To All My Blogger Friends

August 31, 2007 -

John Heald

Well, it’s been a while and I want to apologize for not writing to you sooner.Normally, John and I always take our laptop to the ship with us, but this time I didn’t think I would need it…..silly me.

Who could ever have known that John would be asked to write a blog and who could ever have imagined it would turn out to be such a success?

Now the blog has gone “Corporate” it’s even busier than ever.

So, before I write any more words, I would like to just say that I am so very proud of my husband. How he juggles his every day job with all its challenges and the blog is beyond me. Of course, I do help him here and there, but I can’t look inside his head (well, not always) and see how he comes up with everything he writes in his blogs. It can’t be easy to tell a different story almost every day.  So many things happen every day and we get to meet so many different people amongst our guests, but which person do you highlight and how do you tell his or her story?

“Petje af,” we say in Holland, which translates to “I take my hat off for you”.

So here to John, my husband, my best friend.

OK, don’t cry, he can be super annoying as well and sometimes he deserves the Fatima treatment ………….I am sorry if I just ruined the big pink heart shaped balloon for everybody….:)))

So, what’s been going on in Heidi land for the last few weeks?

Well, my biggest problem is that I don’t get much time on the computer in our cabin…..

We do have an Entertainment Staff office on board with 2 computers for me to use, but unlike John, I need to have peace and quiet around me to be able to concentrate, sometimes he forgets that English is not my first language……

For me to concentrate with other staff members coming in and out telling me things and asking me things is very hard, so its best to use the computer in our cabin. It’s times like this that I miss my laptop that is sitting at home feeling lonely…..

One of the main reasons was also that flying from a U.K. airport is anything but pleasant these days and you are only allowed 1 piece of hand luggage per person, so what do I do with my Chanel bag if I bring the laptop in its bag??? What’s a girl to do?? Any tips?

Some of you might say, well, John can carry the laptop. Well, that’s were you go wrong. John has his own carry on…..yes ladies, he does! It contains books, magazines, DVDs and his portable DVD player, so no room for a laptop. Sir doesn’t put his DVDs he just bought in his luggage, what if my suitcase gets lost??? Well, I suppose he has a point.

So, laptop stayed at home this time.

What I am trying to say, in a very long roundabout way, is that I just don’t get the time to use the PC in the cabin. (well, apart from doing the Capers and the schedules for the cruise and answer the necessary e-mails)

But here I am, it’s 10:53pm, John is doing the Welcome Aboard Show and I took my chance……I feel I owe it to all of you as you have been sending so many lovely comments for and about me.

Thank you to all and once again my apologies for not writing sooner. I do read all the comments, so they don’t get lost in cyberspace.

Well, I have been busy outside the job with starting to work out again. I run on the track, work my arms with weights, so much so, that some days I have a hard time walking or picking up a pen I dropped on the floor. The reason why I run on the track is because I need the wind in my hair when I work out. It may sound strange, but I use bottles of water (the 1.5 liter ones) as weights for my arms. I am not a big fan of the gym, never have been. I used to play tennis 4 times a week, played competition on Sundays and never needed to go to the gym, I was just always fit. When I played tennis a little less, I played basketball 2 times a week and competition on Saturdays. I still never had to worry about my figure or if I could run up stairs without being out of  breath for half an hour…..Unfortunately, since I have been working on the ship, playing sports just hasn’t been possible. I tried to keep up playing tennis in the beginning, but a blonde, fair skinned Dutch girl just isn’t made to play tennis in 100 degrees in St. Thomas…..I used to play and would be dizzy after 20 minutes and could only think on how I could get in the sea as quick as possible. So here I am, in need of running and there is no better time to start again as the present and get ready for the On Deck For The Cure Charity Walk.

We have been meeting many bloggers in the last couple of cruises and have received numerous wonderful gifts by mail. THANK YOU!!!!!

As I have the chance to write a bit myself now, I would like to also take the opportunity to thank “Nanci Nurse” for the box she sent me with Bath & Bodyworks products.

Nanci, I haven’t seen you on the blog lately, I am sure you are busy, but I didn’t want you to think that I didn’t receive the box with all your goodies. Thank you!

A special thank you also to The Bears and all the people who have my favorite candy.

While I am writing this, I have some Dutch music playing (rather loud) and sing along in between lines. Oh, I have some other exciting news. My mum is coming to cruise on September 22. I booked tickets for her and my Auntie a long time ago, but both ladies have had to visit the hospital a few times between them and now my mum is doing much better and she told me today that she is definitely coming to sail. Not sure about my Auntie yet. Let’s hope she will be OK. They have sailed together 3 times before and love being waited on and not having to clean up after themselves or having to think what to have for dinner every night (oh, and seeing John and myself of course…..)

I choose the last Turkey/Greece cruise for them and it will also be a bit cooler by then at daytime.

Not much else to report that John hasn’t already told you all.

I have hidden his bags of Sugar Free Jelly Beans while he is away….can’t take it anymore……I will get shares in Oust (Johnsons) soon…..sorry dear bloggers who have sent him these “treats.”

This will have to be it for now, it’s a busy sea day tomorrow so time for bed soon. Keep the comments and questions coming; don’t worry about John’s two fingers,  my 10 assist him where and when I can…..

And as my last note, I will attach a photo of myself running in Olympia, the reason for this is that I like to ask you all to spare a thought for the people in Greece (Athens and the surrounding areas) during all the wild fires at the moment. Let’s hope they catch those who have started these fires and let’s hope a wonderful town like Katakolon and a beautiful historical sight as Olympia will be spared……

Heidi in Olympia!

Good night!

Your friend,


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37 Responses to To All My Blogger Friends

  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks Heidi! As always, great to hear from you 🙂

  2. Dear Heidi:

    I loved your blog ~ the words you speak when you are talking about your beloved ~ very sweet…., however he doesn’t deserve all the credit, you deserve some to my dear!!

    You are selfish to share your husband with us, I know his schedule is full, his off time is limited and when he gets a few ~ instead of spending it with you, he often spends it with us.

    So to you dear Heidi ~ we appreciate you to the end of the earth…. Well Done!


  3. Kevin says:

    Thank you for posting a blog we were starting to all wonder if John’s lower end had made you jump ship for fresh air. Sorry to hear that you mom and aunt(ie) were both sick, but happy to hear mom will be crusing with you and John’s rocket powered self. I have to say you are one of the luckiest people I know, getting to sail all over the world and enjoy what you do. Someday maybe I too will be able to do that. Thanks for the great blog, try to kick John off the computer more often. Best wishes,

  4. "BIG" ED says:

    Heidi, I don’t know how you put up with John. You got to be ST. HEIDI. I sure wish I had a direct e-mail address for you. The things I could send you. Great blogs just to few and to far apart. Don’t blame me for those Jelly Beans I didn’t send them. 141 days till we meet. Look out John.

    “BIG” ED

  5. Danny says:

    this might not I havnet seen your Chanel bag.
    but why not get a carryon big enouf to hold you bag and your laptop. Cindy has cruised with you and John a few times before and is a desapointed that you wont be on our Nov. 2008 Freedom cruise but hopes to see you on the Splendor South Amercan Cruise

    P.s. Cindy would like to if you could scan the (I’m not sure whats it called) its a thing you hand out to the guest its like map and the back side tells where every thing is on the ship

  6. Kathie (Kaperino) says:

    Good to hear from you Heidi! Since this blog has turned into the biggest PR and marketing tool, don’t you think that you and John could both have a computer? Goodness! This is getting to be a lot of work for the two of you. and all of us love to hear from you and the stories that are shared. We all wish the best for everyone in our world, and you two are a team that shares the good and bad in wonderful ways. On a side note: I can’t wait for your comment on what “Nanni” has sent to you. I like Nanette’s nicknames. What was up with the Liberty? Groups not behaiving? In our century? Surely this can not be! Take care,

  7. SewingNut says:

    St. Heidi of Freedom:
    I hear you about the flying through London. We flew home through Heathrow on Wed. and it was nothing short of nail biting. Our Rome to London flight was 1/2 hour late landing so our connecting time at Heathrow for our Toronto, Canada flight was only 55 minutes and we had to go from 1 terminal to another. (Of course, they were the 2 the furthest apart.)
    As for the Channel bag – it has to go somewhere in place of DVDs I guess. When I flew I used a very small purse that I could just throw in my carry on suitcase. When it comes to a special handbag, nothing else matters. Time to house clean the laptop bag and get rid of magazines (?). Sorry, John.

  8. Paul F. Pietrangelo says:

    Good afternoon Mrs. Heald ( Heidi ). It was so nice to hear from you after such a long time. I’m glad that you like the picture that I sent to you and Mr. Heald. Now you know who I am. Mr. Heald must be very happy person with a wife like you. I know, without MaryLou I just wouldn’t know what to do. I guess husbands really need their wives. As far as your english, it is fantastic. I was born in Canada and I still have problems with the English. Thank you for just being you. Mr. Heald knows that and I think he’s very proud of his wife also. Ciao for now.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  9. Mary Scotto says:

    Hi John/Heidi – greetings from Brooklyn, NY USA we just came off the Freedom which sailed on 8/17/07 & my daughter Angela Alba wrote John a song entitled “Freedomlicious” which she sang on his 5pm show. He mentioned it would be posted on the blog. Heidi, when you have a moment in between all the wonderful things you do for John, besides working out, please try & post that as Angela has been eagerly awaiting its “airing” on the carnival blog. You guys are the best, we have sailed with you last year on the Grand Medit. cruise and had to return again this year. Congratulations on a perfected cruise tour. You get the Couple of the Year award as you compliment each other. Wishing you well, kindest regards, Angela’s Mommy – Mary Scotto!

  10. nanette says:

    Heidi amiga!!
    How are you ? Great to hear from you! Like my friend Kathie said I cant wait for you to get my present.I know that you are going to like it because you have already seen it, but not quite, is different. I took a picture before sending it for Kathie to see thats why she knows. I sent something for John that may help you both 🙂 nothing to eat. A big hugo

  11. Heidi Hyman says:

    Hi Heidi,
    we were on the 12 day Medditeranian cruise,
    July 27th till Aug 4th.
    On our tour to Murano my purchase got switched
    (I’m sure by mistake!) and I landed up with somebody elses little trinket.
    Could you please send me an address for the glass-
    factory that the tour visited in Murano.
    I would love to get in contact with them and hopefully get them to send me my original purchase which was a pair of beautiful glass dolphins.
    I’m running out of ideas how to get John or you Heidi to let me know.
    Hopefully this was a successfull attempt.
    My husband and I LOVED the cruise, most of all
    the director and his wife (lol).
    Please reply !!


  12. It is good to read your post and to get the Heidi point of veiw 😉 still trying to trach your husband to count, but I am sure you know he is hopeless 😉
    Speaking of hopeless, Kevin is teasing me pointing out swirly looking clouds south east of Purto Rico, told him I don’t care where and what clouds he see. (all swirly clouds must go away!!!!! and fires too!!)
    I am glad your mother is coming for a trip and I know you will enjoy having her and I hope your aunty too.
    The picture is great and will keep greece in prayer.

    the other Heidi 😉

  13. Linda (The Mouse) says:


    It was great reading your latest blog…the 2 of you always make me laugh…you know that if you both wrote a book it would be on the best seller list.

    I mailed a package to both of you last night (8/30)…hopefully it will not take too long to get there…there are several varieties of sugar free candy for John (hopefully you will not need an air freshener) and some things for you too.

    This is a long weekend for me (Labor Day on Monday)…keep smiling and keep blogging.


  14. lookingforwardtothenearlysmokefreecarnivalfreedom says:

    Heidi –

    Good to hear from you again – love that you can contribute to the blog now and then.

    Running – oh, how I wish I could run. Almost 30 years ago, when I was in the Navy, I was running regularly and training for the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco (I was stationed at Oakland Naval Hospital at the time where I met Mrs. MTSFP). Anyway, I hurt my back taking care of a 10 year-old boy. When I thought I was sufficiently recovered, I tried running again – unfortunately, the result of my injury was that I could never run again. Anything over 1/2 mile created a feeling that a knife was inserted in my back and twisted.

    Oh, to be young again – but I will take you for a twirl around the dance floor somewhere along the South Atlantic route. What is your favorite? Foxtrot? Tango? Mambo? Cha-cha? Swing? Lindy (my favorite!!!)?

    See you (and the roomie) in 58 days.


  15. Leasa says:

    Hello Heidi,

    Thanks so much for posting a blog. I’ve missed hearing from you. Also I want to thank you for sharing John with all of us. I know you guys have very little private time and now he spends most of that with us. The of you have such kind hearts. I just wanted you to know how much we love you and John. Have a wonderful cruise and take good care of yourself.


  16. Lisa and Elaine says:

    Hi Heidi,
    So good to hear from you again…I was beginning to wonder if you had not jumped ship, thanks to all of John’s jelly beans!
    Thank you for sharing John with us, as well as your time too.
    Only 140 days til we meet.

  17. Sheryl Pelton says:

    Great blog Heidi! Nice to know that John at least lets you use the computer occaisionally! Please tell him that I served his mum’s chicken curry to my family and they loved it. I also couldn’t find curry paste, so made my own with curry powder and water. It’s a nice touch to throw in a food for us to try from another part of the world! Maybe you could throw in some of your favorites also. Well, I will get to meet you both in 9 days. Until then, stay away from the crazies out there. Sheryl

  18. heidi love!!! hello honey child. so great to hear from you again. we have certainly missed you… john has convinced me to bring him lots and lots of jelly beans, shall i or not? ha ha, let me know what you think.

    smiles, bonnie and prince charlie

  19. CruisinSue says:

    Thank you for the blog and for being so unselfish with John for all of us, not only on the blog, but on the ship as well. It must be difficult to deal with passengers who approach or confront him and you when you two are off the ship and/or on your own time. Perhaps, when we get on the Freedom, we can have a “Happy Hour” in my cabin and you two will be able to escape the daily grind. ha ha I am looking forward to meeting both of you in 34 days, but who is counting? duh…that would be me and the other 11 couples that will be there. Take care, see ya soon….my best to both you and John

  20. lv2cruise says:

    Thanks for the smiles. You clearly have your priorities in order, a Chanel bag always trumps a computer!

  21. Susan B says:

    Hi Hedi,
    It’s so good to read another blog from you! I must agree with everybody else that it is very nice of you to share John with us. I will keep Greece in my prayers. I loved the picture of you running in the Olympia.
    I love to hear when John is in the dog house…I give you a silent cheer!
    I am so happy you will be getting to cruise with your mom. My husband and I almost always cruise with my mom and dad.

    I agree with “Big Ed” and we must start calling you “St. Hedi” for putting up with John. All kidding aside, we bloggers feel lucky to be able to call you and John friends even though we haven’t met yet. You two must be the hardest working Carnvial people! I would think you could have two laptops! I miss your blogs! Would love to hear more from you…but I guess John doesn’t share well, and wants all the attention…LOL. Thank you both for being so kind, and I look forward to meeting both of you on the Blogger’s cruise!
    Take Care,

  22. Cindy56 says:

    Hello Heidi,

    Thank you for posting on the blog, it was so nice to hear from you again. You and John are very lucky to have each other and hopefully soon you will adding to your family. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I’m so glad to hear your mom and aunty are coming on the cruise. They will have so much fun. Take care and thanks again for talking to all of us who feel like you and John are a part of our families.


  23. Kathy Kroll says:

    Hi Heidi!

    Good hearing from you and the “woman’s” point of view!! Glad your mom and Auntie will be visiting with you soon!
    It’s Friday the 31st in LA. It’s almost 11pm and it’s 91 degrees out. We had a high temp. of 106 today. Reminded me of Ephesus !!! Yikes!!
    I see you are sailing into Rhodes this morning. We had a fabulous buffet lunch on the tour we took. This beautiful Hotel was in between Rhodes and Lindos. What a spread!
    Have a good day and say hello to the Mr. for us!

    Kathy and Paul

  24. JIMNI says:


    Thanks for blogging again. I am so happy for you that your mum is getting to cruise with you. I hope that you get to spend both quality and quanity time with her. I know you have very busy days and nights, but perhaps some of the others will pull some extra duty so you can have a bit of extra time with your mum and hopefully your auntie as well. I lost my mom 4 years ago and miss her very much. Give your mum an extra hug for me.

    Mary Scotto, I think John has already posted what you are talking about. Go to past entry, We Are Family posted on Saturday, August 25th, 2007. It is in the “today’s letters from the In Their Own Words Section”.

    Southern Dreams and Barb the Bear, may God grant you strength and your health care professionals all the knowledge and skill necessary for a quick and complete recovery. And, to Chrissy, may God grant you peace that passes all understanding.

  25. Linda Hernacki says:

    Wonderful blog Heidi! Sure HOPE we get to meet you, since Danny wrote you won’t be on the Freedom in November but John tells me you will, so which is it? Mike and I will be on the Thanksgiving cruise 11/17-11/24. Have a wonderful weekend, Linda & Mike

  26. Myra Bushnell says:

    Hello, Heidi,

    I just want to let Mary Scotto, “Angela’s Mom,” know that Angela’s song was posted on John’s August 25 blog “We Are Family.” Very cute! I am trying to think how to convince my husband, Scott, that we should join the bloggers cruise. I know it will be great fun and I’d love the opportunity to meet you and John. Must get to work on a plan! Best wishes to you and John and happy cruising.


  27. Big Ed says:

    Can I have first guess please as to where John likes most to have your ’10 fingers assisting …..’?

  28. Hi Kids,

    John your mastery of the Italian language is astounding. Keep up the good work!! Heidi, Thanks for the blog. I must have missed something about the jelly beans along the way though. Do you want them for him or not? I’m thinking not!! I’d be happy to bring something from the states you might need or like.
    See you in a week!!


  29. vicki says:

    Hi Heidi—thanks for blogging again, always enjoy your entries !

  30. hallo heidi
    wat leuk om weer eens iets van je te lezen.
    en wat geweldig dat je moeder en misschien een tante aanboord komen. dat zal wel reuze gezellig worden.
    ik wens jullie alvast een heel fijne tijd samen maar dat zal zeker wel lukken.
    de groetjes aan john en een dikke knuffel voor beide
    marij van dinter

  31. MSQPON - Jo Myerly says:

    Hi John, Just a note from our cabin. I got a big kick when you picked me to go on stage at the welcome party. I am thrilled with my prize. I always wanted a gold ship on a stick. Thanks.
    We are having a good time. I do have a couple of questions. What airline cancelled their flight out of Newark? Did some people miss the ship. Our Continental Flight was good. We had an early AM flight. We were delayed a couple of hours because of an electrical problem and got in at 9:30 AM. A perfect time. The food was OK and the seating was comfortable.
    Are you holding a crapbook for me or should I buy one at the photo desk? Is there one that has Carnival Freedom on it?
    Are we having a bloggers get together?
    Thanks again.

    Jo and Dave

  32. Catmama044 says:

    Great blog Heidi. It is wonderful that you share your life with all of usin cyberspace. Although, I am sure that at times being an “open book” can be a bit uncomfortable. You and John keep up the good work; you make a great team!!!

  33. joan christian says:

    Hello John!
    I have read your blog from the beginning with the exception on our July 12 cruise with you. I read your blog and live vicariously through you. I have one big request….my parents also were on the cruise. I thought they purchased the video of
    Willie Bangert and the “kill you with venom” show. Is there any way I can purchase a video from your archives? My parents still had problems finding their way around the ship on day 12…we usually sent my 11 year old to guide them. Seems they couldn’t find the lobby to purchase the video on there own! 🙂 If this request is possible, please let me know how I could purchase with a charge card.
    Our time on the Freedom I tell others was beyond words to explain…love, love, loved it!
    joan christian

  34. Karen R. says:

    Hi Heidi,
    It was so good to hear from you again. John keeps us laughing but I it is always fun to hear it from the wife’s point of view! Maybe since you hid those jelly beans, you could get computer time by making a little trail with them and lead John to some other part of the ship, far from you, where you will not have to experience the unpleasant after effects, but it would also get him away from the computer. I am sure if you rationed his jelly bean intake, he would gladly follow your little trail!

    Enjoy your time with your Mom and your Auntie. My mom passed away 3 years ago, I miss her very much. I wish we would have had the experience of going on a cruise together before she passed away. She loved to travel and she would have been a blast to cruise with.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write!

  35. Clay Caldwell says:

    John: We used your web-site link to reserve a spot in the Supper Club on the Liberty. We sail away on 9/15 and wanted a table for 4 the night of the 21st and 6:30PM. It has been more than two weeks and have not had a confrimation email as of yet.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

  36. CruisinSue says:


    Thanks for the blog, at long last. We were thinking that you were a figment of John’s vivid imagination since it had been so long….welcome back to the blog world…lol
    I am glad to hear that your Mum and Auntie will be there with you for a holiday. I am excited to be cruising on October 4, and bringing my Mum along. She is 70 and this is her first trip to Europe, so it is exciting for all of us.
    We are looking forward to meeting you and John on board, possibly we can have tea, (or “something”)
    Keep up the blog, even if it means putting in a phony complaint, set up a phony appointment, to keep John occupied while you use the PC. Hoping to hear from you soon and looking forward to meeting you in October!! My best to both of you!

  37. DWA76 says:

    Great to hear from you again Heidi.
    That picture of Olympia makes me hope that the area is quickly rebuilt for everyone to enjoy fully.
    Post more often…Even if it means you have to kick John or the entertainment staff off the computers.

    Talk to you soon.

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