Have you ever heard the song called Barcelona performed by the late great Freddie Mercury and some Spanish opera singer? I heard it recently and for some reason I can’t stop singing the damn song as it appears to be stuck on an endless loop, especially as we are in……………Barcelona today.Let’s rewind to last night when, at 2:50am, my bedside phone slapped me out of my dream with a right hook to the face. It’s a shame, because I was dreaming of Angelina Jolie, an Aston Martin Vanquish, a swimming pool filled with whipped cream and an extra large bag of sugar free jelly beans.

Anyway, the punch of the alarm had me sitting up in bed and I knew straight away that it would be the bridge before I answered. This is not due to my telepathetic powers but because I could feel that the thrusters were on and the ship was coming to a stop.

Sure enough, it was indeed a call to come to the bridge so I shook the last lingering memories of Angelina from my mind and headed to the bridge.

When this happens there are always things going through your mind as to what may be going on but after so many years of doing this you just wind your neck in and get on with the job.

Arriving at the bridge I was met by the Captain who informed me that the bridge had received a distress call over the VHF radio and the ship had been tasked by Spanish Coastguard to assist in the search for the boat that made the call.

It was now 3:00am and nobody was about but I checked on both sides of the ship to see if the thrusters and steady turning circle the ship was making had woken anyone. For the most part the answer was no as there were maybe a dozen or so people standing on their balconies peering into the darkness. I informed the Captain that in my opinion we should not make an announcement just yet and to see how the situation progressed, which he agreed with.

So, for the next hour Captain D’Aita searched for this vessel that had made the call but since had gone quiet. I sat on the bridge with a cup of tea waiting to see what would happen next and couldn’t help but think that somewhere out on that dark Mediterranean Sea, someone was in trouble. Just then one of the officers spotted an emergency beacon on our port side which was transmitting a signal and flashing strobe light………this meant that the boat was probably either in the area or worse had sunk. The search continued and we were joined by two cargo vessels and eventually the Spanish Coastguard vessel arrived and took over and we were released from our search and began to make our way to Barcelona at 4:00am……………it was very strange going back to bed thinking that somewhere people were in peril on the sea or……..well, it was hard getting back to sleep. I think I spent the next hour in that horrible place between being awake and being asleep when at 5:10am the phone rang again causing something to swear in Dutch from under the covers. I answered the phone and was told by Diego, the First Officer, that the people from the pleasure craft had been found in a small life raft about ten miles east of our search pattern and the spot where, after their yacht had sunk, we had found the transponder……..all were very scared but safe and well, and were now aboard the Coastguard vessel.

That was great news to hear and I closed my eyes hoping sleep would find me and that AJ would be waiting and the pool would still be full of whipped cream and the Aston Martin would be ready to be driven.

Sleep did come but the whipped cream had melted, the Aston had been stolen and replaced with a unicycle and AJ had morphed into an indescribable woman who was holding a sign saying no cigar smoking allowed………………………oh well.

And now, it is 5:52pm and we are leaving Barcelona heading for the South of France. The weather today was good but very humid as Heidi and I took a stroll through the street known as La Rambla. I say stroll, but as busy as it was today it was more like a slalom course as you take big steps then a few little ones as we zig-zagged through the crowd. Heidi took a few photos of La Rambla and the market there which I thought I would share with you……………..here they are:

1. A Human Statue at La Rambla
1. A Human Statue at La Rambla

2. Edward Scissorhands
2. Edward Scissorhands

3. La Rambla………very busy today
3. La Rambla………very busy today

4. Me buying pistachios in the huge open air food market
4. Me buying pistachios in the huge open air food market


6. Stuff I can’t have
6. Stuff I can’t have

Here are the letters from today’s IN THEIR OWN WORDS SECTION:




Just before we start the Q & A, someone was asking about the teeth whitening treatment in the spa, although I have never had it done, everyone says it truly is brilliant.

Here is how the Spa Manager describes it:

“Go Smile at Spa Carnival now available for $360 for Couples or $199 per person, It will lighten the shade of your teeth up to 8 x times whiter in a quick 35 minute, pain free treatment and with the guidance of homecare, will carry on whitening for the future – all this for a third of the cost and third of the mess and with amazing, lasting results!!!”

It’s time for today’s Q & A, sponsored by Gas Ex.

SUE GROHOL – Hello Sue. Did you see the updated list of tours available for Rome which I posted? This should help you decide what tours to take. Please let me know if you need help deciding. At the moment, the Angels & Demons tour is not confirmed for the 28th and I am waiting on the tour operator to let me know if we will run the tour.
I thank you so much for saying that your day would not be complete without reading the blog. You have no idea what that means to Heidi and I. See you in 88 days.
Oh, I just read you have reserved a SMART car. These are very popular in Europe and I am sure you will have a lot of fun in yours. It will look very strange parked next to some huge American SUV. Send me a photo please :))
LINDA HERNACKI – Hello Linda, how are you and the bulb changer? I will let you know when the NBC interview is on and it should be sometime next week.
I am so happy to hear you’ll be ordering some t-shirts and if we do sell 250, I will post a picture you will never forget.
The seat saving issue continues but over the last 24 hours and, I think, thanks to my multiple mentions before shows and in the Carnival Capers, the situation is improving.
I look forward to the day when all of us can have our photos taken together in our bloggers t-shirts.
All the best to you both.
MICHAEL – Thank you for saying you are enjoying the blog so much and I am also happy to hear that you have wonderful memories of the time we cruised together during your Carnival Triumph cruise. You asked me if I have a favorite Carnival ship. When people ask me this, I always say: “The one I am on at the moment.”
However, I think my favorite ship will always be the Carnival Triumph. I don’t know why, it’s not something I can put my finger on. Maybe it was just that we were there for so long, but there was something special about that ship. I hope to see you for new memories soon and until then, please keep reading the blog thingy.
TUCKER IN TEXAS – I love the pretense of not speaking in English and maybe we should all try that. I am hoping before I resort to trickery that if I play on people’s minds to do the right thing and not save seats then we will not have to fall back on some of the suggestions I have read in this blog. How are things in Texas? Hope to hear from you soon.
BIG ED – Great answer but I really think the best Carnival ship at the moment is the Carnival Freedom and, as my official Assistant to the Cruise Director, you should be here too. We do have a slight cabin problem at the moment which means you may have to sleep with Heidi and I. Just picture an old Laurel & Hardy movie.
They always used to sleep together and if they can, so can we.
Still waiting to hear the good news that you will be sailing on the Bloggers Cruise.
A Bloggers Cruise without Big Ed is like Eggs without Bacon.
CAPTAIN CHUCK – Thank you for mentioning PA 007 who really did a wonderful job in providing the recipe for the WCMC and as you had it 7 times on your last cruise, I am not surprised. Sorry to hear Dad is not getting better as quickly as you would have liked and as always we continue to think about you. You asked if Tina was very tiny or my jacket was very big. ……….Tina was a Smurf.
LFTTNSFCF – Thank you so much for you kind words towards my mate Alan. Although we spend our entire lives having fun at each other’s expense, I am very proud of him and the work that he does.
I do not want to be the reason you and Mrs. MTSFP which will happen if you decide to attend the singles party. However, John and Diane, I am sure will be only too happy to provide private entertainment for you both should you want to dance as you suggested. I do need somebody to come to all the singles activities with me and have delegated you for this position.
I see that you could be spending $1,000 plus dollars on tours. I wish Carnival did offer a bulk discount and maybe this is something we should look at doing.
I know you are both considering the Private Vatican tour, which will put your bill up even further, but I cannot recommend this tour enough.
Heidi and I will never forget it.
I see that you noticed that the recipe for the Mushroom Soup was for 100 plus people………ooops.
At least you can invite a lot of people over for dinner. See you in 89 days and we both send our kindest regards to you.
NANETTEALI – Ola! How are you and your 35 kids? Thank you for the big hug and today it is Heidi’s turn to send you one and a special one to Vicky.
Mucho tacos n buenos nachos con salsa.
LEZLEE – How exciting to hear that you are bringing a group of 33 friends who will be part of the Cruise Critic Group. Thank you for the invitation to your meet and greet on the first day, however, I have my Welcome Aboard Talk at the same time, so I won’t be able to attend. However, Heidi and I would love to attend your cocktail party and we will see you there. I have made your Supper Club reservation which is confirmed………you must try the Fillet Mignon.
As excited as you are to cruise again with me I am equally excited to be able to welcome you and your Cruise Critic friends home.
SCOTT – You asked for a recipe for American Navy Bean Soup. This is one of my favorites and I will see what I can do. By the way, anything with the word bean in it has been forbidden by Heidi for reasons which I am sure are explosively obvious. I am glad you are enjoying the letters I am posting. It always gives me a special thrill to receive the ones from children. Cheers Scott.
BEN EGGLESTON – Welcome home and how fantastic to hear that you enjoyed your cruise in July here on the Carnival Freedom. Your kind comments about the crew are so great to hear and I have forwarded your comments to other department heads. You asked about German wine you had in the Supper Club and you can’t remember the name. It’s a Spaetlaese, which translates into grapes that are picked at the end of the harvest to allow for the sweet taste.
Thank you for your brilliant comments and I do hope you keep reading this blog. My best to you and Elizabeth.
TOM AND JANE – I really am an idiot, I should have noticed the recipe for the soup would require a swimming pool to cook it in. Still, it is a good soup.
I will ask the chef to see if he can figure out a recipe for 2 or 4 people. I never admitted to being a chef. Beans on toast are the only thing I can cook.
Hope this blog keeps you going until you can cruise again. All the best and enjoy the soup. (again and again and again and again…)
DEBBIE IN LOUISIANA – You asked what black chocolate is Debbie in reference to the recipe for the WCMC. I checked with the chef and it refers to Dark instead of Milk chocolate that’s all and he recommends a good brand. We use a Belgian brand called LINDT which, as so many of you have testified to, tastes amazing. Let me know how yours turns out. …………….bon appetit
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – Good day to you Paul. Thank you for your comments on the last two blogs which I read with much pleasure as usual. As I stood on stage talking to Ann and Dan, I admit to hoping that Heidi and I will have the joy of being together for so long and I share that wish with you and your wife as well. I am lucky, so lucky that this blog has introduced me to so many new friends and you of course are one of them. I also hope that very soon we will meet and we can discuss smelly girls, French girls (same thing) and my mate Alan. Cheers mate and talk to you soon.
GRACE – I am glad you are feeling a bit more at ease about the cruise now that you have your tickets and you know what you are doing etc. I look forward to meeting your 6 year old and please can you write me a note when you board and leave it at the information desk. Have a safe flight and see you soon.
BILL (ZYDECOCRUISER) – Yes mate, the WCMC (unlike the soup) is for one serving. I expect a master chef like you will produce an exact replica of the one on the ship. Now, I just need to teach you how to cook British fish and chips. Remind me please the day before you cruise and slap on your cabin number. All the best mate.
JTODDINMAN – that was a laugh out loud poem…………..the Phillapines……….brilliant. Dinner on me at the supper club next time you cruise if you write a poem called…………….ATCOCS.
Looking forward to hearing that one and all the best.
How about a big round of applause for our Poet Laureate and her two poems which should be published.
KEVIN – As you have an Aston Martin and I do not, I would like to make you our official driver. Although, hopefully, I can do the driving and you can sit back and enjoy the ride. I see you are one of the singles who absolutely do not need my help but your points about the music being too loud thus making conversation difficult is an excellent point. Therefore, I have tried to move some of the activities into the quieter bars plus the Fast Friends activity is proven a big hit and certainly is a great ice breaker. The biggest problem is of course the cabin price which I know is a controversial subject. However, I will continue to forward your comments and that of other singles to the powers that be. I loved your suggestion about a singles mini golf event and I going to put that into practice immediately so I can now make you Assistant to the Assistant to the Cruise Director. This means you have to report to Big Ed. It’s great talking to you and although my dream of having an Aston Martin will never come true at least I can talk to someone who owns one.
MRS.MISSINGTHE-SMOKEFREEPARADISE – Congratulations on purchasing a new pair of shoes for your trip to Italy, although no good pair of Italian shoes is complete without a fine Italian handbag. Therefore, I suggest you ask Mr.MTSFPBLFTTSFCF……….to purchase one for you while in Rome.
If I have to suffer the anguish of handbag shopping, as my friend, so does he. Happy shopping!
KEVI – You asked for some photos on the bridge and indeed I will take some tomorrow for you and look out for these some time soon. Congratulations on booking the Carnival Miracle in October. Look out for the next few blogs which will contain an in depth look at the itinerary and it’s Cruise Director.
CRUISIN SUE – Yes, you are at the right place. Great to hear that you will be sailing on your 42nd Carnival cruise. That is wonderful to hear. I will get to see you in October and Todd will see you on the Liberty in September. Please post a comment on the next blog with your name, cabin number and the date and time you would like reservations in the Supper Club for both ships and I will be happy to make them for you. Thank you Sue for all your support to Carnival.
NEIL YOUNG – I am sorry to say the only Irish Whiskey we have is Jamesons.  However, maybe Ken, our Irish Maitre ‘ D has a secret supply of Bushmills.
I will see you in 3 days, have a safe trip mate.
SHELLY P – I am glad you are enjoying the stories on the blog, especially the one about Ann and Dan and their 63 years of happy marriage. I am very excited that Alan will be sailing and I intend to embarrass him as much as I can. You have no idea what he has put me through as a teenager.
DEB ROWE – I have made your Supper Club reservation as requested………try the lobster!
This will be the perfect way to celebrate your 24th anniversary and Heidi and I look forward to meeting you.
GIRLDOC – Thanks Doc for the great suggestions concerning singles. I have never thought about doing an early morning singles meeting just so people can hook up and plan to spend the day together. What do you think if I was to do a 10:00am meeting by the coffee shop on a sea day morning and just have one of the entertainment staff hang out with you and introduce people to each other and then leave to allow you to plan your day. Please let me know what you think because your input as a single cruiser is very important. I really do not want you to get ATCOCS like poor Mr. Sid Ruse. He had not cruised with Carnival for a long time and found himself on another cruise ship which will remain nameless. He saw a mouse with big ears, went up to the rodent and said: “Carnival’s Mickey can kick your AR$#”. He was removed from the ship but Don King is promoting this great fight which will be held aboard the Carnival Splendor, tickets are available from all good travel agents.
I look forward to hearing your advice.
DWA76 – Thanks for the compliment about the interview with my mate Alan. Maybe one day on the Bloggers cruise or a future Bloggers cruise we can all sit around and discuss why Alan was such a turn-off to anyone of the female sex. It’s always great to hear from you and thanks David for your help and support with the blog.
THELMA CAMERON – You sound very excited about your cruise in September and it is going to be the trip of a lifetime. I have made your Supper Club reservation as requested………try the Surf & Turf! I look forward to helping you celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

That’s all for the Q & A today, more tomorrow.

Just before I slap on today’s interview, here is something from the newspapers about our friend Jason, who is appearing on America’s Got Talent.

Yep, that’s a Carnival entertainer on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Are you one of those people who loves to pooh-pooh cruise ship entertainment? Frankly, we can’t blame you: There are a lot of hokey shows out there on the high seas.

That said, there’s also a lot of talent. Just ask the producers of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, which airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT. One of the top 20 finalists on the show is vocalist Jason Pritchett, whose day job is singing on the cruise ship Carnival Spirit.

Pritchett, the lead male vocalist in the ship’s big production numbers, performs twice a week on the 2,124-passenger vessel, which is currently operating seven-day Alaska cruises. If you’re heading there this summer, say hello. The line says he’ll be onboard through September.

Two things.

1. Congratulations to Jason, he truly is a talent and we wish him continued success.

2. I wonder when the last time the person who wrote this was on a cruise. They state that cruise ship entertainment is “hokey.” First of all, what the heck does hokey mean and if it means what I think then I suggest that this person comes on board one of our ships now and decides if the word hokey is relevant. My bet is they have never been on a cruise. Another example of informed journalism.

Here is today’s interview featuring the beautiful Miss Shawn Bussey and her ship, Carnival Spirit.

I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at Shawn and her job and, of course, the wonders of the last frontier that is Alaska.

Miss Shawn Bussey

Miss Shawn Bussey

1. Please can you tell us about your career with Carnival so far. How did you start and when?

I began as a guest cruising on Carnival since my childhood.  My first contract working onboard was in 1994 as a youth counselor onboard the Sensation, back when John was a skinny Cruise Director with brown hair!  :O)  From there I worked in the Gift Shops for 2 years as Asst. Manager, and then took the leap to the Entertainment Department as a Social Host in 1997.    I became a Cruise Director in 1999 and have been playing on stage ever since.

2. What ship are you currently on and what is its itinerary?

I am currently on the Carnival Spirit cruising in Alaska.

We do 3 different cruises up here … the Glacier Bay Cruises, the Northbound Cruises, and the Southbound Cruises.

Glacier Bay Cruises are special itineraries that we can only do 3 times a year.  The Glacier Bay is a protected park which you can only sail in by reservation.   We cruise a 7 day cruise from Vancouver, sea day, Juneau, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Ketchikan, Sea Day, and then back to Vancouver! 

Northbound Cruises are 7 days in length from Vancouver, sea day, Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, Sea Day, Whittier Debark.

Southbound Cruises are 7 days long from Whittier, sea day, Sitka, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Vancouver debark.

3. Please can you pick two excursions from each port and tell us why you recommend them so much?

There are SOOO many incredible tours in Alaska to choose from … but here are my top picks:  (I could not pick just 2 … sorry!!)  =0)


1. Scenic Grouse Mountain Tour – gives you a bird’s eye view of Vancouver!  You are driven through the beautiful Stanley Park to Grouse Mountain. From there you take a ski lift (box car) up to the top of the mountain where they have bears, birds, and tons of wildlife shows!  It’s great for families!

Ketchikan –  


1. Zip Line – It’s simply a BLAST!  The trees are not as large as in other ports I have tried this, which makes it a bit rocky and all the more fun!

2. The Alaska wilderness fishing is also incredible!  You get to fish first, then they take you to a beach with a camp fire and they cook your fish for you for lunch in a gourmet stew! YUMMY!  They even have a “wilderness bathroom” for the ladies!  :O) You just have to see it!

3. The Adventure Karts are also a BLAST!  You go off road in 2-person adventure karts! FUN!

4. Snorkeling – YES, you can do it in Ketchikan and it is SO worth the chill!  :O)


1. Land and Sea – you get a great overview of the city from both the land side (out to the end of the road) and the sea side.

2. Misty Fjords tours – are all beautiful to get out to this area where it’s just you and nature … and the boat you’re on!

3. Great Alaskan Lumberjack show (it’s a fast-paced fun show with the log rolling and axe throwing ..) COMBO w/ the Native Saxman Village – the only village we are invited to visit and meet the natives themselves.  Learn about totem poles and their lives.

Juneau –  ANY & ALL of the Helicopter Tours are amazing!


1. Glacier Trekking – this is something that will definitely knock your socks right off!   They are breathtaking tours where you trek on a GLACIER!   The x-trek gives you the chance to ICE CLIMB!  YOWZAH!

2. Fly fishing is a blast!  You get a float plane trip out to a stream and you fly fish from there!  :O)


1.Whale Watching tours are incredible!    You are guaranteed to see a whale!  COMBINE with the Mendenhall Glacier – the only glacier we can drive you to.

2. Dog Sledding – everyone, and I do mean everyone, loves this tour!  Dog Sledding in the snow, at the top of a mountain!  WOW!

3. Taku Wilderness Lodge – is like the BEST of Juneau Tour – float plane trip over glacier, land in front of a lodge in the mountains, have a salmon bake, walk on nature trails … a BLAST!

Skagway – The Helicopter and Train tours are amazing!!! 


1. Rock Climbing and Rappelling – you rock climb on a true mountain side!  It’s sooo much fun!

2. The Hiking tours are beautiful.  The combo. With the train gives you the best of both worlds –

Easier: Any tour going to the Trail Camp or the Gold Dredge will have you panning for gold and finding your fortune!

1. Dog Sledding – again, a fabulously fun time!

2. ANY of the train tours are incredible!  On the train, you are taken up into Canada and go on the same trail that the gold stampeders took back in the day!  It’s historic and beautiful!

3. Eagle Preserve tours – best to see eagles in a neighboring town of Haines. See eagles in the tops of the trees and all around.

4. Dog Mushing camp – for those who do not want to ride in a helicopter, but still wish to experience dog sledding – on a dirt, mountain trail.



1. Kayaking tour is beautiful

2. 4×4 wilderness Adventure tour is incredible to get out in the natural sides of Sitka – driving in an adventure kart!

3. The biking tours are a lot of fun as well.  The Bike and Hike will take you only 2 miles biking and 2 miles hiking on a loop trail.   The advanced biking is a 20 mile bike ride.  YOWZAH!  :O)

Easier –

1. The sea otter and wildlife tour – the sea otters are just adorable!

2. The fishing tours here are FANTASTIC!


Any of the debark tours are cool … I would choose these depending on your flight time.

4.What are your favorite activities or events that you host and why?

1. I love the Welcome Aboard Show – the guests come in not knowing what to expect, a little timid even.  We have a great time during the show, and they walk out laughing and talking about it!  It sets the tone for a great cruise!

2. Deck Party – because we let our hair down and just play!  :O)

5. Fill in the blank please……………..People should sail on the ( INSERT YOUR SHIP HERE ) because……………………………..???????????

You should sail on the Spirit because Alaska is like no other itinerary we cruise to!  Glaciers, whales, eagles … so much to do and see! It’s INCREDIBLE!! 

6. What do you enjoy most about being a Cruise Director?

Making people smile and getting some of our guests to do things they NEVER thought they could!  =0) I have also enjoyed meeting people from every part of Italy.

7. Share your favorite story with us that involve our guests and your job?

I met an older gentleman once, in his 70’s, who came to the Capt’s Cocktail Party many years ago.  I noticed he was sad and was walking out of the lounge, so I approached him to see if he was alright.   He told me that he was just sad because his wife had recently passed away.  They had planned the cruise together and now he was here without her.  He saw the guests dancing on the stage and missed his wife so dearly that he walked out.  I got his cabin number and he walked away.   I felt so dear for him that I went into the gift shop and bought one of the dancing teddy bears that we were selling at the time.  I sent it to his cabin with a note saying “so you do not have to dance alone”.    I never saw him after that for the rest of the cruise.  (I honestly thought I may have upset him at the time)!     Five years later, I am standing on the stage on the Lido Deck and a gentleman in a wheelchair comes up to me.  He said to me, you don’t remember me do you?   I sailed with you five years ago right after my wife passed away and you sent me a teddy bear.  You touched my heart so much I have looked for you on each cruise I go on because I never got to say thank you.   He then handed me a sparkly fashion watch and said I was a diamond.  I never saw him again.

8. List your three favorite ports you have visited?

Any port in Alaska  =0)

Maui, Hawaii

St. Thomas

9. Name three ports you would really like to see that you have never been to?

Any of the Greek Islands

Barcelona, Spain


Basically I need to cruise on our European Ships … :O) 

10. Finally, if you could introduce on stage any star, alive or not who would it be and why?

I would love love love to introduce Carol Burnett.  She was someone I wish I could have seen live onstage! 

Thank you Shawn and I am sure your insight to Alaska will have people calling to book a cruise to see this amazing place and to experience the fun that you provide.

And so it is time for the Carnival Legends show so I am off backstage in a moment. Before I go I would like to follow up on yesterday’s blog when I quoted word for word the conversation with the lady who was confused as to her hotel arrangements in Rome………even though after I turned into Sherlock Holmes and discovered she was flying home the same day she left the ship, you will see the drama continues.

Good evening, John!

Please be advised of the following comments:

6211 – Barsby

Mrs. Barsby stopped by the Desk and inquired where she could find the Cruise Director. Purser advised that she could pass the message to him. Mrs. Barbsy stated that she is disappointed with the wrong information given by the Cruise Director. Purser offered her assistance and asked to elaborate. Mrs. Barsby advised that she was supposed to get information about her hotel in Rome but now has received a phone call from his assistant telling her that the Cruise Director has canceled her hotel stay and has booked her a flight to Pittsburgh. Mrs. Barbsy was very angry and stated that she wanted her hotel reservation re booked. When Purser asked what was the name of the hotel, Mrs. Barsby said she did not know because the Cruise Director had confused her.

Purser called Cruise Director who arranged to meet Mrs. Barsby at 8:30pm.

Follow up tasked to Cruise Director.

Thank you and regards,



I had confused HER………………I have no words.


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.