Highlighting Humberto Siuse, Bartender

September 26, 2007 -

John Heald

Highlighting Humberto Siuse, Bartender

1. Can you tell us how long you have been working for Carnival Cruise Lines? What year did you start and what is your current position?
10 years in January. I started in 1998 on the Carnival Destiny. Currently a bartender on the Carnival Freedom!

2. Where are you from and what is the best thing about living there?
From Peru, the best thing in Peru is Machu Pichu!

3. Are you married and tell us about some of your family.
I am not married now but I have 2 children, 1 boy who is 13 and 1 girl who is 12, they live at home with their mother!

4. What does your job involve? Describe what you do each day.
As bartender I am responsible for the setting up and running of the “lobby bar” on board. I make sure the bar is stocked and clean and I serve nice cocktails all day. Come see me and try my famous Mudslide

5. What is the best thing about working on a cruise ship?
Meeting the guests, I enjoys meeting many people and they tell me many stories (some are sad).

6. What is the hardest thing about working on a cruise ship?
Special cleaning days, this is where everything is thoroughly cleaned behinds the bars; it can be a long process and I get very tired

7. Please tell us your favorite things.
FOOD – spaghetti with hot sauce
MOVIE – Fighting movies
MUSIC – Classic rock — I like Bon Jovi and Elvis
FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX – computers and the internet and sleeping, I like to sleep.

8. If you could any other job on the ship for a day what would you like to do and why
An entertainer onboard, because I can talk to lots more of the guests!


10. If you could meet one famous person in the world who would it be and why
John F Kennedy – I thinks he was very interesting man.

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