Here we are again in Civvi and it is the last day of the cruise. This morning, 1,000 people went on tour but I am guessing most of the ship have already done pre-cruise tours as it is now 10:38 am and we 1878 guests still on the ship. As I mentioned before, we treat this day as a sea day and run activities and events the whole day. I think we expected more people to explore Rome when this itinerary was put together but of course as I just mentioned, many people have already explored before joining the vessel.

At the end of the cruise I have to report that we started of with a total of 70 pieces of missing luggage and as of today, 21 bags are still missing. I have spoken personally to many of the poor people who still do not have their luggage and most seem to be facing this with a smile and a positive attitude. Some people are mad at us and have been very aggressive to our purser’s team. I have a question — if you lose your luggage on your way to Las Vegas would you expect the hotel you are staying in to find it for you? This is not a sarcastic question, it’s just a question I do not know the answer to and wondered if you could let me know the answer. I lost a bag when I was flying from London to Miami. I was staying at the Marriott but I never thought to have them help me. They had not booked my flight so I did all the follow up with the airline myself ……………….did I do the wrong thing? The reason I am asking is based on this comment here. I am showing you this because I am not sure if she is right or wrong………… tell me.

[15/8/2007 11:53:26 AM JIHC]
Mrs. _______ came to the Purser’s desk asking about their luggage lost by Delta not by Alitalia. Guest was very loud saying that it was Carnival’s responsibility to have found this luggage at that now the cruise was over she expected Carnival to pay her for the inconvenience. Purser explained that they had been calling and asking the airline everyday for information on the luggage but Delta were still not able to find it. Guest demanded to see the Cruise Director. Purser explained that he was not responsible for lost luggage but she would not leave the desk until John had spoken to her. Purser called the CD who came down and spoke to the guest in the lobby. Report from CD to follow….AM JIHC.

It was obvious that it was just frustration that made the guest upset and I can totally sympathize with her. After our meeting she had calmed down a bit and we left as friends. However, she still felt that Carnival was responsible and we should be held accountable. Luggage has been and will be a continuing saga out here and unfortunately I do not see the situation improving much. We will continue to assist the guests but I hope they understand we do this because we want to help not because we accept the responsibility of the lost luggage.

Anyway, as the cruise comes to an end I think that most people have had a good time. Usually, I would have replaced the word KNOW instead of think but because we have so many non-English speaking guests, I am not totally sure that this is true. We have all done our best here and I think that we could do more and I am working with the office to see if we can have more tools to help us entertain these guests, but, for now, I think we did very well and they will leave the ship tomorrow having had a wonderful cruise vacation.

HERE ARE TODAY’S PHOTOS WHICH ARE ALL OF THE VATICAN, Rome and the area. The last one is of the wildlife seen during an Alaskan Carnival Spirit cruise.

The Vatican

The Vatican

The Vatican

The Vatican

The Vatican


Here are the letters from today’s “In Their Own Words” section. These include two from kid’s corner and one about Young Love which we will talk about later.

In Their Own Words
In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

Now, time for the Embarrass John section, here is a photo taken of me as a wine steward and yep, I am DJing. I used to host the wine and cheese party and I would play the music and then host the event. Anyway, here I am………………good grief.

Embarrass John

I also want to thank my blog friends that took the time to send Heidi and I gifts and cards. Thank you to:

Words cannot express what receiving these gifts means to Heidi and I and as you will see from the following photo it is quite a collection. I also received two bags of Sugar Free Jelly Beans and my Jet Pack is now fully fueled again. However, as you will see from the second photo, Carl and Barb sent me something else, obviously with Heidi in mind!……………………Please excuse my hair as this photo was taken at 6:05 am.



Here are today’s Q and A’s starting with one last question from the blog titled “Highlighting the Holiday and Steve Cassell and then the rest are from the blog called “Highlighting the Carnival Fantasy and Big Tex.”

Here we go.

TERRI 910 – It’s a small world after all. I see that you live close to where the kids who sent in their drawings went to school. Their drawings were brilliant and I was so happy that I was able to be part of their lives even for a few short moments. It would indeed be a treat if we could get those kids onboard one day………you never know. Thank you Terri for your kind words and my best to Larry.
FRANK C – Thanks for the joke about the French. I have to tell you a story about the time I flew with Air France in economy of course. It was mealtime, “Would you like dinner?” the flight attendant asked me. “What are my choices?” I asked. “Yes or no,” she replied. I am happy you enjoyed your cruise on the Carnival Fantasy and also Big Tex the Cruise Director. I hope one day we will be together soon and we can swap more stories. All the best mate.
A CRUISE BY ANY OTHER NAME – I read up about the meteor shower and then I felt pangs of guilt flow out of my body……….actually it was some of Fatima’s Turkish water but I still felt guilty that I had not let the guest know. Anyway, I spoke to him but he said it was too late and he hung up on me…….ces la vie. As for the kids running around the ship……………well, we have 800 on board and 780 are well behaved, pleasant and enjoy the company of their parents and the facilities of Camp Carnival and Club O2. The remaining 20 are the ones who have been causing the disturbances at night. The only disturbance I ever made at night when I was 14 was…….well, that’s a story for another day. Thank you as always for your posting and I hope you enjoy today’s blog thingy.
BIG ED..Official Assistant to Me – I hope it can be 14 days. The Grand Old Opry cruise afterwards have their own entertainment etc so I am not sure if I will be the CD which is why I was so anxious for you to be on the Bloggers Cruise. Maybe, I will just sail as a guest and relax, we shall see. Thank you for your praise of Roberto Castro. He is amazing and I hope he is recognized at the end of the year as he has done so much to make this Blog Thingy successful. His as fast as a Meteor but not as fast as my jet pack. That has given me an idea for a new activity. Office Chair Racing. You, Alan and I will all eat a bag of Sugar Free jelly beans and then see who gets propelled across the finishing line first…………..Game On.
KAYENTA.JANE – I am so sorry to hear about your car and the resulting cancellation of the Carnival Splendor. If I had an Aston Martin I would lend it to you. Hopefully this blog thingy will keep you going a little until you book your next cruise. All the best and keep smiling.
JO MYERLY – With regards to the next Bloggers Cruise I am thinking of April 2009 as roughly the time we could do this. I will have a think about it over the next few weeks and of course listen to the words and advice of all my friends out there. Let’s see what happens. For no, you have to concentrate on your forthcoming cruise here for which I remain at your service should you or Dave require anything at all.
J TODDINMAN – A brilliant poem about Alan and one that I have printed and framed for him. It will be his Xmas gift this year and one I am sure he will cherish forever. I thought I would write one myself………’s not up to your standard but here goes.
I may not be handsome,
I may not be smart.
I may be overweight and buy my clothes from WalMarts
But now I have my jellybeans, boy can I let out some Far……….bulous noises.
Thanks again and you remain the official Poet Laureate of the blog.
DWA 76 – You are welcome mate. Thak for reading it and hope all is well.
BIG ED – Now you have booked the Bloggers Cruise you can be whatever you want to be………..except a fitness instructor:)
DIVETRASH – Thank you so much for the Turkish translation of Exit Only. It is however a little late and my horror will be forever with me as will the mark of her huge clumping fist on my soft lilywhite buttocks…………….to much information I know but we are friends………….I hope.
Thank you so much for the Salt Water Taffy. I just had a chocolate one and it is mixing rather well with the jellybeans. Thank you for your kindness and one day soon I hope to repay that kindness ten fold. All the best and thanks again.
LAUREN – Thank you for the update on the Meteor Shower which this time I will publicize in every language including French…………Le meteor et dans le sky. As for Alan’s pictures, well lets just say he has been the subject of much discussion this cruise and he will be finally unveiled at the Bloggers cruise in January. We will be providing sick bags. Thanks for reading the blog thingy and I hope you will continue to do so.
CANUCK CRUISER – Firstly and most importantly…………….HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY from Heidi and I and all the thousands and thousands of bloggers. I hope you had a wonderful day of celebration and I am sure that celebration will continue when you cruise on the Carnival liberty in a few days time. I have forwarded your request to take part in the Newlywed Game with Todd and I am sure it is one he will honour and I look forward to hearing how many answers you matched on. Have a wonderful dinner and I hope you have a night and a cruise to remember.
DORTHE CALIMBAS – What beautiful words you have slapped on today. I am happy to hear that you are addicted to the blog and therefore I will keep feeding that addiction as long as my two typing fingers allow me to. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.
SOUTHERN DREAMS – Thanks for the great news, is that true, is Mrs. Grabacruski really going on the Bloggers Cruise? Thank you for the great news. Wish I was there with you both eating Grits and something called smothered covered and chunked. Best to you both.
NOT BIG ED – Now that has to be the best screen name I have heard for some time…………..See what an influence you have on people’s lives Big Ed, you now have people calling themselves Not Big Ed, even Alan Adkins is now calling himself Big Alan and I am sure it won’t be long before PA 007 starts calling themselves BIG PA 007. Anyway, back to NOT BIG ED and thank you for the memories of the Whale joke back on the Imagination some 10 years ago. I have not done that prank since but maybe it is time to bring it out of retirement. Have a wonderful time on the Carnival Glory and please send my best to the CD Wee Jimmy and ask him this “have you ever had blow through “… is a code word and will win you a great prize. Have fun and thank you for publicly declaring how much you love Carnival Cruise Lines on this blog thingy………………………..and less of the Gomer Pyle reminders πŸ™‚
NANETTEALI – I have to disobey your orders and answer you………….sorry. Just wanted to say thank you for thinking of Heidi and that you are a true friend. How is it in Sanguine? I hope you have no hurricanes this season and that all is well with the kids and their first days back at school. Grasyarse mi amor ……buenos deeaz.
LEASA – Thank you for those sweet words and I am very humbled by them. The young man who is sight impaired is actually only 14 years of age and he has been in his front seat each and every show. His Mum told us that he can see changes of light patterns and that during the big review shows he was as excited as he had ever been and enjoyed the show more than anyone. Thank you for saying that I should win the Seatrade award…………I am truly grateful to have been nominated at all. My French friend is very unhappy with me and in all honesty I wish it didn’t bother me but it does. I hate the feeling of knowing that someone is leaving the vessel thinking I am a bad person………it gets to me, it shouldn’t but it does…………..oh well.
Thank you again for your kind words of support and I wish you all the best.
CATHERINE EBERT – I have ordered you a Chiropractor as you requested and he speaks French πŸ™‚ You asked if the Carnival Liberty and Carnival Freedom are the same size and build and the answer is YES they are. They are part of the Conquest class of vessels which includes the Carnival Conquest, Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor, Carnival Freedom and Carnival Liberty. The next ship, the Carnival Splendor will be a new design for us and we are all very excited about her. If you have any specific questions about any of these ships please let me know. Until then, I hope you keep slapping on a posting and reading the blog thingy.
LINDA HERNACKI – Hello Linda. The reason I have not shown Alan’s face is simple…………I really want this blog to continue and I do not want to be shut down by the FBI for showing graphic photos on the blog. I am glad you got your T Shirts today and I hope we can all have a photo wearing our shirts all together in November. I hope Mike is well and the bulbs are all working. See you soon.
KEVIN AND HEIDI – BETH – It is always good to hear from my three friends. How are you all? It will not be long until you will be on the Carnival Glory with Wee Jimmy and I know you will have a great time. Are all three of you staying in one cabin? I am sorry to say that we do not keep back copies of the Travel Log past a few weeks of that voyage as we have so many ships. Make sure you get one from the Carnival Glory though because I know it will be fantastic voyage and the three of you will have so many happy memories. All the best and have a great day..all three of you.
PAPANH – Nothing has fallen out of the sky yet and if it has I think France may be the target πŸ™‚ Now, I did make your Supper Club reservation and I just checked and it has indeed been confirmed so all is well. I hope you have a great meal that night and I suggest you have a very small lunch to allow for the PORTERHOUSE steak you will be having that night. You are correct; you do need a lot of patience in this job and that definitely was the case this cruise when dealing with Flash Gordon and his meteor. Thanks mate and I wish you and your family a wonderful forthcoming cruise.
LISA AND ELAINE – I am glad to hear that you are feeling better and if the blog helped make you smile, well that makes me feel good. Laughter is a great medicine and I hope I helped a little. I am not sure if my schedule allows me to have dinner with you both but I promise we shall have Tea on the sea day afternoons along with scones and cream…………….I can’t have the scones or the cream but oh well. Actually, my Mum makes the best CHEESE SCONES and they are sugar free…….if anyone wants the recipe please let me know and I will make sure she passes it on. Actually, she makes the best homemade cakes and dinners English Style, anyone fancy knowing her recipes? So, stay well and see you in 70 something days. Cheers.
DIANE – Your vote has been cast and that’s another in the YES column for Alaska. I am not sure as to when and where the second Bloggers Cruise will happen but its great getting everyone’s feedback. Thanks Diane and I hope you are well.
NANETTEALI – Tell your husband thank you..
JAMIE & KEVIN – Congratulations…………This is Fantastic news………you conceived in cabin 7298………..In 9 months time you will have the joy of a new born baby. Now we have to think of a name for it………….John is popular……….or if it’s a girl and weighs 400 pounds when she is born then Fatima may be appropriate. Seriously though, congratulations and we are all so happy for you both. I just looked up the names of the people staying in cabin 7298 this week and maybe they will be as lucky as you. I am going to call them and let them know they are in the lucky cabin….I wonder if Heidi and I can sneak in there tonight…… is Thursday.
DOUGNEWMANATSEA – Have fun cruising in France……….please be nice to the locals πŸ™‚ I am not sure when but I really do want to take a Holland America cruise. Stein really made it sound so fantastic and what an amazing advertisement for the company he is. Bon Voyage mate and let us know how it was when you return.
KICIASKI – Hello George and hello Linda. That’s another two people who want a Bloggers cruise in Alaska, the contest is heating up. I have never been but I really do want to go sooner rather than later. Your seats on the front row are waiting for you……….we miss you.
SUSAN B – I am not sure if I can all myself John almighty. Although, I would like Heidi to call me that. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures of Alan, they really are life like and when you finally see a photo of him, you realize why I never got a girlfriend. I am sorry Jason did not make it into the final four on America’s Got Talent. I am sure however, that this will not halt his career and that he is destined for great things. The reason Heidi has not written a blog is I never give her time on the computer. Maybe I should get her one of those lapdance computers. I promise she will write one soon. All the best Susan.
CAPTAIN CHUCK – How are you Captain? Thank you for your prediction. They really were wonderful and probably all correct, accept the one about me getting an Aston Martin. You must have seen some wonderful sights from the cockpit of your airplane. Can you share any? Also, I got your e-mail via Roberto, can you just confirm your sailing date please. All the best mate, hope to hear from you soon.
EVA B – You are right, I should be punished and I have spanked myself and put myself on the naughty step for not informing my French friend about the sky at night. Your grandchildren will have a wonderful time on the Carnival Miracle. The facilities on Spirit class ships are fantastic and if the kids want to get involved then I know they will have a wonderful time. Now, as for the CD, his name is Chris Roberts. I just featured him in a blog a week or so ago. He is a terrific guy and I know you will love his sense of humor and do not miss his Blues Brothers Show. If you have questions about specific shore excursions or anything else, please let me know. What a great way to spend Christmas.
J TODDINMAN – Wonderful ideas and I will be hosting a table every night in the dining room with exception of maybe the night of the Talent Show. We can indeed auction dinner with John & Heidi and the money would go to the AMF……the Aston Martin Fund. I am joking of course; we could indeed put this toward one of the children’s charities that I hope we will involve on this cruise. Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas and even though he cannot be with us, we all appreciate your constant support of this blog thingy.
INEZ – Your lap dancer computer must be exhausted after catching up on all these blogs but I am glad you did. Thank you for saying how much you enjoyed everything and the congratulations on our 500,000 slaps. Today, we actually have 541,000 slaps so we are still moving in the right direction. You are correct, I really did think that I would be doing this blog just a couple of weeks, but now, who knows how long it will continue? Thank you for the wonderful words about Heidi, she truly is a wonderful lady and I am so lucky to have her by my side.
Welcome back and I hope you have had fun reading the latest blogs.
THE CHADS – The winning numbers of the lottery will be 4, 7, 8, 17, 24, 48, 62. If you do win, I will gladly accept the Aston Martin. I always think this blog can’t develop into anything else, yet it continues to surprise me, as today here I am predicting lottery numbers. Good Luck mate and I would like an Aston Martin Vanguish S in black….
KEVIN – I got your note from Roberto and will be acting on it over the next couple of days. I did not get a package from you yet, but I am sure it will be here soon. Thank you mate.
CINDY 56 – I am glad you have been laughing at all the blogs. It’s what makes the hours that we do this worthwhile. I hope there are many more laughs to come.
CRUISINSUE – Thank you for your kind words about Risa and Big Tex. It’s great to hear that you enjoyed these two young Cruise Directors. I look forward to meeting you in October and hopefully you will have the best cruise you have ever had.
ALASTAIR MCKENZIE – I am prepared for the meteor shower next year. I must admit, I was unprepared however, I still would not have made this announcement that time of the morning and certainly, unless it involves the words cheese and surrender, I would not have been able to have done it in French. Thank you for the information and of course thank you for reading the blog.
CLEO AND GARTH – OK, I will make a bet. If Australia wins the rugby World Cup, I will personally do a New Zealand style huka in the lobby, dressed only in a loincloth. We do hire shoes on board with tuxedo rental; however, I am not sure if we have tuxedos to fit your husband’s mighty chest at 54 inches. Let me check. I see Big Ed has given you the information on how to order a tuxedo should we not have one on board. Thank you for your kind words and I am looking forward to cheering Australia to victory right up until the moment when they lose to England in the final.
TRAVIS AND MARY – Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, and sugar free please. See you in September.
KANUCK CRUISER – Thank you for the information. Who needs to watch the news when I have you bloggers to look after me? Say hello to Brad.
KATHY KROLL – I was indeed standing for the God Save The Queen reference and I am glad things worked out with the beautiful Queen Mary. I have been reading about your career, I wish I could have seen you dance.
BIG ED – You are hired as a guest bingo caller and I will be your assistant.
GIRLDOC – Thank you for the information on curing jellyfish stings. Heidi wants to know if there is a cure for uncontrollable gaseous explosions.
ALLIE DONNEGAN – Welcome home, I am glad you and the family had such a wonderful time. Congratulations on deciding to live in Italy, it truly is the most beautiful country and maybe one day we will see each other again. I certainly hope so.
RICK D – Don’t worry Rick. I will not be making any announcements about astronomical happenings unless I am certain I see it first. If I say something is going to be there and it’s not, of course it will be my fault. I am taking the necessary precautions and have learned from my previous mistakes. Thanks for the update mate.
CINDY – Welcome back after your cruise here on the Carnival Freedom and I am so sorry to hear of your Alitalia experiences. I have to say, this airline leaves so much to be desired. I have said Hello to Natasha and Davor and I am very happy to tell you they remember you and wish you well as do I. Please continue to enjoy reading my thingy.
RIKKI BOYZE – Another astronomy question. Is there a place on the ship that is dark where you can see the stars clearly? The answer is yes. If you walk to the front of the ship on decks 6, 7, 9 you will see that these are dark decks because lighting disturbs the navigation from the bridge. These are great places to see the sky at night. I am looking forward to meeting you on the TA cruise and I am sure you will see many spectacular things on our crossing.
SHERYL PELTON – I don’t know about me, it’s you we should be saying “how do you do what you do?” to. Being a labor and delivery nurse and working with troubled youngsters means you deserve a medal. I will be able to give you that medal when I see you in September. Thank you for offering to bring Heidi some treats and I would love to try the Jelly Belly brand of beans. By the way, you do know we don’t serve Pepsi on board? It’s Coca Cola here, I’m afraid. See you soon.
LOIS GETYOURJELLYBEANSKI – Thank you for booking the bloggers cruise. We do have a fishing excursion available in Cozumel and I do suggest you book this through to avoid disappointment. Heidi and I are thinking of you as you look after your dad and step mum and wish them both good health. Heidi says Hello and we look forward to seeing you in January.
LISA K – I am especially glad you enjoyed Big Tex as a CD. It is people like him that are the future of my profession and your kind words will mean so much to him. I am so happy to read that the blog means so much to you and therefore, you give me the strength to carry on. Thank you again.

Ok, I am going to stop there. I will continue tomorrow with GRACE’s question tomorrow and answer the ones from the blog called Grand Design.

We continue today with our features on Cruise Directors. Today, I would like to feature the Carnival Destiny and Cruise Director Steve Knisley. Enjoy his interview.

Cruise Director Steve Knisley

Cruise Director Steve Knisley

1. Please can you tell us about your career with Carnival so far? How did you start and when?

I joined carnival in 1998 as a DJ on the Carnival Destiny, and in the last nine years worked in many other positions including backstage manager groups coordinator, social host and assistant cruise director until getting my first shot as Cruise Director on the Carnival Elation sailing from LA, in 2003.

2. What ship are you currently on and what is its itinerary?

Currently I am on the Carnival Destiny cruising from San Juan Puerto Rico and calling on St. Thomas USVI, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua

3. Please can you pick two excursions from each port and tell us why you recommend them so much?

St. Thomas

St. Thomas Ocean Race, it’s an incredible opportunity to actually sail these beautiful racing yachts. The views are spectacular as the boats jockey fro position and you play an integral part as your load and unload your winch in order to capitalize on wind conditions. It’s excellent.

St. John Champagne Catamaran, this tour features a beautiful coastal sail to the island of St. John, there you drop anchor at Honeymoon bay. The water is the clearest I have ever seen and there is beautiful fish and coral to view. The ride back also features a great selection of snacks and you drinks, a really great way to spend a day.


Wacky Rollers Rainforest Adventure – This tour allows you to see the real beauty of Dominica from the open air trucks that take your to the botanical gardens, the sulfur springs and finally to the location where they filmed “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Floating through the “TiTu Gorge” is spectacular until you come to an amazing water fall at the end of it all. Guides are fantastic and it’s just a lot of fun

Rasta Man’s Rainforest Hike and Falls – Surely one of the most physically demanding tours we offer but the rewards are spectacular when you are able to hike through the lush rainforests and then have the opportunity to swim in not one but two waterfalls. In fact getting to the second waterfall involves you having to climb almost straight up on the vines and roots of trees to get to your second great waterfall.


5 Star Catamaran & Turtle Encounter – This tour is very special in that it features two stops, one for beach time and one for snorkeling with the sea turtles. In the middle you are treated to a great hot and cold buffet served on china with an open bar. Excellent service and sights

4×4 Adventure & Green Monkey Encounter – This tour takes you to the beautiful shores of an area called “Bashiba.” There you get amazing views of rock formations and huge waves that crash on the beach. As well you ride off to the wildlife preserve where you get to see many animals including the terribly cute “Green Monkeys.” You will also most certainly be able to study the mating habits of turtles who seem to like to “do it” anywhere

St. Lucia

Magical Marigot Bay – One of the truly prettiest sights I have been to — a beautiful resort island that offers its beaches to cruisers for the day. Its quiet and a great place to relax

Land and Sea Combo – This tour gives you the best sights of St. Lucia as you travel to the small French villages and get amazing views of the twin Pitons as well as having an opportunity to check various sights out from the water as you sail back to the ship, including views of Marigot Bay


Canopy Adventure – This tour is offered in two other ports on this run but there is so much to do you can easily wait until Antigua to enjoy all the thrills of flying through the trees

Eco Snorkel Adventure – This tour is operated by one of the most genuine and nice guys I have had the pleasure to meet; he is a retired doctor who does this only because he loves where he lives and wants everyone to share in Antigua’s beauty. It involves some kayaking, snorkeling and a chance to do a short hike. As well the add simple little touches like chilled face cloths to cool guests down and even go so far as to use rose petals in the water provided to wash off the sand from your feet. Really a great tour.

4. What are your favorite activities or events that you host and why?

I have a few of my personal favorites but I would have to say the two I enjoy most would be “Family Feud” — not only because the guests really enjoy it but even after all these years people insist on going with the dirty answers, especially when it comes to “something you would use only once.” We have recreated the “Family Feud” board from the original game and use all the original sound effects and it really gives the activity a lot of realism and guests love it. I also have a great time with the “Idol” show. I find it to be so much more entertaining than the older talent shows we used to do. This show gives us the opportunity to mimic something that really has found its own home in pop culture and guests love to see themselves on stage singing in front of a giant logo of “Idol.” Plus the “Simon” character never ceases to amaze me with his ability to dismiss even the talented singers. Oh and I used to really love “Deal or no Deal” but sadly we will have to wait until that shows ceases production before we can try that one again

5. Fill in the blank please……………..People should sail on the (INSERT YOUR SHIP HERE) because……………………………..???????????

People should sail on the Carnival Destiny because it features what I consider to be the most diverse and stunning run of any of our ships currently sailing in the Caribbean. Because we start in San Juan you can get to see so much more than you can when you leave any other port. Great shopping, stunning rain forests and fantastic beaches are only three of the big highlights of this itinerary. Plus we take great pride in constantly upgrading our activities and keeping them something that everyone can participate in.

6. What do you enjoy most about being Cruise Director?

I absolutely love to be on stage, unlike many other CD’s I don’t sing, cannot dance and don’t juggle or do magic but what I do offer is a quick wit and genuine love to see people laugh. I take great pride in the job and when you get stopped by guests on the last day of his cruise and have them tell you that you have made their week, it really drives the point of home of just what I love about this gig.

7. Share your favorite story with us that involve our guests and your job?

It’s really hard to put down only one, but one of my most embarrassing moments happened only last week during our “Idol” show. Our final performer was a young lady from Denver named Jenny, who came up to sing “Don’t Stop Believin’.” She was not a great singer but had these dances and gestures that just made the performance stand out. After she finished I approached her on stage to congratulate her for a job well done and then went to the judges to get the marks. Our first judge Carlo expressed that while she was entertaining she was a little bit frightening. He gave her a 9.5 and this sent her in to fits of joy culminating with a high kick on stage. This tickled me to no end and then decided to try one of my own. All I can then remember was one second looking into a spotlight and the next staring up at the lighting grid from my back. My left leg was in the air and my right slid out from underneath me and I went down…..hard. I almost instinctively let out an expletive but managed to hold it together. The band, judges and audience were torn between fits of laughter and genuine concern. It truly was a funny moment and something I will keep for my reel of unfortunate incidents.

8. List your three favorite ports you have visited?

1 – Puerto Vallarta

2 – Aruba

3 – New Orleans

9. Name 3 ports you would really like to see that you have never been to?

1 – Cannes France

2 – Acapulco

3 – Barcelona, Spain

10. Finally, if you could introduce on stage any star, alive or not who would it be and why?

Since the first time I saw him in concert I have been a huge Springsteen fan, it’s kind of tailed off in the last few years but I would love to introduce “The Boss.” And for a comedy act it would be great to introduce Jerry Seinfeld.

Thanks Steve for a great interview and keep practicing the high kicks.

So, tomorrow morning I will be saying goodbye, au revoir (French), adios (Spanish), aufweidersen (German) , bingmnagtfrtey (Persian) maganadangamorge (Philipino) and by, yallllllll (English) to our guests and hello to all the new ones. It has been an exciting cruise and one I started of unsure about……….yes I was whining! However, I have met many new friends and enjoyed lots of fun on stage and the kids really seem to have taken to me this cruise.

Oh, by the way, I broke my nose earlier tonight. It really hurts and the Doctor says there is nothing he can do but to let it heal naturally. I wish I had broken it defending Heidi’s honour as I battled a huge man who had doubted her heritage or had displayed anger towards her. I wish I could say I had broken my nose fighting the forces of evil ……..or the French……………..but I can’t. I broke my nose because I had just eaten a whole bag of jellybeans and I exploded, my chair has wheels on it and I slammed into the cabin wall…………………ouch.

It’s often said that kids see the world through rose coloured spectacles……………………….except this one………..he saw me exactly as I am


Cheeky Sod


Your Friends,

John and Heidi

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