Augustine Gomes

1. Can you tell us how long you have been working for Carnival Cruise Lines? What year did you start and what is your current position?

I have worked for Carnival for 3 years and my first ship was the Fantasy. I am the supper club chef onboard!

2. Where are you from and what is the best thing about living there.

I am from India and it is the best country in the world because it has everything. History, great food, beauty and the people are so nice.

3. Are you married? and tell us about some of your family.

I am married to my wife Shepta and we have 1 child, a boy of 10 named Ravi who wants to play cricket for India.

4. What does your job involve? Describe what you do each day.

Being a chef onboard, I am responsible for the “cold section” in the premium onboard supper club. I make the Sushi, the Carpaccio (it is very good) and the salad and vegetables. I am also helping with the deserts as well including the very fine chocolate ones.

5. What is the best thing about working on a cruise ship?

Visiting new places and having new adventures every week. Meeting lots of people and learning something new everyday.

6. What is the hardest thing about working on a cruise ship?

I miss my wife and my son but I know they will have a better life with me working here and providing the needful for them. I cry when I miss them.

7. Please tell us your favorite things.

FOOD – Fish curry is the best, very spicy called Vindaloo……………….(note from John, eat one of these and you will be “Intheloo”……………a lot)

MOVIE – Genuine Indian Movies are the best

MUSIC – Indian Music

FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX – Sleeping and praying.

8. If you could any other job on the ship for a day what would you like to do and why?

I want to move to cooking the meats and steaks and if I work hard then I think soon my boss will promote me.


Definitely Barcelona as I like the Indian restaurant and the cathedral where I go to church.

10. If you could meet one famous person in the world who would it be and why?

Shilpa Shetty, a beautiful Indian actress but my wife will be not happy.

Shilpa Shetty

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