chain. I was the first female Store Manager and got my photo in the newspaper and everything as they had to design a uniform for me as there were no other female managers. I really enjoyed my job but the reward for working 6 days a week, from 6 am until 9 pm just weren’t there, so I went back to school and studied more Management & Marketing. I might not use much of my marketing background now, but that doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what job you do, as long as you enjoy it.

2. The night you met John, was it love at first sight? Actually, it was…..although….and now you will all laugh….I thought he was Italian…..(John knows, so this won’t come as a shock to him) His hair was jet black when we met, bringing out the Carnival Destiny changed that in 10 months…..He was also a little – no wait, a lot drunk and he was buying the whole bar drinks……………but yes, love at first sight.

3. When you first walked on the gangway with your dad on the Carnival Fascination, what were your first thoughts? I could not believe the size of this ship, it was massive. We were made to feel at home by everybody, from the Captain to John’s staff at the time.

The shows, the food, the staff, the ports it was all just wonderful and the photos we have are a precious memory.

4. The first ship you worked on was the Carnival Destiny which then was the largest ship in the world, what memories do you have of that experience. Vacation was over!!!! There was work to be done. The Youth Director Denny and myself were responsible for getting Camp Carnival ready for our first guests to board in NY. I had no idea what needed to be done before a department like that was up and running. I remember a trampoline we had put together, it was three levels and called The Space Maze……I managed to pull myself in the middle part making it dust free and all of a sudden I felt so seasick…I will spare you the details, but let’s just say, I couldn’t get myself out of the maze quick enough….so I could start cleaning all over again…YUCK. We crossed the Atlantic in November, so you can imagine for someone like me that wasn’t used to being at sea, it was a bit of an eye opener. After that day, I have never (knock on wood) been seasick again.

5. Being the wife of the Cruise Director must be lot of fun, however, what is, if any, the most frustrating part of living on a cruise ship? I always say to John, I could never be married to a movie star or famous musician. The amount of attention John gets when we walk from A to B is unbelievable. Of course, it’s the job and you know to expect this, but sometimes when we are ashore and have a conversation about private things, it’s sometimes hard to smile when people come up to you and interrupt your conversation whilst having lunch. John is amazing and always has time for everybody, I learnt over the years that it is just the way he is and that is why, I think, makes him the best in the business (don’t let John read this).

6. One a personal note, what are John’s strengths? One of his strengths, I mentioned in the questions above. He also has an amazing memory and he always puts others first.

7. What is John’s most annoying habit? Apart from leaving his underwear on the floor, he just cannot make it to the washing basket for some reason (although our cabin really isn’t that big), he is probably the most “untidy” person I have ever met. When I sit at the desk in our cabin, I always tidy the desk up first before I can do anything, he leaves cupboard doors open, leaves tops off everything he touches….I now just throw tops of deodorant etc. away, so it won’t frustrate me. But in his defense, I have to say, that I am probably the worst to live with, in that perspective. I can not concentrate with a mess around me, if there are things that need to be done I want to do them “now” and not later, John is much more relaxed with those things which sometimes drives me mad, but if that’s the worst thing ………I think I’m alright.

8. Apart from family, what do you miss most about living on land? I miss driving, I miss cooking, I miss having animals around me, just simple things really, which we enjoy double when we are at home.

9. Why is John so obsessed with Aston Martin? John absolutely loves fast cars. Always has. Apart from being James Bond’s car, I suppose it’s an English thing with the Aston Martin. At least I don’t have to think of a Christmas present this year. I will rent him one for a few days…..shhhh…

10. How are you handling John spending all this extra time on the blog? I have to admit, since he started with the blog, there is not much free time available anymore. Don’t forget he still has the Entertainment Department to run, do all his Travel Talks, do his Morning T.V. Shows etc. etc. I sometimes tell him to take it easy, but with John it’s all or nothing, he never does anything “just a little bit” but always goes for it, in anything he does.

11. What would your dream vacation be (not cruising)? My dream vacation….how long would I get???? My dream vacation would be in no specific place, as long as it involves the following: John and not many other people around, unless they are giving me a spa treatment, bringing me a drink or food……

12. Finally, why did you make John switch from briefs to boxers? Where as John likes to discuss his underwear with all of you, I am a bit more private and leave it at that.

Thank Heidi, all I can say is……………………I AM A LUCKY MAN

Thanks to PA 007 for setting the questions.


Here they are.




You can order different colours, sixes (up to XXXXL Ed) and of course add your own names on the back. Tank tops are also available. These will be available from the blog in the next few days and will be a limited edition of 500,000……….although I expect to sell 9…………..10, if I buy one myself.

There will be special additions for the bloggers cruise and more information on that will be with you on the next few blogs.

If we sell 200 shirts, I promise to post a photo of me, like you have never seen before……nobody has seen this photo……not even Heidi!

By the way, I get no money myself for the shirts, I promise, it’s just the thought of all the hard work that went into buying them, designing them, etc ….well I would hate to see that go to waste.

It is now 12:40 am and I must go to bed but before I do…………….This evening it was the Captain’s Cocktail party and formal night. I was introducing the Captain when something shocking happened………….a lady guest…………….in her 60s…………..kissed the Captain on the mouth…………………he had no chance to escape and just stood there as this lady drooled over him like ……………..a big drooling thing in sequins…………..she was obviously sponsored by the free drinks we had been serving. After releasing her vice like grip and unlocking her lips from the Captain’s face she looked for another victim……the Captain looked for help and assistance…………both received nothing except the sight of my back as I ran away……………the sugar free jellybeans propelling me to safety.


Your friends,

John and Heidi

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