To All My Blogger Friends

August 31, 2007 -

John Heald

Well, it’s been a while and I want to apologize for not writing to you sooner.Normally, John and I always take our laptop to the ship with us, but this time I didn’t think I would need it…..silly me.

Who could ever have known that John would be asked to write a blog and who could ever have imagined it would turn out to be such a success?

Now the blog has gone “Corporate” it’s even busier than ever.

So, before I write any more words, I would like to just say that I am so very proud of my husband. How he juggles his every day job with all its challenges and the blog is beyond me. Of course, I do help him here and there, but I can’t look inside his head (well, not always) and see how he comes up with everything he writes in his blogs. It can’t be easy to tell a different story almost every day.  So many things happen every day and we get to meet so many different people amongst our guests, but which person do you highlight and how do you tell his or her story?

“Petje af,” we say in Holland, which translates to “I take my hat off for you”.

So here to John, my husband, my best friend.

OK, don’t cry, he can be super annoying as well and sometimes he deserves the Fatima treatment ………….I am sorry if I just ruined the big pink heart shaped balloon for everybody….:)))

So, what’s been going on in Heidi land for the last few weeks?

Well, my biggest problem is that I don’t get much time on the computer in our cabin…..

We do have an Entertainment Staff office on board with 2 computers for me to use, but unlike John, I need to have peace and quiet around me to be able to concentrate, sometimes he forgets that English is not my first language……

For me to concentrate with other staff members coming in and out telling me things and asking me things is very hard, so its best to use the computer in our cabin. It’s times like this that I miss my laptop that is sitting at home feeling lonely…..

One of the main reasons was also that flying from a U.K. airport is anything but pleasant these days and you are only allowed 1 piece of hand luggage per person, so what do I do with my Chanel bag if I bring the laptop in its bag??? What’s a girl to do?? Any tips?

Some of you might say, well, John can carry the laptop. Well, that’s were you go wrong. John has his own carry on…..yes ladies, he does! It contains books, magazines, DVDs and his portable DVD player, so no room for a laptop. Sir doesn’t put his DVDs he just bought in his luggage, what if my suitcase gets lost??? Well, I suppose he has a point.

So, laptop stayed at home this time.

What I am trying to say, in a very long roundabout way, is that I just don’t get the time to use the PC in the cabin. (well, apart from doing the Capers and the schedules for the cruise and answer the necessary e-mails)

But here I am, it’s 10:53pm, John is doing the Welcome Aboard Show and I took my chance……I feel I owe it to all of you as you have been sending so many lovely comments for and about me.

Thank you to all and once again my apologies for not writing sooner. I do read all the comments, so they don’t get lost in cyberspace.

Well, I have been busy outside the job with starting to work out again. I run on the track, work my arms with weights, so much so, that some days I have a hard time walking or picking up a pen I dropped on the floor. The reason why I run on the track is because I need the wind in my hair when I work out. It may sound strange, but I use bottles of water (the 1.5 liter ones) as weights for my arms. I am not a big fan of the gym, never have been. I used to play tennis 4 times a week, played competition on Sundays and never needed to go to the gym, I was just always fit. When I played tennis a little less, I played basketball 2 times a week and competition on Saturdays. I still never had to worry about my figure or if I could run up stairs without being out of  breath for half an hour…..Unfortunately, since I have been working on the ship, playing sports just hasn’t been possible. I tried to keep up playing tennis in the beginning, but a blonde, fair skinned Dutch girl just isn’t made to play tennis in 100 degrees in St. Thomas…..I used to play and would be dizzy after 20 minutes and could only think on how I could get in the sea as quick as possible. So here I am, in need of running and there is no better time to start again as the present and get ready for the On Deck For The Cure Charity Walk.

We have been meeting many bloggers in the last couple of cruises and have received numerous wonderful gifts by mail. THANK YOU!!!!!

As I have the chance to write a bit myself now, I would like to also take the opportunity to thank “Nanci Nurse” for the box she sent me with Bath & Bodyworks products.

Nanci, I haven’t seen you on the blog lately, I am sure you are busy, but I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t receive the box with all your goodies. Thank you!

A special thank you also to The Bears and all the people who have my favorite candy.

While I am writing this, I have some Dutch music playing (rather loud) and sing along in between lines. Oh, I have some other exciting news. My mum is coming to cruise on September 22. I booked tickets for her and my Auntie a long time ago, but both ladies have had to visit the hospital a few times between them and now my mum is doing much better and she told me today that she is definitely coming to sail. Not sure about my Auntie yet. Let’s hope she will be OK. They have sailed together 3 times before and love being waited on and not having to clean up after themselves or having to think what to have for dinner every night (oh, and seeing John and myself of course…..)

I choose the last Turkey/Greece cruise for them and it will also be a bit cooler by then at daytime.

Not much else to report that John hasn’t already told you all.

I have hidden his bags of Sugar Free Jelly Beans while he is away….can’t take it anymore……I will get shares in Oust (Johnsons) soon…..sorry dear bloggers who have sent him these “treats.”

This will have to be it for now, it’s a busy sea day tomorrow so time for bed soon. Keep the comments and questions coming; don’t worry about John’s two fingers,  my 10 assist him where and when I can…..

And as my last note, I will attach a photo of myself running in Olympia, the reason for this is that I like to ask you all to spare a thought for the people in Greece (Athens and the surrounding areas) during all the wild fires at the moment. Let’s hope they catch those who have started these fires and let’s hope a wonderful town like Katakolon and a beautiful historical sight as Olympia will be spared……

Heidi in Olympia!

Good night!

Your friend,


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