A "Fun Ship" Reborn

October 15, 2007 -

John Heald

Hello everyone and welcome to a special blog. Let me start by saying hello to some of you who may be reading this for the first time………..”hello.”

You are in great company, in fact 785,000 people have slapped on this blog thingy of mine since I started writing it (with two fingers) back in March.

What is the blog? ………….I have no idea.

It started out as a diary of my life as Cruise Director on the new Carnival Freedom and was supposed to last a week or so but here we are eight months later. The blog has become a community of people who love life, like a good laugh and most importantly, like me they love cruising.

Each day (except Thursdays………..you will have to read back a few blogs to discover why) a new post will be slapped on. These posts include a look at what has been happening onboard the Carnival Freedom, real stories of guests comments and concerns as well as your questions and comments answered.

I write these blogs as honestly as I can which means I tell everyone when things go well and when they do not. Also, I feature ship reviews and guest interviews with everyone from the fantastic Carnival crew members to senior executives and cruise line presidents………..I even got to interview John Cleese.

Wherever possible I try and use the blog for “breaking news” thanks to a deeply embedded spy called PA 007………if you want to know what is happening in the industry………..read the blog thingy.

Let’s chat more in a moment but first let me hand over to a mate of mine Ron Ness. Ron and I have known each other for many years as we started with Carnival Cruise Lines at roughly the same time although I was better looking…….still am actually.

Anyway, Ron is currently the Hotel Director on the Carnival Inspiration part of the Fantasy-class of ships which are all about to be ……reborn……………… as you will see from this guest interview with Ron.

I just celebrated my 20th year with Carnival. During the second part of my Carnival years, I met my wife onboard, Glenda Tayko, who was a purser and has since retired. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl Jordan Faith Ness, she just turned one year old. Because of the dry dock I missed her first birthday – yep not a good start. My “other family” of 56 nationalities is the Carnival Inspiration team onboard. I’m still sailing due to their dedication and support. Without our team members we are nothing. Incidentally, the first bartender that served me when I joined the company was……. yes the one and only John Heald on the Tropicale.

The Carnival Inspiration’s renovation – which of course included the Evolutions of Fun upgrades such as Carnival WaterWorks, Serenity adults-only area and the new redesigned pool area — was a huge undertaking but the results speak for themselves.

Carnival’s Waterworks

Teamwork is the key to the success of any wet/dry dock; every department shoreside to shipboard had to flawlessly work together to achieve such a grand scale of work within the 33-day wet/drydock, which took place in Freeport, Bahamas, and Charleston, S.C. We had over 1,000 Carnival employees and 900-plus contractors on board for the upgrade. You can imagine the importance of taking care of the essentials that we all take for granted in our everyday lives — daily showers, culinary delights (hot food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snacks) and, of course, air conditioning most of the time.

By ensuring we had these items covered everyone on board was rested and ready for each day’s challenges and work schedule. The service staff in the hotel department accounted for 300 of the labor to support the contractors on board the vessel. It was a sight to see the first morning with 300 team members lined up on the Lido deck not knowing what to expect for the next 33 days, ready to be handed their assignments to help the contractors for the duration of the dry dock.

Updated restrooms

Imagine having to rebuild the cabins and corridors simultaneously, while berthing the contractors in guest cabins. While the aft cabins were being demolished, the forward guest corridors were being demolished. At some point we all knew they would meet in the middle and then the fun would start by moving the contractors to the cabins that were completed, while protecting the corridors to ensure when demolishing the cabins we did not destroy the new corridors. It is a wonder what cardboard and tape can protect. We had day and night teams cleaning the vessel and even though we were in wet/dry dock mode, we had to ensure the cleaning went on to ensure the ship was ready for our guests on the first cruise. Everyone kept asking why we cleaned the brass hand railings, my answer was because we can. In actuality, if we didn’t it would take an enormous amount of work to rub out the tarnish that would have set in.

There was the meeting of the minds each morning, held in at the Café Along The Way, with everyone enjoying their morning burst of espresso. During the breaks you always knew you could fall back on a kick of the coffee bean, perfect to jump start you for the second half. When the water was turned off and the black gold was no longer available, the look on the Italians’ faces was priceless, as was the swinging of their arms and the loud verbal rhetoric in the Italian language which was drowned out by the jack hammers and pounding.

All told, in addition to installing the “Evolutions of Fun” upgrades, just about every other area of the ship was renovated and refurbished in one form or another.

Carnival Inspiration Restaurant

These included updated main dining rooms, a totally redesigned “Spa Carnival facility,” and a new and expanded 1,600-square-foot children’s play area, part of our top-rated “Camp Carnival” program. We also updated other public rooms and areas throughout the ship, with new tile work, carpeting and wall coverings and more.

Carnival Inspiration Restaurant

The upgrades even extended to our shipboard entertainment options. We incorporated an elaborate new revue and revamped the other show presented in the main show lounge which also received a host of upgraded sound and lighting equipment. In fact, new equipment was added to just about every venue on board, even out on deck.

It was a truly a challenge and an exciting time, believe me, and it was simply amazing to see the ship essentially taken apart and put back together in just over a month. Everyone really came together and the end result is unbelievable!

As I said, I’ve been with Carnival for 20 years and have served as hotel director on many of our ships and the new “Evolutions of Fun” spaces are some of the most amazing facilities that have ever been incorporated into a Carnival “Fun Ship.” They really add a whole new dimension to the outdoor facilities on our ship. The new features include Carnival WaterWorks – a spray park with different areas for splashing and fun, a dual-lane racing water slide and the piece de resistance – a massive 300-foot-long water slide that is the longest, most elaborate slide ever placed on a cruise ship. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

Carnival Waterworks

The redesigned main pool area is just as cool, with blue and yellow umbrellas, a tiled “beach” surrounding the pool, colorful new tiles, tropical-style thatched roofs covering the whirlpools, faux palm trees, etc. Very neat.

Redesigned Main Pool

Redesigned Main Pool

Redesigned Main Pool

And, finally, there’s the new Serenity adults-only retreat, which really is designed to serve as a relaxing getaway. The area is located aft (where the kiddie pool used to be, ironically) in a secluded area that provides a fantastic view of the passing ocean. Within this area, there are plush chaise lounges along with a shaded area for relaxation and two whirlpools. We’re offering bar service in this area and our Brasserie casual restaurant is just a few steps away.

Serenity adults-only retreat

Serenity adults-only retreat

All of these areas look fantastic. Like everyone else, I had seen the “Evolutions of Fun” renderings (which were awesome) and the real thing is so much better!

The Carnival WaterWorks area is definitely being put to good use, by both adults and kids alike! Although the area is extremely popular, the lines move at a very good clip and everyone seems to be having a great time. I’ve spoken to lots and lots of guests about this and everyone agrees that this new area is simply spectacular. It looks like we’ve got a tremendous hit on our hands.

Water slide

Water slide

John, you know as well as I do that as Carnival employees, we must test out the product so we can speak knowledgably to our guests. So, yes, I’ve gone down the slide a few times – all in the name of work, of course!

Water slide

Yes, it’s great. Serenity is definitely the right word for this area. It’s really a great getaway for our adult guests who are taking full advantage of this terrific new area. I have been back to Serenity quite a few times and the guests are really enjoying the peaceful and relaxing setting that this area provides.

Serenity adults-only retreat

The cabins look awesome, with new wall coverings, furniture, and bathrooms, along with an entirely updated décor. All of this, of course, and the award-winning Carnival Comfort Beds- which provide the best night of sleep in cruising with our comfortable mattresses, plush duvets and soft fluffy pillows.

Updated Category 12

Updated Category 12

On a cruise your cabin is really the guests’ home away from home and with these upgrades we believe that we’ve created really comfortable surroundings for guests to enjoy.

I invite all of your blog readers to see for themselves all the fantastic new features on the Carnival Inspiration!

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413 Responses to A "Fun Ship" Reborn

  1. Mike L says:

    Looks good. Hope to be able to afford a cruise again sometime soon.

  2. Kendra says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the pictures of the newly redone Inspiration. My husband and I were both social hosts on the Inspiration when we first met in 2001. It all started there. 🙂 It’s neat to see how it looks today.


  3. Greg Baldasarri says:


    Thanks so much for bringing us another glimpse of the ‘new’ Carnival Inspiration. They certainly have done yeoman’s work in getting her fitted out.

    I’m sailing on her the early part of next year and I can’t wait to see the upgrades in person!

    The cabins certainly look much more inviting than they did in the past; bright and airy. A wonderful change from the blacks, dark blues and such that had been in place.

    I suspect that the Carnival security force on board the Inspiration will have to drag me kicking and screaming from the either the new water park or the Serenity area, both of which look fantastic!

    Thanks again.



  4. Kathie says:

    mmmm……….lobster in bed! I am inspired! whwere is she sailing from?

  5. Carol Schoenberger says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you so much for that awesome interview with Ron. The Inspiration looks magnificent. Now I know what the Imagination will really look like and I can’t wait.

    I too will probably have to be forcibly removed from at least one of the new areas on deck.

    Bravo Carnival.


  6. nanetteali says:

    The Inspiration is a very special ship for me.It was my children’s very first cruise.I can see them right now wearing their matching Dalmatians outfits sunglasses and all.Cristian was 3 and Vivi was 7.They behave soooo good that we couldnt leave then behind anymore.I have incredible pictures of them in a beautiful happy ship let me see if I can scan them and put them in my blog. I have one of Cristian(imagine only 3 years ahhhh cute) with a “speedo” and short shirt with holes with the name of the ship. He was holding a”drink”:) OMG they grow up soo fast!!

  7. terri910 says:

    Wow — looks like we will want to check out the Carnival Inspiration’s itinerary! Fantastic job of refurbishing!

    Oh, John….I don’t remember if this name was already mentioned for a replacement for the “Britney Spears” in the Carnival Legends show….but Larry thought Barbra Streisand might be a good choice.


  8. Tom & Jane says:

    hello john,,,,,
    we are going on the CARNIVAL INSPIRATION,,
    at spring break,,,and taking our two grandkids,,
    so we will report back,,,,and give you a kids point
    of view,,,,and two oldies view,,,we live in ST.PETE fl,,just 20 min drive from Tampa….the INSPIRATION,,,is our home ship,,,,
    tom & jane

  9. Nico R says:

    The ship looks beautiful!

    Hope your finger is better!

  10. Oh wow! that looks so nice, was on the Inspration last year, and it was great, and now look at her she look even better than before ……. Kevin look out I got my eyes on another trip …….. maybe Dec 08 for our anniversery

    thanks for the preveiw it look wonderful, hope “George the Greek” is still Mater D’

  11. cruisingeagle says:

    Hi John,

    How is your finger? Hope it is healing nicely.

    Loved the pictures and the interview on the Inspiration. Please do likewise for the Imagination. My family and I will be sailing on the Imagingation in July, 2008. I would really like to see some pictures of the inside and ocean view rooms. Is there any chance that the Serenity area is smoke free or at least part of it smoke free?

    How is Alan doing? Hope he is continuing to recover from his last surgery and is getting ready for his next one. I do remember him, his family and you daily in my prayers.

    Enjoy your last few days on the Carnival Freedom and don’t work too hard. You deserve the vacation you are about to take.

    Have a good day.

  12. Rikki Boyce says:

    Is there a charge to go to the Serenity area like Princess has for a similar place?

    I love the couch close to the window instead of the bed being there. Is it like that in all outside cabins or just the fancier ones? On one cruise our cabin had that configuration and that was the only time we used the couch for anything other than a place to throw random stuff.

    Wow, that dining room looks down-right calm. Is your legendary designer getting mellow?LOL

  13. Tom & Jane says:

    hello john
    cool pics of the Inspiration,,,,
    we are booked on that fun ship for spring break,,,
    and we are taking our grandkids,,,,so we will report back,,,,we can give you a kids point of view,
    and two oldies point of view,
    It sails out of our home port,,,,
    Tampa Florida,,
    we have sailed on the Inspiration 6 times,,,
    and jane says its her favorite,,,]
    but I like them all,,,,

    regards to alan,,,,,,,,

    your buds
    tom & jane

  14. christmascor says:

    I guess the comment section of the blog is reserved for your special friends because my comment and request for help; went unposted AND unanswered. Since you can’t be bothered with an issue I feel is important to many, could you tell me how to provide input to Carnival management on how passengers 18-20 are completely left on their own and there are NO social activities to that age group. I really dont want to wait till the comment card at the end of the cruise, because no 0ne apparently read those comments either.

  15. Dave Myerly says:

    The Inspiration upgradfes look great BUT why is there a pole in the middle of the stateroom?

    Is there one in every stateroom?

    Dave (Jo and Dave)

  16. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane says:

    Hello mate!!! Sheriff Coltrane. I’m enjoying an off day from fighting crime and the Mah Jong warriors. You know it is a felony offense to be playing that game in my county. We are about to run out of water here in Atlanta and north Georgia. Wish we could get some ocean water here. We have about 4 months of water left and we are done.

    Like the look of the “new ships”. Mama Coltrane will like the seat cushions on the pool chairs. Hope you are well mate!!

    Remember, if you see our blue lights in your rear view mirror……..you’re busted!!
    Heard on the radio….Rehab is for quitters.

    Handcuffs for all!!

    Rosco P. Coltrane

  17. Lauren says:

    Captain Chuck – Still thinking of you.

  18. Kay Stewart says:

    John are you going to be on the Dec 1 cruise out of Miami? If you are I’ll book my Mom and myself- just wanted to make sure your not changing ships or going on a vacation of your own. Thanks, Kay

  19. Peaceful says:

    Thank you so much. These are just what I have been waiting to see. I’m am booked in a Cat 12 in April and loved the suite before the updates; now it’s brighter and more open. Nice job! Carnival has really kept us in mind when making these changes.

  20. Msqpon - Jo Myerly says:

    Hi John, Love what they have done to the Inspiration especially the Serenity area.
    I have a question. We are booked BTB on the 8/30/2008 Northern Europe and 9/11/2008 Western Europe Splendor cruises. One thing I would really like to do is take a ride on the London
    Eye. Any suggestions on how to do that? We will be staying on board in Dover on Sept 11 could we go into London that day? I booked the same cabin for both cruises so we won’t be moving that day.



  21. Canuck Cruiser says:

    Hey John,
    WOW……………Inspiration looks GREAT!
    Any idea when the Fascination will be complete?
    Hopefully by next April 7th…………my next cruise.

    Keep me posted OK?

    That’s all from Winnipeg this week.


    B from Canada……….

    PS………..sadly our Cowboys lost yesterday. We’re now 5-1 and ready to rock Minnesota this week.
    Your Red Sox are tied with Cleveland in the playoffs 1-1 with the next three games in Cleveland.

  22. jtoddinman says:

    Oh to cruise on a “Reborn Funship”

    Going down the slide at an amazing clip

    Ending in Carnival Waterworks to take a dip

    Then on to Serenity for an adult beverage sip

    Possibly to the lido for a late night chip

    After which the clubs that are certainly hip

    Then collapsing into a room that will make you flip

    I can’t wait to book my next Fun Ship Trip!!!!

  23. Msqpon - Jo Myerly says:

    Hi John, I am a little curious about something. Was that a pole in the middle of a cabin? I’ve been on about 2o cruise ships some really small to huge like the Freedom and I’ve never seen that. The pole looks too large to be used for pole dancing. :o)


  24. lookingforwardtothenearlysmokefreecarnivalfreedom says:

    >our Brasserie casual restaurant is just a few steps away.

    Now, I must admit to the need to look up the word Brasserie – on the old Smokefree Paradise, they had a clothing optional deck – I was beginning to think that the new Serenity Place was taking this idea to a new level 🙂


    OK – on to Transatlantic business.

    How much should one convert into Euros? You’ve mentioned that the exchange rate on board is not great, so I want to be sure I have enough for touring the Italian ports (not sure about Spain or the Madeira Islands yet).

    Also, what should we expect during embarkation with respect to tipping porters, etc? I am used to the process in Miami and Port Everglades, but have no idea what the custom is in Italy with regards to the porters, tipping, etc.

    TA minus 13


  25. Thanks for the pictures of the Inspiration, it looks great. Can’t wait to see it.
    Hope your finger is feeling a little better. Tell Heidi to kiss it and make it better. Thast’s what I do for the grandkids.

  26. Meghan E says:

    Wow! What a transformation! Really makes you want to check out some of the “smaller” ships. Quick question though, why does the Carnival website still have photos from the “old Inspiration?”

  27. lv2cruise says:

    Wow What a beautiful ship. Thanks

  28. Gina says:

    Man…I wanna go down that slide!!

  29. Kim says:

    Wow! The Inspiration really has gotten quite a nice facelift! It’s changed so much since my cruise on the Inspiration (and my first cruise) in ’97. It looks like a really fun ship now!

  30. tracy says:

    hi john i liked the interviem and the ship is beatiful but it dont have many stops. and i been to cayman island before. but id like to see the imagination when its done and see where its going but its probaly short trip that ship was my first vruise in may/june 04
    never forget ur first cruise.

  31. Wow – I realize it will still be a year, but can’t wait to see an updated Fantasy sailing out of New Orleans! I did read that Carnival had exercised the two year contract extension so will be cruising out of New Orleans at least until 2010.

    Since another Splendor feeding frenzy has started, how about some recent photos of what’s going on with Splendor?

    I think congratulations is in order for England winning the Conker Smashing Championship. I have no idea what that is, but can report that my conkers are still intact.

  32. Esmee K says:

    Excited??? Who Me??? Excited?? Nahh, can’t be!!!! I’m just as calm as the ocean, see?!!!!! hahahahaha, yes John you’ve picked up on my perpetual CAFFEINATED PERSONALITY! That makes me a great travel agent, okay?!!!! Now, one last reminder, to take good care of my Group, the WEEBEE FRIENDS sailing tonight (Tuesday 10/16) on the Freedom. I will be HERE …………… AS USUAL………. ON THE COMPUTER…………. INSTEAD OF ON THE SHIP WITH YOU GUYS……………. cause I have no life? Well more importantly, it’s because I love the blog thingy. Awwwww great comeback! No seriously — I am so excited for your daily pictures, and your daily blog, and I am really gonna take this cruise with you AND my group……. so bon voyage!!!!! And a toast to you and Heidi on your LAST VOYAGE on the Carnival Freedom before she sets sail to the States!!!!!! And YES I am DEFINITELY gonna be the Splendour! You can bank on it!!!! Okay I’m gonna have that tea now to calm me down………..



  33. Mark & Shelly says:

    Hi John, Still here! Been reading the blog every day since the begining! Sailed with you in June met you in the bazar in Turkey while Shelly was buying jeans. ( she looks a lot like that angelina girl you always talk about) The Tampa Bay area paper ran an article about you on Sunday. That probably makes you the “Biggest” bloger in the Cruise business!! Shelly and I will be on our fourth cruise in the last two years ( All Carnival) for New Years Eve on the Legend. It was great last year! I just wanted you to know that I, and I’m sure a lot of other people, really look forward to that “Ray of Sunshine” that is “John Heald” beaming to us everyday. To a lot of us, It makes our day! Thank You! Mark Maconi

  34. Marco A. Arguilez says:

    Beautiful ship! My family and I are headed out next summer on our 3rd cruise, but haven’t decided where yet. We’ve sailed on the Carnival Pride twice and enjoyed every nautical mile! Are there plans to makeover any of the other ships in Carnival’s fleet?

    M. Arguilez
    San Diego, CA

  35. San Gabriel says:

    I like all the improvements you have done on the
    ship, but I hate your system of disembarking
    passengers. Passengers were standing in the
    hallway almost a mile long. This happened when
    My wife and I embarked in Los Angeles it was chaos and confusion. I hope you can device a system that is better organize.

  36. cannon and peggie says:

    see you in march
    love what you have done to the place

  37. cannon and peggie says:

    love it

  38. cannon and peggie says:

    see you soon

  39. This was a very informative blog on the upgrades. I took my family on the Carnival Spirit last year (our first cruise) and we just loved it. I think the water park idea is a winner. The most important part of the story is the emphasis at Carnival of the importance of people. I don’t want to feel that Carnival is saving a few dollars by cutting staff because they are the biggest part of the experience. I feel that they are very friendly and helped me alot with my two little children. Yes, I will be spending time cruising with Carnival in the future, as will many of my friends and co-workers who get to see the pictures I take and think that they will give it a try also.

  40. Diane Rimestad says:

    Am looking forward to cruising on this ship. Have cruised Carnival several times and love to cruise with them. Where will this ship be cruising too. We are planning a trip for later next year. Maybe able to cruise on this ship depending on where it cruises to.

    Thank you John

  41. Dr P.K.BAJAJ says:


  42. Dr P.K.BAJAJ says:


  43. Adam says:

    WOW…It’s unbelievable what a couple hundred people can do in such a short time when they set their minds to it. I was especially amazed by the cabin–which is funny because I’m usually only in mine for about 7 hours a day–long enough to sleep!

  44. Roy & Janet says:

    Wow, I have sailed on the Inspiration before the ship was remodeled. By looking at the pictures, It looks like the ship was totally rebuilt. Now My wife and I cannot wait to book a cruise on the Inspiration

  45. jay t says:

    I can’t believe it is the same ship….I wish we waited, I really was un-impressed the first time. I would love to try it again, but I don’t think I can talk the wife into it. She had some problems w/ the service as well. Looks great, GOOD LUCK!!!!

  46. Paula Jeremiah says:

    We are planning a family Christmas cruise on the Inspiration and were already excited, but after seeing pictures of the new Inspiratin we can’t wait.

  47. Rohan & Marni, Toronto Canada says:

    Traveld on the Triump past summer…… Wow!!!This looks ‘Darn’ Good !

    Now, my wife and I can not wait to start booking !!!

    Great job !!

  48. Rohan & Marni, Toronto Canada says:

    Great news !!

    Great Photos!!!!

    Cruised on the Triump this past June… Congrats !!!

    Look forward to sailing with you..

  49. Linda Hernacki says:

    Ah, I see from Tom & Jane’s comment that the Inspiration’s home port is Tampa, just a 2 1/2 hr. drive from Melbourne, I will have to check out the itinerary, good possibility for our next cruise, hopefully in April or May 2008. John, pull some strings and come on the Inspiration at that time, and we will get to see you again! I will probably mail your package the end of this week. It is not quite ready yet, but almost there! Linda & Mike

  50. coby & andrea anderson says:

    we love Carnival and hope to be able to come back very soon, we have been on 2 cruises in just the past year, and cannot get enough. We hope to retire and spend all of our time cruising with you.

    Thank you for all of the memories

    The Andersons

  51. Meredith Nichols says:

    Thank you very much for the information and update on the Inspiration. It looks wonderful, especially the upgraded cabin look, that is the only drawback I found on the Carnival ships, not that many of us spend very much time in the cabins. I hope your finger is better soon, and I look forward to joining you on a future cruise.

  52. Melinda Malagisi says:

    I’m not sure I like the rooms. It looks kind of like the 70’s with twist. The rest looks beautiful. I think the Carnival Victory could use a update as well. Can’t wait to sail again!

  53. Kelly says:

    WOW!! Sign me up!! Now we need Carnival to put together a “family of 5 package!!!”

  54. Albert says:

    I think it look marble; I can’t wait to be part of this magnificent ship fun day’s, John, when I will get the free tickets? hehehhehe. Just let me know when you want me to be there with my family?

  55. De & Dia says:

    Thank you Carnival for keeping us informed of the new generations, updates and events concerning the different cruise liners. We had a wonderful time on this ship in the past and look forward to doing so again in the future. All we can say is “WOW”!!!!! See you next year but on a different ship. Keep up the great work!

  56. Rick McBroom says:

    It’s about time for the change. My wife and I sail every 6 months and it seams like all the ships are the ame old thing. This one looks great! Now maybe you can work on changing the same old on board games and shows????

  57. alfred parodi says:

    thee .is beautiful and the crew is outstanding but you neglect to mention that all the fun things to do on the ship allow smoking. even the internet room is in a cigar smoking room. this mean the non smoker a great majority of the people cannot not enjoy the fun of the ship. the slogan states carnival cares. the question is what does it care about. certainly not the health and safety of its passengers. you say it is legal but does that make it right. is it only the smoker that gets to enjoy the fun things. it appears it is all about the money. you need to think more about all of your passengers. It is very callous and unfeeling.

  58. Jackie W. says:

    Looks fantastic. Hope to be cruising with you again soon. Carnival rocks!

  59. Rick McBroom says:

    We sail every 6 months and this will be a welcome change. Now if you can only change the “same old” shows, games and contest. Every ship seams just the same as the others…. Can’t you come up with a differant theam on each differant ship? It shouldn’t be that hard. If I have to watch the hairyest chest man contest again or bell flop I think I will die on board one of your ships. Please, be original!!!!

  60. Arie says:

    i had the best time of my lifesince it was my first cruise,I came home and told everybody they had to take a cruise and now that the ship has been remodeled,I can’t wait for my next cruise b/c I chose this one.what a wonderful time I had on that ship,Just the thought of it getting better,Thanks so much john.

  61. Hi John
    Thanks for the pictures of the upgrades on the Inspiration. I can’t wait to go on there and see them first hand.. Miss seeing you on our cruises with Carnival. Your always on a different ship. Congrats. on Employee of the year.

  62. Chris K. says:

    I am alittle hesitant about going on another Carnival Fun SHip Cruise. Back in May we went on one for my grandma’s 92 birthday. It was the Carnival Liberty and we had the most best time. Everyone was so polite. A week ago we went on another Carnival Cruise, The Fascination and it was the worst ever. I wanted off the first night. I was only happy that this one was only a 4 night and not a 7 day. The staff was rude from the person that sold us the pictures to the Matre’D in the late sitting dining room. We went to the information desk to complain and the girl said that she would pass the word on to the higher management. We waited and no one contacted us. It was just awful. I like the pictures of the renovations to the Inspiration, however we are very hesitant to spend as much money as we did on the last cruise to only be disappointed again. Even the Penthouse Ste that we booked was totally different looking on the website than when we got there. It didnt even look the same as the photographs. They were very misleading.

    I guess time will tell……..

  63. marco martins says:

    hi first time on a cruise and it was the carnival velor it was the best time me and my wife have had we will most likely do another cruise in another year this new ship sounds like it would be good for the kids too..

  64. Mary says:

    Thanks for the new pics, my husband and I spent our honeymoon on the Inspiration and had a wonderful time. Looks like we need to go again real soon!!!

  65. Sharon says:

    Looks great, I will be looking to book a cruise on this ship very soon.

    Again Congratulation John.

  66. Brenda says:

    We were among the last to sail just prior to the renovations, and would like to have been the first to sail after completed renovations.

    My question is – did they add any balcony rooms?
    If not, how many suites are available on the Inspiration?

  67. nakia says:

    Wow, This is wonderful our group of 20 will be sailing the Inspiration in May.. I can’t wait this will be my first time on this ship. And I can hardly wait..

  68. nakia says:

    Wow this is great! Our group is going on the Inspiration in May. We can hardly wait

  69. nakia says:

    Wow this is great! I can hardly wait to go in May of 2008

  70. Pat and John says:

    Looks GREAT and looking forward to our next trip.

  71. wwwired says:

    We just got back from our honeymoon on the Sensation – Looks like the Inspiration is much more comtemporary, the flat tvs give you another two feet of room in the cabins.

    Since we live in Clearwater I think our next cruise will be out of the port of Tampa on the Inspiration.

    Happy Cruising!

  72. Debra Peterson says:

    Looks wonderful! I may have to book another cruise next month! Very exciting!

  73. SUE M says:

    what a beautiful ship
    where does it port at?
    i would love to take my next on on this beauty

  74. MARION says:

    Wow,What a great new look!! Can’t wait
    to plan our next cruise. We will be planning our next cruise within the next year, my daughter will be graduating from college and I think she deserves it.

  75. Patricia Paterak says:

    Hi John:
    The ship looks great.
    I just did the cruise on board the Freedom in September. We had an awesome time and I must say you did an excellant job as cruise director. You had us in stiches. My mother in law is still talking about you. Keep up the good work.


  76. John

    I can’t wait to take my next group on this gorgeous line!! I LOVE Carnival and my guests have a grand time. I know I will have many that want to get their free room!

  77. Luke says:

    WOW, I sailed the Inspiration 4 Years ago (Oct. 03). The newly polished renovations keep everything up-to-par with the Cruise Industry. I hope the other ships will follow major and minor upgrades in the future. Hats off to all who have a trip booked. You will have a wonderful time with Carnival.

  78. Mcginns says:

    I hope this is a better ship than the Miracle. Went on a cruise in August and it left alot to be desired. The shows were the pits, dining room service was slow and we missed or were late for many activitysdue to the slow service by our waiter. We wrote a letter to the cruise line and they will give us a credit of $50.oo if we sail with them in the next 18 months. Fat chance of that happening.

  79. The Revelation of John,
    Beyond the nice pictures of John, there are mexican pyramids, atv rides, horses, etc in other lands.
    A great reminder of other worlds in our magical world.
    America has a table reserved for a better future, I hope America asks for The right menu.

    Best wishes to John and family.

    Sincerely, Rigoberto Rojas
    October 16th, 2007 Tuesday.

  80. catmama044 says:

    Wow! The Inspiration is truly an Inspiration! Love the new water park – very family friendly. But, also love the adults only section. Something for everyone.

    Is there an adults only section on the Carnival Freedom? We are traveling with a group in January…some have children. Not interested in spending my entire vacation/trip with kids. So, was wondering if there was a place to escape outside, or if we would have to run to the Spa.

    Also did you ever mention (and I missed it) who would be monitoring the Supper Club reservations while you are away?

    I’m sorry for all the questions, but, again, when is the best day for the Supper Club if we are sailing January 12th on a 7 day cruise? Not that I’m getting excited or anything. (88 days and counting!!!!!!!)

    Hope you and Heidi are well (is everyting getting packed up and ready to go?) and your finger is healing. (Again, John she really needs a present!!!)

  81. Carl says:

    I’m 59 Years old and I want to go down that slide

  82. John:

    You did a brillant job on describing “what a blog is” … you missed out on the most important description!!! John’s blog is a glimpse into his passion!

  83. mary danley says:

    the ship looks great you all done a great job alot of water things the rooms are outstanding you guys keep up the good work

  84. HELEN S. JARRETT says:

    Hi John,

    I am so elated to see that you are still active with Carnival Cruise.

    My first and second cruise on the Triumph was with you as my Cruise Director. You have set the threshold for Cruise Directors, and since then I have found anyone that can touch you. My first cruise on the Triumph was with the Girl Scouts, my second cruise on the Triumph was with my travel group and Cruise Leader Selma. We were the group that gave you the memorable adventure of “Mary” that jumped on you, all over you, and you even lost a shoe (hysterical), and this was the cruise that you made the announcement of your impending marriage and retirement, I truly cried because I knew I would never find another Cruise Director like you.

    I recently did a two-week (back to back) cruise with Carnival. I just did the Valor from 9.30.07 – 10.7.07 and then I did the Imagination from 10.8.07 – 10.13.07. The cruise was spectacu;ar as always. My Cruise Directors Chris and Jamie (respectively) were good. You still and will always be the best.

    On our last day, we found out that the Imagination is heading to South Carolina wet dock and then to dry dock for an over haul similar to the Inspiration.

    I cruised 4 times with Carnival and look forward to my next cruise. I do look forward to cruising on the reborn Inspiration.

    God Bless you John

  85. James and Tamra says:

    Aaahhh, oks great. I have been seeing on the website the new improvements and actually called to see which ships had this. We just completed our second cruise a few weeks ago and was looking on the website for our next the day after we got home. Looks like this one could be it! Can’t wait to get back out there!

  86. Hi John

    This looks beautiful and I really want to take my mom and also my daughter who is graduating from high school in May. Are you giving any free tickets away. I just thought I might ask. You have not because you ask not, that’s what the bible says.
    It would be a blessing if you would give us some free tickets because I really can’t afford to pay for all of us. My husband and I just came off the fun ship in September and I am still lazy from that trip. We really fell in love with that cruise. It may take a while for me to save up the money, but I promise to come see you again. Just in case you need my address it is P.O. Box 492593 Atlanta, GA 30349.

    Thanks for a wonderful Cruise

  87. Gary R Hamblin says:

    Great!!! So glad to see the ship looking so good! will it be back on seven day cruises? It was the first ship we sailed on with carnival. Can you let me know soon? We are planning another cruise soon. Thank you.

  88. I remember reading about this some time ago and to see the actual pictures, this looks increadible!

    Our first cruise was on Imagination some 10 years ago and what you have done with this class of ship is outstanding!

    Thank you for sharing…and we just might have to book our 10th cruise with you on this very ship!

  89. Terry H. says:

    My husband and I have cruised on Inspiration twice before and now after the renovation will consider it again. It was getting a little tired last we were on it and i am thrilled to see it looking new again. Love ,Love ,Love Carnival. Soon to book our family vacation . And of course it will be on a fun ship!

  90. Glad to hear it. It took my first Cruise on this ship and loved it. I have done another 5 since.


  91. Harry & Barb Blott says:

    The ship looks great, we have been on the Jubilee and Sensation but we are now booked on the Inspiration next February, I am sure we will enjoy ot

  92. Pam says:

    We already have 3 trips planned between end of Oct 2007-May 2008. If you can give me a really good deal, I definitely would be interested. The photos are spectacular and hopefully will be able to see it live. Thanks.

  93. maribel watson says:

    I took a cruise on the Glory, and I loved it so much.

    But, this ship looks beautiful too. I wouldn’t mind one single bit taking a cruise on it. And I am 100% sure my kids would love it too.

    Thank you so much for the info and pictures of this ship.

    It is lovely.

    Mrs. Maribel Watson and family

  94. Looks Fabulous! I can’t wait to cruise on the Inspiration! The Lido Deck looks fantastic, and so does the Serenity Area for adults! I have been on 3 Carnival Cruises, and have met friends that will last a life time, and we can’t wait for the next cruise!

    Congratulations on receiving Employee of the Year John! This is not an easy one to win, when there are SO MANY awesome employees! Looking forward to having you as our Cruise Director soon!

    Jon Buck
    Boston, Mass (GO RED SOX!)

  95. Yeoman Cindy says:

    WOW, John a long way from Asst. Bar Manager…
    Ship looks great and you do such a great job. I knew you were destined for something great with Carnival.
    Just got off the Triump with everyone and had a wonderful time. Hope your cruising days are great. What a great ship. Long way from the Carnival Lido deck…….cindy

  96. maribel w says:

    It is a beautiful ship and I will try to take a cruise on it when I can afford it.

    I took one on the Glory and it was so awesome.

    I am sure this one will be too.

    Thank you for the pictures and information about the Inspiration.

  97. CAROLYN R. says:


  98. Bernie & Edel says:

    Hi John,
    You did a great job, cant wait to go on this one. We always have a great time on your cruises and the people who work for you are the greatest. Keep up the good work. Carnival is my FUN ship.

  99. lucy smith says:

    enjoyed your tour of the ship, hope to take another one soon,love the carnival cruise line this one might be the one for our other cruise

  100. RAUL MIRENO says:


    John we just got off the Liberty and it was great,we now just started to plan for next summer and the Inspiration looks very nice.

    Wish you well
    Raul/Noelvis Moreno and Granpa

  101. David M. says:

    This. Looks. Awesome! Hope to sail on her really soon!

  102. Erma says:

    Hi John, thanks for the info regarding the Inspiration. It looks great. We have been on 5 Carnival cruises so far and will be on the Valor in December 2008. I wish I had saw this ship prior to booking. It looks beautiful. I will be sure to book On the Inspiration for our 7th Carnival cruise. Thanks and have a super fantastic day!!!!!!!!!

  103. ROBERT DORSETT says:

    The Inspiration was our 2nd cruise several years ago and was very enjoyable, and looks like you’ve done a fantastic job refurbishing it. Unfortunately, we’ve found the cruises we go on are made enjoyable, not by the newnesss of the ship, but by the staff on board. Our last cruise with Carnival was in December on the Triumph and because of the indifferent attitude unfriendly disposition of most of the staff that we interacted with, we decided not to cruise with Carnival for the next few years, hoping the problems will, eventually be solved.

  104. Marc says:

    Hello John,

    I met you onboard the Carnival Triumph a few years ago. I was “Dick Wooden – Wooden, Dick”). I see you have been doing Fantastic. I haven’t cruise on the Inspiration yet but it does looks FANTASTIC and I’ll be going on it soon. My wife and I are home-based cruise agents so we have to come and check out the newer Inspiration to tell our clients. I see you are on the Freedom, hopefully one day we’ll cruise on it and see you again. Take care and good luck.


  105. Charlayn S. says:

    The ship is beautiful. I’ve already taken 2 cruises on carnival and next year I’m going with a group of family members, so it should even be more fun.

  106. Edward Arsenault says:

    Last April my wife and i had our first Carnival cruise (Carnival Liberty), i must say it’s one of the best ship i was ever on. The facilities and the service was superb.After showing some of the pictures of our cruise, i have two couples that want to join us on a eastern caribbean cruise next April. Hope we can be on one of your ship.

  107. B. Chenoa J. says:

    I really love this. I love to cruise. This just makes it that much better. I can’t swim, but I WILL enjoy the pool and the whirlpools. You do a fantastic job at making your guests feel welcome. I’ll see you soon…maybe I’ll be in your next set of pictures. God Bless!!!

  108. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for informing me abouth the new change that has been made to the ship. I can’t wait to crusie aging with the bestt crusie line ever. I love the new look that you all have made. I know the kids will enjoy this. Plan to see you soon

  109. Treverlyn Francis says:

    Inspiration was my first ship and that was my best cruise, lots of fun. Veiwing all these pictures i will definitely make my next vacation be on the Inspiration. Good job , keep it up.

  110. elizabeth s says:

    Employee of the year. WOW. Very much deserved.
    After 29 cruises, you still remain the best cruise director we’ve ever had. We’ll have to schedule a family cruise on this one. Looks great. Thanks for sharing the photos and info.

  111. First I need to express that I book several groups a year onboard Carnival and have been a loyal customer for years. I grew up in Miami Beach and recall the first CARNIVAL ship and have watched the industry evolve from there.

    I booked a group of 80 guests onboard the Inspiration for the first sailing after renovations. Although when I booked the group we did not know the ship was to be renovated.

    Well we had a miserable cruise! I was ashamed to have convinced the group to sail on Carnival (they had originally requested RCCL and I talked them out of that) and felt the group was mislead.

    While the group paid full price for the cruise … the ship was NOT ready for sailing. Boarding was delayed over 3 hrs with the explanation that work was still being performed on the ship. Once aboard we received notice from the Captain that the ship’s amenities were not completed.

    The carpets throughout the ship were still being laid, with fragments of carpet all over. Stairways were unsafe as the rubber strips on each step bulged and came off. I tripped on the stairs due to this shoddy work.

    Entering the cabin at 4:00 the room was filthy. Grease marks all over the bathroom tile, never removed. Tape remained on the new cabinetry. While the linens were brand new and sparkling white, the pillows were old and stank. The pillowcases were old as well and the contrast was clear to the housekeeping and purser when they came to my cabin. The bathroom sink wall was fully exposed with the pipes behind the sink on display! I had no towels until close to 5pm. And then only received one towel!

    My guests complained to me of bathroom doors not having been installed, door handles falling off, and pipes exposed. Two of my guests had a flood due to workers not having attached the pipes and grey water flooded their cabins. They were not moved because the ship was sold out.

    The new pool slide area was not available at all and the regular pool was closed throughout the cruise as well. It was only open for several hours on day 3 and 4. Of the 2 jacuzzi’s one had only cold water throughout the cruise!

    One thing I always rave about to my guests is Carnival’s shows. Woops, Friday evening’s show (formal night) was cancelled due to sound equipment not functioning.

    I could go on and on about the horrible experiences my guests endured, the food, the ship’s cleanliness and overall poor state of the ship, but will leave it at this.

    I am very surprised that Carnival, having touted these new renovations, would have allowed guests onboard with the ship not being completed. Perhaps the 2nd or 3rd sailing will prove to be what was promised. BUT NOT THIS SAILING.

    As a travel partner that books several groups a year, I know I have lost this group as clients, and now have seen my reputation suffer.

    My suggestion to all of you is… NEVER GO ON A SHIP NEWLY RENOVATED! Wait a few weeks.

    More importantly, CARNIVAL… you should be ashamed for allowing guests onboard a ship that was unprepared for sailing.

  112. Good job on the inspiration. That was my first ship had a great time. See u next year.

  113. Sara Aquino-Puerto Rico says:

    I was on Inspiration in 1997 and 1998 and it was great now it is GREATER. Can’t wait to sail on it again. I have been on 8 Carnival Fun Ships. Keep up the good work Carnival………

  114. Hi John, we have sailed with you this past 9-22-07 and the year before, we have decided we will not sail with anyone else, your the best!

    Looking forward to the next Fun Ship John Cruise.

    Diana & Joe Baytown,TX/Panama City Beach Fl.

  115. Rich La Tourette says:

    everything sound great I was wondering were the handicap areas also upgraded thanks .

  116. Hi John, we have sailed with you this past 9-22-07 and the year before, we have decided we will not sail with anyone else, your the best!

    Looking forward to the next Fun Ship John Cruise.

    Diana & Joe
    Baytown,TX/Panama City Beach Fl.

  117. "BIG" ED says:

    John, at the start of this post you said ” Let me start by saying hello to some of you who may be reading this for the first time………..”hello.”. What happen Carnival send out an e-mail to past cruisers or something. I can see all the new names on the comments.

    I guess I got to invite them to come to my blog and see all your past photos and read about the Bloggers Cruise. Just click on my name at the top of this comment to go there. Welcome to our new friends in John’s thingy (as he calls it)

    “BIG” ED
    95 days till the BLOGGERS CRUISE

  118. Brad says:

    I like the idea of the Adult’s Only pool, but one of the problems I had on Carnival was that you had a lot of rules like that, but they were never enforced. I hope you do a better job of keeping the kids out of the adults only pool, but your staff seems so concerned about pleasing everyone, they rarely tell anyone not to do something.

  119. Vel says:

    It’s beautiful.I can’t wait until my next cruise I know which ship I want to be on.

  120. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    We are planning our next trip for 2008 and I am
    sure will be in this beautiful vessel.
    Looks impressive. wow!!!

  121. Vicki Grant says:

    It would be so wonderful to sail on a reborn ship. I am a cruiser and I love beautification. This is awesome. Go Carnival and you are my number 1 cruise line.

    Vicki & James Grant from Atlanta

  122. L. Piccolomini says:

    What a great update! The guest rooms look so inviting!
    I will never forget my Carnival cruise-it was very exciting.
    I began my journey the week my daughter came home from her honeymoon, it was now my turn to relax….and that I did!
    For all YOU big kids out there
    what a slide…..

  123. Cliff says:

    Those renovations look pretty good. I hope to be able to afford enough to go on this thing with the Mrs. Looking forward to taking this trip.

  124. John F says:

    Hello Carnival! My family and I went on our very first cruise on the Inspiration a few years back and took another cruise the very next year on the Celebration. We enjoyed ourselves on both cruises! This past summer we went on another cruise in Europe and all though the ship was nice the fun factor didn’t compare to Carnival’s! This is the first time I seen this ship being renovated and it looks GREAT!! I can hardly wait till we go on our next cruise with you!

    PS: I love the new slide! The old one fun but this new one looks even funner! Even a grumpy person would have a smile on after going down that!

  125. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    My wife Nancy and I are planning our trip for
    2008, of course it will be on this beautiful vessel
    from Carnival, our favorite Cruise Co.
    Hope to see you there. Best Regards.
    P.S. by the way, the new additions look impressive.

  126. jorge Chica says:

    the ship looks beautifull can’t wait to go on it

  127. Mango says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed the interview with Ron. Having been on several Carnival cruises, I am definitely planning to go out on Inspiration next. I also heard that Paul T is one of the featured entertainers…his shows alone are reason enough to cruise Inspiration! (Well, as an added bonus, after Serenity and Waterworks, LOL.)

  128. Carol Dutcher says:

    I would be booking it right now if Carnival still offered the Single Share program. I was on the Tropical twice on the share program and loved it. Now I go with groups that offer cabin-mate matching. Any chance of bringing back the single share program?

  129. Mike Robinson says:

    My wife and I sailed this ship several years ago. It looks cool enough that we WILL sail it again. Fantastic job on these Fantasy Class ships. Way to go Carnival…………….

    Mike & Jude
    Westminster, CO (GO Rockies)

  130. Ralph R says:


    Great job!

  131. Juliet Haney says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks you for the new picture of the new and inprove Inspiration looks magnificent I Love the Carnival Cruise Line.I have been on many of Carnival Cruise Ships. The first time I was on a Cruise I fill in love with Cruises and I have never stop.And I good about every year. I love the new rooms and the dinning rooms and the new adult poor area is great and the slide for the kids I would look to go down that slide but I do not smiw but I am going to go down on that slide anyway my next cruise onthe Inspiration. Hope to be sailing with you soon. Hope your finger is better.

    Keep up the good work

  132. Barbara A. Allen says:

    Looks great!!! I’m anxiously awaiting my next cruise.

  133. Sheila M. says:

    I love the pictures about the upgrades I’ve seen and the feedback and comments. I will be sailing on Carnival Valor next year July for a family reunion. Will it be as lovely as what I’ve seen? It will be interesting to know.

  134. Jeff Remmel says:

    Thanks for our wonderful cruise (9/23-30) on the Valor. Looking forward to the next one (Inspiration)?
    I’m 62 and could’nt stay off the water slide!

  135. It is beautiful new look of Fantastic Carnival.

  136. Gene Earley says:

    Hey John,
    You were the Director on our first cruise on the Glory and you were terrific. Well deserving of the award and hope many more to come.

  137. Sheila M. says:

    I love the pictures and comments. I will be sailing on Carnival Valor in July 2008 for a family reunion. Will this ship be anything like the “Inspiration”? It will be interesting to know.

  138. Larry P says:

    We started our sailing experience with one of Carnivals first ships the Madi Gras and just got off a 7 day on the Triumph. We have really enjoyed the 6 ships we have sailed and always look forward to the next. Great renovation of the Inspriation.

    Larry & Gladys

  139. Sheila M. says:

    I love the pictures and comments. Nice. I will be sailing on Carnival Valor in July 2008 for a family reunion Will this ship be as lovely as the “Inspiration”? It will be interesting to know.

  140. Laurie Powell says:

    My only complaint on my cruise was that the pool wasn’t big enough. It looks like this ship solves that problem! Can’t wait to take another cruise.

  141. lyleba says:

    Hi John and Heidi,
    We’re finally getting back to normal after our 9/22 Freedom cruise. Thank you for all you did for us. We had a fantastic cruise even if we were the young ones on that cruise! There were lots of special surprises for us and we appreciated all of them. Our pre cruise trip to Amsterdam was a great beginning. Thanks to Heidi we saw and did so many fantastic things! Our return flight stopped in AMS and I just had to purchase the big box of Stroopwafels to bring home! Thanks Heidi , I’m addicted and will have to return to AMS just to buy them! We are still talking about the ladies who missed the ship and were speeding to the pier in a taxi. That was a first for us to see! When we arrived home we tried to book the Splendor Baltic cruise for our 35th anniv cruise in 08′ but as you know it’s sold out for our date. We hate to sail on another line so we’ll be checking with our TA often in case someone cancels. Once again thanks for all you do for your passengers and thanks for what you did for us! You both are so special to us. No need for a reply just get some rest and tell Alan he is in our prayers. Having you there will certainly speed his recovery! P.S. you really put me on the spot during the morning show when I mentioned our Naples Underground tour and you asked me to explain why you could not take that tour!!! I tried to be very diplomatic about it!!!!

    Barb and Ed (His legal name is “John”)

  142. We enjoyed our last cruise with Fantastic Carnival on 10 September 2007. It was our earlier celebrate for 42nd Anniversary on the 8th October 2007.Our travel agent could not find any cruise on the 8th October 2007. Hoping we can get the cruise on 8th october 2008 that we can afford to go again.
    Best Wishes to new Fantastic Carnival


  143. Larry Collister says:

    As a veteran cruiser I have never seen a “pole” in the middle of a stateroom. What’s with the pole?

  144. Sherri says:

    How do i see the pics of the “new” inspiration?

  145. Barry & Deb says:

    Thanks for the update on the inspiration. This is my first “blog”. Have been reading along though. My wife Deb and I are past cruisers of the Inspiration. She has been on 11 cruises and I 10. You actually had me up on stage I believe on the Victory. I was “Richard Wooden” on one of the shows. People kept calling Dick Wooden the rest of the cruise. You and Ralph are GREAT! Will be cruising again Feb.2nd on the Holiday out of Mobile. You would’nt happen to be on that ship then would you? Keep the blogs coming old friend. I can smell the ocean in Michigan now!


  146. kenny and mary says:

    hi,we just returned from acruise on the valor.we love the makeover .job well done.

  147. Mike Jones says:

    Thank you for finially clearing up a question I’ve had for a while now. I was in Charleston about a month ago,& was taking my girlfriend to a job ,when we crossed over a bridge & looked over & saw a Carnival ship. I could just barely make out that it was the Inspiration,or so I thought,from about two miles away.I knew it wasn’t at the passanger terminal,so I asked why it was there. She said it must be in for repairs because that area was dry dock. It also had four large tower crains over it.
    So now I’ve got another question. What happens to all the stuff that was removed ? Surely not all of it is trashed ?
    I love Carnival,& everything it has to offer. I caught the cruise bug several years ago,when I sailed out of Charleston on the Victory. I will be sailing again, this November,on the Carnival Liberity. My fifth cruise. I can hardly wait.

  148. Tiffany L. says:

    My husband amd I sailed on the Imagination in May and had an absolutelyn fabulous time. We still keep in touch with the couples we met the first night at dinner. We are beginning to plan a trip with our four boys either in December or Next year during Spring break. I wish we could come this weekend, but whatever happens, we know that our next cruises will be on Carnival. We sailed with the line for our honeymoon 10 years ago. I would say of the many close to 10 cruises I have been on, all linjes except the Windjammer. Carnival is by far the ultimate, it has something for everyone of every age. When I was younger and involved in Carnival Camp, my mother and I rarely saw each other. So many activities, always smething to be a part of, my personal favorite. We will see the Inspiration very soon, no more than the next few months. I must add one thing, the greatest experience as a child sailing with Carnival, at dinner at the time I loved french fries and ate them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our waiter Dominick brought them to me without asking. About five years later , sailing on the same ship, though I did grow out of my need for french fries, we ironically had the same waiter. Somehow, he remembered us and remembered my first love and he brought them to me, once again, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I Love Carnival for the personal things, not one crew member, ever acts like the people are to much to handle or we are getting in their nerves.

    Carnival will never disappoint.

  149. Judi says:

    the relovated digs look great! But I have to say one of the best things on the Carnival Freedom was watching movies at night on the pool deck. Did they add a big screen during this renovation?

  150. She says:

    Wow, definitely a beauty! I agree with one of the bloggers, though …”The pole does look too large to be used for pole dancing.” :o)

    My husband and I travelled on the LEGEND right out of NY for our honeymoon back in ’05, and boy, did we have the time of our lives?! ?!?!

    Can’t wait to bring my whole family next time (family of 5+ 🙂 … Where does she sail out of?

    Best wishes !!!

  151. Rosa says:

    I can’t wait to take this cruise

  152. Maryna says:

    Anxious to expierance the (inspiration)

  153. joe says:

    hi john
    like the improvements,like the big slide.
    looking forward to sailing on splendor 10/29/08

  154. Carol Schoenberger says:

    Hi John,

    Wow! So many new Bloggers! All I can say is I am totally “Gobsmacked”.

    Welcome everyone to the best blog thingy around – NO OFFENSE BIG ED.


  155. rafael mejia says:


  156. LEANNA says:


  157. Cassandra C. says:

    I can’t tell you how pleased I was to recieve the news that you are upgrading the Inspiration. I am planning a family & friends gathering to set sail Oct. ’08. Since over half the group are first time cruisers, I think the upgrades will go along way in making their first time a great time. Can’t wait to set sail! 🙂


  158. Janice says:

    ~~~OMG! – That looks incredible!~~~

    My husband and I had our honeymoon on the Inspiration in July 2003- and to date, that was the best vacation ever! We are avid cruiser and take 2-3 a year. Carnival took such great care of us and really made our honeymoon special. I work in Tampa and often get to reminisce of my honeymoon whenever the Inspiration is in port.
    I cannot wait to see the new ship! Keep up the good work!


  159. camille says:

    Awesome Awesome ship…I cannot wait to plan my next vacation…and no doubt my family and I will be sailing out on the “Inspiration” cruise ship…

    Camille Coles, Ca

  160. Jose S. says:

    I was in the Inspiration’s inaugural cruise in 1996 from Miami to Los Angeles through the Panama Canal. I’m glad the ship is being renovated and made even better. I think the Fantasy-class ships are one of the better designs of the Carnival fleet with better architecture and space-utilization than later mega-ships like the Valor, so, this renovation will make a great ship even greater.

  161. Sherry Poloniecki says:


    We will be getting married on the Inspiration 1/5/08 at the Port of Tampa and I couldn’t be more excited to see the renovations! We’ve been on several Carnival Cruises and have always been very happy with the accomodations and incredible service but, to know we’re bringing along 50 sailing friends and family it will be great for them to enjoy the incredible new look and amenities! Thanks for sharing and we’ll see you in 82 days!


  162. Anita says:

    I think what you have done to this ship is absolutely fabulous. The Inspiration was the first cruise ship we went on. I think the upgrades are wonderful. I do like the slides and the staterooms. Great upgrades. Also the Serenity deck, wonderful idea to just relax away from it all and look out at the ocean while cruising along. Looks very inviting.
    Hope to make another cruise soon. Just came back home from a cruise on the Glory this month. We love Carnival. The only cruise line we have used. Have been on 4 cruises so far. Looking forward to more.

  163. Karen Marshall says:

    Hey John,

    I had the priveledge of being on the last voyage for the Inspiration before it was docked for renovations. Now I am just so anxious to get on another Inspiration cruise so I can check out the changes! They look very inviting!

    Hope to see you soon and maybe get to meet you this time!

  164. sandy berry says:

    when will the Fascination be completed with the
    new water works

  165. I have sailed the freedom ship before in the pass, but now I am ready to book again,,it looks great, and being that I am a travel agent, I can’t wait to put this flyer together for my next group cruise..Keep the great ships coming, great job Carnival…..



  167. Great job, it looks so good, with alot of great fun added with it…Congradulations Carnival

  168. dazevedo,ca says:

    This looks great!! Now this is a change. Sailed the Inspiration in 2000. I wish they had done the same great “reborn” on the Destiny we just sailed . They said it had changed too and was disappointed the cabins had the same old decor. Hooray for the Inspiration!! Love and sailed Carnival many times but the cabins need updating!!

  169. VINCENT J. MAIETTA says:


  170. adias.angel says:

    Thank you so much! It brought back such wonderful memories of my first cruise.

    I do have a question on the serenity area. Does it cost anything to get into it? Thanks, Carla 😉

  171. Ian says:

    Hi John,

    This looks fabulous, quite an improvement. We are cruising on the Splendor next year and from the pictures on Carnival’s web site can hardly wait to see what she looks like in person.



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  173. PhantomJack says:

    Hello’ John
    My favorite ‘place to be’ is cruising. To be the king and queen of the world and journey into the havens. Your efforts to make us feel consequential, keeps us returning time and again. We know the emergence of new adventures is only a short venture to your port. We especially enjoy the Art and the Carnival WaterWorks. Looking ahead, we say ‘Hello’

  174. Thomas King says:

    We had such a bad trip this summer on the Conquest I don’t think we’ll ever go on Carnival again

  175. Rusty says:

    Good info. My wife and I were on the Paradise if not mistaken. Is it the same one? We enjoyed the cruise. We can’t wait for the next one. The only problem is our toy poodles. We can’t leave them in the kennel and don’t like to be in one. We had a pooch sitter last time. We’ll find someone.

  176. Susan B says:

    WOW…173 comments so far!!!!! Ok John, I now feel sorry for you and your cut finger!!!
    How in the world are you going to answer all of these comments? Maybe you could use your good looks, and manly ways with Hedi, and ask her to do it as you dictate to her.

    And she could add her comments also, so it would almost be like a Hedi blog that we have been longing for!

  177. Kenn Reese says:

    Hello John,

    I love what has been done to our maiden ship. Our first cruise was 6 years ago, and the Inspiration was our first love and thus our all time favorite. We’ve since cruised 12 other times averaging twice a year. Our next cruise will be Dec 2, 2007 – 8 days – Mexican Rivera. As a Marriage Coach, someday, I will hold a Marriage Conference on a Carnival ship.

    Nevertheless, the Inspiration will always be the best.

    To Marriages Lifelong,

    Kenn Reese

  178. Tracy G. says:

    Hi. This post is for christmascor who sounded pretty upset over not being addressed and even not enjoying his cruise. I can’t answer for this ship but I just got back from a sailing on the Triumph and there were plenty of things to do for an 18 yr old. I believe at that age, you still like to have alot of adrenaline type fun so the waterslide and more active excursions such as scuba, canopy zip lining, 4×4 plus beach time, mountain bike…etc, are a huge part of making the most of your cruise. Even though I’m in my 30’s I’ve done all these things and there were tons of late teens and early 20’s on these excursions who had a blast! Now the other part required for that age group is actively hunting the opposite sex and finding ways to meet them and have fun;) On our ship the nightclub was for over 18…don’t think you can drink alcohol on the ship under 21, but you can hang out and dance. I believe it’s the same for the casinos. I think the biggest problem for you is probably there won’t be alot of people in this age group on board unless you go during summer but especially spring break. I was on a cruise with Carnival to the Western Caribbean on the Valor during spring break, and the ship was packed with 18-25 yr olds who absolutely took over the ship. There is not one single place on the whole ship that an 18 yr old can’t go. And if you are looking to drink, no you can’t do it legally…but I’m sure most determined 18 yr olds know how to get around that and it is a safe environment…nobody’s driving but the officers…so I don’t think they really are strict about it if you you don’t do anything trluy stupid or call attention to yourself by getting ridiculously smashed and obnoxious to the point of oters annoyance. I don’t know where you went or on what ship but I can offer this advice. If you want to have alot of fun, plan your trip during spring break or right after college breaks for summer…take a bunch of your own friends, and hit an excursion at every port that requires some amount of physical activity or at least you have significant interest in. I know the 3/4 day ones out of LA and San Diego are popular and inexpensive and really draw the young folks. Carnival is going to be your best bet for your age though because they are priced pretty cheaply and everything about their marketing targets a younger crowd. Don’t give up on cruising though! It remains to be the biggest bang for your buck for a vacation! Good Luck!

  179. Ann says:

    Inspiration looks like an anwesome ship. I hope my hubby and myself will be able to cruise this ship in the future. I had an amazing time on my recent Celebration cruise!

  180. Charles & Joanne Marzock says:

    Our cruise was from Oct 08 thru Oct 13, 2007. This ship is just wonderfull. Many revisions has resulted in making the cruise all the more enjoyable. The cabins to the entertainment was great. The food was one of the best we have experienced on any of our Carnival Cruises.

  181. Ann says:

    Hi, Inspiration looks like an awesome ship!!! I hope to be able to cruise on it in the future. My friends and myself had an amazing time on our recent cruise on the Celebration! So much to do and see!!!

  182. Laura Regan says:

    Hi John,

    My husband and I just returned Saturday from our sixth Carnival cruise, a week on the Triumph. Brad is a great cruise director!

    I am glad to hear about the Serenity adults-only area on the remodled Inspiration. I specifically noted on the comment card our desire for a true adults only pool area. We love children and have raised two of our own, but an area where we are assured of no splashing, yelling and children in the spa would be great. Staff on the Triumph were great at patrolling the adults only spa, but had a hard time of it.

    Can’t wait to try the remodeled Inspiration and hope to see you on the Freedom soon.


  183. margarita m says:

    hi… Amazing, Beautifullll…. i cant wait for the next cruise, looking forward. Congratulations Carnival, your the BEST!!!!

  184. Peggy says:

    We went on the Inspiration last April. After being on one of the first cruises for the Miracle back in 04, we were a little disappointed with the shape of the Inspiration. We are cruising again in March of 08 and just might try the Inspiration again. I just don’t understand how such a major renovation could only take less than a year.

  185. Ann says:

    Would love to cruise on the Inspiration!!

  186. John Heald
    You are by far the most entertaining and enjoyable cruise director ever! Several of my closest friends and I did your Medit. cruise 2 years ago, and when it was over it felt like we were leaving a friend behind. Looking forward to meeting up with you again on our next cruise.
    PS: I certainly do hope that Carnival is paying you top dollar……actually, your contribution to the cruise line is PRICELESS!!!

  187. Jo Spinks says:

    Oct.1st, 07 docked from a 19 day cruise from Alaska to the Ha. Islands on Carnival Spirit. I have just looked @ your remodeling pics. and I think they are fantastic. I can definitely see the differences. Hope you can do that to some more ships. Again the back to back cruise had too many repeat shows!!!! Good Luck

  188. The Ship looks great. Is there anything to do with children under 10? My next cruise is going to be with my family. I hope it is much better than the first and only one I have taken.

  189. Connie says:

    I loved the Inspiration before. She looks fabulous!
    I can hardly wait to experience her for myself.

  190. Goddess R says:

    Looks great, but I will probably catch some heat for my comments….we cruise ALOT. A majority of your pictures are of the LIDO deck and the new swim area. This will attract alot more KIDS on Carnival Cruises. The cruise I went on earlier this month on the elation had so many kids they had to wait in line for over an hour because Camp Carnival could not accomodate them all, and quite a few did not get into the program! This was in the middle of the school year. Strollers all over the place, whining and crying in the dining room and relaxation areas….the only place safe were the clubs and the casino. There was even a crying kid in the spa when I stopped by. Just curious…is Carnival planning to increase it’s marketing towards people with young children?? Isn’t that what Disney is for? I guess we may be looking at another cruise line in the future although we have always loved Carnival the most!!

  191. Donna S. says:

    We had our honeymoon aboard the “Inspiration” – a special ship for us – love the upgrades.

  192. Jess says:

    Hi John,

    I was just taking a fun look at the new blog and the updated ship.

    My husband and I spent our honeymoon aboard the Carnival Freedom with you as our cruise director on its inagural 12-day cruise in March of 2007. We had a wonderful time and look forward to cruising again in the near future. We will be one passanger greater the next time around as we are about 6 weeks away from the arrival of our own new addition. Don’t do the math (though our friends are suggesting we should name the baby after one of our wonderful ports of call)!!

    Many thanks to a great staff with carnival and continued wonderful ammenties in updated ships!!

    Jess, Russ and ?

  193. kathy says:

    wow!!!! the ship looks amazing!!! the pools, the slides, the staterooms, heck even the beach chairs looks cool!!! who would care to even dock right?…great job carnival and i can’t wait to book my next cruise!!!

  194. mark says:

    Hey John, got off the Freedom a few weeks ago, when you going to Port Dover so we can hook up?

  195. Lauren says:

    I remember Dick Wooden for the Triumph in October 2001!

  196. Sherry Blount says:

    The ship looks great! I love the set up of this ship,can’t wait to sail her! Bring on the past guest discounts! See you soon!

  197. Jack P Johnson says:

    I can not believe this is the same Ship! My very first cruise was on the Inspiration in 2002. My wife and I have been talking about a cruise with the family and grandkids. I think we have found the right “Fun Ship” for it.

    Jack P Johnson
    Bolivar, Ohio

  198. Cdn Cruiser says:

    It’s beautiful! I have sailed the Inspiration twice and cannot wait to see it again! I have sailed with Carnival 10 times now and still have many ships that I want to see and now one I want to see again.
    Great job!!

  199. Carmen D says:


    I need to know if the new ship will be available early December (Dec.3 & 8) from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale are for 5-7 Caribbean trips. Please reply asap. TX.

    Carmen D.

  200. Ronda says:

    Finally, someone that remembers everyone doesn’t have kids or they are all grown up and the parents want some time to themselves. PLEASE make sure the cruise staff enforces the adults only areas. The staterooms look wonderful, I hated the bed being in front of the windows, no one could ever look out without climbing on the bed. This is GREAT it makes me want to cruise more!


  201. lisa wiggs says:

    Love the lobster lounging in the Carnival Comfort Bed. Looks like he escaped from the little skipper pak that the bon voyage gift department sells. Too cute!

  202. Hi John,
    So glad to see you. My family was on the May 2006 Mediterean cruise on the Liberty, which you was the crusie director. The trip was great but we were so sad, not able to dock in Lovorno. So we missed Florence and Pisa . Everyone was disappointed due to the windy weather. But still had a wonderful time in all the ports. Seeing Stromboli erupt was great.

  203. Larry Gaynor says:

    John, the upgrades look great! I will be able to tell you first hand, I am bringing a group of about 150 people on the inspiration on 1/5/08 for a Breast Cancer Fundraiser. As a travel agent it is always good news to be able to tell your clients that the ship they are going on has just been refurbished and looks great. See you in January.

  204. Is it possible to e-mail to me a virtual tour of
    Carnival’s Cruise Lines Ships and Destinations,
    with sound (power point presentation)?

    With no marketing!

    The vice president of a travel club (retired homes)

    has requested such information for me to present

    to their group of about 65 to 75 people!

    Thank you,

    Charles Reed Jr.
    16941 West Falcon Lane
    Marana, Arizona 85653

  205. Frances Daniel says:

    I have had the pleasure of sailing 3 times over the last 3 years with Carnival. All 3 times were special. The entire crew could not have been more gracious and helpful. I have just taken a “tour” of the “new” Inspiration and look forward to the opportunity to sail on her. The renovations are beautiful!

    Good luck to all.

    Fran Daniel

  206. Lorelle says:

    Wow that brought back memories! I had to laugh when you mentioned the Italians swinging their arms around and shouting about the water. It reminded me of the craziness of dry docks and new builds. I was part of the set up team on the Destiny in Italy when that was being built.
    Some fun times, some very trying times and hard work, but great experience!!

  207. Nydia says:

    wow this is great, hoping to go on it very soon next year. where does it departs from?

  208. Renee Owen says:

    We were just on a carnival cruise with our family of 15 of us. (August 18th)We really did not get to enjoy much of the ship because of the bad hurrican weather that we had. We were re-routed to the Bahmas instead of jamaica and Grand Cayman. We would love to check out your new boat this year and want to know if you could compensate us for our future cruise because we never even got to stand at the egde of the boat eating an ice cream!!! We really would like to come again!!!Thanks for your time.The Owen Family

  209. Orlando from San Juan says:

    Great look

    Everything looks different on the top deck.

    A complete different ship.

    As soon as I can I will book a trip to see it by my self.

  210. Terra T.Cochran says:

    Thanks for sending the new upgrades pictures. I look forward to seeing the new ship. Me and My husband Derrick always enjoy ourselves when we are on a carnival cruise. We look forward to seeing it in October 08″
    See ya there.

  211. Chef Jerry Taylor says:

    How are the handicap accomadations on this ship?The pictures of the remodel are amazing.I just returned from a Western Caribbean vacation aboard the Carnival Ecstasy.My handicap cabin was absolutely terrible.Nothing was accessable.They broke my power chair.Carnival has a lot to learn before they should be considered the “Fun Ship” for handicap passengers.I plan to do a documentary about my experiance.Tell me about yours at chefjerrytaylor@sbcglobal.net

  212. Dooley/Kaye Family says:

    I am taking my daughter on her first cruise and I am so happy that we selected the Inspiration for our Christmas Holiday break, 4nts from Tampa! She will love the new waterworks park. Any idea on how deep the new pool is? Is there a 4ft area for kids. Look forward to meeting Ron the hotel director.
    This is my return to Carnival after 10 long years and I am thrilled. Merry Christmas a bit early. Traveling 12/27/07 Many Thanks and God Bless!

  213. GO says:

    Just got back last month from a grrreat week on the ‘Leg End’ & booked the 12/8 Inspiration cruise without knowing how the refit would really turn out. WOW, am I glad I did! Really looking forward to it.

    But I always look forward to every cruise. And ATTNETION, CARNIVAL: I would cruise more often if you’d bring back the single-share program. Hope you’re listening!

  214. Kellie Vine says:

    The photos look great, but I know someone who went on the 1st trip on the new inspiration out of Tampa and it was not good, She spent most of her time in the doctors office which was not cheap. Due to the paint and glue from them still working on the ship the day it left Tampa, Oct 4th, She told me that alot of people were sick, The fumes were so bad. The ship arrived 2 hours late and no one was told they were getting on a ship that just left dry dock. The pool had no water in it and the waterpark area was not complete. The photos look great where are the people? I think before you say such great things about a ship you should go on the ship 1st.

  215. R. Hummel says:

    John, Nice looking boat. Will it be coming to Norfolk, VA?? Now that we have a brand new terminal, bring more Carnival boats to the area, I know you would be able to fill them with no problem.

  216. Ifeanyi C. Ike says:

    Lucky me, I just got off Carnival Liberty and turned around to book another and low and behold, it is Carnival Insipiration!!! My Carnival insipiration!!! Wowee!!! Looks good to me, as a matter of fact I approve of all the fun that this moving resort has to offer.

    Is April here yet!!!

    That is 2008!!!

  217. Susan B says:

    John…..214 comments!!!!!!!! This must be a new record!!!!
    I think the next blogger’s cruise should be on the Carnival Inspiration!!
    Now this is at least 215 comments…hehe

  218. The Vaughn Family says:

    We have done Four Cruise and loved each and everyone of them. Hopefully we’ll be doing another one on the Freedom in 08, no later that 09. So to Each of You. go and enjoy Life. We only live once……
    God Bless Each Of You
    The Vaughn Family

  219. Michael & Angela Nation says:

    Great Photos cant wait to see in person.

  220. Girldoc says:

    Wow! I was just on this ship in March…looks like I need to return real soon.

  221. DiDi says:

    I have cruised on the Inspiration in the past. It looks amazing now that it has been reborn. I am planning a trip out of Tampa in May on the Inspiration and cannot wait to see it in person. Great job!!!

  222. the battle family says:

    The ship look great we got cruised on the inspiration about 3 years ago and married .The ship was nice then and now nit looks great.We will be cruising next Oct. for our 4th anniversary. Cant wait to see the new look.

  223. Sharon says:

    Are there any shops near the port in Dover?

  224. Linda Hernacki says:

    My Gosh John, what have you started here, 220 comments so far to this blog! You have created a monster. You must be trying for another record number of hits! You leave soon, and will have so much mail to catch up on now! Can’t wait to check out the Inspiration, sounds like we will book that ship in 2008, and hopefully see you on the next bloggers cruise in 2009 if not on the Inspiration. Keep trying to get assigned to that one, and let us know by December so we can book our next cruise! Linda & Mike

  225. Lisa and Elaine says:

    For Roberto only
    Who are these people and what are they doing on “our” blog? Just kidding…where did all these come from? I know when John posted this blog he was expecting new people (you could tell by his introduction), but how did he know there would be newbies?

  226. Carmen and kids says:

    We went to the Destiny in March. It was our first experience on board and I must tell it was great. I can see this one has a better deck area. Will be there soon.

  227. Hey John,

    Quite a response here. As you have seen, it looks like Heidi-Beth’s ATCOCS has kicked in again. It has been almost six weeks. We loved the Inspiration last year. Except for all the purple on the Lido deck. I was already considering booking the Dec 1 2008 since our anniversary is the 2nd. I am starting to think that the decision has already been made. I just don’t know if she can wait 14 months. May have to try to get onto the Sensation for a weekend between here and then.

    Great pictures. Looking forward to seeing it in person.


  228. john & sandra newmaster says:

    John, We were on the Carnival Freedom 22Sept. 4 oct. wha a grand time we had. room was small but we did not stay there except to change and shower. we were topop busy other wise enjoying the shows nd the amenities. You had my wife on stage we had to get dthat tap to show our children the hilarious program you put on. Everyone who saw the sho and the tv shows commented to her about it. she had her 5 minutes of fame thanks to you.
    the whole trip was fantastic . the tours and the staff was great. We were lucky to have two great waitresses. Ivani and Mriaje from Croatia. Had to take their photos for our memories. Thsi Carnival ship beat the one out of Long Beach, Calif.
    we thank you and the freat staff of the Carnival Freedom. for you dedication to excellence.

  229. John Whitfield says:

    We took a Carnival cruise in April of 2006 for our honeymoon. Next time I will just take a couple of thousand dollars and set fire to it!!!!

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  231. Arnold & Elizabeth Tucker says:

    222 now 223 slaps to the Blog
    Did We miss a world wide announcement?
    I have visions of Heidi, John & Roberto up to their necks in papers!
    Tunneling their way out, John with stitches and all…
    When I had my first Carnival Cruise on the Mardi Gras Many, many moons ago there was a pole in the room, I thought it strange, I just walked around it, no pole dancing for me, we were below the disco though and believe me the dancing was going on up there! Till 2 -3 am..
    I regress.. The ship does look great
    Many good comments, We have 1 week till we leave for Italy and we are trying to figure out what to pack..

    We do have a question for John. We want to go to the Supper club but I do not want to offend the chef. (the mrs(ET) has had gastric surgery and cannot eat but a cup to max of 12 oz at one sitting. We want the ambiance of the supper club but she needs very small portions . Is there any way to get this without ticking off the chefs when it is obvious only 1-2 bites of a 7 course meal is going to do it??

  232. Olivia says:

    WOW, the ship looks great. I am looking forward to seeing it in person, very soon

  233. "BIG" ED says:

    John, already 225 comments. How many slaps on your thingy today that didn’t leave a comment. I bet it must be a record for both.

    How is Alan doing? Have you seen Bonnie and Prince Charlie yet?

    It is just something what they can do to a ship in just 33 days. I know alot of the items where all prefabed and just waiting to go on the ship but even so it’s amazing what can be done. We have never been on a FANTASY class ship. We always try to go on the newest ship. So I hope the new ships to come out take some hints from the “Evolutions of Fun”. The Lido looks great. And the pole in the cabin well that’s a story for a different blog.

    “BIG” ED

  234. Linda Hernacki says:

    This response is for Christmascor, since he or she seems to think he/she is being ignored, have you noticed how many blog emails John gets everyday? You really are rude. And as far as 18-20 year olds finding something to do on a cruise ship, there are plenty of clubs you could hang out at, like the karaoke bars, the teen clubs (although you act too immature to socialize with teens), so grow up and find your entertainment on a Carnival cruise ship, there is LOTS to do, as I have said before and will say again, Carnival IS the FUN ship! Linda

  235. David Aragon says:

    Love the upgrades,cant wait to book a trip,will it be sailing to the mexican riviera?

  236. Julie Gantt says:

    Lot’s of interesting posts along with a dose of reality. At least the people who have had negative experiences can be assured that by posting in John’s blog, their concerns will be seen and passed on to the correct Carnival managemet. I know John will see to that. I hope Mr. Grief and his group were compensated for their experience.

    Take care all,

    Julie Gantt

  237. nanetteali says:

    I put my pictures on my blog.Thanks for the memories!!I had 170 hits yesterday on my blog.I guessed everyone wanted to see Cristians on his speedos.He is going to kill meLOL

  238. Do you have an adults, singles cruise? If so when and please direct me to it. Thank you.

  239. Kathy says:

    My family and I just sailed the Inspiration on 8/18/07 during the hurricane Dean fiasco. Just missed out on all of the upgrades, but she really did need it, and some regular maintence also. That didn’t take long to get it done. Already planning our next cruise for ’08. Thanks for the update and pictures.

  240. Myra Bushnell says:

    Hey there, John!

    Looks like the teaser on Carnival.com has drummed up lots of new bloggers for you. Or maybe it was the past guest e-mail! Whatever…you’ve got your work cut out for you this time, mate!

    The pictures of the Inspiration are wonderful. As to the pole in the middle of the cabin, my guess is that two cabins were sort of “merged” and that pole had to be left where a wall was removed to provide support for the next level. Maybe not, but it sounds good to me.

    Hope your finger is better, you and Heidi are getting some rest, and Alan and his family are doing well.

    Best Wishes as always,


    Notes for other bloggers:

    Bill (zydecocruiser)…Thanks for a really fun read! Who, but you, (or maybe Big Ed) would come up with something like that. Conkers sounds like a great game. Maybe John could put a match on the schedule of events for the Bloggers’ Cruise!

    Tracy G…How nice of you to take christmascor under your wing and give such good advice. That’s part of what being a “blog family member” is all about!

  241. this woke me up inside
    i fliipped the script since i stepped on it
    inspiration is my word of the day

  242. Angela says:

    Cruised Carnival many times I have never been dissapointed, the all new Inpiration looks great, I would love to take a cruise on this ship.

  243. Jeremy Buck says:

    It looks great when me and my wife took our honeymoon on Carnival conquest the water slide was fun but with the new slide wow that looks awesome we plan on taking another cruise and carnival is by far the best thanks for the great experience and many more

  244. marylou says:


    Love the new look, hope to book a cruise on this ship sometime next year. Just came back 2 weeks ago from the Triumph.
    Would love to see more smoke free areas or NO smoking at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. Kathleen R Thomas says:

    The Inspy being my first contract as a social host, I must say she looks magnificant. Many good times were had on her and many more to come! Cheers Inspiration!

  246. margaret says:

    Hi, the ship looks beautiful!! Is this the Inspiration that Carnival used in the mid 80’s? I believe it is and if I am right, I took my first cruise on this ship. It was a magnificent experience. Of all the cruises I have taken, the first in 1983 or 84. I still have my daily ships activities sheets. I am so glad to see the ship sailing again. Where does she sail from?

  247. Toni Sergi says:

    Now I know what ship I’m sailing this year!! Can’t wait!

  248. Feliciano's says:

    I would love to take a Cruise maybe next summer.
    We’ve tried the Conquest, the Ecstasy. may be the third trip will inspire us ! Any good discounts???

  249. Paul F. Pietrangelo says:

    Good evening Mr. Heald. WOW! I opened my computer on and to my amazement when I opened your blog there were 220 posts. What is going on mr. friend? How is Alan doing? It has been some time since you mentioned him. Is he doing OK? I think about him everyday especially since you said his operation took over 7 hours. Sorry for asking you this again but did Heidi receive my gift? The post office told me that it left Canada. I bet you are getting very excited for your vacation. I realize after all these posts, you probably won’t be able to return a comment back. That’s OK. I just to let you know that I thing about you here Amherstburg, Ontario. Say Hi to Heide and if possible I’d like to know how Alan is making out. Oh my the way, the pictures about the old/ new ship is beautiful. Great job Carnival. Ciao.

    Paul F. Pietrangelo

  250. Edwin & Zanda says:

    Hi John, This will be our 3rd cruise with Carnival, (2 in 07) and it’ll be on Nov 29 out of Tampa, on the Inspiration. We are so excited to go, specially now that it has been remodeled. We’ll let you know how it went. We’re sure it’s going to be great as always…
    Thank You

    Edwin & Zanda

  251. Diane R Lafrance says:

    The ship looks fabulous! Wow! Where does she sail from? Would love to cruise her. KUDOS!

  252. Hi John,
    Thank you for thoughs great pictures of the Inspiration. We just returned from a five day on the Imagination, boy if we had known the Imagination was going to look anything like the new Inspiration,we should have waited a few weeks. however we are looking forward to our next fun ship cruise.
    Thanks Again.
    Charles & Tracey

  253. Katrina Criggler says:

    Please make the Imagination next. It REALLY needs it! Maybe I’ll try the Inspiration for my next cruise. The Imagination leaves a lot to be desired!

  254. Teresa says:

    It looks great i hope all of the ships get to look that great very soon! We try to go on a cruise once every 2 years and carnival was the the best so i hope you just keep improving every year!

  255. Gil & Chris says:

    Hope the interior common areas won’t be as gaudy as the Glory.

    So far the outside looks great.

  256. Randy Garris says:

    I took my first ever cruise and out of the country trip on the Carnival Inspiration when it was doing tghe Western Exotic Carribeans. It was a fantastic experience. I cruised again last month and got married while aboard the Carnival Legend in Grand Caymon. The updates to Inspiration look great from just looking at the photos. I hope to be able to travel again on the Inspiration in the near future. Carnival is definitely a superior company to travel with.

    Randy and Pam Garris

  257. Lisa and Elaine says:

    I sure hope the boo boo on your finger is better..at 251 posts, you’re gonna be awfully busy?
    How’s Alan doing?

  258. Leonardo L. A says:

    I took my first cruise in 05, and to see the “Carnival Inspiration” makes me want to take another curise! Thanks for the first Good Time and the time it will be FABULOUS! ! !

  259. Joe Smith says:

    Hello John:
    We love your blog and hope your fingers can hold up to keep the blog going. The new Inspiration looks great and my wife and I hope to travel on her soon. My wife and I met you several years ago on the Triumph or the Destiny and we had such a great time that we have sailed with Carnival 5 more times. Take care and we hope to see you again at sea on another fun ship.

  260. Sandy & Selina Garrett says:

    Thanks for showing us the upgrades to the Inspiration it looks wonderful. We sailed on the Inspiration in 2000 had a lot of fun. Just got back off our fifth cruise with the Carnival Glory. We had a good time but it could use several upgrades. We will travel again with Carnival and look forward to sailing on the Inspiration or any other new ship that Carnival sails.

    Sandy and Selina Garrett

  261. Robin in New York says:

    Going on the Imagination in January, and I imagine (pun intended) that the renovations to it will be quite similar to this. Thanks for the personal and informative insight into what a refurbishment of this magnitude takes. I, for one, can’t wait….but I’m more of a Serenity Deck person that someone apt to go down that impressive slide!

  262. JAMES MADIGAN says:

    HI, Just completed my first cruise on Miracle out of NY. IF you know anyone who is on crew please tell them that the Madigan & Najdek families thank them all for everything.See you all soon JIM M.

  263. Melvin says:


  264. Alicia says:

    Looks great I can’t wait to see it up and personal.

  265. judy says:

    John we went with you to Italy in 2006 loved every minute of it. (Bedtime story was the best) We look forward to another trip with you guys. This ship would make my day calling carnival today. Hope to see you there, we never stopped laughing. you made it so much fun

  266. Marie in New York City says:

    Oh my god, I am already making plan to see you next year. That it so cool, I can’t wait for next year’s vacation to come. I’ll be dreaming about Inspiration.
    See you soon!

  267. Jeanne Schalz says:

    Hello John: thank you for the blog, I had my first cruise ever last November on the Legend and what a beautiful ship. I had a wonderful time. It was the bingo cruise we had 3 ports of call and they were great. I am hoping to cruise again sometime next year and will concider the Imagination. Keep up the good work .

  268. Almond says:

    I LOVE the concept!

  269. Robert In Riverdale, NY says:

    I have been on the Triumph, Destiny, Sensation and Fascination.

    However, the newly refurbished Inspiration is a must for our next cruise.

    I am sixty years old but I will definitely try that new slide.

    Congratulations Carnival on another great adventure.

  270. Teresa C. says:

    Hi John,
    I am so behind in my blog reading. I need to learn how to speed read just to keep up. I am sorry to hear about your finger……”baby”….oops did I say that!!! =) My goodness, the Inspiration is absolutely beautiful. I will need to look into the itineraries. I may consider taking my neices and nephews. This way I can introduce them to Carnival. You know, start them off on the right foot. We would have a ball in the WaterWorks area. Your time is getting near for a long awaited time off. All my best Alan and his family.

  271. Radames Morales says:

    Great job! I’ll will be crusing soon!

    But when will a cruise ship install some pool tables? Or is it impossible because of the sway?

    Radames in Puerto Rico

  272. Cynthia Hill says:

    would love to cruise on this ship it is really exciting

  273. Inez says:

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the Inspiration, it looks fantastic. I’ve not had the pleasure of cruising on that particular ship but that might have to change! I can’t wait to see the Imagination when renovations are completed. Love that ship-One of my favorites.

    Hope your finger is feeling better.
    Alan and his family are still in my prayers.

    Take Care to both you & Heidi,
    Inez & Dean

    P.S. What’s up with the Blog-233 comments…Wow-that’s a record!

  274. Kevin says:

    Holy Comments john isn’t going to arms left if he tries to answer all of these. John We all understand but what happened did carnival invite every past guest to the blog again ? Good luck with the typing out the responses mate. See you in a few days I set sail tomorrow.


  275. Yvette of IL says:

    The Inspiration was my first cruise and I hope take my husband on it. Since I won a free cruise next on last one and I hope he will come to enjoy it as much as I do. Also the ship looks beautiful can’t wait to see it in person.

  276. Sheryl Pelton says:

    Welcome to all the new bloggers, but where did you all come from all of a sudden? John, you will never be able to answer all these questions or if you do you will be so bleary eyed by the time you go on vacation. Just make one blanket statement to all and call it a day. I know that is not your usual style, but wow, what a day! 11 days left for you, but who’s counting? All of us loyal bloggers are counting, happy for you, but sad for all of us that we won’t hear from you nearly every day. Before you and Heidi leave for vacation, please give us an update on Alan’s condition. Thanks so much. Sheryl

  277. Mariza Chavez says:

    El 30 de setiembre al 30 de sep. salimos desde Galveston, fuimos un grupo de 36 personas., la pasamos divino, sin querer regresar, fue mi 4 crucero en Carnival y aunque, anteriormente me gustaban mas los show que hacian en los dinner, hasta hacian un carnaval repartiendo sombreros y collares, estaba mas alegre, pero de cualquier manera pasamos divino y programando para volver, quizas el proximo sea en inspiracion

  278. Al Viloria says:

    It is nice to see all the improvements on your fun ship, but it was not fun at all especially the disembarkation sytem me and my wife experianced
    when embarked in Los Angeles. On the disembarktion back in Los Angeles, there was a complete chaos and comfution. There was a mile long of passengers in the hallway trying to get the ship and looking for your luggace was just as bad.
    I have on othe cruise ships and their system of disembarking is so organized. So I hope you improve yours and we might Carnival again.

  279. Samantha Lloyd says:

    Hi John & Heidi

    Sorry I haven’t got back in touch sooner. I was so pleased that you remembered me and was shocked by your memories of me. Far to flattering but thanks. So let me fill you on. No I’m not dancing anymore I’m afraid, had to grow up and get a proper job. I now work for a worldwide oil trading company in London. It’s different but I’m happy and the people I work with are great. Not married, still looking for the one, ha, ha. Reading the blog and seeing all the great photos does make me think about taking off on the open seas again. I know you are going on vacation soon and if you are in the UK and have a spare moment it would be lovely to maybe have a drink and see you both. I hope Alan is doing ok? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Take care

    PS. Hope you will be cheering for England in the rugby on Saturday.

  280. Monica and Al says:

    John, I don’t know if you got my other e-mail so just in case…..I have a challenging question for you, we sail on the Freedom on Nov.24th from Miami and I would love to know what time zones the major networks come from. For example the Triumph comes from mountain time (Denver) while the Victory comes from the eastern time zone (New York). I really hope you can find the answer to this question for me, and once again I’m really sorry we won’t be seeing you and Heidi on this cruise, but hey, everybody deserves their rest and it’s well deserved for you guys.

    Best regards Al and Monica

  281. JIM says:

    The new remodeling looks good and should enhance the FUN SHIP.

    BUT, senior citizens (I am 68) like to have fun also. We senior citizens (at least me) can’t get down to the lounge chairs and get back up. Will you consider putting some tables with regular chairs around the pools? On the Victory these were under the deck cover so we could not sit in the sun.. Thank you for your time.

  282. Monica and Al says:

    John, my system is telling me my e-mail didn’t go through, so here goes. I have a challenging question for you….we sail on the Freedom Nov.24th from Miami and I would love to know what time zones the television on the ship will be coming from. e.g. Triumph – mountain time(Denver) and Victory – eastern(the best as it’s the time zone we’ll be in on the ship). You’ll be my hero if you can answer this question. Best regards

  283. Ruth Jamison says:

    John and Heidi,
    WOW! Over two hundred responses to the last post! I think you have definately hit on something good here!
    The Inspiration is absolutely gorgeous. I was telling hubby about it over dinner last night. We might have to take a look at that one soon. The grandkids would love the onboard waterpark. The serenity area appealed to me. I can just envision myself there with hubby beside me- as we put all the stress of work behind us!
    We have also spent a lot of time in Charleston, South Carolina. I love that area. Have the two of you ever been there? It has a lot of history associated with it. We have a friend who owns a carriage tour company that takes tourists through the city on mule drawn carriages. Love the area!
    If you ever get the chance to visit Charleston, you should try it! The Battery area overlooking the harbor is gorgeous at night!

  284. Bunny Bond says:

    On the July 21st 2007, just before the renovation 50 of my family and friends took the Western Caribbean out of Tampa Florida. We are constant Cruisers taking over 14 cruises in the last 10 years, but I must say we enjoyed that cruise as one of, if not the best cruises for food, service, classy entertainment, and just plain fun! Now with the new enhancements, I feel we should all go again. I think it looks amazing!

  285. catmama044 says:

    Wow, John!!! You are suddenly the most popular man sailing the high seas. What is going on? Although, all of us faithful bloggers already knew you were the best of the best.

  286. Johnetta Beverley says:

    You were our cruise director on the Carnival Glory in 2004 I thought you said that was your last trip with Carnival, but I wanted to send you a gift. I would like to send you this gift, where can I send it? (you mentioned this on that cruise).

    Hope we (husband and I) cruise with you again,.
    Johnetta Beverley
    Atlanta, GA

  287. Ron says:

    Wow ! That really looks great. Luckily, my wife and I are booked on the Inspiration for January 19th. We had booked it several months ago, before the renovations, and we do have a penthouse suite, which I believe is shown in the photo. Looks like we got lucky on this, and we can’t wait to go. Gonna have to report on it from personal experience when we get back. Told the wife, I gotta do the water slide (I’m 69 years old), and she says “yeah right” Hah, I’ll show her ! Then the Serenity area will be very welcome, I am sure.

  288. Hello John,
    Thank you so much for the update. I am a travel
    agent here in St. Petersburg. I book my clients
    on the Carnival Inspiration all the time.
    The Inspiration is absolutely gorgeous. I know I will be booking even more with the new water slide
    and park. I have to cruise on it again myself. I think it looks amazing! Thank you sooooooooo very much. Kind Regards,

  289. lorry says:

    hi, great site, tell me please where will the inspiration be sailing from? and to where will it go? and how many tons is it? thank you.lorry

  290. steve parry says:

    Went were on the Inspiration the first week of october this year, it did some help. The pictures look great. We love to cruise, we go several times a year. Are you going to have a toppless deck agian because if not we will have to find one that does.
    Steve & Jeanette

  291. delaine james says:

    how do i get to enjoy all the good things yall peoples are talking about. I want to be able to cruise with this ship I do I do this. pls send me info about the ship. I have people who wants to go and have fun. sweetlaine1 travel is my name. pls respond.

  292. Real nice…see you in July!!

  293. sharon says:

    I am going on my first cruise in Dec. on the Inspiration. I was already excited but the more blogs I read the more excited I get. Does anyone have any pointers that they would like to share with me?

  294. DWA76 says:

    Great pictures of the Inspiration!
    Thank you…
    They did a wonderful job on the upgrades.
    Hope all is well!

  295. David Trail says:

    John, This looks wonderful! My wife and I will be taking another trip probably in the Spring or Summer. Looking forward to it. Great pictures! D

  296. gloria rodriguez says:

    just got back from mexico on the imagination ,only words can describe the vaca,awsome awsome awsome…had a beautiful and wonderful 20th anniversary….awsome …..every one especialy our dinner server were the best….thanks carnival,,for an awsome vaca …matter of fact i am doing another trip with the people who took us on this one,but this time it will be our kids (06 and 17 y,o )again your ship was awsome hospitality….thanks the rodriguez family….

  297. cruiseagain says:

    John I see where there is mention of Katherine Zeta Jones as GM of the Splendor.Well I don’t know if most people know she is already the dining room hostess on the Liberty. She uses a different name to hide a true identity as Larisa.She is truly just as beautiful as if not more than Miss Jones. Larisa was a very special treat to have take care of my group last week on the Liberty. The compant better keep an eye on her before some other company try’s to steal her. She is never without a smile on her face.
    The Inspiration looks fantastic and I can’t wait for the others to be done over. Then the clients can stop saying I want a new ship not an old one. Boy would they be missing out on a treat.
    Thanks Ken from Cruise Again

  298. "BIG" Ed says:

    John, I want that job. Yes I want to be the Lido deck plush chaise lounge cop. Boy are there going to be a lot of towel draped chaises before the sun comes up. Now even the old folks that hide way back in the shade will join the seat savers to get the ones under the fake trees. Have you heard anything about this yet from the ship. Because if I’m not the cop I’ll be one of those seat savers in the shade.

    “BIG” ED

  299. Carolyn says:

    Dear John,

    We just sold our beloved Delorean so we could sail on the Freedom on June 3, 2008 to celebrate my husbands retirement from Corrections. He is starting a new career and we thought a family vacation to Italy, Croatia, Spain and France would be a vacation of a lifetime to mark this big event. We will be sailing with our 2 children (age 7 and 11) and my mom. Can you recommend the best excursions for children of that age? (ps. I am addicted to your blog! I am taking notes in my vacation notebook regarding your comments in your blog.)

  300. prooks says:

    This looks great. We just came back from Europe on your Carnival Freedom from the Greek Isles. We had a wonderful time. Also, we were on your Carnival Freedom with you 2 yrs ago to the Grand Med. Had a great time there also. You are the greatest Cruise Director ever. I also am hoping Carnival will put out a cruise to Ireland. WE are hoping to go in 2009
    Take Care

  301. Calvin Flemmings says:

    When and where is the next “Inspiration” cruise?

  302. Gloria Delgado says:

    saludo quisiera que me enviaran tola la informacion en español,se lo voy agradeser.gracias

  303. Helen D. says:

    Hey John,
    The ship looks great.,I’m ready for my next trip
    I want to get on the slide and relax in the beautiful
    cabins.Great job

  304. Angelica says:

    oh wow that ship is amaizing i want travel on that ship. I want to Know What is the principal port and travel schedule I mean what island is going to visit an I want to know wath are the price for cabins.

  305. Deborah Christopher says:

    Dear John,
    I was a leader of a small group of 39 people on the first cruise after the Inspiration renovations on Oct. 4 – 8. Couldn’t help but notice there were NO comments from that cruise. The ship was simply not ready to sail and the problems went on and on. Can you imagine how badly I felt since I was responsible for my group? The trouble started with a horrendous check-in. Once finally on board, there were plumbing problems,
    sewage smells, untrained staff, lost luggage, broken luggage, no pool, terrible dining service… I’ve been on four Carnival cruises, including the Inspiration, but this was the worst.
    So disappointed.

  306. Ron says:

    Our first cruise on Aug. 26 from Galveston was not a memorable cruise except for the problems. Our balcony cabin had non functing A/C for the entire trip, the Carnival cup or mug was out of stock by Tuesday evening due to the amount of people booked on the cruise????, the food was just acceptable, the service in the buffet the first 2 days was deplorable etc. I complained every day about the lack of proper air and the best they could do was bring our 2 rooms large fans which were very noisy.

  307. darlynn says:

    Hi John,
    so glad to see you at Carnival still. I was on the Destiny in 1998 and you were cruise director then and I thought you were great. Were going on the Freedom in June hope to see you then.

  308. Alex says:

    It is great so know that M/S Inspiration has been reborn. I have worked in that fleet once as a Snack Steward. I had a blast working with the F&B Department crew. My experiences and a great time working in M/S Inspiration will always be cherished. In fact, one of these days I will book myself and my wife to cruise with M/S Inspiration as a passenger this time.
    Thanks a lot John you did a great job here.
    Congratulations and more power to Carnival Cruise Lines!

  309. Liz; MsBoatBug says:

    Lovin’ It, Lovin’ It, and just Lovin’ It. My last cruise on the Valor was awsome and the Fantasy was Fantastic. I can hardly wait for another cruise and see the new very lush cabins and let the kids slip and slide down that huge slide. I just can’t seem to find a cruise that’s long enough for me. If I could just retire from the post office and live about I think I would be a truly “Happy Camper” but I have my own boat to do that with. Anyway, Coodose to Carnival. I Love what you do to help family and freinds to be able to say good-bye to stress. I give a Thankful shout-out to all the crew aboard the Valore and the Fantasy.

    Thanks for the best vacations I could ever dream of to include swimming with the dolphins.


  310. Sharon W. says:

    My first cruise was in 2006 on the Inspiration. I love what it looks like now. Last year we cruised on Elation and next April on Fantasy.

    I never ever wanted to go on a cruise. but now I am hooked.

  311. OOH, the adult serenity place looks/sounds divine…until hubby relaxes so much he starts snoring. Then it won’t be a serenity place anymore… bwahahahah!

    Reminds me of a story…On one of our past cruises, we were relaxing in the grown-up pool section and hubby and I fell asleep (yes, we cruise to sleep! — we sleep better on a cruise ship). we both woke up to a kid standing at hubby’s feet. He was just staring at hubby and eating ice cream. Kinda like watching a sleeping bear in a zoo (did I just say that?).

    Love the tile work. But then I have a “thing” for tile.

  312. Hey John,
    The ship looks super great!! We have been on 5 cruises in the past 4 years and can hardly wait till the next one!!! The Inspiration is definetly our life style!!
    See Ya Soon!

  313. Robin Snider-Baisden says:

    My husband and I recently took our very first cruise with Carnival on the Imagination. WOW!!! What a great time we had! The best ever!! What impressed me the most was the great service. Every wish was granted.
    We would like to send BIG HUGS to our Diningroom Waiter Emiliono and our Bar Waiter Levente. We appreciate your great service and kindness. We are planning another cruise as soon as possible and would love to see you guys again!
    With Sincere Gratitude,
    The couple with 8 kids and the guy with 2 Cokes

  314. Carmen Shannon says:

    Hi John!!

    I met you at the Carnival Freedom inauguration sailing from Rome back in March. You were magnificent. My issue, where is the “latin salsa” lounge for dancers of all nationalities that love this style of dancing. It is time to add a “Bolero” or “Salsa” or “Rumba” to your ships. Do not wait too long!! We are waiting!!

    Carmen, Independent Travel Agent
    Group Specialist

  315. Jodi says:

    I am looking at cruising on the Imagination and know that she is in line for the same rebirth. These photos make me want to leave.. oh, a week or so ago. The photos have also put to rest any concerns that the others in my party had about getting on an older ship. Thanks John!

  316. Angela and Robb Fuller says:

    Looking for a cruise aboard this ship as we speak. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. Angela and Robb Fuller says:

    Love it!!!!! Looking for a cruise aboard this fun ship as we speak!!

  318. Evelyn Sampson says:

    “The experience of a life time” with “La Dulce Vida”
    the best quotes to best quote Carnival & the John Heald moments… along with crew memebers … All ABOARD! My first trip was on Carnival Freedom Summer of 2007 with Mom…XOXO Thanks… Mami/DKNY/Mamma Leoni…XOXO Italy, Sicily, Spain, Croatia and France. What a view … The pizza bar @ night….Ahhhh… Carnival Blog… blog ..blog…Thanks for the memories. To The Good Life … We owe it to ourselves and family @ least once a year. By the way, as an adult I did not appreciate security asking me to leave the X-Box which was in the kids club. Adults spend a pretty penny for such units and might enjoy a little X-box themselves….

    Hint: Facilitate the ship with Game rooms with play station & X-Boxes
    FOR ADULTS… Just good video games Okay Mr. Funny buddy J.Heald…..
    Ev. Sampson

  319. Hi John, it looks great, I’m booking some clients on the Inspiration today, and i’m truly happy to see Carnival’s modernization. After all we are the Fun Ship’s. A Fam trip would really be in order now. Thanks we needed this! Love it!!!

  320. Audrey says:

    I don’t beleive it, until I see it. Smile!

  321. Mark says:

    The Fantasy Class “re-imagined” pool and Water Works area look awesome!!! Any specifics on the drydock schedule or reconstuction timetables of the remaining Fantasy Class ships? I am scheduled on the Sensation (soon to be Carnival Sensation) March 09 ’08 and I’m sure that I will still find “FUN” without the new pools.
    This will be my 2nd Carnival cruise. I enjoyed the first one on the Triumph last year so much I wanted to introduce my parents to the Carnival experience.
    Oh and you can send a big thank you to the cruise director and all the staff on the Carnival Triumph for making my first cruise back in Jan ’07 a fantastic and seemingly addictive experience!

  322. Cindy says:

    Wow!!!! We sail on the Inspiration in 8 day’s. I am a loyal customer of Carnival and cannot wait. I sailed this ship 9 years ago and she was amazing then. This will be our kids 1st time (12, 12, 14 y/o girls). They will not want to get off the boat. Thanks again Carnival you are the best.

    See you Soon! Did I mention in 8days :0)_

  323. David says:

    Wow, the Inspiration looks like a real fun ship…

    My son loves the way the slides look in the pictures, and he want to try them out. The family and I went on the Elation earlier this year (May 07) for a 5 day cruise. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to take another cruise set for early next year. I got so spoiled with the food and the Pizza bar. It is so nice to wonder over and get a Pizza before bed… 😉

    David, Yolie, Coral, Mark [8^)

  324. David says:

    Wow, the Inspiration looks like a real fun ship…

    My son loves the way the slides look in the pictures, and he want to try them out. The family and I went on the Elation earlier this year (May 07) for a 5 day cruise. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to take another cruise set for early next year. I got so spoiled with the food and the Pizza bar. It is so nice to wonder over and get a Pizza before bed… 😉

    David, Yolie, Coral, Mark

  325. SAE Kevin says:

    My fraternity had a our annual leadership school on the Inspiration this past August and it was due for an upgrade. Its amazing how much they added when you think about how quickly they turned this ship around. Looks great!

  326. william says:

    I just returned on 10-8-07. The slide is more fun than it looks and I am 250lbs. the ship is awsome! I am already booking another cruise. But I never did get any lobster in bed, maybe next time.

  327. TheChads says:

    Hi John,

    Wow, the renovations are awesome!! Love the pictures.

    Mary & Randy

  328. Glenda says:

    Hi John,

    You and the crew have done a marvelous job with the newly renovations. I was really impressed with the upgrade of the cabin. I can’t wait to see these changes in person. It’s time for me and my family to take a vacation and cruising is my preference because I love the way your mates take good care of us. The slide on the lido deck looks really exciting I know the kids will enjoy this.

  329. Loretta Utterback says:

    Hi John,
    My hubby and I just spent our 50th wedding anni with u on the Freedom, Sept 22, Great time and you are so funny. I wrote a letter and you read it and sent us champaign,(cant spell) But it was good. Thanks for a memorial trip will never forget it.
    Richard & Loretta

  330. Thanks so much for the pictures, especially the ones from the top of the slide. I could sure use some fun right now. I’m checking my calendar!

  331. Debbie Lewis says:

    Great pics.Hope to see you soon on the freedom Feb. 9 2008 sailing. Deb and H

  332. keith says:

    cant wait to go on it we will see it in the spring this will be our 11th cruise

  333. Bobby Smith says:

    Have been on the inspiration awhile back and just returned from Imagination 9-10-07. A March trip on the FREEDOM is in the works. Been on two of your cruises… Loved them both. You are without a doubt the BEST cruise director on the high seas. Been on 15 cruise-other lines as well- and none better than “yours”.
    Also understan Imagination is up for refurbishing SOON.
    See ya in March!!!

  334. Susan says:


    The ship looks exceptionally wonderful and different than it did on our cruise November 2005. We might just have to look into another cruise on the inspiration since our home port is Tampa. We live in St. Pete, FL, so it is really convenient to take a cruise from Tampa. We did a cruise this past April out of Miami, which was also fantastic. Look forward to the next cruise on Carnival!!

  335. Virginia says:

    I love the cruising that we have been doing the last few years and always look forward to the next cruise.

  336. Pamela Parrish says:

    My family/friends and I just sailed this ship (57 of us)….we were on board when they FIRST opened this slide and my Grandaughter (4 yrs old) was one of the the first to go down the slide on her first cruise! The expressions on her face told the story…this was the fifth cruise for our group and we are already book for next year on the Glory! There are over 100 expected with our group next year…..I have sailed on the inspiration before and loved it…..and now the changes WOW they were GREAT! and was very excited to be the first to enjoy. Our family and friends look forward to getting together every year …..as we are scattered every where in many different states…what a great way to keep connected! Our group is growing every year…and intend on keeping the tradition alive!

    Great Job!

  337. tonya says:

    my family & i are leaving on our first cruise on 10/22/07. we are going on the inspiration & excited does not even describe us right now. my 15 yr. old daughter & her 16 yr. old friend are coming with us, along with my 9 yr. old nephew. i will report back after our trip. we plan on doing the segway tour of cozumel & we can’t wait.

  338. ALAN DAVIDSON says:


  339. Shonda says:

    My husband & I were on the Inspiration for its 1st cruise post renovations. We had a blast! As 1st time cruisers, our only expectation was that we were going to have a good time (based on talking to others who were avid cruisers). In most areas, our expectations were met and some even exceeded. The pics in this blog are great, but having been on the ship ourselves it’s something you just have to see in person. The adults only deck (Serenity) was so relaxing. And Spa Carnival…fabulous. We are already planning our next trip. Carnival…definitely ‘The Fun Ship!’

  340. Prettyheart says:

    I would like to see more pictures of the inside,but from what i see it looks very nice

  341. Diane says:

    Nice upgrades. However I also am not sure I care for the Suites , based on the photos. Loks like there are just sheets tucked on the beds. Little too retro looking for me. and of course i’m already booked on it. I have my fingers crossed the pictures just don’t do it justice !

  342. Michael Holau says:

    Dear John,
    My first cruise ever was on the Inspiration out of New Orleans in 2002. My trip on her got me hooked.

    I would love to take another cruise on the newly lifted Inspiration. She looks beautiful!


  343. Michelle says:

    My husband just happened onto your website. We will be cruising on November 1 with our two sons (their first) and can’t wait to see the changes. We thought the ship looked awesome already but now it’s unbelievable. Now if the cruise was just longer.


  344. Heather Tillis says:

    Just docked in Tampa from cruising on the Inspiration to Cozumel, Mexico and boy what a boat. The facilities were amazing, the staff was friendly and accomodating and the trip was just FANTASTIC!!!!! The water park was really neat to see on the boat and that goodness we did not see any NUDE sunbathers. Everything was done up symphony and mardi gras style, very fancy. The whole ship was super clean and no one went without a drink!! This happened to also be my first cruise and the staff made me want to do it all again. The comedy shows and magic shows were hysterical and the activities planned kept everyone busy and entertained. Although I have no children, I especially enjoyed Camp Carnival because they kept all of the little ones entertained and out from underfoot. The food was top notch and the wait staff were so busy taking care of us that I felt out of breath just watching them. If you want to cruise, this is the boat to do it on. I highly recommend everyone to go see the great people of the Carnival Inspiration and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

  345. Samuel says:


    It looks amazing. My wife and I can’t wait to see it in person.

  346. cruisenow says:

    Very Nice Pics. The Inspiration Deserved theUpgrades. It looks great. cruisesource.us

  347. cruisenow says:

    Very Nice Pics. The Inspiration Deserved theUpgrades. It looks great.

  348. Paul A. Frevele Jr. says:

    Hey John,
    she looks Super, job well done by Carnival. My new wife and I hope to sail on her, very SOON!!!!!. Our honeyMoon.

  349. Dixie Mueting says:

    I just returned from a 5 day cruise on the “reborn” Inspiration to Grand Cayman and Calica. Our cabin and the bathrooms looked NOTHING like the pictures. My bed WAS under the window.
    The staff on the ship was wonderful.
    My previous cruise was on the Carnival Spirit, to the Mexican Riviera. I enjoyed it so much more. Maybe a “first time” is the best.

  350. P Griffin says:

    just came back from mexico on the inspiration. loved every min. of it. the ship is great . our cruise was the second to sail since it was refurbished. carnival did a grat job. cant wait to go again . i’ve sailed on the fantasy many times and the royal carribean soverian of the seas. Inspiration really outdid them selves. our cabin guy ,called him elvis , was outstanding also loved our head waiter.

  351. Snowdevil says:


    I have to say, I’m impressed! I’m glad to see that Carnival has elected to update the Fantasy-class vessels; my wife and I sailed on Fascination a few years back and she looked pretty worn.

    And not to mention, garish. All that neon pink everywhere! It looked like a bad Vegas casino.

    I’ve been told by many cruising aficionados that Carnival has done a 180 in recent years, and that the more recent builds reflect a far better cruising experience than the old “party barges” built 10 to 15 years back.

    I’ve yet to try out one of these newer ships – or refurbished older vessels – but I’m dying to give Carnival another whirl!

  352. KATHY FURMAN says:

    Looks AWESOME!! We recently cruised in June 2007 for our honeymoon, and said they really need a adult only area, and here it is!! We are planning another cruise for 2008! THANKS!!

  353. Lizz Mehegan says:


    Have back-to-backs on the Inspiration booked for November 2008. Bad enough I’ve been chompin’ at the bit for my December 2007 cruise on the Valor, but checking out the Inspiration just now… YEAH!

  354. Phil Taylor says:

    Hi John,
    We are sailing on the Inspiration in December.We are Aussies and our daughter is one of the entertainers in the production shows.She tells us the makeover is fantastic, so looking forward to it.We were on the Fantasy last year so it should be a good comparison.

  355. Ann Barnett says:

    I received the email about the upgrade 4 days after we had booked a cruise on the Inspiration! We are now even more excited, and can’t wait! Love the water park!

  356. J. Blayne says:

    This rocks man.

  357. Debbie Millard says:

    My very first cruise was on the Inspiration and we had a wonderful time. Looking forward to being onboard again with you in November. Can’t wait to see the renovations.

  358. Cindy Dube says:

    Our friends from NH and we are going on the ship next May. We are looking forward to the beautiful new look of the ship. We have all cruised before but usually go on newer ships. This will be an older ship renewed. Looks wonderful!

  359. Bonnie Prenkert says:

    We are surprising my daughter with her one and only Graduation Wish! My husband and I are taking her on a cruise for her High School Graduation…it happens over Spring Break and we are on the Inspiration. I am so excited and can’t wait til Christmas to share with her what we are doing!!! These pictures just made me want our vacation together to come sooner! I can’t wait to see everything up close! And I especially can’t wait to see her eyes as we board!

  360. Linda Gonzalez says:

    I have been cruising with Carnival since the 1980’s and I just can’t get enough of their new and old decors. I just got off the Carnival Glory yesterday (Oct 27, 2007) and I’m already looking forward to the next time I step onboard another Carnival fun ship.

    I was on the Inspiration in Dec 2003, Nov 2006 and will be on the ship again Feb 7, 2008. I can’t wait to see the new redesign of the Inspiration, especially the cabins and the new waterworks “fun” slides. I’m sure it will be another spectacular Carnival cruise!!!

    THANK YOU to Carnival Cruise Lines for the best vacations I have ever had!!!!!!

  361. Michel & Diane says:

    I am really impressed with the new “Inspiration” and I hope to cruise on it soon. I love the fact that you’ve added this special area for the adults – what a great idea!

    It was on the Inspiration in 1999 that we discovered our love of cruising. Last year we introduced the Carnival Cruise Line to some friends and they loved it so much that we are going on another New Year’s cruise this year. It is so much fun and no one else can pamper and spoil you like the Carnival crew.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  362. Debbie Bayura says:

    We were on the October 13th sailing of the Inspiration for my son’s on board wedding. It was our first cruise. A fairy tale come true! I was amazed by everything and everyone. We will definitely return to a Carnival ship for future cruises. The food was excellent, rooms were always clean and I felt like I was the only passenger on board because of the great hospitality. I can’t say enough about the whole experience.

  363. RITA NOEL says:


  364. Elaine Boyle says:

    Looking forward to sailing on Inspiration this Thursday, 11/1. The “new” ship looks fabulous…can’t wait to see it.

  365. bob says:

    hey john, we took 4 cruises and we are taking another cruise on nov 4 , we love carnival. i was wanting to know who the cruise director would be for the carnival victory for nov, if you know please email me at btis20@yahoo.com

  366. Scott says:

    Hi John, its been awhile since I cruised with you on the Glory. I beleive, we smoked a few cigars and you told me, some lies, how you taught Ron everything he knows today. And Ron taught you to be a mixologist, or whatever??? I do enjoy a good cuban with the both of you and look forward to a trip to Instanbul, someday, where I grew up, many, many years ago. My first cruise with Ron was on the Sensation, a ship still near and dear to his heart. Many of the those crew members have since transfered to the Inspiration, (they know a good hotel director, when they have work for one) and it’s always a home coming for me. I booked my December cruise 6 months ago, after Ron told me how radical the refit was going to be…. and then your pictures and blog, sent to me my Carnival booking agent, Alan Garcia. Well, the next day I had Alan had booked me another trip in January! It’s going to be hard to make reservations. Inspiration is going to be sooo popular. How long is that water slid…awesome! It will be an “Inspiration” to all of the Fantasy classed ships that will be updated like this. What a smart thing Carnival is doing, to “refresh” their older midsize ships. These “Fun Ships” will be around for many more years, giving us loyal Carnival cruisers, many more fun days at sea.

  367. Scott says:

    Hi John, its been awhile since I cruised with you on the Glory. I beleive, we smoked a few cigars and you told me, some lies, how you taught Ron everything he knows today. And Ron taught you to be a mixologist, or whatever??? I do enjoy a good cuban with the both of you and look forward to a trip to Instanbul, someday. My first cruise with Ron was on the Sensation. Many of the those crew members have since transfered to the Inspiration, (they know a good hotel director, when they have work for one) and it’s always a home coming for me. I booked my December cruise 6 months ago, after Ron told me how radical the refit was going to be…. and then your pictures and blog, sent to me my Carnival booking agent, Alan Garcia. Well, the next day I booked another trip in January! It’s going to be hard to make reservations, once the word gets out! How long is that water slid…awesome! Truely an “Inspiration” for all of the Fantasy classed ships. What a smart thing Carnival is doing, to “refresh” their older midsize ships. These “Fun Ships” will be around for many more fun years, to come.

  368. Cindy Reckhart says:

    My husband and I and some close friends were on the first cruise after the renovation of the Inspiration. We had a great time – it was our first ever cruise. I wanted to buy one of their pillows and luckily found a catalog in my papers for debarkation that will allow me to purchase one. No matter what time of day or night there was food. We really enjoyed the comedy shows, the Vegas style show and watching karaoke. I liked the color and sparkle of the casino, too. One thing that others may benefit from is to let them know that when trying to get from the front of the ship to the back, just because you seem to be at a wall does not mean that you can’t go any further. It was a little confusing, but we found that if we went to the outer halls we could go around the wall and go to the very ends of the ship. The whole place was immaculately clean, and the staff was so courteous and helpful! You don’t have to pack shampoo or body wash because it is provided in dispensers in the shower – but take conditioner as the ship’s store did not have that. We also really enjoyed the towel animals on our bed each night – so cute! So much to enjoy!

  369. Lori says:

    I just read the blog on the refurbished Inspiration and wanted to mention that I just got back two weeks ago from a cruise on the Carnival Inspiration- and it was fabulous! All of the renovations looked great and the serenity area was a GREAT addition as well as the water slides (I had to indulge) It was my first cruise and I will definately be cruising again!

  370. BILL T. says:

    My wife and I have been on Inspiration 2 times last year. What a difference the pictures look like. When we were on the ship the beds were very uncomfortable, I hope they upgrated them too? We will try Inspiration again, very soon. Since we live in New Port Richey, FL. just north of Tampa.

  371. Bridget says:

    I am sailing from Tampa on this ship on Monday (11/5). I had no idea all these changes had taken place. I am twice as excited now. They are going to have to drag me from the adults only serenity area. Woo Hoo!!!! Thanks for the info and all the great pictures.

  372. Misty says:

    I just got back from a fantastic cruise on the Inspiration. The ship does look amazing and I enjoyed every second on board. I really did not want to leave. Risa, the cruise director, and all of the social hosts were very friendly and entertaining. The shows and the orchestra were spectacular. Please send my thanks and gratitude to all of the staff and crew on the Inspiration. I hope to be traveling with them again soon!

  373. heather w says:

    when was this ship remodeled?
    we’re going on the 5 day- western, on feb 25.
    earlier this year we sailed on elation- loved that!

  374. Erin says:

    I sailed the Inspiration 2 weeks ago, and it was wonderful. The massage at Spa Carnival was sooo relaxing. Oh, and the adults only serenity area, just as relaxing. At night between the waves crashing and the stars, makes you never want to leave. Great job, Carnival. Thank you very much for making my first cruise perfect.

  375. Kathy Ward says:

    Hi John, Thank you for the news. This is my first time cruising and I’ll be on the New Year’s eve trip. Very excited. Thanks for the pics, I now have something to show everyone 🙂

  376. Rhonda says:

    Wow! The ship looks awesome, my husband and I were on the last cruise in 2004 before she went in for renovations!! It was our honeymoon, and I was just looking to see if she was ready for my 40th b day next Nov, I guess so, I’ll have to go see her schedule. How exciting to see the changes!!

  377. Hi John! Thanks for all of the pictures! My Husband, Father-in-Law, Mother-in-Law, Son, his friend and I will be coming aboard in late Jan.
    I’m sure the pictures don’t do it justice!


  378. Julie Russell says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve been crusing with carnival for the past 20 years. Every year when I would reach my cabin, I would wait until I heard your voice on the speaker and will say “yes”. You have me in tears. I never missed the shows. Remember “trickle trickle trickle”, and stop or I will “shit”. I have a picture with you. I get a platnum card now. I don’t have to wait on the lines. I get goodies every day in my cabin, (chocolate covered strawberries, finger sandwiches, assorted cookies, a carnival tote bag and a bottle of wine. Now it’s time for a complimentry cruise (smile).

  379. Greg Lucas says:

    John, my wife,daughter, and myself are going on our first cruise in july 08. Its going to be on the inspiration, the ship looks awesome!!!!!

  380. Greg Lucas says:

    going on a cruise for the first time with the family in 08 on the inspiration. Ship looks great

  381. Greg Lucas says:

    looks great, inspiration will be our first cruise in 08

  382. Graem says:

    I went on the Inspiration in 06′ and our room smelled like spice. I did not like the room, BUT I loved the ship! I liked looking up through the atrium & watching shows in the Paris Lounge. I even remember the orientation in the Candlelight Lounge! Overall, it was a great place to get away from the daily grind!!

  383. Khristian Campbell says:

    Hi John,

    The new Inspiration looks WONDERFUL!!! I plan to see it in person Aug 08. This will be my 4th Carnival cruise. I’ve been aboard Conquest, Glory and Fantasy- and am proud to be a member of the Carnival family!!!

  384. Kathy O says:

    We are boarding November 24th. Eight 40 to 50 year olds from Buffalo and we are LEAVING THE KIDS HOME. Looks great, see you for cocktails. ko

  385. Anna L. says:

    Am excited about the new Inspiration. We cruised on her a year ago, before renovations, but will no doubt be on her again soon since we frequently visit our daughter in Lakeland, FL, near Tampa. We are leaving on the Elation out of San Diego on November 26. Any plans for that ship? This will be our third Elation cruise.

  386. Aine says:

    We are booked on the Inspiration 11/19/07. It will be our 7th cruise since 2004 and our 3rd Carnival Cruise. Where can I find some pictures of the renovations, especially the staterooms?
    We love Carnival. Our very 1st cruise was on the Victory and then we went with grandchildren last February on the Sensation. It was great. Carnival gets a bad rap about catering to “kids”. Yes, we saw a lot of children but they were so happy to be in Camp Carnival. They were absolutely no problem.

  387. Samantha says:

    I really like the new changes, especially the water slide because every fun ship needs “FUN”. I have been on 10 cruises and 3 of them have been on carnival. I love carnival and I would like to go on this ship sometime!

  388. Doris Johnson says:

    I must say, I like the new look. I recently cruised on the Inspiration in May 2007 and the new look is beautiful. I am planning a cruise for December 07 and the new look may have changed my mine about which port to leave out of. I love the karakoe lounge on the Inspiration because of it large size. It’s like singing live at a concert. I have also sailed on Victory, Liberty and the history making Tropical but their karakoe lounges are small and cramped.

    The bathroom on the remodeled Inspiration is beautiful.

  389. Juan says:

    I love what Carnival is doing with the Fantasy class ships. My first Carnival cruise was the Inspiration (7 nights from San Juan in 1997). I love the Fantasy class ships, I did the Imagination in Oct. 06, and will be doing the Fascination in Jan. 08. I just wish there was a Fantasy class ship doing (3,4, and 5 nights cruises from San Juan). I know other company had 3 and 4 nights cruises from San Juan and they were always booked. Carnival executives, please take this petition into consideration.

  390. tracy says:

    I went on my first cruise, and loved it. Hopefully I will be cruising on this lovely ship soon….

  391. Rhonda says:

    we are going on Inspiration in May and I can’t wait. It looks great it will be my 1st time on this ship went on another last year and had a ball.

  392. Cindi says:

    Hi John… I just found your blog. Thanks for the info. I am sailing on the Inspiration with my honey next week… Sailing Monday Nov. 19th. We cant wait. This will be my 5th with Carnival. We went on the Destiny in April with all 4 kids. We bought some raffle tickets and won this trip! So its just the two of us for a romantic time. Thanks Carnival! We cant wait to see the Inspiration dressed in all her new glory. We will enjoy, we always do. See you in a few days.


  393. Alicia says:

    I wish they would have done a nice upgrade like this one to the Sensation before I cruised on it!

  394. StephenK says:

    My first cruise on Inspiration with friends the best,two years ago.My next cruise on the Inspriation last march o7,my wife an i had a blast A PERFECT VACATION.We went on a cruise this past october on the GLORY a bigger ship but i tell you I like the Inspriation much much better,more to do.We booked a cruise allready on the Inspriation for sept 08,without nowing there were any improvments.now we can’t wait to go .Thanks carnival for making our ship much better.We loved the coffee bar,are there any new food areas on board the fish an chips on the Glory made that ship.Looking forward toward our next cruise ,only 309 days left.

  395. Pam says:

    We got back a week ago from sailing on the Inspiration. We had a wonderful time. It was my 4th cruise with Carnival, my husband’s 9th, my in-laws’ 10th and my step-daughter’s 1st. Each of us had a wonderful time. The ship was beautiful. I was excited to see that Risa, cruise director had joined the Inspiration because we enjoyed her “southern hospitality” on the Carnival Celebration on two previous cruises. “Felipe” is still a household name and my stepdaughter is still doing his signature “happy dance”. You have to see it to believe it. I recommend Carnival cruise lines to everyone and we are looking forward to cruising on the Facination next fall…any idea when it will be refurbished?

  396. Dianne says:

    We are cruising on the Inspiration beginning of January, 08. We have an Ocean View room #M64. Layout shows this room has 2 upper berths. There are 3 of us, my husband, our 16 yr old daughter and myself. I cannot seem to find any room layouts for our specific room. My question is: How comfortable are the upper berths? My daughter weighs 130 pounds. Are they sturdy or are they for little children? Also – the last time my husband and I cruised on Carnival, our bed we king sized but actually it was 2 twins that could be seperated if need be. The only photos I can bring up for the Ocean View rooms show a queen size bed, which will be tough for us. We are used to a king.

  397. Kecia says:

    My family and I are sailing on April 21st (my children’s first time). I can’t wait. This is my 2nd Carnival sailing, the employees of Sensation really spoiled me.

    I’m counting on you Inspiration to outdo them 🙂

  398. Tim says:

    The Inspiration looks great! Can’t wait to sail on her March 29, 2008. Angie and I will have a blast! Hey Marcy, hope you’re doing well. 🙂

  399. Adriana says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. My husband and I are going on our first cruise in April. I can’t wait!!!

  400. ALAN DAVIDSON says:

    can u sun bath nude in the adult only part of the ship????

  401. desiree van zanten says:

    It sure looks great!

    My hubby and son and I will have a cruise on July 21 starting in Rome (Carnival Freedom).

    My son will need a special diet though……..a glutenfree diet. Have told cruisetravel.nl he needs it and they would pass it on. However am not quite sure of this as the last time we took a cruise (a non-carnival cruise) nothing was passed on and we had great trouble in feeding our kid……….

    What do you advise me to do to be absolutely sure about the glutenfree diet?

    Yes, Please do advise,
    love your blogg!

  402. Sherry Poloniecki-Cooper says:


    We had our wedding on the Inspiration as I had mentioned we were going to in my blog on 10/16/2007.

    What an incredible sentimetal journey! The staff, wedding planners, to the photographer were beyond compare! Everything was perfect!

    Many of the people that joined us for the cruise were asking me to plan the next one before we ever stepped off! We will be going again in April ’09 with many of our wedding guest.

    Thanks to Carnival and crew!

  403. Bernardina says:

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    shopping solutions.anyways thanks,,

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  407. Pichetydayhah says:

    Hello! simply super resource

  408. GAIL DAVES says:

    I love the new Serenity desk on the Fantasy last year when I went. It was just not BIG ENOUGH, you would not believe all the adults that were just looking for a seat. So I am going to try the Fasination, hope it will be more room.

  409. Jennifer Mc Donald says:

    Dear John,

    We are taken our first crusie ever. This has always been a dream of mine and my husband to be able to go to the Bahamas. On July 23,2011 leaving out of Jacksonville Fl. I have a son name Justin Standerfer. Justin has had a hard life with his neurofibramatosis diease stage two. Justin has been in the hospital more time than one person in their lifetime. Justin has had surgery after surgery. Justin has two tumor on the t2 part of his brain. his fisrt surgery was March 17 2002 and another followed 7 months later and only to find out that there was still more to come. Justin is my only child shortly after he was born I found out that I had cancer and had to have all my baby making stuff removed. With the diease that Justin has there is only one stage lefted. When you look at Justin you see this bright and health young man. But knowing whats going on the inside breaks a mother heart. He is truly my night and shinning armer!!! I want to make this a memery of a lifetime for him. Jusitn is going to bring his best friend with him and the trip. Actually we are bring my husband twin brother, wife and kids. Out of everyone in are family they are the only family that stand by Justin and has been there every step of the way. Unlike most family Justin only has his parents and Uncle and Auntie that has anything to do with him. Justin has worked so hard over this last year to make outstanding grades. Justin got 8 A’S and 1 B. I couldn’t ask for anything better. What can we do to make this trip amazing for him??? Please help us Thank Jennifer Mc donlad room m 48

  410. John says:

    Wow 400 comments on a single post! Awesome job on this site!

  411. jean potts says:

    I was apprehensive about being 75 now and bearing the over the top deco and energy on Carnival after a respite of 13 years. (John -YOU were on the very first cruise we went on: Inspiration 1995 and we ‘looked’ for you ever since so imagine out delight on Magic Feb. 26th. The ship, service, music, entertainment, decor, was outstanding! ( Liars cub was REALLY dumb, however) Loved the whole ship and experience and will always support these grand ships that bring happiness. Loved the ‘outside’ room announcements instead of annoyance in the cabins. All was as close to a “10′ as possible. Have cruised on all major cruise lines and loved this ship the best since Imagination.

  412. M.AD. says:

    Could you please pull some strings in revamping the Fantasy’s itinerary? We go on the fantasy about 4-6 times a year since its been in Charleston. Going to the Bahamas is getting old. What happened to the Bermuda itinerarys and Half moon Cay? They should do something like Key West or Miami or even the Virgin Islands!

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