Normally, the day and half we spend in Venice are the two easiest days of the cruise for me but this time they have been two of the busiest. As you w…………….OOPS………where are my manners………….Good Evening………….sorry about that………as I was saying, Heidi and I went to visit the Queen Victoria as you will have seen from the previous blog…….here is what else happened.

5:05pm……….on board the Queen Victoria – it stars to rain lightly
5:10pm………..It’s getting dark
5:21pm………It’s raining cats and dogs and other large animals
5:41pm…… phone rings……….all the Gondola tours are canceled……….that’s 500 people who will need to be refunded and taken care off.

Anyway, I made some calls and the shore excursion manager and I chatted about what we would do. At 6:44pm I was back onboard the Carnival Freedom and I announced that due to the weather conditions the evening gondola tours would be canceled and everyone would receive a full refund. It continued to rain harder than I have seen in months until suddenly, it stopped…………and at 7:10pm the skies cleared and it was a beautiful evening…………the Gondola Tours were due to leave at 7:00pm…………..bugger !

Many guests still went into Venice at night and for those staying onboard we organized extra activities and because the decks were soaking wet I decided to move the Big Screen Movie, Casino Royale, into the main theatre.

So, all in all a very busy day and today, in Venice has been beautiful with clear skies, sun and temperatures perfect at 80 degrees. It is now 4:34pm and I can see the skies beginning to darken……….maybe a gondolier has upset Mother Nature…….she probably doesn’t like the tight spandex pants they all wear.

If it is OK with you I am going to get straight into the Q & A as I have SO many to answer. But first, here are today’s photos as taken by Jamie from the entertainment staff who has her family sailing………..hello Mum and Dad.

1. The Church of Health……the dome is being cleaned hence the scaffolding

1. The Church of Health……the dome is being cleaned hence the scaffolding

2. The lighthouse at the Island Of Murano

2. The lighthouse at the Island Of Murano

3. Master Glass Blower at the Murano Factory

3.  Master Glass Blower at the Murano Factory

4. St. Marks Square

4. St. Marks Square

5. On a Gondola

5. On a Gondola

And here is a photo from the “Embarrass John Section.” This was taken in 1990 onboard the TSS Carnivale, my first ship as Cruise Director. I tried to play the trombone with the band…………….they were happy to let me……….I bought them lots of beer.

Embarrass John

And now some letters from the “In Their Own Words Section” and another from Kids Corner.

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

Time to catch up on some Q & A

Let’s start with Chris Prideaux’s answers as to whom will be the Cruise Director on various ships during people’s cruises. Here we go.

You asked who the CD will be on the Carnival Liberty in February. I don’t know, let me find out by asking CHRIS PRIDEAUX ……….. Chris? STEVE KNISLEY

You asked who the Cruise Director was on the Carnival Inspiration on April 27 1997. I know you want this name for your scrapbook and I am now going to ask CHRIS PRIDEAUX to look in the archives to see who…………….. Shawn Bussey

Thanks Chris and on we go.


CAPTAIN CHUCK – I hope this catches you before you sail. It will be a great cruise on the Carnival Spirit and I wish you a wonderful time. Stay in touch with us now and then and let us know how it is going. Bon Voyage mate.
LISA WIGGS – It sounds like you are true Princess fans so I am happy that I managed to ask its President Alan Buckelew to post his interview. It is interesting that this site now encompasses not just Carnival fans but those who just love cruising. I hope therefore you are enjoying the blog and just out of interest, why do you love Anytime Dining so much………just interested. My best wishes to you and hope to hear from you soon.
BILL ZYDECOCRUISER – Ahhhhhhhh, yes, I forgot you Yanks don’t use Pints………….I guess it should be 8oz of milk. Did you make the Scones yet………are you ready for my Mum’s recipe for Chicken Curry…………here we go, food again. Hope we have a meal together one day soon mate.
DWA76 – Hello mate. Yep, there are always nerves when Carnival takes over another cruise line but Mr. Arison and the board are clever and know not to interfere with its identity. That has been the case for Holland America, Cunard, Seabourn, AIDA, Costa, P & O and Royal Ca……….sorry, got ahead of myself then. One thing is for certain, we now have a family of ships to suit everyone’s vacation tastes and I have no problem in having this blog thingy talk positively about each and every one of them. Thank you also for your kind words about the family who wanted the ashes scattered, I will tell you a little more about that later. As always it’s great to see your posting and I am glad the markets have quieted down a bit…… if you could just do something about the dollar.
LINDA FROM MICHIGAN – That is a very interesting question …………..has a Captain ever disembarked a guest for bad behaviour? The answer is yes, on a very rare occasion. I have seen it a few times only in my 20 years and mostly it has been for behaviour that may result in harm to the guest in question or others. Mostly, it has been for drunken behaviour and the odd………well let’s call it “domestic incident” but this may happen once or twice a year throughout the fleet. You said that you were on a ship when this happened, do you remember why and when and what ship? Looking forward to hearing more and all the best until then.
DAVE MYERLY – I now know I have reached the pinnacle of my career…………..someone has written a fart poem dedicated to me. I have no words to describe the emotions I am feeling and I shall treasure this always mate. I will see you soon and many thanks for the laughs.
SUSETTE LOEWENSTEIN – I know you said no need to comment but I had to say hello. The gentlemen’s comments about no American TV was not the first time I have heard this and it probably will not be the last time either. I think some people just think that in today’s world of technology you can get any TV anywhere and it’s not true of course unless you go via the Internet. Anyway, we had a chat and he remains upset but he is a little calmer now I have spoken to him personally and explained the situation. I guess what concerns me more is that the guest was in his late twenties and it seems a shame that T.V. can dominate someone’s life like that. Oh well, never mind. I look forward to seeing you on the Carnival Splendor and as we are sailing out of the U.K. we can watch British TV together. All the best and see you next year.
ADIAS.ANGEL – My deepest sympathies for your recent loss of your Father and I am so sorry the last blog entry made you cry………I really am.
I am going to talk about the ceremony in a little bit so until then I hope you can find some wonderful memories of you and Dad that will make your tears turn to smiles.
KATHIE KAPERINO – It seems that Hurricane Dean could have been a lot worse but it still has caused a lot of changes needed in the industry, I will explain more soon. I will have a chat about Wendell’s last cruise in a moment and as for the jellybeans, Heidi has hidden them…………….I wonder why?
Thank you for your lovely words and of course for taking the time to read the blog thingy.
BIG ED – Thanks mate for your wishes and kind words toward the family whose ashes ceremony we just had. You mentioned “Keith Fay” but I cannot find a posting from him….did I miss something? On a lighter note or heavier considering the two of us………….I am making headway with the new bathrobes and soon you should be able to wear one without showing us …..well……….you know. Hope all is well and my best to Mrs. Big Ed.
JENNIFER HAMMOND – You asked who the Cruise Director will be on the Carnival Victory in September…….. the answer is Malcolm In The Middle ………as he calls himself. You will like him a lot and in fact very soon there will be a guest interview with him and some highlights of the Carnival Victory so stay logged…………you know what I mean…………keep reading the blog thingy. Cheers.
DMW13 – Now your comments are really what I wanted to say to my friend Mr Television but of course I could not……maybe I should slide a copy of your posting under his door………….better not eh? I have learnt never to be surprised what people want and expect on vacation and I guess as I said just now, this young mans life revolves around television ………..shame. Anyway, thank you for saying what I could not and I hope you always speak your mind on this blog thingy.
LEASA – Beautiful words, thank you. Now as for the Bloggers cruise in 2009 the options are being studied by all concerned but you all will have the final say. That’s all of you not y’all. I would love to see Alaska but maybe the Caribbean would suit more of you……….we shall see. Thank you again Leasa and once again thank you for your posting which was full of compassion.
FRANK C – Enjoying a diet root beer and thinking of you mate. See you soon and have a safe flight.
SOUTHERNDREAMS – I hope your medical tests came out ok and will you let me know? Once the Doctor says OK I do hope you will give the scones a try, they are yummy and then you can move on to Spotted Dick………suggest you Google that one before making up your own mind. I can understand that people are upset that there is no American TV but hopefully we offer enough to do onboard without worrying about what’s on the box. Anyway, most importantly please let me know you are OK and my best to the Prince.
KRISTEN – Don’t worry I will not post your letter but thanks for sending to Heidi and I. Hopefully it is to tell me what a great time you had here on the Carnival Freedom. Thank you also for your kind words directed to the people of Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. It seems that Costa Maya got the worst of Dean as you will see in a few minutes. I am glad you are enjoying the blog and I will reply to your letter as and when I receive it. Wishing all the best.
CHRIS MULCAHY – First of all thank you for your posting and I am glad to hear we had so much fun together on the Carnival Glory. I was going to retire as you mentioned but then along came the trips to Europe on the Carnival Liberty and the Carnival Freedom. Europe was something I always wanted to do so here I am enjoying hosting guests in Italy, Greece, Spain and more. Thank you for the beautiful words about the Faye family which, along with everyone else’s, I will be passing on and at the same time may I send you my sympathies at the loss of your wife’s mother. Time with family is so precious and I hope you have many happy memories to look back on. Now, as for the bloggers cruise please come and sail with us January 19 aboard the Carnival Freedom. The cruise will feature many special blogger events and gifts and most of all it will mean non-stop laughter for seven days. I truly hope you will come and join us. Great to hear from and all the best.
LOIS GREBOWSKI – I have done as requested and thank you for your compassion.
KELLIE O’LEARY – I not surprised you laughed, I have never heard of an airline losing somebody’s parents before. I am afraid this blog has not been a very good commercial for Alitalia. Actually, we have to talk about that later. Until then, all the best and keep laughing.
PAUL F PIETRANGELO – And a very good evening to you Sir; Heidi and I have your card on our wall. I am looking at it now as I am typing this. I am glad you enjoyed the interview with Alan Buckelew of Princess Cruises who you can truly see, is passionate about cruising. Hurricane Dean really did some massive damage to one particular area as you will see shortly, however, the ports of Cozumel, Ocho Rios and Grand Cayman were mostly spared and open for business. I am mostly glad for Cozumel as Hurricane Wilma set them back many months and I am sure a second storm would have been devastating.
The most important thing I want to say is that both Heidi and I are both thinking of you and we hope……………actually, we know, all your tests will be fine. We are sending you loads of positive thoughts and our warmest regards.
LINDA HERNACKI – Just a quick note to say hello to your both. Thank you for helping out Vicki and Matt, that was very kind. Hope you are both well.
CRUISIN SUE – Thank you for your comments and I guess the T.V. complaint is something that this man felt very strongly about, but now hopefully after my explanation, he is more understanding. You will be here in a few weeks time and there may not be much on T.V. but I will promise you the best live entertainment you have ever seen. See you soon.
KEVIN – I now know that this blog has lifted me up to a category D celebrity when someone offers to see my ashes on eBay…I wonder how much a pair of my boxers would fetch? I am really glad you enjoyed the interview with the CEO of Princess Cruises and it sounds like the Diamond Princess is a ship I should sail on. Let me know how the recipe for the scones comes out, although making 5,000 is not something my mum has done before. Usually, she makes six – five for my dad and one for her. Don’t forget to put butter on and eat when warm. Heidi needs to blog and I promise she will do so once I give her time on the computer. All the best and next time you press the start button, think of me.
J TODDINMAN – I just sang the theme to the Love Boat. I have never actually seen an episode, but Heidi tells me that she used to watch it on Saturday afternoons with her mum and dad. I think there should be a remake, with John Cleese as the Cruise Director. As always, your support of the blog is so special and I am so very grateful.
THE BEARS BARB AND CARL – I see there is someone else trying mum’s recipe, maybe she will become an international chef with her own restaurant on board. If that was the case, this would be the menu.
Eggs, bacon, sausage and fried bread.
Toad in the hole.
Mum’s special chicken curry.
Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables.
Fish & homemade chips.
Spotted dick and custard.
Treacle pudding.
Jam roly poly and my dad’s favorite Apple and Rhubarb crumble.
If you would like the recipe for any of the above, please let me know. I am glad we have another fan of Princess Cruises and your support of both them and us is wonderful. As with Paul, I am also looking at your photo as I am slapping on this comment. All the best to all the bears.
MIKE L – Thanks mate, I do hope you had a great time on the Carnival Freedom and I hope you keep enjoying the blog.
MANAW G – It’s great to hear from you and I am looking forward to seeing you in September. Congratulations on becoming a Platinum Member and I am sure you will enjoy all the perks that comes with it. Let me answer your questions. My suggestion is that you do indeed keep all your luggage with you as you do have a very early 6 am pick up for debarkation. As soon as you hear me call the first number tag please come straight down to the gangway and Heidi and her staff will assist you. You do not need to let anyone know, we will take of you. See you in September and thank you for being a reader of the blog thingy since the beginning.
SHERYL PELTON – I am so happy to hear, as will my mum, that you enjoyed making the cheese scones. I think it’s time for another one of mum’s recipes and maybe we should do the chicken curry. I know there is an allowance of six cans of soda that can be brought on board, but remember, you can buy Diet Pepsi in every port, so you should be OK. I could never imagine having a colonoscopy after my close encounter with Fatima. She really did take my breath away. See you in a few weeks and keep laughing.
SUSAN B – Thank you for all your kind words and I really hope that this is a quiet hurricane season but I have my doubts. I will let you know about Mr.Fayh’s goodbye in a moment. Thank you again and I wish you a great day.
LYNN AND MIKE SAGARA – I just wanted to say that I have passed your comments on missing luggage and the praise of Carnival to our guest relations department and to the Purser’s office here. At the time of writing they have recovered the majority of missing bags and out of 67 we only are missing 11. Now those 11 people are still very sad and upset but Carnival continues to set the standard on assisting in these situations. Thank you so much for your acknowledgements, you are too kind.
BIG ED – I have no idea how the vote is going for the Cruise Employee of the year thing. I am sure there are more worthy winners than me and to be honest I have not even voted for myself…………I guess I should though. This is going to sound corny ……….I mean really corny………….but the biggest reward is this blog itself. Today we have had 560,000 slaps which means I have already won the great prize of meeting all of you……… other prize or award can match that…………….except an Aston Martin of course. I hope I win, if not I shall congratulate whoever does, it’s just nice to be nominated AND VOTED FOR BY GREAT FRIENDS LIKE YOU AND THE BLOGGERS.
CAROL SCHOENBERGER – Wow, that is a long post you have slapped on today. I guess your computer has not been washed by any beverages lately.
Your experience of Hurricane Wilma is one I remember from the Carnival Glory as well. I am sorry to say it is not good news for Costa Maya as you will see shortly. I am glad you liked the joke I played on Alan Adkins and his wife Alison did luckily see the funny side of things so I was safe. I know his revenge will be forthcoming so I am waiting to see what he will do. Could you ask the neighbor of yours to read this message?
Hello Carol’s neighbor. I hope this note finds you well. I also understand you love to cruise on Princess Cruises and I am very happy to hear that you enjoy their service and entertainment so much. They are a wonderful company and have been a great addition to the Carnival family. Carol has told me that you have no interest in cruising on Carnival and I wondered why that is? Certainly, I don’t want to take business away from Princess but I was just curious as to why you though carnival was not for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and whatever ship you set sail on next, I wish you a fantastic time.
Thanks Carol………….let me know what she says. I was indeed on the Holiday in 1989……….I wonder if we met back then? Thank you Carol and please keep slapping on postings, they are priceless. Now as you mentioned there are some new ship deployments going on and you already mentioned The Carnival Imagination will replace the Carnival fascination and take her three- and four-day cruises from Miami. The Carnival Fascination is moving to Jacksonville and the Carnival Destiny goes to replace the Imagination. Therefore you ask, what ship does San Juan get? This is a very closely guarded secret at the moment but I have unleashed PA007 and he/she is now on the case…….standby for the answer (unless he/she gets caught) very soon.
Well, that didn’t take long. No sooner had I unleashed our tame Spy PA007 to sniff out the replacement ship for the Carnival Destiny, 30 minutes later they find this press release that will be official tomorrow……………PA 007 HAS ONCE AGAIN PUT HIS/HER JOB ON THE LINE …..HERE IS THEIR MESSAGE.
John, just heard two VP’s talking about the Carnival Victory going to San Juan………I called a friend of a friend and got my hands on this release that will go out tomorrow. Say hello to all the Bloggers and thank you for the new pair of bowling shoes you bought me. Back to the cubicle I go
Well, that’s great news for San Juan as they now get the brilliant Carnival Victory. I love that ship and the public rooms and entertainment are some of the best in the fleet. Congratulations San Juan or Mucho Luckio Youo ono youro newo shipo.
Grasyarse PA007
VIKKI AND MAT TILL – we don’t 🙁
HEIDI BETH AND KEVIN – Hello you three, how are you all. It seems my Mum’s cheese scones are going down a treat and as mentioned above it will be time for a new recipe soon. I am noticing that the interview with Alan, CEO of Princess was very popular and that is due to the passion he showed in his answers and of course that princess are indeed a wonderful line to vacation on. You will all soon be on the Carnival Glory with Wee Jimmy and I know he will have you three laughing all night long. I am sure you will write before but just in case, have a wonderful cruise…………all three of you.
RON KAISSLING – Thank you mate for your kind words and I am so happy you had such a great time here on the Carnival Freedom. You asked for the Cruise Director’s address on the Carnival Inspiration as you have a group of dancers sailing in October. I am not permitted to give that address out but you can send any questions or concerns through me and I will pass them along and the answers back to you. I hope this is ok. All the best mate.
BIG ED – very funny 🙂 I am thinking you should play Dolly Parton in the Carnival Legends show on the bloggers cruise.
JOHN AND MICHELE – You are too kind. Isn’t technology wonderful that I am writing to you while you are here on the ship? I am glad you enjoyed the gift and there will be more to come. Thank you for the kind words and make sure you come to the show tonight (Friday).
BOB – Thank mate, I am glad you enjoyed the blog thing today. It is interesting that you should ask for guest interviews from people other than Carnival employees such as CD’s etc from other lines. Great minds think a like and I hope to somehow get in touch with the Commodore of Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 as well as a Cruise Director from Costa, Princess, Cunard and Holland America. I know Carnival has no concerns about me interviewing people from outside Carnival Cruise Lines and therefore I think it would be great to see how the other sisters live their lives…………watch this space.
KATHY KROLL – Thank you for sharing your story with us all. It seems strange talking about things like this but we have all got to know each other so well I think we could talk about almost anything. Thank Kathy and my best to my Bodyguard.
INEZ – Great posting as ever and below you will find the story of the scattering of the ashes. As for the Bloggers Cruise……….well, it’s to be decided and by the end of the year we will have made a final choice based on everyone’s vote of course. I will pass your congratulations onto Mr Buckelew as I will everyone’s on his tremendous interview and one day I really hope to meet him in person. Wishing you all the best and thank you again for your sincere and kind words.
DEB ROWE – I hope you get this in time for me to say have a safe flight and see you soon. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.
JAYNEEN CASBARRO – I am so sorry but when you cruise here on the Carnival Freedom I will be delivering the new ship the Carnival Splendor. Please do not be concerned though as the Cruise Director will be Todd Wittmer who is the BEST CD we have. He is funny, personable and I am sure other Bloggers will sing his praises after reading this. I wish I could be there with you but as my dad always says “DUTY CALLS.” I will remain here blogging though and I hope you will continue to read. Cheers.
PEGGY P – CHRIS PRIDEAUX…………Do you have a contact address for the lady who organizes our Arts and Crafts lessons onboard? …………Chris will get back to you before the next blog Peggy. As for the Scrapbook classes onboard, we hope to have that program installed fleetwide by the end of the year. I will get back to you very soon I promise. And here as if by magic are the details you wanted. Cruise Crafts International Pat Thorstadt
NICO R – Thank you Nico, what beautiful words and I appreciate you taking the time to write them. Heidi and I return our best wishes to you.
BILL – ZYDECOCRUISER – Thank you for sharing the photos. I will be talking about Costa Maya in a moment. Hope you are OK and this is the first posting we have not spoken about food………………. BARBECUE RIBS …………………oops.
LYLEBA – I hope you had a great time in the Big Apple. You asked about the Secrets of Naples tour. This really is a wonderful and unique excursion as you explore a city under a city. You are underground for 1 hour and then it’s off to a Pizzeria for a lesson in Pizza making before eating the evidence. I recommend this tour highly but just bare in mind it can be a little claustrophobic. Thanks for catching up on the blog thingy and if you have any further questions before you sail please let me know.
SUSAN B – Great idea. A win a Bloggers Cruise Bingo on the Bloggers cruise…………we just have to decide where we are going.

OK, that’s enough as I have no feeling left in my two stumps……….I will answer the questions from the blog featuring Mark Price and the Carnival Conquest tomorrow.

Well, there has been a lot of talk about the damage that Hurricane Dean has done and the cruise ship destination that received the most damage was Costa Maya. Many of us have been there and already we knew that sometimes the ships were unable to dock because the piers were so unprotected. Well now, the piers are mostly gone and the estimate is six months before the industry can return ships to the port. Here are some more photos.

In Their Own Words

Costa Maya

Costa Maya

Costa Maya

Costa Maya

Costa Maya

Now, you have to think not just of the ships not calling there and the re routing that is now in play but also for the man with the small shop that sells T shirts and blankets, the guy who sells soda and water and the little restaurants all of which depend on the cruise line guests for business………… will they survive…………………think of them tonight.

Here is today’s interview and we have another cruise director and ship to feature today. Here is Brent Loyer and the Carnival Miracle

Brent Loyer

1. Please can you tell us about your career with Carnival so far? How did you start and when?

I started on out as Youth Staff then quickly realized I enjoyed kids in very small doses. I thought I’d give taking care of the big kids a try as a Social Host which was on the Fascination, I remember looking at that ship for the first time thinking it was the biggest thing I ever seen….if I only knew what was ahead. After a few years learning the ropes and working with some great Cruise Directors I was promoted to Assistant Cruise Director and the learning continued to finally joining John on the Liberty before making the final step to Cruise Director.

2. What ship are you currently on and what is its itinerary?

Carnival Miracle 8 day from NY to San Juan, St Thomas & Tortola

Starting October 22

8 Day from Ft Lauderdale to Colon Panama, Limon Costa Rica & Belize

8 Day from Ft Lauderdale to St Maarten, St Kitts& St Lucia

3. Please can you pick two excursions from each port and tell us why you recommend them so much?

San Juan

Bioluminescence Bay Kayak Tour – Something you just don’t get a chance to see, only four places known to man.

Bacardi Evening Experience – Bacardi Rum factory and the evening a perfect combination.

St Thomas

St. John Trunk Bay Beach & Snorkel – One of the most beautiful beaches and great snorkeling need I say more!

Mahogany Run Golf Course – Love a relaxing game of golf, don’t play well enough to worry about being good.


Certified Scuba – A great dive for any Scuba Divers out there.

Dolphin Swim – Who doesn’t love swimming with Dolphins?

Alright let move done to Ft Lauderdale

Colon Panama

Panama Canal Tour – You can’t help but to be amazed.

Two Oceans By Railroad – You get to see it all with this one.

Limon Costa Rica

Rain Forest in Costa Rice – After watching the BBC series Plant Earth it gives you a whole new out look regarding the Rain Forest.

High There – Taking an Arial Tram and Zip line thought the Rain Forest how often do you get a chance to do that?


Cave Tubing & Rain Forest Exploration – The name say’s it all.

Caye Chapel Golf Resort – Golf Course, Club House and runway for the plane you have to take to get to the course, need I say more!

St Maarten

Golden Eagle Catamaran – Best Catamaran tour I’ve been on

Beach Break – Love the beaches in St Maarten

St Kitts

Brimstone Hill Fortress – It’s an amazing fortress plus one of the best views

Sail and Snorkel – Sailing and snorkeling the perfect day

St Lucia

Deep Sea Fishing – Great tour but pretty demeaning when a fish is stronger than you.

St Lucia Gold – I know I know enough with the golf already.

4.What are your favorite activities or events that you host and why?

I have to go with the Newlywed Not So Newlywed Game, to this day it still amazes me what people will say about themselves if front of a full lounge. Plus I met the most amazing couple once married 70 years and acted like they were married the day before people like that you just don’t forget.

5. Fill in the blank please……………..People should sail on the (Carnival Miracle) because by far the friendliest ship.

6. What do you enjoy most about being a Cruise Director?

Getting paid to be a big kid and have fun!

7. Share your favorite story with us that involve our guests and your job?

Wow that believe it or not is a tough one so many things, I guess if I had to think back and think about one thing that always makes me laugh. As you can imagine with so many people cruising you hear about many things that happen during a cruise. Well this didn’t evolve me but I got wind of it and you just got to shake you head and laugh. Ok how to explain this one, let’s just say a man was…ah trying to appeal to his wife as she was getting ready for bed in the bathroom. Well she wanted nothing to do with it and shut the door and let’s just say shut the door and a certain part of the man’s body got caught in the door. Ouch!!

8. List your three favorite ports you have visited?

Venice Italy, Limon Cost Rica & Dubrovnik Croatia

9. Name three ports you would really like to see that you have never been to?

Alaska, Hawaii & Aruba

10. Finally, if you could introduce on stage any star, alive or not who would it be and why?


Thanks Brent………..great job and I am sure many of you will enjoy future cruises with this young man.

I wanted to let you know that the ceremony to scatter Wendell’s ashes was beautiful. I don’t want to talk about it to much as it was a private occasion but I can tell you tears were shed by us all and it was a beautiful and moving ceremony. I should mention that they had asked for some music to be played and we provided a sound system for that. I was not sure what to play as the family had asked for something appropriate, so, as the ashes were scattered and we held a minutes silent prayer the music of Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” drifted over the still Mediterranean waters………………..Rest In Peace Wendell.

Now, as you can see there is now a disclaimer on the side of my blog thingy. It seems the Lawyers were a little concerned that my thoughts and yours may upset some people and companies.

Here is the disclaimer:

This is a personal web log. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own (and those of some of the commentators that I have included) and not those of Carnival Corporation & plc or Heidi. This blog has no official affiliation with sugar-free jellybeans

Oh well, I guess I really am on my own now but I am fearless, let them come after me with their dreadful in flight service, mahjong boards and demands of American TV……….I am not scared of man nor beast and I stand by what I say…….except if Fatima reads this and if she does………it wasn’t me………it was Alan………..put the hose pipe down………..please.


Your friends

John and Heidi……………..its Thursday………..yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.