It Came From Outer Space

September 15, 2007 -

John Heald

I am all backed up!

No, no that……………..far from that actually……………..I mean all backed up with things to tell you so lets start as quick as we can.

Good Afternoon from Venice Italy. It is 4:34pm and we are waiting for 18 guests who have just 25 minutes to get here otherwise they will have an extended stay in Venice……………….actually, a live update its now 14 guests missing.

Let me waffle for a moment starting with my favorite subject ………… me………….no, just kidding but I want to thank all of you so very much for your kindness in asking how I am feeling. This thing really got me and even today I feel quite weak, however I am checking my sugar level and feeling better everyday………………thanks again for all the kind comments.

I made a decision a few days ago to change the mid-cruise shows to pre dinner timings for the late sitting. This means tonight and tomorrow at 7 pm the late sitting guests will see the shows before dinner rather than wait until 10:45 pm. We will move the shows back to normal on the next formal night……………………..ok, 9 missing now………………….make that 7 missing……….looking good……………..anyway back to the shows. I know this will maybe not make one or two guests happy but with the older demographics and after speaking to many of them I think it’s the right thing to do………………OK, this is live feed here……..I feel like Chloe from 24

Name Status Cabin Dept


When this happens I page the guests and ask if anyone traveling with them and if so to let us know if they have a cell phone so we can call. For example 9 and I am writing this as the news breaks) Robert and Bonnie went to Murano on their own and they do have a cell phone ……………. but…….it is switched off……………….they must have learnt that from Heidi………..I mean what is the point of her having a phone and even when it is switched on its buried in a bag the size of a Cadillac and she can’t hear the bloody thing. Anyway, it is now…………oh, hold on ………ok, 5 people just arrived and from reports they were very scared that they would miss the ship…………right…………..let me page the last two guests……………………..

THE KURTZ FAMILY……………………still no sign…………………Captain wants to leave because of traffic………….mmmmmmmmm.They have 5 minutes to get here.

So, what else. …………… was very special as Heidi and I went to visit the Emerald Princess here in Venice……….. (the Captain just turned the engines on)………and WOW, what a gorge……….hold on………you will have to wait for my full review and photos which will becoming your way next week sometime……………..I absolutely am positive you will enjoy a step aboard the Emerald Princess.

Right, its 5 pm and Margi the Chief Purser has just called me on the radio to say that they are not here……….we are pulling the gangway ………….leaving one out. The Pursers are preparing the paperwork which by law we must do and our agent Anna will stay and wait until they arrive…………if they do………….still no sign.

Let’s do some photos……….quite a few today.

1. The Carnival Freedom
1. The Carnival Freedom

2. And again, moored in Dubrovnik
2. And again, moored in Dubrovnik

3. A busy day in the port of Venice
3. A busy day in the port of Venice


4. Forgot to slap this one on yesterday of Dubrovnik Old Town (this one taken by Entertainments Staff Member Gary)
4. Forgot to slap this one on yesterday of Dubrovnik Old Town (this one taken by Entertainments Staff Member Gary)

Here are today’s letters from the In Their Own Words Section.

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

Congratulations to my friends at Carnival Corporation U.K who ………….well, read for yourself.

14 September 2007

Southampton cruise company wins prestigious travel award

Southampton based company Carnival UK has won the Travel Company of the Year award for the second year running at a prestigious ceremony held last night by Travel Trade Gazette, the travel industry’s leading weekly magazine.

The award was voted for by travel agents and by a panel of industry experts. Carnival UK was up against some of the UK’s largest tour operating groups, such as Cosmos, First Choice, Kuoni, Thomas Cook and Virgin Holidays.

Carnival UK managing director David Dingle said:

“This prestigious award reflects our commitment to service excellence, innovation and the expansion of cruising in Britain. In particular, our recently introduced Elev8 cultural change programme which puts the customer at the start and the heart of everything we do captured the imagination of the judges and is already making a major contribution to our success.

“The continued development of our famous brands and our commitment to capacity growth through the forthcoming introduction of beautiful and innovative ships such as Cunard’s Queen Victoria and P&O Cruises’ Ventura put as at the forefront of the surge in the popularity of cruising in Britain.

“I am enormously grateful to the extraordinary spirit and commitment of everyone at Carnival UK, both on board and ashore, in making this achievement possible.”

The award was based on financial performance, marketing, trade relations including travel agent training, product innovation, and consumer relations incorporating customer satisfaction across the four cruise lines P&O Cruises, Ocean Village, Princess Cruises and Cunard Line.

P&O Cruises picked up the award for Premium Cruiseline of the year from a strong group of nominees including Celebrity Cruises, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises and Princess Cruises.

P&O Cruises managing director, Nigel Esdale said:

“We are delighted that P&O Cruises has been recognised as the best premium cruise line in the UK. The launch of Ventura next April will herald a landmark in contemporary cruising and will bring a new generation of cruisers to the fore.

“The growth we have seen confirms cruising a mainstream holiday choice and highlights that, our future, and with it the growth we will bring to the city of Southampton, is assured.

“It is an exciting time for us all as we look forward to building our future, and our new headquarters, in the heart of the city.”


Photo captions:

  • – TTG awards – Travel company of the year: The network managing director, Jayne Dyson; Carnival UK chief commercial officer, Peter Shanks; Carnival UK chief executive, David Dingle & awards host, Rob Brydon.
  • – TTG awards – Premium cruiseline of the year: Travel Trust director, Todd Carpenter; P&O Cruises managing director, Nigel Esdale & awards host, Rob Brydon.

For further press information or images please contact:

Michele Andjel, 023 8065 6653
Lorraine Bryant,, 023 80 65 6650
Kate Rist, 023 8065 6652

Time for as many questions as I can answer before Showtime. We start with the blog called “Heidi Here”……….off we go.

GREG BALDASARRI – Hello mate. Thanks for your words of sympathy. I am a big baby when I am ill and unlike a land-based job where you can call in sick, here it is a little different as work is right here. I felt awful letting the people down by missing the formal night shows and parties but unless we were going to hold them in my bathroom there was no way for me to attend. I am so sorry to hear that you lost your Mum to breast cancer and I can only hope that in some small way what we are doing here will help in the battle to find a cure.As for the Heat and my mate Shaq…………..let’s see what this season brings and as much as I respect the Spurs……….I have to say “Let’s Go Heat”……………..that’s ridiculous me saying that as I have a LA Lakers mug on my desk and Heidi is wearing a Dallas Mavericks shirt, both from bloggers. As it is impossible to get a Heat mug or shirt (in my size) in Europe……….are there any Heat fans out there? Greg, I know you must miss Mum so very much and I wanted you to know that Heidi and I are thinking of you this evening. All the best mate.
JULIE GRANT – You are correct that Heidi is a truly wonderful wife to clean up after me although she draws the line at diced carrot ………….why is there always carrot……………sorry, should have warned you that was on the way. I see you are thinking of the Bloggers Cruise and I can tell you it will be amazing. However, if you cannot come on this one maybe you can sail the next time we plan this special event. Oh, you mentioned Jelly Beans, so I wanted you to see this photo.
Jelly Beans
Thanks to Sheryl & Angeline who brought this on board for me this cruise so all the jet pack fuel that Carl and Barb and so many others have sent me now has a distribution system. All the best Julie and let me know if I can help in deciding which cruise you should take.
PEANUTS – Feeling better now mate, not 100% yet. Thanks for your concern. I see you and Heidi both have a hatred for spiders and even though I explained to her that they really can’t hurt you (certainly the ones in the U.K.) she still just about faints when anything with 8 legs comes her way……don’t ever ask her to hold some bagpipes. I wish your Pistons luck but not that much. You asked which sizes Heidi likes her t-shirts …..How kind. Heidi likes small and as for me, the bigger the better. Joan, thanks for thinking of us, you are a very special person.
BIG ED – Just a quick note to say that your constant support of the blog thingy will be rewarded in January. ………you can decide which dress to wear in the shows. Have you heard from Alan yet? Feeling better again and sorry Mrs. Big Ed is mad. I just need to borrow one of her dresses as Heidi won’t let me use hers for our Spice Girls show featuring me, you and Alan.
LOIS I AM FEELING BETTERSKI – Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your concern. Thanks.
CANUCK CRUISER – Just a note in case you read this to say Hope you are having a wonderful time on the Carnival Liberty. Drop us a line when you get home.
DAVE AND BARB – Hello guys. You will be happy to know that I am feeling better today although still a bit drained following my vocal concert in the bathroom. My blood sugar level was up and down like a Yo Yo but is now back to normal. I have had no appetite until today and even than I can only manage a toasted bagel and some slices of turkey. My friend, Mr. Woohoo, had a huge pizza which via e-mail, he told me, was delicious and now the hunger has started to return which is a good sign. Thank you to you both for your concern, it means the world to me.
LONGING 2 CRUISE – I got your message and you are correct, Heidi really did a wonderful job taking over, many thanks for your kind wishes.
DWA 76 – So many people seem to like the sunset pictures that I am going to slap on a separate blog later tonight with the latest sunset photos on them. The On Deck for the Cure walk is tomorrow and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks mate and I appreciate your lovely words.
MARK TWAIN AND A HALF – Thank you for your lovely words for Heidi and she really did step up to the plate while I was laid up or laid down in the bathroom. I see you have been ill recently as well and I hope you are OK now. There is nothing worse than feeling ill and knowing that you are letting so many people down by not being at the shows etc. Anyway, I am on the road to recovery and the though of Mrs. Knee-high taking another cruise is enough to make me head straight back to the bathroom. My best to you and your other half.
A CRUISE BY ANY OTHER NAME – It’s no good, you could tell Heidi that spiders are bringing her a million dollars attached to each leg and she would still run a mile. Hopefully we will know very soon which ship will be in Europe in 2009 and beyond for Carnival Cruise Lines and as soon as PA 007 tells me I will let you all know. I already speak Texan as I was brought up on Dallas…………people often think I look like Bobby Ewing. Take care and all the best.
KATHIE – I will have to wait until next Thursday as this Thursday, well, let’s just say, the only sounds coming from the bedroom were ones resembling a drunk hippo regurgitating a small zebra. All the best Kathie.
EBB TIDE – The sunset photos are very popular and I will post more shortly. I am feeling better and I will be ready to go when you cruise here shortly. Please drop me a line at the information desk the day before the special celebration of your friends and I will be happy to dedicate something special to them. See you soon.
ADIAS ANGEL – I always listen to my wife……just don’t tell her that. Thanks Carla, hope all is well with you.
RUTH JAMISON – I am feeling better Ruth, although it really knocked 7 bells out of me. One of the things I was concerned about, apart from missing the shows, was not being able to post another blog so I will play catch up over the next few days. Thank you for your kind words and it’s always great to hear from you.
NANETTE – Nanni, mucho gracio. I was much sicko. Nowo mucho bettero. Por favor can I havo a biggo huggo?
IVANA – Just a quick note to say thank you so much for thinking of me.
JO MYERLY – Jo, I heard the webcam went down but it should be working perfectly now. You mentioned your comment had not been posted. I am playing catch up so if you do not see that I have answered it in the next few days, please let me know. We miss you both here and thank you again for all your kindness.
LISA AND ELAINE – It’s funny you should mention that ladies, as chicken soup is what I am having for dinner tonight………wish it was my mums. You requested more pictures and more you shall have. Our best to you both.
KEVIN – If you by a Bugatti, can I be the Godmother? I am sure things will work out for you and I am so sorry that your beautiful lady is so badly hurt. I am feeling much better mate and the thought of you getting a new car will make me feel even better. Cheers mate.
SOUTHERN DREAMS – Considering what you are going through in your own life at the moment it touches me deeply that you took the time to ask how I am feeling. What a special person you are. How are you doing? I hope you know Heidi and I think of you always.
LINDA HERNACKI – I am not sure what it was Linda, it could have been the Cesar’s Salad with the anchovies although as I am still feeling drained now, maybe I just picked up a bug. Thank you for your concern and you are correct, that you and Mike and so many others are indeed family and very special people.
LFTTNSFCF – Tea may be the problem, although it’s all I’ve been drinking today apart from water. I have heard about the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels but have never seen them. It certainly would be interesting to see these two perform together. Regardless, I would not like to experience it from actually inside the plane and perform a repeat of the last few days in my bathroom. You mentioned you were stationed at Annapolis. One of the movies we were showing on the big screen for our Love Fest night was of the same name and I just wondered if it was true to life at all. All the best mate and it won’t be long before you are here.
SUSAN B – I am very proud of Heidi, she could be a Cruise Director in her own right. Thank you for saying you missed me and all your kind words.
INEZ – I am glad you are enjoying Heidi’s photographs. She is very talented and took lessons from my Dad who has a Leica camera collection and was able to give her a few pointers. I don’t know where I would be without Heidi, although I certainly wouldn’t be in the doghouse. As a breast cancer survivor, I know this walk on deck must mean the world to you and I promise as we are doing it, we will think of you.
MYRA BUSHNELL – Yep, you are correct. I was away because of the illness and I am sorry I let you all down by not posting a blog for such a long time. The chicken soup will be here soon and hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, I will be back to my old self again. Thank you Myra and our best to you.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – A wonderful statement of love for your wife Paul which I enjoyed sharing with Heidi. I am indeed very lucky as are you to have such a beautiful woman stand by me through good times, bad times and underwear on the floor times. I hope you are well and our continuing best wishes to you.
POPCORN GAL – Feeling much better but certainly not ready for popcorn. I am glad you enjoyed the interview with John Cleese, it was one of the most special moments of my career. I hope you are fit and well and I am sorry there was a delay in me blogging.
MRS. MTSFP – It seems that your husband and I need to organize a “fly off ” between the Red Arrows and the Blue Angels. You can be on the top deck and the 2 Johns will wave at you from below. See you very soon
VICKI – We have never seen the famous green flash sunset together although Heidi says she had, Heidi also said she has seen the Lochness Monster, Bigfoot, and George Hamilton……naked………so, who knows? Glad you are enjoying the photos and yes, I am feeling much better. Many thanks.
BARB HANNAH – Heidi says Thank You for your thank you. You mentioned the cruise on the Carnival Freedom on January the 12th. I will be preparing the ship for the Bloggers cruise, but Todd will be the Cruise Director. I have never driven a Corvette; however, it is on my wish list to do. Your owner’s club show sounds a lot of fun; maybe you can share a picture or two. All the best and drive safely.
PEGGY – Yep, that was me on the Carnival Legend and the only time I have ever or will ever wear a kilt. The only good thing is that it allowed me to fulfill my Dad’s statement of “Where you be let the wind blow free”…… wasn’t a good day to be wearing shiny leather shoes to see the reflection of my ……never mind. See you in 38 days.

We now move to a few questions and comments from the blog featuring the John Cleese interview.

LAUREN – Thank you Lauren, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
NANETTE – Nanni, the hardest thing about the interview was that we were using a satellite telephone and there is a slight delay that sometimes means you speak over each other. It was so much fun and making my hero laugh 3 times was one of the highlights of my life. I am glad you enjoyed hearing my voice again and I wish I could hear yours. All the best and thank you very much for being such a wonderful friend.
SUE GROHOL – My mum’s cure for feeling ill (raw egg, Brussels sprouts etc) luckily could not be reproduced here but I am starting to feel better. I am glad you are enjoying the photos and there will be lots more great photos to come. Thanks Sue and I thank you also for reading the blog thingy.
JULIE GRANT – Thanks for the nice words about the John Cleese interview. It was a brilliant 30-something minutes – one that I will never ever forget. I am happy that I could share them with you all. All the best and please keep reading the blog thingy.
LINDA HERNACKI – What a great posting and I am humbled by your words of support. You will be happy to know that Roberto is putting together some video clips of the interview which should be posted very soon. Maybe I should think about making a DVD as you suggested ……..certainly something to think about. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the interview and keep smiling and see you soon.
KEVIN – Thanks mate……….that brightened my day.
SHELLYP – A lovely posting Shelly and how gracious of you to think of our Indonesian crewmembers who may have had families hurt in the recent earthquake. So far, we have not received any news to say that this is the case and if that changes Carnival will as always look after the crew and make sure they get home safely and quickly. Thank you again for thinking of them. You mentioned the tendering situation in Dubrovnik and the fact that this call we no longer have to use the. The simple reason was that they had room for us alongside the pier and it is now another lines turn to be at anchor and use tenders. This will be like this for the rest of the season…………….yipeeeeee. Thanks again for your comments and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog thingy.
PAUL F. PIETRANGELO – I am honoured that you enjoyed hearing my voice and I hope we hear each others very soon. I am so happy that you enjoyed the interview with John Cleese and it really felt like I was talking to someone I had known for years. What a lucky man I am. I hope you do buy his book as it really is a wonderful insight into families and how to survive the rollercoaster ride they sometimes give us. Thanks Paul and hope to hear your voice one day soon.
KAREN R – feeling a bit better today Karen and I hope you find time to listen to the whole interview with John Cleese. The sunset photos are indeed gorgeous and there are more coming very soon. My best to you and tell your husband to join you off the deep end.
KIM – .Thanks so much Kim.
CARL – Here is another classic Cleese quote taken from Fawlty Towers….speaking to his wife Cybil who is annoyed at his loud classical music being played. “Turn that racket down”………………. “Racket……….that’s Brahms…………..Brahms’ third racket “.
CATMAMA 044 – Glad you enjoyed the interview and I am glad to say I am on the mend. Thank you so much for your concern.
FRANK C – Miss you very much mate. Wish you were here too.
Did you have a good journey home?
BIG ED – Yep, that was me on the big screen, doing my shows. I am definitely feeling lighter but it’s not a diet I would ever recommend.
DEB ROWE – Welcome back home, however, I was so sad to read about the terrible incident you suffered in Rome. I have made sure that this story is passed on to all future guests and I know that all the readers of this blog who will be traveling to Rome in the future will also appreciate. It is a shame that your wonderful vacation came to an end in such a way and I am truly sorry this happened to you. Please don’t feel too bad as many more people have and I am sure still will, fall in to the same trap. All our best to you down under and hopefully the memories of your cruise will bring a smile to your face.
DWA76 – I am not sure what it was mate, it certainly felt like food poisoning but it could also have been the dreaded NV. Enjoy the interview and I am really happy I can share it with you.
LUV CRUISIN – Feeling better now and thank you so much for the kind and considerate words.
LOIS HERESHEISAGAINSKI – It really did feel like I was talking to a friend. Like you, I am excited that Mr. Cleese will be in the new Pink Panther movie. How are you today? Heidi loved the idea of being rewarded for looking after me with some Spa treatments. I hope I am not sick again; it is too expensive. All the best Lois.
LEESA – Thank you so much for your wonderful words for Heidi. She really is such a great help and a wonderful wife. If you get a chance to find John Cleese’s books in audio format I think you will really enjoy them. Have you ever listened to Fawlty Towers? If you buy them let me know and I will help you through each episode. Thanks again and continued best wished from us both.
BIG ED – Maybe Heidi and I will go to Harry’s but at the moment the only thing I really need is a large cork.
DAVE SOREFF – Can you believe it mate, I got to interview John Cleese. Tim Cabral, whose name you mentioned is in fact working in our head office and is in charge of Group Technical Functions. I will forward this to him, I am sure he will be excited to hear from you. Did Doug ever see the photos? Hope all is well mate. Hope to see you soon.
INEZ – Glad you enjoyed the interview. I hope it brought you some smiles.
RAY MCTEAGUE – I really was in the doghouse for Heidi having to sleep on the couch resulting in her stiff neck………oh well. I am glad you enjoyed the interview with John Cleese and you are right, we could have spoken forever. What a thrill. All the best Ray, it’s great to hear from you as always.

We now move to just a few comments and questions from the blog called “Feeling Better”.

DWA76 – The comments from our RCI fan were quite amusing but she picked the wrong day and the wrong blog to bring them up to me. I hope the Cowboys have a great season and American Football is so popular in the U.K. now that the BBC for the first time, show the games live. Let’s hope they use American commentators as we Brits know nothing. I had a football position close to my mind in the last couple of days as I had a “loose end” and hopefully tomorrow I will have a tight…….never mind. Cheers mate.
KEVIN – The Bentley GTC is driven by my hero George Hamilton and is the ultimate tanning machine. However, I still hope you consider the DB9 convertible. As for the Enzo, all I can say is, not exactly the car to take to the shops but you are right, it is something very special. A friend of mine has just bought the Mercedes ML 63 AMG and says it’s the best car he’s ever driven. For me though, once you have driven an Aston, it’s like finding Catherine Zeta Jones and Angelina Jolie want to go skinny dipping with you and you decide you prefer a moonlight swim with me and Big Ed. Your thoughts?

And with that I will leave it there and continue tomorrow with more……………..much more.

So………………what ever happened to the Kurtz’s? It seems that eventually arrived back to the pier at 6:30pm one hour and a half after we sailed. The agent said that they were contacted by the port police and when she spoke to them they said “they were told that the ship was staying 2 nights”………………… that’s them on a train and a ferry to Messina and not before they do indeed get to be in Venice for two nights ………………………….I will call them as soon as they come on board and make sure they are ok.

You will be happy to know that as planned I advertised for a Minister and a Rabbi in the Capers this week. Some of you had passed this suggestion to me and you know what………… worked. We had a retired Rabbi ……Mr. Freyberg who led the Jewish New Year service on Friday and tomorrow Pastor Mincieli will conduct an Interdenominational service………….I owe you a great deal for this everyone and I think Roger Blum may suggest that we place this line in the Capers on all of our ships…………I think it really may help…………..not all the time………….but some of the time and we of course will bestow gifts upon those who help.

I am truly hoping I am feeling 100% tomorrow as I have such a busy day including a Morning Show (I have 47 dedications to read out) followed by a travel talk and Q and A. Then it’s the Marriage Show and the shows in the evening. The most important event of the day tomorrow however is the On The Deck For The Cure Walk. As mentioned we sold out of every shirt and wrist band and have 450 people who donated and hopefully most will show up for the walk.

Leading the 1st lap will be one of our dancers Richard who lost his Mother to cancer in June this year…………..I know this day will be very special for him and so many others.

As mentioned yesterday I will be posting the interviews separately from now on and we have another fine Carnival employee to highlight today.

As a bonus, you will also see a new section called “Live from our Reporter.” This will be an ongoing section from our roving reporter Preston Bircher………………..I will explain when I post his report.

OK, its nearly Showtime and time to get dressed…………..I mean in a suit…………I am not naked now …don’t start screaming and calling 911 or 999 (Brits)…………….I mean properly dressed. This will be the first time in 48 hours I have been on stage. I managed the Morning Show yesterday but that was done in the studio but tonight, that’s me back out with the guests even though my stomach feels like someone just built a Jacuzzi inside me and the pressure on my ribs is the same pressure I felt when Fatima gave me the good news with her bendy pipe.

But before the show I have this guest to chat with

Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2007 7:07 PM

Hello John,
Just something curious
I met a guest who told me that he knows “The real story of the Titanic ??!!! ” and he says it is urgent that he tells you tonight…….he is at the desk waiting he won’t leave the lobby until you see him please

Hi name is Mr. _________
First Purser

I can’t wait to here this one and of course I will share his story with you…………stand by.

OK, I just got off the phone after what I can only describe as one of the strangest conversations I have ever had. According to this guest ……….AND YES…….I SWEAR THIS IS TRUE………..The Titanic was not sunk by an iceberg but in fact was destroyed by ……………….something from Outer Space……………….I don’t know the whole story because he wants to tell me and the Captain in person because he says the same could happen to this ship……………..and he has proof. Now before I wrote this I had left Stephen’s last name and cabin number on the blog but as I am about to suggest that Stephen may indeed not have both oars in the water I though I had better take his name out. The guest has all his faculties (I thought I would check before making assumptions) in fact he told me he was a retired Civil Servant. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and says he knows it sounds “unreal” but when we meet tonight all will be explained……………….I can’t wait !

I will take a few witnesses with me for this one as nobody will believe me.

Thanks again for all your get well messages and I want to tell you all about…………..what was that noise……………..what’s that outside…………oh know ………..its some sort of flying iceberg saucer thing………….its heading straight for us………oh no…….its landed on Lido deck……………..people are screaming…………running away from the buffet (that’s a first)…………..suddenly ……….a door opens……………..and a brilliant light shines down blinding us all……………..and …………oh no………..something evil, something disgusting …………….something sickening starts to float down from the ice ship……………it’s holding a weapon……….it’s long and thin and designed to bring pain to us all……………quick…………run for your lives………’s Fatima !


Your friends

John and Heidi

Hi, I’m John, and this is my blog. So please don’t mistake my opinions — or those of my dear friends, fans or commenters — for those of Carnival Cruise Line or Carnival Corporation. My apologies in advance for anything I may say that upsets you, but this disclaimer covers Carnival and puts the blame directly on me………….. bugger.