Highlighting Entertainment Staff Member (and Part-Time Sunset Photographer) Gary Brierley

Can you tell us how long you have been working for Carnival Cruise Lines? What year did you start and what is your current position?
I started with Carnival in February of 2005, and I am currently part of the entertainment staff

Where are you from and what is the best thing about living there?
I was Born in Rochdale, England, but brought up in Manchester since I was 4. The best thing about coming from there is it has everything to offer people, great shopping, nightlife, restaurants and entertainment. Also I can’t forget it is home to the greatest football (sorry soccer) team in the world…..Manchester United!

Are you married and tell us about your family?
I’m not married but my girlfriend is a dancer with Carnival. My mum is named Lynda, she is a dance teacher and examiner and my father who is named Tony is an electrician. I have one older brother called Simon who is 27 and also an electrician.

What does your job involve? Describe what you do each day?
My job is to ensure that all the guests who come onto a ship where I am working have as much fun as possible. I host activities, game shows and competitions and also I am there to answer any questions that may be on people’s minds. Another highlight is I get to compare Carnivals fly on entertainers which is also a really fun part of the job for me personally.

What is the best thing about working on a cruise ship?
Definitely the travel! At 24 years old, I have seen all the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe! Also you make some of the closest friends whilst working on a cruise ship.

What is the hardest thing about working on a cruise ship?
Well apart from missing my family the hardest thing for me working on a ship is the ability to remember what day of the week it is.

Favorite things….

A home-cooked Sunday roast with Yorkshire puddings mmmmmmmmm

James Bond….any of them….they’re great! (is that cheating?)

I like all different kinds of music, it would be easier for me to say I don’t like house music, but anything else I like, it all depends what sort of mood I am in.

Way to relax
The great thing about working on a cruise ship is it gives you many ways to relax that wouldn’t be available to me normally back home in Manchester. For example there is nothing more relaxing than being able to lie in a hammock on a beach in Barbados with the sun beating down and a cocktail in hand…..it’s heaven

If you could do any other job on the ship for a day what would you like to do and why?
This is a tough one for me as I honestly think I am extremely lucky to have a position now that is extremely fun. After a bit of thinking I would like to be a musician for the day. It’s another job where you wake up knowing your job is doing something you love to do. Of course I would have to learn to play an instrument first but that’s just a minor detail, right?

Favorite Port?
Barcelona in Europe for sure. It has great shops restaurants and entertainment. I do love the beaches in the Caribbean, though.

If you could meet one famous person in the world who would it be and why?
If I could meet one famous person in the world I would probably choose Morgan Freeman. Only for the reason I think he is a great actor, and I love “almost” every film he has done. Although I wouldn’t mind meeting Kirsten Dunst for a day either mind…..just don’t tell my girlfriend I said that :o)

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